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Full text of "The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues;"

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[VARIOUS Englifh Translations of 
*he Bible were extant at the clofe of the 
£xteenth century : In fome of them the 
Old I'eftament was made from the Sep- 
tuagint, (that is, from a Greek translation 
of the Hebrew executed by order of 
Ptolemy; Philadelphia, 284 years before 
the Christian JEra) itf others, immediately 
from the Hebrew Text, except a few 
paffages which were rendered from the 
Septuagint — and in others, both the Old 
and New Teftament were made from the 
Latin of the.Vulgate. Thefe translations 
in feveral isfiances differed from each 
other, which induced King James I. to 
felect fifty four men, eminent for their pi- 
ety and learning, and particularly fkilled 
in the original languages of theScriptures, 
to make an entire new tranflation of the 
Bibe — the Jid Teftament from the ori 
ginal Hebrew Text, and the new from the 
original Greek. Fortyfeven of thefe em 
inent men commenced the important bu- 
finefs in the beginning of the year 1607. 
They arranged themfelves into feparare 
claires, «nd to expedite the work, each 
clafs took a feparate portion of the Bible. 
After three years clofe application, the 
feyeral claftes had completed the parts 
aliigned th*m The whole number then 
alfembled in a body, and critically com- 
pared ihe copies of each clals with the 
original, and with other tranflations ; and 
no Sentence wash;, tlljj accepted till, in the 
general ©pinion, it expreffed the fenfe of 
the infpired original : Nearly another 
year, it is Said, was fpent in this bnfinefs ; 
And in the year 161 1, this tranflationwas 
by authority firSf, published. As it was 
executed by the order, and at the expenfe 
ot the crown, the copyright became the 
property of the King, whofe it has ever 
Since continued. 

This is univcrfally acknowledged to be J your very name is precious among them ; 
the moft correct Engliih translation of the) their eye doth behold yon with comfort, 
Bible that has yet been publilhed to the; and *hey blefs you in their hearts, as that 
world — and it is generally uled in Church- (Sanctified perfon, who under God, is the 
es and private Families throughoutGreat- immediate author of their true happinefs* 

beflowed upon us the people of England, 
when firfr. he fent your Majefty's Royal 
Perfon to rule and reign over us. tor 
whereas it was the expectation of many, 
who wiShed not well unto our Sicn, that 
upon the fetting of that bright Occidental 
Star, Queen Elizabeth, of moil happy 
memory, fome thick and palpable clouds 
of darknefs would fo have overfliadowed 
this land, that men Should have been in 
doubt which way they were to walk ; 
and that it Should hardly be known who 
was to direct the unsettled State ; The 
appearance of your MajeSty, as of the 
Sun in his Strength, inltantly difpelied 
thofe fuppofed and furmiled mifts, and 
gave unto all that were well affected, ex- 
ceeding caufe of comfort i eSpeci dly when 
we beheld the Government established in 
your Highnefs, and your hopeful feed, 
by an undoubted title, and this alfc ac- 
companied with peace and tranquillity at 
home and abroad. 

14 But amongSt all our joys, there was 
no one that more filled our hearts, than the 
bleSfed continuance of the Preaching of 
God's facred Word among us ; which is 
that inestimable Treafure,whichexceileth 
all the riches ot the earth ; becauSe the 
fruit thereof extendeth itS'elf, not only to 
the time/pent in this tranfitory world, but 
directeth and difpoSeth men unto thate- 
ternal happinefs which is above in heaven. 

" Then not to fuffer this to fall to the 
grotind, but rather to take it up, and to 
continue it in that State, w herein the fam- 
ous predeceffor of your Highnefsdid leave 
it : Nay, to go forward with the confi- 
dence and resolution of a man in maintain- 
ing the Truth of ChriSt, and propagating it 
farand near,is that which hath fobou-ndand 
firmly knit the hearts of all your M,'jefry's 
loyal and religious people unto you, that 

Britain and America 

With their copy th° Tranfbrors pre- 
fented to King James the following AD- 
DRESS, which has ever Since been pie- 
fixed to all Britiih editions of the Holy 
Scriptures, viz. ] 

•' To the M-jjt Hi%b and Mighty Prince 
JAMES, by tbe^Grace of God, King oj 
Great- Britain, France, and Ireland, 
Defender of the b'jttb y &c. 
"The TRANSLATORS of the Bible wuh 
Grace, Mercy, and Peace, through le- 
fts Chrifl OUT Lord. 
11 GREAT and mini fold were the 
bleliings. moft dread Sovereign, which Al- 
liughty God, the Father ot all mercies, 

And this their contentment doth nut di- 
miniSh or decay, but every day increaferh 
and takeHi Strength when they obferve 
that the seal of your Mnje'ty toward rl<e 
houfe of God cloih not ll.ick or go hack- 
ward, but is more and mure kindled, man- 
ifesting itfelf abroad in the farther): parts 
of Cbi ijtrndom, by writing in defence of 
the Truth) which hattygiveo fuch a blow 
unto that man of Sin, as will not be heal- 
ed, and every day at home, by religious 
and learned dilconrfe, by frequenting the 
Houfe of God, by hearing the Word 
preached, by cherilhing the teacher! 
thereof, by caring for ihe Church , as n 
molt tender and loving muling father. 

11 There 


Meafures of length. \ 

A Cubit, 

A Span, 

A Hand breadth, 

A Finger, 

A Fathom, 

Ezekiel's Reed, 

The me afu ring Line,! 

half Cub. 



. \ 





80 US 

Sabbath day's jonrn. 2000. 

The Eaftern Mile, 4000: 

Stadium or Furlong, 400 1 

Day's journey, 56000 

Note ; 5.FVv/«=lPtf<r<% 1056 Paces 











. •>. • 





Meafures of liquids. 

1 i^f//^ 

The Homer or Cor, 
The Bath, 
The Hin, 
The Log, 

T he Firkin [Metretes) 

Note, %9)oiid Inches 

=*a fint i nearly* 

Meafu res eft kings dry . 

The Homer, 

The Lethech, 

The Enhab, 

The Se.'h, 

The Omer, 

The Cab, 


[50/ b 
100/ b 




. *»» 
































A Shekel, 

The Maneh, 60 A'***. 



A Talent, 


A Shekel, 
The Bekah, 

Th« L\\i. i, 
The Gefali, 
A Talent, « 



MONET. 1 I L. ;JL />; 

A Shekel of Gold, ! 1lb ! i,l 

A Talent of Gold, \ — 5464 5: 8,6 

Gulden Daric or Dram, i 1 10,3 







■ r »0 












jPieceof Silver (Drachm)——— — 
Trib. Mon.A Didracbm ) J l Dracb.\ 
I Piece of Silver (Stater) 4 
•Found (Mtna) U00 

Fenny (Denarius) \ — — '■ 

1 Farthing (dtfurium) 10tb Den 
I Farthing (Shiailrans) \iOtb 
IMite, hiO/A l 

5. li)' 


0; 7 3 

1 3 


a 7 

64! 7 

0| 7 









Note, Silver is here reckoned at 5s. Sterling-— Gold at 41. ^rr oz. 

1 Nifan, or 

Z I jar, or 

$ Sivan. 
4 Thamuz. 


7 4pr/7. 
7 Miy. 

5 >«'. 

? June. 

3 >/> 


5Ab. y A 



7 Tifri, or E- 7 September. 
thanim. 5 Oclober. 

8 Marchcf- 1 Oclober. 
van, or Bui. 5 November. J 

13 Veadar, intercalary. 


9 Ghifleu. 

10 Tebeth. 
It Shebat. 

! ta Adar, 

7 November, 
3 December. 

7 December, 
3 "January, 

X January, 
5 February. 
7 February, 
3 Mar^, 

v.f o//A* /A^v/f. 

iy o( the we;k,iS' vrr./ay. 

4Uh day. 


Itb, ft Saba. it h y 

1 u rj 

t but J day 

Sat unlay. 

Hours of the Day. 

The 1ft wxjchyjrom funfet to 
(be day, reckoning from the 3d lour q/ibe nighi. 
fun nfe, and /be nigc/ . The i>.d or m;dd'lewa'ch, /'ro;^ 
/ro;« ya/? yjr/, oti^r^ | //v 3d hour 10 /he 6th. 
f<ac.& divided into \ I j The 3d w*tch, or cock crow, 
r^««/ i>aris t calt'dA \ncr,from the &\h to tveSth. 
The Ift, 2tl, 3d, 1th, The 4th, -or morning watch, 
frr. Hour*. jyro.Tj tb{$thb»urt»fuMrtft, 


■zztzz fcz*3-' 




CHAP. I. , 

1 the creation of heaven and ear tb^ 3 of 
the lights <b of the firmament, of the 
earth fe tar a ted from the waters, 11 
and made fruitful, 14 of the fun, moon , 
and jiars, 20 of fifb and Jowl, 24 of 
beajts and cattle, 26 of man in the im- 
a g? °f God. 29 Alfo the appointment 
of food. 

IN the beginning God created the 
heaven and the earth. 

2 And the earth was without form 
and void ; and darknefs 'was upon the 
face of the deep. And the Spirit of 
God moved upon the face of the waters. 
S ^J And God faid, Let there be light ; 
and there was light. 

4 And God faw the light, that // was 
good : and God divided the light from 
the darknefs. 

5 And God called the light Day, and 
the darknefs he culled Night. And the 
evening and the morning were the firft 

6 ^ And God faid, Let there be a fir- 
mament in the midft of the waters, and 
let it divide the waters from the waters. 

7 And God made the firmament, and 
divided the waters which were under the 
firmament from the wafers which were 
above the firmament : and it v\a» fo. 

8 And Goo called the firmament heav- 
en. And the evening and the morning 
were the fecond day. 

9 ^j And God faid, Let the waters un- 
der the heaven be gathered together unto 
one place, and lot the dry land appear ; 
and it was fo. 

10 And Godcalled the c'ry/awJ Earth : 
and the gathering together of the "vaters 
♦ailed lie Seas ; and Goo law that it was 
good . 

11 And God faid, Let the earth bring 
forth grafs, the hero yielding feed, and 
the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, 
whofe feed is in itfelf, upon the earth : 
and it was fo. 

12 And the earth brought forth grafs, 
and herb yielding feed after his kind, and 

the tree yielding fruit, whofe feed was 
in itfelf, after his kind : and God faw* 
that *> was good. 

IS And the evening and the morning 
were the third day. 

14 qj And God faid, Let there be lights 
in the firmament of the heaven to divide 
the day from the night ; and let them be 
for figns, and for feafons, and for days* 
and years : 

15 And let them be for lights in the 
firmament of the heaven to give light 
upon the earth : and it was fo. 

16 And God made two great lights j 
the greater light to rule the day, and the 
lefTer light to rule the night : be made the 
ftars alfo. 

IT And God fet them in the firmament 
of the heaven to give light uponthe earth: 

18 And to rule over the day and over 
the night, and to divide the light from the 
darknefs : and God faw that it <umj good. 

19 And the evening and the morning 
were the fourth day. 

20 ^ And God faid, Let the waters bring- 
forth abundantly the moving creature 
that hath life, and fowl that may fly 
above the earth in the open firmament of 

21 And God created great whales, and 
every living creature that movcth, which 
the waters brought forth abundantly. after 
their kind, and every winged fowl after 
his kind : and God Jaw that // was good. 

22 And God blefled them, faying, He 
fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters 
in the fcas,.atid let fowl multiply in ihe 

"2$ And the evening and the morning 
wev the fifth day 

24 A And God laid, Let the earth bring 
forth the living creature after his kind, 
cattle, and creeping thing, and hi all of 
the earth after hi* kind : and it was (o. 

£.0 And God .marie thr beafl ol the 
earth after his kind, And cattle after Iheir 
kind, and every thing that creepeth upon 
the earth alter his kind ; and ImkI favr 

that /"/ was good. 

26 fl And 

l\Un isfortneJi GENESIS. 

26 q And God faid, Let us make man 
in our image, after our likenefs ; arid let 
them have dominion over the fifh of the 
fea, and ever the fowl of the air, and o- 
ver the cattle, and over all the earth, and 
over every creeping thing that creepeth 
upon the earth. 

27 So God created man in his onon 
image, in the image of God created 
he him ; male and female created he 

28 And God ble (Ted them, and God 
faid unto them, Be fruitful, and multi- 
ply, and repleni(h the earth, and fubdue 
it : and have dominion over the fifh of 
the fea, and over the fowl of the air, 
and over every living thing that moveth 
upon the earth. 

£9 f And God faid, Behold, I have 
given j ou every herb bearing feed, 
which ts upon the face of ail the earth, 
and every tree, in the which is the fruit 
of a tree yielding feed ; to you it find! be 
for meat. 

30 And to every bead of the earth, and 
toeveiy fowl ©f the air, and to every 
thing that creepeth upon the earth, where- 
in there is life, i hanje given every green 
herb for meat : and it was fo. 

SI And God law every thing that he 
had made, and, behold,// ivas very good. 
And the evening and the morning were 
the ftxth day. 

1 The firfi fabbatb. 4 The manner of 
the creation. 8 The planting of the 
garden of Eden, 10 and the river 
thereof. 17 the tree of knowledge on- 
iy forbidden. 19, :0 The numing of the 
creatures < 21 The making oj woman, 
and '.nft'ttvt'ton of marriage, 
'X\W)^ fhe heavens and the earth were 
finifhed, and ail the hoft of then?. 

ft And on the feveath day God ended 
his work which he had made : and he 
refted on the feventh day from all his 
work which he had made. 

3 And God blciTed the feventh day, 
and fancYified it : hecaufe that in it he 
had refied from all his work which God 
created and made. 

4 Thefe are the gestations of the 
heaven* and of thee^rth when they were 
created, in th> d iy that the Lord God 

le the earth and the heavens, 
a And ( rery plant of the field before 
it was in the r.inh, and every herb of 
the field before it Brew : for the Lonto 
God had nol canfed it to rain upon the 
earth; and there was not a man to till 
the groun >!. 

6 But there went u» i mi ft from the 
earth, and watered the whole face of the 

7 And the Lord God formed man of 
the dull of the ground, and breathed into 

The' tree of 'knowledge* 

his noflrils the breath of life ; and mart 
became a living foul. 

8 f[ And the Lord God planted a gar- 
den eaftward in Eden j and there he put 
the man whom he had formed. 

9 And out of the ground made the 
Lord God to grow every tree that is 
pleafant to the fight and good for food ; 
the tree of life alio in the mid ft of the 
garden, and the tree of knowledge of 
good and evil. 

10 ^[ And a river went out of Eden to 
water the garden ; and from thence it 
was parted, i\nd became into four heads. 

11 The name of trie firft't* Pifon ; that 
is it which compaileth the whole land of 
Havilah, where there is gold 3 

12 And the gold of that land is good : 
there ts bdellium and the onyx ftone. 

13 And the name of the fecond river 
if Gihon : the fame is it that compaireth 
the whole land of Ethiopia. 

14 And the name of the third river h 
Hiddekel : that is it which gceth toward 
the eaft of Alfyria. And the foarth river 
is Euphrates. 

15 And the Loud God took the man, 
and put him into the garden of Eden to 
drefs it, and to keep it. 

16 f And the Lord God commanded 
the man, faying, Of every tree of the 
garden thou mayeft freely eat : 

17 But of the tree of the knowledge of 
good and evil, thou (halt not eat of it : 
for in the day that thou eateft: thereof 
thou (halt furely die. 

13 And the Lord God faid, It is not 

good that the man fhould be alone j I 
will make him an help meet for him. 

19 ^ And out of the ground the Lord 
God formed every beaft of the field, and 
every fowl of the air ; and brought them 
unto Adam to fee what he would call 
them : and whatfoever Adam ca.led ev- 
ery living creature, that ivas the name: 

20 And Adam gave names to all cattle^ 
and to the fowl of the air, and to every 
beaft of the field ; but for Adam there 
was not found an help meet for him. 

21 f And the Lord God caufed a 
deep fleep to fall upon Adam, and he 
flept : and he took one of his ribs, and 
clofed up the fiefh inftead thereof; 

22 And the rib, which the Lord God 
had taken from man, made he a woman, 
and broupht her unto the man. 

38 And Adam faid, This is now bone 
of my bones, and fie ft of my flefh : (he 
(hall be called Woman, becaufe (he was 
taken out of man. 

24 Therefore fhall a man leave his fa- 
ther and his mother, and fhall cleave unto 
his wife : and they (hall be onerlefh. 

25 And they were both naked, the man 
and his wife, and were not afhamed. 

C H A P. 

?ie ferpent deceiveth Eve. Chap, iii, iv. Tbelirtb of Cain and Abel. « 

CHAP. III. [children ; and thy defire jhall be to thy 

a The ferpent deceiveth Eve. 6 Man's fall. ! hufband, and he fhall rule over thee 

1 5 The promifed feed. 16 Thepunifbrnent 
of mankind. 22 Their lofs oj faradife. 
NOW the ferpent was more fubtle 

IT And unto Adam he faid, Becaufe 
thou haft hearkened unto the voice of thy 
wife, and halt eaten of the tree, of which 

than any bead of the field which the : I commanded thee, faying, Thou fhalt 
Lord God had made. And he faid uu- I not eat of it ; cu-rfed is the ground for 
to the woman, Yea, Hath God faid. Ye 'thy fake ; in furrow fhalt thou eat of it 
(hall not eat of every tree of the garden ? i all the days of thy life ; 

2 And the woman faid unto the fer- j IS Thornsalfo and thilTlcs (hall itbrin* 
.pent, We may eat of ths fruit of the freest forth to thee; and thou lhait eat the 

of the garden 

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is 
in the midlt of the garden, God hath faid, 
Y'e fhall not eat of it, neither fhall ye 
•touch it, left ye die. 

4 And the ferpent faid tmto the wom- 
an, Y e fhall not Lirely die : 

herb of the field ; 

19 In the fweat of thy face fhalt thou 
e;it bread, till thou return unto the 
ground ; for out of it wad thou taken : 
ior dull thou <*.-/, and unto duft ihalt tho'i 

20 And Adam called his wife's rag ne 

5 For God doth know that in the day ;Lve ; becaufe ihe was the mother of all 

tt thereof, then your eyes fiia.ll be living 

•opened, an.i ve&all be as gods, knowing 
i and evil. 

') «] And when the woman faw that the 

tree <w*s good for food, and that it n.vas 

dam to the eyes, and a tree to be de- 

d to make *ne wife, fhe took of the 

fi nit 'hereof, and did eat, and gave alfo 

unto her hufband with her,- and he did eat. 

7 And the eyes of them both were o- 
.pened ; and they knew that they <\vere 
•naked ; and they few ed fig-leaves togeth- 
er, and made tliemfelves aprons. 

t* And they heard the voice of the Lord 
God walking in the gardes in the cool of 
i l > ■ day: and Adam and his wife hid them- 
felves from the prefehce of the Lord 
Ood amongfl the trees of the garden. 

9 And the l.oRu God called 1 >• > Ad- 
and faid unto him, Where art thou ? 

1 ( > And lie laid, 1 heard thy voice in 
<hc garden, and I was afraid, becaufe I 

21 Unto Adam alfo and to his wife did 
th« Lord God make coats of (kins, and 
clothed tlrcm. 

22 <fl And the Lord God faid, Behold, 
the man is become a-> one of us, to know 
good and evil : and now, left he put forth 
his hand, and take alio of the tree of life, 
and ea^, and live forever ■; 

23 Therefore the Lord God fent him 
forth from the garden of Kden, to till the 
ground from whence he was taken. 

24 So he drove out the man ; and he 
placed at the eaft of the garden of Kden 
Cherubims, and a flaming Iword which 
turned every way, to keep the way of the 
tree of life. 

(HAP. IV. 
1 The birth of Gain and A'jcI. S Ihcmur- 
dtr of Abel. \\ I he curft ojCain. 19 
f (imecb and bis tiuo ncives. 
AND Adam knew live his wife : and 

Kvas naked ; and I hid myfelf. [ fhe conceived, and bare Cain, and laid, I 

11 Vnd he faid, Who told thee that have gotten a man from the Lord. 
1 nvmjl naked ? Hafl thou eaten -of the] 2 And fheagain bare hisbrother Abel, 
.whereof I commanded thee that thou And Abel was a keeper of (keep* but 
moulded not '"at J Cain was a tiller of the ground. 

it\6 the man laid, The woman o And in pruccls of time it e:tme to 
Whom thou gavefl fo^withme, fhe gave pafs, that Cam brought of the fruit of 'he. 
if the tree, and I did eat. ground, ah offering untp the Lord. 

13 Andthe Lord God faid untothe 4 And Abel, he alio brought ol the 
woman, What >s this that thou !■ 'fi done; fn filings of his flock* and ol ti. ! fat lh< i* - 
^nd the woman faid, The ferpent beguil- of. And the Loan ha 1 reipeel unto 
<d me, and I did eat. I Abel and to his ofteOQg : 

li And the Lord God faid untothe 5 But unto. Cain and to. Ii he 

fe thou haft doue this, thou hail not refpecl. And Cain was 
an «.u 1 ed above ill < ittle and ibove ev- wroth, and his coun«enan< fell. 

'•■•ait of Hi" field; upon thy belly 6 And the- Lqrd faid unto Cain, Why 
fhalt thq md duft Ih.dt thai' .' ill art th,OU. wroth 1 an 1 why i,i.> ; CQ 

til'- d thy lo l ten rice t".i ! I n ? 

13 «'| And 1 will put enmity berw en 7 If thou < ell, fhalt tluxi noi 

• and > l . in, and bel md if thou do< ' • •• < d, li 1 

I; it (hall bruife thy lieth at thedoor. And unto thee jbutl £<■ 

hou Ihalt bra. I !. 
I Milan he .. d, I wil 

itlj mull iply thy I 

ifire, and ihdu fti ill cuie u\ :i him. 
B «| An t Cain talked < tbel hrtj 

li ■!• : '.1 I it .1 in • • 1 1 1! .. v 1. 

: >rro\v tho •' • • 

1 I 

ta The futufhtnent of Cain.. GENESTS. 

gainft Abel his brother, and Hew him. 

9 And the Lord faid unto Cain, Where 
is Abel thy brother ? And he laid, I 
know not : A;n I my brother's keeper ? 

10 And he faid, What haft thou done ? 
'The voice of thy brother's blood cricth 
unto me from the ground. 

11 ^1 And now art thou cm fed from the 
earth which hath opened her mouth to 
receive thy brother's blood from thj hand ; 

12 When thou tilled the ground, it 
(hall not henceforth yield unto thee her 
ilrength ; a fugitive and a vagabond flialt 
thou be in the earth. 

IS And Cain faid unto the Lord, My 
punifhment is greater than I can be;ir. 

14 Behold, thou haft driven me out this 
day from the face of the earth , and from 
thy face mail I be hid ; and I fhall be a 
fugitive and a vagabond in the earth ; 
jmd it (hall come to pafs, that every one 
that findeth me fiudl ilay me. 

15 And the Lord- faid unto him, 
Therefore whoioever flayeth Cain, ven- 
geance (hall be taken on him feven-fold. 
And the Lord fet a mark upon Cain, 
left any finding him fnould kill him. 

16 And Cain went out from, the pref- 
ence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land 
of Nod, on the eaft of Eden. 

1? And Cain knew his wife;, and fhe 
conceived, and bare Enoch : and hebuiid- 
ed a city, and called the name of the city, 
after the name of his fon, Enoch. 

L8 And unto Enoch was born Irad: and 
Irad begat Melmjael: and Mehujael begat 
Methuiael : and Methuiael begat Lamech. 
19 ^1 And Lamech tcok unto him two 
wive : the name of the one iuas Adah, 
and the name of the other Zillah. 

v, id Adah bare Jabcl : he was the 
father of fucb a; dwell in reus, and of 
jucb as ba*ve cattle. 

21 And his brother's name ivasjixbal: 
the father ofall fuch as handle the 
harp and organ. 

And Zillah, (he alfobareTubalcain, 
an inllructor of every artificer in brafs 
and iron : and the lifter of Tubalcain 
ivas Naam ih. 

ameeh faid unto " 
Adah and Zillah, Hear my 
Wives of .1 ameeh, hearken 

ch : for J have llain a man to im 
Wounding, and ;i \oungman to my hurt'. 
24 If Cain iliall be avenged feven-fold, 
tn i enty and feven-fold. 

And Adam know his wife again : 

fhe bare a fop, and called his "name 

God,fuidJbe s hath appointed 

me another feed inilead of Abel, v\ horn 

C i ■, 

And to Seth, to him alfo there was 
born a fon ; and lie called his name E- 
nos : then began nan to call upon the 
me of the Lord. 

Ir.s wives, 

voice ; ye 

unto my 

Adam's genealogy unto A'cSM. 


r The genealogy , age, and death ofthefxx* 

triarchsfram Adam un'O Noah. 24 Ihe- 

godl'inefs and tranfhtion of Enoch. 

THIS ij the book cf the generations of 

Adam. In the day that God created 

man, i n the likenefs of God made he him ; 

2 Male and female created he them ; 
and bleued them, and called their name. 
Acam',in the day when they were created. 

3 And Adam lived an hundred and 
thirty years, and begat a fon in his own 
likenefo; after his image ; and called his. 
name Seth : 

4 And the days of Adam after he had, 
begotten Seth were eight hundred years: 
and he begat fons and daughters : 

-5 And ail the days that Adam lived 
were, nine hundred and thirty years : and 
he died. 

6. And' Seth lived an hundred and five, 
years, and begat E rip's : 

t And Seth lived after he bega* Enc* 
eight hundred aid feven years : and begat 
fons and daughters : 

8 And all the days of Seth. were nine 
hundred and twelve years : and he died. 

9 And Enos lived ninety years, and 
begat Cainan : 

10 And Enos lived after he begat Ca; r 
nan eight hundred and fifteen years., and 
begat Ions and daughters : 

11 And ail the days of Enos were nine 
hundred and five years : and he died. 

12 And Cainan lived feventy years, 
and begat Mahalaleel : 

13 And Cainan lived after he begat 
Maha. aleel eight hundred and forty years, 
and begat fons and daughters.: 

1-4 And all the days of Cainan were nine 
hundred and ten years : and he died. 

15 And Mahalaleel lived fix.ty' and five 
ye.irs, and begat Jared : 

%6 And Mahalaleel lived after lie be- 
gat Jared eight hundred and thirty \ ears, 
and begat fons and daughters : 

17 And all the daysof Mahalaleel were 
eight hundred ninety and rive years: and. 
he died. 

18 And jared lived an hundred fixty 
and two years, and he begat Enoch i 

13 And Jared lived after he begat r\. 
noch eight hundred years, and begat fons 
and daughters : 

20 And all the d iyso£ Jared were nine 
hundred lixty and two veara* : and he 

21 And Enoch lived fixty and five 
years, and begat Mehufehh : 

-2 And Enoch walked with, God afrer 
he begat Methufelah three hundred years^ 
and begat Ions and daughters : 

23 And all the days of &noch were, 
three hundred fixty and rice \ eai i : 

24 5 And 1 1 alked with God: 
; and 

Mu --.ean/s. Chap- 

not ; for God took him. 
And Mathufelah lived an hundred 

■.:)d feven years, and begat La- 

\ i, VU. YtJdfovm o/rbf ark. it 

ti The earth alfo was corrupt before 
God, and the earth was nllcd with vio- 

12 And God looked upon the earth, 

- .-\nd MathnfelahdiveL-.ffer he begat and, .behold, it was corrupt ; for all tielh 

I-i:nech ieven hundred ei hty 'nd twfl had corruptf .1 his way up oil the earth. 

I ^egat fons augiiters : i j And God laid «into Noah, d he end 

27 And ail the days of M.u luifelah of all fjeift is conie before me; for the 

Were nine hundred jixiy and nine vears ; earth is filled wirh violence through 

.d. them ; .-nd, behold, I will deftrpy them 

And Lamecli lived an hundred with the earth. 

eighty- and r wo years and a Ion : 14 5 Make thee an ark of gopher wood; 

And he called hia name Noah, fay- rooms fltalt thou make in theark, and 

>fa/M ib.dl comfort us concern- pitch it within and without with pitch. 

ir work and toil of our hauls, be- 1 '$ And this is tbr fajbian which thou 

" the a.k 


And Lantech lived after he begat of it fifty cubits, aud the height of it 

h fjve hundred ninty and five years, thirty cubits. 

and begat fons and d; rs : '6 A. window (halt thou make to tha 

31 And all the days pi Lainec*\ were ark, and in a cubit fnalt thou rinilh it a- 

fcven hundred fev< •; aad the door of the ark (halt thou 

I he died. let in the fide 'hcrcoi ; tuitb lower, : 

And Noah was five hundred yt .0, and t\vrdj?cr; t -s (hdt thou make it, 

j.--., .» . 17 And, behold, I. even I, do pri 

'1. n'.'i N iiiiu iuii <n win 11.1 M'- L»<_ ■ •) ikiiu 1.1119.1J fvi jujviv^ IT)1I1.1J 

.le of the ground which the Lord hath fhah nuke it of i The length of th 
cur fed. '.'.' <V three hundred cubits, the hi 


C H A P. Vt. 

flop ' of -.y.'.r.u i upon theeartlji, to d< | 
all H :\\ t wherein is the breath c^ 1:1 

1 Toe rvii kedn-:fi 1 •/ raufetb from undei heaven ; <nd e% :r : : thir.g tjiat 

the / . ij is in the earth (hall die. 

The orJ?r, J'rcn. the ark. lb Hut with thee will I c:i il 1 \.h 

AND it came to . ::.nt ; and thou Asa It pome into 

to m fous, and thy 1 

in, ftith 'J. ! 

19 An< s ing thing ol 

I he a i 1 
, to keep tbey$ alive w... 
pe n:..: female. 

20 Of I . id, and of 
Belli : yet h ' 1 kind 

; : after hia kindi two . : 

•in I 1 . ■ J'ort 11. , lo : 

21 rhou unto t] 

• 1 thou (halt j ut er n I > 

I I :;_.>. 




. ;• i) fai 1,1 

Tbf i 



U ■- . 

Of J 

» ■ 


4 I 

uioiU drvwnttT. 

ide will I deftroy from of! 

the earth. 

5 Joali dul accordir > all 

I the Lord had commanded him. 

f. And Noah was fix hundred yearsold 

hen t lie flood of waters wai upon the 


r.ii til. 

7 And Noah went in. and his Tons, and 

, and his fens* wivae with himinta 
« ho ark ,lSecaufeol thewatersof the fioocr! 

8 Of clean be bealts that 
an, and of fowls* and ofevery 

GENESIS. The waters ajfaage, 

and they that nvere with him in the ark, 
74 And the waters prevailed upon ther 

earth an hundred and fifty days. 
CHAP. Vlll. 

l The nvaters affuage. 18 Noab goeib' 
forth of th' ark, 20 buildeth an altar t 
and-offereth fac*ifice. %,! God's prom- 
ije to curj'c the earth no more. 
AND God remembered Noah, and 

every living thing, and all the eattle that 

ivas with him in the ark : and God 

made a wind to pafs over the earth, and 

the waters alluaged ; 
2 The fountains atfo of' tHe deep and 

tiling thai ■ 1 h upon the 1 .-:th. 

it in two and two unto, - -*.*. .vuiiwuijauv «» «»w «^ K «..~ 
th< ai k, the male and the fc- the windows of heaven were flopped, and 
God had commanded Noah 

10 en days, 

oi thi Boon were upon 

, , 1,, ■ hundredth ye tr of Noah's 

nd month, the feventeenth 
nae day were all 

'the rain from heaven was reflrained ; 

3 And the waters returned from off 
the earth continually : and after the end 
ot the hundred and fifty days the waters 
were abated. 

4.. And the ark reded in the feventh 

lay were all [month, on the leventeenth day of the 
broken up, month, upon the mountains of Ararat 

ilJLUMIlllUi'.' C* I --j 

the v r of heaven w ere opened 
! tin was upon the earth 
t b it y d H r 1 

5 And the waters decreafed continually 
until the tenth month : in the tenth 
month, on the finft day ol the month, were 

• in t! ntercd Noah, arid 1 the, taps of. the mountains feen. 

,.thefonsof| 6 And it came to pals at the end of 
wife, and the three forty days, that Noah opened the win- 

^ it irli i K.Mii inin iiii* 11 l • fiiui/ rf\f t n** *i r-Lfl u liwli l-\ /> K'wt i-»ti/"J t* • 

. ah them into the ai k ; 
■ /cis beali after his kind, j 
tie aftvr the 1 kind, and 

y fowl I 
v bird oi every fort. 
I tl n in unto Noah, into 

dow of the ark which he had made : 
7 And he fent forth a raven, which' 

went forth to and fro* until the waters 
■ dried up from offthe earth. 
8 Alio lie lent forth a dove from him. 
to fee if the waters were abated from off- 
the face oi' the ground ; 
Bin Q But the dove found I no reft for the 
>~ her foot, and rhe returned unto 
• in male him into the ark, tor the waters nvere 011 
( red had com- the face of the whole earth : then he put 
'■ ■ 1 » -■ >> ihui .'••■ • ". forth his hand; and took her, and pulled' 
the I up- her in luito him into the alk. 

led, j 10 And he (layed yet other feven days : 

■ hu it \ tip in he lent forth the doveoutof 

1 l ark. : 
•S And th and we U rtrad the dove came in to him in the 

"h;andt|,. ng ; and lo, in her mouth njjas an ol- 


jli\ ce of tl 

rth ; and all tl 
the whole heal 

ao r 

dredth and fiuft year, in the fir ft 
•1 And all the nx(t dap of the month, the 



.an : 
Iril • uthebrcai 

1 1 1 
■ 1 




plucked off: loNoah knew that the 
were abated from off the earth. 
12 And he ftaj ed j ?t othenfeven days ; 
and lent forth the dove : which returned 
not igajn unto him any more. 

I • \:\d it came to pafs in the fix hun - 

dried U| from orl the earth : and 
\ removed the covering of the ark, 
and looked, and, behold the face of the 
U. And in the fecond month, on the 
feven and twentieth day of the month, 
ind God fpakc unto Noah, faying, 
Go forth ot'the ark, thou, and thy 
, and thy fons, and thy fans' wives 
with tl. 

17 Bring 

;a'b g-ietbout of the aik. Chip. 

ft Bring forth with thee every living 

filing that is with thee, of all tleih, boib 
of fowl, and of cattle, and ot every creep- 
ing thing that creepeth upon tlit earth ; 
that they may breed abundantly in the 
tarth, and be fruitful, and multiply up- 
on the earth. 

18 3 And Noah went forth, and his 
fons, and his wife, and his ions' wives 
with him. 

IV Every bean 1 , every creeping thing, 
and every fowl, and whatfoever ( reepeth 
upon the earth, after their kinds, went 
tonh out of the ark.. 

■20 1 And Noah builded an altar unto 

ix. God* s covenant "vitb bim 

From all that go out of (He ark, to every? 
bead of the \u th. 

M And I will covenant 

with you : neither (hall aliflefii be cut 
off" any more by the waters of a flood ; 
neither jhall rhere any more be a flood to 
deftroy the earth. 

^ 12 And God faid, This is the token of 
the covenant which I make between me 
and you, and every living Creature that 
is with you, for perpetual generations : 

IS 5 fdo fet my bow in the cloud, and 
it ihall be for a tok n oi a-covenant be- 
tween me .and the earth. 

14 And it Priall come to pafcj when I 
t he Lord ; and took of every clean bead, j bring a cloud over the earth, that the 

and of every clean fowl, and od'tred burnt 
offerings ori the altar. 

£1 H And the Lord fmelled a fweet 

bow ih all be Cccn in the cloud 

15 And I will" remember my covenant, 
which is between me and you and every 

favour ; and the Lord faid in his heart, living creature of all flefh ; and the wa 

I will not again curfe the ground any 
more for man's fake ; for the imagination 
of man's heart is evil from his youth; 
neither will I again finite any more every 
tiling living, as I have done. 

While rhe earth remameth, feed 

ters flmll no more become a flood to def- 
troy all flefh. 

l'6 And the bow dull be in the cloud ; 
and I will look upon it, that I may re 
member the everlafting covenant hi tween 
God and every living creaturedf all flefh 

time and harveft, and cold and heat, and that is upon the earth. 

iummer and winter, and' day and ni^ht, 
(hall not ceafe. 

chap rx. 

i God hltpftd Kojh. s Blood and murder 
are forbidden . %God'$ covenant . i3^'i r - 
nifiedby the rainbo-vj. 21 Noab is drunk- 
en. 2; curfe tb Canaan 29 an / dietb. 
A v d blefTed Noah and his ton-,, 

Hid faid unto them, B< fruitful, and mul- 
tiply, and replenifb the earth. 

\nd the fear of you and the di 
of you fiiall be upon every be .id of the 
earth, and upon every fowl ot the air, 
upon all that mOveth upo-i the earth, and 
upon all the fifties ofthe fea; into your 
1 1 1 id .1 ■' they delivered. 

■ > l moving thing that livetll ftrall 

be n you ; even as the green herb 

Rave I n'ivr:i voll all thin 

S r . But II. lit with rhe life thereof, which 
i: th< Blood thereof, (hall ye not eat. 

\nd finely your blood of J our ! 

IT And God faid unto Noah, This is 
the token of the covenant, which T have 
rdabhfhed between me and all Hefh that 
is upon the earth 

18 And the fons of'Noah*, that k 
forth of the ark, were Shem, and H 
and fapheth .- and 

Can tan. 

19 I befe are the three fons of No 

of them v i> the w hole earth c ead 

■in And \n>]\ began *»A^ an hufband 
man; and he plant 1 1 vin 

. 1 ' \i"i he drank of tl ■ v ine, 
• di nnken ; and he * prci 

within his tent. 

And Ham, 1 if Canaan 

faw the nakedneftoi his father^ and told 
wo tnc mt. 

And Sh '-.i an 1 ! 
ment, and Paid in th the v (houl 

, and wenl : . n! 

the nakednel • ol tli fu 1 ttlu r : ai I 

will I require : at the hand of every beafl fa 

will 1 require it, and at thchand or man : theii fa her's I 

and kne'A » I 

1 v man's brother w iil 
mine the life ot man 

blood, by , untO I 

for ill t lu- 

ll ii inc m 
6 Whofb Ihrddeth m in' 

il-.all hi blood be (hed 
:n> ij e of 1 ■•od made he man. 

e fruitful, and multi- 
ply ; bring forth abundantly in the earth, 
and multiply therein. 

8 H And God fpake unto Noah, and to 
his fons \s ith him, fay ii 

And I, behold, I eftabliui m nant 

with you, and with youi feed afti 

10 And u ilh every livii. ore tint 

is with >ou, of the fowl, of th 
and of 

faid, ( 
a fecvanl 



I ii 
11. ill dwell in th litem ; 

I 1 Ih ill be Ii 

v 1 
. I I > • 'iin«: 

f4 71 i ati j/7j ' ' .» sab. 


GLKESlS. The building of BalA 

Ci'AP. X. 24 And Arphaxad begat SalaJi ; 

* sfaab's g Titrations, i Ihe fons of fa- ' SaUih begat Kber. 

tb, bOkd Ham 8 tfimrod the fi'ft\ S5 Arid unto Eberwere born two Tons; 

A 2i The fkm of Shem. (the name of one tu^j Peleg ; for in his 

tionsof the days was the eart)\ divided f arid liisproth- 

Ham, and Japheth: ei's name ivds Jok'an 

born ai'ter the 

- I ;r, and 

fadan : ■•■ v\ [avaaj andTu.- 

rdmer ; Afhkenaz, 
' ., ;arniah 

i '. ; Klifliah, and 

J . rfhiJh, K - lanim. 

5 By the! >f the Gentiles 

in tin ir lands : e\ erv one aft 

t r > And Joktan begat Alniodad, and 

Shejeph, ar.d Hazarmaveth, and Jerah, 
2? AndHadoram,andUzal,andDiklah, 
c l?> And ObaJ, arid AbimaeJ,andSheba, 
£9 And Ophir, and Havilah, and Jo- 

bao; al! thefe ivere the foris of joktan. 
30 And their dwelling was from Mefha, 

as thou gbeft untd Sephar, a mount of the 

. 31 Thefe are the fdns of Shem, after 

their families, after their tongues, in their 

i in tn< ry one alter, 

ngue, heir Families, in their lands, after their nations. 


6 ' Ham.j Gift, and 

m, and Phut, and Canaan. 

7 And the fens of Cufh ; Seba, and 
Havilah, and Stibtah, and Raamah, and 
Sabtechah i an I the fons ct Raamah ; 


8 r - And C .rod : he be 
to ' • in the earth. 

9 I a mighty hunter before the 

fore it is faid, Kven asNira- 
»hty huriterbefdre the Lord: 

10 And th .mingofhis kingdom 

. id Accad, and 
. in the land of Shinar. 
Out of that land wentfonth Asfnur, 
i Nineveh, and the city Reho. 
!- Vn '• »■'< c n ( between Nineveh and 
ih : tin it city; 

ri begat Liidim, and 

ibim.and Naphtuhim, 

a ICafluhim, 'out 

■:n,)and L'aphtorim. 

-idon his firft- 

bo h, 

- morite, 

17 Hivite, ar.d the Arkite, 

l R lite,andtheZemarite, 

and • rward uere the 

32 Thefe are the families of the fons of 
Noah, after their . generations, in their 
nations : and by thefe were the nations 
divided in the earth after the flood. 

CHAP. XI. . 
lOne language in the ni'irld. SBahel built. 

5 Languages confounded iOTbe genera- 
tions 'f them. e 2X of TerakAbram' sj other, 

AND the whole earth was of one lan- 
guage, and of one fpeech. 

% And it came to pafs, as they .fcurney- 
ed from the eaft. that they found a plain 
in the land of Shinar \ and they dwelt 

3 *2 And they faid one to another, Co 
to, let us make brick, and burn them 
thoroughly. And they had brick for 
(lone, and flime had they for mortar. 

4 And they faid. Go to, let us build 
us a city and a tower, whole top may 
reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a 
name, left we be fcattered abroad upon 
the face of the whole ear^h. 

5 II And the Lord came down to fee 
ihe city and the tower, which the chil- 
dr< n of men builded. 

6 And the Lord faid, Behold, the peo- 
ple is one, and they have all one language; 

r :vs they begin to do : and now no- 
thing will be restrained from tliciri, which 
they have imagined to do. 
'? Go to, let us go down, and there con- 

• *, ' ""V^ 1 ^" 1 - « »u) io, iet us go aown, ana tnere con. 

Ipread abroad. J found their language, that thev may not 
19 ( . anaanites understand one another's fpeech 

l MI, 

unt . tliuu i oeft, unto So : 

I Zeboi- 
n unto 

H im, after 
, in their 

8 So the Lord fcattered them abroad 
i thence upon the face of all the 

earth : and they lefr off to build the city. 

9 '1 herefore is rhe name of it called 
Babel ; becaufe the Lord did there con- 
found the language of all the earth : and 
from thence did the Lord icatier them 

_ iiv/ni uitin-v. urn iu„ XjKJ Ifl. U ICcillCI Ul 

I upon the face of all the earth. 

;fjapheth id HThefe^r* the generations of Shem* 

ild* en born. Shem -ruaran hundred years old, and be* 

niu i l lam.andA u gat Arphaxad two years after the Hood : 

^ram. 11 And Shem lived after he begat Ari 
L " d * n * cl i ' ^and phaxadftve hundred years, and be^at 

Httlj -:h. libnpand'j ers, 

n And 

T.u- generations of Shem. Chap. 

12 And Arphaxad lived five and thirty- 
years, and be^a: Saiah : 

13 And Arphaxad lived after he begat 
•alah four hundred and three years, and 

be«:at funs and daughters. 

14 And Sdlah lived thirty years, and 
begat Eber : 

15 And Salah lived after he begat Eber 
f hit hundred and three years, and begat 
(on,s and daughters. 

iO And Eber lived four and thirty 
years, and begat Peleg : 

IT And Eber lived arter he begat Peleg 
four hundred and thirty years, and begat 
1j:u and daughters. 

18 And Peleg lived thirty years, and 
begat R'ju : 

Ji» And Peleg lived after he begat P^eu 
fwo hundred and nine years, anu begat 
ions and ('.fighters. 

20 And Reu lived two and thirty years, 
and begat Seru^ : 

%\ And Reu lived after he begat Serug 
two hundred and leven years, and begai 
fons and daughters. 

22 And Serug lived thirty years, and 
begat Nahor : 

23 And be rug lived after he begat Na- 
hor two hundred years, and begat fons 
and daughters. 

£4 And Nahor lived nine and twenty 
years, and begat Terah : 

45 And Nahor lived after he begat Te- 
rah an hundred and nineteen years, and 
begat fons and daughters. 
£6 And Terah lived leventy years and 

at Abram, Xahor, and Haran. 
11 1 Now thefeaiy the generations of 
Terah : Terahb'egat Abram, Nahor, and 
Haran ; and Haran begat Lot. 

And Haran died before his father 
Terah, in the land of hia nativity, in Ur 
pf this Chalcces. 
£'J And Abrain and Nahor took them 
.id the name of Abram's. wife, ttwj 
; : and the name of Nahor's wife, 
Miic.ih, the daughter of Haran, the fa- 
of M lean, and the father of [fc ih. 
Bui Sarai was barren ; fhe bad no 
And Terah took Abram hi 
and Lot the fon o( Haran, his lon> fon 
and Sarai his daughter-in-law, h ; ^ ton 
Abram's wife ; and t! ,< forth with 

n from Ur of the Chaldees to go into 
the land of Canaan ; and they came unto 
i dwelt there. 
31 And the days of 
dred and five year, : and lei 

clap, xii. 

- <3fd calletb Abram. -i 11 . 

Dm Haran 7 Canaan is ft mtjed 
>W the Lord had faid unto 
n of thy country . 

I, and fj nn thy fath 

xik Cod cattttb Ah ram, %$ 

unto a land that I will fhe w thee* 

2 And I will rank': cf thee a great na-. 
tion, and I will blefs thee, and nuke thy 
name great ; and thou ihaft bea ble-fiing ;. 
8 And I wilt blefs them that blefs thee, 
and curfe him that curieth thee j and in 
thee (ball all families of the earth be 

■4 E So Abram departed^ as the Lord 
had fpoken unto him ; and Lot went with 
him, and Abram xva s leventy and hve 
years old when he depj i ted out cf Haran. 

5 And Abram took. Sarai his wife, and 
Lot his brother's Ion, and all their fub- 
ftance that they had gathered, and the 
fouls that they had gotten m Haran ; and 
they went forth lo gt> Ir <to the land of 
Canaan ; and into the kind of Canaan they 


6 And Abram palFed through the \md 
unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain 
of .\Ioreh. And the Canaamte ivas then 
in the land. 

7 11 And the Lord appeared unto A- 
brarri, and iaid, Unto thy teed will 1 give 
this land : and there bu.lded he an altar 
unto the Lord, who appeared unto him. 

8 And he removed from thence unto a 
mountain on the eaftof Oeihei, and pitch- 
ed his tent, having Bethel on the weft, 
and Hai on the ealt : and there he build- 
ed an "altar unto the Lord, and called 
upon the name of the Lord. 

9 And Abram journeyed, goingon ftil.l 
toward the fouth. 

10 And there was a famine in the land ; 
And Abram went down into Egypt to lo- 
journ there; for the fa n > ;ne -zvus grievous 
in the laud. 

11 And it came topafs, when he was 
come near to enter into Kg) pt, that liefaid 
unto Sarai Ins wife, Behold now', I know 
tlait thou oil a fair woman to look upon : 

i~ Gia!l come to pais, when 
the Egyptians lhall lee thee that they fhaU 
fa] , i hi i n his wife, an 1 ih ;y will lull 
me, but the) will lave thee alive. 

$ Say, J praj thee, thou art my filler : 
that it may be well with me lor thy fake ; 
-and my fo il Ih ill livi i thee. 

li me to paf3, th i r , when A- 

bram gyp- 

■ i 
ry ta:r. 

iltb of Pharaoh lav. 
her, and < oi h i 1> toi - Pha- 

.. was taken into 

>1 well 
id h ' h id , an.l OX 

tnd ll n fei v.;:: >,an 1 n. 

, an i i ameli ■ 
II And th • Lord I I 

and h,s houfe with 

aoh i ailed Abram, - 


16 Abram an I Lot difagree. GENESIS. The battle of the kings. 

laid, What is this'/ bat thou haft done un-4 the place where thou art, northward, 
w me I \N hy didfl thou not tell me that and fouthward, and eaftward, and weft- 

fhe ivas thy wife I 

19 \ thou, She is my filter ? 

So I might have taken her to metowife : 
ire, behold thy wife, take her, 
and go thj 

And Pharaoh commanded h is men 
ron( i n : and they lent him away, 

and liis wife, and all that he bad. 

1 Abram and Lot re turnout of Egypt. 7 
Bt difag> cement they part a [under, 
14 Cod t fro/nife renewed to Abram. 
A S I) Ait; -mi went up out of Egypt, 
I his wji'e, u:ul all that he had, 
I Lbl with h'un, into the Iouth. 
- And Abram luas very rich in cattle, 

Iver, and in gold. 

9 And be went on his iourne.ys from 

the iouth even to Bethel; unto the place 

re hi teni had been at thebegining, 

i H :thel and Hai ; 

X Unto the place of the altar, whirl) 

he i (e there at the firft : and there 

rain called on the name of the Lord. 

5 Vnd Lot alio, which went v\ith A- 
m, ha 1 Rocks, and herds, and tents. 

6 Vnd the land was not able to bear 
then-., that they might dwell together; 

their fubftance was great, fo that they 

1 njt dwell together. 

t r An 1 there was a ftrife between the. 

imen of Abrani's cattleand the herd' 

i i.»t Lot's cattle : and the Canaanite 

. vite dwelled thru in the 


8 And \bram Paid U0ta Lot, Let there 
be ■ pray thee, letween me and 

•» imd l i my herd men and thy 

hei ; for we be brethren. 

> Is not the whole land before thee > 

-it rthyfelf, I pray thee, from m- : if 

wilt sate the left hand, then I will 

■ \ftbou depart to the 

I will go to the left. 

fted up his eye-., and be- 

I the pi tin ol Jordan, that it nvat 

'ore the 

- tdora and Gomorrah, 

irden of the Lord, like 

ypt, as thou comolr unto 

him all the pi tin of 

1 e id : and 

mfelv me from 

a tb • laud of C'a- 

dwrlled in the cities of the 

\ '•' ■ toward Sodom. 

Bui tn t vt ick- 

LORD I ty ■•■• I - 

I D 1 lid Unto Abram, 

ii bun, 

>P now ti | look from 

ward : 

15 For ail the land which thou feed, to 
thee will I give it, and to thy feed forever. 

t-3 And I will make thy feed as the dull 
of the earth : To that if a man can num- 
ber the dull of the earth, then fliall thy 
feed alfo be numbered. 

17 Arife, walkthrough the land in the 
length ot it, and in the breadth of it ; for 
I will give it unto thee. 

18 Then Abram removed bit tent, and 
came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, 
which is in Hebron, and built there an 
altar unto the Lord. 


1 Battle of the kings. 12. Lot taken, liis 

refeved by Abram. 10 Meiibizede'k 

bleffeth AbramSS'whc ginjeth him tithes , 

AND it came to pafs in the days of 

Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king 

of Ella-far, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, 

and Tidal king of nations ; 

2. That thefe made war wirh Beraking 
of Sodom, and with Birfhaking of Go- 
morrah, Shinabkingof Admah, and She- 
meber king of Zeboiim, and the king of 
Bela, which is Zoar. 

3 All thefe were joined together in the 
vale of Siddim, which is the fait fea. 

4 Twelve years they ferved Chedorla- 
omer, and in the thirteenth year the v re- 

5 And in the fourteenth year came Che. 
dorlaomcr, and the kings that ivere with 
him, and fmote the Rephahm in Aflne- 
roth-Carnaim, and the Z-ttzimsvtn Ham., 
and the Eraims in Shaveh-Kiriathaim, 

6 And tlie Horites in their mount Seir, 
unto Elpa-ran, Which is by the wildernefs . 

1 And they returned, and came to En- 
miflipat, which is Kadelh,and fmote all the 
country of the Amelekites, and alfo the 
Amorites, that dwelt in Hazezontamar. 

8 And there went out the king of So- 
dom, and the king of Gomorrah, and the 
king of Admah, and the king of Zeboi- 
im, and the king of Bela, (the fame is 
Zoar ; ) and they joined battle with them 
in the vale of Siddim ; 

9 With Chedorlaomer the king of E~ 
lam. and with Tidal king of nations, and 
Amraphel king of Shinar, and Arioch 
kinu of Klla(ar ; four kings with five. 

10 And the jrale of Siddim iuas full of 
fliine-pits: and the kin^s of Sodom and 
Gomorrah fled, and fell there : and they 
that rem lined fled to the mountain. 

11 And they took all the goods of Sod- 
>m ar.d Gomorrah, and all their victuals, 
ind went their way. 

141 And they took Lot, Abram'.s 
brother's fon who dwelt in Sodom, and 
his goods, and departc I. 

15 And there came one that had efcap- 


Y.lelcbizeJek blcjjcih Abram, Chap. 

ed, and told Abram the Hebrew ; for he 
velt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite. 
brother of Kihcol, and brother of Aner: 
and thefe nvere confederate with Abram 

14 £ And when Abram heard that his 
brother wa-s taken captive, he armed his 
trained fer*vants y born in Iris own houTe, 
three hundred and eighteen, and pur filed; 
tbe*n imto Dan. 

15 And bt' divided h : mfr!i\iga".r.uVhenv 
he aod his fervants, by night, and fihpte 
them, and purfued rr.em unto Hobah 
which is on the left hand of Damafcus. ■ 

16 And he brought bnck ail the goods, 
and alfo brought again his brother Lor, 
nnd hib ^oodi, an'a the f/omen alfo, and 
th" people. 

IT An€hthe king df Sodom wfe'rft out to 
meet him after hib return from the (laugh, 
ter ot Ghedorlaomer. and of the kings nti'ere \sith him, at the valley ot' Sha- 
ven, which it the king's dale. 

18 I And Melchizedek, idng-oiF Salem,, 
brought fo.rtlj bread and wine : and he 
*toiu the prieft of the liidfthigh Gut}. 

19 And lie bletfed hun, and faid, Bb-f- 
fed be Abram of the moft high*Gpd,pof- 
feMbur ot* heaven and earth : 

20 1 And blelled b • the moffhigh God, 
Which hath delivered thine eneiuie into 
ihy hand. Aha 1 he gave him tithes of all. 

l\ And the king of Sodom laid unto 
\b i 1 1 1 : . Give iiie the peHens, and i^ake 
ihe goods to thyf-lf. 

d A oram (aid t< the I "-"od- 

* rfi, i have lift up mine hand unto rhe 
LoftD,ib$ moft high God, the poiFeC 
of heaven; rth, 

I will nor ta'fr from a \\ read 
even to a flio< -lr.t< hot, aipd thai I v> ; i! riot 

r n-, : ■[ rh'iu ', a i r v'i ■■!••.- liif!i::i -, ;-;nj a burnipj 
. I have maft< \bram rich : fljpfepiec< 

I n that ('.trie da • t}" Lo :>. p ui e 
:.-;• with Abran . (".•> ing, ' dim i h 
iv en ijhis land, from the r 
of J v- reat river, t] 

• :.■ K mitl s, i*n<J th« K.c . 
and the K? Luioniti , 

• -1 •■ P« i . 
an I rlii K ejmaims, 

-'1 An .•! the Car. 

iti -,.(-)(! ^heG 

t V 1 . 
: K i . i bra fi , o 

r/f, g f'j /<«/ .'„,* 
bv an angel, \% 4 • ".. 

bi iin*jj >\ i<-.i> o<- him ng 
cjiild 11 • .. 

i .,.;.!'. wl ' • I : ; ■ 

xv, xvi. Canaan is again promifed. lY 

faid, Look now toward heaven, and teH. 
the (tars, it" thou be able to number them: 
and he (aid unto him, So (hall thy feed be, 

C il And he believed in the Lop. d ; and 
he counted it 'o him for right coufnefs. 

T U And he (aid unto liim, 1 am the 
Lord tiv.t brought thee out of Ur of the 
Chaldees, to give thee thib Jand to in- 
herit it. 

8 And he faii, Lord. God, whereby 
(hall I know that I (hall inherit it ? 

9 And he faid unto him, 1 ake me an 
heiferof three years old, and a foe-goat of 
three yea: > old, ahd a rani of three years 
old, and a turtle dove, and a youngpigeon. 

10 And he took unto him all thefe, and 
divided tiieni in th.c mujft, *md laid each 
piece one anotj}3r ; but the birds 
divided he not. 

It And when the/owh came dpwn up- 
on the ci-rcaft'o, Abram drove them away, 

it And when the fun was goingdown, 
a deep (Jeep fell upon A brain : and, lo, an 
horrour of great qarkQe/s-feH upon him. 

13 A'hd he (aid imto Ab-am, Know oj 
a (urety that thy feed (ball he ef in 

a hind thai is not their . Qjail (n 

"Ithem; and th.ey jhall affli-t them tou. 
hundred ^ ea-rs ; 

l'-i And alio that nr-.ticn, v :; • . they 
fhafl f-rv;, will ) judge : and ward 

iha!l they come out with great f'ubfrance. 

1"' And thou (halt gp to t.hv t ithers ii> 
peace ; thou {halt be buried in a , d old 

-1 ir» 

4G Brit [n the fourth generation tl 

ih;ui coma hither agatfj : ' r "he inie 
of th . not yet hill.. 

it An'! it tame to p>fs, that, when 
I fun "wajL doA a, and it was dark, behold. 

- only that wvi h t, 1 !" young mei 
. Ah<\ the port on of the 
w.'iich went uirh me, Aner, b)flic"o1, and 
; let fhem< t i tion, 

IAP. "CV. 
t Abram U (. ^ J fon h !■ 

I (> He n jufiified'by Jait-b. , '. 1 
n an is Sromiffd tigaiit. 
\ I IKK thef< th i o1 the 

T.OIv in a > iiiou, fj\ - 

ifng, I ear not bram : [ ai 
and thy exo 

2 Aftd Al)ia i 

wilt tiiou g i 

and the (tev. •-<< of q i.l. : 


\nd Al . ' 

had given no f 

houle i^ mine htii . 

4 1 And, beheld, th< r,oRDln( v^ the J.o -j m • ;■ 

rcne unto him, 'J I 1 oi > ■ I • , :■ 

thine heir ; bill ht tj <r ui:ill come fbrtlipnaid ; it m 
£.ut (,f thineow nbov Vnd 

^Andhel t-h un -forth ibi >ad,artd!tl 

13 Hagar fleet b from Sarai. GFNLSfS. 

\vA Sara', Abram's wife, took I! 
hen maid tl ptian, aftei Abram had 

dwell ten years in the land of Canaan, 
a to her hufband Abram to 
\ e his wife. 

4 at in unto Hagar, antl ihc 
conceived, and when (he faw that flic 
had conceived, her miltrefs was defjpifed 
in her cv;- 

5 Ana Sarai faid unto Abram, My 
ig le upon thee : I have given my 

im ; and when (he law 
\ I was defpifed in 
her eye- Lord judge between me 

and tie 

6 3 ' Abram faid unto Sarai, Be- 
' id if in thy hand ; do to her 

And when Sarai dealt 
h her, ; from her face. 

r - I of the Loud found 

. of v. ater in the wilder- 
, by th< ay to Shur. 

• i nd, Hagar, Sarai 's maid, 
' thou ? and, whither wilt 
id, I ftee from the 
'J ' if the Lord faid 

o her, Return to thy miltrcls, and 
■ under her ham! ;. 

10 ! of the Lord /aid un- 
I will multiply thy fee 1 xeced- 

it lhall not be numbered for 

1 1 ncd ( f the Lord laid 
unto I u art with child, 

, and (halt Call his 
ic the Lord hath 
rd thy 

I v :' | iran ; his 

, and eV- 

linft him : and he lhall 

II in the fall nisi rethren. 

I that fpake unto her, i hou ( iod 

ive 1 alio here 
i him that feetlj me ? 

■ the well «.n i leer- 

; heboid, /'/ is b Kadeih 


« \nd li ■ 'jr bare Abram a ( m i 
Abrai n's name, v 

■ ire. Ifhmael. 
16 And Abram ivji fouj U 1 fin 

i The cwinant is renewed. \Abran?i 
l. 10 Circumcifitn hinfti. 

tut. . . t prom- 

A N I) u lien Abi ^m • 

the 1 oi d appeared to 

unto him 
, w ilk I ■• 
i u pei fc 

:11 make my covenant be 

, 1 am the Ai- 
nu, and be 

The covenant lenen.ced. 

a me and thee, and will multiply 
thee exceedingly. 

S And Abram fell on his fece : and - 
God talked with him, faying, 

•i As lor me, behold, my covenant is 
with, and thou (halt be a father cf 
man) nations. 

5 '.: Neither mall thy name any more 
be called Abram, but thy name lhall be 
Abraham ; for a father of many nations 
have I made thee. 

And I will make thee exceeding- 
fruitful, and I. will make nations of thee, 
and kings (hall come out qJ thee. 

7 And I will eflablilh my covenant be- 
tween me and thee and thy feed after thee 
in their generations for an everlafting 
covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to 
thy feed after 

il And I will give unto thee, and to thy 
feed after thee, the land wherein thou art 
a ltran^er, all the land cf Canaan, tor an 
everlading poffeffion ; and I will be their 

And God faid unto Abraham, Thou 
(halt keep my covenant therefore, thou, 
and thy feed after thee in their genera- 

10 %. This ii my covenant,, which ye 
(hall keep, between me and you and thy 
feed after thee : Every man-child among 
you (hall be circumciled. 

11 And ye lhall circumcife the fieft of 
your fore Ik in ; and it (hall be a token of 
the covenant betwixt me and you. 

1 - And he that is eight days old (hall 
he ctrcumcifed among you, everv man- 
child in your generations, he that is born 
in the hou fir, or bought with money of 
any Granger, which is not of thy feed. 

13 He that is born in thy houfe, and 

he that i> bought with thy money, muft 

needs be circumciled : and my covenant 

lhall be in your fleih for an everlafting 

■ n. i" r. 

H And the uncircumcifed man-child, 
C Heft] cf his forelkin is not circum- 
cifed, that foul lhall be cut otf from his 
people; he hath broken my covenant. 
15 Ind God laid unto Abraham, As 
thy wife, thou (halt not call her 
nam • Sarai, but Si rah y^?// her name be. 
' ill a ;!1 blefs her, and give thee 
a lonalfoof her : yea, I will blefs her. 
ai.d (he (hall hi' a mother cf nations 
kin ople (hall be of her. 

II Abraham fell upon his face, 

and lailj hed, and laid in his heart, Shall 
a ch II be horn unto him that is an hun- 
dred ye us old • and, Shall Sarah, that is 
ninety \ ears old, bear > 

18 And Abmham (aid unto Cod, O 

that h'hmael might live before thee ! 

l'.' And c.od faid, Sarah thy wife (hall 

indeed ; and thou malt 

nc ; ?nd 1 vvill cftablifh. 


bear tin e a Ion ii 
J call hi- name Ifa 

Irudionc-f Sodo)n rc-vealed. Chap. wi'u. 

Ahyn '. : • :'s h ■•or.. 19 

my covenant with him tor an everlafting |Sarah thy t (kid, Behold, i 

covenant, and with his feed after him. 

~0 And as for Ifhmael, I have heard 
thee : behold I have bleJed him, and will 
make him fruitful, and will multiply him 
exceedingly ; twelve princes Hi ill lie be- 
and f will nuke him a great nation. 
-i But my covenant will J eftfcbliih w ith 
Jfaac, which Sarah lhall bear unto thee at 
this fet time in the next year. 

22 And he left off talking with him, 
and Go.l went up from Abraham. 

And Abraham took Uhmael his fon, 

and all that were born in his houfe and 

all that were bought with his money, 

:ale among the men of" Abraham's 

and circumciied the tieih of their 

km in the feitsame day, as God had 

laid unto him. 

i Abraham yas ninety years old 

and nine, when he « circumciied i:; 

Heih of his.fore(kin. 

- And Linn [on teas thirteen 

j ears oW when h< v,a, circumcUedinthe 

Heih of his I .re'kin. 

cday Abraham 

ip.d Ith ni. id his Ion. 

)\cn of his houfe, born 
[a th ight with money of 

the lira;, ere cirenmcifed ttfrhliim. 

CHAP. Will. 
t Ah ra l> i ■•* tmtrfainetb t b <ce <t n ^ch . 9 . 
S.uah's laugbti r. IT 'soJiru' s .lijl'u 
y fertile < to Abra/n»9£ Nisintercfffion. 
\ f) the L«ru appeased unto him in 
1 he fat in the 
|( tli'.- day. 

uid looked, 

tum flood by him : and 

he ran to meet tii -m 

, «.nd bowed himfelf 


l< : ', it :. .•. f | 

i thy i. 
i pi t : 

i ! ter, I i .1, 

I w n'.i j our ! - t, an I relt 
li a morfel of bi 
and thai 

\ c ilidl fore .i! 

• i v our fei v tut. And th 
• lion it lit Caid. 


tltiN, uly ihj 

oi fine m. d, k li- ..>l //. 
upon the hearth. 
Abraham ran unto the h 

ilt* tend d, and 

■ .'• ■ a 

..' I w hich he had di ll -d. an.l I 

I by tl.em un- 
tlie) di 


the tent. 

It) And h? laid, I will certainly rctu 
un'o thee according to t!ic time oi 
and, 1c, Sarafothy wife [hall have a fo t. 
And Sarah heant it in the tent door, 
winch li'.is behind hi 

11 Nov.- Abraham and Sarah were 
and veil (iricken in age ; and it ( eafed to 
be with Sarah after tin- manner o: i . 

1 1 1 berefore Sarah laugh iin her- 

fdf, faying, After [am waxed i I I 

have pteaiure, Ray loN being pld alio ? 

13 r\nd the Lord faidunto Abraham, 
WJi did Sarahlauj h, faying, Shall 

I of a furety bear a child, which am old f 

1 1 is any tiling tL.o hard for the Lord ? 
At the time appointed 1 will return unto 
thee (l:n;;to.thc time oi hfe, an i 

Sarah lhall have a f. hi. 

1."' i he.nSarandtmcd, laying, 'I U« 
ed not ; for (!:•• w is afraid. And he 
faid, Nay ; but thou didlt laugh. 

16 And the men ijole up irony thence, 

and looked tow av 1 Sodom-; and Abraham 

xth them to brin.; them on the 

; 17 tj And the I.or.i; faid. (lull 1 hide 
from Abraham that thing which J do : 

18 Se< ingthat Abraham lhall hirely be- 
come a great and mighty nation, and all 
the n uions of the eai th thaH be I in 
b i 1 1 1 

19 for I know him, thai he will ( >nv 
irtand hU t hildrcn and his h >ufel r 
him, ami they lhall keep the way fti tl 

id, to do.jultice and judgment; that 
tin- Lord ma j bring upon Abraham that 
which he hath fpoken i f biin« 

A id the Lord Paid, Becaufe.the cry 
oi si kIoob and Gomorrah is i eat, a w 

itile iheir fin is very . 

'il I -down now, and. I 

they have done ah ' ' 

( i . o' it, whii hi co n< unto u : 

and it not, 1 will k I 

a And the men ttu n< 
them e, an I went I >m : but 

Abraham fl beton tl 

. • ii rat, an I 

•) the i , 
with • 

a:u\ no: . lor d 

to d 


\nd tfl 



id I.ol enteua'tnttb tvjb atTocls. GEN 

Behold now, 1 have taken upon me to 
ak unto the Lord, which am but dull 
in^i if] 

Perad venture there fball lurk five 
ot t l .hit oils: Will thou deftroy 

all tin - : lack of five 1 And he faid, 

It I find there fortj and n. <-, I will not 
29 And h i urtto him yet again) 

and laid, Perad venture the re fiiall'be forty 
found there. And he faid, L will. not lo 
j i 

90 And I. - l.c.d/////o him, Oh let not the 

Lo&o bca f,and I will fpeaL: Perad- 

Kire there fhall thirty be found there, 

And he faid,. L will, nut <iu /;, if I fihd 

rty thei 

31 And he fiit!. Behold now, I have 

T ike i upon me to fpeak unto the Lord : 

ire there (ball be twenty tbund 

re. Aid he laid, I will not deitroy // 

S£ And he laid, Oh let not the Lord 
be a I I will fpeak yet but thib 

q ce : Heradventttre tea (hall be foupd 
theret And he faidj I will not deitroy// 

lor • ike. 

S9 And the Loi at his way, as 

Toon .i., he h:»d left communing with 
Abraham : and Abraham cetumed unto 

i / <:aineth iivo angels : 2A Sodom 

i (romtrtab dejhroyed. 3t&hot'siuift 
fttnijbed. 31 Hi> nicrjh 

AND then* came two an gels to Sodom 
at ei van Lot l.u in the gate of I 
om : ana I ina them, colli up to 

et them wed himleii with 

ound ; 

;d now, fay fords, 
your, fervant's 
id wall) \ our 
I ye I urh , and . 

w>d the Va J ; b'.»t we 

3 greatly j 

turned in imto h at, uid en- 
I ■ : he made them 

d bread, 

b) doa n, the men 
. com* 

K*»i' ' both 


the men which 
ia them 

■ tn in. 


, brethren ( do 

8 Uehold ?.i\. I . ighters 

.an ; let 1 iiC, I 
ou, and 

Si?.. Lot direfttd to- fie?,-.. 

do ye to them as *■» good in your eyes j- ; 
only unto thele men do nothing ; to- 1 
therefore came they under the lhadow of 
my root. 

9 And they faid, Stand back. Andthey 
faid again* 1 his one/<?//«:u> came in toio-. 
joiinn, and he will needs be ajudge: now 
will we deal wor.fe with thee than with 
thrm. And they pre fifed fore upon the 
man, e<i>m Lot, and cajne near to break 
the door : 

10 But the men put forth their hand, 
and pulled Lot into the houfe to them,. 
a\m\ ihit to the door. 

11 And they, fniote the men that tverr 
at the door ot the houfe with blind nefs, 
both frnajl and great : fo that they wea> 
ried thtmfelves to, rind the door. 

12 And the men faid unto Lot,. Haft; 
thou here any befides ? fon-in-!aw, and 
thy fons, and. tby daughters, and what-, 
foever thou halt in the city, bring them, 
out of this place. 

1 jf'erwe wilj defjroy this place, be- 
cause the cry of 'hem is, waxen great be-. 
fore the face of the Lord ; and the Loup 
hath font us to deftroy it. 

14 And Lot went out, and fpake unto, 
his fon>-in-law,. which maruied hisdaugh-. 
vis, and laid, Up, get ye out of thi^ 
place; fortheLoRD will deitroy this city .. 
But he fee me d as one that mocked unto, 

15. And when the morning, arofe, then. 
the angels haitened Lot, faying, Arife,. 
take thy wife, and thy two daughters. 
which are here ; left thou be coniumedx 
in the iniquity of the citv*. 

16 And while he lingered, the men. 
laid hold upon his hand, and upon the 
liand of his wife, and upon the hand ct, 
his two daughters ; the Lord being mer- 
ciful unto him: and, they brought hinj 
forth, and fet him without the City. 

IT And it came to pa.fs, when they had 

brought them forth abroad, that he iaid r 

' '■ for thy lite ; look not behind, 

neither flay thou in all the plain ; efcapg 

to the mountain, left thou he confumecL 

1 • \ nd Lot laid uuio them, Oh, ao.l 
fo, my lord : 

19 tJeJiol 1 now, thy fervant hath found 
in thy light, and thou haft magni- 
fied thy mercy, which thou haft ll'eWe'Uj 
unto me in laving my life ; and I cannot 
-•(cape to the mountain, u it fomeevil take 
me, and I die : 

! I Bi hold now, this pity is ne.u; to flee 
unto, and it is a Little one : Oh, kr me ef- 
thither, ( U it not a liule one ■ ) and 
m) foul ihail live. 

zi And he faid unto him x See % I have 
pted thee concerning this thing alio, 
hat I will not overthrow this City, for 
the which thou halt fpoken. 

2-2 Halle thee hither ; for I 

Car. not 

tfffs inet 

innot do anv thing till tliou be come 
thither. 1 herefore the name of the city 
was called Zoar. 

\ The fan was ri fen r.pon the earth 
M hen I ol entered into Zoar. 

' I hen the Lord rained upon Sod- 
om and upon Ciomorrah brimttone and 
tire from the Lord out of heaven ; 

And he overthrew thole cities, and 
all the plain, and all the inhabitants of 
the cities, and that which grew upon the 

his wile looked back from be- 
hind him, and the became a pdlar of (alt. 
fJ .\r.d Abraham gat op early in the 
morning to the place where he ftuod be- 
fore the Lord j 

tiB And he looked toward Sodom -a\v\ 
Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the 
tin, and beheld, and. io, the fmoke 
'country went up as the fmoke of a 

And it came to pafs, when God 
troyed the cities ot the plain, that 
God remembered Abraham, and Cent Lot 
out of the midii of the overthrow, when 
he overthrew the cities in the which Lot 

50 And Lot went up out of Zoar, and 
dweat in trie mountain, and his two 
daughters with him; for he feared to 
dwell in Zoar : and he dwelt in a cave, 
be and hu two daughters. 

■ '•1 1 And the fuC-hor.i laid unto the 
'. Our father is o! there is 

i man in the earth to come in unto us 
utter tlv manner of all the earth : 

let us make our father dl 
wine, an i we will lie with him, that we 
may preferve feed ofoui father. 

And they made their father drink 
• that night: and the firlUbom v\ent 
i.i, indla with her father } and be pi- 
lot when the la> down, nor when 


in the morrow, 
that the firlLborn faid unto the younger, 

■hi. 1 lay > eltertught w ith mj fal 
lei i. him drink wine tins niuhl 

alfb ; and go thou in and lie with him, 
thai we 

their father di 
wine that night alio: and the you 
arofe, and la) with him • and he pcrcciv. 
cd not m Ik ii ll. i, nor m h- rn 

us were both 
Lot with child 

.And | 
tailed hi -ioal> : tl l the 

ot the M tabitea urvto I 
id the % oungei , 
fon, and mini . the 

u the fathei ol the • hildren -; Aui* 

Kion unio ' 

Chap* XX. Abraham's iii/e 'rilon^. t\ 

i Abraham denieth his 'wife i an ./ lifcth 
her. 14 Abinuleeh rfito>r:h her. 

AND Abraham journeyed from th- 
toward the lout h country, and dwelled 
between kadefh and Shur, and (mourn- 
ed in Gerar. 

z And Abraham faid of S trah h 
She is my filler ; and Abimelet h king of 
Gerar lent and took Sarah. 

3ButGod c ame toAbiineJecbin a di e on 
by night, and faid to him, fL hold thou 
air hut a dea i man, for the n which 

thou halt taken . for (He is a m in 's w I 

4 But Abir.-.i lei li had not come near 
her : and he laid, Lor p., Wih thou (la - 
alio a righteous nation i 

Said he not unto m ,Shei/myfil 
and the, even Ihe h'-.ult faid. 11* is my- 
brother : in the integrity ol iny heart, and 
muotencs ol my hands, have 1 done this. 

6 And God laid unto him in a dreail . 
Ve.i, I know th^t thou clidlt this in the 
integrity of thy heart J fcr I alfo with- 
held thee from (inning again!) uie • *.',< j< . 
tore fu tiered I thee not to touch Iter. 

7 New therefore reftore the man /it 
wif;; tor he is a prop he tj a dhe (hill 
pray for thee, and thou ih alt live : and if 
thou red in her not, know thou that thou 
lhalt furely die, thou, and all thai are 

■s Ther *• in 

the. morning and called all Iun lervunt*, 
and told all thefe things in their ear-. . 
and tne men w ere I u i uti lid. 

i hen . \b ; i:, '••'•< h called Abraham, 
and faid unto him, What hall thou .'. 
unto us' and whathave I attended thee, 

it thou nail bid ■ and on my 

kingdt . at lin; thou hart done d< ds 

unto me that ought not to be done. 

10 Abimelech laid ujito Abi ihatn, 
w ha' faw< li tlmu, that thou hail du 

1 1 And Abraham (.« d 
thought, Surely the I • God #4 not 
tin- pi . Hay m,e for i 

l£ A nd y et iiv 

i< the dailj . • lilc 

.y ntbtiiei ; in 
111) .. 

1 . '. 
i.uiled mi to w andei I 
houfe, thai 1 fai * uni r h< . I his h tl 

.halt li.' 

whithei '••■ ■ 
of me, H( i< m . bi 

U 1 \i\d 
oxen, and i md wo. 

1-. And VI inn ' 

•. Iwel 

eth *!.•'•. 

10 And 

li'jac is L r . GE N £S i r . 

i ah he faid, Behold, I 

thy brother a thou land />/.<<••* 

it to thee a covering 

, unto all thai an with thee, 

thalle/Arr; thus (he was reprov- 

\\ iha m prayed unto God : . 

ch, and his wife, 
his ma ts ; and they bare 

\ I I • the Lord had 1 ifl i lofed up all 
the ■ '*!■" the houfe of Abimelech, 

ih, * bra . ife. 

HAP, \M. 

., ffagar and IJhmael 
7i /tbimeiecb*s rovt- 

ie Lojld did unto Sarah is. he 

1 1 rah conceive I, and bare A- 

in his old age, at the fet 
■ d had fooken to him. 

3 A • the name of his 

unto him, whom Sarah 

4And Abraham circumcifed his Ton I- 
old, as ( iod had 
i htm. 

an hundred years 

horn unto him. 

6 And Sarah (aid, God hath made me 

uigh,/# //-a/ all that hear will laugh 

'■ ' •'!. would have laid 

Sarah ihould have 

I have borne Mm 

■ ilt the famt 
that 1 1 
? 9 1 A . the fon of H 

f ' . borne unto 



*• id h r fon : 

bond-woman rhall not 

n v. uli Ifaac. 

11 :sin 

ifc ol his (on. 
1 ' - Abraham, Let 

• be< tufe oi 
nd-woman ; 



irly in :' 
.• unto H 


Abimelech* s covenaftf. 

tie, and fhe call: the child under one of 
the umibs. 

16 And fhe went, and fat her down 
over againlt him a good way off, as it 
were a bow -f hot : tor (he laid, Let me- 
not fee the death of the child. And the 
fat over againft him^rA lift up her voice 
and wept. 

17 And God heard the voice of the 
lad ; and the angel of God called to Ha- 
gar out of heaven, and laid unto her* 
What aileth thee, Hagar ? Fear not ; for 
God hath heard the voice of the lad 
where he is. 

18 Arife, lift up the lad, and hold him 
in thine hand ; for \ will make him a 

(t nation. 

19 And God opened her eyes, and fhe 
(aw a well of water ; and me went, and; 
filled the bottle with water, and g?.ve the 
lad drink. 

'20 And God was with the lad ; and he- 
grew, and dwelt in the wilderr.els, and 
became an archer. 

21 And he dwelt in the wildernefs of 
Paran ; and his mother took him a wife. 
out of the land of Egypt. 

22 5 And it came to pafs at that time,, 
that -Voimelcch and Phicpl the chief cap-, 
tain of his hoft fpake unto Abraham, fay- 
ingj Ciod is with thee in all that thou do- 

Mow therefore fwear unto me here 
by Godj that thou wilt not deal fallely 
with mei nor my fon. nor with my Ion's 
fon : but according to the kindnels 'hat 
l have done unto thee thou {halt do unto 
me, and to the land wherein thou is aft iu- 

I And Abraham faid I will fwear. 

%5 And A braham reproved Abiinelecfy 

becaufe of a well ofwarer. w hich Abime- 

lech's fervants had violently taken ay-ay.. 

26 And Abimelech fiid, I wot not wluo, 

hath done, this thing • neither didft 

tell me; neither yet heard I ?//'/, but 

t< iday. 

li And Abraham took iheep ajnd oxen, 
and gave them unto Abimelech ; and both 
of them ma i venant. 

And Abraham fet fcven ewe-lamb* 
of t.he Bock by thenifelves. 

I Abimelech laid unto Abraham, 
W hat mean thefe (even ewe-lambs which 
thou haft fet by themfelvi 

30 And he laid, l'or thefe feven ewe*. 
lambs (halt thou take of my hand, that 
■ be a w itnefs unto me, that I 
• ell. 
&J Wherefore hp called that pi ice Beer- 
ufe there th . (ware both.ofJ 
■ ; - I hus the\- marie a covenant at Beer- 
(Heba : then Abimelech rofe up and Phi- 
the chief capain of his holr, and they 
rned into the land of the Philistines.' 

33 And- 

\ffer*th 1/aac 

And Abraham planted a grove in 
firer/heba, and called there on the name 
of the Lord, the everlaftinj; God. 
34 And Abraham fojourned in 

S Abraham tffetin^ I/aac, ilisjtaytd bj 
an angel, 15 he U blejfed a% a in 20 Tot 
gtnetation of Nahir unto Rebekab. 
AN D it came to pais after thefe t! 

Sarah's j^v <*■ 

this day, In the mount of the Lord it 
Ihall be feen. 

i 1 And the angel ofthe Lo*i 
unto Abraham but of 

16 A:. J faid, By my/elf haVe I (worn, 
faith the Lord, for^becaufc tli 

ng, and haft riot withlield thj 
ion, thine only />■'. . 

IT That in blefling I will bU ft tliec, 

that God did tempt Abraham, and (aid in multiplying I will multiply thy fd 

unto him, Abraham 
Jiold, here I am 

and hr_ faid, Be 

And he faid /Take now thy ion, thine (hall poffcls th 
only/o// I.'aac, whom thou love ft, and get 18 And in th all the 

thee into the land of Moriah ; and offer ofthe earth be j becauj I i 

him there for a burnt offering upon one 

of the mountain, which I will tell thee of. 

J 1 And Abraham rule Hp early in the 

morning, and faddled his afs, and took 

ten with him, *nd Ifaac 

on, and clave the wood for the burnt 

offering, and rofe lip, arid went unto the 

place of which God had told him. 

4 Then on the third day Abraham 

. and Jaw the place afar off". 

1 Abraham faid unto fits young 

men, Abide ye here with the ais ; and I 

Mid the lad will go yonder and worihip, 

and coi n to you. 

burnt offering, and laid // upon [faac his brother 

• l the hea 
which is upon the fea-lhoft : and th) - 
ite of rriies ; 

obeved my voice. 

i rS » Abraham returned unto his y ting 
men, and they rofe up an-'. rthri 

to Beeriheba ; a id Abraham d i 
Beer.i eba. 

r - And it rame to pafs after rl 
things, that it was told Abraham 
Behold, Milcah, (he hath :dfo b-i 
i unto thy brother Nahor 
SfHuz his hrrt-bo 
er, and K<muel the father o: Aram. 
-- And Chefed, and H. ./.•>, and 1' 1< 
and Jidlaph, and Bethuel. 

I Bethuei begat Rebekah : th-fc 
eight Milcah did bear to Nahor, Abra- 

fon ; and he took the fire in hi*- hand, and 
a knife ; and they went both of them, to- 

•iro Abraham 
fatherland faid, Mj father: and he 
Here am I, my (on. And he faid, Behold 
the fur and • here n the 

t imb for a burnt ■»::■ 

, nn faid ' ••• ill 

-1 An l hisconei l) : i,<-, whofenatne in** 
Reumah, the ba i and i.u- 

:, and 1 h rhath, and N 

chap. xxnr. 

i far b'sa Tbt pu 

Maebpelab^y ) r whertSarab - as bsn 

\ N D Sai zh was an hun li ad .m*\ i 
and twent i >£ die 

: the \\\ ah. 

provide hi nt offej . t)«c 

inn : fo they went I H ., in t., la on; 

God h 'd told himof ; and Abrahaan buil i :ep for her 

an al i laid th -1 in or 

►und 1( ia< his '• laid 
the alt 

And Abraham fti I forth 1. . 
h ind, and • 

11 Lord < died 

ham, tham ! 

'.n.l he I* I, I thine h 

upon the la Li do thou an 

unto th >u 

U arcfl i ; thou halt not 

13 And Abi thani lifted 
and looked, and behold be 
ght in a thi< kei 

' him up for a ! 
id of hia fon- 
1 i And Abrahai 
4hat .-!. 

his il unto tin i 

llct I 

:i, fa) in, 




Ind Al 

1 at 

U fi .Uchpilub. GENESIS. Abraham's fervantjuc cef s jut. 

•.» That he may give mc the cave of : * But thou fhalt go unto njy coixdtffi 
hath, which rj in and to my kindred, and take a wife unto' 
nuch money my Ton Ifaac. 

5 And the lervant laid unto bin- Per- 

gfl you, adventure the woman will ridt be willing 

tlie < ltd- to follow me unto this land : Malt I need.- 

hron the Hittitean- bring thy ion again unio the land from 

ndience of the 
A\ that went 

t • field give 

: • 

• the fans of my 
■ • ad. 

rd down him- 

'he au- 
■ I ind, faring, Blit 

me : 

lie tield ; take 

d there; 

1 1 rakajD] 

1 j ' ■ me : the 

hundred fhekels of Id- 
ii tii it Ct me and tl. 

■ ■ 
• ham hearkened unto 

t lr d t>. Ephron 

s hi< h he had named in the au- 
I tour hundred 
ihek'-h r, current fnbney with the 

\~ ■■ Held <.f Kphron, which ~vas 

\\ Inch tuat before Mamre, 
the field, a which *uai therein, 

n the Bel 1, 
• und about, 

\v - ' 

it lion, in the 

i leth, b< 

19 r - An I . M>r iti im buried 

• tl"- field of 

the fan.- is 
J Icbi hi in - an. 

lire that is 


i biu-; c,by the 

rn \\\ XXIV, 


■ -rtb Re- 
tt • etetb her. 



i um tn all tl 

• f cr _ 

I that 

I' 1 " I 

S Snd 1 t>y the 

1 1> the 

u ih.dt kg a 

of the 

whoru I dwell • 

whence thou earned ? 

6 And Abraham faid unto him, Be- 
ware thou that thou brirtg Hot my ion 
thither again. 

7 The Lord C-od of heaven, which 
took me from my father's houfe, and 
from the land of my kindred, and which 
[pake unto me, and that fware unto me,- 
laying, Unto thy feed will I give this* 
land ; he ("hall fend his angel before thee, 
and thou take a wile unto my foil 
from thence. 

8 And if the woman will not be willing 
to follow thee, then thou (halt be clear 
from this my oath : only bring not my 
(on thither again. 

9 And the fervarit put his hand under 
the thigh of Abraham his mailer, and 
fware to him concerning that matter. 

10 And the fervanl took ten camels of 
the camels of his mailer, and departed ; 
for all the goods of his maiier t Were"mh\s 
hand : and he arofe, and went to Mefo- 
putamia, unto the city of Nahor. 

11 And he made hih camels to kneel 
down without the city by a well of water 
at tlv* time of the evening, even the time 
that women go out to draw --water. 

12 And he fad, O Lord God of my 
mailer Abraham, I pray thee, fend me 
good fpeed this, day, und mew kindnefs 
unto my mafter Abraham. 

IS Behold, I ftand here by the well of 
water ; and the daughters or the men of 
the ( ity come out to draw water • 

14 And let it come to pais, that the 
damfel to whom I diall fay. Let down 
thy pitcher, I pray time, that I may drink j 
and (he lhall fay, Drink, and I will give 
thy camels drink alio : let the Jame be 
(he ibmt thou halt appointed for thy fer- 
Vant lf«c ; and thereby ihall I know 

th m baft (hewed kindnefs unto my- 

15 And it came to pafs, before lie had 
done i. aking, that behold, RebekaU 
*. nne out, who was horn to Bethucl, fori 
ol Mil* ah, the wife of Nahor. Abraham's 
brother, with her pitcher upon her (houl- 
d i . 

16 \-v\ th- damfel nvas very fair to 

•ii <i virgin, neither 'had any 
man known her : and (he went down 
to the well and filled her pitcher, and 
came |ip 

1" And the fervant ran to meet her, 
I, Let me, I pray thee, drink a lit* 

r of thy pitcher. 
1 hi :d v Prink, my lord : andt 


Lao it's hcjp'italtty. Chip. xxiv. 

Cne haded, and !et down her pitcher upon 
h? r hand, and gave him drink. 

19 And when fhe had done giving him 
drink, the faid, I will draw ivater for thy 
:lfo, until they have done drinking. 
£0 And (he hafted, and emptied her 
pitcher into the trough, nni ran a^ain 
unto the well to draw ■Tva.'er, and dre\ 
for all his camels. 

•21 An i the man wondering aj her, held 
his peace, to wit, whether the Lord had 
nude his journey profperous or not. 

tt And it came to pals, as the camels 
had done drinking, that the man took a 
golden ear- : half a (hekel wc 

and two bracelets for her hands of ten 
/bekels weight cf sold ; 

23 And bud, Whofe daughter a'/fhdu? 
Tell me, I pray thee : Is there room in thy 
father's home for us t* lodge in \ 

-4 And the faid umo him, I am the 
daughter of Eethuel the fon of Milcah, 
which (he bare unto Nahor. 

She faid mjreover unto him, We 
have both draw and provender enough, 
room to lod^e in. 
And the man bowed down his head 
and worshipped the Lord. 

And he faid, BlelTed be the Lo rd God 
of my mafter Abraham, who hath not Icfr 
deftituce my mailer of nis mercy and h:> 
truth : I being in the way, the Lord led 
me to the home ofmv mailer's brethren, 
28 And the damfel ran, and told tbem 
if her mother's houfe th 

a-i i Rebekah had a brother, and his 

name ivas 1^1 an ran out 

to the man, unto the well. 

SO Ami ii to pafsj wnen he faw 

the ear-ring and bracelets upon liis rider's 

when lie heard! the worda oi 

Rebckah his fiftei , fayi »g, Thi 

(he man unto me ; thai h unto the 

•Id, Iv (food by the cam- 

And h Come in, thoi 

of >r d ; Where! <iett thou 

thout ? for I have pr . the houfe, 

\ room for the camels. 
31 And the man came info the houfe : 
- -Is, and ^ 
ftraw and r for the camels, i 

nvere in. 

S3 \n 1 th 

.'. : but he faid, I will not eat, until I h 
toldi xrand. And he faid, Speak on. 

\y\am Abrah ira* fervant. 
And the Lo rd h ith I -naf- 

:n him Mocks in \ 

, and 

36 A n . £ re ^ 

Tie feriiant jhe-wetb his mejfa^e. 25 

37 And my matter made me fwear, 
faying, Thou fhalt not take a wife to my 
(on of the daughters of the Canaanites, 
in whofe land I dwell : 

38 But thou (halt go unto my father's 
houfe, and to my kindred, and take a 
wife unto my fon. 

39 And I faid unto my mafter, Perad- 
venture the woman will not follow me. 

40 And he faid unto me, The Lord, 
before whom I walk, will lend his angel 
*ith thee, and profper thy way ; and 
thou fhalt take a wife for my fon of my 
kindred, and of my father's houfe : 

41 Then fhalt thou be clear trom this 
my oath, when thou Cornell to my kin- 
dred ; and if they give not thee o\c y thou 
lhalt oe clear from my oath. 

4-2 And I came this day unto the well, 
and faid, O Lord God of my mailer. A. 
braham, if now thou do profper iriy way 
which I go : 

43 Behold, I ftand by the well of wa- 
ter ; and it fhall come to pals, that when 
the virgin Cometh t jrth to draw --joater^ 
and I fay to her, Give mc, I pray thee, a 
little water of thy pitcher to drink ; 

k i And lhe fay to me, Both drink thou, 
and I will alfo draw for thy camels i let 
the fame be the woman whom the Lokd 
hatH appointed out \or my matter's Ion. 

45 And before I had done 
mine heart, behold, Rcbekah came torth 
with hei pitcher on h'-r (houlder ; 
?he went down unto th • v .11, and drew 
water: and I fatdurfto Her, Let me drink, 
I pray thee. 

46 And fhe mid'- halle, and let d 
her pitcher frorn her Jboutder t and I 
Drink, and 1 will give th 

fon to my m itcn fhe wa., old : 

th he given all ih il lie hath, Ibi 

n vs 

llfo : Co I drank, a;.d l' Q LU1- 

47 And I and fai 

i art th nd (he faid, 

lite r of 1 

I put 
ear-r lets 

woi (hipped 

Lo RD (j 


4'.* And n 

tell me : t!u' I • . turn * 
I the Ii ' 

mil faid, I he thing »h- 

Lor bad 

: i n fv Id Relx I 

Lo a d h a t h 

"."hipped the Lop.D, ba'Wtngbimfelj to 
the earth. 

53 And the fervant brought forth jew- 
els of filver, and jewels of gold, and rai- 
ment, and gave the in to kebekah : he . 
•• alfoto her brother and toiler moth- daah 
ecious things. Kerurah 

And th( cat and drink, he and 5 And Abraham gave all that he had 

the men that wterewith him, and tanied unto Ilaac : 
all night; and th up in the morning: G But unto the fons of the concubines, 

GENESIS. Abraham's age and dea-thy 

3 And Jokfhan begat Sheba, and De^ 
dan. And the Ions of Dedan were Aslhu- 
rim, and Letufhim, and Leummim. 

4 And the fonsofMidian ; Ephah, and 
Ephcr, and Hanoch, and Abidah, and h\- 

All thefe 'were the children of 

andhefaid,SeJidmeaway unto my matter, which Abraham had, Abraham gave 

55 Andher brother ana her mother faid, gifts, and lent the:, away from Ifaac his 

Let the damielab k\&afeivd&ys } ion, while he jet Jived, ealtward, unto 

at ' r ten : hat (he fhall go. the eaft country. 

56 And he Uid unto them, Hinder me 7 *1 And theie are the days of the years 

not, the Lofe d hath profpered my of Abraham's life hicbjielived,anrmn- 

way , fend i. , mat i may go io dred three-icore and fifteen years.. 

':er. 8 Then Abraham gave up the ghoft, 

will call the and died in a good ola age, an old man, 

damfel, and inquire at her mouth. and full sj years ; and was gathered to 

art %\ And they called kebekah, and his people. 

i Wilt thou go with this 9 And his fons Ifaac and Ifhmael buried 

d, I will go. him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field 

B And ' r\t away Kebekah their of Ephron the Ion of Zohar the Hittite, 

r, and hernurfe, and Abraham sfer- which is before Mamre ; 
and his men. i 10 1 he field which Abraham purchaf- 

bleffcd Rebekah, and faid ed cf the tons of Heth : there was Abra- 

Thou ar: ourfifter, be thou the ham buried, and Sarah his wife. 

**9tbero\ inds of mi II ions, and let 11 And it came to pafs after the death 

> the gate of thole which of Abraham, that Ood blcfled his fon 1- 

' ''»• &ac ; and Ifaac dwelt bv the welll.ahairci. 
ih arofe, and her dam- 1 12 Now thefe are the generations of 

and the> rude upon the camels, and Ifhmael, Abraham's fen, whom Hagar 

1 the man : and the fervant took the Egyptian, Sarah's hand-maid, bare 

ih, and went his way. unto Abraham: 

[faa< came from the way of 13 And thefe are the names of the fons 

hairoi j lor he dwelt in the of Uhmael, by their names, according to 

'' I l,l ' n , • their generations : the ririt-bornoflfhma- 

out to meditate in el, Nebajoth ; and Kedar, and Adbeel, 

theeventide : andhe lifted up and Mibfam, 

dDii, behold, the cam- 

ill lifted up her • and Kedemah : 

UAnd Mahma.and Dumah.and MafTa, 
15 Hadar, and 1 ema, Jetur, NaphifUj 

iac, ihe lighted off 

16 '1 hele are the fons of Ifhmael, and 
*ir names, by their towns, and 
by their catties; twelve princes according 

I unto the ferv; nt, , 

f/this that walketh in the.field to their nations. 

dfud, : ^nd thefe are the years ofthe life -of 

Ihe took a \ eil, I :ael, an hundred and thirty andfeyen 

: andhegaveuptheghoftanddi, 
all things ed ; and was gathered unto lus people. 
l« Andthev dwelt from HaviTahWo 
t before Egypt, as thou goeft 
ward rhediedinthepref- 

of ail his brethren 
riiismo! 19 fcare the generations of Ifaac 

ham begat Ifaac: 
rr L r rVi ' d "ape was forty years oldwhen 

bekah to wife, the daughter of 
uel the Syrian of Padanaram, the 

lb his b: 

I If! 

j 1 :. 

and Jok- 

fter in the Syrian. 

-' entreated the Lord for 

becaufe (he ivas barren : and 
Lordw -ated of him, and He- 

ll his wife conceived. 

renftruggled together. 


Godblejfetb Ifaac. Chap. xxvi. 

within her ; and fte faid, liitbe Co, Why 
an I thus ? And ihe went to inquire of 
Che Ljrd. 

And the Lord faid unto her, Two 
nations a re inth. womb* and two manner 
■of people iha!l b* leparated from thy bow- 
els; and/!><r one people (hall be tlronger 
than tbe other people; and the elder fhall 
ferve the y. 

til And . tobeiielivered 

■were fulfilled, behold, there toe re twins in 
Jier womb. 

15 And the firft am? cut red, all over 
like an ha ry garment ; and they called 
his name Elan. 

And after that came his brother 

out, and hi> h ■ >k hold on Elan's 

; and his name tvascal : and 

; -was ' rs eld when (he 

• them. 

And th -nd Efau was a 

..iter, a f the fic'.d : and 

j. plain man, dwelling in tents. 

loved Efau, becaiife he 

did eat of :ni(bn : but Rebekah 


- : and Efau 

. the fi'.ld and he was faint: 

I And Efau faid to Jacob, Feed me, I 

i that fame red fottage ; 

I am r.iint : therefore was his name 

called Edom. 

And Jacob faid, Sell me this day 
thy birtii-right. 

fan faid, B I am at the 

and, what proht fhall thib 

. Swear to me this 
hiltl ; and 
birth -right unto Jacob. 

: and 
e of lem i he did eal i 

. went his way : 

ll/aac gortb ta G'erar. im. 

f i O' ira. 34 

1 es. 

c in the landj 

iham. A: entunto of the Philiftines unto 

1 unto ; 

in I lui:. 

I unto thy feed, I 
and I will 

Ifaac denieth o'isij'lje. 

5 Becaufe that Abraham obeyed my 
voice, and kept my charge, my command- 
ments, my (tatutes, and mi laws. 

6 And Ifaac dwelt in (jerar : 

7 And the men of the place afked him 
of his wife ; and he faid, She ;'/ my filler ; 
for lie feared to fay, She is my wife ; led, 
faid be, the men of the place fliould kill 
me for Rebekah ; becaufe ihe oww fair 
to look upon, 

8 And it came to pafs, when he had 
been there a long time, that Abimelech 
king of the Philiftines looked out at a 
window, and law "id behold, Ifaac noas 
fporting with Rebekah his wife. 

9 And Abimelech called Ifaac, and faid,. 
Behold, of a furfcty (he is thy v,\:c , and, 
How fa'-dft thou, 5he is my Qfter ? And 
Ifaac laid unto him, Becaufe I faid, i 
I die for her. 

10 An-d Abimelech faid, What is th'r 
thou hal done unto u^ ? One of the pea* 
pie might lightly have lain with thy v. if?, 
and thou fhouldctt have brought guiit'.- 
nef> upon i. 

11 And Abimelech charged all bisy 
pie, faying, He that toucheth this ma; 
his wife fhall furely be put to death. 

1-2 Then Ifaac lowed in that land, an<2 
received in the fame year an hundred 
fold : and the Lord blelled him : 

13 And the man waxed great, and u 
forwardj and grew until he became very 
great ; 

U For he had pofTeflion of flocks, and 
pollellion of herds, anil ^reat ftore of fer- 
vants : and the Philiftines envied h in 

\u For all the wells which his father's 
trits had digged in the d^.. bra- 

ham bis father, the Philiftines had fl 
ped them and tdled them with earth, 
elech f.iid unto H.. 
: us ; for thou art much w 

than v. e. 

iv An i Ifaac rred th . and 

pitched his tent in the rar, 

IS And (laac dig 
: , which tl 
ol Al the Pi 

it of 
Abraham • and he called I d 

trr the t. 


c f<»r tl 

.'. hich I fwar 1 
\nd [will 

thy feed all tin ih. 

fced fhall all the nations ol tnd he 1 


93 LfauU wives. GENESIS. 

ftrove not : and he called the name of it 
Rchoboth ; and he laid, For now the Lo k D 
hath nude room for u>, and we (hall be 
fruitful to the land. 

29 And he went up from thence to 

I And the Lord appeared unto him 
the fame ni^ht, and laid, I am the God 
Of Abraham thy father: h_ar not, fori 
am with thee, and will blcis thee, and 
multiply thy Iced for my Servant Abra- (peak unto Efau thy brother, faying, 

Jacob, deceiteth his father, 

go out to the field, and take me fame 
venifon ; 

4 And make me favoury meat, fuchas 
I love, and bring //tome, that I may eat ; 
fhat my foul may blefs thee before I die. 

5 And Rebekah heard when Ifaac fpake 
to Efau his ion : and Efau went to the 
field to hunt/ar venifon, and to bring //. 

6 f And Rebekah fpake unto Jacob her 
fon, faying. Behold, I heard thy father 

haul's lake. 

And he builded an altar there, and 
called Upon the name of the!, o rd, and 
pitched Ins tent there i and there Ifaac's 
tCrvantl digged a well. 

26 <| Then Abimclech went to him 
from Gerar, and Ahuz/.ath one of his 
rids, and Phicol the chief captain of 
his army . 

A Ifaac faid unto them, Where - 

; eto me, feeing ye hate me, 

I have lent me away from you ? 

And they laid,W e faw certainly that 

the Lord was with thee : and we faid, 

there be now an oath betwixt uneven 

. iit us and thee, and let us make a 

nit with thee ; 

1 hat thou -wilt do us no hurt, as we 

have not touched thee, and as we have 

f unto thee nothing but good, and 

I, ive lent thee away in peace : thou art 

the bleflcdof the Lord. 

90 And he made them a feaft, and they 

did cat and drink. 

SI And they rofe up betimes in the 

morning, and fu are one to another : and 

Ifaac i :t them away, and they departed 

him in peace. 

. And u came to pafs the fame day, 

- fei rants came, and told him 

ning the well which they had dig- 

, rtd laid unto him, We have found 


lied it Shebah: therefore 
•ie of the city is Beeriheba unto 

rty years old 
ife Judith the daughter 
• ■, and Bafhemath the 
llie Hit; i' 

ief of mind unto 



ilfaac fen r au for venifon, & Jacob 

inf bthebltffing, 

41 i ' 1 rting btm^i is I tt I . 

ND when Ifaai 

{•> that 

ti not U did 

l (aid unto him, My fen : and 

he (aid no <: I. 

told now, I .iin old, 

I V- jt)i 

Si- . f pray thi 

, ai 

7 Bring me venilon, and make me fa- 
voury meat, that I may eat, and blefs thee 
before the Lord before my death. 

8 Now therefore, my fon, obey my 
voice, according to that which I command 

9 Go now to the flock, and fetch me 
from thence two good kids - of the goats ;' 
and I will make them favoury meat for 
thy father, fuch as he loveth : 

10 And thou (bait bring /'/ to thy fath- 
er, that he may eat, ana that he may 
blefs thee before his death. 

11 And Jacob faid to Rebekah his 
mother, Behold, Efau my brother is a 
hairy man, and 1 am a fmooth man. 

12 My father peradventure will feel 
me, and I (hall feem to him as a deceiver ; 
and I (hall bring a curfe upon me, and not 
a bleffing. 

13 And his mother faid unto him, Up- 
on me be thy curfe, my fon : only obey 
my voice, and go fetch me them. 

14 And he went, and fetched, and 
brought them to his mother : and his 
mother made favoury meat, fuch as his 
father loved. 

15 And Rebekah took goodly raiment 
of her eldeft fon Efau, which ivere with 
her in the houfe, and put them upon Ja- 
cob her younger fon. 

16 And Hie put the (kins of the kids of 
.the goats upon his hands, and upon the 

fmooth of his neck. 

17 And (he gave the favoury meat, and 
the bread which Toe had prepared, into 
the hand of her fon Jacob. 

18 *? And he came unto his father, and 
faid, My father : and he faid, Heie am I ; 
who a<t thou, my fon ? 

19 And Jacob laid unto his father, T am 
I- fui thy firll-born ; 1 have done accord- 7 

as inou bade ft me ; ari(e, I pray thee, 
(it and eat of my venilon, that thy foul 
may blefs me. 

£0 And llaac faid unto his fon, How is 
it that thou halt found it fo quickly, my 
fon And he faid, Becaufe the Lord thy 
( rod brought it to me. 

'21 And Ifaac* laid unto Jacob, Come 

near, 1 pray th< e, that I may feel thee, 

my (on, whether thou be my very fon E- 


Ap<i Jacob went near unto Ifaac Ins 

father, and he I 1 faid, r fhe 



Efau bringr.'b 'venifon. Chap. 

voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands a/v 
the hands of Efau. 

And he difcerned him not, becaufe 
hands were hairy, as his brother E- 
fau's haads. : io he blefTed him. 

And he fauL, Art thou my very fon 
Efau ? And he faid, I am. 

Ana he faid. Bring it near to me, 

and I will eat of my fon's venifon, that 

foul may blefs thee. And he brought 

it near to him, and he did eat : anii he 

brought him wine, and he drank. 

And his lather Ifaac la ; .d unto him, 
Come near now, and kils me, :\\) ion. 

27 And he came near, ami killed him : 
and lie fmelled the fmell of his raiment, 
and blefTed him, and faid, >ee, the fmell 
of my fon is as the frnell of a field which 
the Lord hath blefTed : 

28 Therefore God give thee of thedew 
of heaven, and the fatnefs of the earth, 
and plenty of corn and wine : 

29 Let people ferve thee, and nations 
bow down to thee ; be lord over thy 
brethren, and let thy mother's fons bow 
down to thee ; curled be every one t;.„t 
curfeth thee, and bielfed be he that blel- 
feth thee. 

S>') And it came to pafs, as foon as Ifaac 
had made an end of biejfing Jacob, and 
Jacob was >et fcarce gone out from the 
i-refenceof llaac his father, that Efau his 
brother came in from hi* hunting. 

31 And he alio had made favoury 
meat, and brought it unto his father, and 
faid unto his lather, Let my father arife, 
and rat of his lun'i venifon, that thy foul 
may blc 

And [fine his father, faid unto him- 
Who art thou \ And he faid, I am thy 
fon, thy firtt-born Efau. 

33 And Ifaac trembled very exceeding- 
ly, and laid, Who I \\ here is fie that 
lu'h taken vc.rfon, and brought // me, 
and I ha ;i ot all before thou earn- 

ed, and have bletfed him? \ca,&'/n/hefhall 

And u! en Efau heard the words of 

.1 u it I) - . ' iri'l ( \- 

ling bit t* r s unto hi^ !a- 

1 1 ?>: mealfo,( > in;, Father. 
1, '1 li\ ;r i ame m ith 
lubtletv, and batht iken aw ay thy blcfling. 
• 3G And he faid, Is not h( rightly named 
Jacob ? ' .'.uth fupi (anted me th •:<■ 

two times: he took my birth-right; 

and, behold, now he hath taken; 
bleflirtg. And he faid, Hafl thou i ot re- 
fcrved a blefTing Foi n 

37 And Ifaac ahfwcred. and faid 
Efau, Behold, I have niade him I 

id all his brethren h tv< I giv :n t 
Forfervantsj and with corn .<;k! 

e I futl.iincd him : and, what tliall I 
now unto thee, my fon 1 

I fan faid) ' > tak 

xxviii. Jjaac again h . . h 

thou but one ble her 1 B 

me, even me alio father. r\nd 

Efau lifted up his wept. 

S9 And Ifaac his fat 
faid unto hin , B 

be the fatnefs of the eartn, the 

dew of heavei- fro ve i 

40 And by thy f 
and (halt ferve thy brc 

come to pals when thou 
dominion, that 
from off" th) qi 

41 * An-j'Efau hated Jat . iufe ci 

thebleffing \ 
him: and bfau (aid i I 
of mourning 
then will I 

•42 !1 And - 
fon were told to Rl : arid fl.e lent 

and called Jajob hi r fo.n', and 

faid unto him, Behold, thj Brother .- 
as touching thee, doth comfort I 
l>urpej;ng to kill thee. 

45 Nov. therefore, my fori, obey my 
voice; and arife; Bee thou to Labah 
brother, to i ; 

44 ,-\nd tarry with him a fc> 
til thy brother's fury turn away ; 

45 Jntil thy brother's anger turn away 

., and lie forget tia: 
haft done to him : then I will fen 
fetch thee from the na fhould I be 

deprived alio of you both in one day ! 

46 And Rebekah laid to Ifaac, I am 
weary of my life becaufe i 
ters of Heth ; if Jacob take a wife of the 
daughters of Heth, fuch as theft 
of the daughter^ of the land, what | 
fhali my life do me ? 

1 Jacob it Biejfed t andfent tc i\i ianarttn . 
10 Hts yijtin. i$Thf/ xbel. 

fueob's r.'O'zu. 
AND llaac called Jacob, and blefTed 
him, and charged him, 

him, '1 hou I 

ot B< thu 

' .-'in t! • ...ightei i 

3 And Uod . 
ruitful, and multiply 1 1 

thou mat (it be a multitu 

4 And 

h nil, toll; 



• I . cr. 

6 V 


33 Ja<Gb's<vo™. GENESIS. 

ss hebleffed him he gave him a charge, 
faying, Thcu {halt not take a wife of the 
daughters of Canaan ; 

7 And that Jacob obeyed his father 
and his mother, and was gone to Fada- 
saram ; t 

8 And E fau feeing that the daughters 
of Canaan pleated not Ifaachis father ; 

9 Then went Efau unto Ifhmaei, and 
took unto the wives which he had, Ma- 
halah the daughter of lihmael, Abraham's 
fon, the filler of Nebajoth, to be his 

10 5 And Jacob rvent cut from Beer- 
fheba, and went toward Haran. 

11 Andhe lightedypon a certain place, 
and tarried there all night, becauie the 
fua was fet • and he took of the fto-nes of 
that place, and put them for his pillows, 
and lay down in that place to deep. 

12. And he dreamed, and behold* lad- 
der fet upon the earth, and the top of it 
reached to heaven : and behold the an- 
gels of God afcending and defcending 
on it"; 

13 And behold, the Lord flood above 
it, and laid, lam the Lord God of Abra- 
ham thy father, and the God of Ifaac : 
the land whereon thou lieft, to thee will 
I give it, and to thy feed : 

14 And thy feedihall be as the duft of 
the earth, and thou ihalt fpread abroad 
to the weft, and to the ead, and to the 
north, and to the fouth : and in thee and 

in thy feed {hall all the families of the 
earth be bleffed. 

15 And, behold, I <z?rc with thee, and will 
keep thee in all places whither thou goefl, 
and will bring thee again into this land ; 
for I will not leave thee, until I havedone 
that which I have fpoken to thee of. 
• 16 And Jacob awaked out of his deep ; 
and lie faid, Surely the Lord is in this 
place ; and I knew it not. 

IT And he was afraid, and faid, How- 
dreadful is tills place ! This i* none other 
but the houfe of God, and this is the gate 
of heaven. 

18 H And Jacob rofe up early in the 
morning, and took the (tone that he had 
put for his pillows, ami fet it up for a pil- 
lar, and poured oil upon the top of it. 

19 Andhe called the name of that place 
Bethel i but the name of that city ivas 
called Luz at the firfl. 

20 II And Jacob vowed a vow, faying, 
IF God will be with me. and will keep me 
in this way that I go, and will give me 
bread to eat, and raiment to put on, 

21 So that I come again to my father's 
houfe in peace ; then (hall the Lord be 
my God : 

22 And this (lone, which I have fet 
for a pillar, (hall be God's houfe : and of 
all that thou fh tit give mo I will furely 
give the tenth unto thee, 

He is entertained by Lab an. 


i Jacob comet b to the well of Haran ; 13/f 
entertained by Laban. iS Jacob cove- 
nanteth for tiachel ; and is deceived 
ivithLeab; i%but marrieth Rachel alfo. 
THEN Jacob wenton hisjourney, and 

came into the land of the people of the 


2 And he looked, and behold a w.ell in 
the field, and, lo, there <were three flecks 
of fheep lying by it ; for out of that well 
they watered the flocks : and a great ftone 
njjas upon the well's mouth. 

3 And thither were all the flocks gath- 
ered : and they rolled the (lone from the 
well's mouth, and watered the fheep, and 
put the (tone again upon the well's mouth 
in his place. 

4And Jacob faid unto them, My breth — 
fen, whence be ye ? And they laid, Gf 
Haran are we. 

5 And he faid unto them, Know ye,' 
Laban the fon of .Manor ? And they faid, 
We know birr.. 

6 And he faid unto them, Is he well ? 
And they faid, He if well : and, behold, 
Rcchel his daughter cometh with the 

7 And he faid, Lo, it is yet h*gh day, 
neither is it time that the cattle (liould be 
gathered together : water ye the fheep, 
and go and feed them. 

8 And they faid, We cannot, until all 
the flocks be gathered together, and till 
they roll the (lone from the well'* mouth j 
then we water the fheep. 

9 And while he yet fpake with them, 
Rachel came with her father's iheep ; for 
(he kept them. 

10 And it came to pafs, when Jacob 
faw Rachel the daughter of 'Laban his 
mother s brother, and the fheep of Laban 
his mother's brother, that Jacob went 
near, and roUed the done from the well's 
mouth, and watered the flock of Laban 
his mother's brother. 

11 And Jacob ki (Ted Rachel, and lifted 
up his voice and wept. 

12 And Jacob told Rachel that he toaj 
her father's brother, and that he ivas 
Rebekah's fon : and (he ran and told her 

13 $ And it came to pafs, when Laban 
heard the tidings of Jacob his filler's (on, 
that he ran to meet him, and embraced 
him, and killed him, and brought him to 
his houfe. And he told Laban all thefe 

14 And Laban faid to him, Surely 
thou art my bone and my fle'.n. Andhe 
abode with him the fpace of a month . 

15 And Laban faid unto Jacob, Becaufe 
thou art my brother, (houldcfr thou 
therefore ferv erne for nought ? Tell me, 
What jhall thy wages be? 

16 And Laban had two daughters : thej 


Jac o bfe r<vethfo r Leah ar.J Re. cbel, C h'g p . x*x x . 


Iiac . . - irrenneff. M 


name of the elder "Mas Leah 
name of the younger ivjis Rachel. 

17 Leah tua tender eyed ; buc Rachel 
was beautiful and well favoured. 

18 H And Jacob loved Rachel ; and 
faid, I will ferve thee feven years for Ra- 
chel tin*. vounger daughter. 

i9 And Laban faid, It is better that I 
give her to thee, than that I mould give 
her to another man : abide with mc. 

20 And Jacob ferved feven years for 
R.achel : and they feemed unto him but 
a few days, for the love he had to her. 

21 And Jacob faid unto Laban, Give 
me my wife, for my days are fulfilled, that 
I may go in unto her. 

26 AndLaban gathered together all the 
men of the place and made a feaft. 

23 ^| And it came to pafs in the even- 
ing, that he took Leah his daughter, and 
brought her to him ; and he went in un- 
to her. 

24 And Laban gave unto his daughter 
Leah, Zilpah his maid/or an hand-maid. 

25 And it came to pafs, that in the 
morning, behold, it iuas Leah, : and he 
faid to Laban, What is this thou haft 
done unto me ? Did not I ferve with thee 
for Rachel ? Wherefore then haft thou 
beguiled me ? 

. 26 And Laban faid, It muft not be fo 
done in our country, to give the younger 
before the firft-born. 

27 Fulfil her week, and we will- give 
thee this alio, for the fervice which thou 
malt ferve with me yet feven other vears. 

28 3 And Jacob did fo,and fulfilled her 
week : and he gave him Rachel his 
daughter to wife alfo. 

29 And Laban gave to Rachel his daugh- 
ter Bilhah his hand -maid, to be her maid. 

30 And he went in alfo unto Rachel, 
and he loved alfo Rachel more than Leah; 
and ferved with him yet feven other years. 

31 And when the Lord few that Leah 
*was hated, he opened her womb : but 
Rachel <ivas barren. 

32 And Leah conceived, and bare a 
fon, and (he called his name Reuben : for 
ihe laid, Surety the Lord hath looked 
upon my affliction ; now therefore my 
kulband will love me. 

3S And the conceived again, and bare 
a ion ; and laid, Becaufe the Lord hath 
rd that I tvas hated, he hath there- 
fore given me thisybfl alio : and ftie call- 
ed his name Simeon. 

34 And the conceived again, and bare 
a ion : and laid, Now this time will my 
hufband be joined unto me, becaufe I 
have borne him three fons : therefore 
wasjiis name called Levi. 

35 And the conceived again, and bare 
a fon : and ihe faid, Now will I praife the 
Lord : therefore me called his name Ju- 
dah ; and left bearing. 

i Rachel's barrexnefs. 22 She bcareth- 
Jofepb. 27 Jacob's covenant -iviib La- 
ban 37 By his policy he becom*th rich. 
AND when Rachel faw that ihe bare 
Jacob no 9 children, Rachel envied her 
lifter ; and faid unto Jacob, Give me' 
children, or elle 1 die. 

2 And Jacob's anger was;kindled -a~ 
gai n ft Rachel ; and he -faid, Am I in 
God's ftead, who hath withheld from 
thee the fruit of the womb ? 

3- And ihe faid, Beheld my maid Bil- 
hah- go in unto her ; and ihe (hall bear 
upon my knees, that I may alfo have 
children by her. 

4 And ihe gave him Bilhah her hand- 
maid to wife ; and Jacob went in unto her, 
5r And Bilhah conceived and bare Ja- 
cob a fon. 

6 And Rachel faid, God hath yidgecL 
me-, and hath alfo heard my voice, and 
hath given me a fon : therefore called ihe 
his name Dan. 

7 And Bilhah Rachel's maid conceiv- 
ed' again, and bare Jacob a-ieco nd fon. 

m 8 And Rachel faid, With great wrenV 
lings have I wreftled with my lifter, and 
I have prevailed : and ihe called his name 

9- When Leah faw that fhe had left 
bearing, (he took Zilpah her maid, audi 
gave her Jacob to wife. 

10 And Zilpah, Leah's maid, bare ~Ja- 
cob a fon. 

11 And Leah faid, A troop cometh z. 
and fne called his name Gad. 

12 And Zilpah, Leah's maid, bare Ja- 
cob a fecond fon. 

13 And Leah faid, Happy am I for the- 
daughters- will call me bleSed : and (he 
called his name A /her. 

14 And Reuben went in the days of 
whea-t-harvefL and found mandrakes hi 
the tield, and brought them unto his 
mother Leah. Then Rachel faid to Le- 
ah, Give me, I pray thee, of -thy fcn*s 

15 And (he ibid unto her. Is it a final! 
matter that thou haft taken hly hulban.d K 
And wouldeft thou take awav my foil's 
mandrakes alfo? And Rachel faid,' There- 
fore he mall lie with the to night Jf-irthy- 
fon's mandrakes. 

16- And Jacob came out of the field \.v 
the evening, and Leah went out to n 
him, and faid, Thou rrihft come \i\ imcn 
me ; for furely I have kned thee ynf) 

fon's mandrakes. And heTaj vvk 

that night. 

17 And God hearkened r.n;o Lc" u - 
ft)e conceived, and bare Jacob the Sub. for 

18 Arid Leah faid, .Gopiiath / 
my hire, becaufe I have giv en .idea 

to my hufbahd 

and ihe called his nains 

X a. i. ] . _£ 

.-, and bare 
di Go! fi ith cndo. 

now will my 

life I have 

Ailed his 


l Rachel, 

:>n<l I to her, a*nd opened 

fen : and 

j my reproa :h : 

ie Jo'feph ; 

l to me an- 

whin Rachel 
: iid unto La- 
go unto 
a n plac . my country. 

i my children, 

for vs li thee, and let me 

thou knoweftmy fervice which 

i faid unto him, I pray 
thee, if I have found favour in thine 

, tarry ; for ] h.,'> (• learned by e 

■ LoKDkath bleflTed me tor 


d he faid, Appoint me thy wa- 
- and I v E //. 

1 And he faid unto him, Thou know. 
ferved thee, and how thy 

with ii 
50 F6r ii *umu little which th«u hadft 
before I tame % and it \tno>w increafed un- 

' multitude : and the Lor r> cfTed 

now, when 
- alfo I 
31 And he fa I give thee ? 

i ("halt • ; me 
1 1 r do 1 1 

, I will , c fc : 

- I will |c to 

GENESIS. Jacob commanded to return. 

twixt himfelf and Jacob : and Jacob fed 
the reft cf Laban's flocks 

37 TAnd Jacob took him rods of green 
poplar, and of the ha/el and chefnut 
tree : and pilied white ftrakes in them, 
znd made the white appear which tea s 
in the rods. 

38 And he fet the rods which he had 
pilled before the flocks in the gutters in 
the, watering troughs, when the flock? 
came to drink, that they mould conceive 
when they came to drink. 

39 And the flocks conceived before the 
rods, and brought forth cattle ring-ftrak- 
ed, fpeckled, and fpotted. 

40 And Jacob did feparate the lambs, 
and fet the faces of the flocks toward the 
ring-ftraked, and all the brown in the 
flock of Laban; and he put his own flocks 
by themfclves, and put them not unto 
Laban's cattle. 

41 And it came topafs, whenfoever the 
ftronger cattle did conceive, that Jacob 
laid the rods before the eyes of the cattle 
in the gutters, that they might conceive 
among the rods. 

42 But when the cattle were feeble, he 
put them not in : fo the feebler were La- 
ban's, and the ftronger Jacob's. 

43 And the man increafed exceedingly, 
and had much cattle, and maid-fervants, 
and men-fervants, and camels, and afles. 

i Jacob departethjrom Laban. 22 Laban 

purfuetb him. 44 Their covenant at 

Galeed . 

AND he heard the words of Laban's 
fons, faying, Jacob hath taken away all 
that nvas our father's : and of that 
which uoas our father's hath he gotten 
all this glory. 

2 And Jacob beheld the countenance of 

in, and, behold j it tuas not toward 
hi in as before. 

3 And the Lord faid unto Jacob, Re 

fromthence all th .- turn unto the land of thy fathers; and to 

1 and all the brown thy kindred ; and I will be with thee. 
fpotted 4 And Jacob fent and called Rachel and 
and fperkkd among the . and of Leah to the field unto his flock - 

ktf* tnall br m\ 

33 So (hall n fsanfwerfor 

rne n it fhall come 

ny hire >vf.,rr thy hi ry one 

d and among 

the goats, and brown the fheep, 


5i I, I would 

cording to thy 

day the he- 
ed and fpotted, 
t.were fpeckled 
1 that hid/om/- 
' o among the 
tm into the hands of 

36 And h three days journey be- 

5 And (aid unto them, I fee your fa- 
ther's countenance, that it is not toward 

is before ; but the God ef my father 
hath been with me. 

6 And yc know that with all my'powc: 
I have ferved your father. 

7 And your father hath deceived me, 
and 1 d my wages ten times ; but 

I him not to hurt me. 

8 If he faid thus, The fpeckled (hall 
bethj wag< : then all the cattle bare 
fpeckled ; and ifhe laid thus, The ring- 
ftraked (hall be thy hire ; then bare ail 

•• rine-ftralced. 

9 rocl hath taken away the cat- 
fyour father, and given them to me. 

10 And t can to pal! at the time that 

And he faid Lift up now th'mee 
fce, all the rams v\ hich Ic 
cattle are rin - Irak 
jpifteft ; for I have lc^.i all that La 
c • into th< 

1 \ I am ■ od of Bethel, w 

thou anointed ft the pillar, and where 
~<\\\ a vow u n »w 

anie, get thee ou r . 
re he land 

l '. A.nd lachel 
into him, /j f/ ■.'••<" 
Mitance for 

5 for he hath fold cjuite 

•l from cu: 
• •ur children's : now tl,< n wh 

b rofe 

18 cattle 


La t. Ch^ . Laban and Jacob ccntent 

he cattle that I lif edup mine | ^ . I haft not fuffered me to k 

a dream, and, berti Thou ,v 

he ra p.5 which leaped upon 

1 raked, ipeckled, and ^rifl . T t is In of mv 1 

11 And the an^el of Uo'. ' • kc u inirt : but 

in a dream, fojYng 
lid, 1 . I . Tal 

1 or b 


haft tl 

I and faid to 
»•.<-• I v. i | : tbr I la. 

m me. 

r thou findeft I 
: before our bi 
. fcern thou \» !i,.t ir \\ 

r ]ac ob kne .-. not 




. mts' 


ut them in the can ure, 

ami fat upon th 
.dl the tent, • ■ ■ . 

* it 



tli, and cl 


hat Fir mj u . 



•as thou 'all my 




■ >", 


1 Lib i 


th trie (v. 
thou fl< 

1 not l , that I m 

i tabret, and with harp ? 







4 1 

■ I 

Jacob's I'ifton. 

i rut the labour of my hands, 
and rebuked thee >eilernight. 
^ And iuifwerea and faid unto 

- ' i«'* my daughters, 

and tbefech Idren arf my children, and 
//^ cattle arc my rattle, and all that 
thou fceft i* mine : and, Chateau I do 
this da> umo ihde nis termor unto 

their children which the • t orne ? 

44 1 Now therefore co method, let u 
make a covenant, land- uul let U 
be Eur a witnefs between 

45 And [acob took a (lone, and Jet it 
p U ' a pillar, 

46 And Jacob faid unto hi> br thren. 

her (to ies ; and they took lbne>, and 

mate an heap j and they did cat there 
upon • p. 

17 And Laban called it Jegarfahadu- 
t).i : but Jacob called it Gafeed. 

in faid, I his heap is a 
witnefs between me and thee ties day 
•re was the name of it called 

'ted ; 

40 A / Ebrhefcid. I he Lord 

i thee, when v. 
abfent one from another. 

It tii mi -alt afflict my daughter. 

or if thou fl .. | ves betides iny 

no nun ts with us ; Ice, Goe 

■ ixt me and thrp. 
I lo faid to Jacob, Behold 


His prefent to Efatt. 
Laban, and frayed there 

heap, and behold raw-pillar, which I 

betwixt me and th 

51 rbia heap fo witnefs, and tbi s pKlar 

fie witnefs, thai I will not pafc over th s 

P to the thai thou (halt nor pals 

ind thispillai unto me for 

1 of their father. iud L e 
betwixt u* And [a cob f wear b 
foar ol hi 

1 |r " : facrificeupon 

led his brethren to eai 

eat bread, and tar- 
•i the mount. 
« And a in the mornint 

and dam h. 

I dc- 



way, and the 



the Ian 
, 1 ha*. 

journed with 
until now ■ 

5 And I have oxen, and affes, flocks 
and men-fei vants, and women -fervants - 
and I have fent to tell my lord, that I 
may find grace in thy fight. 

6 And the meH^ers returned to Ja- 
cob, lay in-, We came to thv brother 
»' ->au, and alfo he eometfi to meet thee 
and four hundred men v\3th hiin. 

7 'J hen Jacob was greatly afraid and 
diltrefled : and he divided the people that 
was with him, and the flocks, and herds, 

and the camels, into two bands : 

8 And faid, If Efau come to the one 
company, and fmite it, th-n the other 
company which is left \\ all efcape. 

9 And Jacob faid, C God of my father 
Abraham : and God of my father Ifaac 
the Lord which faidft unto me, Return 
"n'orhy country, and to thy kindred, and 
' will oeal well with thee : 

10 lam not worthy of (he lea ft of all 
the mercies, and of all the truth, which 
thou, halt irewed unto thy fervant : for 
with my ftaff I pa'»cd over this Jordan • 
and now 1 am become two bands. 

UDeliver ire, I pray thee from the hand 
ol my brother, from the hat: d of Efau • 
tor I tear him, left he will comeand fmite 
wd the mother with the children. ' 
12 And thou faidfl, I will Oirely do thee 
pood, and maketh* feed as the fand of 
the lea, which cannot be numbered for 

/'SU And he lodged there that fame 
night; and took of that which came to 
nishand, a prefent for Efau his brother; 
i^ Lwo hundred (he-goat*, and twenty 
ne-goats, two hundred e*es. and twenty 
ranis. « 

M Thirty milch camels with their colts, 

:• kine. and ten bulls, twenty ftc-affes,. 

and ten foals. ' 

M And he delivered /***i into the hanc> 

fervants every drove by them- 

■tdunro his fervants. Pafs- 

renw.andputafpaoB betwixt 
nd drove. 

he commanded the foremofr,. 
!';fn Man my brother mectcth 
1 h thee, faying, Whofe art 

*ou Whi, her RO eft tho™ aad 

who 'hefe before thee? 

r ihou (halt fay, TbnbeOtivfcv- 

nd, behold, alfo he h behind 

And fo commanded he the fecond, 
th-rd, and all that followed the 
'ves, fayine, On this manner (hall ye 
MJ>/&u f when ye find him. 5 

m .-.nci fay ye moreover, Beh.ld thv 

crvantJacob,.beh 1 ndus. , rorhefaid ) I 
l.appeafejbrm with the prefent that 

before me, and afterward I 



Jacob and Lfau's kind meeting. Chap, XXX hi, fcxxiv. y^:cb buyeth a field. Z<j 

his face ; peradventurehe will accept 6 Then the hand-maidens came near, 
of me. they and their children, and they bowed 

ill So went the prefent over before themfelves. 
him : and himfelf lodged that night in 7 And Lc?.h alfo with her children 
the company. came near- and bowed themfelves : and 

And he rofe up that night, and took, after came Jofeph near and Rachel, and 
his two wives, and his two women-fer- they bowed themfelves. 
vants, and his eleven fons, and palled o- & And he faid, \\ nat mraneft thou by 
ver the ford Jabbok. all this drove which I met j and he Paid, 

£3 And he took them- and fent them Tteje ate to hnd grace in the light of my 
over the brook, and feot over that he had- lord. 

2 4 1 And Jacob was left alone ; and 9 And Efau faid, I have enough, my 
thtrc wreftled a man with him until the brother j keep that thou halt unto thyfeit. 
breaking .of the day . 10 \nd Jacob laid. Nay, I pray thee, 

"lo And v* hen he fjw that he prevailed if now I have found grace in thy light, 

unit him, he touched the hollow of then receive my prelcnt at my hand : for 

thi^h; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh therefore I have Jeen thy face," as though 

was oat of joint, a^ he ed with him. I had feen the Ucc ot God, and thou waft 

2»> And he laid, Let me go, for the day pleafed with me. 
brcaketh : and he lad, I will not let th< H Take, I pray thee, my blelTingthat 

go, except thou blci 

is brought to ihee : becaule God hath 

And he faid unto him, What is thy dealt graciouAy with me, and becaule I 

name? And he faid, Jacob, have enough. And lie urged him and 

And he fa-d, I hy nam: .h?.l! becall- he took //. 

no more Jacob, but lfrael : for as a' 12 Andhelad,r mrney, 

prince haft thou power with God and and let us go, md 1 will gob 

with men, and halt prevailed. 13 • faid unto him. My lord 

And Jacobalked bim. and faid, Fell knoweft that the children Jrc tender, . 
me, I pra , thy name : And he faid, the flocks and herds with young are with 

Wherefore ts it that thou dolt a k after m drive them 

id he bleuedhim thei .11 the Ho^k will a 

led 'he name of the ; li I e( :n. lord, I pray thee, pafs ( 
plac I have feen God lace before h . lit : and 1 w.U lead 

to fai foftly, according a^ the cattle that gOCth 

31 A id as he pair 1 thefan' be foie me, and the children, be able to 

' "dure, unci', I com; unto my lord unto 
,h. eir. 

• ;- I hercfore tlir* 15 an faid, Let me now le 

h ch // with of the folk that are with 

i tid, What needeth it ? Lei 
iw of me find in the fight of my lord. 

L6 So f.i.iu returned that day on his 
Bto Sc 

I Tbe kindnefs if Jaa \nd Jacob journeyed to Succoth, 

■ tir.%. rid built himar. , and m 

ilem, and ■ 

AND Jacob lifi >th. 

1, behold, ind with b came ro city 

Four hui 
hildrenuiri »to Kat 

1 unto the two hand- mj 
thei". 1 and Jofeph h 


• 3 And 


wept . 
lifte 1 up 1 
the ch 
Who or*- til 

19 And parcel 



• an altar, 

1 /). 

V °J 

.! to 

>n of I 
nee of th 

SC til ed. G) $ 

.th her, 
ul clave unto Dinah the 
,and he loved ri 

rhc damf 
4 'her 

et me 
v. i: 

'hat he I 
ter : now his ions were 
wit 1 
he M 

- father of Shechem 

vent om ui commune with 

.»f Jacob came out of 

'Jacob frntto Beth 

'21 1 hefe men are peaceable with us ; 
therefore let I dwell in the land, and 

tor the land, beheld, jus 
enough for them; let us take their 
hters to us for wives, and let us give 
m our daughters. 
22 Only herein will the men confent 
unto us, tor to dwell with us, to be one 
le, if every male among us be cir- 
eifed, ar. they #r<r circumcifed. 
Shall not their cattle and their fub- 
e and every beaft of their's be ours ? 
only let iioCcnient unto them, and they 
v- ill dwell with us. 

And unto Hamor and unto Shechem 
lu's fon hearkened all that went out of the 

the fieli ; id it : and the men gate or' h ; s city ; and every male was cir- 

v were rery wroth, nimcifed, all that went put of the gate of 
beca fit folly- In Ifrael in! his city. 

lying with Jacob' 5 daughter, which thing °1Z II And it came to pafs on the third. 

j be done. " ty, when they were fore, that two of the 

8 And Hamor communed with them, pons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's 

I he foul of my fun Shechem! brethren, took, each man his fword, and 

hi daughter ? I pray you came upon the city boldly, and flew all- 

give her him to wij 

And nuke ye marriages with us, and 
give your daughters unto us, and take 
• ;rs unto you. 

10 An*! ye (hall dwell with us : ana the 
lhall bebelore you ; dwell and trade 

ye therein, and get you pofleflions therein^ 

11 An hem faid unto her father' 
into her brethren, Let me find grace 

id what ye Hull fay unto 
1! r fo much dowry and 

, and I will ^,\ \ e thall 

• mali 

A nd they flew Hamor and Shechem 
his for. with the edge of the fword, and 
took Dinah out of ohechein's lionfe, and 
went out. 

£7 *j 1 he Tons of Jacob came upon the 
flail and fpoiled the city, becaule they 
had denied their fitter. 

i hey took- their fheep, and their ox- 

jen, and their aires, and that which r voas 

in the city, and that which ivas in the 


29 And all their wealth, and all their 

c me the damfel to : little ones, and their wives took they cap- 
tive, and fpoiled even all that was iivthe 
- And the fons of Jacob ?.^(>'^ uV. 

father ; 30 And Jacob faid to Simeon and Le- 

"S Ye have troubled me to make me to 

14 And H hem, We can 

ftink among the inhabitants of the land, 
among the Canaanitesami the Periiiites: 

veoui "11 being few in number, thoy fnall 

;• that tvere i gather themfelves together againft me, 

and flay me ; and I (hall be deflroyed, I 

fJut ii • i nfent ill my houfe. 

be t that c\ e ofj 

d ; 

in uigh- 



rid they faid, Should he deal with 
filter as with an hai lot - 
ndetb Jacoh to Bethel, i He fur- 
tb bis houfe of idols, 6 and buildeib 
■ altar nt Bethel. 7 > Ifuac'i death. 

lid unto Jacob, A rife, go 

ir Up to I dwell there: and make 

th eared 

unto thou fteddel? from th< 

' faid unto h'.s houfe - 

hold, and to all that nverew'iih him, I 
away th gods that a>e among 

you, and be clean, and change your gar^ 
ments : 

3 And let us arife, and go up to Beth- 
el ; and I will make there an altar unt» 


• aor, 


had d< 

his f<m 

)b buildeth an ai/ar at Betbcl. Chap. jy 

d, who anfwered me in the day of my (dwelt in that land, that Reuben yventand 
refs, and was \*. itli rae in the way lay with Bilhah his I , concubine \ 

which I vent. i liiael heard it. \ lie ions of 

•4 And they gave unto Jacob all the t Jacob were \ 
ftri Is winch -were in their band, 

and alt /AWrear-rings which 'were in their firrt-la ju- 

earj i and Jacob hid them under the oak. dah. and tflachar, and Zebul 

Which ivas by Shechem 

5 And they journeyed : and the terrour 
of God wns upon the cities that -iuerg 
roHnd about them, and they did not pur- 
ine after the fons of Jacob. 

£ liSo 1 icob came to Luz, which i 
the land of Canaan, that is Bethel, he 
and all the people that --were with him. 

T And lie built there an altar, and 
called the place Klbethcl : becaufe there 
God appeared unto him, when he tied 
from the face of hi o brother. 

8 But Deborah Rebekah's-nurfe d\cd } 
and (he was buried beneath Bethel u*n- 
oak. : and the name of it v. as 
Called AUonbachuth. 

ppea red unto J a 
ime out of P. am, and 

ed him. 
l€ And v rod raid unto him, Thy name 
is Jacob : t: .(hall not becahei any- 

more Jacob, but lirael thall lie thy name . 
ins name lirael. 
11 And G idfaidunto him, ! im God 
Almighty: be fruitful and rualtip] 

liiall be 
ot thee, and ki 1 come out ot th) 

h I gav • A - 
:ac, to thee I w ill '^ive it, 
will I give the 

And God went i • 

ith him, even i . 

led the 

th him, 
- 1 S thel ; 

:ome to 
1 Ihe 



ne to 

•:i i he fori 

tchc . 


n i ri 

-•' An I the fon i f Bilhah, Rachel's 

hand-maid ; Da 

26 Ai d the ft n ' ah's 

I maid; Gad. ■ (hep lliefe are 

the Ions of J; born to 

him in Padanaralii'. 

~7 And Jacob ithcr 

unto Mane.-, unto the i 
which is Hebron, • mi and 

i ed , 

e an 

And ii"- d iys >f II 
him Ired I foui fc ir». 

died, i unto -pie, 

[ *h:a Ions 

-2 I. H\s\ 

e the » of 

1- ( tu, v. ho it I -i >m. 

i '- 1' lau. I 

r of 
hlon the 

i or* An • lau 

the I 


and I 
5, And 


6 *- Ana blati 

id all 1 h he 







SO kings and dukes of Edom. GENESIS. Jojepb is bated by bis brethren. 

12 And Timna was concubine to Eli- 
pfcaz Efau's fon ; and foe bare to Eliphaz 
Amalek : thefe were the fons of Adah 
Elan's wife. 

13 And thefe are the fons of Reuel ; 
Nahath, and Zerah, Shammah,andMiz- 
zah ; thefe were the fons pi Bafhemath 
Efau's wife. 

14 And thefe were the fons of Aholiba- 
mah, the daughter of Anah the daughter 
of Zibeon, Efau's wife ; and (lie bare to 
Efau Jeufh, and Jaalam, and Korah. 

15 Thefe were dukes of thefe fons of 
Efau : the fons of Eliphaz the firft-born 

fon of Efau ; duke Ternan, duke Omar, 
duke Zepho, duke Kenaz, 

16 Duke Korah, duke Gatam,<37^ duke 
Amalek : thefe atie the dukes tbat came 
of Eliphaz in the land of Edom ; thefe 
were the fons of Adah. 

IT And thefe are the fons of Reuel E- 
fau's fen ; duke Nahath, duke Zerah, 
duke Shammah,duke Mizzah; thefe are 
the dukes tbat came of Reuel in the land 
of Edom : thefe are the fons of Bafhe- 
math Efau's wife. 

18 And fchefe writhe "fons of Aholiba- 
mah Efau's wife ; duke jeufh, duke Jaa- 
lam, duke Korah, : thefe were the dukes 
that came of Aholibamah, the daughter 
of Anah, Efau's wife. 

19 Thefe arc the fons of Efau, who is 
Edom, and thefe are their dukes. 

20 Thefe are the fons of Seir the Ko T 
rite, who inhabited the land ; Lotan, and 
Shobal, and Zibeon, and Anah. 

21 And Diihon, and Ezer, and Diihan : 
thefe are the dukes of the Horites, the 
children of Seir in the land of Edom. 

22 And the children of Lotan were 
Hon and Hernan ; and Lotan's filler was 

2.3 And the children of Shobal w re 
thefe ; Alvan, and Manahath, and Ebal 
Shepho, and Onam. 

24 And thefe are the children of Zib- 
eon ; both Ajah, and Anah : this was 
tbat Anah tkat found the mules in the 
wiidernefs, as he fed the affes of Zibeon 
his father. 

25 And the children of Anah were 
thefe ; Difiion, and Aholibamah the 
daughter of Anah. 

26 And thefe are the children of Di- 
fiion : Hemdan, and Efhban, and Ithram, 
and Cheran. 

27 The children of Ezer are thefe ; 
Bilhan, and Zaavan, and Akan. 

23 The children of Diihan are thefe ; 
TJz, and Aran. 

29 Thefe are the dukes that came of the 
Horites ; duke Lotan, duke Shobal, 
duke Zibeon, duke Anah. 

SO Duke Difiion, duke Ezer, duke Di- 
shan : thefe are the dukes that came of Ho- 
ri, among their dukes in the laud of Seir. 

31 And thefe are the kings that reign- 
ed in the land of Edom ; before there reign- 
ed any king over the children of Ifrael. 

32 And Belathefon of Beor reigned in 
Edom : and the name of his city was 

33 And Bela died, and Jobab the fon 
of Zerah of Bozrah reigned in his fiead. 

34 And Jobab died, and Hufham of the 
land of Temani reigned in his /lead. 

35 And Hufiiam died, and Hadad the 
fon of Sedad, who fmote Midian in the 
field of Moab, reigned in his Head : and 
the name of his city was Avith, 

36 And Hadad died, and Samlah of 
Maf rekah reigned in his ftead. 

37 And Samlah died, and Saul of Re- 
hoboth by the river reigned in hs ftead. 

38 And Saul died, and Baalhanan the 
fon of Achbor reigned in his Head. 

39 And Baalhanan the fon of Achbor 
d:ed, and Hadar reigned in his ftead ; and 
the name of his city was Pau j and his 
wife's name was Mehetabel, the daugh- 
ter of Matred, the daughter of Mezahab, 

40 And thefe ar^ the names of the dukes 
that canieot Efau, according to their fam- 
ilies, after their places, by their names ; 
duke Timnah, duke Alvah,duke Jetheth,, 

41Duke Aholibamah, duke Elan, duke 

42 Duke Kenaz, duke Teman, duke 

43 Duke Magdiel, duke Iram : thefe 
be the dukes of Edom, according to their 
habitations in the land of their poirefTion 1 
he is Efau the father of the Edomites. 


2 Jofephis hated oj b s b<etbren. $ H/stzvn 

dreams. 18 Hs bretbren confpire bis 

death. 36 He is fold to Potipharin Egypu 

AND Jacob dwelt in the land wherein 

his father was aftranger, in the land of 


2 H 'i hefe arc the generationsof Jacob. 
Jofeph, bem% feventeen years old, was 
reeding the flock with hi* brethren ; and 
the lad was with the fons of3ilhah, and 
with the fons of Zilpah, his fathers 
wives : and Jofeph Drought uato his 
father their evil report. 

3 Now Ifrael loved Jofeph more than 
all his children, becaufe he was the fon 
of his old age : and he made him a coat 
of many colours. 

4 And when his brethren faw that their 
father loved him more than all his breth 
ren, they hated him, and could not fpeak 
peaceably unto him- 

5 5 And Jofeph dreamed a dream, and 
he told it his brethren : and they hated 
him yet the more. 

6 And he faid unto them, Hear I pray 
you, this dream which I have dreamed ; 

7 For, behold, we were binding (heaves 
in the field, and, lo ; my fheaf aroie, and, 


His brethren confpire his death. Chap. 

alfo Rood upright ; and, behold, your 
iheaves flood round about, and made o- 
beifance to my (heaf. 

8 And his brethren faid unto him, Shalt 
thou indeed reign over us ? or, (haltthou 
indeed have dominion over us ? And they 
hated him yet the more for his dreams, 
and for his words. 

9 And he dreamed yet another dream, 
and told it his brethren, and faid, Be- 
hold % I have dreamed a dream more ■ 
and, behold, the fun and the moon and 
*he e 'even (tars made obeifance to me. 

10 And he told it to his father, and 
to his brethren : and his father rebuked 
him, and faid unto him, What is this 
dream that thou haft- dreamed ? Shall I 
and thy mother and thy brethren indeed 
come to bow down ourfelves to thee, to 
the earth ? 

11 And his brethren envied him ; but 
his father obferved the faying. 

^ 12 And his Brethren went to feed their 
father's flock: in Shechem. 

13 And Ifrae! faid unto Jofeph, Do not 
thy brethren fe^d tot flock in Shechem ? 
Come, and I a- ill fend thee unto them. 
And he faid unto him, Here am 1. 

14 And hefaid to him, Go,- 1 pray thee, 
fee whether it be well with thy brethren. 
and well with the flocks ; and bring me 
word again. So he fent him out of the 
vale of Hebron, and he came to- She- 

15 And a certain man found him) and, 
"behold he <was wandering in the field: 
and the man afked him, faying,- What 
feekeltthou ? 

16 And he faid, I feek my brethren : 
tell me, I pray thee, where they; feed 
their flocks. 

IT And the man faid, They are depart- 
ed hence ; for I heard them fay, Let uc 
go ro Dothan. And Jofeph went after 
his brethren and found them in De-:han. 

18' I And when they faw him afar off. 
even before he came near unto them, 
they confpired againft him to flay him. 

19 And they faid one to another, Be- 
hold tliis dreamer cometh. 

20 Come now therefore, and let us flay 

xxxviii. Jofeph fold to Puiphar. $$; 

dripped Jofeph out of his coat, his coat of 
many colourb that nvas on him : 

24 And they took, him, and cafl him 
into a pit : and the pit lOas empty, tbeic 
zvas no water in it. 

25 And they iat down to eat bre?.d : 
and they lifted up their eyes and looked, 
and, behold, a company of. Iflhmeciites' 
came from Gilead^ with their camels 
b ca ri ng fp: ce r y , a nd bal m , a nd my rrh> 
going to- carry it down to Egypt. 

26 And J ud ah faid unto his brethren,- 
What profit is it if we flay Our brother, 
and conceal his blood ? 

27 Come, and let us fell him ta the 
Ifh neelites, and let not our hand be up- 
on him ; for he i> our brother and our 
fleftiv -\nd Ills brethren werecbhtsnt'. 

2s Then there palled bv M 

a brethren, 

m, and call him into fome pit, and we 
will fay fome evil beaft hath devoured 

him : and we mail fee what will become! i f-udahhegefe^i t 
of his dreams. 

21 AndReuben heard it, and he deliv 
ered him out of their hands ; and faid, 
Let us not kill him. 

22 And Reuben faid unto them, Shed 
■no blcod, butc^ii him into this pit that is 
in the wildernefs, and lay no hand upon 
him ; that he might rid him out of their 

merchantmen ; and they drew and lifted 
up Jofeph out of the pit, and fold Jofeph 
to the Ifhmeelites for twenty pieces othX- 
ver : and they brought Jofeph-intc Egypt. 
£9 And Reuben returned unto the pit 5, 
and, behold Jofeph --vj as not in the pit ; 
and he rent his clothes. 

50 And he returned'uhto hi; 
and faid, The child it not; and 
whither Avail I go ? 

51 And they feck Jofeph* $ coat, and 
killed a kid of the goats, and dipped the 
coat in the blood'; 

32 And they lent the coat of many col- 
ours, and they brought it to heir father ; 
and faid, i his have we found : know now 
whether it £<rthy ion's coat or no. 

S3 And lie knew it, and faid, // " my 
fon's coat ; an evil beaft hath devoured 
him ; Jofeph is without doubt rent in 

■'U And Jacob rent his clothes, and 
put fackcldth upon his loins, and mourn- 
ed for hisfon many days. 

55 And all his funs and all Iirs daugh- 
ters rpfe up to comfort hi-m ; but he re- 
^ftifed to be comforted ; and he faid, For 
I will go down into the grave into my 
f6n, mourning, i hus hi i father wept tor 

35 £ And the Midianites fold -him inter 
Egypt unto Pbtiph&r, an cilice r of Pha- 
raoh's, end caotain ot rf : >rd. 



hands, to deliver him to 
23 And it came to pafs. 



r a- 



was come unto his brethren, that they antd he called h&'na 

6 Er mai rietb Tartf&r, 'S 'he '.r'ffpafs v-f 
Qnan. \i Jud&b*s-in-cefl-- r u;iih IMnfur* 

AND it came t6. pafs at 1 it :ime, s tka 
ent down friom his bi s ' ; 
: to a certain Ailulis n-ite 
is Hi rah. 

i Judah fa^v th'ere t 
t Canaanite, whole' nai 
and he took her 3 arid kz 
unto her 

judah \vent down fro:- 

v /..en. arf;1 

turned ri 

to a certain Aduli; 

- .lite, iyhofo 

name ivat Rirah. 

2 And 

Judah fa^v th'ere a 

. h ! ::r ol 

a certain 

Canaanite, whole' name %Q4 

Shuah ; and he took her. : 

id ; - went in 

3 And fiieeoncs 






jojepb's advancement 

rdy by the way fide I and they 
ere was no, harlot in \\\\> place. 
Zl And he returned to Judah, and 
faid,I cannot find her ; and alfo the men 
:e ("aid, thai there was no har- 
idjudah faid, Let her take U to 
we be afhamed : behold, I Cent 
the this kid, and thou haft not round her. 

24 And it came to pafs about three 

I bai e .1 


!• r 

n, Go in 'months after, that it was told Judah, 
irrj l:<-r, Ifaying, 'I amar thy daughter-in r law hath 

! flmuld 

n he 

that he 

that lie 


I uiiar hi i 

d '•'• .u thy 

till b my Ton be 

re he 

ihreh a 

• i ugh- 

■ d the harlot : and alio behold, (lie. 
•is with child by whoredom. And Judah 
I faid, Bring her forth: and let her be 
bur -t. 

25 When (he if ^brought forth, (he fent 
to her lather-in -law, faying, By the mart 
whole thefearf, am I with child: and 
(he (aid, Difcern, I pray thee, wiiofe are 

the fignet, and bracelets, and ftatt". 

26 And Judah acknowledged them, and 
faid, She hath been more righteous than 
I ; becaufe that I gaveher not to Shelah 
my fon. And he knew her again no more. 

And it came to pafs in the time of 
her travail, that, behold, V.vinsivere in 

I ; and |i: 
. i m u[> imtol And it. came {o pafsi when fhe tra,v- 

id hia ailed, that the one put out bis land : and 


the mid-wife took and bound upon his 
, Be- J hand a fcarlet thread, faying, This came 
out firft. 

And it came to pafs, as lie drew back 

i thy \ up to lim 


• t .ut her widoV his hand, that, behold his brother cam 

i veil, out, and fhefaid, How haft thou brokers 

I fal ; .i .'••. open forth? this breach be upon thee 
to Timnath ; foi • his name was culled Pharez. 


I Shelah was gr a\ n, and 

In- thought hand 


bt thai fhe 
n-law. And li.e faid, 
■ ,i it thou ma\ - 

II I nd I kid 

:li thuu 


And afterward came out his broth- 
er, that had the fcarlet thread upon hfo 
and his name' was called Zarah. 
• Jopbb advur.c din Pciiphar's houfe, T 
rr/ijleth his mejhefi' temptation. l$He 
is fatfelyaccu ed % x j and cajl into prijon. 
AND Jofenh was brought down to 
i't ; and rotiphar, an officer of Pha* 
raoh, i \\ •» tiii ( r trie guard, an Egyptian, 
in iiini of the hands of the Immeel- 
ites, which had brought him down thith- 

' Vnd the Lord was with Jofeph, and 
e (hall I he was a profperous man; and he was 
I in the houfe <>< his niafter the Egyptian, 
in 3 And his niaftei (aw that the Lord 
i ■ nvas with him, and that the Lord made 

him. all that he dii >fj er in his hand. 

'. \in\ [of< . h found grace in his fight, 
and he f m , and he made him 



' i hand: 
but i 

the men of that 

feer ov< r his houfe, and all that he 
had he pm into his hand. 

■' And it i to pafs from the time 

that he had made him overfeer in his 
houfe, and >v< r all that he had, that the 
D bleflTed the Egyptian's houfe fur 

*rcwth Dt, that] Joft] and The blefling of the 


.sfalfe ed. Ciiap. 

Lord was upon all that he had in the 
fe and in the field. 

6 And he left .ill that he had in To- 
feph's hand ; and he knew not aught lie 
had fave the bread which he did eat. 
And Tofeph waa a goodly per/on, and 
well favoured. 

T i An I it came to pafs after thefe 
things, that his mailer's wife cart her eyes 
upon Jofeph ; and (he Paid, Lie with me. 

8 But he refilled, and (aid unto his 
matter's wife, Behold, my matter wotteth 
not what i/with me in the houfe, and he 
hath committed all that he hath to my 
hand \ 

9 There is none greater in this houfe 
than I ; neither hath he kept back any 
thing from ine but thee, becauie thou art 
his wife ; How then can I do this great 
wickedne: inft God ? 

id it c . , as :he fpake 

h day by day, that he hearken- 
ed not unto her, to lie by her, or to be 
!i her. 

11 And it came to pafs about this 
time, that Jofeph went into the houfe to 
do his bnfmefs ; and t^ere icas none of 
the men of the houfe there within. 

12 And flic caught him by his | 
ment, Ikying, Lie with me : and he let? 

sirment in her hand, and fled, and 
gat him out. 

13 1 And it came to pafs, when flu 
faw that he had left his garment in her 
hand, and was Hcd forth, 

1 i That fh? called into the men ot her 
houfe, and (pake untothera, fa;, ing, Set-, 
he hath brought in an Hebrew unto u> 
to mock us une in unto me to lie 

i me, and I cried with a loud v. 
nc to paf>, when he h 
that I Lifted up my voice and < :i 
he left bis garment with me, and fled, 
and ut. 

.J up his garment by 
until his lord came lion 

And A 
to thefe woids, 
var.t, which thou I 
ca mock n 

I it came r o pafs, as I lined up 
my voice and cried, that he leu his | 
it with me, and Bed out. 
19 And it came I when hi-> maf- 

i licard th 
the fpake unto I 

manner did thy fervant to me ; that his 
wrath was kind'.- 

»fl And JofeprTa mafler tc- . 
and put him into I ifonj a \ 

•re the kin 

i he was there in the , 
-I Rut the Lor a w... -with Jofeph, and 
■ ed him mercy, di)d gave hii 
ightofthe keeper ol t!i- pri 

»f the prifon com- 

He . ttctb drrams-. H 

raitted to Tofeph's haivd all the prifoners 
that ice re in the prifon . and whatfoevcr 
re, he was the doer •/ it. 

'23 The keeper of the prifon looked not 
to any thing that icas under his hand ; 
becaufe the Lord ^j; with him, and 
that which he did, the Lord made it to 

i The butler and baker of Pharaoh are 

imprijoned . \ 'fo/epb hath charge of 

them. 5 He interpreted their dreams. 

AND it came to pafs after thefe things, 
that the butler of the king of Egypt and 
t:s baker had offended their lord the king 
Lnd Pharaoh was wroth agamfi two 
o/'his officers, againfl the chief of the but- 
lers, and againfl the chief of the bake: 

S A put them in ward in the houfe 

of the captain of the guard, into the prif- 
on, the place where Jofeph ^vas bound. 

4 ^ And the captain of the guard 
charged Jofeph with them, and he ferv- 

them : and they continued a feaibn 
in ward. 

5 I And they dreamed a dream both 
of them, each man his dream in one night, 

man accord the interpi 

le butler and tl 
the king of Egypt, which 'were bound in 
'.he prifon. 

6 Vnd Jofeph came in unto them in the 
morning, and ! n them, a 
behold, they - 1. 

\nd he afked Pharaoh' 
xverewhh him in the ward of his l< 
houfe, laying, Wherefore look ye/o 

day ? 

\nd they Paid unto him, v 

re is n< 

preter of it. A iid unto them, 

no not inter] r ■? itit n b< l»ng 


9 And tl 
to Jofeph, and (aid unto him, In my 
dream, be; t»tvas I i 

K) And It) the vi\ three I 

rhe <. lufl 

11 And rharaoh'a mp in 
hand : and I took I 

them int I . ,i\e the 

into P. 1 ' hand. 

i . • I Jofeph 1 
the interpretation ot u 1 h •• three b 

\3 \ el « it bin tin : 11 Phaj 

lift up thine 

thy | l fhalt i 

oh's cup into h 

rier when thou wait 1. 
H Bu' 
with thee, and I 

akc it. 



.' ol 

:at they lhoul.l pur 

unto Jo- 

. head : 

. | 

its for PI a 
t thero out of 

I faid, '! 

•of; the t] 
I : 

- foall Phar 
■ if thee, and I 

. the birds ili'al! 

the third day, 

. that he 

: and he 

he chief butler and 

\ ants. 

hief butler un- 

id he gave the 

nd : 

tl chief baker : :i> 
I to them. 

*-* er remem- 
ber Jofeph, b. • him. 

Hi I. 
tob's fwq dreams. - & infer. 

~;cd. 50//* 

h dreamed : and. 


tbc I id fat 

fleO ' '\v . 

Up I OUT- 







i the c . 

ired the 


tnd I'ii.i. 


9 c duet butler unto 

-I?. Jofeph interprstetb j 

Pharaoh, faying, I do remember my faults- 

10 Pharaoh was wroth with his fer- 
vants, and put me in ward in the captain 
of the guard's houle, both me and the chief 
baker : 

11 And we dreamed a dream in one 
night, I and he; we dreamed each man 
according to the interpretation of his 

H And there was there with usa young 
man, an Hebrew, fcrvant to the captain 
of the guard ; and we told him, and he 
interpreted to as our dreams; to each man 
according to his dream he did interpret. 

13 And it came to pals, as he inter- 
(1 to us, io it was; me he reftored 
i mine office, and him he hanged. 

1 i Then Pharaoh fent and called Jo- 
fej h, and they brought him haflily out 
of the dungeon : and he fliaved himfclf 
and changed his raiment, and came in 
unto Pharaoh 

15 And Pharaoli faid unto Jofepli, I 
have dreamed a dream, and there is none 
that can interpret it : and I have heard 
(ay of thee, that thou canft underfland a 
dream to interpret it. 

16 \nd Joleph anfwered Pharaoh, fay- 
ing, // u not in me : God (hall give Pha- 

an anfwer of peace. 

17 \nd Pharaoh faid unto Jofeph, In 
my dream, behold, I ftood upon the bank 
or the ri\ er. 

10 And, behold, there came up out of 
the river (even kine, fat-fleflied and weli- 
favoured ; and the) fed in a meadow : 

19 And, behold, feven other kine came 
up after them poor and very ill-favoured 
and lean-fleflied, fuch as I never law in 
all the land pf Bgypt for badnefs: 

\nd the lean and the ill-favoured 
did eat up the firft feven fat kine : 
21 And when they had eaten them up, 
>uld not be known that they had 
eaten them : but they nvere Hill ill-fa- 
voured, as at the beginning. So I awoke. 
\nd I law in my dream, and be- 
en ears cams up in one flalk, full 
and u*<>d : 

And, behold, feven ears, withered, 
thin, and blalted with the eaft wind, 
Up after them : 
\ml the thin ears devoured the fev- 
\nd I told this rmto the 
but tbereiLas none that could 
•■ it unto me. 

' \nd Jofeph faid vinto Pharaoh., 
1 he dream of Pharaoh is one : God hath 
ihev raohwhat he /j about to do. 

g K>d kine are feven 

ind the feven good ears are feven 

the dream is one. 

\nd the leven thin, and ill-favonr- 

ed k ; ne that came up after them are fev ■ 

en years ; and the feven emptv ears, 


His advancement. p.xlii. I F phraim Icrn. 43 

blafied with the eaft wind, fhall be fevenf; fOn. And Jofeph wen*out ovejt 

yea nine. 

lh ; s r* the thing which I have I. 
en unto Pharaoh : ^ bat God is about to 
do he fheweth unto Phara 

atl the land of 

M I Dfeph tuas t : 

when he efore Phar 

gypt-. And '• •, .i - ent out fr< 

Behold, there come fevenyear h and went through- 

neat plenty throughout all ur all the land of Kgypt. 


-47 And in the feven plenteous ye 
after tl em the trth brought forth by handful 
And he gathered up a! I the I 
the feven yeai s, winch w ere in the Ian 

■ 30" And there fhall ar 
feven years of famine : and all the 
fhall be the land of Egypt ; 

and the famine (hall confume the land, 
31 And the plenty ihail not be know 
in the land by reafonof that famine fol- , 1 ry city, laid he up in the fame 

lowing : for it/bail be very grievous. 49 gathered corn as the 

id for that the dream was doubted very much, unt«l-he left 

unto Pharaoh twice; /* is becaufe the nui ig ; fori/ tuas without number, 

thing //eftabiifhed by God, and God will 

pt, and laid up the food in th 

I, which was round a- 

(hortly bring it • 

2 Now therefore let Pharaoh look 
out a man. difcrect and wife, and fet him 
ever the 1 ind of Egypt. 

Ler Pharaoh do this, and let him 
appoint othcers over the land, and take 
up the fifth part ot the land, of fig) pt in 
the ' plenteous yea: . 

And Let them gather all the food of 
■ toad years that come, and lay up 
corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and 
them keep food in the 

And that food (hall be for (tore to 
the iand againfl the feven years of 

h ih ill be in the 1 ind of 1 gjrpt : 
that the land perifh not throu fam- 

.\pd the thing was good in I 
of Pharaoh, and in the <•;. es of all hi 

11 i r ) J ifeph were born two 
the y- famine came, 

whic .!'!i the daughter of Potiphe- 

: i of On, 1 

t the name of the 
Aril-born V1 mallTeh : ! or God, fai i be. 
made • all my toil, and ail 

52 Ind the n; - »nd called 

he Ephratm : for God hath can fed n 
in the la my atflid 

ind the (e\ 
th it was in the 1 in I 1 led. 

S l mm the even j rai sof d< 11 1 

ind the • ; but in 

all the land of Egypt I I. 

55 And v, hen w is 

famiflied, th< h for 

brea t : and Phara to all th 

, Go ; what he I 

unto do 

in we find fucbanone as this is, a And the fami all the 

1 in whom the fpirit is t tec of the earth : a I all 

-\n i Pharaoh faid unto Jofeph, the fl », and Ibid unto the 1 . 

. I. 1' h ft ••• I th( '• : I : amine v I the 

. thrrc is n m: ' I wifeas Ian ' 

thou art ; 

40 Thou (hah ho ufe, 

.11 coi 

in the thi ■•• ill I 

1 thou. 
t Phara >h 
I h ive (el il 

hi And r 

his h in ' ' upon ' 

and a 

hich J . and 

d In foi d he 

e him > . 

am Pharaoh znd withoul thee lhall no 
man lift up his ha 1 in all the 


I I'll It loll 

hn ithpa me 


"1 1 1 
a as fo 

,'. ill 

' Itlv 1 

. 1 

that thej 1 1 

id buy I 

ine - 

<4 i brethren rnprifoncd. GENESI?. 

Accufed as fpie /. 

01 And J feph wasxbt governourover took from them Simeon, and bound him: 
; j that Cold to all the before their eyes. 
ie land : and [oftyh'b brethren j 25 Then Jofeph commanded to fill their 
■ir.lelvcs before I facks with corn, and to reflore every 

■ the earth. 
. his brethren, and he 

himfclf (trance un- 
to t. . roughh unto them j 

m, Whence come 
.. the land of Ca- 
naan, to buj 
8 And Joleph knew his brethren, but 
not hii 
Jofeph • ihcred the dreams 

h he dreamed of them, and laid unto 
I to fee the naked nefs 
of tl I ye are come. 

1»> And tney faid unto him, Nay, my 

.buttubuy foodarethj Pennants come. 

1 1 We are all on< Ions ; we are 

and to give 
and thus did 

true men, thy fcrvan( to fpies. 

It \:\\ I el kid unto them, Nay, but to 

thenafo A the land \ e are come. 

I And they faid, Thy fervants are 

brethren, the fons of one man in 

anaan ; and, behold, the 

'X is this day with our father, and 

one is i 

1 I \'.d Jofeph faid unto them. That is it 

I I (pake unto you, faying, Ye ar^fpies: 

l5Hereby yerti ill be p roved :bj the life 

of Pharaoh ye (ball not go forth hence, ex- 

<ur youngefl brother come hither. 

10 Send one of you, and let him fetch 

.. r brother, and ye (hall be kept in prif- 

' lut your W'. iybe p roved, w heth- 

iberebtmny truth in you : orelfe.bythe 

y ye are fpics. 

IT And he put them all together into 
■.I three 

18 And Joleph. faid unto them the third 

I h : ■ ■' ' and live for I fear God : 

19 It ye be true men, let one of j our 
hrcn be bound in the houfe of your 

.•■ on : co corn for the famine 

your young* I I ither 

II not die. \ I ; 

l> gir our b 

h ot his 

1 not 
>mc up- 

: - 

child . mid not 

o his bl 



If about f. 


man's money into his fack, 
them pro virion for the way 
he unto them. 

^6 And they laded their alTes with the 
corn, and departed thence. 

27 And as one of therm opened his fack 
to give his afs provender in the inn, he 
for, behold; \\-was in 

efpied his money ; 
j his Jack's mouth. 

28 And he faid unto his brethren, My 
money is reftored ; and, lo, it is even in 
my fack : and their heart failed them, and 
they were afraid, faying one to another, 
What is this that God hath done unto us ? 

-0 And they came unto Jacob their 
father unto the land of Canaan, and told 
him all that befel unto them : faying, 

30 The man, r who is the lord of the 
land, fpake roughly to us, and took us for 
fpies of the country . 

31 And we faid unto him, We are true 
men ; we are no fpies. 

32 We be twelve brethren, fons of our 
father ; one is not, and the youngefl is this 
day with our father in the land of Canaan. 

38 And the man, the lord of the country, 
faid unto us, Hereby (hall 1 know that je 
are true men ; leave one of your brethren 
here with me, and take food for the famine 
of your houfeholds, and be gone : 

34 And bring your youngeft brother 
unto me ; then lha.ll I know that ye are 
no fpies, but that ye are true men : fo 
will I deliver you your brother, and ye 
lb all traffick in'the land. 

\nd it came to pafs, as they emptied 
their facks, that, behold, every man's 
bundle of money ivas in his fack: and 
when both they and their father faw the 
bundles of money, they were afraid. 

' And Jacob their father faid unto 
them, Me have ye bereaved of my chil- 
dren : Jofeph is not, and Simeon is not, 
will take Benjamin a-waj : all 
ihefe things are againftme. 

id Reuben fpake unto his father, 
l;, y y my two ions, if I bring him 

to thee : deliver him into my hand, 
and I will bring imp to thee again. 

38 And lie (aid, My (on (hall notga 
down with you for his brother is dead, 
and he is left alone: if mifchtef befal him 
by the way in the which ye go, then (hall 
yt bring down my gray hairs with forrow 
the grai 

cob is i a rdly ferfua ded 1 9 fend Benja- 
min. 2$ 'Jofeph entertainetb his breth- 
ren ji and maketh a Jea/l. 

N I) the famine 'was fore in the land. 

Vnd it came to pais, when they 

had up the corn which they had 


Jacob is hardly ferjuaded. Chap, xhii. Jofepb entertaineth his brethren. 45 

brought out of Egypt.their father faid un- 
to them, Go again, buy us a little tool. 

5 And Judah (pake unto him, faying, 
The man did folemnly protelt: unto us, 
faying, Ye {hall not lee my face, except 
your brother be with von. 

4 If thou wilt fend our brother with 
lis, we will go and buy thee food : 

o But if thou wilt not lend him, v\e 
will not go down ; tor the man (aid unto 

Ye (hall not lee my face, except 
brother be with you. 

6 And Ifrael laid, Wherefore dealt ye 
/d ill with mc, as to tell the man v\ :. 

ye had yet a brother ? 

7 And they laid. The man aflced us 
ftraitly of our (bite, and of our kindred, 
faying, is your father yet alive \ Have ye 
another brother i and we told him accord- 
ing to the tenour of thefe words. Could 

certainly know that he wouki lay, 
Bring your brother down ? 

8 And Judah faid unto Ifrael his father, 
Send the lad with mc and we will an; 

go ; that we may .d not die, both 

we, and thou, and alio our little ones. 

9 I willbefurety for him ; of my hand 
(halt thou require him : if I bring him 
not unto thee, arid let him before thee, 
then let me bear the blame forever : 

10 lor except we had lingered, fure-h 
now we had returned thi I 1 time. 

11 And their father Ifrael (aid unto 
fhem, If// ntt/ji he fo bow, do tl 

of the belt fruits in the Land in youi 

. and carry down the man a prefent, a 
little balm, and a little hone. . 
myrrh, nut londs : 

12 And take double money in you: 
hand x and the in 

i in the mouth trry it 

n in ) our hand ; peradventure i' 

id arile. 
go a^ain unto the 

14 And I rod 
bef< man, thai 

you rot her 
here i my cbtldren, I am I i 


• , and : 

li"» And • Ken | 
with them, d to the i nli i 

' Hny f 

And th lid as Jofcph b 

and • in bi o i ht tl into Jo- 

Anil the men 

it info ' 
turned in our I 

canon againft us, and fall upon us, and 
take us tor bond-men, and our afles. 

19 And they came near to the Reward 
ofjofeph's houfe, and they communed 
with him at the door of the hou: 

feO And laid O ii r, we came indeed 
down at the ririttimeto buy . 

-21 And it came to paf:, when we cams 
to the inn, that we opened our lacks and, 
behold e-ve- man's money ^os/inthe 
mouth of lus fack, our money in 

ht ; and we have brought it again in 
our hand 

-l And other money have we brought 
down in our hands to buy food : we can- 
not tell who put our money in our facks. 
23 And he faid, Peace be to you, fear 
not : your God. and the God of your 
father, hath given you treafurc in your 
lacks : I had your money. And he 
brought Simeon out unto them. 

And the man brought the men into 
Jofeph's hoiv • and gave them water, and 
they waihed their feet ; and he gave their 
a lies provender. 

I And they made ready the prefent 
It Jofeph i ' noon : tor they 

.1 that they Ihould eat bread there. 
1 when Jofeph came home, t' 
brought hiin th nt which i< in 

their nand into the houfe, and bo 
i (elves to him to the eai tl 

eh welfare, 
11/the old man 
of whom ke \ Is he yet alive ? 

\n.i t : tfwercd, (errant 

h, he is yet a- 
And iweddown their heads, 


I he lifted up his eye.;, and Civ: hii 
(aid. l> rh : your younger bro 
whom ye fpake um And I 

•, my lun. 
SO h ma his 

, and he eni 


for him by himfelr, 

h him, by 

■ i 
he Hebi 

, ,, ■,- 



i Jt nt mclfes unto 
i t'pom bel . . bit B 

. \nd I Irank, and were mer* 

with him. 


- J°f'Pb fl<*}ttb his btetbren. 

epb*s to'.icy tojlay bis brethren. 
he commanded th< ird of his 

. Fill the m. with 

food, as much as they ca« carry, i put 

'. put mv cup, i lip, in 

the ; t, and 

i that Jofeph h i 1 fpok 
S As I ■ light, 

men were fenl 

•4 And when • at of the 

• ' unto 

, : . •• men ; 

, fay 

■ have ye rewarded 


i Is not this it in w hich my lord drink- 

eth, and whereby indeed he divineth > 

evil in fo doin 

ik them, and he fpake 

y An ' tid unto him, Wherefore 

i my lora thefc words I God forbid 

•rding to 

3 B the money, which we found 

mouths, we brought again 
out of the la 
•• thf n ihould v. mt of thy lord's 

iioulc Giver or go 

With whomfoevei us it 

!i let him die, and we alfc 
And h • Ij !, • be ac- 

ding untoyourwords he withw I 
he iw . 

,na '' . opened 

I, and mat the 
• he you I the 


r clothe^ and 


GENESIS. Judab's integrity. 

as for you, get you up in peace unto your 

13 Then Judah came near unto hiro, 
and faid, Oh my lord, let thy fervant, I 
thee, fpeak a word in my lord's 
ears, and let not thine anger burn again(t 
thy fervant : for thou art even as Pha- 

19 My ford afked his fervants, faying, 

• ye a father era brother ? 
90 > nd w e faid unto my lord, We have 
a father- an old man, and a child of his 
i little one : and his brother is 
, and he alone is left of his mother, 
his father loveth him. 
~l And thou /aidft unto thy fervants, 
Bring him down unto me, that I may fet 
mine eyes upon him. 

22 And we faid unto my lord, The lad 

cannot leave his father; for //he fhould 

e his father, his fat he would die. 

And thou faidft unto thy fervants, 

Except your youngeft brother come 

I with you, ye (hall fee my face no 


And it came to pafs when we came 
up unto thy fervant my father, we told 
him the words of my lord. 

45 And our father faid, Go again, ami 
buy us a little food. 

And we faid, We cannot go down : 

it our youn^'- brother be with us, then 

•vill we go down : tor we may not fee the 

s face, except our youngeft brother 

v with us 

. •* 






11 And thy fervant my father faid un- 
to us, Ye know that my wife bare me two 

le one went out from me ; 
;md ! -ely he is torn in pieces, 

and 1 law him not fince : 

And if ye take this alfo from me, 
and mifchief befal him, ye (hall brin< 
ray hairs with forrow to the 

50 Now therefore when I come to thy 
fervant my father, and the lad be not with 
us : : th it his life is bound up in the 

51 ft (hall come to pafs, when hefeeth 
that the lad is not iv>tb u<, that he will 
die : and thy fervants (hall bring down 

hairs of thy (ervant our father 

• » the grave 

For thy fervant became furety for 

father, faying, If I bring 

htm not unto thee, then I (hall bear the 

i her forev 

i f thee, let thv 

id of the 1 id, a bond- 

; aid let the lad go up 

vihall I go up to my father, 

»t with me ' left perad- 

I it Ih ill come ou 


th for bisfitber, Chap. 

i\p. xr.v. 

kr, g Hefendetbfor bi father, 

■e'vi'ved at the ne 
THEN Jo mid nor refram Ji "in 

felt b II rhem that flood by him ; 

and h every man »ogo 

nme. And r ere fto d n 
him w hie Jofeph made himfelf known 
unto his bretl ren. 

\nd he wept alou I : and I 
t'an^ and the houfe of Pharaoh lie i 

$ And Jofeph laid unto h»s brethren, 
I am fol'eph : do'h my l>her ycl 
And hi* brethren could nor anf • r h 
for they were trouble J ::t his pr 

i And Jofeph laid unto his brethren. 
Come near to me, I pi hi*. And 

they came near. And he fa I, I am 
leph jrourbrother, whom ye fold into 

u New therefore be nor nor 

angry with >>>o ye fold 

hither; for God did fend me before you 
to preferve 1 

the(e t rs bath vne 

been in the land : a nd yet there 
years, in the which there :her£<r 

T And G ■ me bdLore you to pre - 

: ve your posterity in thr earth, 
• vour lives by a great delit 

8 So now it -tuji 

hither, b ad he lu»h ma 1c 

a Father to Pharaoh, an 1 lord of ill 
houfe, and a ruler throughout all the 
land of r 

9 ' ye, and go up to my father, 

him, "Thus : i th thy I 
lofeph, God hath made me lord of all 
Egypt : , tarry 

»1 : 

10 And thou (ball 'ic land 

. . 
ddren'sct I thy fl 

1 1 A id there w ill • f.>r 
t there are n lelt 

th iou 

hu . poverty. 

1 1 

• es of my brother B 
«/ i'j ; eth unto you. 

• all 
my glory in 11 that 

have ;)' ill haltc and b: 

vn my I 

r Hcn- 

H ' 1 all his brethi 

and \ 

bi i him. 

1 1> . \ 1 1 | t . 

Pharaoh* 3 houfe, laying, Jofcph'i brcth- 

ar. : '.': 

ren are com d Piiaraok 

. and hi tnta 

: . unto Jofjph 
rethren, this do yc, lade\ 
beads, and go, get you unto the land or 
iaan ; 

your father and your 
houfeholds, and come unto me : a 
will j iand of V - 

gypt f 1 (hall cat the fat of the la 

19 Now thou art commanded, this 
you; it of t lie land ot 

tSgypt lor your little ones, and for . 

n i brine your father, and come. 

ror the 
all the land of Egypt 
ft the < 

and jo! e them >rd- 

• ) the i ndment i f Pharaoh, 

To all of them he each i 

nent ; b amin he 

; ave I pi ces of lilver, 

fent afl 
nnnnrr < ladeh w itfa the 

with cot n and bi tor his 

father by tlv 

n .w,z-:, and 

■d : and he laid unto th 

and < I ol Canaan u 

Jacob their I 

. fayin -, fofeph i 
md he ii i er all the 


And tl J the w 


Jacob t 


':■■■.. gO 

fee him I 1 die. 


ty. tt 

tme I 
onto ifa • his 

cob I . 

,'.'••• I of 

thy : > K- 

■ ' i 


on t . . 


44 ted'inta Egypt 

5 t And : ofc up : <; ie- 

| >as of Ffraal :d Jacob 

their father, ai r little ones, and 

th« waggons which Pha- 

I Kent to carry fin 

Jofeph meeteth his father, 

Laban gave unto Racjiel his daughter, 
and fhe bare thefe unto Jacob : all the 
fouls nvere&veti. 

£6 All the fouls that came with Jacob, 
into Egypt, which came out of his loins, 

6 And they took their cattle, and their befides Jacob's fons' wives, all the fouls 
goods, which they had gotten in the land were threefcoreand fix. 

m, and came into Egypt, Jacob, And the fons of Jofeph, which were 

ed with him : borne him in Egypt, were two louls : all 

7 His funs, and his fons" fons with the fouls of the lioufe of Jacob, which 

him, his daughters, and hib fons' daugh- 
,1 his feeil brought he with 
I into Egypt. 

8 * <irj the names ofthcchil- 

n of Ifrael which came into Egypt, 
and his fons : Reuben, Jacob's 

came intoEgypt, 'were threeicoreand ten. 

28 H And hefentjudah before him unto 
Joieph to direct his face unto Gofhen ; 
and they came into the land of Gofhen. 

29 And Jofeph made ready his chariot, 
and went up to meetlfrael his father, to 
Gofhen; and prefented himfelf unto him ; 

9 And the fons of Reuben : ITanoch and he fell on his neck, and wept on his 
and Phallu, and H< ind Carmi. neck a good while. 

1(> And the fons oi i; Jemuel,! 30 And Ifrael faid unto Jofeph, Now let 

and Jarnin, and Ohad, and Jachin, and me die, fince I have feen thy face, be- 
Zohar, andShaul the fon of a Canaanitiih caufe thou an yet alive. 

31 And Jofeph faid unto his brethren, 

I 1 Vnd th.c fons of Levi ; Gerfhon, and unto his father's houfe, I will go up, 

Kohath, and Mcrari. and (hew Pharaoh, and fay unto him 

\1 And th of Tudah ; Er, and My brethren, and my father's- houfe, 

nd Shelah, and Pharez, and Za- which were in the land of Canaan, are 

ndOnan died in the land of icome unto me. 

i the fons of Pharez were 8£ And the men are ffoepherds, for 
n and I hunul. j their trade hathfceen to feed cattle ; and 

I And the fons of Iffachar ; Tola, 
uvah, and Job, and Shimron. 
1i And the fans of Zcbulun ; Sercd, 
and E I I fahleel. 

be the fons of Leah, which fhe 
bare unto lacob in Padanaram, with his 
rlir. ' ih : all the fouls of his fons 

they have brought their flocks, and their 
herds, and all that they have. 

33 And it fhall come to pafs, when 
Pharaoh <hall call you, and fhall fay, 
What is your occupation ? 

34 That ye fhall fay, Thy fervants* 
trade hath been about cattle from our 

and three, youth, even until now, both we, and alfo 
our fathers : that ye may dwell in the 
land of Gofhen ; for every fhepherd is 
an abomination unto the Egyptians. 


i Jofeph prefentcth five of his brethren.'] 

and his father bejore Pharaoh, xx He 

gintetbtbem habitation andmaintenance , 

THEN Jofeph came and told Pharaoh, 

and faid, My father and my brethren, 

and their flocks, and their herds, and all 

that they have, are come out of the land 

of Canaan ; and, behold, they are in the 

land of Gofhen. 

2 And he took fomeofhis brethren, 
even five men, and prefented them unto 

Ind Pharaoh faid unto his brethren, 

What is your occupation ? And they faid 

untoPhai aoh,Thy fervants are flvepherds, 

, and| both we, flft</alfo<our fathers 

tG And the I id ; Ziphion, and 

i Ezbon, Eri, and A- 
1 the fons of Aiher ; Jimnah, 
and Beriah, and 
the fons of B 
the (on- of Zilpah, w horn 
ih his daughter and 
• bare unto Jacob, even fixteen 

hel Jac 

id I phraim, 
i the •( of Poti- 

• him. 


1 "ra, and 

»r/th< I, which 

•i n to Jacob ; all (he foul 

e fons ' . .'in. 


•ni, and Je. 

i, which 

4 They faid moreover unto Pharaoh, 
For to fojourn in the land are we come'; 
lor thy fervants have no paflurefortheii 
flew k^ ; for the famine is fore in the lam 
of Canaan '• now therefore, we pray thee, 
let thy fervants dwell in the land of Go- 
I 5 And Pharaoh fpake unto Jofeph, 


y-rcob declaretb bis age . Chap 

faying, Thy father and thy brethren are 
come unto thee : 

G I'he land of Egypt is before thee ; in 
the beft of the land make thy father and 
brethren to dwell ; in the land of Gofhen 
let thenuf >vcll : and if thou knoweft any 
rnen of activity among them, then make 
them rulers over my cattle. 

7 <\ And Jofeph brought in Jacob his 
father, and fet him before Pharaoh: and 
Jacob bleired Pharaoh. 

8 And Pharaoh faid unto Jacob, How 
old art thou? 

9 And Jacob fuid unto Pharaoh, The 
days of the years of my pilgrimage aivan 
hundred and thirty years . few and evil 
have the days of the yean, of my life been, 
and have not attained 

xlviii. Hi gl*veib direal**$t9 jofepb. A\i 

£0 And Jofeph bought all the Ian'.-! 
Egypt tor Pharaoh ; for the ttgypti 

fold every man his field, becaufe the fam- 
ine prevailed over them : fo the land be- 
came Pharaoh' i. 

21 -v nd as for the people, he remove J 
them to cities trom or.e end of the bor- 
ders of Egypt even to the ctber end there- 

22 Only the land of the priefls bought 
he not ; tor the priefts had a portion 
affigned them of Pharaoh, and did eat 
their portion which Pharaoh gave then. 
wherefore they fold not their lands. 

Then Jofeph faid unto the people, 
Behold, I have bought you this day, and 
your land, for Pharaoh : lo, here is feed 
for you, aid ye mall law the land. 

<2i And it fhall come to pafs in the in- 
creafe, that ye fhall give the fifth par: 


unto the days of 
the years of the life of my fathers in the 
days of their pilgrimage. 

10 And Jacob bleued Pharaoh, and ' unto Pharaoh, and four parts fhall 
went out from before Pharaoh. | vour own, for (ced of the field, and 

11 - And Jofeph placed his father and 

his brethren, and gave them a pollemon 

in the land of Egypt, in the belt of the 

land, in the land o'f Kamefes, as Pharaoh 


1 Z And Jofeph nourifneu his father, and 
1 lis brethren, and all his father's houfehold, 
with bread acco r di n g to their famili e s . 

13 And there ivas no bread in all the 
land; for th" famine ivas verv fore 
that the land of Egypt and all the Ian 
Canaan fainted by reafon of the famine. 

14 And Jofeph gathered up all 'be mon. 
cy that was I md of Egypt, 
and in the land of C for the corn 

jht : and Jofeph brought 
the money in - houfe. 

\-> And when money failed in the tandof 
vpr, and m the land of Canaan, all 

mc unto fofeph, and (aid, 
veusbi for why fliouldwe die in 

prefer i the money failejh 

jfeph laid Give your ( attle ; 
and I will give ;,un For your cattle, it 
mi t. 

And they broughl tl ttleuato 

Jofeph : ■■■'■ them bread in 

exchange for 

and for the cattle of ihe hen 1 for 

the aTcs : and he fed them with bl 
for all their c attic for that 

18 When th 
♦ame unto him the fecond year, and 

your food, and for them of your houfe - 
nolds, and for food for your little on< 

25 And they faid. Thou haft faved 
livei ; let us find grace in the fight of my 
lord, and we will be Pharaoh's feryant 

26 And Jofeph made it a law over th 
land of Egypt unto this '• . that Pi 
raoh fhoulri have the fifth part ; except 
the land (if the priefts only, --which 
came not Pharaoh's. 

27 And dwelt in the Ian 
gypt, in the country of Gofhen : and l 
had polfeflions therein, and grew, and 
multiplied ly. 

28 And Jacob lived in tli- land ol 
gypt feventecn years : fo the whole age 
of Jacob was an hundred forty and I 


And the tl h (hat \\ 

nuiii nd he call :d I 

and faid unto him, if now f have found 
thy figl . thy 

hand nnd< i my thigh, and d I 

and ti ul . v. ith me ; bur) me not, I , 

SO Bui 1 will lie with r. 
thou iii ' me out • I 1 

bury nae in then- bu 1 he 

faid, I will hou hafl faid. 


l - m unto hnn- And I 1 

him. - i the bed*s hei 


wnto him, We will // from mj i' tetbbis 

unri, how that oui is fpenttmy tateibtbeyt%mife\%\m) rji- 

d alfo hath our herds of eth their rea-rn. 

is not aught left in th 

our bo ur land u tolc! 

19 Wh fhall ■ is fie took w:»h him hii 

- and our 1 i 
our land for bread, \nd one told Jacob, and 

will be fervants unto Pharaoh : and give 
fix feed, that v live, , andlfra I fire 

r/hat the land be n#t d< folate. 


1 e 1 

3 1 

at I.UZ in 
i, and bldlcd 

I, I will 

land tu 


phraim and 

< rn unto the: in 

fore I can.- unto 


• mine 


. i (hall be 

ithren in 

hen I < •■ 

the ! ind of 

re tvas 

but , Ephrath ; 

in the wa; 
d Jofeph's Tons, and 

'unto his father, They 
God ):arh given me 
cm I 
will blefs tl 
u ' [frael were dim for 

Id not fee. And he 
' ' r unto him ; 

I embraced lh 
I Paid unto |ofeph, 1 had 
md.lo, God 

• them out from 

wed himfelf 

li rn hi i le fi hand 
lit hand, and br< ught 

out hi i 

i the fi 


He bhjfeih his-fottf. 

\'ot ;> . rather : fortius is the firft- 

• t thy right hand upon his head. 

19 And his father re fu feci, and laid, 

I know //, my fom I know // : lie alfo 

lhall become . i people, and he alfo fhall 

reat ; but truly his younger brother 

Ihafl be greater than he, and his feed 

(hall become a multitude of nations. 

■ And he blefled them that day, fay- 
ing, Inthee fhall lirael blefs, faying, God' 

thee as K phraim and as Ivfanafleh: 
iii'l he let Ephraim before Manalf'eh. 

SI 1 And I frael faid unto Jofeph, Be- 
hold, I die: but God fhall be with you, and 
bring you again unto the land of your fa- 

Moreover, I have given to thee 
<«rrion abo^/e thy brethren, which 
' took out of" the hand of the Amorite 
with my iwordand with my bow. 
cob calletb bis Jons f blefs them. 3 
Their bleffing in f articular. rqHis charge 
concerning bis burial. 33 h'is death. 

AND Jacob called unto his fons. and 

faid, Gather yourfelves together, that I 

may tell you that which fhall befal you 

in the hft da 

2 Gather yourfelves together, and hear, 

os of Jacob ; and hearken unto If- 

I \ our father 

ben, thou art my firfi-born, 
my might, and ihe beginning of my 
ftrength, the excellency of d and 

llency of power. 

4 Unfrab'.e as water, thou fhalt not 
excel ; becaufe thou wenteft up tc thy 
father's bed ; then denledft thou /'/ : he 

up to my couch. 

5 Simeon and Levi are brethren; inftru- 

of cruelty are in their habitations. 

6 () n>. foul, come not thou into their 
fecrct ; unto their alTemb'y m ; ne hon- 
our, be not thou united : for in their 
anger they Hew a man, and ; n their feli- 

gged down a w all. 
Curfedl; their anger, for // icas 
t\ and their wrath, for it was cruel : 
I will divide thcrn in Jacob, and fca 

■ in Ifr 

fudah, thou art he whom thy breth- 

' mdjba.! e in the 

enemies; thy father's 

II bow down before th 

udahisa lions whelp: from the 

• my fon, thou art gone up : he 

as a lion, and 

old lion ; Who fhall roufe him up? 

U) I he re (hall not depart from 

giver from between his 

,'*'/, "7 * v and unto him 

of the people be. 
. " Bmdn al u nro the vine, and 

unto the choice vine ; he 
garments in wine, and his 
thrs m the bio. ; 8; 

12 His 

ffis charge co'::> Chap. 1. 

12 His eyes/hall be red with wine, and and Rebekah h'.> wife ; :u. 
•his teeth white ••• ' ed Leah. 

Zebulun mall dwell at the haven of 32 I he purchafe field and of the 

the led : and he /bail he for an haven of cave that is therein, 'was from the chil- 
fhips : and h:s bordtrjba 11 be unto Zidon. dren of Heth. 

fachar is a ftrongafs couching Mwn 33 1! And when Jaeob had mad 
two burden endofcomm hisfon ,! 

1" And he law that reft Tt^.r good, and |Up his feet into I, and yielded up 

the land thatir was plea fan t ; an I .hull, and was gathered unto his 

(houlder to he; I becam . le. 

rant un ite 

Din (hall people, as one i 

e tribes of Ifi 
17 Dan (hall be a ferpent by the way, 
an adder in the path thatbiteth the hoi 
:ls,fo that his i ider fti ill fall backward. 
lfl I have waited for thj ion, 


19 Gad, a troop (hall overcome him : 
hefhal! aft. 

her his bre 11 be fat, 

and he ihai 

w\ L. 
The mourn ob. 7 Tbt funeral. 

2 * Jofrpb frop to bis brethren <>r 

t turn. »6 ///j death, 

•V- upon his father's face 

him, and killed h 
\n.i Joieph commanded his fei rants 
the phyficians to embalm his fath 
the phyficians embalmed Ilia 

ind forty da< ' .• fulfilled 

him : ; : • fulfilled the da . de 

embalmed : and the agy pti 1 

phtali '. r a hmd let loofe : he I forhim three! n 1 ten d 

Is. k And w h< n the days ol 

eph /* a fruitful bou^h, even >h fpake unto the houl 

fruitful bough by a well j tuoi/Jr branch- j Pharaoh, laying, If now I have found 
es run over 1 lie wall : ace in es, fpeak, Ipi , in 


le in ftrength, 

5 \ 
Lo, I die : in my grai e 

the arm ftron me in the land here 

by tl • the mi • >u bin j me. 

f lro:n tl rd, the ftoi 

of thy father, who 


>;i 1 Phai 

(hall help thee , and !>y the Almightj er, according ma le 

go up, 1 

1 of thy fal I Pha 

thy fa ' 
who ih ill bl th blellings ofnea 

p to b 
under, blefll the breads, and of th< x: and with him 

iraoh, tli • 

x have pre 
vailed above th- bleffingsol mj 

ing hills: 1 
feph, and on the cr 
that \va. I 1 the l.i 

went up with i. in : 
the morn 

ihdl divide t 1 

'^are\ flf- 


to hisbl ' " hie I- 

1 them. I am 
the cave thai 

hpclah, u hi( h ill 
I m I of ( 

31 1 h 

, then 

< 1 ihabitai 



I l 11: 

ric I 

Tee Ijiaiiucsoppiej,. EXODUS. Tag men children fave4. 

» iham bought with th.e field for apof- £0 But as for you, ye thought evil a- 

burying-place, of Ephron the gain ft iuc ; but God meant it unto good, 

, before 'Mamie. 10 bring to pafs, as it is this day, to fave 

14 | ypt.he, much people alive. 

and his brethren, and all that went I Now therefore fear ye not : I will 

m to bu ifter he had io'uJ"h you and your little ones. And 

tc. \ he comforted them, and fpake kindly un- 

A when Jofeph 1 * brethren faw I to them. 

that their father v- , they faid, Jo- , 11 And Jofeph dwelt in Egypt, he, 

. will ftradvtnture hate us, and will ' and his father's lioule : and Jofeph lived 

f requite u» ail the evil which we i an hundred and ten years, 
unto h I 23 And Jofeph faw Ephraim's children 

1U And thev frnt meflengers unto Jo- : of the third generation : the children al- 
i, faying, 'thy father did command fo of Machir the fon of ManafTeh were 
I, fa) ir J brought up upon Jofeph's knees. ^ 

I r ^o iball ye fay unto Jofeph, ve, 

T pray theenoi ifsofthy breth- 

ren, and their no : for they did unto thee 
M\d bow we pray thee, forgive the 

I And Jofeph faid unto his breth- 
ren, I die : and God will furely vilit you, 
and bring you out cf this land unto the 
land which he fware to Abraham, to I- 

trefpaU of the ferranti of the God of thy ; faac, and to Jacob. 
father. And Jofeph wept when they J 25 And Joleph took an 

oath of the 


children of Ifrael, faying, God will fure- 

18 And his brethren alfo went and fell ly vifit you, and ye fh.iil carry up my 

e his face ; and they faid, Be- .bones from hence. 

I, we be thy fervanU. *J So Jofeph died. bein\> an hundred 

1 J And Joleph faid unto them, Fear and ten years old : and they embalmed 

r, am 1 in the place of God 1 . him, and hs was put in a coffin in Eg) pt. 


• e children ot Ifrael multiply. S Ttry 
t oppr, ; HnjF. 15 The 

■ 1 e males .i!i 

«f 1 he chil- 
dren of Urael, which came in pt ; 
an and hi& houfehold vith 

i, and Judah, 

3 IlTachar, 7 .. id Ben- 

4 I ad, and 

came out of 
uls: for 

6 eth- 

ren, and A\ th on. 



8 * o- 
•a not 

4 old, 

. are 


' I I Dill 

t for I' y 

trcafure cities, Pit horn and Raamfes. 

12 But the more they afflic'tedthem, the 
more they multiplied and grew. And 
they were grieved becauie cfthe children 
of Ifrael. 

13 And the Egyptians made the chil- 
dren of Ifrael to ferve with rigour : 

14 And they made their lives bitter 

:, in mortar, and in 
brick, and in al : er of fervice in the 

field : all their fervice, wherein they made 
them ferve, 'was with rigour. 

15^ And.the king of Egypt fpake to 
the Hebrew midwn h the name 

of the one was Shipkrah, and the name 
of the other Pi: 

16 An< lien ye do the office 

of a midwife to the Hebrew women, and 
cm upon the ftools ; ifit^<r a ion, 
re Hum kill him : 1 be a daugh- 

ter, then fhe ihall I: 

IT But the midwives feared God, and 

ot as the king of hgypt commanded 

n, but laved the men-children alive. 

Andthekingof Egypt called for 

the midwive faid unto them, Why 

. is thing, and have faved 

l.ildrcn aliv> 

19 And the midwives faid unto Pha- 

aufe tlic Hebrew women are not 

as the Egyptian women ; for they ar^live- 

;re delivered ere the midwives 

unto them. 

Therefore God dealt well with the 

midwives : 

Mo/es is born. 

ves : . people multipli I 

led vei ity. 

i it ca p»<s, becaufe the 

feared God, that he mad. 

ah ©harmed all his pec 
fon that is born, ye rfc 



life s it torn, ana put . §ags.$ffe\ 

h rounJ at ;gb: up by l J hjr:iob's ' 

daughter, i .rtb in:o M 


of levi, rt of 

'1 A 

a fon : a: 

him. I! 


^ - 

i I 
down to wafh . arwd 

her : 

the Mags, »he I 
And (he 


hap. iij ui. He keefetk Jethrt >' s ft<ak. 5i 

1* An "ho made thee, 

and a over u; j Intendeit thou to 

kill me, as thou k;lle 

•es feared, 
thm^; is known. 

hen Pharaoh heard : 
thing, he fought toflay Mofes. Bt- 
fled from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt 
in the land ofMidian : and lie fat c 
bj a well. 

16 Now theprieft of Midian had feven 
daughters : and they came and drew 
ivater, and rilled the 5 to water 
their father's fleck. 

17 And theihepherds came and drove 
them away tup and! 
ed the a, and ■ 

hen the to Reuel theii 

fatlv . is it i- 

19 . nian d«. 

ercd us out of the hand of t fie lliepherds. 

igh toe us, and 

into his daughters, And 
it it that ye h 

f eatbr 
content to dwell « 
the man : a . » 

im a U 

tor lie u;d,I have 
inge I a 

i in proce 
, and 

the b 

of the 


me, and I v 

: tbc 





i he went out the iccond 


'it Jao 

lifts keep i .-bro'tjli.i. tGodap. 



ian : 


hy fel 

ot c 
and \ gr« 

ORD (. 
rod I 

• att I. 

raw no* ;,i^fi I 


J4 Mcjesftn: -el. EXODUS. His rod turned into a ferpent. 

Hivitcs, and the Jebufites, unto a land 
flowing with milk and honey. 

1S And tliev fhall hearken to thy voice : 
and thou (halt come, thou and the elders 
of Ifrael unto the king of Egypt, and ye 
(hall fay unto him. The Lord God of the 
Hebrews hath met with us : and now let 
u.-. go we befeerh thee, three days' iour- 
ncy into the wildernefs, that we may ia- 
eriiice to the Lord cur God 

19 And I am lure that the king of E- 
gypt will not let you go, no, not by a 
mighty hand. 

20 And I will ftretch out my hand, and 
the Eg' , and tojfmite Egypt with all my wonders which 

cm up out of that land unto a good I will do in the midft thereof: and after 
and a large, u 'd flowing with .that he will let you go. 

•i honey ; unto the place of the 21 And I will give this people favour in 

kites, and ittites, and the Am- thefightof the Egyptians: and it (hall 

cute*, and I , and the Hi- 'come to pafs, that, when ye go, ye ih all 

Jebufites. ; not go empty : 

9 % Now, therefore, behold, the cry of I But every woman {hall borrow of 

the children of Ifrael is come unto me : her neighbour, and of her that fojourneth 

put ctt' thy fhoes from off thv feet. 

i' whereon thou ftandert is holy 

6 Moreover he fai<L I am the God of 

;athcr, the God oiAbraham, theGod 

e God of And 

\:ce ; for he was afraid to 
look upon God. 

7 And the Lord faid, I have furely 
(een the affliction of ID.J C which are 

id have heard their cry by 
>f their talk-matters ; fori know 
their forro 

8 And I am comedown to deliver them j 

alfo feen the opprelfion where - 
with th- Hans opprefs them. 

in her houfe, jewels of river, and jew els 
Id, and raiment: and ye fhall put tbem 

therefore, and 1 will fend upon your fons, and upon y^our daugh- 
re unto Pharaoh, that thou ma\clt Iters ; and ye fhall fpoil the Egyptians. 

j people the children of I fra- 

11 lid unto God, Who am 

into Pharaoh, and that 

torth the children of Ifra- 

..t ? 

IS And he laid, Certainly I will be with 

i Mofes's rod is turned into a ferper.t. 6 
His band is leprous. 2i God's mejfage 
to Pbar ob. 

AND Mofes anfwered and faid, But, 

behold, they will not believe me, nor 

hearken unto my voice : for thev w ill fay, 

ill bt a token unto thee, 1 he Lcrd hath not appeared unto thee. 

lent thee : when thou haft 9 And the Lord faid unto him. What 

rth the people out i >t, ye is that in thine hand ? And he faid, A 

upon this mountain. rod. 

)ld, 3 And he faid, Cart it on the ground. 

> the children of Ifrael,] And he cart: it on the ground, and it be- 

and .• unto then., I he God ofyour*came a ferpent ; and Mofes fled frombe- 

. hath fent me unto you ; ami th • it 

lha hia name ? \V| 

hall I lay unto th» 

U to M I AM' 

: * . and hrf fh.ilt 

thoa m ot Ifra 

■ h fent rrt* unt 

er unto Mofes, 
I o k : 
the ( , the G 

;ne unto 
I this 

r n 
I ot A 

' nn- 

•4 And the Lord faid unto Mofes, Put 
; forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. 

the Am 

nd 1 

And he pu forth his hand, and caught 
it, and it became a lod in his hand : 

5 fhatthey may believe that the Lord 

God of their fathers, the God of Abra- 

( id oflfaac, and the God of 

b, hath appeared unto thee. 

\nl the Lord (aid furthermore 

unto him, Put now thine hand into thy 

m. And he put his hand into his bo- 

fom : and when he took it out, behold, 

'as leprous as fnow. 

d, Put thine hand into thv 

bofom a-ain. And he put his hand into 

md plucked it out of 

>fom, and. behold, it was turned a- 

:ber neHi. 
Vnd it fhall come to pafs, if they will 
not believe thee, neither hearken to * 
ill bring you up. voice of the fufl lign, that they will be- 
theland ce of the latter fign. 

md| 9 And it fhall come to pafs, if they 
md the] will hot believe alfo thefe twofigns, nei- 

lone to ) 

J's mc L'h-sp 

fher hear- 

iialt tak 

pc the w_ 

. jnic blood upon the dry land. 

Loud. O 

lam :. 
11 And the Luzd fa 
hath made man s mou h ? or, who n 
eth the du . or the feeing, or 

le L o :< 
rfore go. and I will be 
and teach thee what thou 

pr. ,; :;-* 

wilt tend. 

14 And t -r of the Lord was 

. Is not 
I .-... 
^Ht he can fpe*k mcl. i alio, bene . 

. ■ 
iee, he will be u-ljd in b 5 heart. 

1 5 .iim and 


; peopl. 

be to: 

1 take this rod in thine 
kail do ligns. 
18 rned to 

ielh unto 

which a 

v . f 


. a 1 thou to me. 
,t him go 
J .y bulbars aufe o. 


eft to 

of the Lord who h 

» id com i him. 


c w 

30 And 


31 And tr 

Lord had 

indth?." : looked 

upon the bowed 


CI V. 

1 Pkaraob cb'idetb 5 

Hi aelite: 

ifet co- 

... I 

Lord God or i 

*• I . juld o". 

I let : 

a of the 


or w 

out I 

;nto Pi 

RD, I.' 

:\c to J 

ie Lord nict fa 

£ orah looh 


fpake to the people, Thus faith 

Pharaoh, 1 will not give youfrra 

11 Go ye, get you ft] -v ■• ye can 

find it : yet not aught of your work, (hall 

KXODUS. The genealogy of Reuben, tSc. 

Almk'htv, but by my name JEKOVAH 

was I ri 
4 And I I > eftablifhed my cove- 

Lnant with them to give them the land 
'of Canaan and of their pilgrimage, 

11 So the people were fcattered abroad * wherein tl • ;reftran « 

.... /i i ..u . i i • ............ i. r a . j t i. _ ir.. 1 __4 ti 

hout all tile land of Kg) pt, to gath 

cr Hubble inftca i i 

5 And I h > heard the groanipg 

'the children f Israel, whom he Egyp- 
\Z And t! matters haded them, . nan* keep in bondage ; anil I have re- 

Fulfil your works, your daily membered n enant. 

swhen rav . 6 Wherefi re r uy unto the children of 

11 And the officers of the children of Ifrael, \ am the lord, an 1 T will bring 
'., which Pharaoh's tafk-mafters had you oir from under the burdens of the 
• crtluni, were beaten- and demand- Egyptians, and Tw'll r'd you out of their 
-rcforehave ye not fulfilled your fco/idage, and I will redeem you with a 
talk in nuking brick, both yefterday and [rretched out arm, and with great judg- 
"f<»re \ ■ mc-ts : 

15 '1 hen the officers <>f the children of T And I will take you to me for a pec- 
Ifra* and cried unto Pharaoh, fay- pie, and T will be to you a God : and ye 

fore dealefl thou thus with fhall knowthat I am the Lord your God, 

16 I here h r.o fl raw ;.;iven unto thy 

' fay to us, Make brick ; 

•<n«r\ behold, thy frrvants are beaten ; but 

thefanlr is in thine own people. 

H But he faid, Ye<jr/ridlo, ye are idle : 
f ye fay, Let us go and do facri- 


j ~ — » 

which bringeth you out from under the 
burdens of the Egyptians. 

& And I will bring you in unto the 
land, concerning the which 1 did fwearto 
give it to Abraham, to Ifaar, and to Ja- 
cob ; and T will give it you for an heri- 
tage : I am the Lord. 
• 9 And Mofcs fpake fo unto the chil- 
18 now, and work ; for dren of Ifrael : but they hearkened not 

■ be given you, yet unto Mofes for anguifh of fpirit, and for 
'ale of bricks. cruel bondage, 

luccrs ofthe childrenof 10 \ nd the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

in evil cafe, faying- 
I, Ye flnll not diminifh 11 Go in, fpeak unto Pharaoh king of 
in r bra our daily Egypt, that he let the children of Ifrael 

,go out of his land. 
met Mofes and Aaron,' 12 And Mofes fpake before the Lord, 
n the way, as they came forth faying, Behold, the children of Ifrael 

have not hearkened unto me ; how then 

l, The fhall Pharaoh hear me, who am of uncir- 

be- <_u mci fed lips ? 

ur to he 13 And the Lord fpake unto Mofes 

f Pharaoh, and in and onto Aaron, and <>;a v e them a charge 

put a fword in unto the children of Ifrael, andiinto Pha- 

j raoh king of F.gvpt, to bringthe children 

rfrael out of the land of Egvpt. 

herefore haft j 11 q Thcfe be the heads or their fath- 

people?why;j cr,' houfes : the fons of Reuben the 

Israel; Hanoch, and Pallu, 
tw Phai i 1 , and Carmi ; thefe b'e the fami- 

:s of Reuben. 

15 1 And the ions of Simeon ; Jemuel, 
andjamin, and Chad, and fachin, andZo- 

lul the fon of a Canaanitifb 
woman : thefe are the families of Simeon. 

16 1 And thefe are the names of the 


• ... 



fons of Levi, according to their genera- 
• ; Gerfhon, and Kohath, and Mc- 
rari : and the years of the life of Levi 

•n hundred thirty and ieven years 

- ' ' : idUzzieT: and 

to the years ofthe life of Kohath ivere an 
i hun. irtyand three years. 

19 And 

17 The Ions of ( 

ng to tl 

hath : Amram, 

r es is encouraged. 

10 And the Tons of Merari ; Mahli 
id Mjihi : thefe <i>r the families of Levi 
according to their generations. 

And Aim. in took him Jochcbed 

wife; and (he bare 

-s : and the years of 

the life of Amram -were an hundred and 

thirty and {even yea 

:l And the fons of Izlnr; Koran, and 

heg, and Zichri. 
-- And the fons of Uzziel ; Miihael, 
and Elzaphan, and Zithri. 

23 And Aaron took him Elifheba, 
daughter of Amminadab, fifter of Naa- 
ftion, to wife ; and (he bare him Nadab, 
and Abihu, Eleazar, and Itham 

vii. Pbk 


14 Arid the fons of K ; Aflir, and 

Elkanah, and Abiafaph : thefe arc the 
families of the Korhites. 

1 Eleazar, AaronSfon, took him 
oi e of the da tiel to wife j 

Phinehas : thefe are the 
head-, ot the : of the Levites ac- 

cording to their famil 
26 Thefe are that Aaron and Mofc:, 
whom the Lord faid, Brine out I 
children of Ifrael from the lam 
according to their armi- 

y which fpake to Pha'*] 
h king ypt. to bring out the' 

children oi Ifrael from Egypt : thefe are 
-. and Aaron. 
And it pafs on the i 

ivben the Lord fpake unto Mofes in I 
land of Egypt, 

.- Lord fpake unto \ 
. I am the . thou 

■ > >' kingc J ia. 

udbef Lord, 

how (hall Ph; ... ? 

CHAP. \ 

fes is er.c 

10 ' • a ferpent . 

heart Tfj e 

river is turned into bl^ 


of flrael »i 

in the land 

♦ Dill I 

I ■ I 

\nd th 
I am th 


the chi, Ifrael from among them. 

6 And Mofes and Aaron did as the 
Lord commanded them, fo did th< 

ffourfcore years old, 

and Aaron fom ,nd thr 

when they fpake unto Phara 

8 And the Lord (pake unto 
and unto Aaron, (ayi 

9 When Pliaraoll i"hail I ntoyon 
faying, Shew a miracle for von : t 
thou (halt fay unto Aaron, Ta'ke thy rod, 
and caft it before Pharaoh, and it mail 
become a ferpv 

10 I And Mofes and -Aaron went in 
unto Pharaoh, and they did Co as the 
Lord had commanded': and Aaron cart 
down his rod before Pharaoh and before 
his fervants, and it became a ferpent. 

11 Then Pharaoh ailed the wife 
men and the forcerers : now the m 
c:ans of Egypt, they alfodid in like r. 
ner with their enchantments : 

1* 1 *r they ca:l down every mar. 
rod, and they became ferpents .- but 
ron's rod (wallowed up their rods. 

13 1 And he hardened Pharaoh's heart, 
that he hearkened not unto them ; 
Lord had faid. 

1-i And the Lord faid 
Pharaoh's heart is hardened, he refufeth 
to let the people . 

15 Get thee unto Pharaoh in the morn* 
ing ; lo, he goeth out unto th- - y 
and thou (halt ftand by the river's br 

inft he conius ; and the rod which w 
turned to a ferpent (halt thou take in th 

16 And thou (halt lay unto him, The 
Lo ; the II, hath fent i 

to thee, at 

the ferve n 


I'll. | : ( I 

(ha ! • 

I will finite with I 

trr in tl 





vejfe'isoj tie. 
manded ; and he 

.-■c/j'rr.. ODU 

that icoe in the river were turn- 
.1 the fifh that ioas in the river 
river (tank, and th 
of the wat< 


icians of Egypt did fo 

with their end ana Pharaoh's 

1, neither did he hear- 

1 ori) had laid, 
and went into 
lid he fet his heart to 

1 round 

eflice, nxd jtlct. 

thou mayeft know that there is none like* 
unto the Lor. d our God. 

11 And the frogs (hall depart front 
. and from thy houfes, and from tjiy 

fervants, and from thy people ; they fhall 
remain in the river only. 

12 And Mofes and Aaron went out. 
from Pharaoh : and Mofes cried unto 
the Lord becaufe of the frogs which he 
had brought againft Pharaoh. 

13 And the Lord did according to the 
word of Mofes : and the frogs died out. 
of the houfes, out of the villages, and 
out of Hie fields. 

14 And they gathered them together 

: to drink; for | upon heaps ; and the land ftank 
f the water of 15 But when Pharaoh faw that there was 

refpite, he hardened his heart, and heark- 
! filled, after ened not unto them . as the Lord had faid, 

I (mitten the river. 
'. VIII 

16 ^j And the Lord faid unto Mofes, 

, Say unto Aaron, Stretch out thy rod. 

16 'the du ft turned 'into and finite the duft of the land, that it 

become lice throughout all the land 

•>:s of flies. 32 L'ha- 
AND th vTofes,Go 

of Egj 


ITAnd they did fo ; for Aaron ftretch- 
unto him, Thus { ed out his hand with his rod; and fmote 

ord, let my people go, that 
. ■ 

• ) let them go, 
, ! te all thy borders with 

S ' the river (hall bring forth frogs 

1 iViall go Up and come 

id into thy bed-cham- 

l, and into the houfe 

pie, and 

nd into thy kneading 

i hall come Up both on 

•pie, and upon all 

unto Mofes, 
»rth thine ,' 

, and < 
n the lai 
iied out his hand 

upon thee, and upon 
I l!" i ... I oi I' .•• nt. 
► with their 
• up. 

8 ' fes a nd 

will let the 


the dull of the earth, and it became lice 
in man and in beaft ; all the duft of the 
land became lice throughout all the land 
of Egypt. 

i'i And. the magicians did fo with their 
enchantments to bring forth lice, but 
could not, : fo there were lice upon 
man, arid upon beaf. 

19 Then the magicians faid unto Pha- 
raoh, This is the finger of God : and 
Pharaoh's heart was hardened, and he 
hearkened not unto them ; as the Lord 
had faid. 

20 <| And the Lord faid unto Mofes, 
Rife up early in the morning, and ftand 
before Pharaoh ; lo, he cometh forth to 

1 atcr ; and fay unto him, thus ft 
ord, Let my people go, that tl 
may ferve me. 

£1 Klfe, if thou wilt not let my people 
go, behold, I will fend fwarms of flies 
upon thee, and upon thy iervants, and 
upon t-liy people, and into thy houfes ; 
and the houfes of the Egyptians fhall be 
full of fwarms offlieSj and alfo the ground 
whereon they < re. 

Ami I will fever in thcrt day the 

o( Gofhen, in which my people 

dwell, that no fwarms of flies fhall be 

to the end thou mayfft know that 

I ord in the midft of the earth. 

And I will put a divifion between 

my 1 md thy people : tomorrow 

mail thi- ii :n i 

Lord did fo: and there 

grievou u irm of flies into the 

oh, and into his fcrvants' 

houfes, and into all the land of Egypt: 

1 by reafbn of the 

25 And 

una in oft ap 

25 And Pharaoh called for Mofes and 
iron, and faid, Go ye, facrifice to 

f fcod in the 1. 

Co fa. J, [t is n * meet f 
to do ; for we (hall facrifice the abomi- 
nation of the 1 to the Lor Dour 
God: lo, thall we facrifice the abomina- 
tion of the Egyptians before their eyes, 
, will they not ftone u 

:1! go three [ourney into 

the wilderness, and facrifice to the L 
our God, as he thall command us. 

And Phar J, I will let you go, 

may facrifice to the Lord 
God in the wildernefs; only ye (hall not 
go very tar away ; entreat for me. 

29 And M iid, Behold, I go out 
from thee, and I will entreat the Lord 
that the fwarm % may depart from 
Pharaoh, fi vants, and from his 

i row ; but let nut Pharaoh 
e in not letting the 
people go to I. to the Lord. 

30 And M ait from Pharaoh, 
and entreated the Lo 

d the 1. id accoi - the 

word of V the 

iwarms o/ from Pharaoh, from hi* 
feryants, and from his people ; there re- 
mained not one. 

Pharaoh hardened his heart 
at this time alfo, n< Id he let the 

people go. 

CHAP. \ 
i Tbe murrain ojbeafU. <<• of 

toil £1 Thr pi a gut oj 

THE N ?; I unto Mof! , c .. 

in unto Pharaoh, and tell him. Thus 
faith ,- i 

go, that they m ly I 

- for iit , and 

wilt hold them ftill, 

tie which is in the field, upon the 
Jiorf- .) the ad on the 

ceil, and upon • 

K And the I.' 

gypt : and there /hall 

mo 1 1 

I I 
not let the 


■ faid 

\aron, I 


of the fui 
rd the! 

\ntl it Q nail dun* ii 

md of Egypt, and (hall be a 

upon beaft, throughout all th< 


10 And tl: 

and (tood before Pharaoh ; and 
fprinkled it up toward 
came a boil breaking forth ixtiib bla, and upon bead. 

1 1 And t!i<-' r 

Vlofesbecaufeof theboil ; forthc 
bail was upon the m is, and 

the Egyptiai 

12 And the Lord hardened the h< 

of Pharaoh, and he hearkened not unto 
them ; as the Lord hadfpoken unto ' 

! t!ic Loro faid unto 
Rife up early in the morning, and ftand 
tiaraoh, and fay unto him. 1 hus 

faith the Lo 

my | 'hat th< ' •" me. 

1 1 For 1 ii :ll at this time .'end all 

n thine heart, and upon th> 
, and u; ; that I 

it knov c re is n me lik 


15 Foi now 1 will (Ireich out mi 

iy fmit 

C ; and thou (halt be cut 

16 And in Vi . 

i j and . nam-' i 

clared throughout all the 

17 A ■ i 

pie, that thou wilt n 
lit hold, tomorrow 
will . 
fin h is hath not i 

,i until 

td all that th< 


! tl •■ Ii 



The plague *f bail and fire, t \ODUS. The plague of locujh, &c 

ril:. unit! vi> rail itjforeme? let my people go, that they 

up< Egypt. ! may ferve me : 

and tire mingled | 4 Elfe, if thou refufe to let my people 
I, vcrj there I go, behold, tomorrow will I bring the lo- 

land of K ufts into thy cqaft 

Vnd the hail fmote, throughout al] 

the ; i the 

field, both man and bead; and the hail 

ie field, and b 
ly in the land of Gofhen, where 
the children of I!: .. there no 

5 And they fhall cover the face of the 
earth, that one cannot be able to fee the 
earth : and they (hall eat the refidue of 
that which is efcaped, which remaineth 
unto you from the hail, and fhall eat 
every tree which groweth for you out of 
the field : 

6 And they (hall fill thy houfes, and the 
houfes of all thy fervants, and the houfes 

Pharaoh fent. and called for of all the Egyptians ; which neither thy 

md Aaron, and laid unto them, I fathers, northy fathers' fathers have feen, 

me: the Lord jj right- fince the day that they were upon the 

eon d my people are wicked, earth unto this day. And he turned him- 

ird for // is enough] felt, and went out from Pharaoh. 
that no more might} thunde rings 7 And Pharaoh's fervants faid unto 

tnd I will let you go, and ye him, How long fhall this man be a fnare 
(hall (by : r. unto us ? let the men go, that they may 

unto him, As foon 'ferve the Lord their God: Knowe'ft thou 
ie out of the city, I will fpread not yet that Egypt isdeftroyed ? 
■ oad my hands unto the Lord; arid the | 8 And Mofes and Aaron'wcre brought 
thunder (hall ceafe, neither fhall there be^again unto Pharaoh : a 
hail ; that thou mayeft know; them, Go, ferve the L 
it the earth is the Lord's. 

id thy fervants, I ! 

and he faid unto 
ORD your God : 
but, who are they that fhall go ? 
9 And Mo(e> faid, We will go with our 

■ill not yet fear the Lord jyoun^and with our old, with our fons 


and the barley was 
•r the barley nuas in the ear 
X ivas boiled. 

rheat and the rye were not 

re not grown up. 
I out of the city 
fpread abroad his 
ID : and the thunders 
I the rain was not 
hen PJ iw that the rain 

and the hail and the thund 

! hardened his 

and with our daughters, with our flocks 
and with our herds will we go; for wc 
mujl bold a. feaft unto the Lord . 

10 And he faid unto them, Let the 
Lo r d be fo with you, as I will let you go, 
and your little ones : lcok/o;7 t for evil is 
before you. 

11 Not fo : go now ye that are men, 
and ferve the Lord ; tor that ye did de- 
file. And they were driven out from 
Pharaoh's prefence. 

12 And the Lord faid unto Mofes 

Stretch out thine hand over the land of 

ypt for the locufts, that they may come 

I up upon the land of Egypt, and eat ever*/ 


( i i 


Kith left. 

L3 \nd Mofes ftretched forth his rod 

*h« h< Pharaoh was herb of the land, even all that the hail 

• the chil- ' 


'be f . : 





! nngs 


over the land of £gypt, and the Lord 

brought an eaft wind upon the land all 

that day, and all that night ; and when it 

morning, the eaft wind brought the 

' I Vnd the locufts went up over all the 

land of Egypt, and relied in all the 
pt : very grievous <weretbey t 
there were no fuch locufts as 
the. her them (hall be fuch. 

15 l.nihey covered the face of the 
trth- fo that the land was darken- 
ed they did cat every herb of the. 
land, and all the fruit of the trees which 
the hail had left : and there remained not 
n thing in the trees, or in the herbs 
of the field, through all the land of Egypt. 

16 then 


!p. X 

16 Then I 
Aaron in I, nned 

icrctore for 
only this once, and en 
Lord your God, that he may take 
m me this death only. 

18 And h- t out from Pha: 
and entreated the Lord. 

19 And the Lord turned a mi. 
ftro: wind, which took away 
locurts and caft them into the Red' Tea ; 
there remained not one locuft in all the 

20 But the Lord hardened Phar 
heart, ro that he would not let the chil- 
dren of Ifrael go. 

«. And the Lord faid unto Mofes, 
Stratch out thine hand toward heaven, 
that there maybe c! r the land of 

i icb may be felt. 
!icd forth his hand 
d there was athickdark- 
ill the land of Egypt three d 

. not one another, neither 
rofe r three davs : 

but lof Ifr 

their d 

i unto Mofes, 
*nd i the Lord : 

ir herd .; ed 


alfo: > and burnt often it we 

Z6 I 
there fh. 

thereof nui Lord 

ith wh 
• >RD, • e come 



in tba: 


n no m< 
i Gc elites i 


you .out 

>w in t!i 


S A 

: in the 

I o/ibfftrf:- 6 1 

land of 


Lord, n- 


\nd all t-born 

raoh that fittcth on his ti 

to the firtt-born of the mai us 

behind the mill ; and all the 

6 And thrrefhallbea great cry through- 
out all the land of Kgvpt, ruch as there 

none like it. nor mall be like it any 

7 But againft any of the children of li- 
rael mall not a dog move his tongue, a- 
gainfl man or beaft : that ye >w 
how that the Lord doth put rence 
between th . tians and Ifra 

8 And all thefe thy fervants ihall come 
down untome, and bow down themfelv 
unto me, faying, Get thee out, and all the 
people that follow thee : and after that I 
will go out. I he went Oil 

raoh in „ ger. 

raoh fhall I rken unto you ; that : 

iders nuv be mult 

\ iron did all t' 

v D 

heart, fo that he 
nld not let • : Ifrael go out 


vcrinft. fitji-bo 

are/, en 

OUt Of tke 

: unto ' and 

I e- 

be the 





Hotu the pajl'over is to be kept. 

8 And rhej (hall eat the flefh in that 

fire, and unleavened 

/ v. ith bitter herbs they (hall 

i» J it raw, nor fodden at all 

but roafl with lire ; his head 

!n<l with the purtenance 

10 And ye mall let nothing of it remain 
until the morning ; and that which re- 
mai net h of it until the morning, ye (halt 
burn with fi 

11 And thus ihall ye eat it ; ibitb your 
loins girded, your ihoes on your feet, and 

•ir hand ; and ye mall eat 

it in halte : it is the Lord's paffover. 

i. For 1 will pais through the land of 

pt this night, and will fmite all the 

fir It- born in the land ofEgypt, both man 

ift ; and agatnfl all the gods oi E- 

fypt I will execute judgment; \\cim the 
,0 R 
1 I And the blood (hall be to you for a 
n upon the houfes where ye are : and 
when I iee the blood, I will pafs over 
you, and the plague (hid 1 Hot be upon you 
leftroyjroa, when I fmite the land of 

14 And this day fhalLbe unto you for a 
memorial ; and ye fhafi keep it a feaft to 
the Lord throughout your generations; 
ye Hull keep it a Feall by an ordinance for- 

15 Seven d.iys mail ye eat unleavened 
btfead ; even the firft day ye fhall put aw ay 

out of your houfes : for whomever 
eateth leavened bread from the firfr day 
1 the farenth day, that foul ihall be 
cut oil from [frael. 

16 And in the firft day there Jhall beww 

cation, and in the feyenth day 

e fhall be an holy convocation to you ; 

no manner of work (hall be done in them, 

-/ whichever) man mult eat, that 

only may be done of you. 

fcafl o/un- 
:ncd bread ; for in th ime day 

out of the 
' pt : the, hall ye ob- 

in youi ..itions by an 


-.•//•, on the fourteenth 
it un- 
I, until • and twenti- 

etl ii. 


it foul 

:ation ot 

d ; in all 

II the elders 

EXODUS. rhefirfi-bomjlahi, 

and take you a lamb accordingto your 
families, and kill the pallbver. 

And yefhalltake a bunch of hyflbp, 
and dip it in the blood that is in the bafon, 
and ftnke the lintel and the two fide pofts 
w : tli the blood that is in the bafon ; and 
none of you Ihall go out at the door of his 
houfe until the morning. 

23 For the Lord will pafs through to 
fmite the Egyptians ; and when he feeth 
the blood upon the lintel, and on the two 
fide pofts, the Lord will pafs over the 
door, and will not fufler the deftroycr to 
come in unto your houfes tofmitej'0«. 

24 And ye {hall obferve this thi^g for an 
ordinance to thee and to thy fons forever. 

25 And it (hall come to pafs, when ye 
be come to the land which the Lord will 
give you, according as he hathpromifed, 
that ye fhall keep this ferviee. 

2(i And it (hall come to pafs, when your 
children fhall fay unto you, What mean 
ye by this ferviee ? 

27 1 hat ye ihall faj . It is the facrifice 
of the Lord's pa'fTover/who paflfed over 
the hbufe c of the children oc IfraeJ in E- 
gypt, when he fniote the Egyptians, and 
delivered our houfes. And the people 
bowed the head and worfhipped. 

£8 Andthe children of i frael wentaway, 
and did as the Lord had commanded 
Mofes and Aaron, fo did they. 

29 5 And it came to pafs that at mid- 
night the Lord fmoteall the firft-born in 
the land ofEgypt, Irom the firft-born of 
Pharaoh that fat on his throne, unto the 
firft-born of the captive that nvas in the 
dungeon ; and all the firft-born of cattle. 

30 And Pharaoh rofe up in the# night, 
he, and all his fervants, and all the Egyp- 
tians : and there was a great cry in E- 
gypt ; for there r was not a houfe where 
there toas not one dead. 

■A U And he called for Mofes and Aa- 
ron by night, and (aid, Rife up, and gee 
you forth from among my people, both ye 
and the children of lfrael ; and go, ferve 
the Lord, as ye have (aid. 

Alfo take your flocks and your herds,. 
; aid, and be gone ; and bleft; 
me alfo 

And the Egyptians were urgent up- 
on the people that they might fend them 
out of the land in hafte ; tor they laid, 
W e be all dead men. 

And the people took their dough 
before it was lcavened^their kneading- 
troughs being bound up in their clothes 
upon their moulders. 

And the children of lfrael did ac- 
cording to the word of Mofes ; and they 
born gyptians jewels of m* 

ver, and jewels of gold, and raiment : 
3G And the Lord gave the people fa- 
Gght of the Egyptians, fothat 

, Draw out they lent unto them/arA things as they 


t •rJlnance cf the JaJJbvei . Chapt 

wired. And they fpoiled the E ins. j 

And the children of Ifrael iournei - 1 
.fes to Succoth, about 
houfand on foot that nvefc m 
And a mixed went up alio 
with them ; and flocks, and herds, 
' And they baked unleavened cakes 
of t! hich they brought forth 

out or" Egypt, for it was ni I ned ; be- 

.'tlirult Dut of I . and 

coul irry, neither had they prepaf- 

rd for themfel finals. 

wthe fojournine of the children 

clt in bgypt, " mr 

ndred and thirl 

•41 And it came t 

the four httndr -von 

ly it ca at all 

the bofts ol it out from the 

luch ol 
i the L< r bringing them out 

is that i 
of the Lord to be o I all the 

chi! f Ifrael in I 

And the Lor d laid and 

1 his is the ordin the pair 

re (hall noftrangi reatthei 
But eviry man's fervant that is 
ightfbr money, when thou bad 
n, then (lull 
4a gnerand an hired fervant (hall 

not eat thereof. 

In one houfe fhall it be eaten ; thou 
(hall :h a- 

bro. 1 • houl her (hall ye 

47 All tel (hall 

4H An (hall fojourn 

LOS U,lcT 
and then let him 

I he fl 
Ian i (hall 


49 On 1 " law (hall be to him thai i li 
born, and unto the fti an irn- 
eth u. 

50 'I'll 

i be T.o p 
, i did tli' 

51 And it pafis the felfs 

LOR I) did br 

:nof lii i- 1 out of the land 
their armii 

c HAP. > III. 

r Thefujl bom fane t if: 'd t 3 The 

memorial of if verist 

2i God guideth item by a tilta 
cloud and of fji c 
AND the Lord fpake unto M 
anctify unto me all the hrft-horn, 

. xiii. The jirjl-bomfanciified to Cod. 6e» 

whatsoever openeth the v\omb amon^thc 
hrepof Ifrael, both of man and of 
■ ■. it is mine. 

3 5 And Moles faid unto the people. 
Remember this day, in which ye came 
out from Egypt, out of the houfe of bond- 
age ; for by Strength of hand the Lord 
brought you out From this place: tl 
dial! no Leaven<d bread befiaten. 

•i Thi: out in the month 


5 And it fhall be when the Lort (hall 
bring thee into the land of the Canaanites, 
and the Hittites,and the Amorites,and the 
Hivites,and the Jebiifites,which he L\are 
unto thy fatlters to give thee, aland flow- 

ith milk and honey, that thou ihalt 
keep thisfervice in this month;. 

6 Se\ en daj s thou lhalt ear unleavened 
bread, and in the feventhday ffjall be a 

to the Lou i). 

7 Unleavened br< Ibeeatenfeven 

; and there (hall no leavened b^ 
be feen with thee, neither (hall :hcrc be 
.. iih thee in all thy quar- 

thou flialt (hew thy fon in that 

daj : / is donebecsafe of that 

which .the Lord did unto me when I 

forth out of Kgypt. 

9 And it fhall be for a dim unto thee 

thine hand, and for a memorial be - 

, thine eyes, that th Lord's law 

be in th) mouth : for w ith a fti 

hand hath the Lord brought thee out of 

i' r - 
to Thi u ihalt therefore keep tbisordi- 

ce in his feafbn fi ir to \ ear- 

11 And it (ball be wh I ord (1 
bring tin e into the Ian 1 of the ( 'anaani 

unto thlce and to thy fath 

12 i hat thou Dial th 
Lord all th 

. firMing that < omcth of a I 

hafl ; t!..- : U6e tlu 

L() R 

I I 

wilt i 

his n til the firii 

hv i hildren Ihalt the m. 

II |j be « 

:id the 1 at from 

won' ' >, that th I 


• i the 

if. .11 be for a tokc 



.«/:Joff.rc.hXQDl Pharaoh purfuetb the 

l frontlets between thine and hishorfemen, and hisarmy, and c 

the Lo them encamping by the fea, befide 

Pihahiroth, before Baalzephon. 

»h I')'.'. And when Pharaoh drew nigh, 
■u the children of Ifrael lifted up their eyes, 
. the land behold, the Egytians marched after 

t : for them ; and they were fore afraid : and 

i, Lefl nre the people the children of Ifrael cried out unto the 

- Lord. 

11 And they 'aid unto Mofes, Becaufe 

pie about, there tuere no graves in Egypt, haft thou 

wilder : the taken us away to die in the wildernefs ? 

id went Wherefore haft thou dealt thus withtis,to 

forth out o t ? 

Jo- 12 fr north void that we did tell 

i hehad ftraitlj »g, Let us alone, that 

will We may ferve the Egyptians? For // 

til carry uj \een better for us to" ferve the Egyp- 


dans, than that we should die in the 

SO And th< . ney from|den 

Etham, in the 



D went before them 

ad, to lead them 

ir of fire, 

l Jay and 

• p' of the 
• pillar o\ 

tetb. \o nur. 

Red fca. 

kc unto Moles, fi\ 

>kunto that 

tUI P : 


dl yc em 


the < hildren 
are land, 



Mofes faid unto the people, 

Fear ye not, ftandftill, and fee the falva- 

Df the Lord, which he will ftiew to 

you to day : for the Egyptians whom ye 

i today, ye (hall fee them again 

no more forever. 

It The Lord mall fight for you, and 
ye (hall hold your | 

15 And the Lord (aid unto Mofes, 
re criefl thru unto me ? Speak 

unto ihe children of Ifrael, lhat they go 
• ard : 

16 But lift thou uptl. and ftrctch 
cut thine hand over the lea, and divide it : 
and the children of Ifrael (hall go on dry 
ground through the mid ft: of the fea'. 

17 Audi, behold, I will harden the 
'3 of the Egyptians, and they (hall 

follow them : and I will get me honour 
upon Pharaoh, and upon all his hoft, up- 
on h his horfemen. 

- Ihall know that 
I am the ivh< n 1 have gotten me 

how i oh, upon his chariots, 

19 And th. of God, v\hich went 

le camp of Ifrael. removed and 
1 the pillar of the 
fore their face, and 
:il : 

i the camp o( 

and the ca fraeljand 

loud and d to them, but 

hi ;othefe : io that the 

her all the night. 

tched out his hand 


ft wind all that 
dry land, and the 

uponth . • ju i : 


purfued, and 


Pbaraob drsivie.t in the Red fea. Chap. 

his chariots, 

n all Pharaoh's horfes, 


lit came to pafs, that in the 

the Lord looked unto the 

through the | 

ire and c id troubled the 

of the I 

c 15 And took, off their chariot wheels, 

that they drave them heavily : fothat the 

. Let us flee from the 
oflirael ; for the Lord fighteth for them 
; ptians. 
And; rd fa : d unto Mofe>, 

tch out thine hand over the fea, that 
the waters may coime again upon the 
Egyptians, upon their chariots, and up- 
on their horfemen. 

And .V rretched forth hishand 

the fea, and the fea returned to his 
ftrength when the morn geared ; 

the Egyptians fled : it : and the 

Lor threw the h J in the 

midft of the fea. 

I the waters returned, and cc 
ed. the chariots, and the horfemen, an 
the hoft of Pharaoh that came into the 
'ea after them ; there remained not fo 
much as one of them. 

Bttt the children of Ifrael walked 
upon dry /am/ in themidftofthe fea ; 

'■'ere a wall unt I on their 

' r.d arid on their !■ 
Hms the Lord fave 1 I 

d upon 

k which 
the Lord, tntMol 

S T 21 f rtuant 'water . 

. i ab, a j are 
o Elim. 

tit lie Lo; 

D, for ! fly : 

the Iiorfe an 
the fe 


Lo R 

[he depths 1 


lit hand ome 

: thy ■ UP 

Lord, hath da died in pieces the 

7 And in I 


The fang of M'./c-s. > . 
thou /enteft forth thy 

up againft thee 

wrath, tvbii uraed tliem asitubble'. 

8 And with the blafi otthy nolrrils the 
waters were gathered together, the floods 
(rood upright as an heap, and the depths 
wen aied in the heart of the < 

nrtt laid. I will purfue, 1 
overtake, 1 will the fpoil ; m\ 

(hall be fatisfico upon them ; I will draw 
my fword, my hand mall deftroy them. 

10 Thou didll blow with thy wind. 
fea covered them : they lank as lead in 
the mighty waters. 

11 Who is like unto thee, O Lorp 
mong the gods \ Wlio is like thee, glo- 
rious in holinefs, fearful in praifes, doing 
wond rs ? 

1 ! rhou fti etched ft out thy right hand, 
the earth (wallowed them. 

li i hou in thy mercy haft led forth 
le ivbicb thou halt redeemed : 
ded them in thy ftrcngth un- 
to thy holy habitat 

14 1 he people fhall hear, ar.dbc afraid : 
forrow (hall take hold on the inhabitants 
Paleftiri l. 

1j I hen the dukes of Edom fhall be 
amazed ; the mighty men of Moth, trem- 
bling (hall t. d upon them ; all the 
inhabitants of Canaan thall melt away. 
16 I raran 11 fall upon them ; 

arm they (hall 
be as\\\\ I 11 thy people 

, O LORD, till the people pals over, 

ch thou ha!t purchafed. 

IT rhotl fli'ilt bri id plant 

mount thine inherit- 

ance, in the hou 



in the 

1 1 . h 

made tor thee i > 
(ancruarj , 1 <» 
1 he l.o» d (ball 

19 For the hoi I in 

with I tioi feirfen 

■ R D In >m hi a 

i the fea U| on them , but the 
childi / in the 


i timbi 

and jilt' 
wjrh timbi 
- 1 

oufly .- the hath 

- fea. 

it out into the 

•5S * And 
rah, I ter j th( '- the 

14 And 

-S •/• far bread. EXODUS. Quails and manna are fc,::. 

\c murmured agaiuftl 9 And Mofes fpake unto Aaron, Say 

\ unto all the congregation ot the children 
«' Andfie^ried unto the Lord ; ot lfrael, Come near before the Lord ; 
atvd (hewed him a tree, tvbicb j for he hath heard your murmuring?. 

the waters, the w a- 10 And it came to oafs, as Aaron fpake 
e fweet : there he made tor unto the whole congregation 

;n a •■ n ordinance, and 

there he proved 

. If thou wilt diligently 
of 'he Lord thy 
hat which is right in 
• ear te his com- 
p all his (latutes, I 
on thee, 
•. ■' gyptian ; 
that healeth thee. 
, ■ , came to Elim, where 

of water, and three- 
: . nd ten palm-trees : and they en- 
re b\ the waters. 
i . -Ifraelites murmur for want of bread. 
lils are fen ;, 14 and manna. 
ND they took their journey from E- 
ud all the congregation of the chil- 
li of I frael came unto the wildernefs 
: bet\\( -.d Sinai, 

fifteenth day of the fecond month 
their departing out of the land of 

whole congregation 0} the 
f I frael murmured againii Mo- 
*& 1 Aaron in the wildernefs : 
An.i the children of I frael faid unto 
ddtoGcd we had died by the 
■ 1 of the Lor:; in the land of Egypt; 
1 we fat by ti,e flelh pots, and v 
we d bread to the full ; for j e have 

brought us forth into this wildernefs. to 
lesibly with hunger. 
■4 1 hen faid the Lord unto Mofes, Be- 
v i, I v. ii -cad from heaven for 

i ko out and ga- 
ther a certain rate every day, that I may 

y will walk in 
or no. 
5 And it (hall come to pais that on the 
(hall prepare that which 
the. . and it Hall be t»\icc as 

6 . ' \aron fiid unto all 

el, At even, >c 
th brought 
pt : 

1 ye fliall 
fee- ryoftheLjORD that he 

again!! the 
••hat are we, that ye mur- 
mur againft us ? 

S And i be, \\\v:\ 

ou in the evening 

J 1:1 the mc -d tt 


hich ye murmur ajzainll 

nunnui . 

imftthe Lord. 

of the chil- 
drenof I frael, that they looked toward 
the wildernefs, and, behold, the glory of 
t he Lord appeared in the cloud. 

11 \ And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

12 I have heard the murmurings of 
the children of lfrael : f'peak unto them, 
faying, At even ye fhal! eat flefh, and in 
the morning ye mail be Filed with bread*; 
and ye (hall know that I am the Lord 
your God. 

13 And it came to pafs, that at even 
the quails came up, and covered the 
camp : and in the morning the dew lay- 
round about the hoft. 

14 5 And when the dew that lay was 
gone up, behold, upon the face of the 
wildernefs there lay a fmall round thing, 
as fmall as the hoar frofl on the ground. 

15 And when the children of lfrael faw 
//, they faid one to another, It is manna : 
for they will not what it 'was. AnO Mo- 
les faid unto them, This is the bread which 
the Lord hath given you to eat. 

16 1 his is the thing which the Lord 
hath commanded, Gather of it every man 
according to his eating, an omer for eve- 
ry man, according to the number of your 
uerfons ; take ye every man for them 
which are in his tents. 

17 And the children of lfrael did fo P 
and gathered, fome more, fomelefs. 

18 And when they did mete it with an 
omer, he that gathered much had nothing 
over, and he that gathered little had no 
lack ; they gathered every man according 
to his eating. 

19 And Mofes faid, Let no man leave 
ofit till the morning. 

20 Notwithstanding they hearkened not 
unto Mofes; but fbmeof them left of it 
until the morning, and it bred worms, 
and flank: and Mofes was wroth with, 

'21 And they gathered it every morning, 
man according to his eating : and 
when the fun waxed hot it melted. 

And it came to pafs, that on the 

lixth day they gathered twice as much 

bread, two omersfor one man : and all 

iters of the congregation cam« and 

told Mofes. 

And he faid unto them, This is that 
which the Lord hath faid, tomorrow 
is the reft of the holy fabbath unto the 
Lord : bake that which ye will bake to- 
day, and feethe that ye will feet he ; and 
that which remaineth over lay up for you 
to be kept until the morning. 
-4 And they laid it up till the morn- 

The/abb ith appointed for ftft. Chap 

ing, as Mofes bade : and it did hot Link, 
her was there any worm therein. 
And Mofes laid, Eat that today : 
tor today is a fab bath unto the Lord: 
today ye fhall not find it in the field. 

£6 Six days ye ihall gather it ; but on. 
the feventh clay, ivbich is the fabbath, in 
it there (hall be none. 

2T And it came to pafs, that there wsnt 
out fame of the people on the feventh day 
fur to gather, and they found none. 

And the Lord laid unto Mofes, 
How long refufe ye to keep my command 
rnents and my laws ? 

29 See for that the Lord hath given 
you the fabbath, therefore he givet!. 
Oft the iixth day the bread of two d 
abide ye every man in his place, let no 

utofh on the feventh day. 

30 So the people reftedon the feventh 

31 And the houfe of Ifracl called the 
name thereof 1 : and it ivas like 

inder feed, white ; and the talte of it 
ivas like wafers made with honey. 

And Mofes faid, i his is the thing 
lich the Lord commandeth, fill an 
omerof it to be kept for your gen 
tions ; that th- the bread v 

th I have led you in tl lernefe, 

when I brought you forth from the 1 a 
And Mofes faid unto Aaron, '! 
a pot, and put an omer full of munna 
rem. and lay it up before the Lord, to 
•*pt for your generation. 
Si As the Lord commanded Mofes, 
fo . . .aid it up before the tertimony, 

to be kept. 

35 And the children of Id 1 eat 

manna forty year?, until thej came to a 
land inhabited ; they did eat manna, un- 
til the • unto the borders or 
land cf Canaan. 

35 No-v an omer is the tenth part tl 
an ephah. 

i The people murmur lor itsater at Ret 
dim. ijent to the rock in II ■ 

• 3 Amalek is o-jercme . 
AND all th?- co' tionofthei 

dren of Ifrael jour; 
ernefs of Sin, h ir journ 

■> the c 
and pitch | there 

noas no th ! ; 

Where r 

.1, O: r wc 

Why chi I \ Where; 

And the 
ter ; and murmured againft 

lid, Wherefore is th 

it us 

up out of Lgypt 

mi. The people mu rfttii rfor "jjatsr. 57 

to kill us and our children, and our ca r - 
tle, with thirft ? 

•4 And Mofes cried unto the I.o?-^, 
faying, What fhall I do unto this people ¥ 
1 hey be almolt ready to (tone me. 

5 1 [An the Lord faid unto Mofdi 
Go on before the people, and take with 
theeof the elders ot Ifrael ; and thy rod, 

erewith thou fmoteft the river, take in 
thine hand. . o. 

6 Behold, I will lland before thee there 
upon the rock in Hereb ; and mod - 
finite the rock, and there thail come w - 
ter out of it, that the people may druV- 
And Mofes did fo in the light cf the 
ders of Ifrael. 

7 And he called the name cf the p. 
Maftah, and ah, becaufe of t 

r of the childn n of Ifrael, and '.. 
caufe they tempted the L &j - I| 

the Lord among us, or net ? 

U 1 hen came A and fou 

with Ifracl in Rephid: . 

9 And M< . '. :, Chcofe 
us ou' men, and g fit with Ama- 

tomorrow I will (land on the top of 
ththerodofG d- 

10 - ua did as M h Ld faid to 
him, and t h Amai.-k randMc- 

'0 the top 
of the hill. 

11 An I ir Mcfes 
held up hi tl at Ifrael prevailed ; 

n his hand, Ami!.'; 

12 But Moles' handsourr* heavy; and 
:vo-r?- and put // under him, 

and he fat thereon ; and Aaron and Hur 

one on the one 
: the oth 

. the j 
down "i the <un. 

nfi ted Amalek and 
h the edge <•: the f\\ord. 
1 i And th<- Lord (aid u 

>; .i memorial in a buok. and 

it in tl ■ : for I 

will i M :ance of 




Lord had bio 

rook Zippo; '*" I 

fent her ba 


rocoutifclUtb Mofes, 

her two Tons; of which the name 
}$ Gerfhom ; tor he iaid, I 
have been an alien in a ftrange land : 

of the other nvqs Eli. 
eaer ; $ortl lofmy Uihev, /aid be, 

ne help, and delivered rpe from 
fword of Pharaoh : 

;DUS, God's meffage t% the people. 

give thee counfel, and God (hall be wit** 
thee : be thou for the people to Go4 
ward, that thou mayeft: bring the caufe s 
unto God ; 

20 And thou fl alt teach them ordinan- 
ces and laws, and malt fhew them the way 
wherein they mud walk, and the work 
5 And Jethro, Mofes' father-in-law^ that they muft do. 

ne with his funs and his wife unto Mo- 21 Moreover, thou (halt provide outof 

ies into the wildernefs where he encamp- all the people able men, fuchas fear God, 

I the mount of God : men of truth, hating covetoufnefs ; and 

Vndhefaid unto Moles, T thy father- pkicefucb over them, to be rulers of thou- 

in-law Jethro, ain come unto thee, and thy fands, and rulers of hundieds, rulers of 

and her two fonswith her. fifties, and rulers of tens : 

rent out to meet h ; s ! 22 And let them judge the people at all 

r-in-law and did obcifance, andkifT"- fcafons : and it mall be, that every great 

mj and they aflced each other of tbeir. matter they lhaU bring unto thee, but 

. came into the tent. every fmall matter they (hall judge : io 

8 And told his father-in-law all (hall it be eafierfor thyfelf, andtfeey (hall 

that the Lord had done unto Pharaoh bear the burden with thee. 

and t<> the I* gj ptians for Ifrael's fake, an4 -3 If thou (halt do this thing, and God 

all the travel that had come up. >n them command thce/o, then thou (halt be able 

b ; tl , and hoiv the Lord de- to endure, and all this people (hall alfo go 

'hem.' to their place in peace. 

wid |ethro rejoiced for all the good- 24 So Mofes hearkened to the voice of 

the Lord had done to Ifrael, 

ered out of the hand 
oft ptians. 

i And jethro faid, P>leired be the Lord 

his father-in-law, and did all that he had 

85 And Mofes chofe able men out of 
all Ifrael, and made them heads over the 

irered you out of the hand people, rulers of thoufands, rulers of hum 

md out of the hand of dreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. 

io hath delivered the people 26 And they judged the people at all 

i under the hand of the Egyptians. fcafons : The hard caufes they brought 

li Now I know that the Lqrdu greater unto Mofes, but every fmall matter they 

than all I r in the thing wherein judged themfelves. 

dealt proudly be <was above them. 27 And Mofes let his father-in-law dc- 
i- tnd Jethro, Mofes' father-in-law, part; and he went his wayjnto his ownland. 
burnt-offering and facrifices for CHAP. XIX. 

came, and all the eld- t Tie people come to Sinai. 3Gr>d's mef~ 
> :tii Mofes' fa- fage to them out oj ' th mount. 8 Their 
tric: xi. anfhoer. \G His jearful 

mor- I N the thirdmonth when the children 

ople: of Ifrael were gone forth out of the land 

: om the of Egypt, the fame day came they into the 

, wildernefs of Sinai 

law faw ' 2 For they were departed from Repln- 

Qplc, I I, dim, and were come to. the defert of Sinai , 

• thou docfl to the and had pitched in the wildernefs ; and 

If alone, there llr, el i imped before the mount. 

1 ' - from 3* And Mofes went up unto God, 

and the Lord called unto him out of the 
-i ii- 

mountain, Hiving, 'I litis (halt thou fay to 
unto me to the In ufe of facob, and tell tlie children 

•» Ye havefeen what T did unto the E- 
n one and gyptians, and hoiu I hare you on eagles' 

id brought you unto mvielL 
S >v therefore, if ye will obey my 
mdeed, and keep my covenant, then 
• rhe ^lng tl :'.: is not yc (hall be a peculiar treafure unto me 

above all people : fcr all the earth is 


Ult, i ' 6 And ye fliallbcunto me a kingdom 

i of pi lefts, and an holy nation Thefe are 

»e. the words which thou (halt focak unto the 

unton [will children of Ifrael. 


l . 


God's ftai'fui prefence. Chap. y.x. The :e> t%mm& is. 6& 

T And Mofes came and called for the- near to the Lord, 
elders of the people, and laic i their, left the Lord break faith upon them. 

:oies ia : d unto the Lo 
I The people cannot c^me up to mount ! 

. for thou ch 
bounds about the mount, and lanctify it. 
2i And the Lord laid unto him, A- 
jet thee down, and thou malt cc 
up, thou, and Aaron with thee : but let 
not the priefts and the people bre 
, through to come up unto ti 
he ' rth upon them. 

went down unto the | 
, and '.pake unto them. 

10 And the Lord (aid unto N lofes, G I A P. XX. 

unto the people, and ia: them today i The ten cc its. 22 Idolai 

and tomorrow, and let them walh Iden. 24 Qfibkat fort ike altar 

clothes, be. 

11 Aid be re- thirdd AND God (pake all thefe words, faying, 
for - the Lord will come' -1 I sm rhe Lord thy ( hhave 
down in the light of all the people upon brought thee out of the land of Egyj 

lai. out of the houfe of bondage. 

1- And thou malt fet bounds unto the .S 1 hou (halt nave no other gods before 
people round about, laying, fake heed ; me. 


faces all thefe words which the Lord 
manded him. 

8 i And all the people anfwered to- 
gether and laid, All that the Lord hath 

: do. And Mofes returned 
the words of the people unto the Lor d. 

9 And the Lord laid unto Mole.-.. Lo, 
I come unto thee in a 

tli: people may hear when I lpeak with 
thee, and believe thee forever. And 
festold the words of the people unto the 

to yourfelves, t brat ye go nut up into the 

mount or touch the border of it : whom- 
ever touchcth the 11 be i 
put to death : 

13 '1 here (hall not an hand touch i r , 
but he Hull hi rely 

igh : whether//^' I m, it 

(hall not live : \\ hen the trumpet I 

, they (ball com! up to the mount. 
1 i And M the 

mount unto th ti fled the 

15 And h unto t] !i • 

ift the third day . not at 


10 cj And it came to pafs on the third 
day in the n , that there w< 

d lightn i up- 

on them 

nd ; fo that all tl 

1 ' And M 


And n. 
a fm 


■4 Thou (halt not make unto thee any 
•;, or any likenefs oj any thing 
that ts in n above, or that ti in the 

earth beneath, or that is In the water un- 
der the earth : 
5 1 dt not bow down thyfelf to 

m, no; them: fori the Lord 

ilous God \- i 1 1 1 i 1 1 ^ the in- 
upon the children 

n that hate mc ; 

And (hewing mercy unto thoufands 
of them that nd keep my com- 


7 J 1 u 1 -e the name of the 

LoRi, t. the Lord 

will i 

the fubbath day, : 

It thou la 1 ' 

of the Lo 1 ill] 
not d< 

: ' 





-1 And the T ( 

"i, char 
c Lord t 

tthe prieftl 


• I. 




Cc, thou fhalt not covet 


Divers latus. 

ife, nor his man-fervant, nor his 
it. nor his ox, nor his aft, nor 
ne that is thy neighbour's. 

iw thethun 
. and the lightnings, and theno'feof 
nd the mountain fmoking: 
. remov- 

19 And th . 1 unto Mofes, Sj 
|Bdt: ..nd \vc will hear : but let 

.rid unto the people, 
1 is conic to pr >ve you, 
be before your face? 

le flood afar off, and 

into the thick darknefs 


S And the Lord faid unta Mofes, 

v ill (. y unto the children of 

c feen that 1 have talked 

from heaven. 

23 Vc fhall not make with me gods of 

fhall yc make unto you 

24 t An thar of earth thou fhalt make 
unto m^, and (halt f.icrifice thereon thy 

n : in all places 
1 record my name I will comcun- 
i I will blefsthee. 
And if thou wilt make me an al 
of!' toil (halt not build it of hewn 

ft up thy tool upon it, 
I it. 

• Reps un- 
c not 

. ?. CXI. 

ter, i6 man-jieaL t f. 17 curfers o/j 

' • tits which 



(hall go 
trried, then 


. hil- 


im to the 





8 If fhe pleafe not her mafter who hath 
betrothed her to himfelf, then (hall he let 
her be redeemed : to fell her unto a flxange 

on he fhall have no power, feeing he 
hath dealt deceitfully with her. 

9 And if he have betrothed her unto 
his fon, he fhall deal with her after the 
manner of daughters. 

10 If he take him another nvife ; her 
food, her raiment, and her duty of mar- 

' , fhall he not diminish. 

11 And if he do not thefe three unto 
her, then fhall fhe go cut free without 

1-2 <fi He that fmiteth a man, fo that he 
die, fhall be furely put to death. 

13 And if a man lie not in wait, but 
God deliver bim into his hand ; then I 
will appoint thee a place whither he fhall 

14 But if a man come prefumptuoufly 
upon his neighbour to flay him with guile; 
thou fhalt take him from mine altar, that 
he may die. 

15 And he that fmiteth his father, or 
his mother, fhall be furely put to death. 

16 1 And lie that ftealeth a man, and 
felleth him, or if he be found in his hand, 
he fhall finely be put to death. 

IT fl And'he that citrfeth his father, 
or his mother, fhall furely be put to 

18 And if men flrive together, and one 

thcr with a (tone, or with/-^ fift, 
and he die not, but keepefh bis bed : 

19 If he rife again, and walk abroad 
his flaff, then fhall he that fmote 

be quit : only he fhall pay for the lofs 
of his t 'me, and fhall caufe him to be thor- 
ough! y healed. 
'20 And if a man fmite his fervant, or 
L, with a rod, and he die under 
nd ; he fhall be furely punifhed. 
Notwithftanding, if he continue a 

• wo, he fhall not be puniihed : for 
he is his money 

ive, and hurt a woman 
with child, fo that her fruit depart jrom 
mifchief follow : he fhall 
irelypunifhed, according as the wo- 
od will lay upon him ; and he 
y as the judges determine. 
nd if any mifchief follow, then 
u fhalt give life for life, 
£i Kye for eve, tooth for tooth, hand 
nd, foot for foot, 

Burning for burning, wound for 
:nd, ftripe for ftripe. 

if a man finite the eye of his 

• or the eye of his maid, that it 
h ; he fhall let him go free for his. 
l fake. 

Vnd if he fmite out hisman-fervant , <» 
1, or his maid-fery ant's tooth ; he fhall 
let him co tree for his tooth's fake. 

1 f an ox gore a man or a woman, 


that they die : then the ox (hall ely 

med, and his flefli thai! not be eaten; 

.ner of th - OH Jh ill be quit. 

it if the with 

rn in time paft, and it Ik; tell 

: } his owner, and he hath not kept 

m in, but that h killed a man or 

iroman : the ox lhall be Honed, and his 

,wner alfo (hall be pat to de tth 

Inhere be laid on him a fumof mon- 
ey, then he fliall give tor theranfom of 
hatfoeveris laid upon him. 
31 Whether he have gored a foo, 01 
ive gored a daughter, according to this 
ju t thall it be done unro him. 

5-i If the ox {hall pufli a m m • ■fcrvan: or 
maid-fervant; he fh;. .nto their maf- 

tcr thirty (hekels offilver, andtheox fliall 
be (toned. 

S3 Arid if a man Hull open a pit, or if 
a man lhall dig a pit, md rut cover it, and 
an ox or an als fall there 

34 The ownerof the pit (hall make it 
)d, and give money unto the owner of 
them ; and the dead £<r^y?(hall be his. 

S6 And it one man's ox hurt another's 
that he die : then they (hall fell the : 
ox, and divide the money of it; and th 
dead ox alio (hall they divide. 

36 Or if it be known that the ox hath 
ufed to ptifh in time paft, and his owner 
Lath not kept him in ; he fhall furely , 
ox for ox ; and the dead (hall be hi 

i Of theft. 5 (jf damage . 7 Oftrejftajfes. 
14 Ofbtrwoing. 16 Of fom cation. 
\% Of r witclc*\i}t ,and other offences. 
IF a man (hall Real an <> if] 

and kill : II it ; he (hall reftore fit e 

oxen fur an ox, and four (beep for .1 


2 If a thief be found br 
imitten that he die, there jh ill no bit 
be Jbed for hi 

in be rifen up 
Jh ill he bloo 
make full reflitui 
then he lhall be fold fol 
4 lithe theft be 1 

md alive, whether it be ox, or afs, or 
(Ik ihall reftoi 

9 f] If a man (hall 
vineyard to be e (h dl put 

>ih •; ... in i * 

ol a oi his ow n field , of the 

beft of his own vineyard, fliall he ma 

6 [f fire break out, and cat< h in 
fo that the H ■ 1, or th 

com, or the field, 

■ (h di make 

It the thief be not found, then the 
matter of the] I be brought un- 

to the judges, / fee . 
his hand unto his neighbi 

For all manner oi 
// he for ox, for al , lfi 

or for any thing, 1 

other challengeth to be 1 
bothp; s . 

a«4whom the judges faall 1 
lhali pay double unto his neighlx 

10 If a man deliver unto 
an afs, or an ox, or a 

p ; and it die, or be hurt, < en 

away, no man feeing it : 

11 Then (hall ah oath of the Lord be 
between them both, that he I 
his hand unto his neighbdui . , and 

11 accept//. he 

(hall not make it good. 

» - Arid ifil be 8 ilen fromhim, ■ 
make reftitution unto the owner therec 

13 rf it be torn n 

bring it/or witnel ,<v\-7hei!iall notma 
good, that which « rn. 

U I And if a man fa >rr< 

I : ' be hui •• or lie, ; 
;ier thereof be ittjt not with it, he fliall 
!y make it good . 

15 But if tl he with it, 
he (hall not make it : if it ; 

I thing, it can: lis hire. 

16 r . And if am I that 

e \ :ih her, he 

ill. ill fill I 

17 U her father utterly 1 ive 
unto him, he (h cord- 

"." ' 
I8f Th 

19 \\ ). : lieth with a ' 

furely be pul I h. 

:th unl I, 

• unto tl be 

nor oppre( 

<•{% chil 


id I 

will kill you with 

7 * nun Ih ill 

'ibour 1 or ftufl 

flolen out ot the man's h il the 

f be found, let him p blc, 

;;oney to anv of my 

r (halt tl 

n lii 'ii ufury . 

thou 1! 

I ■ : . n : 

7 i Of Janderjnd falfe nxittnefs. FvXODl/5. 
tricth unto me, that I will hear ; for I dm 

■ Thou fhalt not revile the gods, nci 
cur(e the ruler of the pec. 

■ r net delay to offer the firft 
cf thy ripe fruits, and ct thy liquors: 
thefirft-born of thy fons (halt thou give 

to me. 

SO Likewife flialt thou do with thine 
oxen, and with thy fheep : feven clays it 
(hall be with his dam ; on the eighth, day 
thou fhalt give it me. 

- (hall he holy men unto me : 
her (hail ye eat any fleih that is torn 
n the field ; ye (Sail caft it to 
the dogs. 


i Of Jlander and falfe i&itnefs. l Of other 

offences and duties. 20 An Angel prom- 

a blejfing, il tbey "hey him. 

Ti hah not raife a falfe report: 

not thine hand with the wicked to be 

• ous witnefs. 
! ; hwo (halt not follow a multitude 
. 3 evil : neither fhalt thou fpeak in a 
: after many to wveftjudg- 
t : 

her flialt thou countenance a poor 

■ in his caufe. 
k If thou meet thine enemy's ox, or his 

*afs, going affray, thou (halt furcly bring 

it hack to him again. 

5 If thou fee the afsofhim that hateth 

:r his burden, and wouldeft 

to help him, thou fhalt furely 

help with 1 

An angel promifed. 

15 Thou {halt keep the fead of unleav- 
ened bread : thou (halt eat unleavened 
bread feven days, as I commanded thee, 
in the time appointed of the month Abib f 
for in it thou 'earned out from Egypt: 
and ncne fhall appear before me empty : 

16 And the feaft of harveft, the firft, 
fruits of thy labours; which thou haft 
fOwn in thy field: and the fead of in gath- 
ering, tbhicbis in the end of the year, 
\- hen thou had gathered in thy labours 
out of the field, 

IT Three times in the year all thy males 
fhall appear before the Lord God. 

13 Thou fhalt not offer the blood of 
my facrifice with leavened bread; neither 
(hall the fat of my facrifice remain until 
the morning. 

19 The fird of the firfl fruits of thy 
land thou fhalt bring into the houfe of the 
Lord thy God. 1 hou fhalt not feethe 
a kid in his mother's milk. 

20 qj Behold, I fend an Angel before 
thee, to keep thee in the way, and to 
bring thee into the place which I have 

21 Beware of him, and obey his voice, 
provoke him not ; for he will not pardon 
yoiirtranfgreflions: for my name win him. 

22 But if thou fhalt. indeed obey his 
voice, and do all that I fpeak ; then I will 
bean enemy unto thine enemies, and an 
adversary unto thine adverfaries. 

23 For mine Angel fhall go before thee, 
and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and 
the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the 

' hou fhalt not wreft the judgment of Canaanites, and the Kivites, and the Jeb 

r in his caufe. .' ufites : and I will cut them off. 

k ;r from a falfe matter ; ' 24 lhou fhalt not bow down to their 

nt and righteous flay thou god, nor ferve them, nor do after their 
not: for I will not jul wicked. ; works : but thou fhalt utterly over- 

ft : for the j throw them, and quite break down their 
1 perverteth the images. 

■ 25 And ye fhall ferve the Lord, your 
..alt notoppref>a dranger: God, and he fhall blefs thy bread, and 
art of a ftr . lee- thy water : and I will take ficknefs awav 

ntbeland 5ypt« from the midft of thee. 

I fow thy land, j There (hall nothing cad their young, 

l, ' ! ei' >n th if : nor be barren, in thy land : the number 

houfhalt let it of thy days I will fulfil. 
1 of thy 27 I will fend my fear before thee, and 

ill deftfoy all the people to whom thou 

In hi - (halt come, and 1 will make all thine ene- 

I, and mies turn their backs unto thee. 

I. 28 And I will fend hornets before 

sthoulhall -rk.and thee, which (hall drive out the Hivite, 

it the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from be - 

and 1 th --. 

laid, and 1 L l? \ will not drive them out from be- 

d- in one year ; left the land be- 

' h >> me defolate, and the bead of the field 

' ' multiply againft thee. 

' il ' th. 

•30 By little and little I will drive them 
om before thee, until thou be in- 

a feaft I creafed, and inherit the land. 

• Si And f will fet thy bounds from the 


The people prowfe obedience. Chap. xxiv. xxv. Mofes gietb into mount Sinai. 73 

Red fed even unto the fea of the Philif- iter Jofhua : and Mofes went up into the 
tines, and from the defert unto the river : . mount of God. 

for I will deliver the inhabitants of the ; 14 And he faid unto the elders. Tarry- 
land into your hand ; and thou lhalt drive ye here for us, until we come again unto 
them out before thee. : you : and, behold, Aaron and Hur are 

Si Thou (halt make no covenant with with you : if any man have any matters 

them, nor with their gods. 

They fnall not dwell in thy land, 
left they make thee fin agaiuft me : for 
ifthou ferve their gods, it will furely be 
a fnare unto thee. 

: Mofes is called up into the mountain. 3 
The people promife obedience . 6 Mofes 

to do, let him come unto them. 

15 5 And Mofes went up into the 
mount, and a cloud covered the mount. 

16 And the glory of the Lord abode 
upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered 
it fix days : and the fevemhday he called 
unto Mofes out ot the mid ft of the cloud. 

17 And the fight of the glory of the 

fprinkletb the blood of the covenant" 1 5 Lord nvas like devouring fire on the top 

tie goeth up into the munt. of the mount, in the eyes of the children 

AND he faid unto Mofes, Come up oflfrael.. 

unto the Lord, thou, and Aaron, Nadab, 18 And Mofes went into the midft of 

and Abihu, and (eventy of the elders of the cloud, and gat him up into the mount ; 

Ifrael; and worfliip ye afar off. land Mofes was in the mount forty days 

2 And Mofes alone fnall come near the and forty nights 

Lord: but they (hall not come nigh, 
r fllall the people go up with him! 

3 1 And Mofes came and told the peo- 
ple all the words of the Lord, and all the 
judgments : and all the people anfwered 
with one voice, and faid, All the words 
which the Lord hath faid will we do. 

4 And Mofes wrote all the words of 
the Lord, and rofe upearly in the morn- 
ing, and builded an altar under the bill, 
and twelve pillars, according to the twelve 
tribes of Ifrael. 

5 And he lent young men of the chil- 
dren of Ifrael, which ottered burnt-of- 
ferings, a Ificed peace-offerings of 
oxen unto the Lord. 

6 «I And Mofes took half of the blood, 
and put it in bafons : and half of the 
blood he fprinkled on the altar. 

7 And he took the book of the cove- 
nant, and read in the audience of the 
people : and they faid, All that the Loud 
hath faid will wc do, and be obedient. 

T> And Mofej took the blood, and 
fprinkled it on the people, and faid, Be- 
hold the blocd of the covenant, which 
the Lord hath made with you concern - 
all thefe wor< 

9 then went up Mofes, and Aaron, 
ftabab, Vbihu, :venty of the 
elders oi Ifrael : 

10 And they Lrx the Cod of Iff 
and there ivas under his fret as it were a 
paved work of a lapphire done, and as it 
were the body of heaven in bis tlcarncf .. 

It And upon the nobles of the children 
of Ifrael he laid not lus ban 1 : alio the) 
few God, and did cat and drink. 
^\t And t! :• D faid unto M( 

Come up to me into the mount, >\'u\ be 
rhere : and I will give thrc tables of 
Rone, and a law. and commandments 
which I have written j that thou ma. 
teach them. 

13 And Mofes rofc up, and his mjnif- 


r Tbe offering for tbe tabernacle. loThe 
form of tbe ark. 17 The mercy- feat. 23 
The Table. 31 The candlefiick. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 


2 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, 
that they bring me an ottering : of every 
man that gi veto it willingly with his heart 
ye mall take my offering. 

3 And tins is the offering which ye fnall 
take of them ; gold and filver, and brafs, 

4 And blue, and purple, and fcarlct, 
stnd fine linen, and goat's hair, 

5 And rams' fkinsdied red, and badg- 
ers' (kins, and fhittim wood. 

C Oil for the light, fpices for anointing 
oil, and for fweet incenfe, 

7 Onyx Hones, and Hones to be fct in 
thecphod, and in t/ie breaft-plai 

8 And let them make me a ianctuary ; 
that I may dwell among!) them. 

.' According to all that 1 fhew thee, 
after the pit tern of the tabernacle, and 
the pattern oijll the infhuinents thereof, 
even fo fliall ) e make //. 

10 f And they ftiall make an nrk of 
fliittim wood : two cubits and a ha\( Jhall 
be the length thereof, and a cubit and a 
half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and 
a half the height thereof. 

it And thon Aral t overlay it with pure 
gold, within and without (halt thou over- 
lay it, r.nd Ihdt Make upon it a crown of 
gold round, about. 

\i And thou lhalt cafl four rings of 
gold for it, and \ ui tbem in the fbui coi 

thereof; and tWO : ',11,: ifbalt te'\V\ the 
fide of it, and two rings in the oilier 
fide of it. 

13 And thou flialt make (laves o/ihit- 
tim wood, and overlay them with gold. 

14 Ana thou (halt put the (laves into 
the rin£< by the lule.s of the ark, that the 
ark may be borne with them. 

15 The 

"i 71 cat i 

lie ftaves (hall be in the 
l (hall not be taken from it. 

\-..l thou (halt put intotheark the 
which 1 iH ill give thee. 
it ' And thou (halt make a mercy - 
-old ; two cubits and a half 

EXODUS, of the tabernacle and candlefltck. 
rings of .the (ides of it ; three branches of the 

candleftick out of the one fide, and three 
brandies of the candleftick out of the 
otlier fide : 

33 Three bowls made like unto al- 
jmonds, with a knop and a flower in one 

-ththcreof,andacubitand branch ; and three bowls made like al- 

monds in the other branch, with a knop 


.: hall the breadth there >t. 

And th<»u (halt mak< t wocherubims and a Hower : loin the fix branches 
of . ten work lhalt thou make, come out of the candleftick 

then wis of the mercy- 

34 And in thecandlefticky^^// be four 
i bowls made like unto almonds, <voith their 

li one cherub on the one knops and their flowers. 

cherub ofl the other •'55 And there/hall ^aknop under two 

if the mercy-leat (hall ye make-j branches of th£ fame, and a knop under 

■ ubims on tl e two ends thereof, two branches of the fame, and a knop 

mbims (hall llretclv under two branches of the fame, accord- 

iben- on high, covering the i n g to the fix branches that proceed out. 

h their wings, and their ' ofthe candleftick. 
\ all look :r, ,•. a rd the ' 36 Their knops and their branches (halt 

I the faces ofthe cherubims be of the lame : all of it /ball be one beat- 
en work ©/"pure gold. 
id thou (halt put the mercy-feat, 37 And thou (halt make the feven 
k ; and in the ark thou lamps thereof: and they shall light the 
Jl put tl. ony that I (hall give , lamps thereof, that they may give light 

over agamft it. 


• I will meet with thee, and 

• with thee from above the 
men i the two chcr- 

.. , \\ hit h art upon the ark of the tef- 

!' things which I will give thee 

in i i Iment unto the children of 

i (bait alfo make a table of 

ih'utim two cubits Jball be the 

length thej d a cubit the breadth 

, and a cubit ami a half the height 

Vnd thnu (halt overlay it with pure 
. .1 make thereto a crown of gold 
hot! (halt make unto it a I, 

idth round a*. out, and 
thou (hall \ to the 


■ !■ -ur rings 
in the four Cor- 
el thereof. 

ball the 
, for pi .ofthe i: bear the 

*• d thou (halt n 

■ lyl 

i i"ii. ilt make the d 


• I : 

• U I upon the table 

me alwa 

ft, and 


30 And the tongs thereof, and the 
fnnft'difhes thereof, /ball be o/pure gold. 

39 Of a tahnt of pure gold (hall he 
make it, with all thefe velTels. 

U) And look that thou make them after 
their pattern, which was (hewed thee in 
the mount. 

i T'he ten curtains of the tabernacle. 3 

The 'veil ofthe ark. 

MOR EOVE K,thou (halt make the tab- 
ernacle ivitb ten curtains of fine twin- 
ed linen, and blue, and purple, and fear- 
let : noith cherubims of cunning work 
(halt thou make them. 

l i The length of one curtain /ball be 
eight and twenty cubits, and the breadth 
ol one curtain four cubits : and every one 
of the curtains \hall have one meafure. 

J 1 he five curtains lhall be coupled to- 
gether one to another ; and e/A*rfivecui- 
tams /ball be coupled one to another. 

•t Arid thou ilialt make loops of blue 

the edge of the one curtain from 

the felvage in the coupling ; and like- 

(halt thou make in the uttermoft 

of another curtain, in the coupling 

oi tl id. 

j liby loops (halt thou make in theone 

curtain, and fifty loops (halt thou make in 

of the curtain that is in thecoup- 

ot the fecond ; that the loops may 

take liold one of another. 

6 And thou (halt make fifty taches of 
g< Id, and couple the curtains together 
with the taches : and it (hall be one tab- 

i thcHi flialt makecurtains a/goats* 
hair to I pon the tabernacle ; 

Andlixbn ' of eleven curtains fhalt thou make 

8 The 

x\v The xltarofburnt-oferhip. 

wood ; five for the boards of the one fide 
ot the tabernacle. 

9.1 And five bars for the boards ot 
other fide of the tabernacle, and five I 
for the boards of the fide of the taberna- 
cle, for the two fides weltward. 

\iS And the middle bar in the midft of 
the board (hall reach from end to end. 

-9 And thou (halt o ards 

with gold, and make their nn,L;s o/^old 
for places for the bars : and thotl (bait o- 
verlay the bars with gold. 

SO And thou (halt rear up the taberna- 
cle according to the fafliion thereof which 
was (hewed thee in the mount. 

31 IAnd thou (halt make a veil o/blue, 
and purple, and fcarlet, and fine twined 
linen of cunning work : with cherubiins 
(hall it be mad< 

•ill And thou (halt hang it upon i 
pillars of (hittimiot o<f, overlaid with gold ■. 
theil hooks 'ball be o/gold, upon the four 
fockets of filver. 

Vhd thou (hall hang up the veil under 
the tai h( s, that thou mayeft bring in thiNi- 
er within the veil the ark of the teftimo- 
ny : and the veil (hall divide unto you be- 
tween the holy place and the molt 1. 

54 And thou (halt put the mercy-feal 
upon the ark of the teftimony in the molt 
holy place. 

35 And thon (halt fel 
reilj and the candleftk 
the table on the fide of the tabt rna< I to - 

ward the fouth : and thou Ilialt put the 
table on the noi tli fid 

\nd thou (halt i.iake an I l H 

the dooi of tin' tent, o/'blue, afi I , 
and fcarll t,and fine twined linen, W 
with needle- 

\:id thon (hall make for the ham 
five pillars oj (hittiin ivood. and overlay 
i with gold, an /, th< ii Ik ill be 

•Id : and thou (halt i ait fiv< 
for them. 

CUM'. \ WIT. 
i The altar of burnt -offering , nvhb the 
ft Is. <) Tbe court oj the tab* i 

oil for thr lamp. 

A \ 1) thou fhali make an alt 
under one board* and two tim wood, five cubit indfivc 

The curtains of tie tabvnacle. Chap. 

3 The length of one curtain (ball be j 
thirtv cubits, and tlie breadth of one cur- 
tain four cubits : and the eleven curtains 
JbaV be all q{ one meafure. 

9 And thou fiialt couple five curtains 
rhemfelves, and d\ curtains by them- 

felves, and ihalt double the fixth curtain 
in the forefront of the taben 

10 And thou fhalt make fifty loops on 
the edge of the one carta' n iba- h outmoO 
in the coupling, and fifty loops in the edge 
of the curtain whiah coupleth the fecond. 

11 And thou (halt make fifty taches of 
brafs, and put the taches into the loops, 
and couple the tent together, that it may 
be one. 

1 1 And the remnant that remaincth of 
the curtains of the tent, the half curtain 
that remaineth, (hall hang over the back- 
fide of the tabernacle. 

13 And a cubit on the one fide, and a 
Cubit on the other fide of that which re- 
maineth in the length of the curtains of 
the tent, it (hall hangover the fides of the 
rnacle on this fide and on that fide, to 
<:over it. 

1 i And thou (halt make a covering for 
the tent of rams' Ikins died red, and a 

rering above o/" badgers' (kins. 

19 And thou (halt make boards for the 
tabernacle o/ (hittiin wood (binding up. 

16 1 en cubits /ball be the length of a 
board, and a cubit and a ha If /6a// be the 
breadth of one board. 

IT -nons /ball there be in one 

board, fi.t in order i lother : 

thus (halt thou make for all the boards of 
the I ibernai !c. 

And thou (halt make the boardsfor 

Jl, nac le, twenty boards on the (outh 

heir foilthwatd. 

(9 And thou (halt make forty fin 
of filver under the twenty boards ; two 

r one beard tor hi* two ten- 
. id two fockets undei another board 

; his tWO ten": 

id tor the fee* nd fi le of tl tab- 

ernaeleon the north fide there /ball be 
tweut . 

It And their forty fix kci of\\\\ 

mother board. 

21 Ami for the fide of th< tab • 

well ward, thou fhalt i < board 

23 A ml two bonds (halt thon make for 

f»erna( \> inthctw ofide .. 

24 And thev (ball be i oupl 'her 

beneath, an<l they (hall be coupled togeth- 
bove the head ot it unto on* ring : 

thus (ball it be for them both ; the) 

be tor the two come' 

id they (hall be eight t , and 

r fockets ojr"filver,lixteen I , two 

fockets uoder one board, and two lockets 
under another board. 

26 Ami thou ihalt make bars fl/"ihittim 

■ . • iltar (hall be foui fqwai e : and 
ill be th 
tke the 


(hall beol 1 1 : and thoi! (hall I 

lay it with bral . 

\nd thou Ihalt in 

ami his lleiii-l, 
I ,',l th ' velh 

in iV <• oj bi 

h Ami thou lli dt mal 

and upon the n.t Ilialt 

thoo make four brazen rings in the I 
corners thereof 


7b Ibe court of the tabernacU. 

5 Ami thou (halt put it underfhecom- 
pals of the altar beneath, that the net may 

■veri to the midlt of the altar. 

6 And thou (halt make (raves for the 
»ltar, (taves of fhittim wood, and overlay 
them with bral 

T And the Itaves fhall be put into the 
laves (hall be upon the two 
. u\ the .'-It ir, t.. bear it. 

with boards (halt thou make 
it : a-, it was (hewed in the mount, 
all they nuke /'/. 
9 r . And thou (halt make the court of 
tabernacle : for the fouth fide fouth- 
\ % tbere jballbe hangings tor the court 
lie twined linen of an hundred cubits 
ie : 
id the twenty pill: eofand 

their tv ckci^jbatl be o/brafs ; the 

r the pillar ^ and their fillets /£«// 
be of \\\\ 

ii An* j for the north fide in 

tli, there fhall ingS ofan hun- 

dred ity pillars 

and their twe • kets of brafs : the 
J of the pillars and their lillets of i\\. 

i . \ <l for the breadth rton 

the we :• tai/£f hanging* of fifty cu- 

: then pillars ten, and their lockets 

d the breadth of the court on the 
i&wzrd, Jb ill be fifty cubits. 
H 1 he hangings of one fide of the gate 
cubits ; their pillars three 
IS And on the other Mq fhall be Hans- 
en cubits : their pillars three 

i of the court Jhall 

og ot twenty cubit-, of blue, 

id fcari 

■i, w rought %s ith ne i k : an<t 

Uartfimli be four, and their fock- 


i" ' pillars round about the court 

th tilvi 

1 thcii ii i( .. 

1 I be Ic til be «in 

hun dtll fifl 

obits, of 
hue twine* .J their hukctso/ 

W ,.icle in 

all • • ,d .dl i|„- p,,»s 

■ i rt, 

lit, u caul 

- 1 . rega- 

rd he 

tl i 

EXODUS. Aaron's garments. 

their generations on the behalf of the 
children of Ifrael. 


i Aaron and his fans are feparated for 

the pr left's office. 6 The ephod, breafi- 

plate, andother holy garments appointed. 

AND take thou unto thee Aaron thy 

brother, aivd his fons with him, from a- 

m >ng the children of Ifrael, that he may 

minifterunto me in the prieft's office e<ven 

Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, Eleazar and 

Ith unar, Aaron's fons. 

2 And thou fhalt make holy garments 
for Aaron thy brother, for glory and for 

3 And thou fhalt fpeak unto all that are 
wife hearted, whom I have frlled with the 
fpirit ot wifdom,that they may make Aa- 
ron's garments toconfecrate him, that he 
may minifter unto me in the prieft's of- 

4 And thefe are the garments which 
they (hall make ; a bread-plate, and an 
ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, 
a mitre, and a girdle : and they fhali 
make holy garments for Aaron thy broth- 
er, and his fons, that he may minifter un- 
to me in tiie prie(K< office. 

5 And they fhall take gold, and blue, 
and purple, and fcarlet, and fine linen. 

G ■' And they fhall make the ephod of 
gold, o/blueand oj purple, of fcarlet, and 
fine twined linen, with cunning work. 

7 It fhall have the two fhoulder-pieces 
thereof joined at the two edges thereof ; 
and/o it fhali be joined together. 

8 And the curious girdle of the ephod, 
'\ hicb /'j upon it, (hall be of the fame, ac- 
cording to the work thereof; even of 
gold, o/blue. and purple,and fcarlet, and 
tine twined linen 

9 And thou fhalt take two onyx ftones, 
;ind grave on them the names of the chil- 

oi Ifrael : 

10 Six of their names on one Clone, and 
the other fix names of the reft on the other 
(tone, according to their birth. 

11 With the work of an engraver in 
(lone, tike the engravings of a (ignet, fhalt 
thou engrave the two (tones with the 
names of the children of Ifrael : thou 
(halt make them to be fet in ouches of 

1- Vnd thou (halt put the two ftoncs 

the (houldersof the ephod, for (tones, 

• i memorial unto the children of Ifrael : 

and Aaron (hall hear their names before 

the Lord, upon his two shoulders for a 


13 And thou shah make ouches o/gold: 

1 1 And two chains o/pure gold at the 

-•nds; »/*wreathen work shah thou make 

them, and ijftcn the wr eat hen chains to 

the ou< net. 

la And thou sixth make the breaft- 
ojplatc of judgment with cunning work ; 


'i be breaf- plate, and other Chap. 

after the work, of the ephod thou fhalt 
make it ; 0/ gold, o/blue, and ©/purple, 
and o/fcarlet, and of fine twined linen, 
fhalt thou make it. 

16 Fourfquareit fhallbeoV/rt^doubled ; 
a [panjball be the length thereof, and a 
fpan /ball be the breadth thereof. 

17 And thou fhalt fet in it ietrin^sof 
ftones, even four rows offtones : tbejirjl 
row Jh all be a fardius, a topaz, and a car- 
buncle : this /ball be the nrl^ row. 

13 And thefecond row Jhall be an eme- 
rald, afapphire, and a diamond. 

19 And the third row a ligure, an agate, 
and an amethyft. 

20 And the' fourth row a beryl, and an 
onyx, and a jafper : they Ihall be fet in 
gold in their inclofing 

-1 And the (tones fhall be with the 
names of the children of Ifrael. twclvcac- 
cording to their names, like the engravings 
of a fignet ; every one with hi Ihall 

they be according to the twelve tribes. 

And thou fhalt make upon the 
breaft-platc chains at the ends, »/"wreaUien 
work, a/ pure gold. 

Ana thou fhalt make upon the bread- 
plate two rings of gold, ami (halt put the 
two rings on the two ends cf the breaft- 

. i And thou fhalt put the two wreathe:) 
chains of gold in the two rings ivhicbart 
on the ena>of the breaft- plate. 

And the other tvt of the tv/o 

urrtathen (bains thou lhalt fatten in the 
two ouches, and put /**/» on the (boulder- 
pieces of th'- ephod before it. 

And thou fh.dt make two rings of 

; and thou fhall them upon the 

two i plate in the bordei 

thereof, which it in th -hod 


^nd two other rings of gold l t make, and fhalt put them on tfr 
of the ephod ui 

part tl, it her 

die i 

: • 

i the 
ephod with i la ) 1 ■< 

I, and 
that the 1 ui.' 


. ! in th 

in untd tin . r, I. i 

lor • ntinually. 

And thou ft ill put in I | lat< 

of ju 

lit* art wl i< r : 

and Aaron fh ill bear the- judj 
children cl open his fa 


xxix'. bttly garment dtferlbetL 11 

31 And thou fhalt in. robe of the 

ephod o/'blue. 

>S2 And there (hall b^ an hole in 
of it, in themidft thereof: ilt fhall ha\ 
binding of woven work ro out the 

hole of it, as it were the hole of an ha- 
bergeon, that it be not re- 

And beneath upon the hem of it, thou. 
fhalt make pomegranates o/blue, and of 
purple, and oj fcarlet, round about 
hem thereof ; and bells of gold betv 
them round about : 

54 A golden bell and a pomegrana? 
golden bell and a .pomegranate, u 
hem of the robe roundabout. 

35 And it shall be upon Aaron to min. 
ifter : and hi* found fh ill be heard when 
he goeth in unto the holy place before the 
Lord, and when h :h out, that he 
die not. 

36 And thou (halt makea plate o/pure 
gold, and grave upon it, hi the engi 

let. HOLINbSS TO lui-; 

wT And thou (halt put it on ablucli 
that ir may be upon the mitre ; upon the 
forefront of the mitre :t (hall be. 

\nd it ih ill be upon Aaron's fore- 
head, that Aaron may bear the iniquity 
of the holy things, which the childrci 
Ifrael (ball fallow in all their holy c 
and it (hall be alv» iys upon hi i #. 

that they may the 

Lo RO. 

1 thou fhalt embroider the coat 
of fine lim n, an I e mi- 

v linen) and thou fhalt mak< 
40 And for Aaron's fons thou (1 
:"-. and thou (halt nuke 1 
girdl( bonnet i (halt thou m 

•41 Ai (1 thou fhalt \ ul th 

thy broth<- w Ith him ; 

an I fhalt an 

min n the pi 

k l A no" thou (halt i nen 

the loins t\ 

h : 

K.', And il ■ upon 

. In, lo: . 

1 1 o f t he c< . • 

i to 
minifter in the i 





78 The factifues and ceremonies 

young bullock, and two rams without 

2 And unleavened bread, and cakes un- 
leavened tempered with oil, and wafers 
unleavened anointed with oil 
flour (halt thou make them. 

E XODU S . of confecrating the priejts. 

and Aaron and his fons (hall put their 
hands upon the head of the ram. 

20 Then (halt thou kill the ram, and 

take of his blood, and put it upon the tip 

o/'v. beaten [of the right ear of Aaron, and upon the 

tip of the right ear of his fons, and upon 

S And thou 'halt put them into onejthe thumb of their right hand, and upon 
bafket, and bring them in the bafket, ; the great toe of their right foot, and 
with the bullock and the two rams. |fprinkle the blood upon the altar round 

4 And Aaron and his fons thou shalt about. 
bring unto the door of the tabernacle of; 21 Ami thou (halt take of the blood 
the congregation, and shalt wash them [that is upon the altar, and of the anoint*- 

with water 

5 And thou shalt take the garments, 
and put upon Aaron the coat, and the 

ing oil, and (prinkle it upon Aaron, and 
upon his garments, and upon his fons, 
and upon the garments of his fons with 

the ephod, and the ephod, and the him : and he (hall be hallowed, and his 

bread-plate, and gird him with the cun 
girdle of the ephod : 

6 And thou shalt put the mitre upon 
his head, and put the holy crown upon the 
mitre. . 

garments, and his fons, and his fon's gar- 
ments with him. 

22 Alfo thou (halt take of the ram the 
fat and the rump, and the fat that cover- 
eth the inwards, and the caul above the 

7 Then shalt thou take the anointing Uivcr, and the two kidneys, and the fat 

ind pour it upon his head, and anoint 

8 And thou shalt bring hft fons, and 
put coats upon them. 

9 And thou shalt gird them with gir- 

i and his Ions, and put the bon- 
nets on then): and the priefl's office shall 
for a perpetual ftatute : and thou 
shalt confeerate Aaron and his fons. 

10 And thou shalt caufe a bullock to be 
brought before the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation-, and Aaron andhis fons shall put 

that //upon them, and the right moul- 
der ; for it is a ram of confecration : 

23 And one loaf of bread, and one cake 
of oiled bread, and one wafer out of the 
bafket of the unleavened bread that is be- 
fore the Lord. 

24 And thou (halt put all in the hands 
of Aaron, and in the hands of his fons i 
and (hall wave them /or a w r ave-offering 
before the Lord. 

25 And thou (halt receive them of their 
hands, and burn them upon the altar for 

r hands upon the head of the bullock, (a burnt -offering, for a fweet favour be- 

11 And thou shalt kill the bullock be 

Lord, by the door of the taber- 
nacled the congregation. 

12 And thou shalt take of the blood of 

nd put it upon the horns of 
the altar with thy finger, and pour all the 
blood belide the bottom of the altar. 

13 "<u shalt take all the fit that 
th the inwards, and the caul that is 
the liver, andthetwokidnies, and 

the fat that is upon them, and burn them 
upon the all 

U But the Mesh of the bullock, and 

i, and his dung, shalt thou burn 

lit the camp : it is a fm-of- 

fore the Lord : it is an offering made by 
tire unto the Lord. 

26 And thou (halt take the breaftof the 
ram of Aaron's confecration, and wave it 
for awave-offering before the Lord : and 
it (hall be thy part. 

£7 And thou (haltfanclify the brea.1 of 
the wave-offering, and the (houlderof the 
heave-offering, which is waved, and which 
is heaved up, of the ram of the confecra- 
tion, even oithat which is for Aaron, and 
of that which is for his fons : 

28 And it (hall be Aaron's and his fons 
by a ftatute forever, from the children of 
Ifracl : for it is an heave-offering 

and it 

shall be an heave-offering from the chil- 

dfo take one ram ; and , drenof Ifraelof thefacrificeoftheirpeace- 

tron^and ill put their hands i ^ even their heave-offering untq 

the [.Ok d. 

m, and 
i vh^lt take hi , and fprinkle it 

roii' it upon the all 

lhalt c Utthe ram in piet CS, 

and wash t|ir inwauK oi him, and his 
■ hem unto his pieces, and 

' ill burn the whole ram 

it is a burnt-offering un- 

he Lop i ( ivour, an oft 

by fire unto the I. or d. 
13 And thou shalt take the other ram ; 

-'' And the holy garments of Aaron 
shall be his fons' after him, to be anoint- 
t d therein, and to beconfecrate& in them. 
.SO And tYaX fon that is prieft in his 
ftead shall put them on feven days, when 
he Cometh into the tabernacle of the con- 
ation to minifter in the holy place. 
Si And thou shalt take the ram of the 
confecration, and feethe his flesh in the 
holy place. 

And Aaron and his fons shall eat the 
Besh fif the ram, and the bread that is in 


The continual burnt-offering. Chap 

the bafket, by the door of the tabernacle 

lie congregation. 
33 ' id they (hall eat thofe things 
wherewith the atonement was made, to 

confecrate and to fanftify them : but a 
lit anger (ball not eat thereof, becaufe they 
are hoi 

And if aught of theflefh ofthecon- 
fecrations, or of the bread, remain unto 
the morning, then thou lhalt burn the re- 
mainder with fire : it mail not be eaten, 
becaufe it is holy. 

35 And thus (halt thou do unto Aaron, 
and to his fons, according to all tt 
which I have commanded thee: I 
days malt thou confecrate them. 

36 And thou (halt offer every day a bul- 
lock for :i fin-oflering Jbr atonement: and 
thou (halt cleanfe the altar, w hen thou halt 
made an atonement for it, and thou (halt 
anoint it, to fanctify it. 

37 Seven days thou (halt make an atone- 
ment for the altar, and fanctify it ; audit 
lhall be an altar mod holy : whatfocver 
toucheth the altar (hall be holy. 

38 t Now this is that which thou (halt 
offer upon the altar ; two lambs of the 
firft year, day by day continually. 

39 The one lamb thou (halt orlcr in the 
morning ; and the other lamb thou thalt 
offer at even. 

40 And with the one lamb a tenth deal 
of Hour mingled with the fourth part ofan 
hin of beaten oil ; and t lie fourth part of 
an hin of wine/br a drink-offering. 

41 And the other lamb thou lhalt*ofier 
at even, and fhalt do thereto according to 
the meat-ot! f the morning, and ac- 
cording to the drinfc-offering thereof, for a 
fwect (aVOUr, an offering made by fueun- 

♦ u. 

42 Tbisfball be a continual burnt -oth r 

xxx. The ranjem of funis. 

- A. cubit flail be the length thereof, 
and a cubit the breadth thereof; four- 
fquare (hall it be : andtwocubit3/&*//6r 
the height thereof : tlie horns ihereut joall 
be of the lame. 

•3 And thou (halt overlay it with p 
gold, the top thereof, and the fides thei 
•f round about, and the horns thereof ; 
and thou (halt make unto it a crown of 
gold round about. 

4 And two golden rings (liak thou make 
to it under the crown of it, by the two 
corners thereof, upon the two fides of it 
(halt thou make it ; and they (hall be for 
places tor the (hives to bear it withal. 

5 And thou (halt make the ftave, ofihlt- 
tim wood, and overlay them with gold. 

And thou lhalt put it before the veil 
that is by the ark of the te ffi mo ny. before 
the mercy-feat that is over the teilimony, 
where I will meet with thee. 

7 And Aaron (hall burn thereon fwect 
incenfe every morning ; when he drelTeth 
the lamps, he (hall burn incenfe upon it. 

8 And when Aaron lighteth the lamp: 
at even he (hall burn incenfe upon it» 
a perpetual incenfe before the Lord 
throughout your generations. 

9 Ye (hall oiler no ftrange incenfe there- 
on, nor burnt facrifice, nor meat-offer- 
ing ; neither (hall ye pour drink-offering 

10 And Aaron fliall make an atonen 
unon the horns of it once in a year with the 
blood of the fin-offering of atonements : 
once in the year (ball he make atonement 
upon it throughout your generations: it is 
moll holy unto the Lord. 

11 «[ And the Lord (pake unto Mofet, 

\-i When thou takeft the fmn of the 
( hildrenof \i\ numb 

g throughout yom I .// th<- (hall the] give every man a ranfom for] 

door of the tabernacle of the congregation foul up > whenthou numb 

before the Lord: where 1 will meet you, elf them; I no plague amoi 

to I peak there unto thee. Ithem.whi icif them. 

And there I will meet with the chil- fliall givd ever) one tbut 

dren of Ifracl, and tbe tabernacle fhz\\ be | fliat are mwnbered, 

lam tified b> my glo: _ half a fhekcl after th< lofthefam 

H And I will (an ; tabernacle of ary : (a (hekel is twenty , half 

the rion, and the altai : I will QickeXjBall be the of! .the Lord. 

tan lo both Aaron and his 111 ne thai long t ! 

min in the prieft's oilice. thai arc numbered, I old 

45 And I will' dwell among the chiL ibove, ihall give an unto the 
dren of Ifrael, and will be their God. 

46 And they (b ill know that I am the h (hall - I the 
Lord their God, that brought them forth poor (hall not give lei than half .i (1 

out ot the land ot Egypt, that I may dwell when /Ar» give Lord 

among them : I am the Lord their God. I tforyourfbu 

lAP. XX f6 \iul thou (ha! atonen 

i The altar of incenfe. n The ranfom of I 1, and (fa 

fouls. vjTbelaver. tt J be boh anoint in g\ appoint it for the fervtcc of the t d>< rna 
oil 14 The comprfition of the ferjut 

AND thou lhalt make hildren 

incenfe upon: o/'fhittim wood (halt thou fore the Lob ikeanatonem 

make it. your fou 

I And 

CO 7 e I ty an ' 



Of thefcilbatb. 

17 5 And the Loeq fpake unto Mo; 96 And thou {\\ahbeatfome of it very 

fmall. and put of it before the teffimony 


• Ashivitbal: 
halt put it b the taber- 

nacle of the congre and the altar, 

iter therein. 
19 ] til trash 

I : 
into the tabernacle cf 
11 wash with wa- 
ter that they die not; or when they come 
near :altarto r.toburn orl'er- 

by fire ord. 

.1 their hands and 

thei ' die r.ot : and it shall 

I fore vet to them, et en to him 

. throughout their genera- 

Lord fpakc unto 

lion alfo unto thee principal 

h five hundred Jbekels t 

and of (weet cinnamon half ft> much, e<ven 

(bekels % axi(\ of (wept 

calamus two hundred and fifty JJjekels ; 
1 of caflia five hundred Jbekcls, 
after th I cf the fanctuarv, and of 

oil I . hin : 

it make it an oil of ho- 
ly c t, an ointment compound after 
the art of the apothecary : it bhall be an 

shalt anoint the tabernacle 
relation therewith, and the 
t' the teftimony, 

dall his vefTeis.and 
the i and his veflels, and the 

• ■ • incenl 

1 'he altar of burnt-offering with 

er and his foot. 

them, that 


• I y . 

•i may 

•n the | 

the chil- 

it is 

•• T ofes, 


I d\ 


in tlie tabernacle of the congregation, 

where 1 will meet with thee : it (hall be 

unto you mofl holy. 
ST And as for the perfume which thou 

shalt make, ye shall not make to yourfelves 

according to. the composition thereof: i~ 

shall be unto you holy for the Lord. 
S3 Whofoever shall make like unto that, 

to fmell thereto, shall even be cut oft from. 

his people. 


i Bezalcel and Aholiab are called for the 
work of the tabernacle. 1 1 Of the fib - 
bat!, i S Mofes recti vet b the two table: , 
AND the "Lord fpake unto Mofes, 


2 See. T have called by name Bezaice* 
the fon ofUri, tlie fon cf Hut, of the tribe 
of Judah : 

3 And I have filled him with the fpirit 
of God, in wifdom and in underftanding,^ 
and in knowledge, and in all manner of 

4 To devife cunning works, to work in 
gold, and in Giver, and in brufs, 

5 And in cutting of done?, tofet them, 
and in carving of timber, to woik in all 
manner of workmanship. 

6 And I, behold, I haVc given with 
him Aholiab, the fon of AhilamaCh< of 
the tribe of Dan : and in tlie hearts of all 
that are wife hearted I have put wifdom, 
that they may make all that I have com- 
manded thee ; 

7 The tabernacle of the congregation, 
and the ark of the teftimony, and the that is thereupon, and all tlie 
furniture of the tabei r.acle, 

8 And the table and his furniture, and 
the purec.mdleftick with all his furniture, 
and the altar of incenfe, 

9 And the altar of burnt-offering with 
all his furniture, and the lave rand his foot, 

10 And the clothes of fer vice, and the 

;ts for Aaron '.lie prieil, and 
foils, to minifterin the 


11 ;np; oil, and fwect in-' 
for tlie holy place : according to all 

aanded thee, shall they do. 
1- 5 in .! the Lord fpake unto Mo 



13 - thou alfo unto the children ox 

*, Verily my fabbaths ye shall 

between me and you, 

relations ; that ye may 

-that law the Lord that doth fanc- 

tfie fabbath therefore ; 
for it is holy to yon : every one that de- 
it shall finely be put to death: for 
whofoever doeth anj work therein, that 
hall be cut or! from among his people. 
I 10 Six day 2 v.iry work be done : but in 
' the 

Aat6n maketh a molten calf. Chap, xxxii. Mc/es breekak the t*v§ tables, li 

the feventh is the fabbath of f eft, holv. 10 Now therefore let me alone, that my 
to the Lord : whofoever doeth a ny worfclwfath may wax hot againft them : anel 
in the fabbath day, he shall i'urely be put! that I may confume them : and I will 
to death. make ofthee a great nation. 

16 Wherefore the children rf I fraclshall ' 11 And Mofes befought the Lord his 
keep the fabbath, to obferve the fabbath, , God, and faid. Lord, why doth thy wrath 
throughout their generations, for a per-, wax hot againft thy people, which thou 
petuai covenant | halt brought for h out of the land of E- 

1T It/"/ a fign between me and the cypt with great power, and witha mighty 
children of Ifrael forever ; for in fix days hand ? 

12 Wherefore should the Egyptians 

the Lord made heaven and earth, and 
on the feventh day he retted, and was re- 

1 And he gave unto Mofes, when 

freak, and fay, For mifchief did he bring 
theiu out. to flay them in the mountains, 
and to confume them from the face of 

he had made an end of communing with the earth ? Turn from thy fierce wrath 
him upon imunt Sinai, two table* of tef- land repent of this evil againft thy people, 
timony, tables of llone, written with the i 13 Remember Abraham, Ifaac. and If- 

ngcr of God 


I Ibc people caufe Aaron to make a calf. (9 

es breaketh tbe table t . 1^ Tbr iJala- 

tirsjl tin. 50 Mofes prayetb for tbe people. 

AND when the people law that Mofes 

delayed to come down out of the mount, 

the people gathered themfelves together 

Unto Aaron, and faid unto him. Up, make 

us gods, which shall go before us; for 

as for this Mofes, the man that brought 

u> up out of the land of Egypt, we wot 

not what is become of him.' 

5 And Aaron faid unto them, Break ofT 
the golden ear-rings, which are in the ears 
of your wives . of your fons, and of your 
daughters, and bring tbem unto me. 

\ndall the people brake ofl'the golden 
ear-rings which nvere in their cars, and 
brought 'taw unto Aaron. 

4 A d be received them at their hand, 
and fashioned it with a graving tool, af- 
ter he had made it a molten calf : and 
they faid, Thefe be thy gods. O Ifrael, 
which brought thee up o«t of the land Of 
\nd when Aaron law it, he built an 
altar before it ; and Aaron made procla- 
">n, and (aid, Tomorrow ;; a fcaft to 
t'ie Lord, 

'i And they rofe up early on the mor- 

fow, and offered burnt-offerings, and 

brought peace-offerings ; and the people 

• don n t j cat and to drink, and rofe up 


1 And the Lord faid unto Mofes, I 
g"t thec down ; for thy people, which 
thou broughteft out of the land ol Egypt, 
c corrupted tbemfrlfes : 
o They nave turned afide quickly out 
of the w,-\y which I commanded them 

rael, thy fervants. to whom thou fwarelt 
by thine own felf, and faidft unto them, 
I will multiply your feed as the ftars of 
heaven, and all this land that I have fpo- 
ken of, will I give unto your feed, and 
they shall inherit /'/ forever. 

14 And the Lord repented of the evil 
which he thought to do unto his people. 

15 And Mofes turned and went down 
from the mount, and the two tables of 
the teftimony "ivee in hi* hand : the ta- 
bles tutfe written on both their Odes ; on 
the one fide and en the other nvere they 

16 And the tables *U3lt$ the work of 
God, and the writing ~uas the writing of 
God. graven upon the tables. 

IT And when Joshud heard the noife 
of the people as they shouted, he faid un- 
to Mofes, There is a noife of war in the 

18 And he faid, // is not the voice of 
tbem that shout for mattery, neither is it 

the voice of tbem that cry km being over-* 

< ome : but the noife of them that Gng do 


19 * And 11 came to pais, as Coon as he 
came nigh un amp, ti :w the 
calf, ancl the dancing : and Mofes 1 anger 
Waxed hot, and he call the tabic, out 
hit hand ., and brake them beneath the 

: J<> And he took the calf which t 
had made and burnt it in the fire, 
ground it to powder, and ' U upon 

tne water, and made the children oi Ifi 
k of It. 

-1 And Mofes faid UntO Aaron, What 
did this People onto thee, that thou haft 
brought 10 1 fin upon them ? 

I Aaron faid, 1*1 not the anger 

they have made them a molten calf, and 'of my lord Wax hot i ihou knowefl th'- 
hiped it, and have facrinced people, that they etrefet on mifchief. 

thereunto, and faid, Thefe be thy gods, 1$ For they laid unto me, M 

O Ifrael, which have brought thee up out gods, which shall go before us • tor as 

of the land of Egypt. VTofes, the man tl itbrought us 

9 And the Lord faid unto Mofes, I, up out of the land or l\;; pt, " r wot not 
have feen this people, and, hchtld, it »'/ wr I 

affiffnecked pecpl: : ** And I fva" unte rhem, vrj-ofocrer 

L *" 3 ' h 

- - 7' Maters, 


Godialkctb with flfofix. 


hath Id, 1 . Soj S Unto* a land flowing with milk and 

it into the I honey : fori wilt not go up in the midft 
ofthee : for thou art a tfnecked peo- 

id made 
long their 

: ) 

r the 

it. > me. Ami all 
:s to- 

, I bus faith 

I : .■ i man 

md out 

. le camp, 

i , and every 

ry man hii, 


ren of Levi did ac- 

lofes : and there 

• i three 

faid, Confccrate 

ithe Lord, even eve- 

i I upon his broth- 

leftow upon you a blef- 

- on tlie nior- 

d unto the people, Ye 

(in : and now I will 

I ->rv ■. pci advent ure I 

:nt tor your I'm. 

turned unto the Lord 

I, < >h, this people hive finned 
id Uave made them gods of 

. Yet now if thou wilt, forgive their 
HOI, blot in.'. I pray I 

; i thou haft wi it ten. 
tmro M 

mil: me, him 

1 I 'he- pe< 

L 1 


. ,j . . 

I ,'!e, 


I 0(1. 




thy feed 

I | | I | ; 

for I will not go up in the midlt 
for thou art a ftitthecked peo- 
t . left I confume thee in the way. 

4 And when the people heard tnefe e- 
vil tidings, they mourned : and no man 

! put on him his ornaments. 

5 For the Lord had faid unto Mofes, 
Say unto the children of liracl, Ye are -a. 
(tiffnecked people : I will come tip into 

midft ofthee in a moment, and con- 
fume thee : therefore now put off thy or- 
naments from thee, that I may know 
what to do unto thee. 

6 And the children of Ifrael ftripped 
thcmfelves of their ornaments by the 
mount Horeb. 

T And Mofes took the tabernacle, and 
pitched it without the camp, afar oil from 
the camp, and called it the tabernacle of 
the congregation. And it came to pafs, 
that every one which fought the Lord, 
went out unto the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation, which ivas without the camp. 

8 And it came to pafs, when Mofes 
went out unto the tabernacle, thataW the 
people rofe up, and ftood every man at 
his tent door, and looked after Mofes, 
until he was gone into the tabernacle. 

9 1 And it came to pal's, as Mofes en- 
tered into the tabernacle, the cloudy pil- 
lar defcended, and flood at the door of 
the tabernacle, and the LORD talked with 

•lU And all the people faw the cloudy 
pillar Hand at the tabernacle door : and 
all the people rofe up and worfhipped, 
every man in his tent door. 

it And the Lord fpake unto Mofes 
to face, a> a man fpeaketh unto his 
id. And he turned again into the 
rip : but his fervant Jolhua, the fon of 
Nun, a young man, departed not o.ut of 
■ ibernai 
12 And Mofes faid unto the Lord, 
, thou faveft unto me, Bring up this 
people : and thou halt not let me know 
i thou wilt fend with me. Yet thou 
• < thee by name, and thou 
md grace in my fight. 
IS Mow therefore, I pray thee, if I have 
id gracein thy fight, lhew me now thy 
i that I may know thee, that I may 
find grac< in thy fight : and confider that 
this nation //thy people. 

\i, I faid, My prefence (hall go 
ivirb tr.r, and I w ill give thee reft. 

15 An 1 he faid unto him, (f thy pref- 

> not itfitb me, carry us not up 

16 ; if w herein fhall it be known here 
' I and thy people have found grace 

in tfiy fight ? /• it Hot in that thougoeft 
with i mail we be feparated, I and 

thy people, from all the people that are 

. the face of the earth . 

17 And 


TV . les re: Clup. 

ord faid unt 

that thou haft 
:e in ray 

1 ' ' -. , 1 b e leech t \vi . •'■■'• 

will pro- 
1 IWore thee; 
- j :i I will be ble thin 

"ii 11 ( ■ 


■ i 

t!ie ; 

the v. 




Thou c thee I 

'-ord faid, is Ilh 

place by me, and thou shalt ftand upon 



line h. 
. k parts: but 


Tbe tables ar c - 'J. ^ The nar 

tbe LORD » God n: 


b tbem. 

thee two tab!. 

firft : and I will write up< 



n the arivl 

• up in • i mom 







I com. 
month Abil 

th the 

'tie, "a 

the ' 





iren. unto 

8 A 
head to 

9 And he fai'J, ' 

?1 ')RP, 
it is a 





84 O/tbe fabhath. EXODUS. Free gifts far the tab ematch. 

the facriricc of the teafl of the pairover be unto the Lord ; whomever is of a wiln 
.el the morning. ling heart, let him bring if, an offering of 

firlt of the tirft fruits of thy land : the Lord ; gold, and (ilver, and brafs, 
thou ihait bring unto the houfe of thej 6 And blur, and purple, and fcarlet, 
Lord thy God. Thou lhalt notfccthea ( and fine, linen, and goats' hair, 

in his mother's milk. T And rams' (kins died red, and bad- 

And the Lord (aid unto Mofes, gers' Ikins, and (hittim wood, 

Write thou thefc words: for after the, 8 And oil for the light, and fpices for 

tenor of theie words I have made a cov- anointing oil, and for the fweet incenfe, 

enant with thee ami with Ifrael. 9 And onyx ftones, and ftonesto be fet 

(8 And he was there with the Lord for the ephod, and forthe breaft-plate. 
forfy davs and fortv nights ; he did nei- 10 And every wife hearted among you 
thereat oread,nor drink water. And he thai! come, and make all that the Lord 
wrote upon the tables the words of the hath commanded ; 
covenant, the ten commandments 11 The tabernacle, his tent, and his 

29 And it tame to pafs when Mofes covering, his taches, and his boards, his 
came down from mount Sinai with the bars, his pillars, and his fockets, 
two tables of teftimony in Mofes' hand, 12 The ark, and the ftaves thereof, 
when he came down from the mount, ivith the mercy-feat, and the veil of the 
that Molts will not that the (kin of his covering, 
t\n:c fhone while he talked with him. IS The table, and':, and all his 

50 And when Aaron and all the chil- veflels, and the fbew-bread, 
drcn of llrael (aw Mofes, behold, the (kin 14 The candleftick alfo for the light, 
of his face (hone; and they were afraid to and his furniture, and his lamps, with the 
conn- nigh him. oil for the light, 

t>\ And Mofes called unto them ; and 15 And the incenfe-altar, and his ftaves, 
Aaron and all the rulers of thecong ega- and the anointing oil, and the fweet in- 
tion returned unto him : and Mofes talk- cenfe, and the hanging forthe door at the 
ed with them. entering in of the tabernacle, 

.^-2 And afterward all the children of 16 The altarof burnt-offering, with his 
Ifrael came nigh : and hegave them in brafen grate, his Faves, and all his veilels, 
commandment all that the Lord had fpo- the lavcr and his foot, 
ken with him in mount Sinai. 17 The hangings of the cour', his pD- 

3,1 And till Mofes had done fpeaking lars, and their fockets, and the hanging 
with them, he put a veil on his face. for the door of the court, 

31 But when Moles went in before the 18 The pins of the tabernacle, and the 
Lord to (peak with him, he took the veil pins of the court, and their cords, 
otf, until he came out. And he came out, 19 The clothes of (ervice, to do fervice 
and fp:tkc unto the children of Ifrael that in the holy place, the holy garments for 
which he was commanded. Aaron the prieft, and the garments of his 

35 And the children of Ifrael faw the fons, to minifter in the pneft's omce. 
face ot Mole, that the lkinot Moles' face 20 3 And all the congregation of the- 
ihone : and Moles put the veil upon his children of Ifrael departed from theprefv 
agam, until he went into fpeak with ence of Mofes. 

* 1I,n - vvyv 21 Anc * ^ ey came » ev " r r one whofe 

_» ,. L 'lAr. \X\V. heart ftirred him up, and every one whom 

i J be Jabbatb. 4 The Jree gifts Jor the his fpirit made willing, and they brought 
tabernacle. io The readinefs ,/ the the Lord's offering to the work of the 
iff !"« , r ' i , tabernacle of the congregation, and for 

ANDMofesMtheredallthecongrega- all his fervice, and tor' the holy gar- 
n ol the children of Ifrael together, and ments. 

faid unto them, Thefe ate the words fig And they came, both men and wo- 

wrncn the Lord hatU commanded, that men, as many as were willing hearted, 

IhouWdothem. aarf brought bracelets, and car-rings, and 

I - >ix dftvi lhall work be done, but rmgn, and tablets, all jewels of gold: and 

the leventh day there (hall be to you every man that offered, offered an offering 

an holy day,afabkathof reft to the Lord: of gold unto the Lord. 

who docth work therein /hall be 23 And every man, with whom was 

putto.leath found blue, and purple, and fcarlet, and 

3 Ye (haU kindle no tire throughout Hne linen, and goats' hair, and red (kins 
rh,h, t ,,,n,Mi|,»h, (l | 1( |, u . otrams,andbadger3'fkins.brought//^w. 

4 I And Mofcsjpake unto all the con- 24 Every one that did offer an offering 

I ?{*%**» fay- offilverand brafs brought the Lord's 
£&. \2Sa ! ,,Cth,n K Which the LOUD offering : and every man, with whom 
commanded, la> in- was found fhittim wood for any work of 

• I4c vc irom among you an offering the iervice, brought if. 

25 And 

The retdinefs of the people to offer. Chap 

25 And all the women that were wife I 
hearted did (pin with their hands, and 
brought tlut when they had fpuiii both \ 
of blue, and of purple, and of fcarlet, and , 
of fine linen. 

26 And all the women whofe heart (tir- 
red them up in wifdom fpun goats' hair. \ 

£7 And the rulers brought onyxltones, 
and (tones to be fet, for the ephod, and 
for the bread-plate ; 

28 And ("pice, and oil for 'he light, and 
for the anointing oil, and for the fweet 

29 The children of Ifrael brought a 
willing-ottering unto the Lord, every 
man and woman whofe heart made them 
willing to bring for all manner of work, 
which the Lord had commanded to be 
made by the hands of Moles. 

30 And Mofes laid unto the childrenof 
Ifrael, ^ee,thc Lord hath called by name 
Kezaleel the Ion of Uri, the fon ofHur, 
of the tribe ot Judah ; 

SI And he hath tilled him with the fpir- 
it ot God, in wifdom, in underftandingj 
and in knowledge, and in all manner of j 
workmanfhip ; 

And to devife curious works, to 
work in gold, and in (ilver. and in brafs, • 

§& And in the cutting of ttones, to fet 
them, and in carving of wood, to make . 
any manner of cunning work. 

34 And he hath put in his heart that he 
may teach, both he, and Aholiab, the fon 
of Ahifamach, of the tribe of 

55 Them hath he filled with ^ ifdom of 
heart, to work all manner of work, or 'he 
engraver, and of the cunning workman^ 
and of the embroiderer, in blue and in 
purple, in fcarlet, and in line linen, and j 
of the weaver, even ofthem that do any 
work, and of thofe that deviie cunning 

x Thro /ft rings de lingered to the -workmrtt. 

5 Thr liberality of the people refiraine i . 
CHEN wrought Bczalecl and Aholiab, 
and every wife hearted man, in whom the 
Lord put wifdom and under ftanrlmg to | 
know how to work all manner ol work' 
for rh^- fcrvice oi the fam kuai y , accord- ! 

[) li id { ide I. 

BeZdlef] and Ah >- 
•ry wife hearted man, in w 
t the Loud had put wifdom, rven 
••■ hole he. tit ftirred him up to 
COme unto the work to do it : 
3 And thry received of Mofes all the 
i the children of Ifrael had 
brought forthe workof thefervia of the 
tuary, to make \Kiviital. And they 
brought yet unto him free-offering 

ry morning. 

i And all the wife men, that wrought 
all the work of the fanctuary, came i 
ry man fom his wori; which, they mat i 

. xxxvi. "Their liberality retrained. *3 

5 Z. And they fpakj unto Mofes faying, 
The people bring much more than cnougn 
for the tervice of the work, which the 
Lord commanded to make. 

6 And Mofes gave commandment, and 
they c'aufed it to be proclaimed through- 
out the camp, faying, Let neither man 
nor woman make any more work for the 
offering ot the fanctuary. So the people 
were retrained from bringing. 

7 For the ftutf they had was fufficient 
for all the work to make it, and too much. 

8 And every wife hearted man among 
them that wrought the work of the tab- 
ernacle, made ten curtains o/fine twined 
linen, and blue, and purple, and fcarlet : 
ivitb cherubims of cunning work made 
he them. 

9 The length of one curtain ivas twen- 
ty and eight cubits, and the breadth of 
one curtain fourcubits: thecurtains lucre 
all ot one iize. 

10 And he coupled the five curtains 
one unto another : and the other five cur- 
tains he coupled one unto another. 

11 And he made loops of blue on the 
edge ot one curtain from the felvage in 
the coupling : I ike wife he made in the ut- 
termoft fide o\ anothrr curtain, in the 
coupling of the fecond. 

1-2 Firtj loops made he in one curtain, 
and titty loops made he in the edgeof the 
curtain which n.uas in the coupling of the 
fecond i the loops held one curtain to 

1.) And he made fifty taches of gold, 
and coupled ''■ rui tains one unto anoth- 
er with the taches : fo it became one tab- 

li And he made curtains of goats hair 
tor the tent over the tabernacle : eleven 

curtain* he made them. 

l > I tie length ofonccurtain wets th r- 
ty cubit s,and fourcubits vaat the breadth 
of one curtain ; the eleven curtains "wr re 

of one liae, 

16 \no he coupled five curtains b/ 
the ,and fix i m tainsb) themfelves* 

17 And he made fifty loops up m the ut- 
ter. I the em tain in the ( qud- 

nd fifty loops m ide he upon the 
edge of the curtain which coupfeth thr 

\nd he made fifty tachrs tf/Wai 
COU] tOg 'her, that it might be 

(9 And he mad-? I covering for the 
teni (kins died i a cover* 

ing ' ' fkin< above that. 

:•> And he made boards for the tab 
le '/ fhutim woo l, (landing up. 
:i 'l he length ot .i board wai ten cu- 
bittj and the breadth ol a board one cu- 
nd a half. 

! two tenon illy 

diftant on: from . i thus did he 


£6 The curtains, boards, aik, 

all the boards of the taberna< le. 

, ide boards for t lie taber- 
tvventy boards lor the fouth fide 

: i forty rackets offilver he made 

twenty boards ; two U ( 
board for his two tenons, ami 
ts under another board foi his 

jrthe other fide of the tabcr- 
■uhicbis toward the north corner, 
e twent 

M.d their forty foclcetsof filver ; 
board, and two 
•r board. 
id f r the fides oi the tabern 
made lix boards. 

irds made he for the 
rnaclein the two (ides. 
1 And they were coupled beneath, 
1 togetherat the head thereof, 
: tin; . he did to both ofthem 
id there wefe eight boards ; and 
their lockets not re fix teen lockets of 1:1- 
every board two fockets. 
I And he made bars of fhittim wood; 
five for th- of the one fide of the 


id five bars for the boards of the 

oi the tabernacle, and five bars 

of the tabernacle for the 


- And fie made the middle bar to 

fhoot through the boards from the one 

A Vnd i laid the 1 • ards with gold, 

'•• theirrini Id to be placesibr 

the bars with gold, 
id he mad( I of blue", and 

t, and fine twined lin- 
rrubims made licit of cun- 

d he made thei four pillars 

fl/rtiittiiu -rood, and i thom with 

: gold ; and 1:. 


•"*"• ide an h for the tab- 

md purple.and Pcar- 

i needle work : 

th their 

,old : but theirfive 


f mercy feat with tbtru- 


I >US. mercy-feat , table, candleftickfgc. 

5 And he cart for it four rings of gold, 
to be. fet by the four corners of it ; even 

mi; s upon theone lideof it, and two 
rings upon the other tide of it. 

4 And he made ftaves o/ fhittim wood, 
and overlaid them with gold. 

\nd he put the Haves into the rings 
ie fides of the ark, to bear the ark. 

6 H And he made the mercy-feat of 
pure gold ; two cubits and a half ivas 
the length thereof, and one cubit and a 
half the breadth thereof. 

7 And he made twocherubims o/gold, 
beaten out of one piece made he them, on 
the two ends of the mercy-feat ; 

8 One cherub on the end on this fide, 
and another cherub on the other end on 
that fide : out of the mercy-feat made he 
the cherubims on the two ends thereof. 

9 And the cherubims fpread out their 
wings on high, and covered with their 
wings ovcrthe mercy-feat, with their faces: 
one to another ; even to the mercy-feat- 
ward were the faces of the cherubims. 

10 qj And he made the table of fhittim 
wood: twocubits <zvas the length thereof, 
and a cubit the breadth thereof,and a cu- 
bit and a half the height thereof. 

11 And he overlaid it with pure gold, 
and made thereunto a crown of gold 
round about. 

H Alfo he made thereunto a border of 
an hand breadth round about; andmade 
a crown of gold for the border thereof 
round about. 

13 And he call for it four rings of gold, 

and put the ring 1 - upon the four corners 

that were'xri the four feet thereof. 

1 lOveragain(t the border v.ere the rings, 

the places for the (laves to bear the table. 

15 And he made the flaves of fhittim 
wood, and overlaid them with gold, to- 
bear the table. 

1G And he made the veflel-iwhich ivere 
upon the table, his di(hes,and his fpoons, 
and his bowls, and his covers to cover 
u, Di pui e gold. 

17 ^LAnd he made the candleflick of 

pure gold : ©/"beaten work made he the 

candleflick ; his fhaft, and his branch, 

his b ; iis knops, and his flowers, 

of the lame : 

I And fix branches going out of the 


(ides thereof ; three branches of the can- 

dleflick out of the one fide thereof, and 
three branches of the candlcftick out of 
the other fide thereof, 

aade after the fafhion 

k »/mitfim ( ,f almonds m one branch, a knop and a 

hall was the flower: and three bowls made like al- 

'• a hall the mond - in another branch, a knop and a 

abitanda halt th- flower: fo throughout the fix branches 

r: going out of the candleflick. 

»d \ x • v,,1) P«' » \nd in the candleflick were four 

mad* icrpwnof bowls made like almonds, Jhis knops and 
about. isflowej " 

21 And 

Tie altar of\nce\, 

p under two bran 
» under two t : 

under t nch- 

j . off i to the fix branch* 

it of it. 

oiops and their brand 
all of it iuus one be 
o/"pure gold. 
And he made ' 
fm ind hlsfnu 

14 O/u talent of pure ^old . 
and all the ve dels thereof? 

I And he inadeth 
fbittim wood : the length of it '.fj.f .1 
ind the breadth of it a cubit 
fquare ; a id two cub I iu.j 
heightof it; the horns thereof were of the 

t with pure gold. 
■ I 
•!»e horns of it : alio he 
of gold roir 

of it, upon the two fide 

• hear it -a ithal. 
the i 



ry . 


.-• fum of 


of bill 

. . 

1 And he I Tcof 0: 


-4 A 


\ I 


fum of the op 
fouth fide fouth* 

court "<verc o/rinc I 

10 n 

brafen i 

pillars and their fi r. 

11 rthe r. >:gi 

iurr t '.v\ hundred cubits* their pill 

twenty, and th- ..f brafs twen- 

. fil- 


It fide T r^.* 

of fifty cubits, their pi] 

ift fide eaftward fifty- 

ags of the one fide c/ 

: pillars 
;ockets throe. 

f the courts 
that hand, ivere 
: theii 

All the »f the court round 

abo 1 . 

IT \ I t] he pillars ivere 

ofbv nd their 



: the 
court i 

let, anil t 

■ ■ 
19 r. a\m\ 

their fockets o/*bra 


■ ■ 

■ i 

n o; 

all tha* 


pie, and 


m nhU 


>or of t! 


nui ; 

; on i; idrcd taleni . 


• ere 



88 The loty garments, &c. 

hundred and threefcore and fifiecn fhek- 
cls, after the (hekel of the fanctuary. 

26 A bckah for every man. that is half 
a (hekel, after the (hekel of the fanctuary, 
for every one that went to be numbered, 
from twenty years old and upward, for 
fix hundred thoufand and three thoufand 
and five hundred and fifty men. 

27 And of the hundred talents of filvpr 
were caft the foekets of the fanctuary, 
and the foekets of the veil ; an hundred 
foekets of the hundred talents, a talent for 
a focket. 

28 And of the thoufand feven hundred 
feventy and ftvefbtkels, he made hooks for 
the pillars, and overlaid their chapiters, 
and filleted them- 

29 And thebrafsof the offering ivas 
feventy talents, and two thoufand and 
four hundred fhekels. 

SO And therewith he made the foekets 
to the door of the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation, and the brafen altar, and the 
brafen grate for it, and all the veflels of 
the altar • 

31 And the foekets of the court round 
about, and the foekets of the court-pate, 
and all the pins of the tabernacle, and all 
the pins of the court round about. 


i The i Uihcs offernjice andboly garments. 

i The ephod. 8 The breaft. plate. nThe 

robe of the ephod, and other garments. 

AND of the blue, and purple, and fcar- 

they made clothes of fervice, to do 

frrvice in the holy place, and made the 

holy garments for Aaron : as the Lord 

commanded Mofes. 

2f And he made the ephod of gold, 
blue, and purple, and fcarlet, and fine 
twined linen. 

$ And they (Aid beat the gold into thin 
plat'-s and cut it into wires to work it 
in the blue, and in the purple, and in the 
f i'!'", and in the fine linen, luitb cun- 

4 fhoulder-pieces for it. to 

:t together : by the two edgeswas 
it c I 'ether* 

9 And the curious girdle of his ephod, 
that ipon it, T/-«/ofthe lame, ac- 

rk thereof: of gold, blue, 
pie, and fcarlet, and fine twined 
the Lord commanded Mofes. 
And the wrought onyx (tones in- 
fed in oucl 'Id, graven, as fig- 
arc graven, with the namej of the 
tildren of lirael. 

7 And he put them on the Qiouldcrs 

< f thr ephod, /A J/ tbey fh'juld br (tones for 
j» memorial to the children of Ifracl ; as 
the Lord commanded Mole^. 

8 f| And he made the bread-plate of 

< nnmng work, like the wotk of the eph- 
od ; •/ gold, t)lue, and purple, and fcar- 
let, and fine twined linen. 

The holy garments &V, 
fourfquare; they made the 

9 Tt Was 

breaft-plate double : a fpdn autfjthe length! 
thereof, and a fpan the breadth thereof, 
being doubled. 

10 And they fet in it four rows of (tones; 
the firjl row nvas a fardius, a topaz, and a 
carbuncle : this nvas the firft row. 

11 And the fecond row, an emerald, a 
fapphire, and a diamc/nd. 

12 And the third row, a agate,- 
and an amethyft . 

13 And the' fourth roW, a* beryl, an 
onyx, and a jafper : theyvoe-e inclofed in 
ouches of gold in their incfofings. 

14 And the ffones <tvere according to the 
names of the children of Ifrael twelve, 
according to their names, like the engrav- 
ings of a fignet, every one with his name/ 
according to the twelve tribes. 

15And they made upon the breaft-plate' 
chains at the ends, of wreithen work &f 
pure gold. 

16 And they made two Ouches of gold, 
and two gold rings, and put the two rings 
in the two ends of ' he breaft-plate. 

17 And they put the two wreathen- 
chains of gold in the two rings on the 
ends of the breaft-plate. 

18 -\nd the two ends of the two wreath- 
en chains they faftenedin the two ouches, 
and put them on the fhoulder-pieces of 
the ephod, beforeit. 

19 And they made two rings of gold, 
and put them on the two ends of the' 
breaft-plate, upon the border of it, which 
iva* on the fide of the ephod inward. 

20 And they made two other golden, 
rings, and put them on the two fides of 
the ephod underneath, toward the fore- 
part of it, over againft the other coupling 
thereof, above the curious girdle of the 

21 And they did bind the breaft -plate- 
by his rings unto the rings of the ephod 
with a lace of blue, that it might be a- 
bove the curious girdle of the ephod, and 
that the breaft-plate might not be loofed 
from the ephod ; asthe Lord command- 
ed Mofes. 

42 H And he made the robe of the 
ephod of woven work, all oj blue. 

23 And there <waszx\ hole in the midfl 
of the robe, as the hole of an habergeon, 
luitb a band round about the hole, that 
it fhould not rend. 

24 And they made upon the hems of 
the robe pomegranates of blue, and pur- 
ple, and fcarlet, and twined linen. 

£5 And they made bells of pure gold, 
and put the bells between the pomegran- 
ate > upon the hem of the robe, round a- 
bout between the pomegranates ; 

26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bell and 
a pomegranate, roundabout the hem of 

Ithe robe to mtnifter in ; as the Lori> 
commanded Mofes. 

12 An! 

Tie tabernacle fet up 

And thev ma ! offinc line 

- n work lor Aaron, and for his I 
And a mitre oj tine liner 

.-is of fine linen, and linen breech - 
ined lir; 
irdle oj tine twined, and 
blue, and purple, and f» arlet, o/ needle- 
work ; as the Lordi 

30 And they in idethe p he holy 

crown efpiu I, and wrote upon ita 

like 10 theengravi ^riet, 

d tliey tied unto ital.iv- of I 
'ten /'/ on nigh upon the mitre ; a 
Lord commanded Moles. 

1 hns was all the work of the tab- 
ernacle ot" the tent of the congregation 
finithed : ani the children of Ifracl did 
according to all that the Lord clmu- 
manded Mofes fo did the* . 

Aid they brought the tabernacle 
unto "\ the tent, and all his furni- 

ture, his taches, his boards, his bars, and 
. and his fockets, 
31 And the cov of rams' (kins 

red, and the covering of bad 
:id the veil of the cover 
35 the ark of the testimony, and the 
• , and the mercy-feat, 
•table, an d all the vcfielstner 

37 '1 he pure candleftick, tvitb the 

lampsthercof, even ixiib the lamps to be 
fet in order, and all the veflels therof, 
and the oil for 
33 And the i: tltar, and the an- 

e fwcet incenfe, 
'abernade door, 
39 '1 he hrafen altar, and his urate of 
brafs, his U md all his , the 

I his 1, 

\ pil- 

the i pins, 

of thefcrviceoftl 
em >f the congregation*. 

-41 rhe clothes of fervic 

ind the ments 

for Aaron the and hi 

I in the 

ip.ll. Aavn and h'ltji '.Jjied. 89 

3 And thou (halt put therein the ark 
oftheteftin. rr the ark with 
the \ 

4 And thou (halt bi the ta 
and fet in order the thi t are to be 
let in order upon it ; and thou (halt bring 
in the cand! and light the la 

5 \nd thou (halt fet the altar of gold 
for the ince the ark of the tefti 
mony,and; f the door 
to the tabernacle. 

t) \ id thou (halt fet the altar of the 
bun. ing before the door of the tab- 

ernacleof the 1 the con . jn. 

-\nd thou (halt iavcr between 

tent of t lie cor. ion and the al- 

tar, and fhall put water therein. 

8 And thou (halt fet up the court round 
about, and lung up the hanging at the 


9 t And thou (halt take the anointing 
oil, and anoint the tabernacle, and all that 
is therein, and (halt hallow it, and all the 

I it (hall be 1: 

10 And thou (halt anoint the altar of 
i ho burnt-offering, and all his veflels, and 

fy the altar: and it mall be an altar 
moft holy. 

11 And thou (halt anoint the liver and 

his foot, and fanctify it . 

12 And thou (hall ron and his 
(bus unto the d .acle of 
the d action, and waft them i 


13 ^ And thou (halt put upon Aaron 
the 1. inoint him, and 

or unto 
me in the prieft's 

14 Ami thou (hah brirfg hi and 
clothe them w 

15 And th . asthou 

didlr may 

minifter urtto me in th 
their an 'il furely be an < 

lading priefthood t: 

16 i I 

IT And it nth 

42 I. or i) i n t),. 

commanded M of If- 

.Jc all t] i k. 

43 And Moli'.-. did look upon all the 

>.t as 
the Lor D h rn fo had 

• done :t : and M< 

i Tbc tabernacle if < owmavJed to be rear. 
, ^ and an and bis 

Jons to befanclijied. 

the I.UM) t> r ake Ul 

i the firft month 
fiialt thou fet up ; oacle of the 

month, : 

1 • 

and fet up 

it in i] 
thereof, and i ars. 

19 Ai " tent - 




ark : 


LEVITICUS. A cloud covereth the tent. 

up the veil of thecov- tent of the congregation and the altar, and 

• e ark of the telli- 
tiieLoRD commanded Mo- 


- A«d he put the table in the tent of 
the coi on the fide of the 

taberna< thout the veil. 

t ihe bread in order upon 
it before the Lord ; as the Lord had 
commanded Moles. 

! 1 he put the- the 
tent of the i r againft the 

table, on the fide of the tabernacle fouth. 


And he lighted the lamps before the 
Lord, as tlu: ' ommanded Mofes. 

e put the golden altar in the 
tent of the v ,-n before the veil : 

idhebi . cetincenfe there- 

in . Enmanded Moles. 

nd he fet up the hanging at the 
doer of the tabernacle. 

td he put the altar of burnt-offer- 
by the door of the tabernacle of the 
teat of the congregation, and offered up- 
on it the burnt-offering and the meat-of- 
as the Lord commanded Mo- 
30 And he fet the laver between the 

put water there, to wafh 

31 And Mofes, and Aaron and his fons». 
warned their hands and their feet thereat. 

32 When they went into the tent of the; 
congregation, and when they came near 
unto the altar, they wathed 3 as the Lord 
commanded Mofes. 

S3 And he reared up the court round 
about the tabernacle and the altar, and 
fet up the hanging of the court-gate. So 
Moles finifhed the work. 

3-i Then a cloud covered the tent of 
the congregation, and the glory of the 
Lord filled the tabernacle. 

35 And Mofes was not able to enter in- 
to the tent of the congregation, becaule 
the cloud abode thereon, and the glory 
of t4ie Lord filled the tabernacle. 

36 And when the cloud was taken up 
from over the tabernacle, the children of 
Ifrael went onward in alltheir journeys : 

37 But if the cloud were not taken up, 
then thev journeyed not till the day that 
it was taken up. 

38 For the cloud of the Lord ivas up- 
on the tabernacle by day, and fire was on 
it by night, in the fight of all the houfe 
of Ifrael, throughout all their journeys. 


1 The kurnt-offer'iTios, i^j the herd y \oof 
: k cf..ks y 14 t'cvuls. 

> called unto Mofes, 
(pake unto him out of the tabernacle 
•«ion, : 

children of Ifrael, rid 

. I :i of you bring 

to the Lord, yc ihall bring 

f the cattle, even of the 

3 »,^a burnt-facrifiicof 

in offer a male without 

r it 4 f his own vol- 


of t. 

* i'on the 

uurnt-ofFei and it 

for him t atonement 

5 .11 kid the bullcckb- 

I the pi n's !on», 

, ami fprinkle the 

I aboii the .dtar that is 

& f ' ernacle of the con- 

l *' An '1 (lay the burnt-offering, 

'\nd tl. eft fhall 

, and lay the wood 
in oi ? re. 

8 And tl. ihall 

Uj the part>, the head, and the fai, in or- 

der upon the wood that is on the fire 
which is upon the altar. 

9 But his inwards and his legs fhall he 
wafh in water : and the prieft ihall burn 
all on the altar, to be a burnt-facrifice, an 
offering made by fire of a fweet favour 
unto the Lord. 

10 \ And if his offering be of the flocks, 
namely , of the Iheep, or of the goats, for 
a burnt-facrifice ; he fhall bring it a male 
without blemifh. 

11 And he ihall kill it on the fide of the 
altar northward before the Lokd : and 
thepriefrs, Aaron's fons, (hall fprinkle his. 
blood round about upon the altar : 

12 And he ihall cut it into his pieces, 
with his head and his fat : and the prieft 
fhall lay them in order on the wood that 
it on the fire which is upon the altar : 

13 Dut he (hall wafh the inwards and 
the legs with water : and the prieft fhall 
bring it all, and burn it upon the altar : 

a burnt-facrifice, an offering made 
by firo, ofa fweet favour unto the Lord. 

1 » 1 And if the burnt-facrifice for his 
offering to the Lo*D be of fowls, then he 
fhall bring his offering of turtledoves, or 
of young pigeons. 

15 And the prieft fhall bring it unto 
the altar, and wring off his head, and 
burn //on the altar; andthc blood there- 
of fhall be wrung out at the fide of thtf 
altar : 

16 And 

Toe meat-offering offlcur. Chap. ii. iii 

16 And he (Hall pluck away Ills crop 
"with his feathers, and caft it beiide the 
altar on the eaft part, by the place of the 

l" Arid he fhall cleave It with the 
uings thereof, bat (hall not divide :/ahi ri- 
der : and tlie prielt fhall burn it upon the 
altar, upon the wood that is upon the fire : 
it is a burat-facrifice, an o :nade by 

tire of a fa mr unu< the Lord. 

CHAP. ! 
I Tie meat-offering c b oil and 

incen/e, i -: and the f.rjtjrniis. n the year . 

13 The lal: of the meat-Bering. 

ND when any will offer a meat-of- 
ng unto the Lord, his ottering fhall 
be of fine Hour : and he fhall pour oil up- 
on it, and put fraukincenfe there- 
on : 

(hall bring it to Aaron's fons 
the pric. (hall take thereout h;s 

flour thereof,and of the oil 
ith all the fraukincenfe there- 
of : and the pried iiiall burn the 111 

of it upon the altar, to be an ottering 
made by fire, of afweet favour unto the 

R.D : 

And the remnant of the raeat-off'er- 
\n%/ball be Aaron's and !m loiib' : it is a 
thing nioft holy of the otierings of the 
Lo by fire 

4 And if thotl bring an oblation 
meat-offering bakenin ihc o\ en, itjla It be 
unleavened cake* of fine Hour mi: 
with oil, jr unleavened waxen anointed 
with oil. 

5 And if thy oblation be a meat-offer 
hanen in a pan, it (ball be oj line Hour 

». leavened, mingled s\ ith oil 

b 'I hou Ihalr part :t in ; nd pour 

oilth : it 1 ig. 

\nd if thy ■' be a 1 

Oaken in the frying pan, it fhall be 
lc cj fine flou; ul. 

8 And thou :halt brin- 1 

The fea:e-offeii*tg *J :h. her J. 91 

13 fj And every oblation of thy m< 
offering shah thou feafon with fait ; nei- 
ther fhalt thou lutier the fair of rhe cove- 
nant of thy God to be lai 1 thy 
meatoffering;: with all thir rings 
thou ftialt offer fait. 

12 And if thou offer a m ring of 

thv firft fruit unto the Lord, thou (halt 
offer forthemeat-offeringof thy firft traits, 

1 1 e , t . 

green e:ui of corn di the 

corn beaten out ot full ears. 

\J And thou ihalt put o.l u?on it, and 
lay frankincenfe thereon : 1: :sjl meat 

13 And the pried thall burn the memo- 
rial of it, fart of the beaten corn thereof, 
and fartoi the oil thereof, with all the 
fraukincenfe thereof : it is an offering 
ie bv fire unto the Lord. 
1 TV peace-offering of tbe herd, 6 of ike 
ft \ k , - either a lamb, \i or a goat. 

i oblation be a facrifice cf 
peace ol' / of the hei I 

whether it I le, he I 

oiier it ire the 


1 fhall lay his hand upon the 
head of nd kill it at 

door of the tabem 

the pri. 
fprinkle the blood upon the altar round 

vnd he fhall offer of the facrift 


rue U 

1, and all the i it that h Uj on 
the inward 

• kid no- fal that 

them, which // 1 

ill the k 
it iliull he* take 

the altar up burnt-fat 1 h'u n 

: i 

iug that is tl unto the an ol 

I unto the 

pneft, he fhall br tar. 

: fhall take from the 

lh, ill bum it 

un' :>. 

10 And thai ' r ofth 
cfferlnyjb ill n* : it 

iofl hob lings of 
the Lo ri> ma • 

11 No meal • • h'u h ye ftull 
b r ', n _ :i be made with 

ill bum no leaven, nor 
any honey, in any offering of the Lord 
le by t 

oblation of tl 
fruits, ye shall offer them unto the Lo r. i>; 

;, shall not be burnt on': 
tor a fwect favour. 

1 our unto tl d. 

the 1 010 be < •" 

fba I 

a lamb tor his off'ei 
(hen (hall h 

II lay ! 

d kill it 
Ii 01 th n . and 


thr 1 by 

, and 

I i 

• thai cov- 

reth the inwards, and all the tat that is 
1 the ipwai 
19 Andfwe two kidneys, and the fat 


I'btftn-offc ring of ignorance, LEVI 

that is upon tliem, which h by the Banks, 
arul the caul above the liver, with the 
ki< ; 11 he take away. 

11 And t3ie priefl (hall burn it upon the 
altar : it is the food of the offering made 
by Hie unto the Lord. 

S And if his offering be a goat, then 
he ih.ill '.before the Lord. 

1J And he (hall lay his hand upon the 
ind kiil it' before thetaberna- 
i : and t lie fons of 
• inkle the blood thereof up- 
on the altar round 

14 And he (hall offer thereof his offer- 

..ideby fircuntothe 

: fll : lie inwards, 

i the inwards, 

two kidneys, and the fat 

by the flanks, 

liver, with the kid- 


hem up- 
foodofthe offering 
tweet favour : all the 

Hal fiatute for your 
throughout all your dwell- 
er fat nor blood. 
, .'. IV. 

■t ignorance, 3 for the 
regation t nforthe 
- J . r any oj the people. 
the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

nto the children of Ifrael, fay- 

..! (lull fin through ignoi 

nmandments of the 

erning t which ought not 

.' dl do againft any cf 

3 I ] ^fl thai ) fin 

n of the peoph , 


. k unto 



s and bri 






.i on trofn it a 

riCL r 5. for the congregation, &c, 

of the bullock for the fin-offering ; the 
fat that covereth the inwards, and all the 
fat that is upon the inwards ; 

9 And the two kidneys, and the fat that 
is upon them, which is by the Hanks, and 
the caul above the liver, with the kid- 
neys, it fhall he take away : 

10 As it was taken off from the bullock 
of the facrihee of peace-offerings: and the 
prieft fhall burn them upon the altar of 
the burnt-offering. 

11 And the fkin of the bullock, and all 
his flefh, with his head, and with his legs, 
and his inwards, and his dung, 

12 Even the whole bullock fhall hecar- 
ry forth without the camp unto a clean 
place, where the afhes are poured out, 
and burn him on the wood with fire : 
where the afhes are poured out (hall he 
be burn*. 

13 f And if the whole congregation of 
Ifrael fin through ignorance, and the thing 
be hid from the eyesof the afTembly, and 
they have donefomewbat againft any of 
the commandments of the Lord concern- 
ing tilings which fliould not be done, and 
are guilty ; 

14 When the fin, which they have fin- 
ned againft it. is known, then the congre- 
gation fhall offer a young bullock for the 
nn, and brinn; him before the tabernacle 
of the congregation. 

15 And the elders of the congregation 
fhall lay their hands upon the head of the 
bullock before the Lord : and the bul- 
lock (hall be killed before the Lord. 

16 And the prielf that is anointed fhall 
bring of the bullock's blood to the taber- 
nacle of the congregation : 

IT And the pricft fhall dip his finger 
in fame cf the blood, and fprinkle // lev- 
en times btfore the Lord, even before 
the veil. 

Ami he lhail put fome of the blood 

, the horns of the altar v. hich is be- 

the Lof. ;>, that io in the tabernacle 

of the tion, and fhall pour out all 

the bottom of the altar of the 

burnt-or! , which is at the door of the 

tabernacle of the < ition. 

19 And he (hall take all his fat from 

d burn // U| on the altvtr. 

. ' '.1 he (hall do with the bullock as 

the ■ for a fin-offering, 

1 tl • : and the pri< C: 

hi it for them, and it 

- llial 1 carry forth the bull 
p. and burn him as he 
-x : it if. a fin-ofler- 
' n a hath finned, and 

. 1 gh ignorance againft 
of the commandments of the Lord 
God, concerning things which fhould 
not be d^ne ; and is guilt v ; 

M Or 

Andfor any oj the people. Chap 

25 Or if his fin, wherein he hath finned, 
ne to his knowledge ; he ihall bring 
his oirering.akid of the goats, a male with- 
out blemilh : 

~i And he fhall lay his hand upon the 

head of the goat, and' kill it in the place 

'■re they kill the burnt-offering before 

the Lord : it is a fin-efferin 

v - Touching unclean things. 93 

i Of him that cor.cealetb his knowledge in 
touching an unclear. \ or in ma. 

king an oath. 14 The trc }afs- offering 
in lac r ilege, 17 and ;'• 
AND italouliin, a- Iheartlv : of 

[wearing, and rr a witnefs, whether he 
hath feen or known of it \ if he do not 

And the pneft fhall take of the utter it th< n he mall bear his iniquity 

I Or if a foul touch any unclean thing, 

Llood of the fin-offering with his finger, 
and put it upon the horns of the altai 
burnt-offering, and (hall pour out hi:> 

od at the bottom of the altar of burnt- 


26 And he frail burn all his fat upon 
the altar, as the fat of the facrifice of 
peace-offerings . : and the pried fhall make 
an atonemenr :n as Concerning hia 
/in, and it (hall be forgiven him. 

27 £ And if any one of the common 
people fin through ignorance, while he 

- bat a^ainjl any of the coin- 

lit not to be done.and be guilty; 

*8 Or it his fin. which he hath finned. 

come to his knowledge: then he (hall 

bring his offering, a kid of the goats, a 

lie without blcmifli, foi his fin which 

he hath finned. 

M all lay his band upon the 

ot the fin-offering, and flay the Gn- 

the place of the burnt-om r 

1 the prieff (nail take of the b 
ereoi with his finj l put it uj 

tlic horn- f burnt-ol 

I !hall pour out all the blood the. 
the altar. 

31 And he /hall take away all the far 

It ii taken aw.r off" 

th- facrifice ofpeace-offerii 
hall bum it noon ti, 
1" uriint the 

prii fl fhall m ient for h 

it fhall be en him. 

! And if h>- 

hall hi 

I he fhall I n the 

the I'm , md flay it I 

Inn nt 

bfthe fin -of hi , fin ■ ■••• g n Ipui 

if iipon tin horns 1 



' I the i dl bin 

npo„ the altar, 

by fire unto I , :- 

(hall 1 1 atone:. 

e hath committed, and 1 
n him. 

whether itbe a Carcafs of an unclean beait, 
1 carcafs of unclean cattle, or the car- 
cafs oi unclean creeping things, and /'/' it 
be hidden from him; he alfo fhall be un- 
n, and guilty. 
3 Or it htf touch the uncleannefs of 
man, u h itfoever uncleannefs ;'/ be that a 
man fhall be defiled withal, and it be hid 
from him ; when he knov.cth oj //, then 
dl be guilty. 
* - Or if a i nil fv car, pronouncing 
with bis lips to do evil, or to do goo , 
itfoever// be that a man fhall pro- 
nounce « ith an oath, and it be hid 
him ; when he knoweth of it, then he 
fhall be guilty in oneofth 

5 And it fhall he when he fhall be guil- 
ty in one of thefe 1 .that he fhall con- 
feis that he hath finned in that t 

6 And he fhall bring his trefj '"- 
ing unto the Lord t fin which he 
hath tinned, a female from the flo< k, a 
lamb or a kidoPtl »r .i fin 

fhall make an ah ne- 
n concerning h ; > fin. 
7 And if he be not able to bring a lamb, h. ft ,11 bring i')i hi . h 

ne h ith co ■■ I, two tui tledoi 

in , unto the Lord ; one 
a fin-off I the oth a 


lhall hi ting them unto t ; 


ring fii 

1) not d 


kleoftl I of 

the fin-oi upon tl Itar: 


. lin- 

10 for a 

Bl ! : t|| ,,i 

1 he hath fii 
it (hall 

1 '. 



ih ol I ■■ ur 
he fhall , 

1 2 1 hen fl ill he brin 



for Jins done nv'wingly. 

6 And he fhall bring his trefpafs-offer- 
ing unto the Lord, a ram without blem- 
ilh out of the flock, with thy eftimation, 
for a trefpafs-oftering unto the priefl: : 

7 And the prieft fhall make an atone- 
ment for him before the Lord : and it 
fhall be forgiven him for any thing of 
all that he hath done in trefpaffing there- 

8 And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

9 Command Aaron and his fons, fay- 
ing, This is the law of the burnt-offer- 
ing : it is the burnt-offering, becauie of 
the burning upon the altar all night unto 
the morning, and the fire of the altar fhall 
be burning in it. 

10 And the pried fhall put on his linen 
garment, and his linen breeches fhall he 
put upon his flefh, and take up the afhes 
which the fire hath confumed with the 
burnt-offering on the altar, and he fhall 
put them befide the altar. 

11 And he fhall put off his garments, 
and put on other garments, and carry 
forth the afhes without the camp unto a 
clean place. 

11 And the fire upon the altar fhall be 
burning in it ; it fhall not be* put out : 
and the priefl fhall burn wood on it every 
morning, and lay the burnt-offering in 
order upon it ; and he fhall burn thereon 
the fat of the peace-offerings. 

13 The fire fhall ever be burning upon 
the altar ; it fhall never go out. 

14 And this is the law of the meat-of- 
fering : the fons of Aaron fhall offer it be- 
fore the Lord before the altar. 

15 And he fhall take of it his handful, 
of the flour of the meat- offering, and of 
the oil thereof, and all the frankincenfe 
which /jupon the meat-offering, and fhall 
burn //upon the altar for a fweet favour, 
even the memorial of it, unto the Lord. 

16 And the remainder thereof fhall Aa- 
ron and his fons eat : with unleavened 
bread fhall it be eaten in the holy place ; 
in the court of the tabernacle of the con- 
veil his gregation they fhall eat it. 

I 17 It fhall not be baken with leaven. 

34 7b: tvrfpafs ■ oft r'.ng 

the altar, accoraingto the offerings made 
i the Lord ; it i> a fin-crlcr- 

: left fhall make an atone- 
ment for him, as touching his (in that he 
ned in one ofthefe, and it fhall be 
iven him : and $bt remnant fhall be 
the pi ieit's a^ a meat -offering. 

11 r - And the Lord fpake unto Mofcs, 

15 If * foul commit a treipafs, and fin 
thrc ince, in the 1 holy things of 

then he fhall bring for his trcf- 
pa(s unf '>, a ram without blem- out of the flocks, v\i»h thy eftimation 
tiilver, after the (hekeloftho 
fanftuary, for a trefpafs-oftering. 

it And he (hall make amends for the 
harm that lje hath done in the holy- 
thin^, and fhall add the fifth part thereto, 
give it unto the priefl : and the priefl 
ike an atonement ior him with the 
rani of the trefpafs- offering, and it fhall 
be : 

.id if a foul Gn, and commit any 

t»flh< I things which arc forbidden to be 

4o: m .isof the Lord; 

t, yet is he guilty, and 

<fij!l h< .'.r his iniquity. 

ill bring a ram without 
lifh out «»t the flock, with thy eftima- 
a t re fpafs- offering, unto the priefl: 
and l • (\ (hall make an atonement for 

c< ncerning his ignorance wherein he 
•nd will /'/ not, and it fhall be for- 
given him. 

19 It ;'/ a trefpafs-offerine : he hath 
certainly trefpafied againft the Lord. 

\l\ VI. 
i The t ' fferinq for fins done OUf/- 
•0 The offering at tbr confe- 
rs .::nn of a priefl. 

A \ I);.'. Loi d fp ike unto Mofes,fay- 


- If a I inmit a trefpaf a- 

■tinfl ■ ' and lie unto hi^ i 

hich was di 

, or in a thin 

3 ( | It whit loft, I I have given it unto ibem for their portion 

d fueareth falfe- oiiny offei \ade by fire ; it is moft 

fin -offering, and as the 


n . 

i'h fin- 

(hall reflore that 



wni , or the 



re it in the 



• offering. 


18 All the males among the children of 
Aaron (ball cat of it. itjball be a ftatute 

;er in your generations concerning 
offerings of the Lord made by fire : 
every one that touchcth them lhall be 
| holy. 

19 - And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

I 1 i i s is the oil ering of Aaron and 

ito him • ■ ■• hom itiof his fons, which they fhall offer unto 
of h:s trefpafs- the Lord in the day when he is anoint- 

i .ng. 

'cd ; the tenth part of an ephah of fine 


Tbe law of the tre/pafi. cjeri^, Chap . vii. an J of the p e . < /;. 9." 

flour for a meat-c 

I in the moral . halt th 


a pan it :ha!l be nude with oil ; 

en it is bake.n thou (fa lg it 

ja/ thebaken pieces of the meat-of- 

halt thou oh'icfT a fweet favour 

unto the Lord. 

prieftof <an- 

ted in his fread fhall offer it : it is a 
to the Lord ; it (hall 

?ring for the 
lly burnt, it (bail not 

n and to his fons. 

lis is the law of the 1 \n£ : 

in the place where the burn 

killed ("hall the lin-offerin* be killed be- 

tlie Lord : it is mod holy. 

i& Theprjeft that oftereth it fur fin 

fhall eat it : in the holy place (lull it be 

n, in the court ofthe tabernacle of the 

l touch tiie flcOi 
thereof ASall be holy : and when then- is 
fprinkled of the blood thereof upon any 
lent, thou (halt warti that whereon it 
fprinkled in the holy place. 
But tlK earthen veffel wherein it i» 
'den llTall be broke I if it be ( 

den in a brafen pot, it fhall be both 

>ng thepriefts 
: : it is moll h 

pafe-offertng : then wont ?m . 

the pried that maketh a -re- 
with ihall have */. 

8 And the prieft that offe nn's 

burnt-offer', n the | .ave 

to himfelf, the (kin ofthe bu: ring 
which he hath offered. 

ill the meat-offer: 
en in the oven, and all 'is dreflcd in 

in the pan, dull be the 
that offeret' 
10 And every meat-offering mingled 
with oil, and dry, Oiall all the lons< r Aa- 
ron have, one as much as anothi 
_ 11 J "\: I this is the Law or" the facri- 
fice ol , which ye dullotlcr 

I? If J r a than' -hen 

he fhall ( th the facrince of tliankf. 

givinj :akesraingled with oil, 

andunle; noil, 

ted with oil, oifine Hour, 

!es the cakes, he ft:atl offer/«r 
his ithefacri- 

14 An ■ (hall offer the 

whole oblati in heave < j un- 

to the Lor :t(hall be the Draft's 

that fprinkleth the I ipeace-of- 


I the flem of : rifice of his 

ill be 

I ; he 


16 But f th 

a vow. dl be 

SO , whereof tf* .tenth- that I hhia 

. ht into the tabei ■ ' alfot^ 

concile it flial! 

m the hoi ■ it (hall IT But 1 b of 

he burnt m the fire. , (hall bo 

( 1: i n. 

.' Tbelau :rejp3ji.'--ferin^ t ir r. •. acri- 

fjt, 26 
hlooJare J orb:, id en . 
LIkr A I it the I iw 

pafs offering : it is 1.. 

• 1 1 1 e v- 

kill the 
ing : an<l the bloo 

fice of h -' all 

on tli .11 not I .'fed, 

imputed urn-. Itim thai 
n , and 

11 ''iiviiui- . ll IJ i.i 1. • II III. Ill 1. 

' 1 thepl bul thateateth of" it il.. . 

. kill t! 

,boiU i! : be 

3 \ .m J .: te rtcih, all 

; the rump, and I 

ereth the inwards, he nVh 

4 \nd the • , that^rr- 
iron them, which// b] i-an- 
caul that is above the liver, v upon hi ubciut 
neys, it »"h.ill he take aw iy : 1c. 

\nd the : burn the -I 

the alt.i 

to the Lot D : it is a 

e un- 

. or ar>-. 


6 Every male among the 1 * (In. 
tat thereof : it fhall be eaten in the holy of the (aci re-otfer 

l is mol 

7 As the fin -offering //, fo is the frci I be < ut 

96 The J jf and blood forbidden. 

. ? And the Lord fpake untoMofes, 

unto the children of Ifrael, 
* no manner of fat, of 
ox, or of rtieep, or of goat. 

And the fit <»f the bead that dieth 
felt, ..h>t the fat of thai which is torn 
with beads, may b iy other ufe: 

fhall in nnv ife eat of it. 

iteth the fat of the 
bealt, of which men offer an ottering 
made by fire unto the Lord, even the 
foul ih it eateth it fhall be cut off from 
his people. 

reover, ye fhall eat- no manner 
of blood it be ox fowl or ot beatt, 

>ur dwellings. 

•ever foul it be that eateth any 
ler «f blood/ even that foul fhall be 
cut n hi? people. 

And the Ljru fpake unto Mofes, 

rak unto the children of Ifrael, 
He that oftereth the facrifice of 
his peace- offerings unto the Lord, fiiall 
en co the Lord of the 
: of his peace-offerings. 
So : n hands fhall bring the offer- 

ings of the Lord made by fire, the fat 
with the breath it fhall he bring, that the 
breaH may be waved/or a wave-oflering 
before the Lord. 

And the prieft fhall burn the fat up- 
on the altar: but the brcaft fiiall be Aa- 

flmulijer {ball ye , 
> the prieft for an heave-offering, of 
facrinces of your peace-Offerings. 

among the Ions of Aaron, that 
•he peace-otferings, 
and , ihall have the right fhoulder 

34 For the w; - nfl and the hcave- 

of the childn 
' .he facrifices of their 
d have given tlirm tin 
i unto his tons. by 
r, from among the child- 

e portion of the anointing 
°f A fons, 

o made 
by fire, in the day tuben he prefented 

i the Lord in the 

3T> ". • Lord < t be 

the children . 

tit the . 


I the fin- 

, and 

3* ' oramanded 

fcs that ir. 

LEVITICUS. Aaron and his fons confecrated* 

commanded the children of Ifrael to offer 
their oblations unto the Lord, in the 
wildernefs of Sinai. 


r Mofcsconfecratttb Aaron and his fons.\\ 

Their fin- offering. 18 Their burnt-offer. 

ing. 22 The ram of con fee ration 31 '/he 

place and time of their confec ration. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, fay- 


2 Take Aaron, and his fons with him, 
and the garments, and the anointing oil, 
and a bullock for the fin* offering, and 
two rams, and a bafket of unleavened 
bread ; 

3 And gather thou all the congregation 
together unto the door of the tabernacle 
of the congregation. 

4 And Mofes did as the Lord com- 
manded him ; and the affembly was gath- 
ered together unto the door of the taber- 
nacle of the congregation. 

5 And Mofes laid unto the congrega- 
tion, This is the thing which the Lord 
commanded to be done. 

6 And Mofes brought Aaron and his 
fons, and watlied them with water. 

7 And he put upon him the coat, and 
girded him with the girdle, and clothed 
him with the robe, and put the ephod up- 
on him, and he girded him with the cu- 
rious girdle of the ephod, and bound ;'/ 
unto him therewith. 

8 And he put the breaft-plate upon 
him : alfo he put in the breaft-piate the 
Urim and Thummim. 

9 And he put the mitre upon his head : 
alfo upon the mitre, even upon his fore- 
front, did he put the golden plate, the holy 
crown ; as the Lord commanded Mofes. 

10 And Mofes took the anointing oil, 
and anointed the taberna'cle and all that 
was therein, and fam-tified them. 

11 And he fprinkled thereof upon the 
altar feven times, and anointed the altar 
and all his vellels. both the laver and his 
foot, to fancYify them. 

12 And hie poured of the anointing oil 
upon Aaron's head, and anointed him, to 
fanctify him. 

13 And Mofes brought Aaron's fon>. 
and put coat;- upon them, and girded then* 
with girdles, and put bonnets upon them: 
as the Lord commanded Mofes. 

U I And he brought the bullock for 
the fin-offering : and Aaron and his fons-' 
laid their hands upon the head otthe bul- 
lock for the fin-offerii 

15 And he flew /'/ ; and Mofes took the 
blood, and put it upon the horns of the 
altar round about with his finger, and pu- 
d the altar, and poured the blood at 
the bottom of th<* altar, and fanclified it, 
to make a reconciliation upon it. 

1> And he took all the fat that ivas 
Upon t he Inwards, and the caul above the 


ram oj Chap. ix. Aaron* < fn-offerin£ l &c. 9T 

i their : 31 « 

an ir. f to lii> Tons, Boil | 

IT But the cie, his the tabernacle of tJ 

flc jrnt wi*h firelth re eat it i j ir 

► RD com nmanded, 

- And that \ (he 

I of th< irn with 




legs in 




of his i 

right hands, \ the great 

fprinkled the 

of the « : 
iac!e ol tion in 


■ 1 : for 

he confe 

34 ^ is day i /- 
Lord hath to make 

an ati i 


! am 

d nlW] 

by the hand 

I Fire J f §m bt 


, and 

•' ; 

, hee 

nift, and 


: the 

I the ; I a fin-ofl . llf and a 


the Lord ; 

• hi. 
. / u hich Mi 

• n 


• the tl 


■ - 

• the 

• I that jrc 


orp : ! make 

the Lord 

wpo h him ; 

9 And the 

his fc : and i 


■ t 

H ?*/ peewit bit Jed. 

«f the altar, and poured out the blood at 
the bottom or" the altar : 

10 But the tat, and the kidneys, and the 
raul abni e the Liver of the (in-ottering, lie 
burnt upon the altar ; as the Lord com- 
manded Moi 

11 And the flrlh and the hide he burnt 
with fire without the camp. 

It And he flew the burnt-offering ; 

and Aaron's fons prefented unto him the 

blood which he iprinkled round about 

upon the altar. 

15 And they prefented the burnt-offer- 
j unto him, with the pieces thereof and 

the head : and he burnt tbem upon the 


14 And he &\\ wafh the inwards and 

S and burnt tbem upon the burnt- 
i the altar. 

15 And he brought the peoples' offer* 
ing, and took the K oat » which oua/ the fin- 

r 'he people, and Hew it, and 
red :t for fin, as the firft. 

16 And he brought the burnt-offering, 
and offered it according to the manner. 

17 And he brought the meat-offering, 
and took an handful thereof, and burnt 
t: upon the altar, befide the burnt -facri- 
ficc of the morning. 

IS He flew alio the bullock and the ram 

for a facrifice of peace-offerings, which 

for the people : and Aaron's fons 

prefented unto him the blood, which he 

Iprinkled upon the altar round about ; 

19 And tot fat of the bullock and of 
the ram, the rump, and that which cov- 
h the in iv a ret s t and the kidneys, and 
the caul above the liver : 
2') And they put the fat upon the breafls, 
he burnt the fat upon the altar : 
I And the breads and the right fhoul- 
Aaroi wwtd/or a wave -offering bo- 
th* LORD ; as Moles commanded. 
- 1 And Aaron lifted Up his hand to- 
ttple, and blelfed them, and 
came down from offering of the fin-otfer- 
I the burnt-offering, and peace-of- 

[ fofesand Aaron went into the 
tab 1 * of the < 


Lord appc. nil the people. 

t4 1 A m from be- 

. - - • , i fun I upon the 

r the I and the fat : 

•vbtcb when all I »\ , they 

flioute. 1 11 on their raCH . 

th and Abibu burnt. 8 The fr'tefls 

bihu, tne fons of 
Aan ther of th' ijfer, 

Jed them net. 

LEVITICUS. Frlefis ft rbidden wine. 

4 And there went out fire from the 
Lord, and devoured them, and they di- 
ed before the Lord. 

3 Then Mofes laid unto Aaron, This 
is it that the Lord (pake, faying, I will 
be tanctihed in them that come nigh me, 
and before all the people I will be glori- 
fied. And Aaron held his peace. 

4 And Mofes called Miihael and Elza- 
phan, the fons of Uzziel, the uncle of Aa- 
ron, and faid unto them, Come near, car- 
ry your brethren from before the Sanc- 
tuary out of the camp. 

5 So they went near, and carried them 
in their coats out of the camp ; as Mofes 
had faid. 

6 And Mofes faid unto Aaron, and un- 
to Eleazar, and unto Ithamar, hja fons, 
Uncover not your heads, neither rend 
your clothes ; left ye die, and left wrath 
come upon all the people ; but let your 
brethren, the whole houfc of Ifrael, be- 
wail the burning which the Lord hath 

7 And ye fhall not go out from the door 
of the tabernacle of the congregation, left 
ye die : for the anointing oil of the Lord 
is upon you. And they did according to 
the word of Mofes. 

H f And the Lord fpake unto Aaren, 

9 Do not drink wine norftrong drink, 
thou, nor thy fons with thee, when ye go 
into the tabernacle of the congregation, 
left ye die: it /ball bt a ftatute forever 
throughout your generations : 

10 And that ye may put difference be- 
tween holy and unholy, and between un- 
clean and clean ; 

11 And that ye may teach the children 
of Ifrael, all the ftatutes which the Lord 
hath fpoken unto them by the hand of 

1- And Mofes fpake unto Aaron, and 
unto Eleazar, and unto Ithamar, his fons 
that ueie left, Take the meat-offering 
thai remaineth of the offerings of the 
Lord made by fire, and eat it without 
n befide the altar : for it is moft holy: 

13 And yc lhall eat it in the holy place, 
ife il is thy clue, and thy fons' due, of 

the facrifices ot the Lord made by fire : 
for fo I am commanded. 

14 And the wave-bread and Iieave- 
(houlderfhallyeeatinaclean place ; thou, 
ami thy fons,and thy daughters with thee: 
for tbej be thy due, and thy fons' due, 
which are g^iven out of the facrifices of 
peace-offerings of the children of Ifrael. 

■-Ihoulder and tne wave- 
bread mall they bring with the offerings 
• of the fat, to wave// for a 
e the Lord ; and it 
lhall be thine, and thy fons' with thee, by 
a ftatute forever j as the Lord hath 


15 And 

Oj meats c 

16 And M 

goa f A 

'■' f° u i 

:ht I 




h Elca. 


the fm- 
igit is molt 

. to make 

Lord ? 
,- pice: y£ 
the hoiv 

iten it in 
', a. I commanded. 
19 At lofes, Be- 

rcd their lin- 


the Lord : and fuch tliii._ fallen 

I had ring 

I cen accepted in the 

id that, he was 

i. .13 and unclean. 

AND rd fpake unto Moles and 

unto them, 

drenof Ifraeljfay- 

ilhat ari ontheearth. 

. . 


iball ye not eat 
f : as the v an 

cauie he cheweth 1 , but divided) 

>f ; Kr it an unto j oil. 

-vet ll 

the cud, but divideth not the hoot ; 
unclean unto you. 

\nd th- he cheweth the 

, but divideth irjt the hoof; he is un- 

irteth the hoof, and Ls 

IOUC .1L III 111 

Ainf, tl until t l 

15 ^ And thefe tire they vobicb ye f 
have in abomination am' 

they thall not be eaten, they are an abt 

he eagle, and the offi ti- 
the ol'pr. 

14 And the vulture, and th 
his kind ; 

13 hvery raven 2fter his kind ; 

16 Andtne owl, and the night-hawk,; 
the cuckoo, and the hawk after i, 

IT And the little owl, and the corn 
rant, and the great owl, 

IB And the i wan, and th 
the gicr ea^le, 

19 And the (fork, the heron after I 
kind, and the lapwing, and the bat. 

20 Alt fowls that creep, goin^ upon all 
four, Jhall be aw abomination 

tl Vet thelc may ye eat of ever 
ere- . hing that goeih open all 

above their leet, to learx 
wahal upon the earth ; 

in theie of them ye may eat ; the 
after lm kind, a:ul the bald ', 
after his kind, and the beetle after 
kind, and the graslhopper aftei I 

- But all other flying creeping th 
which have four teet, /tali i: an aboi 
nation unto you. 

And for thefe ye (hall b.- uncleat) : 
lieth the 1 . 
fnall be unclean until the even. 

I whofoeverbean I 

I them fhall wain hit k\o hi 
ldean until th ! even. 
I he careajjes cr evei / h 
the hoef, and is 1 
cd, 1: r chew '. - tii tl. *rruncl 

ry one that I 
fhall be unclean. 

tl And what! DCthun 

among all manner 
Jour, thofe 

; : their t 

! footed, yet he chew 

/ uncle 
8 Of their Hefh ft til ye not and 

the:- : Aich \ I 

that a' 
fcale .1 the 

• '. . 
in the fe 



but j e (hall have of then n a- 

bo >n. 

fins nor I 


I he that b 

until tl t undea i unto j on . 


on I 

the i<m 

. I ■ 

• \v h >!■ 

V\ il 



unclean ; \ 

. ■ 


. re unclean . JL.E V I T I C Worn en's purification i . 

[fa woman have conceive 

; th a [he (hall be un- 
cording to the days of 
on for iier ty (hall Che 

hall be un- 

, w here into 
* . is in it 

. t . 

nclean ; 

- . pots, 

■. unto you. 

ain or pit, 

, shall be 

h their car- 


And il their carcafs fall 

. .- : Coy, n, 

but it ; upon the 

cafs fall 
thereon, il unto you. 

39 which j : may 

; lie thai eth tl e carcafs 

ill be unclean until the ev 

f the carcafs of 

be unclean 

alio th it beareth ihe 

i clothes, and be 

U And hing that creep- 

■ ■' be an abomina- 
"ttli upon the belly, 

re feel ; all 

p upon the earth, 

s abom- 



be unclean, 

ind in the eigl fh of his 

forelkin fliall bo circumcifed, 

I Andfhefhal! then continue iii the 

blood of her purifying three and thirty 

ill touch no hallowt d tiling, 

nor come into the fanchiary, t\±e 

days of her purifying be full 

5 But it (he bear a maid-child, then 
(he (hall be unclean two \ eeks, is in her 
reparation : and ihe fhaii continue in the 
blood of her purifying threefcore and (ix 

6 \. And when the'daysof herpurifying 
are fulfilled, for a fon, or for a daughter, 
ihe mall bring a lamb of the firfl yearfora 
burnt- offering, and a young pigeon, or a 
turtle-dove, for a fin -offering", unto the 
door of the tabernacle of the congrega- 
tion, unto the pried : 

7 Who (hall offer it before the Lord, 
end make an atonement tor her j and fhe 
(ball be cleanfed ft le iflue of her 
blood. This it the law mr her that hath 
borne a male or a female. 

8 And if ihe be not able »j bring a lamb, 
then (he lhail bring two turtles, or two 
young pig ens ; the one tor the burnt-of- 
Fering, and the -other for a im-otfering : 
and the prieft fhall make an atonement 
for her, and ihe ihall be clean. 

Tokens to difcern the leprofy. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Moles and 
Aaron, faying, 

m lhall have in the fkin of 
his fiefh, a riling, a icab, or bright fpot, 
and it be in the ikin of his flefti like the 
plague of leprofy ; then he (hall be brought 
unto Aaron the pried, or unto one of his 

. funs theprieft . 

3 And the j Heft fliall look on the plague 
the fkin of tl It : and ixihen the 

n the plag vi white, and 

h. • in light hi than the R 

■ .. ' ■ ■ eofleprofy : and 

• the | nd pro- 

iii.n uiu \.m\. 

in the (kin 
• be n< I turn- 
ill (hut up 

a him the 
old, // gue 

i the tk : n ; then the 
■ i ii re : 

in again 
thefeventhd //the pla 

vY. x and the plague fpread 

(t fliall pronounce 



Tokens to difcern ■■ y ' j fj • C> 

him cl it is b>. .'.) : and he 

wain h.s cl clean. 

7 B much 

in the (k . 
of th ,11 be 

im unclean : it 

9'v in a 

en he : lij ht unto the 

I : and, 
'lite in the (kin, 
turned .tir white, and 

ihfrjbe q;: 

11 It is an kin a 
fleib, a*nd tl ncc him 

.•an, an (hill i 

12 And if a le out ab: 

! the (eprofy cever a 
\tb the | from his 


h ; 

hall confider : and, 
ive covered all 
(hall pronounce A/'w < 

: it is all turned 

14 he » raw flefh reth in 

ill be ui 

\ to be u 
the i n : it is a I 

(h turn again, 
to v. hitc, he /hall < 

ft (hall 



ih i i i 

ui oi 


if i: 

i (hut 

pla< . 


l.j .nets. 101 


V- i 

qu arnerh h 

and, behi lit J"; i>t 

be turned a hitc, and it be 


*6 be- 

ll iii on the bri 

..vd it £«" no lower t! 

.!;; th- 

•; (hall look up( 
th- : 077.7 ii ch 

then t ; : (hall 

.j the i lague 

ht fool Gay in 

in, but it 
be I hat dai 


the burning. 

in or v. 


ar, . e be in ii 

i : it is a dry 

of the (c ill, and 

. hair in it : then the | 
iij) him i .:o the plague of the Ic.ill 










La ws fer It 


Rites artdfacrrjices, 

fpotj, even colour, and the league be not fpread : it 
■ unclean ; thou (halt burn it in the fire; 
(I (hall 1 Fretinward, tubetkerit £*barewith- 


if the priefi: look, and, behold, 
in the fk n ; he r'j clean, [the plague be fomewhat dark after the 

loffiwafh . * >r it ; lie (hall rend it out 
t is he ( I of the garment, or out ot the (kin, or out 

h iir fall* n off of the warp, or out of the woof : 

ice, I 57 And if it appear dill in the garment, 

'is he < lean. [either in the warp, or in the woof, or in 

c bald head, or! anything of (kin; it is a fp reading plague: 

ft fore ; it is thou (halt burn that wherein tiie plague 

fprung up in his bald head or '.is with fire. 


<11 look upon it 

58 And the garment, either warp, or 
of- or whatloever thing of (kin // be 

. f the r; re be . which thou fhalt wafh, if the pi 

head, or in 1. . »rted from them,then it (ball be wafh 

:;^ue be 

• ■ t lepi j . ppeareth 

flelh ; 
k\ tis nun, he ri uncle 

. - him utterly un- 
plague is in his head. 
* • • he leper in *hom the plaj 

is, i fh ill be rent, and his head 

put a covering upon hi- 
[ cry, Uncleail, unclean. 
wherein the 
' riled : he is 

1 - he. 

th it the plague of 
rtberit he a. i gar- 


..- v • the warp, or w< 

ter in a lkin, 
or ; 

ni(h or red- 
it i, ither 
f, or in any 
\ lague of leprofy, 
ito the priclt : 
t fhall look upon the 

'ook on the plague on 
ue be fpi - 
rp, or in 

. ... fretting 

burn that gar- 

ed the fecond time, and iTia.ll be clean. 

59 'I his is the law of the plague of lep- 
in a garment of woolen or linen, ei- 
ther in the warp : or woof or any thing 
of (kins, to pronounce it clean, or to pro- 
nounce it unclean. 

iThe rites ar.d jcci . • "go/the 

leper. 33? roj) ma boufe. 

aZ The cleanfing t/e. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes,, 

. flia.ll be the law of the leper in 
lyof his cleaning: - be brought 

unto the priefi : 

3 And the pried o forth out of 

the camp ; and the ; and, 

behold, r/the plague ot leproly be heal- 
ed in the leper ; 

■4 Then (hall the pried command to take 
for him that is to be cleanfed two birds 
alive and clean, and cedar wood, and 
fcarlet, and hyflbp : 

\.id the pried (hall command that 
one of the birds he killed in an earthen 
veflel, over running water : 

6 As for the living bird, lie fhall take 
it, and the cedar wood, and the fcarlet, 
and the hyffbp, and (hall dip them and 
tiie living bird in the blood of the bird 
tbat ~"its killed over the running water: 

7 \"!.i he (hall fprinkle upon him that is 
to b lroiii the leprofy ieven 

d fhall pronounce him clean, and 

living bird loofe into the o 

n field. 

And he that is to be cleanfed fhall 

wa(h his clothes, and (have ofl all his hair, 

.i himfeli in water, that he may 



clean and after that he (hall come 


into the camp, and fhall tarry abroad out 
of his tent feven days. 

it fhall be on ibr* feventh day, 

e lliall (have all h;< hair off his head 

id his beard, and his eyebrow s, even all 

is hair he ihall fl-.ave off : and he fhall 

Ifo he fhall wafh his 
nave not cl I hfc 11 r, and he fhall be clea t 

10 And 

in cleat 'the U}er. Ch 

10 id on ihe eighth day he (hall rake 

ut blemiih, and one 
ev ; the firl hout blem- 

and one 

11 And til that maketh him 
clean, (hall pi 

made clean, and thofe things bel 
Lord, at the door of the tabernacle or" 
Ui egation : 

prieft (ball take - he* 
lamb, and offer him for a trefpals-offer- 
ing, and the , 1, and w i . for 

ave-offering before tlV Lord : 
13 And he ft ill il ly tl b in the 

place where 11 kill tlte lin-otte; 

andthebur; ng, in the] ice 

pas the /the prietrs, /©/J 

the ti 

11 An nmeo- 

bio- -*ering, an 

pric ;.'on the tip ofthe 

i becleanied, and up- 
on tli up- 

15 :\u\ the pi - 'ome of 

wx it into r. 
own ! id. 

prieft sh ill dip h 
finder in the oil tlut is in his left hand, 
and shall fprinlcle of th th his fm- 

ge; • - 

17 ^ is in 

his band ih ill the pi tip 

of the right ear of him tl beck 

ed, thumb 

i upon the ><reat t«,e 
in the blood of the trefpafts-of- 

I . : 1 the remnant of rh-- oil that is in 
the prieir' ■. h the 

tli ement 

him before the Lord. 

10 And ti (-of- 

fering, a id 
that is to be clcanfed t 

ihallkjllthe burnt- 

I the pi the burnt - 


m- in. 

. i id if he £'• 
To much ; then he i ill take o 
•\ trc o be waved, t< 

tient fo th deal 

of I w ithoil ; 

ofl and al iil : 

pigeons,fuchas he 
a fin-ol 

a burnt-otferin^. 

23 And he shrill brin£ th 
eighth dayfor hiscleanlinguntc thepricft, 

x'it. Signs n/tebr»y in 

unto tl r of the 

of die trefpafs-i 

■ in^ be: 

trefp: rake 

fomt ofthe blood of the 

and put /'/ U| - tip of ihe i i^^ 1 

- • , and upon 


e priefl 


even t i - 

• I shall put of • 

ghtearofhimtl t 



And the refl ofthe oil that ' 
.i.l, l.e -fiall put upon t!i 

I atonement for him b n. 

1 he si 

• turtledoves, or o. 

I SI '.'- en fuch . 

.in.l the pi 

a that is t 
98 This //the la 

able to *et ti i 


■ • 

lio:: ! 


leth - 
, the 

i hen i 
39 And th 



i i 

• tJie 

Uncleanttefs by JJues. 

i. 6 Undeannefs by iffues, 13. 28 7/^/r 
1 /• - « • 
AND the Lob d fpak Mofes and 

to Aar • ', I 

Lintothe children of Ifrael, and 

1 "V mtc i< 

, ill r iu hath a run 

iflue out of his flefh, bgcaujt of his 
(l that tncleaii. 

1 unclean pi 1 
e other 
:ofthoie and 


tcr the 

; : come ap;: n, 

• 1 after I 

ritis plaftered; 
come and f« 
the pi igue be fpread In 
leprofy in the 

;s of it, and tl 

houfe ; and he 
of the city 
1 1 over, he tl 

at i t i s Hi u t up, ■ 
the even. 

th i;i thehouie (hall 
< i he that eateth in 
ifti his 1 


the houfe, after the houfe 

nfe the 
, and 

S And this (hall be his uncleanaefs in 
h s iflue : whether his flefh run with his 
iflue, or his ilefh be fl I froni his if- 

fue, it is his unclear.;:. 

4 Every bed, n he licth that 
haththe inue,is u;. i and evej y thing 
whereon he fitteth, (hah 1 t s 

5 And ■ . . heth h'.s bed dial I 
wafli his cl( r //" in wa- 
in until the even. 

6And lie that fitteth on anything where* 
on he fat thathath the iflue, (hall waft his, and bathe bimfelf in water, and 
be unclean until tie even. 

7 I And he that toucheth the flefh of 
him that hath the iflue, (ball wafli his 
clothes, and bathe bimfelf in water, and 
be unclean until the even. 

8 And if he that hath the up- 
on him that is clean ; then he (hall wafli 

clothes, and bathe bimfelf in water, 
and be unclean until the even. 

9 H And whal faddle r he rideth 
upon that hath the iffue,fliall be unclean. 

10 And whofoever toucheth anything 
r was under Him (hall be unclean un- 
til the even : and he that beareth any of 

fe things (hall wafli his clothes, and 
in water, and be unclean 
until the even. 

11 nfoever he toucheth that 
hath the ilt'ne, and hath not rinfed his 
hands in water, he (hall wafli hisclothes, 

nfelf'ui water, and be un- 
n until the even. 

irth, that he touch- 
eth whichhaththe itiue, (hall be broken: 
ry veffel of wood (hall be rinfed 
in water. 

when he that hath an iflue in 
.1 of his illue ; then he fhall num- 

ffeven daysforhis cleanflng, 

d bathe his fie!h 

id (hall be clean. 

li th d iy he fhall take 

vo turtl , or two young pi- 

., and . fore the Lord unto 

of the tabernacle ol thecongre- 

ve them unto th.e p. left : 

r them, the 
ii '. nd tl • oiher for'o, 
>rielt (hall make 



him before the Lord 

d if any man's feed of copula- 
out from him, then he (hail wafh 
.1 all 

The cleanjlr.g fcriffues. Chap 

nil his flefh in water, and be unclean un- 
til the even. 

IT And every garment, and every (kin, 
whereon is the feed of copulation, (hall 
wafted with water, and he unclean 
until the even. 

ie woman alfo with whom mm 
:b feed of copulation, thcj (hall 
hoto bathe tbeml'elvc s in water, and be 
unclean until the r\cw. 

19 And it a woman have an itlue. and 
Iter iffuc in her flefh be blood, Ihe fliall 
he put apart (even days ; and whofoever 
toucheth her lhall be unclean until the 

l 20 And every thing that (lie lieth upon 
in her feparation (hall be unclean : every 
tiling alio that (he litteth upon (hall be 

-i And whofoever toucheth her bed 
(hall waih his clothes, and bathe bimfelf\v\ 
water, and be unclean until the even. 

tC And whofoever toucheth an) - thing 
that (lie fat upon, lhall wa(h his clothes, 
and bathe bimfelf in water, and be un- 
til until the even. 
£3 And if it be on her bed, or on any 
thing whereon (he litteth, when he touch- 
eth it, he (hall be unclean until the even. 
:i \ ' if any man lie with her at all, 
r»nd her flowers be upon him, lie fliall be 
unclean (even da) > ; and all the be I 
n he lieth (hall be unclean. 
And if a .von. an have an i line of her 
id many day* out of the time of her 

in, or il it run beyond the tune oi 

; all the da) sof theiflueof 

,neh> Ih d! be as the days of 

mjoii : \.\ t - jbuit he unc lean. 

I m hei :on (he lieth all the 
lier iflue, Oi i! 1 !•<• unto h 
bed i n : and w hat foci ei (he 

i (hall be uncle in, a i the un- 
t hri i 
-7 Vnd whofoever toucheth thofe things 
Ih til !)'• uni I lhall v 

flj in water, and be un- 
til until the even. 
it if (I 
(he (ball numbei to hi i fell I 
iftcr t!i (hall be 

llth day (1 
unto h 

, and ( ring t!.» m unto il c | i ic(f, 
mac Ie of th< i 

• (hall i 
a tin ig| and the othei for a bin nt - 

ind the pi i (1 :' 
i her Lord 

31 : ! ■: . lhall . feparate the i 
(U Ifrael from their un< that 

die not in their urn - . • lien 

thej rna< Ie th it is among 

the til. 

xvi. The hi go p>l eft's Jtn- offering. Id5 

32 This is the law of him that hath an 
i Hie, and of bun whole Iced goeth from 
him, and is defiled therewith; 

.■>.} And of her that is lick of her flow- 
ers, and of him that hath an ilitie, of the 
man and of the woman, and of him that 
lieth with her that is unclean. 

1 The bigb pnejl's Jin- offering. £0 The 

livegou:. 20 I he feufi of expiation. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes af- 
ter the death of the two fons of Aaron, 
when they offered before the Lord, and 
died ; 

ndtheLoRDfaid unto Mofes, Speak 
unto Aaron thy brother, that he come 
not at all times into the ho\y place within 
the veil before the mercy-feat, which is 
upon the ark ; that hedie not : for I will 
appear in the cloud upon the mercy-feat. 

a i hus lhall Aaron come intothe holy 
place with a young bullock for a lin-ot- 
fering, and a ram for a burnt-offering. 

4 lie lhall put on the holy linen coat, 
and he lhall have the linen breeches Upon 
his flcth, and (hall be girded with a linen 
girdle, and with the linen mitre lhall 
he be attired : thefe are holy garments ; 
therefore (hall he waft his Heft in water, 

and/b put them on. 

5 And he lhall take of the congrega- 
tion of the children of Ifrael two kids of 

the goats for a fin-offering, and one ram 
i bumt-offei uig. 

6 Ami Aaron ftall offer his bullock of 
the (in-o. u hit h is fol himlell, and 
make onement for himfclf, and for 
his houl 

7 And lie lhall take the two goats, and 

,it them before th ' ORD,a/the door 
he tabernacle ol the con >o. 

in i Varon Hi ill • pon tlie 

lot for the Lor D,and the 

r the l> i] ■■ 

nd Aaron fliall bi 

ifTei in 

/ •/ a (in "I' i 



10 • lol i II :«> 
I"- the fca] r, ft dl I e prefented a 

e the 1 i 

him, and to let h ape- 

( 1 A: n (nail I 

(in ohS felf,and 

* : .i himfell 
: '.ill the bollo< k of 
himfell : 

11 ill of 


; I 
•\ t ! . 

«hat the ( . 

1«G Tbe ti<vr goat. LEVITICUS. Blosd of bcajls te be offered. 

\\ ill take of the blood of the J his fleft in water, and afterward come 

prinklc h his fingei 

upon f i anc * Dc \ 

inkle of 
offei - foi the ■ eople,and bring 

i ihe veil, and do with that 
I of the bul- 
lion the mercy-feat, 

and It : 

1G . atonement for 

of the * ' iel : and becaufeof 

tran I is in all their fins -. and 
fo (h '1 > 'or I .acle of the 

con n, that remain ngthem 

i;i : mefsb ■ 

IT I there ft I ■■ no man in the 

., le of the cong on when he 

h in to make an atonement : .n the 

place, until he come out, and have 

mad itonemem for himfelf, and for 

his I Id, and for all the con^rega 

tion of Lfrael. 

18 And he (hall go out unto the altar 
that // before the Lorp, and make an 

for it : and ftall take of the 
■ bullock, and of the blood of 
put it upon The horns of 

19 And he (hall fprinlcle of the blood 

r feven times, and 
clean To it. and i rri the unclean - 

t hildren of ) frael. 

made an end 
ofn th< holy ftace, and the tab- 

ern- ion; and the al- 

: . oati 

. both his hands 

i ead of the \\\ e md con- 

him all the in \ of the 

n «d Ifrael, and all their tranfgref- 

r fins, putting them upon 

; it, and lhall lend litn 

.nd of a fit man into the 


• (hall bear upon him 

all then d not ii I 

it in the 

which he pui 
act\ and 

24 ifli his fl ifh i 

r h:> 

i ke 


■ ftall 

J ii . 

e,oat for the 

rgoatlfa )thes,an,d bathe 

into the camp. 

27 \ nd the bullock/brthe fin-offering, 
and the goat for the fin-ottering, whole 
blood was brought in to make atonement 
in the holy place, /hall one carry forth 
without the camp ; and they (hall burn 
in the fire their fkins, and their flefli, and 
their dung. 

23 And he that burnetii them fliall 
'.valh hi; clothes, and bathe his flefii in 
water, and afterward he lhall come into 
the camp. 

29 5 And this (hall be a ftatute for ever 
unto you : that in the feventh month, on 
the tenth day of the month, ye fhall arfii& 
your fouls, and do no work at 3\\,<ivbetb- 
er it be one of your own country, or a 
ftranger that fojourneth among you ; 

30 For on that day fliall the prirjt make 
aw atonement for you, tocleanfeyou,/A«/ 
ye may be clean from all your fins before 
; he Lord. 

SI I !_/£*// £^afabbath of reft unto you, 
and ye fliall afflict your fouls, by a ftat- 
ute forever. 

32 And the prieft whom he fhall an- 
oint, and whom he fhall confecrate to 
minuter in the prieft's office in his fa- 
ther's ftead, fliall make the atonement, 
and fliall put on the linen clothes, even 
the holy garments : 

33 And he fhall make an atonement for 
the holy fanctuary, and he lhall make an 
atonement for the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation, and for the altar, and he fhall 
make an atonement for the priefts, and 
for all the people of (he congregation. 

3-1 And this lhall be an everlafting ftat- 
ute unto you, to make an atonement for 
the children of Ifrael, for all their fins, 
once a year. And he did as the Lord 
commanded Mofcs. 

1 Blood of bcafis mufi be offered at tbe tab- 

ema%lc door. 10 Blood forbidden. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

2 Speak unto Aaron, and unto his ibn$, 
and unto all the children of Ifrael, and 
fay unto them ; 1 his Is ihe tiling wjhich 
thi Lord hath commanded, faying, 

• 0> v ^ hat ver there be of the 

■ of Ifrael, that killeth an ox, or 
'.cub, or goat, in the camp, or that kill- 
lit i i the camp, 

4 A . ii it n< 

getn ir not unto the door 

of th nacle of the congregation, to 

offer an on" :ring unto the Lord before 

e of die Lord ; blood ftall 

nted unto ih.j man ; he hath flied 

ind that man fliall be cut off from 

amen his j eople : 

5 lo the end that the children of 

1 may bring their facrifices, which 

they oiler in the open held, even that they 


Mind forbid 

Chap. >: 

V ila'-.'fu! marriages. 107 

may bring thern unto the Lord, unto i 1 ve d 1 : and 

the door of the tabernacle of the co" ' fter the td of Can. 

gation, unto the pi- 1 offer ■•: I brir , (hall >e notdo 

for • s unto the Lord, .ances. 

6 And the prieft lhall fprinkleth 1 Yell its, arid keep 

tfce- altar of the Lord, at the door' mine on rein: \ am 

the tabernacle of the congre^atio od. 

and burn the fat tar a fweet re I sep my (latutes« 

the Lord. ' niy ].. its : wli i i man do, 

And they Hi al I no more offer their - hem : I am tl ). 

faerifkes unto devil r whom tl any 

have gone a whoring, i his mail be a !that is near of kin to him, to uncover their 
ftatuteforeverunto them throughout theii . I am the LoRB 

gener.: f th) . or the 

8 And thou fhait fay unto thern. icfs ofth] fhalt thou not 

foever man there he of tl fra-iuncovei : (he is th] mother; thou fhalt 

el, or of the ftrangi - w t-j'not i ncover her nakednefs- 

aioiig you, that oflereth a burn' 
or facrihYe, 

9 And br tltO the do< 

the taberna the congregation, tu of- 

fer it unto the Lor L- n that man 

it off from among hi ; 

• of thy father's wife 
i not uncover : ii is thy father's 

- Ine&ofthy fifter.thedaugh- 
Father, or daughter of thy mo- 
(ther, whether jbe 4* bora at I 

10 t And u !: there < i , e<ven dieir nakednefs thou 

thehoufeof Ifrae1,oroftl that fhah not uncover, 

fojourn among you. that e tethani man- 10 The nakednefs of thy fen's dau#h< 
ner of blood ; I i fet mj ■ r- tmtn 

i;ain!tthat foul thateakth blood, and will 

cut him off from among his people. 

11 1 or the life of v i > f in the 

blood : and I have given it to you upon 
the altar, to make an aton 
fouls: for it s the thatmaketh an 

atonement for the foul. 

their - thou fhalt not uncover 

for tlieir's is thin- own nakedrte 
It Tl 

rtcn ot th 

It not ui licr na- 

•. . 
It I hou fiialt hot uncover the naV.ed- 

. (he is thy fa- 

of lira? 

nrit! turneth 

13 And what there be of the 

childien of Ifrael, that 

thci kinfvt oman. 

IS I h »u bait not ui 
of thy mother's fitter 
car kinfwoman. 

1 i I hou fhalt not UI 

fojourn am i lefsofthy I r t thou1 

\ 1 that may ! 

he thall ev< lood 

li h r // ; : ; the 

blood of it is for the 1 there 
fore I laid unto the children of I 

fliall eat . eftl : 
for t! ill flcih is the 1 

of : • ■ off. 

l- - h that 

whii I of inrii , or thai wli h was 

torn iu:tb heafis 

ah not!) 
wafh his cli 

ter, and be un< itil the - 

fhall h.e be t. lean. 

• not u the oat 

is thy 
; thou ihalt not UIKOV4 
! naki 

l In u (halt not u 

•s thy b 

11 n ou (halt !)(■• 

: near k 

16 But it he wafh then •,, units 

lis flefh ; then he (hall bear his iniqui! 13 \[ 

CHAP. X VIII. .ni apai i i 

fa I marriages. i6( 

D the Lor d M ■■ 


-peak unto the children D y0 H 
fcvuntothem. I «jtfft n e land of Egypt, 

$ A tier th 


th th; 

21 And thou lhalt net lei .., v ()f 

108 Art-pennon*/ LEVITICUS. 

feed pafs through/Af ,/nv to M nei- 

thcrihalt thou profane the name of tin- 
God : I am the Lord. 

- Thou (halt not lie with mankind, a? 
with womankind : it is abomination. 

tS Neither thalt thou lie with any bead: 
to defile thyfelf therewith : neither thall 
any woman (land before a bealt to lie. 
down thereto : itiJ confufion. 

£4 Defile not ve vourfelve* in anv of' 

d'injfKi laivs. 

9 And when ye reap the harveft of 30111 
land, thou ihalt not wholly reap the cor- 
ners of thy field, neither lhalt thou gather 
the gleanings of thy harveft. 

10" And thou (halt not glean thy vine- 
yard, neither (halt thou gather everygrape 
of thy vineyard ; thou shalt leave them 
for the poor and ftrangcr : I am the Lord 
your God. 

11 Ye shall not ftcal, neither deal falfe- 
ly, neither lie OHe to another. 

thefe things : for in all the(e the nations 

are denied which I cafl out before you : ' 12 And ye shall not fwear by my name 
nd the land is defiled ; therefore ;falfely, neither shalt thou profane the 
I do vilit the iniquity thereof upon it, and; name of thy God : I am the Lord. 

13 Thou shalt not defraud thy neigh- 
bour, neither rob him : the wages of him 
that is hired shall not abide with thee all 

the land itfelf vomiteth out her inhabit- 

£6 .11 therefore keep my ftalutes 

and my judgments, and lhall not commit 1 night until the morning. 

14 Thou shalt not curfe the deaf, nor 
put a Humbling block before the blind, 
but shalt fearthy God : I am the Lord. 

15 Ye shall do no unrighteoufnefs in 
judgment : thou shalt not refpecT the per- 
fon of the poor, nor honour the perfonof 
the mighty : but in righteoufnefs shalt 
thou judge thy neighbour. 

16 Thou shalt not go up and down as 
a tale-bearer among thy people ; neither 
shalt thou ftand againit the blood of thy 
neighbour : I am the Lord. 

17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in 
thine heart : thou shalt in any w ife re- 
buke thy neighbour, and not fuffer fin 
upon him. 

18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any 
grudge againft the children of thy people, 
but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy- 
felf : I am the Lord. 

19 Ye shall keep my ftatutes. Thou 
shalt not let thy cattle gender with a di- 
ve rfe kind : thou shalt" not low thy field 
with mingled feed: neither shall a gar- 
ment mingled of linen and woolen come 
upon thee. 

20 And whofoever lieth carnally with 
a woman, that is a bondmaid, betrothed 
to an hulhand, and not at all redeemed, 
nor freedom given her ; she shall be 

, fcourged : they shall not be put to death, 
you molten g 1 u—i the LoRD'bccaufe she was not free. 

>°) lt II \ nd he shall bring his trefpaft-of- 

otfer a facrifu - : fe ring unto the Lord, unto the door of 

Lord, jc lhall otter it the tabernacle of the congregation, even 
■•'• >r a trefpafe-ofiering. 

d theprieft shall make an atone- 

ghl me it \ny him with the ram of the tref- 

>!.i\ ,11 ihall be burnt pals g before the Lor d, for his fin 

which he hath done : and the (in which 

da-, . tf" r d he hath done shall be forgiven him. 

ccpt'. ' ''lien ye shall come into the 

8 Theref : J " rr lhateal [land, and shall have planted all manner 

fhj 1 he hat -r food, then ye shall count the 

prol (• Lo*i .thereof as uncircumcifed : three 

from among yon : itUJtbe as uncircumcifed unto 
people j '24 But in tne f . be eat ^n of. 

• *h v«ar all the fruit 


of thefe abominations ; neither any 

of yourown nation, nor any Itrangerthat 

lii neth among you : 

lor all thefe abominations have the 

men of the land done, which ivere before 

you, and the land is defiled ; 

i hat the land fpuenot you outalfo, 
when ye defile it, as it fpued out the na- 
tions that nvere before you. 

Lor whefoever thai! commit any of 
thefe abominations, even the fouls that 
commit them lhall be cut off from among 
their people. 

SO 1 hereforc (hall ye keep mine ordi- 
nance, that j* commit not anyone of thefe 
aboiniiuble cultoms, which were commit- 
ted before you, and that ye defile not 
yourlclvcs therein : I urn the Lord your 

A repftiiicn offundyy lanvs. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, fay- 

% Speak unto all the congregation ef 
the children of I frael, and lay unto them, 
holy : for I the Lord your 
God am holy. 

3 Ye lhall fear every man his mother, 

iy fabbaths : I 
mm the Loid y< d. 

t unto idols, normaketo 

Of giving feed to Molecb : 
thereof (hall be holy, to praile the Lord 


<~5 And in the fifth year ihall ye e it ot" 
the fruit thereof, that it nu\ yield unto 
you the increafe thereof: I am the Lord 
your God. 

-6 Ye ihall not eat any thing with the 
blood : neither (hall yc ule enchantment, 
tbferve times. 

Ve ihall not round the corners of 
your heads, neither (halt thou mar the 
Corner^ of thy beard. 

28 Ye Ihall not make any cuttings in 
your flelh for the dead, nor print any 
marks upon you i I am the Lord. 

Do not proftitute thy daughter, to 
caufe her to be a wl I he Lam I 

to whoredom, and the laud bee 
of wickednel- . 

80 Ve ihall keep my labbaths, and 
rence my fanotuary : 1 am the Lord. 

31 Regard not them that ha liliar 

(pints, neither feek after wizards, to be 
defiled by them : I am the LOR y 

I hou fhalt rife up before the hoar) 
head and honour the face of the old man, 
tear thy God : lam the Lord. 

35 And if a (tranger fojourn with thee 

. id, ye Ihall not vex him. 
Km the (tranger that dwelleth w ith 
vu'.i (hall be unto \ ou jn one born among 
, and thou lhalt love him as thj felf ; 
ibaiu.t i » in tii«- land o( E- 
! am x\\c 1 our ( Jod. 

"k • (ball do do uni i( hteottfnel - 
judgme it, . i -1, in weight] 

meafiu ■ . 

36 Jul! balances, jufl weights, a jufl 
cphah, and .1 jufl Inn, ill. ill ;. <• have ; I am 

i .-. i) your ( »od, wh en broi 
out of the Land of bgypt : 

(tat i iiidgmc t di 

them : I am tin- Lo p. d. 
i Of giving vuto Moiecb. 6 0/ 

<i <)/ turfing pareniSy &c. 
I. ok I) 1; 


. Ill ill Li, tOt I 

. I Vo! t!. 

ot Krael, or of i urn 

in 1 fr.u 1, ' l< e«1 i 

Molech ; he flh 'it To «L 

thopeopl find ihall (lone him with 


3 And I \\ ill fet mj 1 1 
man, ami will cut tt n om 

he hath of hi 

I to pi ol .::■: Ill) hoi > n.i: 

t And ii r it ttic .m> 

le their e\ cs from the 
th ot his iced unt 

kill him not : 

%\. C f parent*. L.. ID 9 

5 Then I w ^v.nd tint 
man, tinft his tamil; A ill cut 
him oft*: and all t! . whoring after 
him to commit !om with Molecllj 
from an. 

6 ^ And the (oul that turnet] 

fuch as have familiar fpirits, and after 
: Is, to go a whoring Item, I 

••.ill even fet m< foul, and 

will cut him oil" froAiamong his people. 

I be 

ye holy : for 1 a>r. the L<m<:> your God. 
Vnd j e -hall keep my ll 

them: \am the Lo r.d which i .. 

9 1 Por every one that curfeth nns fa- 
ir or hi* mother (h out to 

death : he hath curfed !. ■ ■: his 

mother ; his blood fball be 

10 And the man that commi< ul- 
j w\than§tbet man's wife eveube that 

committeth adultery i 

v^ ife.lheadulterei and th- all 

finely be put i" de 

1 1 Ami the in i i h with his 
th: i \ \ Ite hath .< 

nakednefs : both ot ihe:n (hall hirely I ! 
put to death ; th< d fball i 


i£ And if a mtm 
in-law, both of 1 1 

h : thej have •■ ion \ 

tlieir blood (ball be U] 

i ■ I ! ' M 

he lieth wh 

' OU : ' : 

be put ' i ; their I 

be upoi 

1 i And u'a m 

burnt i ith f'ne, both he an 
there 1 

shall ' put to d hall 

i ii 

kill rl nan and 

be \\\ m. 



fathei - 

1 tO Ordinances touching priejls' LEVITICUS. tnwning % and marriages. 

1 And ir'a man shall lie with his un- 
cle's w ife, he hath uncovered his uncle's 
they shall beai\their Jin ; they 
die chi'dlefs. 

And ifa man shall take his brother's 
, ir Man unclean thing : he hath un- 
I his brother's nakednels : they 
shall be child! 

shall therefore keep all my ftat- 
utes, and all my judgments, and do 
them ; that the land, whither I bring you 
to d< r ell therein, Ipue you not out. 

(J ye shall not walk in the man- 
the nations which I ca(t out be- 
fore you : for they committed all thefe 
things, and therefore 1 abhored them. 

Put I have laid unto you, ye shall 

in! r land, and I will give it unto 

to pOflefs it, a land that flowethwith 

d honey : I am the Lord your 

I, which have leparated you from oth. 


Ve shall therefore put difference bc- 

n clean bea'ls and unclean, and be- 

ii unclean fowls and clean : and ye 

r make your fouls abominable by 

'>r<!r, or by fowl, or by any manner of 

g thing that creepeth on tlie ground, 

which I have leparated from you as un- 


And ye shall be holy unto me : for 

T the LoRDtftfiholy, and have fevered you 

I eopk,that ye should be mine. 

9.7 A man alio or a woman that hath a 

familiar fpirit, or that is a wizard, shall 

. be nit to death : they shall (lone 

ith Hones : their b\ood Jbai I b? up. 


. ' frtfji't mourning, 7 marriages, 
16 an.-i ht t 

N Dthe Lo R d faid unto Mofes, Speak 

■ Ions of Aaron, and fav 

dl none be defiled 

eople : 

kin, that is near unto him, 

and for hisfather. 

and for his fon, and for ins daughter, and 


r a virgin, that is 

. which hath had no hui- 
he be defil 
* -' t defile himlelf, being 


ike baldnefs upon 
•; shall they shave off 
ird, nor make any 
•• v holy unto their God ! 

Tit the name of thcii ( rod ; 
' the I. <>k b made by 
, and the 1 their ( >od, they do 

il be holy. 

1 hat is 

' »»k titer shall they i 

take a woman put away from her huf - 
band : for he is holy unto his God. 

8 Thou shalt fanctify him therefore : 
for he ofFereth the bread of thy God : he 
shall be holy unto thee : for 1 the Lord, 
which fanftify you, am holy. 

9 And the daughter of any pried, if she 
profane herfelf by playing the whore, she 
profaneth her father : she shall be burr^t 
with fire. 

10 And he that is the high prieft among 
his brethren, upon whole head the anoint- 
ing oil was poured, and that is confecrated 
to put on the garments, shall not uncover 
his head, nor rend his clothes ; 

Neither shall he go in to any dead 
for his father, or 


body, nor defile himfe 
for his mother ; 

12 Neither shall he go out of the fanc- 
tuary, nor profane the fanduary of his 
God ; for the crown of the anointing oil 
of his God is upon him : 1 am the Lord. 

IS And he shall take a wile in her vir- 

14 A widow, or a divorced woman, or 
profane, or an harlot, thefe shall he not 
take : but he shall take a virgin of his own 
people to wife. 

15 Neither shall he profane his feed 
among his people : for 1 the Lord do 
lanrtify him. 

16 \ And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

17 Speak unto Aaion, faying, Whofo- 
ever he be of thy ictd in their generations, 
that hath anv blemish, let him not ap- 
proach to oiler the bread of his God. 

18 For whatfoever man he be that hath 
a blemish, he shall not approach : a blind 
man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat 
nofe, or any thing fuperffuous, 

19 Or a man that is brokenfooted, or 
broken handed, 

20 Or crook backed, or a dwarf, or that 
hath a blemish in his eye, or be fcurvy, 
orfcabbed, or hath his Hones broken ; 

21 No man that hath a blemish of the 
Iced of Aaron the prielf, shall come nigh 
to offer the offerings of the Lord made 
by fiie : he hath a blemish; he shall not 
tome nigh to offer the bread of his God. 

He shall eat the bread of his God, 
both pf the molt holy, and of the holy. 

22 Only he shall not go in unto the veil, 
nor come nigh unto the altar, becaule he 
hath a blemish ; that he profane not my 
fanctuaries: for I the Lord do fanrtify 

tk And Mofes told it unto Aaron, and 
to his ions, and unto all the children of 

The priejlsivhcn to abjlainjrom holy things. 
AND the Lord fpake unto" Moles, 
2 Speak unto Aaron and to his fbns, 


Tbr priejli ivhcn to abfia'tn *.'hap 

that they i • themfelves from the 

holy th • Ifrael, and 

that ' rofane n-»r my holy name in 

tbofe ich they hallow unto me : 

ie Lost i) 
unto them, Whofoever be be of 
all your feed ; your 

that goeth unto the hoi \ things, which 
the children of Ifrael hallow unto the 
Lord, having his uncleinnefs upon him, 
that foul (hall be cut olt fro. 
ence : I am the Lord. 

•4 What man foever of the feed of Aa- 
•on is a leper, or hath a running iflTue; 
he (hall not eatjof the holy things, until 
he bed \nd whofo touch th any 

thing that is unclean by the dead, or a 
man w hole feed goeth from him ; 

> >r u hofoever toucheth any creeping 
thing, v\ herein he may be made unclean, 
or a man of whom he may take unclean- 
nefs, whatfoever uncleannef* he hath ; 

6 'I he foul which hath touched any 
fuch thall be unclean until even, and (hall 
not eat of the holy things unlets he wafh 
rieih with water. 
\nd when the lun is down, he ("hall 
be clean, and (hall udeatofthe 

holy things ; becaufe it is his food. 

rhat which ofitfelf, or is torn 

nvitt beajii. h.e (hall not eat to defile him- 
1elt therewith: 1 am the Loan. 

9 They (hall therefore keep mine ordi- 
nance, left they bear (in for it, and die 
titer me it : 1 the Lord 
^o fanclif) 

10 There mail no : .- eat »/ the 
holy thing : a fojourner ot the pi ie 

an hired (erv ant, ihall not eat oj i 


i i But if the i riefl buy am foul w ith 

hi-> nion dull eat ot it. 

i n in his houl dl eat ol 


12' fo be m 

tied un* may n 

an otterin ly thinj 

13 But it the d -i V» • i - 

•w, i •!, in. 

is re»urned unto he: in I 

hier youth meshal her fat h 

but there ihall n > (trangereat tl 

1 \ And if a man i the holy tl 

unwittingly, then he shall put th< 
p,n t thereof unto >t, and thall givti/u 
to the pnclt wuh the hoi) thti 

13 vnd thej shall not pi he holy 

things ot the children i i h 

they offer unto the Lord 

l»> Or lutier them to be.*r t 
of trefpafs, " hen th ■ eat theii I 
th i I the I o*D thrin. 

it \:id the Lord (| ake u 

.&. unto Yuri, :.. 
and unto all the children of Ifrael 

xxiii. from ioh 111 

lay unto them, * - r be be oJ »h« 

houfeof Ifrael, orofth 
el, that will olier h"s ohla r i all h 9 

rows, and for all his freewill-offerii 
which tl . offer unto ttie Lord for 

a burnt- 

19. / off? r at you r ow n w ill a male 

without blemish, i ■ es, of 

sheep, or of the 

itha blemish, t 
shall ye r : for :t shall not be 

ceptable for you. 

2t r offereth a facril 

of peace-offerings unto th 
complishA/t »ra freevill-on 

beeves or she rta.ll be perfect tab< 

cepte e shall be no blemish therein 

, or broken, or maimed, or 

having awe , :urvy, bed, ye 

shall not thefe unto th" Lord, nor 

■ring by fire of them upon 

iltar unto the L<> R.D. 

lamb that hath 
any thin ; in his 

parts, tnayeft thou offer for a free- 

will- g ; but »W it shall not 


24 Ye shall not offer unto the Lori> 
that which is hi uifed, or crush 
en, or cut ; neither shall ye make 
ferii 'of in your lar 

ye o: - 

becaufe their corruption i/in them, 

and bid V in them : tl, 

pted for sou. 
! the Lord ! 

a bull . . or a 

goat, is brought forth, thru it shall be 
• • : and from the 

eighth day and 1 

made by lire unto 
. i>. 



./ at 

N the L>>" o. 

.Sill ■ sluli . 

mand ■ 



child 1 «>n the Lot o \s . 

i - . 

i to M 
fay in 

■ i ot the 


1 1 z (J/ j ■ 

i , •,). h ill proclaim to be holy 

con even theft are noj i ifts. 

s shall woi k be done : bat the 

•:>rh day tfthe fabbath of reft, an hols 

(vocation; ye shall do '• work there- 

ibbath of the Lord in all 

1 I ot the Lord, rt^/: 

! ly convocations, which ye shall pro- 
1 1 nm in their feafons. 
S fn the fourteenth day of the fame 
»nth at even, is the Lord's patfover. 
: fifteenth day or the fame 
ith a th I of unleavened b 

feven days ye mi:: 
• rued bread. 
1 Inthefirfl day ye shall have an holy 
, Jo nofervile work 

n offering made by 

fire untu the Lord feven days : in the 

nth .i.'\ is an holy convocation : yc 

shall do do (civile work therein. 

And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

10 bpeak unto the children of lfrael, 

i'iy unto tHem, When ye be come in- 

t > ii e land which I give unto you, and 

shall reap the harvelt thereof, 'hm ye 

i sheaf oi thefirft fruits of your 

harveft unto the priefl : 

It And he shall wave the sheaf before 
' ' i , to 1 c< epted ft r j ou : on the 
after the fabbath the prieft shall 
• ■ ; t. 

12 And ye shall oiler that day when ye 
cat", an he Jamb « itliout blem- 
ish oft' >r a burnt -offering 

ctoof iball 
■'•re Bour mingled 
fire unto the 
and the drink- 
wine, the fourth 
fan oi an I 

U . : • id, nor 

s, until the 

- iit an of- 
• // </'./// be a ftat- 
in all 
i j 

i the 
• jvc- 


and offerings, 

year, and one young bullock, and two 
rams ; they shall be for a burnt-offering 
unto the Lord, with their meat-ofltering, 
and their drink-offerings,^*^;; an offering 
made by fire, of fweet favour unto the 
I .o rd. 

19 Then ye shall facririce one kid of the 
..■oats for a (in-offering, and two lambs of 
the firlt year for a facrificc of peace-of- 

20 And the priefl shall wave them with 
the bread of the firft t'viuts,for a wave-of- 
fering before the Lord, with the two 
lambs : they shall be holy to the Lord 
for the prielh 

21 And ye shall proclaim on the felf- 
same day, that it may be an holy convo- 
cation unto you : ye shall do no fervile 
work therein : it shall he aftatute forever 
in all your dwellings throughout your 

22 And when ye reap the harveft of 
your land, thou shah not make clean rid- 
dance of the corners of thy field when thou 
reaped, neither shalt thou gather any 
gleaning of thy harvest : thou shalt leave 
them unto the poor, and to the ftranger : 
I am the Lord your God. 

23 And the Lord fpake unto Moles, 

24 bpeak unto the children of lfrael, 
faying, In the feventh month, in the firft 
day of the month, shall ye have a fabbath, 
a memorial of j blowing of trumpets, an 
holy convocation. 

25 Ye shall do no fervile work therein : 
but ye shall offer an offering made by fire 
unto the Lord. 

26 f And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

27 Alfo on the tenth day of this feventh 
month, there shall be a day of atonement : 
it shall be an holy convocation unto you ; 
and ye shall afflict your fouls, and offer 
an offering made by fire unto the Lord. 

-C> And ye shall do no work in that 
fame day : for it is a day of atonement, 
to make an atonement for you before the 
R D your God. 
For w hatfoever foul /"/ be that rhall 
not be afflicted in that fame day, he shall 
be cut off from among his people. 

d whatfoever foul it be that dce-th 
any w rk in that fame day, the fame foul 
will 1 deftroy from among his people. 

SI ^ e shall do no maner of work : // 
shall be a ftatute forever throughout your 
terations in all your dwellings, 
••'>- It shall fc unt ) you a fabbath of reft. 
: ye shall al ict your fouls: in the 
ninth day of the month at even, from 
i unto even, shall ye celebrate your 
S3 And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 
Speak unto the children of lfrael, 


ft aft of tabernacles, &<. 

faying, The fifteenth <liy of this feventh 
month, jbull be the feaft oftabernacles/bi* 
fcven 'lays unto Hie Lord. 

3J Ob the rirlt a iy /& U be m\ holy 
ation: ye shall do no fervile work 

"io Seven days ye shall offer an offering 
made by fire unto the Lord : on the 
eight day shall he an holv convocation 
unto you ; nnd ye shall oner an i 
made by tire unto th« Lord ; it /* a lol- 
emn afTembly . and ye shall do no fervile 
work 'herein. 

Thefe are the feafts of the Lord, 
which \ e shall proclaim to be holy 
cations, to offer an » made by fire 

linto the Lord, a burnt-onering, and a 
meat -offering, a facrifice.anddnnk-ofter- 
ws, every tiling upon h^ da\ : 

ide thefabbathsot the Lord, and 
Uie all your vow s, 
and befide all your free-will-offerinj 
whi unto the Lo« D. 

33 AHo in ihe fifteenth day ofihe fev- 
enth : when ye have gathered in 
the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a f 
unto the Lord fcven day s ; on the rirft 
day /ball be a fabbath, and on the eight 
/ball be a fabbath. 
\nd ye shall take you on the fir" 
the <dly trees, bi of 
palm trees, and then of thick tn 
1 willows of the brook ; and 

before tlie Lord your God f< 
en da_ 

»t all keep it > the 

1 1 jb alt be 
a (t.ttn tver in your generations ; ye 

shall celebrate it in th ith month. 

ii Ye shall dwell in booths (even d 
all that are [fraelites born shall dwell in 

■ general kn m 

that I in ide the children I > dwell 

in booths, when I I 

the land ol : I am the Lord your 


red unto the chil- 

: Of 111 

IAP \ v 
io Sbelomitk's fon blafpkemetb, ij The 

law ol bl llpbcnv, 17 of mi. 8 or 


id the 1 
• ring unto 1 

caufc ili" lamj urn 


.out the * 
in the tabernacle of the 1 

,11 Aaron order it fi »m th 
unto the morning before the I ORD con- 
ually : it /ball be a flatute forever in 
your generations. 
4 He shall art nos upon th-: 


Chap. xxiv. Tbe lazv e,f b! 113 

candle/lick before the Lord y 

5 And thou shaK take fine flour, and 
bake twelve cakes theieof; two tenth 
til be in on 
An i thou shalt let them in two r< 
fix on a row, upon the pure table before 
the Lo 
TAnd thou shalt put pure frankince 
w, that it maj be on the b: 
for a memorial, en/en an offering made 
by fire unto the Lord. 
8 (■ v r . fa! bath he hall fet it in order 
re the Lord continually ,£*/«£ to 
from the children of Ifrael by aneverlalL 
in 4 covenant. 

^dit shall be Aaron'sand his fans' ; 
and they shall eat it in the holy place ; 
for it is moil holy unto him of the offer- 
he LORD made by fire by a per- 
petual flat u 1 

10*. And the fon of an I tish woman, 

whofe father -k as an Egyptian, went or.t 

hildren of ilrael j and this 

[on of the [fraelitish«u>owa»fanda man 

pf Ifrael, drove together in the camp ; 

11 And the [fraelitish woman's foh 
blafphemed the name of the LORD, and 
curled. And they brought him unto Mo- 
fes ; and his mother' •• nvas SI 

tughter of Dibri, of the tribe 
of I) 

1 . \i 1 they put him in ward, that tin* 

mind of the Lb k d might be shewed them* 

iSv Ana the Lord l) nto Mofes, 

fay it 

li Bring forth htm that hath cu- 
without tl e camp ; and let all that heard 
him lay their hands upon his head, and 
let dl the congregation (lone hint. 

15 Aim! thou shah (peak unto the chil- 

■ >( Ifrael, fa) ■ ivef cut feth 

!.. v rod sh.dl bear Ins 

1G And he that blafphemeth the n 
of the ' : dl fui ] put t > 

xnd all the < 

•ll the 
he t! he blaf- 

i I be 
I" • he that 

fur< leath. 

- shall 



nd he tl it k lleth a man, he 
shall be put to death. 

well our 

I : t ] ub'.lc-C. 


OfoppreJJton, f$c 

own country 5 for I aw the Lord your after the jubilee thou shalt buy of thy 
Ga neighbour, and according unto thenum- 

i| And Mofes fpafte to the children ber of years of the truits he shall fell un- 
I that they should bring forth to thee! 
n that had curled out ol camp, 16 According to the multitude of years 

h ftones And the chi!- thou shalt increafe the price thereof, and 
drenof I frael did as the Lord command- accoiding to -he fewnefs of years thou 
es. .shalt diminish the price of it \ for acrord- 

CH APi XX \ ' ing to the number of rhejearsofthe fruits 

* Tbejuhilee. 14. Of oppveji on. $5 Of com- doth he foil unto thee. 

redeem n$ feritants. j 17 Ye shall not therefore opprefs one 
■ D ih rpake unto Mofes in 'another •. but thou shalt fear thy God ; 

i. fayi |for 1 a* the Lord your God. 

peak unto the child renofl/rael, and ; 18 Wherefore ye shall do my ftatutes, 
ito them, When yecomeintpthe and keep my. judgments, and do them j 
lau 1 w hie ..then ^hall the land and ye shall dwell in the land in fafety. 

Lord, .9 And the land shall yield hei fruit, 

cars thousliaitfott thy field,and and ye shall eat your fill and dwell there- 

Lit prune thy vineyard, 
her in the fruit there 
4 But in the feventh year (bail be a fab- 
reft unto the land, a fabbath for 
the Lord • thou shalt neither low thy 
nor prune thy vineyard. 
I hat which growethofits own accord 
of thy harveft, thou shalt not reap, neither 
ihe grape-' of thy vine undrefled ; 
e ir of reft unto the land. 
unl the fabbath of the land shall be 
11 ; for thee, and for thy fer- 
id for thy maid, and for thy hired 
and for thy (tiv.nger that fojourn- 
eth with tl 

cattle, and for the beafts 
that are in the land, shall all the increafe 
thereof be m^at. 

B ^ And thou shalt number feven fab- 

I ears unto thee, feven timesfev- 

••:i years . itid the (pace of ihe fevenfab- 

j ears shall he unto thee forty and 


'J I h< n .halt thou caufethe trumpet of 

jubilee to foundj on the tenth day of 

' • ; mthi m t 1 e da) of atone- 

the trumpet found 

th laud 

li* alt t 

I • itil the year of jubilee ; and inthe jit* 

shall Lbile< it shall go out, and he shall return 
unto his polTeflion. 

in in fafety 

20 And if ye shall fay, What shall we 
eat the feventh year \ Behold, we shall 
not fow, nor gather in our increafe : 

21 Then I will command my blefiing 
upon you in the fixth year* and it shall 
bring forth fruit for three years. 

22 And ye shall fow the eighth year, 
and eat yet of old fruit until the ninth 
year ; until her fruits come in yeshall eat 
of the tzidjloe. 

23 The land shall not be fold forever ; 
for the land is mine ; for ye art ffxangers 
and fojourner3 with me. 

24 And in all the land of your pofTef- 
fion ye shall grant a redemption for the 

25 If thy brother be waxen poor, and 
hath fold away fo me of his poffeflion, and 
if any of his kin come to redeem it, then 
shall he redeem that which hisbrotherfold. 

26 And if the man have none to redeem 
it, and himfelf be able to redeem it ; 

27 Then let him count the years of the 
fale 'hereof, and reftore the overplus un- 
to the man to whom he fold it ; that he 
may return unto his poileflion. 

Bui if he be not able to reftore it 
to him, then that which is fold shall re- 
main in the hand of him that hath bought 

in >> hi Family 
til thai th yeai be 

. ■ 

1 it, iioi 

IS Inl > hall re- 

i if thou (ell a thy 



29 And if a man fell a dwelling houfe 
in a walled city, then he may redeem it 
within a whole year after it is fold ; ivith- 
ni .« full year may he redeem it. 

■\ if it be not redeemed within 
the fpace of a full year, then the houfe 
thai is in the walled city shall be eftab- 
lished forever to him that bought it 
throughout his generations : it shall not 
Hit in the jubilee. 

• )1 But the houfes of the village; which 
1 avc no walls round about them, shall be 

counted as the fields of the country ; they 
may be redeemed, and they shall go out 
15 According to the number of years in the jubilee. 

S2 Notwithftanding 

Cf.ompajian, &e. 

Chap. xxvi. 

A blejfmg promifed. 1 1 5 

32 Notwithstanding the cities of the Le- , deemed again : one of his brethren mav 

vites, and the houfes of the cities of theii 
poffeflion, may the Levites redeem at a- 
ny time. 

S3 And if a man purchafe of the Le- 
vites, then the houfe thai was fold, and 
the cify of his polIefTun, <hall go out in 
the year gfjubjlee ; for the houfcs 
cit-es of the Levites a re their poflTeffion 
among the children of Ifrael. 

34 But 'he fHd ot the fuburbs of the'r 
cities ma) not be feld; for it is their per- 
petual poiTeffion. 

35 -I And if thy brother be waxen poor, 
and fallen in decay with thee ; then thou 
shilt relieve h'un : yea, though b* be a 
ftranger, or afojourner ; that he may live 
with thee. 

33 Take thou no ufury of him, or in- 
creafe ; but fear thy God, that thy bro- 
ther may live with thee. 

37 Thou shalt not -ivehimthy money 
upon ufury, nor lend him thy victuals for 

33 I am the Lord your God, which 
brought you forth out of the land of E- 
gypt, to give you the land of Canaan, and 
to be your God. 

3J And if thy brother that dtvelleh by 
thee be waxen poor, and be fold unto thee; 
thou shalt not compel him to ferve as a 
bondfepvanr ; 

•40 But as an hired fervant, and as afo- 
journer, he shall be with thee, >md shall 
Verve iiee unto the year of jubilee. 

1 1 Vnd th n shall In.- depart from 1 
both he and his children with him, ami 
shall return unto his o*» 1 family, and unto 

• " •* »■»»»»* ■ ■ »' - ■ ■■ j >•' , ■« • . .... ..«...,». .- 

the i mothis fathersshalihereturn. for I am * he Lord your God 

hi For they are my fervant s, which I ~ Ye shajlkeepmy fabbathi am 
brought forth out of the land of Egypt jjerence my ianctuary : 1 am the I 
they shall not be fold as bondmen. 

43 Thou shalt n >t rule >vcr him wkh 
rigour; but shalt fear thy God. 

44 Both thy bondmen, and »hy bond- j<m, lanasnan 
ma hich thou shalt have, ^5i*//5r of J and the tree ;. Id shall yield' th 

I that are round about you ; fru 
•f them shall ye buy bon and 601 5 Vndj ui thn 

I the \ 1 
45' ■, of the children of the ' unto tlv Ileal 

ftranger* that do ' 

hall ye I f th 

,1 1 . 1 1 

redeem hi:.: . 

49 Either his uncle or his uncle's fon, 
may redeem him, or any that is nigh ofk 
unto him of his> family, n mhim; 
or if he be able, he may redeem hiinfelf. 

50 And he s! '.on with him 
bought him from the year that he <: c fold 
to him, unto • irof jubilee; and the 
price of Ins fa!e shall be accordingunto the 
nun f years, according to the tune 
of i h hired fervant shall it he with him. 

51 If there be yet many years be them fie shall give a, ain 
the price of his redemption out oi the 
money that he was bought tor. 

52 '\\v\ if there remain but few year? 
tin the yt-ar cf jubilee, then he shall 

'count with him, an ding unto his 

years shall he give him again the pneeof 

53 a yearly hired fervant- shall 
he be w ith him ; and the other shall not 
rule with rigour over him in th 

54 And if he be not redeemed in thefe 
yea><, th :n he shall go out in the year 
jubilee, £0/6 he and hischildren with him. 

55 For unto me the children oi 

<3>v fervants ; they are my (crv.tms whom 
I brought forth out of the land of Egypt; 
1 am the Lor i> \ our God. 

I \\>. XXVI. 
1 Of idolatry, 3 A blejjing promifed. 14 
A > urfe threaten- 

YE shall make you no idols norf raven 
'ge, neither rear j'DU upaflai 
, neither shall ye fe< 
in \ our land, to bow ■> it 


1 r 


(latutes, and 
my commandments, and do < hem ; 

4 1 hen I will give you rain in d 
fon, . land »h ill j ield ' 

imvitr) yi.u.w ht< 
land ; and they diall be ) ir p -•'■ (lion. 

4f> And ye shall take them isan inl 
itan ourchil 

herit themfoi a 

your bondmeq fo 

brethren the children *of Ifi I, 

not rule one o- HI . 

47 1 And ifa fojoun 
rich by thee, and thy broth • 
letb by him wax | and fell 

unto tne ftranger or fojourner I 
or to the flock of I 

13 After that he is fold he may b 

oui ' ■ - our 

d • 

\nd I •• e in th 

and v n,and 1 



, af< m I 
I, and an i 

ten rl 


' . h • 

116 Plagues threatened 


for dif obedience. 

10 And ye shall oat old ftore, and bring 
forth the old becaufeof the new. 

11 And I will let my tabernacle among 
you ; and my foul shall not abhor yon. 

12 And I will walk among you, and will 
be your God, and ye shall be my people. 

13 I am the Lord your (rod, which 
brought you forth out of the land of E- 
gy pt, that v e should not be their bond- 
men ; and 1 have br -ken the bands of 
your yoke, and made you go upright. 

Ik 1 But if ye will not hearken unto 
me, and will not do all thefe command- 
its ; 
And if ye shall defpife my ftatutes, 
orifyou: foul abhor my judgments, fo 
. not do all mycommandments, 
but that ye break my covenant : 

I alto will do this unto you ; I will 

even appoint over you terrour, confump- 

t;on, and tlv: burning ague,that shall con- 

■ the eyes, and caitfe forroiv of heart: 

jre shall fow your feed in vain, for 

your enen : es shall eat it. 

IT /\nd 1 will fet my face againft you, 
and \ e sj flain before your enemies: 

they th.i h ite you shall reign over you ; 
and ye shad flee when none purfueth you. 
d if ye will not yet for all this 
ken unto mc, then 1 will punish you. 
feven times more for your fins. 

19 \nd I will break the pride of your 

and } will make your heaven as 

tnd your ear h as I rafs : 

- ) And your (trength shall be fpent in 

; for your land shall not yield her 

n ither shall the trees of the 

la i d j ield then- fruits. contrary unto me, 

will i ot h ■ irken unto me ; I will 

1 n times . ! agues upon you 


I I » {< nd wild beads among 

j ou of your chil- 

d\ k attle, and make 

iber ; and your high ways 

11 ■ • ned b\ 

i nings, but will walk Co 

• ill I alfo walk 

11 punish you yet leven tunes 

pon you 

. I tV|| 

1 ■ ' 


1 dFof 

halt ba 

; iall de 

a n d v e 


en unt'j n;e, DUl 

2o Then J will walk contrary unto you 
alfo in fury ; and I, even I, will chaftife 
you feven times for your fins. 

29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your 
fons, and the flesh of your daughters shall 
ye eat . 

50 And I will deftroy your high places, 
and cut down ycfur irrfages, and call your 
carcalfes upon the carcaflfes of your idols, 
and my foul shall abhor you. 

51 And I will make your cities wafte, 
and bring your fancluaries unto defla- 
tion, and I will not fmell the favour of 
your fweet odours. 

32 And I will bring the land into defo- 
lation ; and your enemies which dwell 
therein shall be aflonished at it 

33 And I will fcatter you among the 
heathen, and will draw' out a fword after 
you ; and your land shall be defolate,ancl 
your cities wafte. 

34 Then shall the land enjoy her fab- 
baths, as long as it lieth defolatc, and yc 
be in your enemies' land ; t<ven then -hall 
the land reft, and enjoy herfabbaths. 

35 As long as it lieth defolate it shall 
reft ; becaule it did not reft in your fab- 
baths, when ye dwelt upon it. 

S'5 And upon them that are left alive of 
you I will fend a faintnefs into their 
hearts in the lands of their enemies ; and 
the found of a shaken leaf shall chafe 
them ; and they shall flee, as fleeing from 
a fword ; and they shall fall when none 

37 And they shall fall one upon anoth- 
er, as it were before a fword. when none 
purfueth : and ye shall have no power to 
ftand before your enemies 

38 And ye shall perish among the hea- 
then, and the land of your enemies shall 
eat you up. 

39 A nd they that are left of you shall 
pine away in their iniquity in your ene- 
mies' lands; and alfo in the iniquities of 
their" fathers shall they pine away with 

40 If they shall confefs their iniquity, 
and the iniquity of their fathers, with their 
Irefpafs which they trefpafled againft me, 
an.H that alfo they have walked cont rary 
unto me ; 

41 And that I alfohave walked contra- 
ry unto them, and have brought them in- 
to tl.- land of their enemies j if then their 
unci rcumcifed hearts be humbled, and 

acoept of the punishment of 
I in.qir.ty ; 

rhen will I remember my covenant 

d alio my covenant with 
d alfo- my covenant with Abra- 
ham will I remember ; and I will re- 
iber the lai 
t > 1 he land alfo shall be left of them, 
and shall enjoy her fabbaths, while she 


Concerning votvs. 

lieth dc folate without them ; and they 
shall accept of the punishment of their 
iniquity ; becaufe. even becaufe, they 
defpifed my judgments, and becaufe their 
foul abhorred my ftatute . 

41 And yet for all that, when they be 
in the land of their enemies, I will not 
caft them away, neither will I abhor 
them, to destroy them utterly, and to 
break my covenant with them : for I am 
the I. ok d their God. 

15 But I will for their fakes remember 

Chap, x X v ii . S a nclify'ing h c u/es an d fit- his . 1 1 

the Lord, then he shall prefent the bead 
before the prieft ; 

12 And the pried shall value it wheth- 
er it be good or bad : as thou vakieft it, 
ivbo art the prieft, i'o shall it be. 

IS But it he will at all redeem it, then 
he shall add a fifth part thereof unto thy 

14 And when a man shall fanftify his 
houfe to be holy unto the LORD, then I 
prielt shall cftimate it, whether it be good 
I or bad : as the pricft shall cftimate it, fo 

the covenant of their anceftours, whom I ' shall it ftand 
brought forth out of the land of h 15 And if he that fan&ified it will re- 

in the fight of the h-athen, that I might deem his houfe, then he shall add the fifth 

■heir God : 1 am the Lord 
46 Tliefe are the ftatutes, and 

p.rtoi the money of thy eltimation unto 
, it. and it shall be his. 
ments, and laws, which the Lord ma 16 And if a man shall fancljfy unto the 

en him and the children of Ifracl Lo rd fomepart of aricldof his poffeffioh, 



in mount Sinai b 

y the hand of Mofes. 

then thy ettimation shall be according 

to the feed thereof ; an homer ot barley 

i Concerning vows. 28 So devoted thing feed /hall be valued at fifty shekels of 

\be redeemed. 31 The tube may not 
hf changed. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

peak unto the children of Ifra< Land 
into them, When a man shall make a 
lingular vow, the perfons Jball be tor the 
Lord by thy eftimation. 

S And thy eftimation shall be, of the 
male from twenty years old even 1 nto fix- 
ty years old, even tin ill be 

fift) , after the sheki 1 ol 

the fan ' 

4 And if it be a I . then thy esti- 
mation shall ! 

5 And if itbr from five Id even 
lintO tW< old, then thy cftima- 

.1 Je ten sheki 

I if // he from th old C 

unto Hv. lation 

:sh ill be Is of filver, 

for the ■ - n Jball be 

if it be ild and 

■, then thy eft-ma - 

1 II be fifteen . , r the 

B But if 1 
lion, the hall prefeni 

9 And ii it be 1 

bring an o< 

any m<t ■ I fuch unto ih I 

mall b< 

! ! ■ • • 

' at all change 1 
bead, th n ii an i th : en 
shall be 

1 1 And 11 iny un< lean be; I 

which they do not oti r a 


17 If he fanctify his field from the year 
of jubilee, according to thy eftimation it 
shall (rand. 

18 Bu if he fanctify his field after the 
jubilee, then the prieit shall reckon unto 
him the money according to the years 
I hat remain, even unt > the year ot th 
bilee, and it shall be abated Loin thy eiti- 

n And if he thai I ed the ' 

will in any wife redeem it, then he 
add the fifth part of thi :• ot thy cfti- 

mation unto it, and it shall be allure t to 

SO And if he will not redeem the fi< 
or if J fold the fi< Id to another man, 

it sh ill not be redt re. 

•21 But the field, when it goeth oul 
thejubih e, shall be holy unto the Lord, 
as a field devoted ; the pcfTefliori thei 

sh \\\ b< 

/'/ fancTify un! I jrd 

;i 6el h he hath 

riien 1 h dl r«-i kon u 

him 1 

fn in Hi i 
the Lo 

sthall • of v I 

1 him to w lioin the poflel- 



sh ill 

US The men of -war NUMB 

thereto : or if it be not redeemed, the 
shall be fold according to thy ellimation. 

i3jj Notwithstanding, no devoted thing 
that a man shall devote unto the Lori> 
ail that he hath, both of man and bead, 
and of the field Of his pofTeflion, shall be 
fold or redeemed ; every devoted thing is 
mod holy unto the Lord 

29 None devoted, which shall be de- 
voted of men, shall be redeemed ; but 
be put to death. 
lull the tithe of the land,-xu/»-/A- 
er of the feed of the land, or of the fruit 
of the uve, is the Lord's: // /i holy un- 
to the Lord. 

ER.S. are numbered. 

31 And if a man will at all redeem 
aught of his tithes, he shall add thereto 
the ftt'rhpart thereof. 

32 fj And concerning the tithe of the 
herd, or of the flock, cvenoi what foe ver 
pa'ierh under the rod, the tenth shall be 
holy unto the Lord. 

S3 He shall not fearch whether it be 
good or bad, neither shall he change it ; 
and if he change it at all, then both it and 
•he change thereof shall be holy ; it shall 
not be redeemed. 

84 Tht'letf/r the commandments, which 
'he Lord commanded Mofes for the 
children of Ifrael in mount Sinai. 



i, 17, The men of war numbered. 47 The 


I the Lord fpakc unto Mofes in 

wilderro v i;mi, in the tabernacle 

ofth ition,onthe firft dayofthe 

ithi in the fecond year after 

9 recomeoutof the land of Egypt, 

2 I ike ye the fum of all the congn 

children of Ifrael, after their 
lies, by the houfe of their fathers 
with f ! e number of their names, ever) 

• ! ; 
fn twenty years old and upward, 
nil * forth to war in If- 

t and \aron shall number them 


i with you there shall be a man 

. y one head of the 


ire the names of the men 

the tribe of 

Ion of Miedeur. 

lumiel the fon of 

1 the fon of A :.. 
'he fon of 


. El hra- 
\ mini hud of 


iel the Ion ofPedahzur. 

!an the ion of 



i cue!. 

1 • nan. 


gation together on the firft day of the fec- 
ond month, and they declared their ped- 
igrees after their families, by the houfe 
of their fathers, according to the num- 
ber of the names, from twenty years old 
and upward, by their polls. 

19 As the Lord commanded Mofes, 
A) he numbered them in the wildernefs 
of Sinai. 

20 And the children of Reuben, Ifra- 
c'\s eldelt fon, by their generations, after 
their families, by the houfe of their fa- 
thers, according to the number of the 
names, by their polls, every male from 
twenty years old and upward, all that 
were able *"ogo forth to war; 

-I Thofe that were numbered of them, 
ei/cn of the tribe of Reuben, ivere forty 
and fix thoufand and five hundred. 

21 Of the children of Simeon, by their 
generations, after their families, by the 
houfe of their fathers, thofe that were 
numbered of them, according to the num- 
ber of the names, by their polls, every 
male from twenty years old and upward, 
all that v ere able to go forth to war ; 

rhofe that were numbered of them, 
even of the tribe of Simeon, were fifty 
and nine thoufand and three hundred. 

Of the children of Gad, by their 

generations, after their families, by the 

hou r fathers, according to the 

number of the names, from twenty years 

old and upward, all that were able to go 

r j 

I hofe that were numbered of them, 

even o\ the- tribe of Gad, tvere forty and 

ifand fix hundred and fifty. 

the children of Judah, by their 

veneration r their families, by the 

ifeof their fathers, according to the 

mberofthe names, frum twenty years 

old and upward, all that were able to go 

h to war ; 

fe that were numbered of them, 
tribe of|udah,7ir/^thi eefcore 
thoufand and fix hundred. 
28 Of 

The number of eab tribe . Chap 

Of rhe children c jr, bv their 

terations, after their -S, by the 

their fathers, according to I 
number of the nanus, rr »ro years 

old and upward, all that were able to go 
ir ; 
i9 Thofe that were numbered ot th 
even of the tribe of Iflachar, ivere fifty i 
and four thousand and four \\v\ 'red. 
80 Of the children of Zebulun, bv th 
generations, after their families, by the 
hou He of their father-,, accord the 

number ot the names, trom tw e 

and upward, all that were able to 
h to war ; 

>fe that were numbered of them. 
even of the tribeof Zeb ilu i, ivere fii 
and (even thoufartdand four hun Ire 

Of the ch h, nmmely y 

of the children of Ephraim, by then - \ 
erations, after their families, by the ho 

according to the number: 
'he names, from twenty years old and 
ward, all that were able to go forth to ; 
war ; 

Thofe that were numbered of them, 
even of the tribe of Ephraim, were forty 
theufand and five hundn 

Of the children of Maoafleh, by 
their generations, after their fa nilies, by 
of their fathers, according to 
the number of the m twei 

.Id jnd upward, all that iMe 

r ; 
re numbered r <f them, 
even of the: ti :erc th 

i and two hundred. 
36 Of the children of Benjamin, by 
their | , after (heir fam lies, 

houfeoftheii fathers, ac< to; 

the number of the names, from I 

! upward, all that were able 
to go forth i ; 

even of were tj 

t, i ■■. 1 five thmt.u' hundr 

the c nil(fren 

f after tl 

numbei of th 

1 and upwai 1, all that tl 
forth to ^ar ; 

39 ! em,' 

even oftheti ibe of I 
> t h oil 1 i ' 

-40 Of the childi e i 

rations, aftei their families, by I 
huufe ol their fath 
number of th 

old and u , all that were able to 

forth ti 

41 rhofe that were n 
even of the trib ^ty 

and one thoufandand fire hun die 

i - >fthe children of Naphta 
out their 

ii. The L \re exempted. 119 

•f their fath ord- 

the number of the nam: 

and upward, all that 
were able to go forth to war ; 

fe that we hem, 

even of the -.phtali •u ere I 

three thoufand and four hundred. 
41 fe that were number- 

ed, which Moi on numbe 

and the princes of Ifr^el, being tw< 
men : each one was for the houfe oi 1 is 

45 >o were all th-fe that were nurn- 
e children of Ifrael, by the 
honfe of tluie fathers, I 

i i upward, ail that were able to go 
forrh to el ; 

40 that were numbered, 

(i x hundred thoufand and three 
thou hundred and fifty. 

ifter the tribe 
«i fathers, were not numbered a - 

Lo r d had fpoken unto 
I I th ' It not number the 
>f Levi 
among the I I I : 

(halt aj 'he Lev 

le of teflimony, and 
over all ih • v ind over all 

'•eton? to it : they (hall b 
the vei 7 
and they (hall rain ind (ball 

np round about thetabernai 
51 hen the tabern 

ward, the Levi' take it down: 

I, the 
LeviteS (hall fet it u;> and the ftra 

H And tl lhall 

pitch their lent f m in by I 

ard throughout their hod 

53 But the : h rotfn 1 a. 

. . . 

i wrath upon ; 


'r<-n of Urael did 
ed M fes, fo did if 

I \P. II. 
77 \tt. 


■ i ' 

• h. 
3 A 

fthe (i\'A, 

te camp of }v h, throughout 


HO The crder of the tribe* NUMBERS. 

Amminadab_/5<2// be captain of the chil- 
dren of Judah. 

4 And his hod, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, were threefcore and 
fourteen thoufand and fix huadred. 

5 And thofe ihat do pitch next unto 
him /hall be the tribe of TfTachar : and 
Nethancel the fon of 7.uar/hall be captain 
of the children of Iflachar. 

6 And his heft, and thofe that were 
numbered thereof, ive^e fifty and four 
thoufand and four hundred. 

7 Then th.e tribe of Zcbnlun : and E- 
liab the fon of Helon fh II be captain of 
the children ofZcbulun. 

8 Xnd h ; s hofr, and thofe that were 
numbered thereof, ivere fifty and (even 
thoufand and four hundred. 

9 All that were numbered in the camp 
r I Judah % nvere an hundred thoufand and 
fourfcore thoufand and fix thoufand and 
four htm lied ihroughout their aranies. 
Thefe (hall firft fet forth. 

10 On the fouth fide./W/ be the ftand- 
ard of the camp of Reuben, according to 
their armies ■ and the captain ofrhc chil- 

n of Reuben /hall be Elizur the fon 
of Shedeur. 

11 \n(\ his hofr, and thofe that were 
numbered thereof, ivere forty and fix 
thoufand and fTve hundred. 

12 And thofe which pitch hyh\m /hall 
be the tribe of Simeon : and the captain 
oi~ thr children of Simeon fhrdl be Shelu- 
miel the fon , f Zuriihaddai. 

1 his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, nvefe fifty and nine 
thoufand and three hundred. 

** the tribe of Cad i and the 

captain of the fons of Gad /hallbeEtiz- 
h the fon of Reuel. 

15 And Irs hoft, and thofe that were 

numbered of them, 'Were forty and five 

id fix hundred and fifty. 

that were numbered in the camp 

ere an hundred thoufand 

i and fourhun- 

d and fiftv. throughout th< : r ;irm'.cs. 

hall ht forth in the fe< 

' ' icle of the congre- 

1(1 of the camp : as 
fo fhal • 
m in his place by their fta 



-MmjballbcY | the fon 

■ and thofe that were 
rrt forty thoul 
' <1. 

j Hie t 

/// their tents 

tzar, and Itlutmar. 

dren of Manaffeh (hall be Gamaliel the 
fon of Pedahzur. 

21 And his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, ivere thirty and two 
thoufand and two hundred. 

22 Then the tribe of Benjamin : and 
f he captain of the fons of Benjamin Jhall 
be Abidan the fon of Gideoni. 

23 And his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, ivere thirty and five 
thoufand and four hundred. 

24 All that were numbered of the camp 
of Ephraim, ivere an hundred thoufand 
and eight thoufand and an hundred, 
throughout their armies. And they fhall 
izo forward in the third rank. 

25 The ftandard of the camp of Dan 
Jhall be on the north fide bv their armies : 
and the captain of the children of Dan 
/hall be Ahiezerthe fon of Ammifhaddai. 

26 And his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, ivere threefcore and 
two thoufand and feven hundred. 

27 And thofe that encamp by h\mjbalt 
be the tribe of Afher : and the captain of 
the children of Afher /hall be Pagiel the 
fon of Ocran. 

23 And his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, ivere forty and one 
thoufand and five hundred. 

29 Then the tribe of Naphtali : and the 
captain of the children of Naphtali /hall 
be Ahira the fon of Enan. 

30 And his hoft, and thofe that were 
numbered of them, ivere fifty and three 
thoufand and four hundred. 

31 All they that were numbered in the 
camp of Dan, ivere an hundred thoufand 
and fifty and feven thoufand and fix hun- 
dred. Theyihallgo hindmoft with their 

32 Thefe are thofe which were num- 
bered of the. children of Tfrael by the 
houfe ofther fathers : all f hofe that were 
numbered of the camps throughout their 
hods, mere fix hundred thoufand and 
three thoufand and five hundred and 

33 But the Levites were not numbered 
among the children of Ifrael ; as the 
Lord commanded Mofes. 

3i -\< d the children of Ifrael did ac- 
cording to all that the Lord commanded 
Mofes : fo the- p ; tched by their ftand- 
'•id fo i hey let forward, every one 
i their far. .dies, according to the houfe 
ol their lathers. 

( (LAP. HI. 
<j The feui/es' feruice . 40 The fir/l-born 
freed 1 ! 1 he ou rplut redertnrd. 
I HESE alfo are the generations of Aa- 
ron and Mofes, in the day that the Lord 
fpake with Mofes in mount Sinai. 

2 And thefe are the names of the fons 
\aron ; Nadab the firft-born, and A- 

3 Thefe 

Tleir Mum&tr and charge. 

3 Thsfe are the names of the fons of 

r in the 

flu died be: 




the charge of ' i be- 

• A ep all the 



to Aai\. 


-on and 


i i :e unto I I 

1 I.bel: A ■!. I 


Gerfr.on ivai the ramil 
Libnites,a;. res : 

-- i umbered t : 


that were nu I lhcm t 'were U 

thou land a d. 

es of the Ger.rionites (hall 
le weftward. 
54 And u(e of 

-all be'; 
. : I . 

fhon, in I :rnacle of the con^rega- 

von t /Isdl be the tabernacle, and I 
the cove and the I 

of the [ 

,3 of the court 
the c oor of the c< 

which is by ucle, and bv the 


tan the family of 
d the rxmih 
:tes, and the 1 y of the I 

>f the I 
In the r. from 


49 jnsofKohath 

h on the : 

ill be mine ; 
15 fc, II the fit 

ill the 
unto me all tin both 

1* the Lo? 

'he : 

• the 


ill be the ark, 
the tabu , and 


e there 
the fo:. 



gt of : 

lg t LolD, 35 

; art th« 

* he fons 

I, Hcb: 

. are 

I I 

ie houfe of their f« 

• '•' 

:re numbered 
number ot all 
..nth old and 


hel the fon c tbeje I 

dc of the tabernacle I 
36 And v 
oft! I be the b< 

• bars * 
. . -nd the fockcts 
thereof, and all the vclTcls there 
all that fen cth thereto, 
ST e ecu;- 

te: The fir ji -born redeemed. NUMBERS 

about, and their lockets, and their pins, 
eir cords. 

• that encamp before the 
tabernatle toward the eaft, even before 
■ ibernacleof the congregation eaft- 
\yjball he Mofes, and Aaron and his 
(cms, keeping tliecharge ofthe fanctuary 
for the charge ofthe children of Ifrael ; 
ami the (hanger that cometh nigh 
be put to death. 

39 Ail that were numbered of the Le- 
vites, which Mofesand Aaron numbered 
at the commandment of the Lord, 
throughout their families, all the males 
from ;i month old and upward, 'were 
twenty and '• , ''. o thoufand. 
40 ^ i\ d the Lord laid unto Mofes, 

The Levites* fer-v'ues. 

i The Levites fer ices, 17 and office. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Moles, and 
unto Aaron faying, 

2 Take the fum of the fons of Kohath 
from among the fons of Levi, after their 
families, by the houfe of their fathers, 

3 From thirty years old and upward, 
even until fifty years old, all that enter 
in o the hoft, to do the work in the tab- 
ernacle of the congregation. 

4 1 hisjball he the fervice of the fons 
of Kohath in the tabernacle of the congre- 
gation, about the moll holy things : 

5 Ami when the camp fetteth forward, 
Aaron fliall come, and his fons, and they. 
lhalltake down the covering veil. and cov- 

Number all the nrft-born of the males of i^T the ark of teftimony with it 
the children of [frael, from a momh old! 6 And ih all put thereon the covering of 
and upward, and take the numberpf their [badgers' fkins, and (hall fpread over it a 
nam | cloth vy holly of blue, and fliall put in the 

41 And ihcu (halt take tlie Levites for [Haves thereof. 

7 And upon the table of (hewbread 
they (hall fpread acloih of blue, and put 
thereon the difhe-, and the fpoons, and 
the bowls, and covers to cover withal : 
and the continual bread lhall be thereon : 

3 And they (hall fpread upon them a 
cloth o{ fcarlet, and cover the lame with 
a covering of badgers' (kins, and (hall 
put in the (laves thereof. 

9 And they dial! take a cloth of blue, 
and cover the candlelfick of the light, and 

imps, and his tongs, and his fnuff- 
diftles, and all the oil velTels thereof, 
wherew ith they minifter unto it : 

10 And they lhall put it and all the 
Is thereof within a covering of bad- 
gers' (kins, and fliall put /'/ upon a bar. 

1 1 And upon f he golden altar they lhall 
fpread a cloth of blue, and cover it with 
a coveringDf badgers' fkins, and fliall put 
to the ftaves thereof: 

12 And they (hall take all the inftru- 
ments of rniniltry, whereu ith they minif- 
ter in the fanctuary, and put them in a 
cloth ofblue, and cover them with a cov- 

of badgers' (kins, and (hall put tbem 
bar : 

13 And they fliall take away the afhes 
from the altar, and fpread a purple cloth 

n : 

Ami they fliall put upon it all the 

'. thereof wherewith they minilier 

even thecenfers, the flclh hooks, 

and the (hovels, and the bafons, all the 

[velfelsoi the altar; and they lhall fpread 

fie Lord, inftead of all the 

firft-born among t ne children of Ifrael : 

and the cattle of the Levites infiend of 

all the firfilings among the cattle of the 


s numbered, asthe Lord 

1 him, all the firft-born among 

1 of Ifi 

And all the firft-born males, by the 

number of names, from a month old and 

thofe that were numbered of 

them, were twenty and two thoufand two 

feundn threescore and thirteen. 

44 H And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

1 es inffead of all 
: among the children ol 
c ittle of f hc L< vites d of 

■ ; and th Lev itcs (hall be 
I am the Lo 

d for thofe that are to be rede 
two hui dr d and three 

- r frael, which are nine than the 

five fhel 

el ' 

d a- 

d I . 

upon it a covering of badgers' fkins, and 

•1 of put to the ftaves of it. 

1 thoufand 1 15 And when Aaron and his fons have 

mend of covering the fanctuary, 

- f ' nd ,;i ,h( ' veffels of the fanttuary, as the 

'' ' them camp is to fet forward; after that the 

ron and to fons of Kohath lhall come to bear /'/ ' but 

1 of the 1 they (hall not touch any holy thing,' left 

Lord,** the Lord commanded Moies.hhey die, Thefe things are \hz burden of 


Toe Leuites J offices. Chap. iv. « Their number. 

the fons of Kohath in the tabernacle SI And this /* thed -rbur- 

den, ' ce in 

/.ar, the fi n 'I 
'riainetb, the ■ 
fvveet ir.ccnfe, and the and 


irs oftl. ! round 

■ '.ltliat' I 

and i andtfv I cms, 

IT ** And tl unto M 

unto A u, 

be oft! 
Kohathites from the 

13 mi: t!. em, that they 

md not die, \> hen th< y 

) the moit holy thii an n 

and his Jons ih \i. point 

them ev c to Ins fervice an I to ln^ 

burden ; 

I Bui they (hall m I ^'o in t « hen 

the holy tl> die. 

-i ;d the Lord fpake unto 

1 ike alfo the fum of the fons of 
lion, throughout the houies of their 
father*, by their families ; 

25 From thirty years old an 1 upv urd 
until fifty >ears old, fhalt thou number 
them ; all that enter in to | i the 

fervice, to do the work in the tab 
of the i >n. 

the (jcrlhonit- , ind foi I 

'15 And they (hall b 

• i * I tl.' 
upon it, and ; g for the dooi 

• on i 


the i u*i, ace o all their 

fervice, iri the tabernacle of the < 
gatioi . ler the hand of Ithamar the 
ton ol \ • - It. 

5J • lofesan 

ition : 
of tl r es air ■ farail 

and • : 

me that 
entere h 

lie con, n : 

tltat wi I of 

fev< I fifty. 

37 1: • r.Uin- 

ttl i 
all tl li f do t iber- 

and i the 




court, which is by tin 

the altar round iboul 

i : fo ih. til 


41 Thefe re hey 1 


., ill ill \)f i 1 I ' 



miml their t 

even unto fifty 

her them, one that ei 

the fcrv if the 

clc of the ci on. 

all it. 



in i 

I ... 

124 Unclean put out of camp. 

cording to the word of the Lord by the 
hand of Mofes. 

46 All thofe that were numbered of 
the Levites. whom Mofei and Aaron and 
the chief of Ifrael numbered, after their 
families, and after the houfe of their fa- 

47 From thirty years old and upward, 
even unto fifty years old, every one that 
came to do the fervice of the miniftry, 
and the fervice of the burden in the tab- 
ernacle of the congregation ; 

48 Even thofe that were numbered of 
them were eight thoufand and five hun- 
dred and four {core. 

49 According to the commandment of 
the Lord, they were numbered by the 
hand of Moles, everyone according to 
his fervice, and according to his burden: 
thus were they numbered of him, as the 
Lord commanded Mofes. 

l Theuncleanputoutofthccamp. $Rejli- 
tution enjoined, it the trial of jealoufy. 
AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

2 Command the children of Ifrael, that 
they put out of the camp every leper, and 
every one that hath an iflue, and whofo- 
cver is defiled by the dead : 

3 Both male and female fhall ye put 
out, without the camp fhall ye put them \ 
that they defile not their camps, in the 
midft whereof I dwell. 

4 And the children of Ifrael did fo, 
and put them out without the camp : a:, 
the Lord fpake unto Mofes, fo did the 
children of Ifrael. 

5 J And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

6 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, 
"When a man or woman fhall commit 
any fin that men commit, to do a tref- 
pafs againft the Lord, and that perfon 

7 1 hen they (hall confefs their fin 
which they have done: and he fhall rcc- 
pinpenfe his trefpafs with the principal 
thereof, and add unto it the fifth part 
thereof, and give // unto him againft 
whom he hath trefpatl 

8 But if the man hav< no kinfman to 
recompenfe the u efpafs unto, let the tref- 
pafs be re< ompenfeaunto the Lord, •i/- 
rn to the pried ; befide the ram of the 
atonement, win reby an atonement fhall 
be made for him. 

9 And every offering of all the holy 
things of the children of Ifrael, which 
th< y bring unto the prieft, mail be his. 

10 And every man's hallowed things 
fhall be his : whatfoever any man givcth 
the prieft, it (hail be his. 

11 1 And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

NUM B R RS . Trial of jealoufy , 

fay unto them, If any man's wife go afide-, 
and commit a trefpafs again! him, 

13 And a man lie with her carnally, and 
it be hid from the eyes of her hufnand, 
and be kept clofe, and flie be defiled. and 
(here be no withefs againft her, neither (he 
be taken iuith the manner ; 

14 And the foirit of jealoufy come up- 
on him. and lie be jealo'us of his wife, and 
flie be defiled : or if the fpirit of jealoufy 
come upon him, and he be jealous of 
his wife, and Hie be not defiled : 

15 Then fhall the man bring his wife 
unto the prieft, and he fhall bring her 
offering for her, the tenth fart of an e- 
phah of barley-meal ; he (hall pour no oil 
upon it, nor put frankincenfe thereon ; 
for it /'/ an offering of jealoufy, an offer- 
ing of memorial, bringing iniquity to re- 

16 And the prieft fhall bring her near, 
and fet her before the Lord : 

17 And the pried fhall rake holy water 
in an earthen vefTel ; and of the duft that 
is in the floor of the tabernacle the prieft 
fhall take, and put // into the Water : 

18 And the prieft fhall fet the woman 
before the Lord, and uncover the wom- 
an's head, and put the offering of memo- 
rial in her hands, which is the jealoufy-of- 
fering: and the prieft (hall have in his hand 
the bitter water that caufeth the curie : 

19 And the prieft fhall charge her by an 
oath, and fay unto the woman. It no man 
have lain with thee, and if thou haft not 
gone afide to unci eannefsw//^ another \n~ 
ftead of thy hnfband, be thou free from 
this bitter water that caufeth the curfe .- 

20 But if thou haft gone afide to an- 
other inftead of thy hufband ; and if thou 
be defiled, and fome man have lain with 
thee befide thine hufband : 

21 Then the prieft fhall charge the 
woman with an oath of curling, and the 
prieft fiiall fay unto the woman, The 
Lord make thee a curfe and an oath 
among thy people, when the Lord doth 
make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to 
lwell ; 

32 And this water that caufeth the 
curfe ih all go into thy bowels, to make 
tby belly to lwell, and thy thigh to rot : 
And the woman fhall fay, Amen, amen. 

23 And the prieft fhall write thefe 
Curies in a book ; and he fhall blot them 
out with ihe bitter water : 

24 And he fhall caufe the woman to 
drink the bitter water that caufeth the 
curfe: and the water that caufeth the 
curfcfnallcntcr into her., <7«.'//;f<:o;;7rbittcr. 

2.5 Then the prieft fhall take the jeal- 
oufy -offering out of the woman's hand, 
and fhall wave the offering before the 
Lord, and offer it upon the altar : 

26 And the prieft fhall take an hand 

}t Speak unto the children of Ifrael, and I fid of the offering, even the memorial 

thereof j 

7" Wazante. Chap 

thereof, and burn it upon the altar, and 
afterward (hall caufe the woman to dr. 

hen he hath made her to drink 
the water then it 111 ill come to pals, tl 

he deri I have done trefpafs j 

t her h u (band, that t] er that 

l . ill enter \.\-o her,and 

became bitter, and her belly (hall fwell, 

1 tier thigh thall vj: : an 1 the woman 

ih ill be a curfe am >ng h dr. 

And It the won;. in be nor defiled 
but be cl ill be free, and 

(hall conceive feed. 

. i the law of jealoufie 
a wife goeth afide to another inftead of 
her hulband, and . 

SO Or when the Ipirit t jealoufy Com- 
eth upon liii his 
;e, and fh ill let the w the 
Lord, and the prieft thall execute upon 
her all thi-> law. 

I hen Hi ill the man be guiltlefs from 
iniquity, and this woman (hall bear 

i The fa'v of the Nazarite. zi The form 
ofble(J\n% the people. 
AND the Lord fpake unto M 


peak unto the children ot III .<cl, and 
n, When either man or u 
man fhall ite tbemfei'ues to 

trite, to feparate themjei 
unto the F,w R 

hill feparate himfelf from v. 

an • .. and di ill drink no \ 

or vinejj ir of ftr ik, 

■ dnnk any liquor of 
ipe*, or cfried. 
4 All the i reparation ih.dl he 

• nothing that is made of the vine 
n the k i to the In: 

\!l the d - tra 

II no raz >r t om : upon 
until the days be fulfilled, in 
which h< th bimfelt unto 



7 unto the he (h ill ( no 

T I mfelf ii 

r hi \ moth . 
r, when 
e the conii 

n he »i 


■ V uh d< tiled \A hiN 


in th 
day fhall he fli 

10 An 1 f.n t fhall 

bring two turtle 

Tie far m of- r he people. 125 

of the taberna- 

tl And the prieft (hall otfe-- the one for 

a 'ln-ofi md the other for a burnt- 

uifl'cdng. and m for him, 

hat he ii med by ' id, and fhall 

hal id that fame day. 

1- And he (hall confecrate unto thr 

Lord the laysofhisi »n, and (hall 

t Hie firft year for a • 

ering : but s that werebe- 

! be loft, becaufe his reparation 


13 \- 1 this i/thrlawof the Nazar 
When the days of his reparation are fal- 
ls he (hall be brought unto ihe door 
of the tabernacle of the congregation : 

li And he lhall oiler h:^ offering unto 
the Lord, one He-lamb of the firfi year 
without bleinifh for a burnt-offering, and 
one ewe-lamb of the fir;; year without 
blem a fin-otlerin^, and one ram 

without blemilh for peace-offerings, 

15 And a bafket of unleavened bread, 

ffin flour mingled with oil, and 
. >oi unleavened brc id anointcdwith 
rmeat-o indtheirdrink- 

rin° . 

16 And tl (hall bring them be« 

, and fh ill ( ffer his fln-of- 
. and his burnt-otferinj 
it And he (1 i im for a ^c- 

js unto the ! drp, 
: the 
ind h s drink 

18 And l te (hall fh 
I of his feparal 

t' i he c .nd fhall 

take the ha 
non, n the 6re ii hich it u. 

19 fhall t 

it of the >afl -i , 

tbem upon ihe 
hair of 
It (hall v 


', wit 



• i 
a h 1 1 


1 1S 7he princes' offering at the 

55 The Lord make his face (Vine up- 
on tl hd be gracious unto thee: 

< Lord fiftup His countenance 
upon fhee, and give thee peace. 

U7 And the) (hallputm) name upon the 
children of Ifrael ; and I will blefs then). 

i, \oTl)C princes' offerings 89 GW fbeak- 

eth to mofes front the tnerey-feat. 

AN n it same to pafs on tlic day that 
Mofes had fully let up the tabernacle, and 
had anointed it, and fa notified it, and all 
the inftrur thereof, both the altar 

and all the veffi Is 'hereof and had an- 
ointed them, and fa notified them ; 

2 That tree princes of ifrael, heads of 
♦he ' Ftlieir . , who >\uere\\vz 

prim es of the tribes, and were over them 
red, offered : 

S And they brought their offering be- 
fore ti • Lord, fix covered waggons, and 
oxen ; a waggon for two of the 

1>rin< : each one an ox : and they 

jrought them before t lie tabernacle. 

4 .And the J.ord fpake unto Mofes, 

NUMBERS, dedication of the tabernacle. 

two oxen, five rams, five lie-goats, five 
lambsof the firft year : this was the offer- 
ing ot Nah/hon the fon of Amminadab, 

18 On the fecondday Nethancel the fon 
of Zuar, prince of Illachar, did offer : 

19 He offered./©*' his offering one (ilver 
charger, the weight whereof nvai an hun- 
dred and \h\rl)' Jhekels, one iilver bowl of 
feventy fhekels, after the {hekel of the 
fancfuary ; both of them full of fine flcur 
mingled with oil, for a meat-offering : 

20 One fpoon of gold oitzv\jhekels y full 
of incenfe : 

21 One young bullock, one ram, one 
lamb of the firft year, for a burnt -offering; 

22 Onekid of the goats for a fin-offering : 

23 And fora facrificgof peace-ofierings, 
two oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five 
lambs of the firft year : this ivas the of- 
fering of Nethanecl the fon of Zuar. 

24 On the third day Eliab the fon of 
Helon, prince of the children of Zebu- 
lun. did offer : 

25 His offering ivas one filver charger, 
the weight whereof ivas an hundred and 
thirtyy^^^^/j, one fiver bowl of feventy 

5 J ,ifc it of them, that they may be • fhekels, after the (hekel of the fancluary; 
to do the fervice of the tabernacle of the ,both of them full of fine flour mingled 
n ; and thou (halt g : ve them with oil, fora meat offering 

unto tin I evites, to every man accoidin e 
to his ft rvice. 

ofes took the waggons and the 
unto the I.c vites. 

ir oxen he gave 
.hon, according 

8 d eight oxen he 

26 One golden fpoon often jhekcls, full 
of incenfe : 

27 One young bullock, one ram, one 
lamb of the firft: year, for a burnt-ottering: 

28 One kid of the goats for a fin ■ offer - 
ing ; 

29 And forafacrificc of peace-ofierings, 
two oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five 

unto t: \ erar . according [lambs of the firft year ; this -ivas the of- 

their I .underthel andof Ith-jfering of Eliab the fon of Helon. 

am the prieft. 30 On the fourth day Elizur the fon of 

f Kohath hr give I Shedeur, prince of the children of Reu- 
ervi( i . ni- ben, did offer ; 

ivas that they 31 His offering ivas one filver charger, 

foouldei of the weight of an hundred and thirty 

flAndi nces offered for dedi-^M^ one filver bowl of feventy fhekels, 

»1 the altar in the daj that it was alter the fhekel of the fancluary ; both 

I, ' ■ , the princes offered their 

I unto Mofes, 

i h prince 

he altar. 


fon ofAm- 

I [udali : 

1 h soil 


' full of fine 

! ■ 

•n, one 


of them full of fine Hour mingled with 
oil. for a meat-offering : 

One golden fpoon of tenfhekels, full 
of incenfe : 

One young bullock, one ram, one 
lamb of the firft year, for a burnt-offering: 
SI One kid of the goat* fora fin-offering: 
Vnd fora facrificeofpeace-ofterings, 
two oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five 
lambs of the firft y^ar : this ivas the of- 
fering of Elizur the ion of Shedeur. 

the fifth day Shelumiel the fon 
of Zurifhaddai. prince of the children of 
did offi r : 

'as one filver charger, 
hi whereof ivas an hundred and 

th\rtv fhekels, one filver bow 1 of feventy 
i fter the fhekel of the fanctuary ; 
ng: both of them full of fine flour mingled 
U oil, for a meat-offering • 

38 One 

The prince? offerings at CI 

One golden fpoon often./ 
ef incenfc : 

i g bill lock, one ram, one 
40 One kid of the o 

two oxc five fv 

lambsof the firlt year :this tuaxtheo 

the fon of Z irifli iddai. 
On the (ixthday Eliafaphthe fon of 
Deuel, prince of the children of ( 
offered : 

His offering it^t one fii ver charger, 
of the weight or an h 
jbekels, a lilvcr bowl 
atter the Ihekel of ; both ot 

them full ol with oil, 

for a m 

oon oittnjbekehj full 
of incenfc 

45 one 

ir,for .1 burnt-offering: 
: lie ^oa's for a fin-offei 
47 And fur a (acrince of , 

■laele. ill 

•ji jf - offi . char 

the weight whereof iv 
chirr;. en ty 


oil, for 

fls t full 

i ".lag bullock, one ram, one 


6 > An . t' ra facritice< >fp 

lanib^ of tlie fii 
feri dan the 

ith :teftth d < \ xthe fori of 
Ammilhaddai, prince of the cliildren o£ 

ottering ivas one fii vex charger, 

< th is an hui and 

thirty jbekehy ity 

Iterthe fac tuarj , 

both of them full of fine flour mingled 
with oil, for a me u 

• oxen, five rams, five he , five 68 One ^old. ■■-.-, full 

he tirrl year : this vjasthe of- 
liafaph the fon or Deuel. 

48 On the feventh day Elifhama the 
>( Ammihud, prince ol the children 

:. offered ; 

49 !l was one filvrr c 
the weight whereof ivjs un f ; . and 

rtic wei-n 

thirty [bekcls, o bowl of feventy 

r the (' 
both or them full. of fine flour miri 

lenfhekels, full 

j\ One ) ullock, on , one 


1 1 icril 
oxen, five r im 

klnh ima •!: 

hth <! <'.'•• ' G 

of the chil- 

I : 
Offi. MM;, 

/beketsMHt filv 

r the Ihekel of the fa ; l> >t h 


of incer 

57 On llllock, on • 


58 One kid oft - 

59 And foi 
two oxen, 

bs of the fii t the of- 

maliel I ir. 

60 0:\ the ninth day Abidan the fon of 
Gideoni, prince of the c!ul Iren of B 
j a min, offered : 


bullock, one ram, one 
of the fi rft y ear,tor a burnt-offering: 

me kid oftl «k : 

71 -utftr- 

■ . 

El Jf 


■ ; el the fon 
ofOcr<in,p. Ike Idrenof Aih.-r, 

off/" ft 

hundred and 

thi .cnty 

both ded 

Of in 


/ / 







M And 

158 How the lamps are tobe lighted. NUMBERS. The confecration of the Levitts. 

with his meat-offering, e<ven fine flour 
mingled with oil, and another young bul- 
lock (halt thou take for a fin-offering. 

9 And thou (halt bring the Levites be- 
fore the tabernacle of the congregation : 
and thou flialt gather the whole aiiembiy 
of the children of Ifrael together, 

10 And thou fhait bring the Levites be- 
fore the Lord : and the children of Ifrael 
(hall put their hands upon the Levites : 

11 And Aaron (hall offer the Levites 
before the Lord /or an offering of the 
children of Ifrael, that they may execute 
the fervice of the Lord. 

12 And the Levites fhall lay their hands 
upon the heads of the bullocks : and thou 
flialt offer the one Jor a (in-offering, and 
the other for a. burnt-offering unto the 
Lo r D,to make an atonement for the Le- 

13 And thou (halt let the Levites be- 
fore Aaron, and before his fons, and of- 
fer them /or an offering unto the Lord. 

14 Thus (halt thou feparate the Le- 
vites from among the children of Ifrael : 
and the Levites (hall be mine. 

15 And after that (hall the Levites go 
in to do the fervice of the tabernacle of 
the congregation : and thou (halt cleanfe 
them., and offer them for an offering. 

16 For they are wholly given unto me 
from among the children of Ifrael ; in- 

fpeak with him, then he heard the voice ftead of fuch as open every womb, e<ven 
of one freaking unto him from off the I injiead of the firft-born of all the children 
mercy -feat that was upon the ark of tef- lot Ifrael, have I taken them unto me. 
tiinony, from between the two cheru- I 17 For all the firft-born of the children 
bims: and he fpake unto him. of Ifrael are mine, both man and bead : 

(JliAP. Vifl. on the day that I fmote every firft-born in 

i How the lamps are tobe lighted. 5 7 he | the land of Egypt, I faactified them for 
confecration of the Levites. -3 The myfelf. 

agf and time of the ir fervice. 18 And I have taken the Levites for 

.nL) the Lord (pake unto Mofes, fall the firft-born of the children of Ifrael. 
foyingi j 19 And I have given the Levites as a 

'-Speak unto Aaron, and fay unto him, gift to Aaron and to his fons, from among 
When thou lighted the lamps, the feven the children of Ifrael, to do the fervice of 
lamps fhall give light over againft the the children of Ifrael in the tabernacle of 
candleftick. the congregation, and to make an atone- 

5 And Aaron did fo: he lighted the|ment for the children of Ifrael: that 
thereof over againft the candle- 
mas the Loud commanded Mofes. 

4 And this work of the candleftick 
iv as ofh ate 1 gold, unto the (haft there- 
of, unto the flowers thereof, ana j beaten' congregation of the children of Ifrael, 
work : according unto the pattern which did to the Levites according unto all that 

Lord had (hewed Mofes, fo he the Lord commanded Mofes concern^ 
made the candleftick. ! ing the Levites, fo did the children of 

5 «j And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, I Ifrael unto them. 

feying, J 21 And the Levites were purified, and 

6 lake the Levites from among the 'they wafhed their clothes ; and Aaron 
children of Ifrael anfethem. I offered them as an offering before the 

And thus Quilt thou do unto them, ! Lord : and Aaron made an atonement 

for them to cleanfe them. 

22 And after that vent the Levitesin, 
to do their fervice in the tabernacle of the 

83 And for a facrifice of peace-offer- 
ings, two oxen- five rams, five he-goats, 
five lambsof the firft year : this was the 
offering or Ahira the fon of Enan. 

84 This was the dedication of the al- 
tar, in the day when it was anointed, by 
the princes of Ifrael : twelve chargers of 
iilver, twelve (liver bowls, twelve fpoons 
cfgold : 

85 Each charger of fi\vcr weighing an 
hundred and thirty fiekcls. each bowl 
feventy : all the diver velTels weighed 
two thoufand and four hnndred Jfteke Is t 
after the fhekel of the fanctuary : 

8G The golden fpoons we>e tw elve,full 
of incenle, weighing tcnj7>ekels apiece, 
after the (hekcl of the fanctuary : all the 
gold of rhe fpoons was an hundred and 
twenty Jbekcls. 

87 All the oxen for the burnt-offering 
lucre twelve bullocks, the rams twelve, 
the lambs of the firft year twelve, with 
their meat-offer ing : and the kids of the 
goats for (in-offering twelve. 

83 And all the oxen for the facrifice of 
the peace-offerings were twenty and four 
bullocks, theramsfixty, the he-goats fix - 
ty, the lambs of the firft year lixty. This 
ivai the dedication of the altar,after that 
it was anointed. 

89 ^1 And when Mofes was gone into 
the tabernacle of the congregation to 

there be no plague among the children of 
Ifrael, when the children of Ifrael come 
nigh unto the fanctuary. 
aOAnd Mofes, and Aaron, and all the 

Jeanfethem : Sprinkle watei ofpuri 

fying upon them, and let them (hive 
a. I their ttefli, and let them wafli their 

clothes, andy* make themfelves clean, 'congregation before Aaron, and before 
8 'Ihen let them take a young bullock [his ions : as the Lori? had commanded 


ttepajfover enjoined. Chip. 

2vIofes concerning the Levites, Co did they 
un r o thera 

231! And the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

li This ts it that behigetb unto the 

es : from twenty arid five years old 

and upward, they (hall go in to wait upon 

the fervicq ofthe tat>ernacle of the con- 

ix. x. A cloud guideth the Ifraclites. 129 
13 But the man that is clean, and is not 


gregatton : 

'2j And from the ageof fifty years they 
fhall ceafe waiting upon the fervice ti.ere- 
vf, and (hall ferve no more : 

But fhall minilter wirli their breth- 
ren inthe tabernacle ofthe congregation, 
to keep the charge, and Ihall do no fer- 
vice. Thus (halt thou do unto the Le- 
vites touching their charge. 

i The paffouer enjoined , 15 A cloud guid- 

et'< the Uraelites. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes .in 
the wildernefs of Sinai, In the firft month 
of the fecond year after they v re come 
OUt O'fthc land' of Egypt, fay in 

I Let die children of Ifrael alfo keep 
the paflover at his appointed feafon. 

:> In the fourteenth day of this month, 
a* even ve fliall ke.-p it in hia appointed 
feafon : according to all the rites of it, 
and according to all the ceremonies there- 
of, /lull ye keep it. 

I And Mofes ("pake unto the children of 
Ifrael. thai they Ihould keep the p tlfbver. 

5 And they kept Hie paflfover on the 
fourteenth day of the ririr month at 
in the wildernefs of Sinai : aa ording to 
ail tint the Lord commanded Mofes> fo 
did the children of lira 1. 

\;id th re certain men, who 

were defiled by the body of a man, 
that 'hey could nor keep the pallov 
that day: and thej came before '■ 
and mo "ii i) : 

t \iid thofe men faid unto him, 
are defiled bj th : •'• .1 '■ b id) of a man : 

not oftei* an offering of the 1. »rd in his 
appointed feafon amon 

s Aiuj into 1 Iv n, 5 

frill, and 1 will • will 

command ( onceming ) on. 

\nd the Lor d f. ke • 

unto the 1 hild I 

f.i\ ing, If an\ m in of 5 011 or r i>of. 

l< rit) thai! be u 
bods', or be in 
mall unto >RD 

I I 1 he fourteenth d ty • f I 

it with u 

1 the 

m a journey, and forbearefh^to 
the paifbver, even the fame foul fhall 
be cut off from among his people: be* 
caufe he brougfc! not the offering of t.he 
Lord in his appointed feafon, that Man 
1 bear 1 is fin. 

14 And if a firanger fhall fojonrn a- 
mong you, and will keep the paffovef* un- 
to the Lord ; according to the ordinance 
of the paflfover, and according to the man- 
ner thereof, fo fhall he do : ye fhall have 
mie ordinance, both for the (hanger, and 
for him that was born in the land. 

15 S And on the day that the taberna- 
cle was reared up, the cloud covered the 
tabernacle, namely, the tent of the tefii- 
riiOny : and at even there was upon the 
tabernacle as it were tlie appearance of 
fire, until the morning. 

16 So it was rdwav : the cloud covered it 
by day. and the appearance of fire by night. 

IT And when the cloud was taken lip 
from the tabernacle, then after that the 
children of Ifrael journej ed : and in the 
place ivhere the cloud abode, there fhe. 
children of Ifrael pitched their tents. 

18 At the commandment of the Lord 
the children of Ifrael journeyed, and atthe 
commandment of theLo RDthey pitched : 
a;- long as the cloud abode upon the tab- 
ernacle they refted in their tents, 

19 And when the cloud tarried long 
upon the tabernacle many da\ -,, then the 
children of Ifrael kept the charge ofthe 
Lo r D, and journeyed not. 

\\v\ Jo it was, when the cloud was 
a few days upon the tabernacle ; accord- 
ing to the commandment of the Lord 
they abode in tin 1 tents, and according 
to the commandment of the Lord tiny 

'11 And ft it was, when the 1 !<»ud ,il 

from even unto the morning, and that the 

cloud w i : Up in the morning, then 

they journe/ed : whether // 

or by night that t :-.. 1 loud •> en up, 


month, 01 ■ he ». lo«*d tan 

1 u maining 1 i • reon, 
the rhildn nof 1 boclein tl irti 

bin w hen it wi 
I • nandment 1 Lo R D 

n i 1 ii' m 

the Lo 
Lord hand 

I \!\ ' 
i 7 ." ■•■'■;■'. : r 7 

I /) OtH i)i: 

ding to 

\: 1 


'Ivy fhall 



fthejli-- :' trumpets. 

t life tl r the calling 

>r the journeying 

i hthem, 

all t! 

to ti e of 

the • 

. ne trump- 
ids of 

•\ an alarm, 

irts (h; 

MBERSL 7he Ifreteltles remove from Sina}. 

18 And the fta.idard of the camp of 
Reuben fet forward according to their 
armies : and over hisholl ivas Elizur the 
ion ^ f Sliedeur. 

19 And over the hod of the tribe ot 
th: children of Simeon ivas Sheiumiel 
t!u fon of Zurifhaddai, 

£0 And over the hod of the tribe of the 
childre:i of Gad ~was Eliafaph the fon of 

21 And the Kohathites fet forward, 
bearing the (ancillary, and the other did 
n the fet up the tabernacle agamtt they came. 

■11 .-\ nd the Itaiidard of the camp of the 

children of liphraim fet forward accord* 

i their armies, and over his holt ivas 

la the Ion of Ammihud. 

And over the ho(t of the tribe of 

the children of Manalleh tuas Gamaliel 

the fe 


. but , e 

the ion of Pedahzur. 

id over the heft 


□ over rue licit of the tribe of 
the children of Benjamin tiv?j Abidan the 
■on, the i , fon of-Gideoni- 

And the ftandard of the camp of tlie 
lildren of Dan let forward, ivhzcb ivas 

. • fetl 

.. itii tin 

^ IB '•'['• 

■ fnall 

in be- 


»ur bm 
of 5 . 

d •. 1 ... ih< 


in i lie t wen- 
's, in tli' fec- 
: en up 
ic teftimony. 



(ice \ 

of Jill 


of th' 



; i be of ill 

> • II UK -'I tl 

the tribe 

! !un 


• :rfhon and 
I rd, b arin 

rerev ad of .all the camps throughout 
: and over his hoit ivas Ahie- 
the (on Ammiftiaddai. 
26 \\\d over the hoft of the tribe of 
children of Aiher -ivas Pagiel the fon 
_7 \n I ov< i the liod of the tribe of 
tiie children of Naphtali ivas Aliira the 
fon of Kuan. 

- Thus 'were the journeying^ of the 
c hildren of Ifrael according to their ar- 
iien tliey fet forward. 

ofes (aid unto Hobab, the fon 
guel th mite, Mofes' father-in- 

1 .iu , We arc journeying unto the place of 
which the Lord (aid, Twill give it you: 
come thou with us, and we will do thee 
good : for the Lord hah fpoken good 
concerning 1 (i 

SO And he faid 'into him, I will not 
..'» ; bm ' i ii. depart to mine own land, 
and to mj kindred. 

31 he faid, Leave us not, T pray 

tl forasmuch as thou knoweft how we 

encamp in thewildernefs, and thou 
eft be to us inflead ot eyes. 
And it shall be, if thou go with us, 
>tj,ii shall be, that what goodnefs the 
Lord shall do unto us, the fame will \\c 
And the) departed from the mount 
t the i.oKD three days' journey : and the 
ark of the covenant ot the Lor went be- 
th< m in the three days' journey, to 
I irch out a retting place tor them. 

34 And, the cloud of the Lord ivat 

upon them by day, when they went out 

• camp. 

.r.ditcameto pafs, when- the ark 

• • : ward, that Moles (aid, Rife up, 

Lord, and let thine enemies be Scattered: 

Manna loathed. 

Chap. xi. 

The ,. 151 

and let them tint lute thee flee before 

36 And when it relied, he faid, Re- 
turn, O Lo r d, unto the many thoufands 
of Ifrari. 

tnina loathed. 6. The Je*venty elders. 
3 i Quails gin, 

16 1 Vnd ,! • Lord fofes, 
Gather u:ro m 

ersoflfrael, w!u;m thou know ,t i. 
the el lers of th e, and i 

them ; and bring I rna- 

. • r , that 


17 An d 1 

j • n. a ~ . 

en the people complained, H •■ th re ; an I 1 rhe 

id the Lord : and the Loud fpirit wh I will put iv 

heard//; and! :indled;and upon th bur. 

fire of the J ,'.."!. that tin i 

7i thai wt re in the Lit- b ur .' i 
irts or' the camp. 18 And ty th >u ■ ! 

I the y unto Mofes ; tify 

:n Mofes pi unto the Lord, (hall I : . i Ine 

the fire v. as queii \ i llmll ;_ 

\n 1 h • called the name of the plac :'u r it toas well «• ith ih 

Tabecah : I : the fire of the Lord the Lord will give 

burnt in. m 1 ye ih.i 

multitude that 'wa 19 Ve (hall not eat < tWo 

among them fell a lulling : andthe ch I nor 

: Kr.iel alfo wept aj ain, and luni 
dl give ii. ti-'.h to eat f ■ until it 

We remember the fifh, which wed I come 
eat in Bgypt freely: thecucumbei > and fome unto you 
the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, pifed the ■ >rd which/ 

and the garlick 

<» I' it now our foul is dr'<d aw 13 
is nothing at all, 1) •:iide tin-, manna,6</0r« 

7 And the m.inna toas 
\, and the colour thereol our 

vept I) , '< :■.. caui«. 

21 And M i, 1 In 

w horn I 

; and ihoil li 1. faid, I H id e ',i . 

ti v ill that >! 1 »le month. 

Shall the flocks and the herds b 
• And 1 Kiut, ai lin for 

it, and ir beai it dl th fifli oi 

n an > it in pu nu ■ 

■ ■ 

h md 


mad it : and the t • ; v. a 

a-, tit • tafle of fi .ill oil. 

\\\'\ u hen the ' : ! upon the 

■mi fe 11 up 

: ■ I 

nit tin lilt 

the door oi his tent : and the 

the Lps D ■ ; Mofes 

alfo v. 1 . difpl • ! ! d 

It And M 
Wherefore h ifl tho 

th , that thou lay ell 

ki - Have 1 < on< 
I th :m thai 1 1 Id- • 

• l.i id 
unto 1 
I- Pjould I h • ■ labernacl 

all this people f n th 
me, ' 

til lo be if all tin. 

alone, becaufe // is f.>o ! 

1 J And 11 thou deal ihu with 1 
me, I pray thee, ou id, 1 I 

found favour in th. 
not fee my wrctchean 



132 Miriam's and Aaron's f dition . NtfMBE-k'Si 

thou for my Take i woiifd Godthat all the 
Lord's people were prophets, and that 
tin Lord would put his fpjrit uponthem. 
SO And Mofes gat liirfi into the camp, 
he and the elders of IfraeV 

31 ^ And there went tor thawmd from 
the Lord, a'»»d brought quails from the 
fea, and let them fall by the camp, as it 
n.'ic a days' journey on this ftde, and as 
it were a day's journey on the other fide, 
round about the camp, and as it were two 
cubits btgb upon the face of the earth. 

. And thepeople flood up all that day 
and all that n«ght, and all tne next day, 
and they gathered the emails: he thai 
gathered U hered ten homers: and 

they Ipread tbtm all abroad for them 
felves round aboiit the camp. 

- Vndwhih the flefll was \ et between 
their teeth, ere it was chjued, the wrath 
of the Lord was kindled againft the peo- 
pie, and the Lord (mote the people with 
a ver\ great plague. 

34 And he called theiiame of that place 
Kibrothhattaavah • becaufe there they 
bnned the people that hilled. 

And the people journeyed from Ki- 
brothhattaavah unto Hazeroth : and a- 
bode .*t Hazcroth. 

i Miriam's an. i Aaron's Sedition. ioMtf- 
"'• /tprofy, 14 is healed. 
\ \l) Miriam and. Aaron (pake againfl 
Mi the fethiopijin woman 

whom he had married : for lie had mar- 
ried an B in. 

I lath the Lord indeed 

hath he not Ipo- 

ken alfoby us \ Andtfye Lor') heard Iff. 

abov a which were upon t lie 


fudd< nly onto 
and un ' and unto Miri- 

am, Come out ye tin »thetaberna- 

;. \-.\d they three 
ne out. 

n n in the pil 

led ' rron and 
ime toi th. 
laid, • ' w mj wo; I 

, \ ou, 
• wn nnti 

him in a 

v. ho is 

peal ■ . th to 


I : v\ hel 


9 kin- 

dled a parted, 

Miriam's leptofy. 

10 5 And the cloud departed from off 
the tahernacle : and behold, Miriam be- 
came leprous, ivhite as (now : and Aaron 
looked upon Miriam, and, behold, /he 
ivas leprous 

11 And Aaron faid unto Moles, Alas, 
my lord, I beleech thee, lay not the fin 
upon us, wherein wehave done foolifhly, 
and wherein we have linned. 

1-2 Let her not be as one dead, of whom 
the tfefh is half confumed, when he Com- 
eth but of his mother's womb. 

13/ nd Mofes cried unto the Lord, fay- 
ing, Heal her now, O God, 1 befeech thec. 

11 1! And the Lord faid unto Moles, 
If her father had but/pit in her face,fhould. 
iLc notbeafhamed feven days ? Let her be 
Unit out from the camp ftven days and 
after that let her be received in again. 

15 And Miriam was linn out from the 
camp (even days: and the peeplo journey- 

d not till Miriam was brought in again. 

16 And afterward thepeople removed 
from Haze roth, and pitched in the wil- 
dernefs of Pa ran. 

1 The names, 17 ir.jlruclions, 21 and afls 

of the J "pit s. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

2 Send thou men, that they may fearch 
the land of Canaan, which 1 give unto the 
children of Ifrael : of every tribe oftheir 
fathers (hall ye lend a man, every one a 
ruler among them. 

S And Mofe by the commandment of 
the Lord lent them from the wild erne Is 
of Paran : all thole men were heads of 
the children of Ifrael. 

! ^ndthefe ivere their names-: of the 
tribe of Reuben, Shammua, tJie fqn of 

5 O f the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat the 
(on oj : lori. 

6 Of the tribe of Judah, Caleb the fon 

7 Of the tribe of I.Tachar, Igal the fon 
t fofeph. 

8 Of the tribe of Ephraim, Ofliea the 
Ion (/("Nun. 

9 Of the tribe of Benjamin, Palti the 
fon oi Raphu. 

10 tribe of Zebulun, Caddicl 
t of Sodi. 

11 Of the 1 1 Jofeph, namtly, of th« 
• Manalleh, t iadei the fon of Sufi. 

I : Of the tribe of Dan, Ammiel the 
fon of ( renmlli. 

Of the tribe of Alhcr, Sethur the 
(on of Michai I. 

II 01 rhe tribe of Naphtali, Nahbi the 
Ion of V ophfi. 

1 5 Of the tribe of Gad, Geucl the fon of 

1G Thefe are the names of the men 
which Mofes lent to fpv out the land. 


Ails an,: 'pies. Chap. 

>fcs called Olhea the fon ot Nunj 

1T i \ : '.' i lent them to fpy out 

the land ot i fa"id unto them, 

: up th;.-> itMty fouthward, and go 

lountain : 

An 1 fee the land, what it is ; and 

the people that dwejleth therein. whether 

it many ; 
iy And m hat the land is that tin 
in , whether it be good or bad ; and v. hat 
:s /£m £^ thai they dwell in, whether 
in tents, or in (iron- holds ; 

And what the iand is, whether it be 
-rlean. whether there be wood there- 
Mi, or not. And be ye of e.ood courage, 
and bring of the fruit of the land, 
the time tvas the time of the firtt ripe 

I] ^ ■ tl y wenl nd fearched the 

land from tile w ildernefs of Zin unto Ke- 
h<>!», as men ( on* math. 

And thej afcended by the fouth, 
and cann- u to Hebron ; where Ahi 
Sheihai, and Talmai. the children ol A- 
nak,ai>err. Now Hebron was built feveo 
/..jan in Egypt. 
And they came unto the brook of 
Bflicol, and cut down from thence a 
branch with one clufler ot grapes, and 
: bareit between two upon a (tafl ; and 
they 6 1 ought oi the pomegranates, and ot 


col, becaufeof the clutter of grapes wl 
I f Ifrael cut down I 


urned from fearching 
ind after forty days. 

And t: it and i ime to M< 

and ' »n, anil to all I i 

of the child ! (Vac!, i <lrr- 

Kad -ih ; and : 
back word unto t!" m and unto all the 
md (he ■ fruit 


into tl 



Couth : H 

1 in the 

fea, a-nt :>. tin coafl i 

lip at n 

gnd . • 

me it. 

But t! that went u|> with 

[aid, VYe be nol I the 



The people murmur. 1S5 

S'2 And rhe\ brought up an evil rej 
ot the land w hicli they had unto 

ihe children ot , n ,i % 

through which we have gone 
r< a land that eateth up the 
thereof; and all the people 
in it are men of a great ttatu 
\-k1 there we law the 
^nak, mohtcb a ne ot the giants : 
and we were in our own li il- 

hO] md iu we were in t 

The people murmuring at t/?c report $J 
fp:es t are threatened. 
vND all the >-i lifted up 

r voice, and cried ; and the people 
wept that night, 

. all the children of [ffael mur- 
mured again fl Mofea and againft A iron ; 
i the whole eon on faid unto 

them. Would God that we hid died in i 
land oi ■ ; or won!.! God v 

!died in this w ilderne 
> ^nd wherefore hath t lie Lor d brought 
unto this land, to fall by the I 
thai our wives, and our eh mould 

I be a prey ? were it not better fe 
return into Egj ,it ? 

•4 .And they ix\(\ one f o another, ! et 
us make a captain, and let US I 
•' 1 In i Modes an 1 Aaron fell on tl 
I I • all the affembly of the < 
at ion of the children of Ifr 
i) Vnd Jofluta the lu.\ of Nun, and 
jleb the l>m ol |ephunneh, ou^/rA'SOfrrof 
m tii u the land, rent iheir 

( loth 
7 A n d tin 

[frael, fa> ing, rhcland 
v- hi paued thi i fearch it, is 

■■ • ■" •••.ill 

bring ii . into this i I, and .i 

1 md w hich ftowcth * itli 
9 Onl 


with n not. 

'■ .i 
I .(i 

1 1 \nd tl 




God tbreatcnrtb the pa fie. 

thou broughteft up this people in thy 
might from among them ; 

l I And they will tell // to theinhabit- 
5 of this land : for they have heard 
that thou Lord a rt among this people, 
that thou Lo r d art feertface to face, and 
tint thy cloud ftandcth over them, and 
that tlv | before them, by day time 

in a pillar o\ a cloud, and m a pillar of 
fire by night. 

1a Now if thou (halt kill #//this peo- 

Kle as one man, then the nations which 
aye heard the fame of thee will fpeak, 

16 Becaufc th^ Lord was not able to 

NUMBERS. The Amalekites difcomfit them. 

you, according to your whole number, 
from twenty years old and upward, which 
have murmured againftme, 

SO Doubtlefs ye fhall not come into the 
land, concerning which I fvvare to make 
you dwell therein, fave Caleb the fon of 
Jephunneh, and Jofhua the fon of Nun. 

31 But your little ones, which ye faid 
fhould be a prey, them will I bring in, 
and they (hall know the land which ye 
have defpifed. 

32 But as for you, your carcaffes, they 
(hall fall in this wildernefs. 

33 And your children (hall wander in 
the wildernefs forty years, and bear your 

y this pe >ple into the land which he whoredoms, until yourcarcaires be waft- 
mo them, therefore he hath (lain ed in the wildernefs. 
them in the wildernefs. 34 After the number of the days in 

17 And now. I befeech thee, let the; which ye fearched the land, even Forty 
power of my Lord he great, according days, each day for a year- (hall ye bear 
as thou haft fpoken, laying, '.your iniquities, even forty years, and ye 

IS 1 he Lord is longfuffering, and of: (ball know my breach ofpromife. 
greai mercy, forgiving iniquity and tranf- 35 I the LoRDhave (aid, I will furely 
greflion, and by no means clearing the do it unto all this evil congregation, that 
guilty, vifitingthe iniquity o|* the fathers J are gathered together againfl me : in this 

n the children unto the third and 
fourth generation. 

19 ['anion, I befeech thee, the iniquity 
of this people according unto the great- 
iicfs of thy mercy, and as thou haft for 
given this people, from Egypt even until 

wildernefs they (hall be confumed, and 
there they fhall die. 

36 And the men which Mofes fent to 
fearch the land, who returned, and made 
all the congregation to murmur againft 
him, by bringing up a (lander upon the 
£0 And the Lord faid, 1 have pardon- 3T Even thofe men that did bring up 
according to thy word : the evil report upon tlv land, died by the 

But as truly as 1 live, all the earth i plague before the Lord. 
! be filled with the glory of the Lord. I 38 But Jofhua the fon of Nun, and Ca- 
-- Bi :nife all thofe men which have leb the fon of jephunneh, nxhichtvere of 
and my miracles, which I ' the men that went to fearch the land, liv- 
pt and in the wildernefs, have le&JIilf. 
now thefe ten times, and have j 39 And Mofes told thefe fayings unto 
to my voice ; jail the children of Ifracl : and the people 

they (hall not fee the land J mourned greatly. 

their fathers, neither) 40 And they rofe up early in the morn- 
ihem that provoked me feeing, and gat them up into the top of the 

I mountain, faying, Lo. we be here, and will 
it Caleb, becaufe he go up unto the place which the Lord 
lithhim, and hath fol- ■ hath promifed : for we have finned. 
iL, him will I bring into the h\ And Mofes faid. Wherefore novw do 
m ; and his Iced ye tranigrefs the commandment of the 
[Lord? but it (hall not profper. 
' theCana-| Ki Go not up, for the Lord is not a- 
thc valley. Tomorrow mong you ; that ye be not fmitten before 
: into the wildernefs your enemies. 

I'or the Amalekites and the Ca- 

Mol , naanitesari there before you, and ye fhall 

ig, ill by the ("word : becaufe ye are turned 

/ bear witb this evil awaj from the Lord, therefore the Lord 

h murmur againfl mei will not be with you. 

tirmuringsof I 
Ji tin ■« irmur 


1 1 As I . i 

n in nunc 
es fhall fall in this uil- 

dernefs ; and all that were numbered of | them, even unto Hormah. 

44 But they prefumed to go up unto 
the hill top : nevertheless, the ark of the 
covenant of the Lord, and Mofes de- 
p rted not out of the camp. 

4^ Then the Amalekites came down 
and the Canaanites which dwelt in that 
hill, and fmote them, and difcomfited 


Tbftaiv of C! 

I The I a rv of fund ry off-rings. 3 1 'The fab - 
bath-bieukers. 37 I. 

\'D the Lord fpake unto Moles, 

the children of Ifrael, 
and fay unto them, When ye -me 

into the Ian i of your habitations, which 
I give unto you, 

\nd will nuke ;in ofl by fire 

unto the Lord, a burnt-ofl fac 

nfice in performing avow, or in a free- 
will-offering, or in your folemn feafts, to 
make a fweet favour unto the Lord, oi 
the herd, or of the Hock : 

4 Then ihall he that offercth hisofl 
ing unto the Lord, bring a rfer- 

ing of a tenth deal of flour mingled with 
the fourth p.nt of an hin of oil. 

wAxpart of an hin of wine 
for a drink-otfering (halt thou prej 
with the ^urnt-offering or facrince for 
one I 1 

6 Of for i ram, thou malt prepare for 
a meat-offering twu tenth d 
mingled with the third part of an hin of 

T And for a drink-offering thou fhalr 
offer the third fart of an hin ofwine,/or 
a fweef favour unto the Lord. 

8 And when thou prepar \\ a bullock 
for a burnt-offering, or for ;i (acrifice in 

rformii ,.v, or p< un. 

to tli- I ; 

9 Then fli ill he bring with a bullock a 
m< 1! of flour 
mi it half .mi hin oi oil. 

10 f\n - thou lhali bring for a drink- 

- an oflfer- 
inj a fweel favour t 

th d . 

n 1 !ni 'hall it be done f< rone bull 
01 for on d. 

thai ye 
ihall 1 1!; ili one 

heir numl 


k fhall do t 
U ith you 

fci w!. 

rrthat ( th nit 

1 thai] th 

16 1 w and one m inner (It ill ! 

■r the ft ranger thai 1 ncth 

with ;. ■ 

17 And tli • Lo R i) fp ike unto 

1 I 

xv. 135 

and fay unto them, When ye come into 
the whither I bring you, 

19 Then if (ball be, in it w hen y,e 
of the bread 1 .ye (hall oi 
an i unto the Lo - i>. 

20 > ke of the firt* 
of your dough for an 

•0 the h ave-« ff< ri ig of the thn 
: , fo fhall ye I tea v e it. 
•:i Of the tii it of your dough ye fhall 
give unto the Lord an heave-offering, 

And if yje have erred, and not ■ 
ferved all thefe commandments ch 

Lord hath fpoken unto Moles, 

en all that the Lo th com- 

manded you by the hand of Mo ttl 

the day that tiic Lo r. D commanded Mo- 
fesy and henceforward among your gen.- 
e ratio: 

it fball be, it aught be c< 
mittcd ranee without the kne • 

of thee ition, that all the v 

bullock for 
a burnt- nr unto 

the Lo g t>, w it): his meat-o 
drink-otferii , 

and one kid ol the g ing. 

£5 And the piiclt fliall make >ne- 

ment for all the con i hiL. 

. rid it ii. ill I 
them td they 

bring their • fact iti< 

into t lie Lord, and their fm-of 
ing l Lord, jno- 

And it C en all I 

hildren of I 
the If ranger thai I tl 

ml lin » 

-had bl 


Lord, 1 


and . 

in- m. 

I that I 
ofth om- 

.» upon tll€ !• 

S3 And 

13G The cskerfimed. NUMBERS;. 

S3 And they thai found him gathering 

, brought him unto Mofes and Aa- 

, and unto all the congregation. 

.1 And they put him in ward, becaufe 

it was not iLvlaied what (hould be done 

to him, 

3j And the Loud faid unto Mofes, 
The man (hall be furely put to death : 
all the i 'all ftone him with 

f tones w ithout the camp. 

11 the congregation b nought 

him without the camp, and (toned hint 

with Atones, and he died ; as the Lord 

imanded Mofes. 

5 And the Lord fpakeunto Mofes, 

fa\ itv;, 

unto the children of Ifrael, 
and bid them that they make them frin- 
ges in the borders of their garments 
throughout their generations, and that 
they put upon the fringe of the borders 

a nbbond of blue 

1 it (hall be unto you for a fringe 
that ye may look upon it and remember 
all tlu' commandments of the Lord, and 
do them ; and that ye feck not after your 
own heart, and your own eyeb, after 
« hich > e ufe to go a whoring : 

10 '1 hat yc may remember, and do all 
my commandments, and be holy unto 
your God. 

il ! am the Lord your God, which 
brought \ on out of the land of Egypt, to 
be \ J. : 1 am the Lord your God. 


i The rebellion fif Korab, &c. 31 His fun- 

■ t .41 A plague, 46 flayed by Aaron . 

A'. Koran the (on hi Ifehar, the 

Kohath, 'he fon of Levi, and Da- 

than and Abiranv the for.sof Eliab, and 

On, the fon of Peleth, Ions of Reuben, 

rat v. : 

7 be rebellion of Korah. 

in them before the Lord tomorrow : 
and it fnall be that the man whom the 
Lord doth choofe, \\tjball be holy : ye 
t.'kr too much upon you, ye fons of Levi. 

u And Mofes faid unto Korah, Hear, 
I pray you, ye fons of Levi ■ 

9 Seemetb it but a fmail thing unto you, 
that the God of Ifrael hath feparated you 
from the congregation of Ifrael, to bring 
\ ou near to h'mfelf to do the fervice of the 
tabernacle of the Lord, and to Hand be- 
fore the congregation to minifier unto 
them ? 

lOAnd he hath brought thee near/oA/w, 
and all thy brethren the fons of Levi with 
thee : and, feck ye the pricfthood alfo? 

11 For which caule both thou and 
thy company are gathered together 
gainft the Lord: and, what is Aaron, 
that ye murmur againit him ? 

1<2 And Mofes lent to call Dathan and 
Abiram, the fons of Eliab : which faid, 
We wdl not come up : 

13 /; it a fmail thing that thou haft 
brought us tip out of a land that floweth 
with milk and honey, to kill us in the 
vvildernefsj except thou make thyfelf al- 


? '•> 

together a prince over us 

14 Moreover. thou haft not brought us 
into a land that floweth with milk and 
honey, or given us inheritance of fields 
and vines aids: w r ilt thou put out the 
eyes of thefe men ? we will not come up. 

15 And Moles was very wroth>and faid 
unto the Lord, Refpect not thou their 
offering : I have not taken one afs from 
them, neither have I hurt one of them. 

16 And Mofes faid unto Korah, Be thou 
and all thy company before the Lord, 
thou, and they, and Aaron tomorrow : 

17 And take every man his cenfer, and 
put incenfe in them, and bring ye before 

v rofe up before Mofes, with ! the Lord every man his cenfer, two 
children of Urael, two ! hundred and fifty cenfers ; thou alfo, and 

huti j of the afl'ein- 

in the coi ition, men oi 

n : 


, and 

, 1 < / • ■ - much upon 

Ml COI ■■ .ire IlO- 



1 i/, he 

d unto 
mm row 

< rah, 

Aaron, each of you his cenfer. 

13 And they took every man his cen- 
fer, and put fire in them, and laid incenfe 
thereon, and flood in the door of the tab- 
ernacle <>f the congregation with Moles 
19 Vnd Korah gathered all the con- 
gr< ;ation againit them unto the door of 
the tabernacle of the congregation : and 
lory of the Lord appeared unto all 

the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 
to Aaron, faying, 
-1 v ■■ \ irfelves from among 

this c tion, that I may coniume 

them in a momi nt. 

And they fell upon their faces, and 

faid, God, the Goo of the fpiritsofall 

thai! one man (in, and wiltthou be 

ith all the < ongregation ? 
And tb ' R d fpake unto Mofes, 

24 Speak 

nrnt »/Korab t 

Chap. xv. and kis'cmpanj tiT 

of id o ft ranger, which is not 

of the to orier 

re the Lord ; that he 

to h"im by the hand • 
•U C But on the morrow, a'.l the i 

n of tlve children of Ifracl mur- 
mured againft Mofes and againft A: 

Ye have killed the people of the 

. And it came to pafs, when the con- 
as gathered againft Mofes and 
: tabernacle of the congregation : and, 
d in the door of their tents, and! beh cloud cove j glo- 

;ir wives, and their fons, r lit- d appeared, 

tie children. I W A:. . \aroncame be: 

And Mu r es (aid, Hereby ye (kail I the tabernacle of the congreg 
know that the Lord hath lent me to ci And the Lord (pake unto Mofes, 

>r I bate not done the 

Zi o\\ fay: 

le of 

went unto 
i ; and the elders of 
Iirael followed him. 
ZS And 1. • unto the congre 

.. Depart, I pray 
the ten; i, an t touch 

of theirs, letf ye be confumed in 
all rh'ir fins. 

it up from the tabernacle 
ih, Dathan, and Abiram. on e 
and Dathan ai ram came uut. 

n mind. 

the common di 
I men. or if the/ be vi.ited after the 

Lord hat 

4a i i up from rig this con- 

thai I may coafume them as 
moment. hey i^W their 

SO But if the Lord make a new thing, 

tfi ' And Mcfes faid imto Aaron, T; 
a cen d put fire therein from 

rhe earth open her mouth, and fwal- j the aitar, and put on 
low: ain unto! quickly unto tin 

lick into the I an atonement 1 

-l \e :h;;! understand that t >nc oir Lord ; t); 

47 And 
mai, i the n f the 

have provoked the Lord. 

? And it cam* t 

an end ot : I thefe woi 

und clave afundcr that ivat i, behold, the 

ler them 

and all that appertained 

ihetr . 
35 || that appertained to 

\ begun t\ pie : i 

opened her mouth,] put on in i an ator.c;. 


n the or 
the 1 
i? the pla 

then., e into the pit, ,n I 

the earth cloied upon them : and I ut the 

I all Ifrael thai tvtre roun 

Up a. 


and confui .vo hund laid up for 

id the Lord fpakc untu M 

a n 


• r the fon 
ron ; 

if thefe fin linrt 


be a li„;: :.m- 

e.'ith • 
bur red ; and ; 

la;es j->< f the a'. 

40 To be a memorial unto the children 



158 nejlsandle-uites. NUMBERS. 

The ptiejls' p:> 

:' p'A 

the rael, 

rmur a gain ft you* 

I, and t F the'. r princes 

• . for e*ch prince 

lithe; LofAai be put to death 

T Therefore thou and thy Tons with 

thee shall keep vour pi "ice for eve- 

- of the altar, and within the veil; 

ve : I have given your 

.v as a fervice of gift : 

and ingerthat cometh nigh shall 


8 And the LoRDfpake unto Aaron, Be- 

- . up the rods before hold, I alfohav :*hee the charge of 

nacle ot witnefs 

. mine heave-offerings of all the hallowed 

lor-jth r'the chddren of Ifrael ; unto 

H into the tabernacle of thee have 1 given them by reafon of the 

Varon anoin ig, and to thy fons, by an ordi- 

is bu Ided, a id . nance rorever. 

. tnd bloomed blof- ! 9 1 This shall he thine of the moft holy 

is. -things, referred from the fire: every ob- 

ht out all the rods Nation of their's, every meatoffering of 

unto all the chil- theirs, and every fin-offering of their's, 

id they looked, and 

j id. 

orp faid unto Mofes, 
the tef- 

Lt quite s ay their 

me. that they die not. 

- ; as the Lord 

' .rael fpakcun- 

and every trefpafs-ofFering of their's, 
which they shall render unto me, /ball be 
ly tor thee and for thy fons. 

10 In the moil holy place shalt thou 
eat it ; every male shah eat it: it shall be 
holy unto thee. 

11 And this is thine \ the heave-offer- 
►f their gift, with all the wave-offer- 
ings of the children of Ifrael : I have 
given them unto thee, and to thy fons, 

jhold, \ . ac per- ; and to thy daughters with thee, by a ftat 

ute forever : every one that i> clean in 


cometh any thing near I th> houfe shall eat of it 
e of the Lord shall 
we be confumed with dying 
; A P. Will. 

i: All the bed of the oil, and all the 

of the wine, and ot the wheat, the 
firft fruits of them which thev shall offer 

ties. 9 unto the Lord, them have 1 given thee. 

. : i . • i' portion . I 13 And whatfoever is firft ripe in the 

01 ' k.aron f Thou land, which they shall bring unto the 

. md thj (houfe w ith ■ Lord, shall be thine ; every one that is 

bear the ; . of the fane- clean in thine houfe shall eat ct it. 

thou and thy fons *ith thee 

of the tribe of 
father, bring thou 

be joined unto 

... • - 

14 Every thing devoted in Ifrael (hall 
be thine. 

15 Every thing that openeth the ma- 
trix in all flesh, which they bring unto 

: or!), nvbetberit be of mencr beafts, 

shall be thine : nevertheless, the §rft-born 

in >h;'lt thou furely redeem, and the 


And ihofe that are to be redeemed. 

the tab< rnacl month oid shah thou redeem. ac- 

me veflels 
r, that n< 

unto rh 
>f the t 



i irge of the 
the altar: 
re upon 

n your 
g the 


cording to thine eftimation for the mon- 
. tfer the shekel of the 
which is twenty genths. 
■ firftling of a or the 

_ of a sheep, or the tirftling of a 
ialt not redeem ; they are 
holy: ti !' fprinkle their blood up- 

on the al ar, and shalt burn their fat J\r 
an ofl le by rire, for a fweet la- 


18 An- the em shall be thine, 

brcaft and as the right shoul- 
tre >ln; 

19 All the heave-offerinps of the holy- 
things which the children of Ifrael offer 
unto the Lord, have I given thee, and 
thy fons and thv ith thee,' by 

a ::atute 

a - 

"evert- :LoaD, unto thee 


ord fpaice unto 
i shalt ' j inheritance In r 

Wong them : I am r ;n- 

1 en the 




ih the 



they haven 

■--» But »h»* tithes of the eh Art of If- 



e Lord, I n to t; 

: en or 
I the Lord fp to Mc 

liit\ si 

fpeak : L 

e t 

1 Ul 

er u] 


« in 



; unto • 



icocft ther 



dye shall beir no 

r.t, : 

renot I . i 

140 Ihepeifh murmur for water. v U MB E RS. Water Jfrlngctb out of tbe rock. 

1ft And whomever toucheth one that] 
is (lain with a fwcrd in the open fields, or 
ad body, or a bone of a man, or a 

grave, fhall be unclean feven daj s 

17 And tor an unclean ^r/Wrthey fhall 
take of the aftesof the burnt heiter of 
purification for fin, and running water 
lhall be put thereto in a veflTel ; 

18 \nd a clean perfon fhall take hy (Top, 
and dip //in the water, and fprinkle// up- 
on the tent, and upon all the ve!lel>, and 

n the perfons that were there, and up- 
on him that touched a bone, or one (lain, 
;ie dead, or a grave : 

19 And the clean per/en fhall fprinkle 
upon the unclean on the third day, and 
or. the feventh day : and on the leventh 

he l! ail purifj himfeli, and wafh his 
cloches, and bathe himfelf in water, and 
I be clean at even. 
£0 But the man that (hall be unclean, 
and fhall not purify himfelf, that foul 
ihall be cut oil from among the congre- 
becaufe he hath detiled the fanc- 
tuary ot ihe Lord : the water of lepara- 
hath not been fprinkled upon him ; 
i unclean. 
And it (hall be a perpetual ftatute 
unto them, that he that fprinkleth the 
a\ eparation fhall wafh his clothes: 

and he that toucheth the water of fepa- 
e unclean until even. 
hatfoever the unclean ferjor. 
too all be unclean ; and the fold 

thattoucheth/ffhall be unclean untileven. 

CM \. 

•jMofesbri ater out ot the roih. \x 

1' ■ \ge through Edam denied. 22 Aa- 

hildreo of Ifrael, 

whole < on ;regation, into the 

Dth : and the 

; and Miriam 

, and was bur re. 

no water \ r the 
d theni- 

• 1 

I we 
our brethren died b< 


attic fliould die 

US in un- 
it 1 leed, 

- the 

1 the 

7 qy And the Lord fpake untoMofe&, 

8 1 ake the rod, and gather thou the 
aflembly together, thou, and Aaron thy 
brother, and fpeak. ye unto the rock be- 
fore their eye> ; and it Qiall give forth Ids 
water, and thou fhalt bring forth to them 
water out of the rock : i'o tWou fhalt give 
the congregation and their beads drink. 

9 And Mofestook the rod from before 
the Lord, as he commanded him. 

10 And Mofes and Aaron gathered 
the congregation together before the 
rock, and he faid unto them, Hear now, 
ye rebels ; mult we fetch you water out 
of this rock ? 

11 AndMofeslifteduph : .shand,andwith 
his rod hefmotethe rock twice : and the 
v\ater came out abundantly, and the con- 
gregation drank, and their beafts alfo. 

12 And the Lord (pake unto Mofes 
and Aaron, Becaufe ye believed me not, 
to fanctify me in the eyes of the childien 

f Ifrael, therefore ye iball not bring tiii^ 
congregation into the land which I have 


given them 

IS This is the water of Meribah ; be- 
caufe the childien of Ifrael ftrove with 
the Lord, and hewasfangtified in them. 

14 «| And Mofes lent mefiengers from 
Kadefh unto the king of Edom, Thtt* 
faith thy brother Ifrael, Thou knowett 
all the travel that hath befallen US : 

15 How our fathers went dov. n into 
Egypt, and we have dwelt in Lg}pt a 

time ; and the Egyptians vexed us, 
and our fathers : 

16 And when we cried unto the Lord, 
lie heard our voice, and lent an angel, and 
hath, brought us forth out of Egypt : and, 
behold, we are in Kadefh, a city in the 
uttermolt of thy border : 

17 Let us pafs, I may thee, through 
thy country : we will not pafs through the 
fields, or through the vineyards, neither 
will we drink vj the water of the wells : 

ill go by (lie king's high way, we 
not turn to the right hand nor to the 
left until we have palled thy borders. 

I- And hdoi'u (aid unto him, Thoti 

fhalt not pafs by n e, left I come out a- 

t ch -with' the fword. 

19 And the children of Ifrael faid unto 

il go by the highway : and ii 

: myeal ink of thy water, then I 

for it : I will only, without ^or'ffj 

any through on my feet. 

-0 aid, Thou (halt not go 

thro; \h. Ai n came out againfthim 

with tuu< h people, and v\ ithaftrcnghand. 

Thus Kdom refufed to give Ifrael 

through his border : wherefore 

1 turned away from hhm. 

- f And the children of Ifrael, even 

the w hole congregation, journeyed from 

• l '* c Lor: - . Kadefh, and came unto mount For. 

2-3 And 

The feoj>h bit 

\ the Loi d fpake unto Mofe> 
and Aaron in mount Hor, tr. the co 
the I 

•4 \ unto his 

f>eop!e fhall not enter 

which i .nuntothechi! 

rael, becu 
word at the watci 

a J Ogfialn. 

on a pole : and it fhall come to pal ,, that 
every one that is bitten, * hen lie lex 
upon it fhall l : ve. 

9 Arid M ide a ferment of bt 

and put it upon a pole, and 
that it a ferpent had bitten, 
he b- the ferpent 

< \ nd the child re n o f 1 frael 

25 Ta! n and ; r his fon, ! ward and pitched in Oboth 

and bring them up unto mount Hor 

and put them upo: : and 

Aaron fha!T be fathered unn bis people, 
and fhali d 

11 And they 'onrneyed from Ob 
and pitched in the 

I the 

fun r • b . 

1 - thence they removed and 

27 And Mofes did as the Lord com- , pitch UeyotZjrcd. 

manded . ami * up into mou remov 

Hor in the fitfht of itched en the other ii 

2$ -ripped Aaron of his i.e wildernefs that comet! 

garments, and put them upon hleaz rnon 

n the top of | is the border c : een Moab 

the mount : and id the 

down: nt. 14 Wh n the bock of 

29 An . all the cor. faw the wars Lord, what he did in ; 

that Aaron « . they mourn 

Aaron thin 
1 frael. 

( If ;. I. 

4 The People hit by fiery ferfents, 7 are 
healed. 10 Sundry jcurneys. ; 
and Ogjlain. 

-D f wbenk\n; Aril the Canaanite, 
h dwelt in the fouth, heard tell that 

., and in the bi 
15 Aniat the dream of the brooks 
li do»n to the d. 
h upon the I .b. 

ri And from t : nt to Beer: 

that it tl u hereof the Lord 1 

Mofes, Gather the people together, 
1 7 T h e n 1 

ame by th* . • O well ; it : 

18 The 

'., and tuokyo 

w unto the 


) Bamoth 
• ■or ll I from B in the 

I, the 
1 1 Vnd ;'. M 

of I 

Hor, I 

the R 


- - 


fcht 1 

* or 

of t! 

, that he . 


*nd the Lord faid iiri 

112 Balak fendetb far BAaatH. 

Yor Hefhbon ttfas the city of Sihon 
the king of the Ainorites, who had fought 
linft the former king of Moab- andta- 
all his land out of his hand, cvenun- 
Wherefore, they that fpeak in prov- 
■.e into Hefhbon, l<:t the city 
lion be built and prepared : 
28 For there is a fire gone out of Hefh- 
bon, a flame from the city of Sihon : it 
h con fumed Ar ot Moab,tf nd the lords 
of tl places of Anion. 

oeto thee, Mo.ib ! Thou art un- 
done, O people of Chemofh : he hath 
1 his fons that efcaped, and hisdaugh- 
to captivity unto Sihon king of the 


I We have fhot at them ; Hefhbon is 

fierilhed even unto Dibon, and we have 
aid them wade even unto Nophah, which 
rracbrtb unto Medeb 

■"'1 Tl 1 dwelt in the land of the 


And Mofes fent to fpyout Jaazer, 
)k the villages thereof, and 
eout the Amoritesthat nvere there. 
■ And they turned and went up by 
f1 of Balkan : and Og the king of 

went out againft them, he, ar. 
. le, to the battle at Edrei. 
And the Lord laid unto Mofes, 
r him not : for I have delivered him 
thy ha::d, and all hispeople. and his 
nd *!.< i (halt do to him as thou 
didfi unto Sihon king of the Amovites, 
which dwelt Hefhbon. 

they fmote him, and his fons 
le, until there 
him ah' d they poflefTed his land. 

C I: \\\ XXII. 
! ah' sfirft mejTagrJor Balaam is rejeel- 
i \Hisfecond obtainetbkim. izAnan- 
Rfl *Woutd m if bit ajs bad 

ntertainetbbim . 
AND the fet forward 

I Moab, on 

por faw ali 

nrite . 
. of the peo- 
. : and N1 
lufc of the children of 

the el< 
lhall this compan) li( k up 

VI BERS. His firfi mejfagc is rejected. 

1 1 1 
as king of the 
t that l 

therefore unto 



llhini, i old, 

6 Corne now therefore, I pray thee, 
curfemc this people ; for they are too 

hty for me : peradventure 1 fhall pre- 
i ail, that we may fmite them, and tbat I 
may drive them out of the land: fori 
wot that he whom thou blefXeft is blefled, 
and he whom thou curfeft iscurfed. 

7 And the elders of Moab and the 
ciders of Midian departed, with the re- 
wards of divination in their hand : and 
they came unto Bah am, and fpake unco 
him the words of Balak. 

8 And he faid unto them, Lodg^ here 
thisnight,and I will bring you word again 
astheLoiiD (hall (peak unto me : and the 
princes of Moab abode with Balaam. 

9 And God came unto Balaam, and 
faid, What men are thefe with thee ? 

10 And Balaam faid unto God. Balak 
the fon of Zippor, king of Moab, hath 
fent unto me , J aj'ing, \ 

11 Behold, there is a people come out 
of Egypt, which covereth the face of the 
earth . come now, curie me them ; per- 
aitapnture I fhall be able to overcome 
them, and drive them out. 

12 And God (aid unto Balaam, Thou 
fhalt not go with them ; thou fhalt not 
curie the people ; for they are blefled. 

13 And Balaam rofe up in the morning, 
and faid unto the princes of Balak, Get 
you into your land : for the Lord refuf- 
eth to give me leave to go with you. 

li And the princes ot Moab rofe up, 
and they went unto Balak, and faid, Ba- 
laam refufeth to come with us. 

15 ^ And Balak fent yet again princes, 
more, and more honourable than they. 

16 And they came to Balaam. and faid 
to lv...i. '! bus faith Balak the fon of Zip- 
por, let nothing, I pray thee, hinder thee 
from coming unto me ; 

IT For I will promote thee unto very 
great honour, and I will do whatfoever 
thoil fayeft unto me : come therefore, I 
thee, curfe me this people. 

manfweredand faid unto 
mts of Balak, IfBalak would give 
ishoufe fulloffilverand gold, I can- 
not go beyond the word of the LoRDmy 
God, to do lei's or more. 

19 Now therefore. 1 pray you,tarr. 
all/! t, that I mayknow what 

the Lord will fay unto me more. 

•-nd God came unto Balaam at night, 

and faid unto him, If the men come to 

call thee, rife up and go with them ; but 

he word which I fhall fay unto thee, 

that fhalt thou do. 

•1 rofe up in the morning, 
and faddled his afs, and went with 
princes of Moab. 

t f And God's 

becaufe he went : and the angel cf the 

d flood in the way for an adverfary 

nft him. Now he was riding upon 


anger was kindled 

Balaam s afs fpcaketb. 


Lord : 

• out ol 

re with 

the an 


i the 

tnd Bjl\ . . , to turn 

her itito tf 


ith of t: 

And w hen the a. 


' the 
11 : an<: te her again. 

And i >rd • 

her, an i in a narrow \ 

re "joa s no waj to turn cither to the 
t hand 

-I of 

i he 
e Lok ed the mouth 

and she i 

I done unt . that thou 

te »hefe three r:mt s ? 
am faid urno the afs, B - 
: * thou haft mocked me . i 

1 thee. 
•SO And the .. unto Balaam, 

pon which thou 
ridden ever lince / *was thine unt i th- 
at to d 

<d ope ■? of 

• the Lord 

fell fl:r 

tohim, Wherel 

t out 
1 thee, l 
e brforr me : 
53 And tl 

turned from me, fui 
i thee. 
34 A: ! o\' 

the I 

not 1 1 

xxiii. ahles. 

t earm 

refore camefl . •. 


r ? 

f i 
I am co)\y unto th 

. >uth, t: 

daam went with Bala 
k. offered o . 
. . I to l 

•1 An ne topafs on the m 

: t aanri, an I brou 
j.h places or" Baal. 
thence 1 \c utm ot~ 


i, i7, 8 Bala k's fact i 7, 18 Ba- 


. Build 


into B ml 

L I 

■• t .-i 
n\r : and 

tell tl t to an I 


, I 

:j bul- 

Vnd the Lord put a 

1 thus tl 



! ' 

: l . 



36 1 A 

• • 

border of Arnon, which is in die utm 

37 And Balak. faid unto Balaam) 

10 \ v 

1 i 



li « And 

1W Balaam's f arables: NUMBERS He probbefetb Ifrael' s bappinefi. 

IS «| And Balak faid unto him, Come, | and offered a bullock and a ram on every 
1 pray thee, with me unto another place, altar. 

from whence thou ma veft fee them: thou CHAP. XXIv. 

fhalt fee but the utmeft part of them, and ' Balaam f-rophefietb ij^aeVs bappinefs. 
(halt not fee them all: and curfe me! '5 and of the Star oj Jacob. 
them from thence. ! AND when Balaam faw that it pleafed 

14 And he brought him into the field the Lord to blefs Ifrael he went not, as 
£ophim,to*hetqpof Pifgah,andbuilt| at other times, to feek tor enchantments, 

n altars, and offered a bullock and a but he fet his face toward the wilder- 
ram on every altar. nets. 

15 And he laid unto Balak, Stand here; 2 And Balaam lifted up his eyes, and he 
thy burnt-offering, while I meet tbe\^w Ifrael abiding in his tents, according 

LORD yonder. i to their tribes; and the fpint of God 

16 And the LORD met Balaam, and came upon him. 

put a word in hfc mouth, and faid, Go 3 And betook up his parable, and faid, 

Balak, and fay thus. ; Balaam the fon of Beor hath faid, and 

And when he came to him, behold,, the man v.hofe eyes are open hath laid: 

he ftood by his burnt-offering, and the, 4 He hath (aid, which heard the words 

princes of Moab with him. And Balak; of God, which faw the vifion of the Al- 

unto him, Vv'hat hath the Lord .mighty falling into a trance, but having 


18 C And he took up his parable, and 
fd\d, Rife up, Balak, and hear; hearken 
unto me thou fon of Zippor : 

19 God is not a man that he fhould 
; neither the fon of man, that he fhould 

his ej C:. open : 

5 How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, 
and thy tabernacles, O Ifrael ! 

6 As the valleys are they fpread forth, 
as gardens by the river's fide, as the 
trees of lign aloes which the Lord hath 

K-nt : hath he faid, and (Hall he not do j planted, and as cedar trees befide the 

or, hath he fpoken, and (hall he not waters. 

make it good ? 7 He fhall pour the water out of his 

Behold I have received command- \ buckets, and his feedjha/lbe in many wa- 

ment to blefs : and he hath blelfed : and ters, and his king fhall be higher thaa 

I cannot reverie it. 

-1 He hath not beheld iniquity in Ja- 
i '>, neither hath he feen perverfenefs in 
Ifrael : the Lord his God /J with him, 
and the (limit of a king is among them 

Cod brought them out of Egypt ; 
he hath as it were the ftrength of an uni- 

irely there is no enchantment a- 

>b, neither i s there any divina- 

nnfl I frael : ac< ording to this time 

it fhall be faid of Jacob and of Ifrael, 

rod wrought ! 

U Bel ol ; , the people fhall rife upasa 

Agag, and his kingdom fhall be exalted. 

8 God brought him forth out of Fgypt, 
he hath as it were the ftrength of an uni- 
corn : he fhall eat up the nations his ene- 
mies, and fhall break their bones, and 
pierce them through with his arrows. 

9 He couched, he lay down as a lion, 
and as a great lion : who fhall (tir hini 
up ? blelfed is he that bleffeth thee, and 
curfed is he that curfeth thee. 

10 And Balak's anger was kindled a- 
gainft Balaam, and he fmote his hands 
together : and Balak faid unto Balaam, I 
called thee to curfe mine enemies, and, 

' lion, and lift up himfelfas a young: behold, thou haft altogether blelfed them 

thefe three times. 

11 Therefore now flee thou to thy 

place : I thought to promote thee unto 

; great honour ; but. lo, the Lord hath 

kept thee back from honour. 

he (ball nol lie down until he eat 

and drink the blood of the 

k faid unto B ilaam, Nei- 
all, nor blefs them atal I 

i anfwered and laid unto '- And Balaam faid unto Balak, Spake 
1 i old not I thee, faying. All that I not a'.fo to thy meffengers which thou 

i mull do \ [fenteft linto me, faying, 

talaam Come,] 13 If Balak would give me his houfe 

I bring thee unto an- full ot Glverand gold, I cannot go beyond 

peradventure it will plcafe the.couiojandment of the Lord, to do 

irfe me then>y''-&" I or had of mine own mind; 

but what t lie Lord faith, that will I fpeak? 

28 1 A ight Balaam unto li And now, behold, I go unto my 

I looketh toward people :• come therefore, and I will adver- 

n, tile thee v. hat this people fli a 1 1 do to thy 

' And ; lalak, Build people in the latter days. 

me h 1 pr< p. ire me here • 1 >*» Cf And he took up his parable, and 

laid, Balaam the fon of Beor hath faid, and 
30 And Balwl tm had fa ofe eves are open hath faid: 

16 We 

Whoredom and idolatry oflfrael. Chap. xxv. xxvi. timr'i and Ccmhijtain. 143 

t6 He hath faid, which heard the i he rofe up from among the congregation, 
words of God, and knew the knowledge and javelin in his hand ; 

of the Moft High, 'which law the v. 
of the Almighty, falling into a trance, 
but ig his c\ i> open : 

17 I lhail ke Ivan, but not now: I 
fhall behold him, but not nigh : there 
Hull come a liar out of Jacob, and a 

. tie fhall rile out of Ilrael, and (hall 
te the corners of Moab, and del 
ail the children of Sheth. 

18 And Kdom (hall be a poflTedion, Seir 

poflcflion for his enemies j 
ilrael i!, ..I do valiani 
Out of Jacob (ball come he that 
fliall have dominion, and lhalldeftroj 
i e 1 1 1 of the city. 
And when he looked on \.xialek he 

8 And he went after the nun of Ifracl 
into the tent, and thru ft both of th m 
through, theman oflfrael, and the worn. 
an through her belly. So the pi. 
was frayed from the children of Ilrael. 

y And tliofe that died in the plague 
were twenty and four thouland. 

10 And the Lord fpake unto Mofcs, 

11 rhinehas, the fon of Eleazar, the 
fon ot Aaion the pried, hath tinned mr 
wrath away from the children of If: 
while he was zealous for my fake among 
them, that I con fumed not the cbildrea 
ui (frael in my jealoufy. 

l- Wherefore fay, Behold, I givcunto 

took up Ins parable, and faid, Amal k him my covenant ci peace 

it his lat-l 13 And he (hall have it, and his feed 

ter end/i t/l he that h i fbi i >cr. after him, even the covenant of an ever- 

-' iked on the Kenites, and laftingpriefthood;becaufe he was zealous 

and faid, ftrong is for his God, and made an atonement foe 

id thou putteft th noi Ifracl 


, the Kenirc fliall be 
lil AfhurAall cany the.- .. 

And betook u le,and (aid, 

ho fliall livew hen God aoeth this ! 

And lh\pt> /bail come from the coaft 

an i fhall afflict Afiuir, and 

fhall afflict Eber, and lie alio fhall periih 

-j Aj I Balaam rofe up, and went and 
retui i hi i \ > 1 Balak alia 


1 The Ijraelitcs* V - -n and idolatry , 
:ti and Cozhi Jljin. 
Iliael abode in Shittim, ami I 

lit wh. u ith 

the dai. ib. 

) the 

f : and 1 1 

i ■ 

to Baal- 


t unto 

14 Now the name of the Israelite that 
ilain, even that was Qain with the 
anitifh woman, i'ias Ziinii, the Ion 

of Salu, a prince of a chief houfe among 
the Simeonites. 

15 And the name of the Midianitifk 
woman that was liain, rvas Cozbi, tiie 
daughter of Zur ; he tva* head over a 
people, and of a chief houfe in Midi 

lb And the Lord fpake unto Moles, 


1 T Wx the Midianites, and finite them: 
13 lor they vex you with their wile?, 
wherewith thry ha. I you in the 

matter of Peor,and Iter of - 

r of .i prince oi Midian, 
their llain in the day oi 

the plague ir'a fai 

i A P. XXVI. 
.icl numbered. •: .m.( 


ter the plaj 
thai : and un- 

to Kl Aaron th 

' s ol the i [frael, from tw 

t the fi all tlial I 

may be tu: 


(". ffl And, behold, 
! t unto his brcl 

» Midhtl ', oi th; 

the i 

i ot the tabei n 

I Ml. 


i of A.. , : ., v .;, 


.rut Jr: 
i Xaki -<*n- 




146 The number and 


families of Ifrael. 

according t© thofe that were numbered 
of them, threefcore and four thoufand 
and three hundred. 

^ 26 O/the fons of Zebulun after their 

families : of Ssred,the family ot the Sar- 

dites: of Elon, the family of the Elonitcs: 

of Jahleel, the family ot the Jahleelites. 

2J Thefe art the families of the Zebu- 

9 And the fons of Eliab ; Ncmuel, and jlunites according to thofe that, were nura- 

Dathan, and Abiram. Thisfi that Da- bered of them, threefcore thoufand and 

6 Of Hezron, the family of the Hcz- 
ronites : of Carmi, the family of the 

7 J hefc are the families of the Rem 
benites : and they that were numbered 
of them were forty and three thoufand 
and ]even hundred and thirty. 

8 And the fons of I'allu ; Eliab. 

than and Abiram, c iubicb e were famous in 
the congregation, who firoveagainftMofes 

-and againlt Aaron in the company of Ko- 
rah, when they frrove againff. the Lord : ■. 
10 And the earth opened her mouth, 

five hundred. 

28 The fons of Jofeph after their fami- 
lies *wrre Manafleh and Ephraim. 

29 Of the fons of Manaueh : of Ma- 
chir, the family of the Machirites : and 

and {wallowed them up together with I Machir begat Gilead : of Gilead come the 
Korah, v. hen that company died, what family of the Gileadites 

time the lire devoured two hundred and! 
fifty men, and they became a fign 
11 Notwithstanding, 

Korah died not. 

50 Thefe are the fons of Gilead : of 
Jeezer, the family of the Jeezerites : of 

the children of;Helek, the family of the Helekites : 

51 And of Afriel, the family of the Af- 

ti J I. fdtis of Simeon after their fam- rielites : and of Shechem, the family of 
ilies : of Nemuel the family of the , the Shechemites : 

Nemuelites : of Jamin, the family of the! S2 And o/Shemida, the family of the 
Jaminites: of jachin, the family of the j Shemidaites : and o/Hepher, the family 


1.-5 Ot Zerah, the family oftheZarhites: 
of Shaulthe family of the Shaulites. 

1 i Thefe a*e the families of the Sime- 
onitcs, twenty and two thoufand and two 

15 1 he children of Gad after their fam- 

of the Hepherites. 

53 And Zelophehad the fon'of Hepher 
had no fons, but daughters : and the 
names of the daughters of Zelophehad 
were Mahlah, and Noah, Hoglah, MiU 
cah, and Tirzah. 

Si Thefe are the families of ManaiTeh, 

ilies : of Zephon, the family of the Ze-|and thofe that were numbered of them, 
phonites ; of Haggi, the family of the, fifty and two 


of Shunij the 

family of the 

thoufand and feven hundi ed. 

S5 Thefe are the fons of Ephraim after 

their families : ofShuthelah, the family 

16 Of Ozni, the family of the Oznites : of the Shuthalhitei : of Bechar, the fam- 
ily of the Bachrites : ofTahan, the fam- 
ily of the Tahanites. 

36 And thefe are the fons of Shethe- 
lah : of Eran,the family of tl-.e Eranites- 

37 Thefe are the families of the fons of 
Ephraim according to thofe that were 
numbered of them, thirty and two thou- 

ri, the family of the Erites 
1 1 Of A rod, the family ot the A rod it eS : 
', the family of the Archies. 

are the families of the chil- 
dren of Gad according to thofe that were 
of them, forty thoufand and 
ln::nl: ■ 

19 The fons of judzhnvtre Er and fand and five hundred. Thefe are lite 
>d Onan died in the land fons ot Jofeph after their families 

So The fens of Benjamin after their 

lah after t' imihes : of Bela, the family of the Be- 

fah, tf. i ;' laites; of Afhbcl, the family of the Aftj- 

i .• oi belites : of Ahiram, the family of the 

unity of I Ahir; 

Impbam, the family of the 
ites : of Hupham, the famil 
the Uupham ■ . 

Bela were Ard and 

41 jaminafter 

tnd they lhat were nmur 

I mou<?ir forty and five thou- 

. hundred. 
• . fffrtheioiisof Dan after their 

itei : . ofShuham, the family of the 

row< tcs. Thefe an ike families of 

I* *•• il •■• - .. amitiat. 

> o 

tans or oeia were aim ai 
lah /, the family of the Ai 

ites: and of Naaman, the family of tl 

The land divided. 


4 -» All the families of the Shuhamites, 
according tothofethat were numbered 
ot them, three /core and four thou- 

fand and four hundred. 

•*i CJ/ the child: fter tl.cir 

fjimna, the family of thejim- 
ofjeiui, the family of utejefui 
teriah th ly of the Benites, 

Of the '{ Beriah : of Ikber, 

the fain le Hebei hiel, 

the tamiiy of the Malchielites. 

46 And the name t r of 

Afh rah. 

Thefc*** the families of thefonsof 
Aiher according \u th 
I ■-.-ere fifty and three 

and four hundi 
48 C 6ns ofNaphtali after their fam- 

ilies: of J 

ltd : 01 

lily of I 
jO I le families of Napluali 

to their tamilie 
ered of tl 

' I "j-irg the numbered of ti.e 

children oi Lfrael, iix hundred thoufand 
toufand feven hundred and thirty. 
- ' I the Lot.. 

-. '■•■«•*> 

^ .d (hall be divided 
mce according to the num- 
51 To man) th , 


I ihall his 
inheritance be gi^ 

:d b> ! 
the I 

xxvii. ritances. 147 

them were twenty and three thoufand, all 

nales from a month old and upward i 

re not nu the 

children of lfrael, a no 

inherira: n tliem among the chil- 

dren oi lfrael- 
C5 1 hefe an they that were numb 

numbered the children c ' in the 

ab, by Jordan ##«rjeri< 
Bui ai iicfc there was not a 

man of them wl and Aaron the 

pried nui > when they m: 

the children oi lfrael in th< 
65 For the Lord had faid of them, 
They fhall furely die in the ef*. 

And not left a man of t; 

Caleb the fon of Jephunneh, 
Jolhua the fonofNun. 

bTbelatv •finbetita ces, 12 ill 

told of bis death, juelb ■ 'Tor. 

18 i appointed to fuccted bim. 

: Zelo- 
phehad, the fori of H 
: ■ 1, the f< lachir, the ton of 

fonol I 

lah, and Milcah, and Tirzafc 

- . id they flood I . 

bcfoi ' - d\\d before the 

i< ts and all t; h the 

I - ; . • taberna 

tion, fay;: 

•ied in the wilderne fa 
to thofejhr wasnot in the company of them that 


i • 

. fhouid the nan 

I the | 
Crflic tween n 



,ie Lord . 

the family of the i 
'i the H( di 




i Joclflbed, th- dai Levi, 

whom h 

I Miriam tl er 

i UIl'O 

ear, and Id. 
61 vbilui ( 

: Ih 
%i Ami thole that we i her'fbj 

yc r 



- ■ . 

148 Mofesfutthforafuccefir. NUMBERS. 

11 And it his father have no brethren, 
then ye (hall give his inheritance unto 
his kinfman that is next to him of his 
family, and he (hall po fiefs it : and it 
lhall be unto the children of Iirael a ttat- 
ute of judgment, as the Lord command- 
ed Moles 

12 1 And the Lord faid unto Mofcs, 
Get thee up into this mount Abarim, 
and fee the land which I have given unto 
the children of Iirael. 

IS And when thou had fecn it, thou 
alfo (halt be gathered unto thy people, as 
Aaron thy brother was gathered. 

14 For yc rebelled againlt my com- 
mandment in the defer! of Zin, in the 
ltrife of the congregation, to fanclify me 
at the; water before their eyes : that is 
the water of Mcribah in Kadefh. in the 
wildcrnefs of Zin. 

15 And Mofcs (pake unto the Lord, 

16 Let the Lord, the God of the fpir- 
its of all flefli, let a man over the congre- 

1 7 Which may go out before them, 
and which may go in before them, and 
which may lead them out, and which 
may bring them in ; that the congrega- 
tion of the Lord be not as fheep which 
have no (hepherd. 

13 fl And the Lord faid unto Mofes, 
Take thee Jolhna the (on of Nun, a man 
in whom is the fpirit, and lay thine hand 
upon him ; 

19 And fet him before Eleazar the 

The continual burnt offering. 

S ^1 And thou (halt (ay unto them. 
This is the ottering; made by fire which 

ye (hall otier unto the Lord ; two lambs 
oi the firft yeftr without (pot, djy by day, 
Jor a continual burnt ottering. 

4 The one lamb lhalt thou offer in the 
morning, and the other lamb lhalt thou 
offer at even ; 

5 And a ici\th part of an ephah of floor 
for a meat ottering, mingled with the 
fourth part of an hin of beaten oil. 

6 It is a continual burnt offering, 

which was ordained in mount Sinai for 
a fweet favour, a facrifice made by fire 
unto the Lord. 

7 And the drink offering thereoijball 
be the fourth fart of an hm for the one 
lamb : in the holy place (halt thou caufe 
the (Irong wine to be poured unto the 
Lord for -j. drink offering. 

8 And the other lamb (halt thou offer 
at even : as the meat offering of the morn- 
ing, and as the drink offering thereof, thou 
lhalt offer it, a (acrifice macic by fire, of 
a fweet favour unto the Lord. 

9 A And on the fabbath day two 
lambs of the firft year without fpot, and 
two tenth deals of flour /or a meat otter- 
ing, mingled with oil, and the drink of- 
fering thereof : 

10 -This is the burnt offering of every 
fabbath, befide the continual buint offer- 
ing, and his drink ottering. 

11 \ And in the beginnings of your 
months, ye (hall otter a burnt offering 

unto the Lord ; two young bullocks* 
.:, and before all the congregation; and one ram, feven lambs of the firft year 

and give him a charge in their light 

SO And thou lhalt put fome of thine 

our upon him, that all the congregation 

he children of Iirael may beobedfent. 

id he (hall ftand before Eleazar 

lihe prielt, who (ball a Ik counfel for him 

i the judgment of Urim before the 

Lord : at h '-• word (hall they go out, and 

at his word they (hah come in, borb Ik-, 

and all the children of Iirael with him, 

» all the congregation. 

: And Mof s the LoRncom- 

i I him ; and he took Joihua, and 

eft, and be- 
ll the congregation : 

Lid his hands upon him, 
and gave him a - the Lord 

a l I*-, the li Mofes. 

< ll IP. XXV l\i. 
1 Offerings /• be objc I. :J The con. 
.rnt offering. 9, 11, 16, - 
AND the Lord fpakc unto M 

^ i Coram i of [fraeL and 

•ul in) ! 
, tor ,i i\« eel 
ur unto me, (hall ?r?| t. 

unta mc in their due Icafba. 

without (pot ; 

It And three tenth deals of flour/or a 
meat ottering, mingled with oil, for one 
bullock ; and two tenth deals of flour/or a 
meat ottering, mingIedwitho:l,forone ram. 

13 And a feveral tenth deal of flour 
mingled with oil for a meatoffering unto 
One lamb ; for a burnt ottering of a 
fweet favour, a facrifice made by nfe un- 
to the Lord. 

14 And their drink offerings (hall be 
halt an hin of wine i»nto a bullock, and 
the third />ar/ of an hin unto a ram, and 
a fourth part of an hin unto a lamb : 
this is the burnt ottering of every month 

ughout the months of the year. 

!■' And one kid of the goats tor a fin 

ing unto the Lord (hall be offered, 

befide the continual burnt offering, and 

irink offering. 

16 H And in the fourteenth day of the 

nonth is the pa (lover of the Lord. 
IT And jn the fifteenth day of 
month is the feaft : ("even days (hall un- 
it avened bread be eaten. 

lit In ihc lii ft da\ : Jball be an holy con- 
ion ; ye lhall do no niannexaof 
vile v. urk therein : 

19 But yc lhall oiler a facrifice made 


Offc 'i%gs at fct'^H, Ci 

*. fire r a burnt offering unto the 
Lord . ug bullocks, an.i 

:. »n fevers! days. 11* 

G fiefide the burnt offering cf the 

ram, and ieven lambs of the fii 

you Without bit:. 
Co And theii meat oilering./^*/* be of 
flour i. with oil : three tenth d:.. 

ra bullock, and tv. u ic:. 
a ; 

rnbnl J meat ottering, and the 

daily -id his meat orier- 

. their,. ;erings, according 

unto their 1. , tor a lweet favour, a 

-de by lire unto the Lord. 

7 C And A have on the tenth 

day i month an holy coa- 

ral tenth deal (halt thou of- v ; and ye (hail atflict your fouls : 

fer for every lamb, th. . - (ball not do any work tbeiein. 

6 But ye (hall otfer a burnt offering 
And one goat for a fin offering, 'ito the Lord /or a fweet favour : one 

. ou. 

ill offer thefe beiide the burnt 
offering in the morning, which u tor a 

ner ye (hall offer 
ughout tl c (even daj -, the 

bullock, one ram- and [even lambs 
the firft year ; they fhall be unto joii 
without blcmiih : 

9 And their meat offering fhall be of 
flour mingled with oil.thiee tenth deals t» 
a bullock. arr<i two tenth deals toone ram. 
lire, . l' lo A leveral tenth d one lamb # 

fwcet favour unto the Lord : it (ball be throughout the feven lambs ; 

te the continual burnt offer-]. H One kid of the gouts J r ^inoffer^ 

-. drink offering. g ; beiide the fm offering of atonement. 

And on the leventn day ye fhall and the continual burnt otiering, and the 

an holy convocation \ ye (hall do meatoffering of it, and their drink of- 

iiu icrvile work. 

feri: . 

46 Z. Alfo in the day of the firft fruits,! It I And on the fifteenth day of the 
when ye br ew meat offering venrh month] yeihall have an holy cou- 

the Lord, after your weeks be out, ye 
Jhall have an holy convocation ; ye llia.ll 
do no fervile work 

£7 But ye (hall offer the burnt offering 

eet Lvoiir unto the Lord ; two 

young bullock*, one ram, feven lambs ot 

the tirlt year ; 

23 And their meat offering of flour 

th oil, three tenth :mto 

i am, 
A 1 .i! unto one L. 


, to m 
■merit for you. 
31 . cm beftde the con- 

they fl. all be u .ihoulbiem- 

it*,; and their drink offerinj . 

1 1 A P. 
1 The offering at I »/ trumpets, 

1 mi t afflicting their foul*. It 

and en t /mji of 

tai es. 

in the th month, on tlie 

1 ■ >'. an 

: viic 
a dj) 
unto j 

ill offei nt offr. 


• Mill,,. 

- the firl: h ; 

ieiing Jbali be of | 

vocation ; ye fhall fervile work, 

J e lliall keep a feaft unto the Lord 
(even da 

13 And yeihall i urnl ol 

faciitice by fire, of a lweet fat 

the Lord ; thirteen young bullocks. 
. ams, and : hrlt 

war ; they (ball be ■.. blcmilh : 

1 1 And their meat otiering jhall be of 
Hour mingled with oil, ihree tenth d i 
unto- bullock ot the tl bul- 

locks, two teath deals to e : the 

15 .\i.d a (everal tenth deal to each 
lamb of the 

!*> A: • ie goats/or a fin of«» 

md his 

17 And oil ' ill offer 
twelve you: two rams, four- 
teen lam 

18 And their meat offer 
drin- . bulloi 
rams, and foi the 1 

th< r : 


1 tl.r« • 

ith dea 

the goati/fer a il bi 

- & is an aiooc 

til be 

his meat offering, and his drink 

i 30 Offerings .7/ feajfs. 

And on the fourth day ten bul- 
locks, two rams, and fourteen limbs of 
ririr year without blemhh : 
■i-i Their meat offering and their 
dhink offerings tor the bullocks, for the 
rams, and for the lam' accord- 

ing to their number, after themannei : 

~j And one kid of the goal a Gn 

offering; befide the continual burnt of- 
i ;rin 

id on the fifth day nine bullocks, 
two rams, and fourteen lambs of the tirlt. 
r without (pot : 

And their meat offering and their 
drink offerings for the bullocks, for the 
ram- for the lambs, /ball be accord- 

to their number, after the manner : 
- J And one goat/br a fin ottering ; be- 
fide the continual burnt offering, and his 
meat ottering, and his di 
1 Vnd on the fixth dav 
rams, and fourteen lambs of the fii ft 
year without bl.-mifh ; 

^0 And their meat offering and their 

drink offerings for the bul for 

the rams, and for the lamb?, /ball be 

rding to their number, after the 

manner : 

I And one goat for a fin offering ; 
befide the continual burnt offering, his 
meat ottering, and his drink offerin 
- A,,d on the feventh day feven 
Jocks, two ram*, and fourteen lambs of 
the Hr!t year without blemiih : 
*■"* And their meat offering and their 
ings for the bullocks, for the 
id for the lambs,. accord. 

their number, after the manner : 
d one goat for a (in offering ; 
ntinual bun ring, his 

nr , and his drink offering. 

e a 

NUMBERS. Cfvozvj. 


tobebnken. SOf a maid's, 

6 a tvife*s 7 9 a tc id bio's <vo-xo. 

^ AND Mofes fpake unto the heads of 

the tribes concerning the children of 

[frael, laving, This is the thing which 

the Lord hath commanded. 

- If a man vow a vow unto the Lord, 
or fwear an oath to bind his foul with 
a bond ; he fhall not break his word, he 

iv \c (lull hav< 
fcrfemn bly : ye ftafl do no ferv 

hoi in. 

$6 But ye ball offer a burnt offeri 

fweet fa- 
vour unto the I : one bul! 

the fuft year with- 
it : 

Bering and their drink 

fhall do according to all that procecdeth 
out of- his mouth. 

3 ^ It a v. oman alfo vow a vow unt» 
the Lord, and bind berfelf by a bond, 
hi ing in her father's houfe in her youth ; 

4 And her father hear her vow, and 
her bond wherewith the hath bound her 
foul, and her father fhall hold his peace 
at her ; then all her vow s fhall ftand, and 
every bond wherewith Ihe hath bound 
her foul fhall ftand. 

5 But if her father difallow her in the 
day that he heareth ; not any of her 
vows, or of her bonds, wherewith ihe 
hath bound her foul, (hall ftand : and 
the Lord fhall forgive her, becaufe her 

ler di falio wed ! 

6 «J And if foe had at all an hufband, 
when the vowed, or uttered au t of 
her lip-, wherewith {he bound her foul ; 

1 And her huihand heard;/, and held 
his peace at her in the day that he he 
it: then her vow, ftand, and her 

bends wherewith the bound hei foul 
fhali ftand. 

8 But if her hufband di '."allowed her 
on the day that he heard /"/ ; then he fhall 
make her vow which me vowed, and that 
which fhe uttered with her lips, where - 
ci itn fhe bound her foul, of none eflect : 
and the Lord lhall forgive her. 

y - But every vow of a widow, and ot 
her that is divorced, where with they have 
bound their fouls, fhall Hand again ft her. 

I I And if the vowed in her hufband's 

:, i r bound her foul by a bond with 
an oath ; 

II And her hufband heard it, and 
held his peace at her, and difallow ed 
her not : then ail her vows lhall ftand, 
and everv bond wherewith fhe bound Iter 

cftrnngs for the bullock, tor the ram, foul 

But if her hufband hath utterly 

the ma tl em void on the day he heard 

58 And 01 .1 what foe ver proceeded out oi" 

burnt i , and his her lips concerning her vows, or con- 

^ drink kerning the bond of her foul, lhall not 

39 unto the; ftand : her hu'.band hath made them 

the Lord fhall forgive her. 
e will id every binding oath 

il, her hufband may eftab- 

Ih it, or her hufband may make it void. 

But it her hufband altogether hold 

day to day ; then 

- all that H . ■- cad i her vf her 

■ I '•>' >n her : h. 

ike Hidimmltes failed. Chap. 

•th them, becaufe he held his peace at 
Jier in the cay that lie heard them. 

15 But it he (hall any ways make them 
void after tlut lie hath heai it tbcm \ then 
he (hall bear her iniqu 

16 Thefe are the ftatutes which the 
Lord commanded M tween a man 
and his wife, oetween the father ajid his 
daughter, being yet in her youth in her 
tether's houle. 


1 The fl! toiled, and Salaam 

19 Ho -iv the foldiers, cS>. ure to 
be fur', >5 and the frfj fd. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

1 Avenge the children of Ifrael ot the 

Midianites : afterward (halt thou be 

g hered unto thy people. 

5 And M unto the people, 

Arm Join: of yourfelves unto tlu: 

war, and let th 

and a'. f Mid 

4 Of ever- a thoufand, through- 
out all the tribes of Ifrael, fhall ye (end 
to the war. 

5 So there were delivered out of the 
thoufands ot' I; nd of t 
trib , 

b , ,i to the war. 

a th be, them ami 

the priclt, 
to tii : lit sand 

7 Andtl 

-; lian, 
Zur ana 

i r thc\ 

'J all 

the •■ 

c.itti .i<1 all 


iu X I their i 


! 1 And ;:. 
th • pre) , /")•' oi n ' n -ju-I i i 

M Milt! 
i)i • prej 

»n O f 1 1 

< I .If tt 
1 |ordan 

al! tli ■ pr ncea of tl 

1 \ knd M 

, i id capl • hui\. 


xxxi. Tbe/tUiers tebe j f. 13! 

1 5 And Mofes faid unto them, Have ye 
faved all the w e ? 

16 Behold, thefe caufed the childi -n <>f 
Ifrael, through the counfel >am. to 
commit tr, nit the Lord in the 
matter of Peor, and there was uc 
among- the congregation of the Lord. 

17 Now tl u kill every male •>- 
mong the little ones, and kill every wom- 
an that hath known man by lying with 

IS But all the women children, that 
have r.ot know a a man by Ij ingwith him, 
keep alive for yourfelves. 

19 fj And do ye abide without the 
ys : whofoeverhath killed 
any perfon, and whofoever hath touched 
any llain, purify both yourfelves and 
your ca on the third day, and on 

thcieventh day. 

. all your raiment, and all 
that is made ox (kins, and all work of 
goats' hair, and all things m vood. 

-i And I the priclt faid tint* 

the men of war which went to the battle* 
rdinance of the law which 
the Lord commanded Mof. , 
'.: Only the gold, and the Giver, the 
• the iron, trie tin, and th 
Every I 
ye (hall igh the tire, and 

it (hail be clean : neverth I fhall be 

purified with tin n : 

and all that abideth nut the ill 

make go through the wati 

-i \nd j •• (hall i n r clothes 

thefeventj be clean, and 

rd ye (hall come into l ip. 

! I ' v .:. tli I i t fp ike ' ..• 

taken, both of man and 01 . iluni, 

the chief dv- 
thers of th n i< n ; 


tOOK the war I1D4 i 

ittie, and be- 

the LoRft 

d of rive hundred, b^rb oft! 
. .i > I tl 


■ ■ 



t5C The dividing of the prey. NUMBERS. r /he Reubenltes andCadites. 
fix hundred thoufand and feventy hundreds, was fixleen thoufand feve* 

thoufand and five thoufand fheep, 

35 And threescore and twelve thoufand 
34 And threefcore and one thoufand afTes, 

Sj And thirty and two thoufand per-, 
fons in all, of women that had not known 
man by lying with him. 

So And the half, ivbich was the por- 
tion of them that went out to war, was 
in number three hundred thoufand and 
feven and thirty thoufand and five hun- 
dred Iheep : 

ST And the Lord's tribute of the 
fceep was fix hundred and threefcore and 

34 And tlic beeves were thirty and fix 
thoufand j of which the Lord's tribute 
ivas threefcore and twelve. 

hundred and fifty fhekels. 

55 (For the men of war had taken fpoil, 
every man for himfelf.) 

54 And Mofes and Eleazer the prieft 
took the gold of the captains of thou- 
sands and of hundreds, and brought it 
into the tabernacle of the congregation, 
for a memorial for the children of Ifrael 
before the Lord. 

chap. xxxn. 

The Reubenites and Gadites fue for their 
inheritance on the eajifide of Jordan. 
NOW the children of Reuben, and the 
children of Gad, had a very great multi- 
tude of cattle : and when they faw the 
land of Jazer,andthe land of Gilead, that, 
behold, the place was a place for cattle ; 
2 The children of Gad, and the chil- 

39 And the alfes were thirty thoufand dren of Reuben, came and fpake unto 
and five hundred ; of which the Lord's Mofes, and to Eleazar the prieft, and unto 
tribute was threefcore and one. j the princes of the congregation, faying, 

40 And the perfons au<? re fixteen thou- 3 Ataroth, and Dibon, and Jazer, and ; of which the Lord's tribute was 
thirty and two perfons. 

41 And Mofes gave the^tribute,'u>£zVi> 
tuas the Lord's heave offering, unto E-' 
bazar the prieft, as the Lord command- 
ed Mofes. 

Nimrah, and Hefhbon, and Elealeh, and 
Shebam, and Nebo, and Beon, 

4 Even the country which the Lord 
fmote before the congregation of Ifrael, is a 
land for cattle. andthyfervantshave cattle: 

5 Wherefore, faid they, if we have 

42 And of the children of Ifrael' s half, ' found grace in thy fight, let this land be 
which Mofes divided from the men that given unto thy Servants for a pollellion, 
warred, and bring us not over Jordan. 

43 (Now the half that pertained unto 6i\ndMofesfaiduntothechildrenofGad, 

the congregation was three hundred 
thoufand and thirty thoufand and feven 
thoufand and five hundred fneep, 

44 And thirty and (ix thoufand beeves, 

45 And thirty thoufand afTes and five 
band red, 

•if. And Sixteen thoufand perfons ;) 
47 Even of the children of ISrael'shalf, 
Mufes took one portion of fifty, both of 
man and of beaft, and gave them unto 
the Levites, which kept the charge of the 
tabernacle of the Lord ; as the Lord 
commanded Mol 

■ l .i And the officers which were over 
of the hoft, the captains of 
and captains of hundreds,- 
v ic near unf 

i'J An) th-y faid unto Mofes, Thy ier- 
1 taken the fuui of the men of 

war which are under our charge, and 
th. eth not one m in of ii I. 

• an ob- 
! o Ro, \\ hat man 

in, of jewels ot gold, (I 1 

) 1 C t s , 

i i i atonement for our fouls be- 

i >i i). 
M \ n « l Mofes and Eleazar the prieft 
. the gold ol them, even all wrought 

t Anda fferin ; that 

I up < Lord, ol ip- 

» of tbouUndft, and ol the captain! of Lord toward Ifrael. 

and to the children of Reuben, Shall your 
brethren go to var, and (hall ye fit here ? 

7 And, Wherefore difcourage ye the 
heart of the children of Ifrael from go- 
ing over into the land which the Lor a 
hath given them ? 

8 Thus did your fathers, wfv»n I fent 
them from Kadefhbarnea to fee the land. 

9 For when they went up unto the val- 
ley of Efhcol, and faw the land, they dif- 
couraged the heart of the children of If- 
rael, that they fhould not go into the land 
which the Lord had given them. 

10 And the Lord's anger waskindled 
the fame time, and he fware, faying, 

11 Surely none of the men that came 
up out of Egypt, from twenty years old 
and upward, (hall fee the land which I 
fware unto Abraham, unto Ifaac, and 
unto Jacob ; becaufe they have not whol- 
ly followed me : 

li Save Caleb the fonof Jephunneh the 
Keneztte, andjofhua the fon of Nun : for 
they have wholly followed the Lord. 

I '> And the Lord's anger was kindled 
again!! Ifrael, and he made them wander 
in the wildernefs forty years, until all 
the generation) that had done evil in the 
fight of the Lord, was confumed. 

I I And, behold, yeare rifenupin your 
f.ith td, an increafe of fmful men, 
to augment yet the fierce an^er of the 

15 For 

Jue for their inheritance. Chap, xxxili. The jemmies oftkc IfraeUtts. 155 

15 For if ye turn away from after him, 
he will ) et again leave them in the wilder- 
nt-fs; ami ye (hall deftroy all this people. 

16 And they came near unto him, and 
, We will build fheepfolds here for 

our cattle, a ur little ones : 

17 But v. eourfelves will go ready arm- 
ed before the children of Ifrael, until we 
have brought then) unto their place: 
and our little ones lha'l dwell in the fenc- 
ed cities becaufe of the inhabitants of 
the land. 

18 V. e wiii not return unto our hoales 
until ihe children pfHrael ha erited 
every man his inhei il 

19 Foi 11 not : h them 
on yonder fide Jord in, or forward ; be- 
caufe our inheritance is fallen to us on 
this lide Jord vard. 

"10 An aid unto them, If ye 

will do thi- thing, li ye will go armed 

the Lord to w 

21 And vsill ^o all of you armed over 

Jord RD, until he hath 

drivei cut hit enemies from before him : 

d the li I before the 

Lord ; then afterward ye (hall return, 

and be guiltlefs before the Lord, and be. 

[frael ; and this land fhall be your 

pofleffion before the Lord. 

li But if ye will no; Id, ye 

have lin | I the LORD : and be 

lure your fin will find youOUt. 

cities for your little ones, 
and folds tor >our (b 

your mouth. 
*5 An , • 1 the 

children uben, I 

, . as my lord 


lies, our wives, our 
-.3, and , llull 

in the iiti' ! : 

27 But thy - vcr, 

• the 
si* , ( ora- 

I Jofhua 
the i ra ol 

ihe tril / [frael i 

lid unto them, It the 

i e theni the 

90 Bui 


mong you in tl 

thild ( f i 

i unto tJ 

the Lorb iate the land o , tl il 

the pofTeffion of our inheritance on this 
lide Jordan may be our's. 

63 And gave unto them, even to 

the children of Gad, and to the children 
of Reuben, md unto half the tribe of 
of Jofeph, the kingdom 
°\ S Ling of the Ai , and the 

kin :ing of Baftian, the land, 

with the cities thereof, in the coafts, even 
the cities of the country round about. 

34 And the children of Gad built Di- 
bon, and Ataroth, and Arocr, 

S5 And Atroth, Shophan, and Jaazer, 
and Jogbehah. 

36 And Betnnimrah, and Bethhar^an, 
fenced cities : and folds for (beep. 

o7 And the children of Reuben built 
II fhbon, and Klcaleh, and Kdrjathaim, 

tf, And Nebo, and Baalraeon, (their 
names her I and Shibmah : and. 

p names unto the cities which 
they butlded. 

the children of Machir the fonof 

I to fcilead,aiui took it. and 
difpoil- rite, which OUfxin it. 

40 And M ad unto Machir 

the fon ofManafleh; and lie dwelt therein, 

il And lair the fon of Manalieh went 
and toolc.the fmall towns thereof, and 
called them Ha* otlgair* 

-4C !i went and took Kenath, 

and the villages thereof, and called it 
di, after his o\\ n n.V, 

. A 1\ XXXIII. 

1 7- ru rn ies of the Ifraelitet* 

it) taanitet are to be destroyed. 

'i li are the journeys of the chil- 

dren of 1 frael, w . I forth out 

the land oi t. with their armies un- 

der the hand i t Mofe Laron, 

t And Moies wrote th ingsoutac- 
t oi oinmand- 

mentofthe loan: and thefe a re theic 

I to their | OUt 

3 And u. >ni Ran i 

in .: m ..itli, on the nit of 
nth j on the moi i 

pad I 'ot 

I ail the 

fi rlt bom, l 

; their 

from I: h. 

«nd tl 

7 \ 

to 1 I > f 


k^ ih- 

5i "Journeys of the Ifraeiites. 

three days' journey into the wildernefs of 
Ltham, and pitched in Marah. 

f j And they removed from Marah, and 
came unto Llim : and ir.Elimoi^r^ twelve 
lountains of water, and threefcore and 
ten palm trees : and they pitched there. 

10 And they removed from Elim, and 
encamped by the Red lea. 

11 And they removed from the Red fea, 
and encamped in the wildernefs of Sin. 

\% And tluy took their journey out of 
the wildernefs of Sin, and encamped in 

1 J' And they departed from Dophkah, 
and encamped in Alufh. 

14 And they removed from Alufh, and 

NUMBERS . The Canaanites to be dejf toyed. 

38 And Aaron the pried went up int» 
mount Hor at the commandment of the 
Lord, and died there, in the fortieth 
year after the children of Ifrael were 
come out of the land of Egypt, in the 
fir ft day of the fifth month. 

S9 And Aaron ivas an hundred and 
twenty and three years old, when he died 
in mount Hor. 

40 And king Arad theCanaanite, which 
dwelt in the fouth in the land of Canaan, 
heard of the coming of the children of 

4i And they departed from mount 
Hor, and pitched in Zalmonah. 

42 And they departed from Zalmonah, 

encamped at Rcphidim, where was no* and pitched in Punon. 

water lor the people to drink. 

43 And they departed from Punon, 

15 And they departed from Rephidim, iand pitched in Oboth. 

and pitched in the wildernefs of Sinai. 

10 And they removed from the defert of 
Sinai, and pitched at Kibrothhattaavah. 

IT And they departed from Kibroth- 
hattaavah, a«d encamped at Hazeroth. 

18 And they departed from Hazeroth, 
pitched in Ritnmah. 

19 And they departed from Rithmah, 
and pitched at Rimmonparez. 

d they departed from Rimmon- 
parez, and pitched in Libnah. 

-l And they removed from Libnah, 
and pitched at tyillah. 

And they journeyed from RifiTah,' 
and pitched in Kehelathah. 

at from Kehelathah, 
and pitched in mount Shapher. 

. '. And they removed from mount 

removed from liaradah, 
and pitched . teioth. 

from Makhe- 
lotl .mped at Tahath. 

parted from Tahath, 

ved from Tarah, 
; thrah. 

it trom Mithcah, and 

from Haflimo- 

31 ieroth, 



I ; ;ad, 

3* 'hah, 

*' aah, 

36 And I 

I ii 


44 And they departed from Oboth, 
and pitched in Ijeabarim, in the border 
of Moab. 

45 And they departed from Iim, and 
pitched in J ad. 

46 And they removed from Dibongad, 
and encamped in Almondiblathaim. 

4T And the/ removed from Almondi- 
blathaim, and pitched in the mountains 
of Abarim, before Nebo. 

48 And they departed from the moun- 
tains of Abarim, ana pitched in the 
plains of Moab, by Jordan near Jericho* 

49 And they pitched by Jordan, from 
Bethjefimoth even unto Abelfhittim in 
the plains of Moab. 

50 ^| And the Lord fpakeunlo Mofes 
in the plains of Moab, by Jordan near 
Jericho, faying, 

51 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, 
and fay unto them, when ye are palled 
over Jordan into the land of Canaan ; 

52 Then ye fhall drive out all the in-» 
[habitants oi the land from before you, 

and deftroy all their pictures, and de- 
ftroy all their molten images, and quite 
pluck dowA all their high places : 

53 And ye fhall difpoflefs the inhabit- 
ants of the land, and dwell therwin : for 
I have given you the land to poflTefs it. 

51 And ye lhall divide the land by 
for an inheritance among your families: 
and to the more ye fhall give the more 
inheritance, and to the fewer ye fhall 
give the lefs inheritance : every man's 
inheritance fhall be in the place- where 
h ; according to ti.e tribes of 
S ye thai I inherit. 
will not drive out the inhab- 
' om before you ; then 
.1 com • . that thole which ye 

; themfha/lbe pricks in 
eyes, and thorns in your does, and thnil 
i in the i tad r ye dwi 11 . 

, it !i all c< me to p 
• to you, 3» 1 thought t« 
do ui . m. 


Tit borders oftbeland. Chap, xxxiv. xxxt. Theme ~ - areioc 

ic the land unto you : I 
theprieft, and Jofhua the ion of Nun. 

1 And ye fhall takeop.e pri; 
tribe, to divide the land by inhe; 

1" And the names ci I en are 

thele : of the tribe of Judah, C_ 
fon oi Jephunneh. 

And oi "the tribe of the chiidre: 
Siine :muel the fon oi Ammihud. 

£1 Oi" the tribe of Benjamin, Eli 
the fon of Chiflon. 

-2 And t - ceof tlu tribe of the 

children of Dan, Bitkki, the fon of J 

23 '1 he prince of the children of Jo- 

1 Tbe borders of the land. 

oj tbe men tobhbfball it. 

AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes, 

mand the children of Ifra^l, and 
fay unto th hen ye come into the 

land of Canaan ; this is the land I 

nto you for an inheritance, even the 
I of Canaan, with the t«; 
i> 1 hen your iouth quarter /hall be from 
the wilderneis oi Zin. along by the coaflof 
kdom, and you- fouth border fhall be 
uutmoft coait of the fait fea eafhvard : 

A And your border fhall turn from the 
fouth to the afcent of Akrabbim, and | 
on to Zin j and i k>rth then 

fhall be fiom tlie fouth to Kadethban 
and i"hall go on to Haifaraddar, and pafs 
•n to - 

And the border fhall fetch a compafs 
firo pt,and 

the goin dl be at the , 

\ntl as for the v.eflern bo: 
fhall even have the great fea for a border : 
this i.h. It border. 

north border : 

from the £reat lea ye lha.ll point out for 

;r : 

8 1 ount Hor ye fhall point out 

your border untol :h ; 

and t: forth of the border lball 

be to Zed ad : 

• border fl. 'it to Z 

i, and t : 'la- 


10 And our eafl 

:il : 

It And tl 'i from 



it And tl n to 

it fhall 

dren of Ifrael, 1 

I.< the nine 

14 ror the ti ibe of tWe i ruld 
to the i 
trite o. 




Lord fpake u 


of the lea ot 


feph, for the tribe of the children of 
Manafleh, Hanniel the fon of E 

he prince of the tribe oi t' 
children of Epnraim, Kemuel the fon of 

i And the prince of tlie tribe of tl 
children of Zebulun, Elizaphan V. 

And the prince of the tribe oft" 
Iren «. bar, Paltiel the fun 


And tlie prince «f the tril 
children of Aiher, Ahihud the ion of 
t" prince of the tribe > 

: ircn ofNaphtali, Peduhel t 

?fe are they whom theLoRD corn- 

ded to divide the inhei to the 

children of Ilrael, in the land o: n. 

gbt and forty cities ■ 

6 to be cities of 

refuge. 9 Thelaivs of /nurd: 
AND the Lord fpake unto Mofes in 

Jordan near Jer- 

children of Id 

age ;ies to dwell i 

nto tl,- I 
fublirbs for ti nd about 

!1 in ; am! 

■ heir cattJe ( 

for all their 1 

;:t.ill give ■ * 

fhr i i 

lit : this iluill Le I 
6 * And 


V * - 

••vhich ye toall giv 

i. fc . 

j fcall give, 

Ifrael : from ttemtbatbuxe nii 



? f And the Lou 


It Then 

e be ccme 

D n ; 

:h killtth 

' r 



:at the 


3 . aod ii 

•f r< 

■ refuge- 
* of Ifrael, ao 

1 rthefv ramoDg 

ieth any 


z put 

IS Or ij 



with an 1 

•: • 


• !, or 

th hi* 


• mux II n 


• ' upon 

»a fkall ;udge 

between - and the revenger of 

blood, according to thefe ju 

*5 be congregation fe2il de. 

the flayer out of the hz -ger 

of blood, a: congregation (hall 

ftore him to th; 

/haliab : un- 

:h cf the high prieft, which was 
anointed with the holy oil. 

ceme with : bordr 

his refuge, whither he was fled 

blood find hint 
d the rev-. 
ua ? ihall not be guilty of bloc 

- ♦ hould have regained in 

jge until the death of 
: : but aft- he 

:. the 11* .a into the 

kac pofiefT: 

be for a ftarute 

:nto you, throughout your 

ail your c rs. " 

SO Whofokilleth? themr.-- 

be pu- wutk 

fifes: but one llnottef- 

n*fV againft any perfon /• caufe bim to c 

r the li: is 

ihali be furely 
put to death. 

m Si .take no fa 


eli in the 

lute the I 
:or blood it defileth * 
i : and d cannot be cleanfed o£ 

blood: , but by the 

-- - i :: " 3i thai thed it. 
-Si rtie land w 1 

ren of Ifrael. 

' heritance tf 
t marr: 
: aught t rhpbebad. 


ftbe fami! 

re the pr.n- 

ed : an inher- 

r\ of Ifra 

t Zelof 

oany of ' 


lard • . 
LORD tl 

3 - 

es < 

*a« fea'.l k. . K .erilanc- 

bUfes rebearfetb the ftw 9/ Chap. i. C;J's promi/c. 

tribe •* hereunto they are rec* - .'.nee in any tribe of the childi en 

ball it be taken fi a of our; of Ifrael, fliall be V to one of the 

nuJy of the tribe of her father, that the 
en th: jubilee of the children Iren of Ifrael may enjoy every . 

of I be, then fh« r inherit-; the f his fathers. 

.1 the inheritance of the ^either (hall the inheritance remove 

hereunto thev are received : io 

their inheritance I -ne of the tribes of the children of 

1 the inheritance of the tribe of our 

from one tribe to another tribe j but 

ep himielf to his own in- 


10 » « |J Even as the Lord commanded 

of Ifrael "according to the word of the , io did the daughters of Zelophe- 

the fons of h;i 
JoJeph l 11 ih, Tirzahj and Hoglah. 

61. the I.ori • Noah, the daughters of 

doth cc 1 re married unto their 

of • brotJiers' for.s : 

tu li J- - r ;: ;. w -rried into the : - 

far. .ther ihall t iiies of thr ions of ManaiTch the ion of 

inheritance remained 

- be of the family of their father. 

be to| :' . ire the ccmn. ;nts aid 

e children of ..ients, which the Lord com- 

to the inheritance manat the hand of Mofes, unto th- 

:ldren ot Ifrael in the plains of Moab, 
8 k\ it poflTefTethlby Jordan near Jericho- 


Ch I 8 Behold, I 1 1 the land before 

1 lifts in the end oj ih; 

briefly rt k t be (lory, G of 

, S\ ar.d bis anger for ;bair ;'/;-. ham, [fa unto them 

ere :ce. nd to t: 

I fpak. 
fpu ng, 1 am not able- to boar you 1 

in i' 

. betwee God hath mi; 

_:id pli< and, are this day 


: re are eleven 11 God ol • Vrs 

eb by 

..) j»r, andblelsyou, ashc hat. 

3 to pafs in the foi 

yea. n I my fell 

. r burden, an i 
i ito all 

ord ; 
i ur ti il.' , 

the 14 i 

w hicn thou ha 

[ft J 

•he landot Mo- 1 So took 

6 « - • . 


■ * I tribes. 

am! I 

in thel 1 the vale, 

fouth, ier, an d I * 

thai n m th hii 

to .;ver, the river t > 11 Ye fcallnot i< 

it ; 


Gad's anger 


for dif obedience. 

but ye (hall hear the fmall as well r what way ye fliould go, and in acloud by 
great ; ye lhall not be afraid of the day. 

irient ; 

as the 

face of man ; For the judgment is God's 

and the caufe that is too hard for yon, 

bring it unto ine, and 1 will hear it, 

18 x\nd I commanded you at that time 
all the things which ye jhould do. 

19 And when we departed from Ho- 
reb,we went through ail that great and 
terrible wiidernels, which ye faw by the 
way of the mountain of the Amorites, as 
the Lord our God commanded us j and 
we came to Kadelhbarnea. 

20 And 1 faid unto you, Ye are come 
unto tire mountain of the Amorites,which 
the Lord our God doth give unto us. 

21 Behold, the Lord thy God hath fet 
the land before thee : go *p and poffeis//,as 
the Lord God of thy fathers hath Jaid un- 
to thee, fear not, neither be difcou raged. 

tl And ye came near unto me every 
one ot you, and laid, We will fend men 
before us, and they (hall fearch us out the 
land, and bring us word again by what 
way we muft go up, and into what cities 
Hre (hall come. j 

And the laying pleafed me well : and 
I took twelve men of you. one of a tribe : 
24 And they turned and went up into 
the i tountain, and came unto the valley 
tf Eihcol, and fearched it out. 

And they took of the fruit of the 
land in their hands, and brought //down 
unto us, and brought us word again, and 
(aid, ///ja good land which the Lord 
our God doth give us. 

Notwithstanding, ye would not go 
up, but rebelled againft the command- 
ment of the Lord your God : 

! ye murmured in your tents, 
d (aid, be caufe the Lord hated us, he 
tght us forth out of the land of 
Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the 
W hith( i (ball we go up ?Our breth- 
ren have difcoui ur n art, faying, 
The people is greater and taller than we ; 
the cities are great and walled up to heav- 
en ; and, ,we have feen the fons 
of the Anakims there. 

u 1 laid unto you, Dread not, 


oki) your ( »od whn h goeth 
i a, he fhall ti^ht for you, 
cording 10 .ill that he did for you in E- 

•i ind in tl. is, where thou 

:,ow that LORD th) < rod b 

t i i man doth bear 1 i all the 

r .:!, until ; i . 

• in this thing ye did not believe 
the !.'.»:« n your G 

tc you, 
tch j i 
u in ire bj , you by 

Si <[ And the L5 jld heard th^ voice of 
your words, and was wroth, and fware, 

35 Surely there (hall not one of thefe 
wien ot this evil generation fee that good 
land, which I fware to give unto your fa- 

36 Save Caleb the fon of Jephunneh ; 
he mall fee it, and te him v/ill I give the 
Jand that he hath trodden upon, and to 
his children, becaufe he hath wholly fol- 
lowed the Lord. 

37 Alio the Lorp was angry with me 
lor your fakes ; faying, Thou alf'o fhalt 
not go in thither. 

38 But Joftiua the fon of Nun, which 
ftandeth before thee, he (hall go in thith- 
er : encourage him : for he mall caufe 
Ifrael to inherit it. 

39 Moreover,your little ones, which ye 
faid fhould be a prey, and your children, 
which in that day had no knowledge be- 
tween good and evil, they mail goin thith- 
er, and unto them will I give it, and they 
(hall pofleis it. 

■40 But as for you, turn ye, and take 
your journey into the wildernefs by the 
way of the Red fea. 

41 «[y Then ye anfwered and faid un'o 
me,We have linnedagainitthe LoRD,wr 
will go up and fight, according to all that 
the Lord our God commanded us. And 
when ye had girded on every man Iris 
weapons of war, ye were ready to go up 
into the hill J 

42 And the Lord faid unto me, Say 
unto them, Go not up, neither fight ; for 
I am not among you j Jelt ye be fmitten 
before your enemies. 

43 So 1 Ipake unto you ; and ye would 
not hear, but rebelled againft the com- 
mandment of the Lord, and went pre- 
fumptuoufly up into the hill. 

44 And the Amorites which dwelt in 
that mountain, came out againft you, and 
( hafed you, asbeesdo, and deftroyedyou 
in Seir, even unto Hormah. 

45 And ye returned and wept before the 
Lord ; but the Lord would not hearken 
to your voice, nor give ear unto you. 

46 Soyc abode in Kadefli many days, ac- 
cording unto the days thatyc abode there. 

CHAP. If. 
1 The Jloryis continued touching the Edom- 

ires, 9 the Moabitrs, V&ihe Ammonites, 

%K and Sihnn the Amorite. 

'i H KN we turned, and took our jour- 
ney into the wildernefs, by the way of 
the Red fea, as the Lord fpake unto 

• ; and we con | ;;nt Seir many 

0"J) s. 

Vndthe Loan fpake unto me, faying, 
4 Ye have compaffed this mountain 
long enough ; turn you northward. 

4 And 

A rep: of former thing:, Ch9p.i1. 

•i And command tliou tlie people, 
> through ihe co 
en the children 

ind they fhali I id of 

you ye good heed unto yourlelves 


with them; for I will not 
ie:r land, no, not fo mi 
1 I 

r unto Efaufor a , 

6 Y • of the* » - 
t) , that ye nu nnd ve ih j 


7 1 or the Lord thy God hath 
thee in all the work : ; iy hind ; he 
knowcth thy walking through thi 
wildernefs: thefe forty years the I o\r> 

>u haix 

3 Anu m\ our 

r, through the way of the 


lernefs oi ' . A 
9 I And the I ro me, Dif- 

• -nd 
th them in bati -r I will rr>t 

tl> -eir land jor a pofleflion ; hc- 

unto the child 
• 1 n. 

in, in times 
, nl t.ili 

1 1 

1 - 1 ! 


the land of 1 
t. !. e unto them. 

1 the 


to:. • • . 1JJ 

will notgiv ^f the land of the chil- 

dren oi \onan\ on; b< 

1 have given it unto the children c 
fell ion. 

s accounted a hud of 
giants : giants dwelt therein 
and the Ammonites call them Zamziv 
inims ; 

I A people great, and many, and 1 
wiakims ; Lut the LoRudeftrov 
fore them ; and thi 
t, and dwelkin their Read : 
I As he did to the children of 

r,when hedeitroyed the 
:n before them ; and they fi 
led them, and dwelt in their Yicad, 
1 unto • 

"lich dwelt in Ha- 
'•■wnunto Azzali,the Caphtorira 
rrh out of Cap h tor, del- 
id dwelt in their ftead.) 
1i «J Rile 
and pal : behold, I 

hav • > thine hind Sihon the Am- 

orit I : be- 

I with him in 

;t the dread 
• .pon the 1 
at art v hole heaven, who 

fliall hear report of tliee, li- 

fe of t! 
'•ft he wil- 
ing of 
id nor l 
& Thou 
th it I • 











hold 1 I, 


>n . 

1 ' 
riirt.-i not, 1 


160 OJOgklngtf BaJLan. DEUTERONOMY. 

Mofes's prayer. 

fhan, being the kingdom of Og, gave I 
unto the half iribe of ManafTeh; all the 
region of Argob, with all Bafhan, which 
was called the land of giants. 

14 jair the fon of Martaflfeh took all 
the country of Argob unto the coafls of 
Grefhuri and Maachathi ; and called them 
after his own name Bafhanhavothjair, 
unto this day. 

15 And I gave Gilead unto Machir. 

Gadites, I gave fromGilead even unto the 
river Arnon, half the valley, and the bor- 
der even unto the river Jabbok, nvbicb is 
the border of the children of Amnion ; 

11 Tiie plain alio, and Jordan, and the 
coaft the reof^ from Chinnereth even unto 
the fea of the plain, even the fait fea, 
under Aihdothpifgah eafhvard. 

lti And I commanded you at that 
time; faying, The Lord your God hath 
given you this land to po fiefs it : ye fhall 
pafs over armed before your bx-ethren 
the children of Ifrael, all that are meet 

unto Sihon king of the Amorites, which for the war. 

dwelt at Hefnl, 19 But your w ives, and your little ones, 

3 So the Lord our God delivered into and your C3ttle, fjor I know that ye have 
hands Og alio, the king of Bafhan, 

and all his people : and we fmcte him 
until none was left to him remaining. 

4 And we took all his cities at that time, 
then not a city which wc took not 
from them,l Dre cities, all the region 

.!"j;ob, the kingdom of Og in Bafhat. 

5 All thele cities *were fenced with high 
walls, gates, and bars ; belide unwalled 
t at many. 

6 S • \ we uttcriy defiroyed tliem, as 
we did unto Sihon king of ilefhbon, ut- 
terly d< • ig tiie men, women, and 
children, of every city. 

7 But all the cattle, and the fpoil of 
the c , \ e took for a prey to ourfelves 

I we took at thai time out of tiie 

unto ourfelves, and the fpoil of the cities 
which we took. 

36 From Aroer, which is by the brink 
of the river ©f Atfnon, and /Vow the city 
that is by the river, even unto Gilead, 
there was not one city too ftrong for us : 
the Lord ourGod delivered all unto US : 

3Tl Only unto the land of the children 
• f Amnion thou came ft not, nor unto any- 
place of the river Jabbok, nor unto the 
cities in the mountains, nor unto what- 
soever the Lord our God forbad us. 

1 Of Og king ofBajbait. tS Mofots pray. 

tr to enter into the land, 26 He is 

permitted to fee it. 

THEN we turned and went up the 
to Bafhan : and Og the king of Ba- 
fhan came out againft us, he and all his 
1 :ople, to battle at Edrei. 

2 And the Lord faid unto me, Fear 

him not : for I will deliver him, and all 

people, and his land, into thy hand ; 

and' thou lhalt do unto him as thou didi'l 

fthetwoki iorites,the that time, laying, 

• as on this fide Jordan, from 
unto amount Hermon : 
9 , I lonians call 

\ mo rites call it S 

in, and all 
; . , ■ hah and 

ioni of Og, in 

ii I ' : ;; of Bafhan re- 

a t of giants ; bc- 

id of 
th of the ( 


much cattle) fliali abide in your cities 
which I have given you ; 

20 Until the Lord have given reft un- 
to your brethren, as well as unto you, 
and until they alfo poffefs the land which 
the Lord your God hath given them be- 
yond Jordan : and then mall ye return 
every man unto his pofTeffion, which I 
have given you. 

21 And I commanded Jofhua at that 
, faying, Thine eyes have feen all 

that the Lori your God hath done unto 
thele two kings : fo (hall the Lord do un- 
to all the kingdoms whither thou paffeft. 

Ye fhall not fear them : for the 
Lord your God he fhall fight for you. 

«] And I befought the Lord at 

24 O Lord God, thou haft begun to 
I thy fervant thy greatnefs, and thy 
mighty hand ; for, What God is therein 
heaven or in earth, that can do accord- 
ing to thy works, and according to thy 


- i 1 | ray thre, let me go over, and fee 
I land that ii beyond Jordan, that 
in tain, and Lebanon* 
* 7 But the Loud was wroth with 

for your fakes, and would not hear 

m< the Loi,:) faid unto me, Let it 

e; (peak no more unto me of 
i itter. 

ip into the top of Pifgah, 

id lift up thine eyes weftward, and 
h u I , and fouthward, and eafhvard, 

behold it wil thine e - : for thou 
I unto tli -go over this Jon 

1 ." Jofhua and enc 

- i him ; for he fl ' 

ih* C I . 

ver before Dple and he 

ibalt Ire. 
■29 ifo we in the 


-:.\P IV 
1 Jnexbortacou 10 obeaifnce.i\M' ft s 0P~ 
/•omreii ibe /tret citi jug' °>- 

it y or J an 

therefore hearken, O lfrael un- 
e Astutes and unto the judgments, 
which 1 

it o in and 

. uiuch the Lokd bJ oi ; our la- 
iveth >ou. 
i. \ add unto "lie word * 

you, neithei thai! \ e J: 


which I a 

3 Your ei jid 

did brcaui E men 

thattalloa ooj 

liati >n. 

4 But ye that did cleave uuroth< 
you i 4 leot you 

i Be!. (Litutes 

and juat;!!*' ihe Lord my 

rliar j e fhoilld do 
n the U; 

6 K 
you i 

he nat 

tton is a people. 

7 ! 
bath God .cLuxu 

- ? 

8 \!..i, VI 'j p', 
that ! 


9 i 
th» ) ,t rhou i the 

, ami 
ai i all iht dayk 


< . . i ha 1 1 1 

re the I. ok u thy uu>: 
the Lord faid um the 

Keoplc together, and I will make 
ear I , that ihey m i 

.til the day I that they ftuil live 
open (he earth, and that I 
11 And ye came near and Hood under 
the mountain ; and thr mountain burned 
with fire unto the ntidfl oi #itli 

daiknefs, ( . and thick darkn* 

:e unto j 
oi tj tlie fire : ye heard the 

• words. 
OIll / \c L'tarJ t Vitli 

IF* fcople to t>bedier.;e. \ . I 

j 13 And he declared unto you his cove- 
ir, *h ch he commanded you to per- 
n ten commandments ; and he 
wrote them upon two tables of (lone. 

1% And the Lord commanded me at 
thai til h you ftatutes and judg* 

m • ts, that ye might do them in the land 
over to panels it 
e therefore &ood hee 

•■ no mann:-: nl- 

itudeontl ."'d/the Leu: . nto 

i in H< midil ol the fit 

16 1 efl yecoi rupi your/elves, and make 
en image, the fimilltude ofany 
likeneisof male or female, 
IT 'i he likenefsofanv bealtthat //on 
earth, the likeneisof any winged fowl 
thai d eth in the air, 

i likenefs ofany thing that creep- 
on the ground, the hkenefs ofany fi 
waters beneath the earth : 
d led thou lift up thine eyes unto 
:, and when thou ieefl the fun, and 
and the ftars, even all the bjoft 
, ... 'uldell be driven to wor'hip 
- \ them whieh the Lord 
tli, God lath divided unto all nations 
nut i heaven. 

\0 But the Lord hath taken yon, and 
bi .in torth out of the iron lui- 

nac \i: //out ot Kp ypt. to be unto hini j. 
ol inheiifance as jt arc th 
-i more the Lord m a- an 

• far your fakes, and fweai' that 
ot j;o over Jordan ana that 1 
go in uvto that ^ooa land, 
uie I.OED thy God givcth Ul 
nice : 

-. But I Km ft die in this land, I mafi 
•r lordan but yc (hall goovcr, 
an Is <liat ^ood land. 

heed unto yourfelves, left ye 
tnt of the Lord 
ii , which he m.ide with you. and 
mar > • j i u a graven image, or the li 
oi .i ) i> '"»#, the Lord tlr. Q 
• haii. forbidden th 

IheLoai th\ / aco:i! 

.\ Di) lona, and i in^ ' 

thou&i ,ildr«*n,and 

ti t ehildi in all ha* 

mainc in th« ! (hall got- 

evil in the tighl ol the L 
provok i 

26 I i.. i.nd ca: 



Hiall ih t pc 1 n it, b 

IT And ihe Lord i 

in • ien, v 

£C2 Exhortation to obedience. DEUTERONOMY. The covenant in Horeb\ 
28 And there yefhall ferve gods, the J wares, and hated him not in times pad: J 

work of men's hands, v»ood and (rone, J and thar fleeing unto one »f thefe cities 

which neither fee ncr hear, nor eat, nor i he might live : 

jfmeU. 43 Kamelyy Bezer in the wildernefs, in 

-i) But if from tkencc thou (halt leek 
the Loud thy God, thouihalt find him\ 
If thou leek him with all thy heart and 
wirh all thy ibul. 

3Q When thou art in tribulation, and 
all theie things are come upon thee, even 
in the laitei aa>s, if thou turn to the 
Lo r D tit) <« -od, and {halt be obedient un- 
to his voice ; 

Si (For the Lord thy God is a merci 

the plain country of the Reubenites ; and 
Ramoth in GiLead, of the Gadites ; and 
Golan in Balhan, of the Manartites. 

44 And this is the law which Mofes let 
before the children of Ifrael : 

45 Theie are the teftimonies and the- 
ftatutes, and the judgments, which Mo- 
les /pake unto the children of Ifrael, after 
the* came forth out of Jfigypt, 

4t> On this iide Jordan, in the valley 

ful God) he will not forUke thee, neither over againft Bethpeor. in the land oi Si 

dolt: e, nor torget the covenant of 

thy fathers which he fw ear unto them. 

3£ Por alk now oi the days that are 
paft, which were before thee, fince the 
day thai God created man upon the 
eai hj and ajk Irom the one fide of heav- 
en u.itu the other, Whether there hath 

honking of the Amontes, who dwelt at 
Heihbon, whom Moles and the children 
of Ifrael fmote, after they were come 
forth out of Egypt : 

47 And they pofTefTed his land, and the 
land of Og king of Baflian, tvro Kings of 
the Amontes, which were on this fide 

been any juco tUmgns this great thing is, [Jordan toward the fun riling i 

ht From Aroer, which is by the bank. 

or hath been heard like n i 

»j Uideirer people hear the voice of 
( I (peaking aut ot themidftof the fire, 
a, thou hail Btard, and live J 1 

34 Or hath Gou allayed to go and take 
hiui a nation, from the midft of another 
nation, by temptations, by likens, and by 
bonders, and by v*ar and by a mighty 
hand, and by a (hretched out arm, and 
. reat terrors, according to all that the 
Lou D your Goa aid for you in -Egypt 
before your e > ss ? 


e youi 

mi glue It know that the Lord he is God : 

of the river Arnon, even unto mount Si- 

on, which /; Hcrmon, 
49 And all the plain on this fide Jordan 

eaftward, even unto the fea of the plain* 

unto the fpvinss of Piftah. 

1 the covenant in Hsreb. 6 The ten com*- 
mandments. <H At the people* s requeji 
M*tes nceiveib the law from God 
Am) Mofes called all Ifrael, and faid 

unto them Hear, O Ifrael, the ftatutes. 

ch-ie it was (hewed that thou tuid judgments which I fpeak in your 

e is none el(e beiide him. 
Out of heaven he made thee to: 
his voice, that he might in !trn<yt " 
.id v.^oa earth he ihewed thee his 

ears this day, that ye may learn them, 
and keep, and do them. 

2 The Lord our God made a covenant 
with us in Horeb. 

3 I he Lo» D made not this covenant 

re j and thou heardeft his words with our fathers, but with us, even us, 
t of the ire. \mfooare all of us here alive this day. 

51 And b he Loved thy fathers, 

therefore he chole their feed after ihcm, 
and brought thee out in his light with his 
hi paw rpt j 

to drive out nations from before 
. ; I mi ;htter than thou *ru 
|ive thee their land 
J or as it 's this day. 

* l j Knew ] this day, and con- 

r // in d - . • d he 

* . and upon the 

ca, . $re n nor.< 

11 'P tlici . ' :lat- 

admen*. which I 

J till Q '.y. that it ;.-:•- pjo 

with f 

_ i - I • - prolong 

'■>, wh: of J 

41 <fl Thenl [tics 



4 The Lord talked with youfaceio face 
in the mount, out of the mid!' of the fire, 

5 (I itood between the Lord and you 
at that time, to lhew you the word of 
the Lord : for ye were afraid by reafon 

fire, and went not up into the 
mount) faying, 

6 fl \amt\\e Lord thy God, which 
brought thee out of the land of Egypt, 
irom the houfc of bondage. 

7 Thou (halt have none other gods be-- 
fo!-: me. 

8 Thou flialt not make thee any graven 

:, or any likenefs of any thing that is 
in heaven above, or that is in the earth 
, or that is hi the waters beneath 
... earth : 

91 1 boil flialt not bow down thyfelf 
unto them, norfrrve them: for 1 

tji] ' am ajealou God,v ifiting 

in, quity ot the fathers upon tlie ehil- 
: thtrcl and fourth generality* 

I flat ha I 

Id And. 

The ten c§m t nan<Uacnts. Chap. 

iO And (hewing mercy unto thoufands 
•f them that love me and oy com- 

mand mer: 

11 Thoo iLiilt not take the name of the 

Lord thy God in wvn; r„r the Lokd 
will oot hold birn guiltlels rhat taketh his 
name in vain. 

12Keepthe(abbathday tofanc~tifyit,as|i/, ana" don 
the Lord thy God hath commanded thee i 

15 Six days tbou ihalt labour, and do 
all thy work. : 

14 But the feventh Jay is tlie fabbath 
of the Lord th> God in it thou IhJt 
not do any work, thou, nor thy fon, 
nor thy daughter, uor thy manfervant. 
nor thy uiaiufervant, nor thine ox, nor 
thine afs, nor auy of thy cattle, nur thy 

anger that it within thy j^ates that 
thy manfervgntaad thy asaidfervant may 
refi ru. 

15 A;H i >er that thou wall a 
fervant in the land ot Bgypt, mid tbat 
the Lord tb) God brought thee out 
•hence, through amiehtj hand, and by a 

cehed out arm : therefore the Lo 
thy God commanded thee to keep i 
fabbath day. 

16 honour thy father and tin moth- 
er, as the Lord thy God hath cOm- 

ided thee jthat thy days may be 
prolonged, and it may go well with 
thee, in the land which the Loi'.u thy 
^od giveth thee 

on (halt not kill. 

w. End of the laivis ohtdienie. 16.1 

hath heard the voice ot the Iirins God 


18 Neither Aalt tl mmit adultery 

19 Neither (hall thou Ileal . 

£Q Neither (bait thou bear tulle witneGs 

El Neitl lire thy neigh. 

botrr 1 ither (bait thou covet thy 

field, or h:j nun- 
mt # or! vant, his ox oi hit 

am thing that n thj boi *S 

t words the Lob d (pake un- 

) in the mount, out ot 

the raid fire, of the cloud, and of 

tli ck darknefs, w ith a gn u 1 1 
and he added no m .And he v.k,-< 

theiu in two tables oi itone and delivered 

V5 *nd it came to y lard 

. oice out oi lit ot the dark 

the in nmtain did burn w 
uaie near unto me, t*ven all the h 
>ur tril ui elders ; 

. ildng our of the midU of the fire, as 
we ba</e t aid lived ? 

-T Uo thou near and hear all that the 
Lord our L»od fliall fay : and \\ - 
thou unto u> all that the Lord our God 
ihall foeak unto thee j and we will hear 
3 do /'/ . 
21 Aud the Lord heard the voice of 
your words, when you fpake unto me ; 
ana 1 the Lord faid unto me, I have heard 
the voice of the words ofthis people, which 
they have looker* unto thee : they hive 
we'd faid all th^t they have fpoken 

19 () that there were Inch an heart in 
them, that they would fear me, and 
h< ep al my commandments always, that 
it might be well with them, and with 
then children for ever ! 

SO Go fay totl'.em,Get ye into your 

It but as for 'bee, (land thou here by 
me, and I will [peak unto thee all the 
mandments", and the ftatotes, and the 
judgments, which thou (halt teach them, 
that thej may do tbcm in the land which 
1 k'ive them to poflefs it 

»l Ye (hall otferve to do therefore as 
the Lord your God hath commanded 
you ye (hall not turn &fide to the right 
mind or to the left. 
3.3 Ye (hall walk in all the ways which 
1 okn your God hath commanded 
you ; thai ye may live, and tbatll maybe 
well with you and t&Mt ye may , 
younLi) s inthe land which yeflial! 

1 The end oj tbe U W U ihtdU nee* 1 An 
t jrhvt tatinti t^eieto. 
NOW their mrr the inmnumdments, 
t.V Itatutet, and the judgments, which 
iIk- 1 otD your God commanded to teach 
yOU, that ye mipht do fe»> in the 
thei x go to : offi fs It ; 
t rhai tl f ' ' ' ORD 

thy ( rod to keep .in his Itatuti I his 

r hich 1 com 
thou, and thv fon, and thy Con's loi 
: tyi ot thj life ; and that thy 
j be r 1 "'' ' 
S t Hear, 
fei »« to do h i i 1 il i i with 

as the 1 or ii G 
nifed thee 

JV«I IIIWVII ■■» 1 VHI V»«lf j )|-"'lll'*IIIIV.l III III' 

I Ami y* i , i. .iold the Lo r- wit! 

i hath u«* hii glo 4 !!■ h . < M lite f 

il n. ;., i id heard his voi< c in ne I i 

out of the nudfl <>'• the fit 

i this day thai ( ! id doth talk 

re will confum us \ 
»l t!i<- Lord our G 

t"or, V\ hoi* I 

I.o I 

fo !, ind • 1 thy n 

: '. ' 



Communion zuitb thr 

164 Exhortations tQ obedience 

thou walkeft by the way, and when thou we obferve to do all thefe command - 
Jielt down, and when tnou rifeft up. ' m«nts before the Lord our God, as he 

8 And thou (halt bind them tor a fign ; hath commanded us 

upon thine hand, and they (hall be as 
frontlets between thine eyes. 

9 And thou lhalt write them upon the 
polls ot thy houfe, and on thy gates. 

10 And it lhall be, when the Lo«Dthv 
God (hall have brought thee into the 
land which he fwear unto thy fathers, 
to Abraham, to Ilaac, and to Jacob, to 
give thee great and goodly cities, which 
thou buildeft not, 

11 And houfes full of all good things 
which thou filledfl not, ana wells digged, 
which thou diggedft not, vineyards and 
olive trees, which thou planted!! not ; 
When thou lhalt have eaten and be full ; 

It -ben beware left thou forget the 
Lord, which brought thee forth out of 
the land of Hgypt, from the houie of 

\5 i hou (halt fear the Lord thy 
G^d, and ferve him, and (halt fwear by 
his name. 

1 1 Ye (hall not go after other gods, of 
the gods of the people which are round 
about you j 

\b (Kor the Lord thy God is a jealous 
God among vouiieft the angerof theLoRD 
thy God be Kindled again- 1 thee, and de- 
stroy the* from ori the face of the earth. 

lo Ye (hall not tempt the Lord your 
God, as ye tempted bun in Mailah 

17 Ye (hall diligently keep the com- 
mandments of the Lord your God, and 
his testimonies, and his ftatutes, which he 
hath commanded thee 

18 And thou lhait dotbsftobiekh right 
and good m the light of the Lord: that 
it may be well with thee, and that thou 

in and polLls the good land 

Lord (wear unto thy fathers ; 

is 'I o call out all thine enemies from 

, a • ihe Loud hath IpoKcn. 

• - • n thy (on aflceth thee in 

1 All cnmmunnmnvttb the nations forbid- 
den, K for fear oj idolatry y &c. 
WHEN the Lord thy God* fhall bring 
thee into the land whither thou goefl to 

Eoffefs it, and hath caff aut many nation's 
efore thee, the liittites, and the Girea- 
•aites, and the Amorites. and the Ca- 
naanites, and the Perizzites and the Hi- 
vites, and the Jebufites, feren nations 
greater and mightier than thou ; 

t And when the Lord thy God fhall 
deliver them before thee : thou (halt 
fmite them *nd utterly defrroy them ; 
thou (halt make no covenant with them, 
nor hV»v metcy unto them : 

3 Neither thou make marriages 
with them . thy daughter thou (halt not" 
give unto W\> fon, nor his daughter malt 
thou rake unte thy fon. 

4 <| Kor they "'ill turn away thy fort 
from folio tint me, that they may ferve 
other gods : lo will the anger of the 
Lord be kindled againftyou, and deftroy 
thee fuddenly. 

H But thus (hall ye dea! with them : ye 
mall deftroy their altars, and breakdown 
their images, and cut down their groves, 
and burn their graven images with fire. 

6 Kor thou art an holy people unto thev 
I ORDthyGod: the Lord thy God hath. 

cliolen thee to be a fpecial people unto - 
himfelf. above all people that are upon 
the face of the earth. 

7 l he Lord did not fet his love upon 
you. nor choofe you, becaufe ye \rere 
more in number than any people; for ye 
'Wert the feweftot all people ; 

8 But becauie the Lord loved you, 
and becaufe he would keep the oath 
which he had fworn unto your fathers, 
hath the Lord brought you out with h 
mighty hand, and redeemed vou out of 

lavina, What mtan the : the houfc of bondmen, from the hand of 

ana the Matures, and the judg 
Lord out God harh 

J " '■ ' 

dt fay tin to ihy 

;ypt ; 


toh, and ill his h 

, to giv us the 
ire uni ithi rs, 

14 led ns ( 

r the Lo 
i - • hat he might 

Pharaoh king of kgypt. 

Know, therefore, that the Lord thy 
God, lie r/God, the faithful God, which 
keepeth covenant and mercy with them 
thai love him and keep his command - 
ments, to a thousand generations. 

10 Andrepayeth them that hate him to 
their face, to deftroy them : he will not 
ick to him that hateth him, he will 
/ him to his face. 
ii I hou (halt therefore keep the com- 
mandments, ^nd the ftatutes, and the 
judgments, winch I command thee this 
, to do thern. 
i 2 Wherefore it (hall come to pa("s,if ye 
hearken to thefe judgments, and keep, and 
do them, that the Lord thy God ffcajl 
keep unto thee t|ie covenant and theiacr- 
• hicli he fw*aVe unto thy iatfiers: 

13 Arid 

natiaju fo:b. d 

13 And he wilt love Iheej ik 
thee, and multiply thcc : he 
bleli the fruit of thy womb, a ad die fruit 

of tr.y land, thy corn, and thy wi:ie, and 
thine oil, the increafe of thy kine, and 
the flocks nl th> Hietp, in the hich 

be (ware unto toy fathers to iiee 

14 J houflialt be bit-:. 
pie : there (hail not 
ren among you, or anions voir 

13 And the LoRDnill take away from Forty ye 'he wiidernefs. to hit mole 

•* all ficknef«, and will put noneofthe the to prove thee, to ko n 9 it 

evil difeafes oi hgypt.w hich thou k ne heart,whethcT thou ttctuIi. 

©ft, upon thee ; but will lay tl. keephitc mn ents.oroo 

all them that hate ihce. \nd he hu ercd 

v. the-- to hu fad riuje f ith raan- 

trhich thou kneweft nor, neither did 

hers know ; that he might mak<~ recommended. 165 


•/ to or- ; in regafcl 

of (jcd'S clr ■■• them. 

LL thee i I coat- 

this day (hall ye obfrrve to 
co, rhat ye ipar live, and mu and 

go in and polled the land which the 
lord i • »to your fath •■ «. 

a (hah iber all the way 

which th d 'Ik God led thee thefe 


16 And thou lhai- :neal! »he peo 

pie which the Lord thy God liver 

thee : thine eye (hall nave no \ 
them: neither lhalt thou fcrve the 
that ivill be a lu.ire unto thee 

IT !f thou fh.tlt lay in thine 1 
Thefe nation* are more than I ; i 
1 dilpoli'el- them ? 

II 1 bou (halt not be afraid of them : , 
but (halt well r 
thy God did unto Ph iraoh, aod unto ad I It 

1» ihe great temptatio h I 

eyes (aw, anil the li^ns and the 

thee kn. I man doth not live by 

1 only, but bv every ivord that pro- 
ceeded our of ttic mouth of t!ic Lor.d 
<U>th man lice 

4 » by r old ttpofi 

ther d 1, thef': 

rhine heart, 

I - on, fo the 
' Lord thv I h thee. 

(he com- 

v j k 3 m", nn« u.v. I UIU I. II. « Mi|i ' ll\- IU1II- 

ders, and l] i he Loan thv God, to 

fhetched jut ami, whereb) the <> u him 

thy God brot if e our ' fo (hall the' 1 F ; the rinjeththee 


ptha that 

hy WjckI broug 

ID thy God do unto all the peoplr 
w hotn thou art .i 

20 Moreover, Lord thy < m or < 'tis ; 

fend the horn until t| 

that are lett, aa ; hide themfelvra from 
thee, be deltr 

zi I hou ihjlt oot be I at 

lb ORD tl , 

' i • 
I will put 

on' • hofe na tie and 

little : thou ma) eit noi c< 
•at one • rield increafe 

upon ti 

fA But the Lor 
er them unto ther. ih ill « 

th a might j 


And he lh.dl « : their k 

into thine hand, and thou ihilt dc-i't 
th- nc from 'i,,< ; < i .'-re 

un( them. 

•i • i he ftr iven ot th* r cods 

til ye burn with (ire : tht u :' i 

■ ■ ■ 
nor t.i toil bo ' 

therein : fur it is an ah to the 

i I. 

ti Neither ihult thou bi 
nation in< ou r e, i 

•111 • like it : bu: thou l> ill i ' 

ill uttei 


' . r> ; a 

land • t oil - 
9 \ ii read 

. ■ i ft 
an\ (lonei are 

e lulls thou raayeft 


thru tl (.0 


I o God, in 

in. i 

• / rre rt \ 

1 I 

mi i 

I • thou I 



D th\ 

of'- «.f 
1 . ; 

orth water out < I 

11 Who 

t\$ JfraeXitef rebiUhiis 

15 Who fed thee in the wildernef* 

with maima, which thy fathers knew not, 

that he might humble thee, and that he 

ht prove thee, to do thee good at thy 

fatter end ; 

17 And thou fay in thine heart, My 
power and the might of my hand hath 
gotten me this wealth 

18 But thou (halt remember the Lord 
tfiy God j for // it lie that giveth thee 
power to get wealth, that he way cftablifh 
Ids covenant which he Iware unto thy 
fathers* as it is this day. 

19 And it (hall be, if thou do at all 
forget the Lord thv God, and walk after 


other gods and ferve them, and woriiip allembly. 

rebear/ed by Mofes. 

8 Alfoin Horeb ye provoked the Lor ft 
iO wrath, lb that the Lord was angry 
with you to have deftroyed yo». 

9 When I was gone up into the mount 
to receive the tables «f (lone, even the 
tables of the covenant which the Lord 
made with you. then I abode in the mount 
forty days and forty nignts, I neither did 
eat bread nor drink water. 

10 And the Lord delivered unto me 
tw© tables of Atone, written with the 
finger of God , and on xhemivas written 
aecoraing to all the words, which the 
Lo»d Ipake with you in the mount, out 
of the midft of the fire, in the day of the 

11 And it came to pais at the end of 
forty days and forty nights, that the 
Lord gave ine the two tables of ftone, 

them, I teftify againft you this day that 

ye ihall finely perifll. 

^0 As the nations which tlie Lord 

deftroycth before your face, io (hall ye even the tables of the covenant. 

perifll becaule ye would not be obedient: 12 And the Lord laid unto me, A- 

unto the voice ot the Lo R o your God. j rife, get thee down quickly frori hence j 
CHAP. IX. | for thy people which thou haft brought 

1 Mofes dijfuadetb them from the opinion forth out of Egypt, have corrupted tbtm- 
of their ozun tight euufnefs^ by rebearf- \f elves ; they are quickly turned afide out 
irg their feveral rebellions. ' of the way which I commanded them; 

rltiAR, O Ifrael : Thou art to pafs they have made them a molten image. 

over Jordan this day, to go in to poiTefs 
nations greater and mightier thanthyfelf, 
onics great and fenced up to heaven. 

2 A people great aad tall, the children 
of the Anakims.whovrj thou knoweft, and 
afnxxbvm thou naft heard fay, Who can 
Hand before the child* eo of Anak > 

8 Umlerltand tlierefore this day, that 

tlie Lokd t)iy God is he which goethover 

I >re tnee ; as aconfuming fire he fhail 

rov them, and he ihall bring them 

down before thy face : lo i&alt thou drive 

them out, and deftroy them quickly, as 

L*RD hath laid unto thee 

4 ' -ot thou in thine keart, after 

the Lord thy God hath cafi them 

out from before thee, laying, For my 

the Lord hath brought me 

I this land \ but for the wick- 

< itions the Lord doth 

drive then out horn before thee. 

^ No] for thy richteoufnefa, or for 

upright) ; thine heart doft thou 

go toj nit for the wick- 

Lord thy God 
doth drive them out from before thee, 

: in the word which 
iware unto thy fathers Abra 
<> ; fore that the Loi d 

tit; not this I io 

i thou f -with Aaron to have deftroyed 


'.how thou 

13 Furthermore, the Lord fpake tint© 
me, faying, 1 have feen this people, and 
behold, it is a ftiifnecked people : 

14 Let m« alone, that 1 may deftroy 
them, and blot out their name from un- 
der heaven : and I will make of thee a 
nation mightier and greater than they. 

II So 1 turned and tame down from 
th« mount, and the mount burned with 
fire ; and the two tables ol the covenant 
ivere in my two hands. 

16 And 1 looked, and, behold, ye had 
finned againft the Lord your God, and 
had made you a moiten calf: ye had 
turned afide quickly out of the way which 
the Lord had commanded you. 

IT And I took the two tables, and caft 
them out of my two hands, and brake 
them before your eyes. 

10 And 1 fell down before the Lord, 
as at the firft. forty days and forty 
nights : i did neithcreat bread nor drink: 
water, becaule of all your fins which ye 
finned, in doing wickedly in the fight of 
the Lord, to provoke him to anger. 

19 For I was afraid of the anger and 
hot difpleafu re, wherewith the Lord was 
wroth again (t you to deftroy you. But 
tl Lord hearkened unto me at that 
time alio. 

!<) And the Lord was very angry 


I I prayed for Aaron alio the fame time. 

21 And I took your fin, the calf which 

• had made, and burnt it with fire, and 

■ that thou it, *»</ ground //very fmal I, ri^A 

I ofK; - until it was as (mall asduft i and I caft 

tie duft thereof into the brook, that <te- 

ftlt Lo" d out of the mount. 

£2 And 

An *n M tbiduuce . L.~ 

T From thence they journeyed unto 
Gudgodah ; and from Gudgodan to Jot- 
bach, a land of rivers ot water** 

8 At that time the Lo r d feparated the 
tribe ot Levi, to bear the ark of the cove- 
nant of the I.okd, to (Kind before the 
Lord to minilter unto him, and toblcfs 
in his name, unto this day. 

9 \k I;r r , ;,,. c I rr\ hath no part nor in - 
heritance with his brethren j the Lo] 
;/ hii inheritance, according as the Lokd 
i!iy God promifed him. 

l ions ii4gnis,a* i icu a 10 And I flayed in the mount, ne- 

ar the jirjt ; becauie the Lord had laid cording tu the firfl: time, forty days and 
he won]', y you. forty nights; and the Lord hearkened 

■ unto the Lord, unto me at that ti*,c aim, ami the Lord 
andf.uci,0 LOUD God, deftroy not tky would nol deifr-oy thee. 

TC&c savo tuhlci rtnrwtd. Chap. x. \\. 

Z-i And at Taberak, and at Maflah, 
ami at KibrothJiattaavah, ye piov 
the Lok d to wrath. 

"J.3 Like wife, when the Lot Dfent you 
from (hbarnea, laying, Ge uj 

the land which I have given >ou ; 
;hen \c rebelled againft the commandment 
of the Lord »our God. and ye believed 
him not nor Leartenea to Jr.i vc 

\chavebc*n rebellious again!) the 
an from the da j that l knew you. 
I i fell down before the lord 
^hts,ab 1 fell dov. n 

,.d thine inheritance, which ihvii 

11 And the Lord faid unto me, A 


It redeemed through thy greatnefs, rife, take tip journey before the people, 

UCh tl'.ou hart brought forth out ot that they may £0 in and polL Ts the land, 
Kgyrt \* ithe ;d. w hich I fware unto their lathers to git : 

%7 Rei y fervants, Abraham, unto them. 

I faac. and Jajeob ; look not unto the (tub- 11 fl Vnd now, Ifrael, What doth the ot' wiiib people; nor iu their Lord thy God require of thee, but I » 

■i, r to tfteir tin : fear the (.ord thy God, to walk in all 

18 Leuth land whence thou brought- 1 his ways, and to love him, and to ferve 

•ft us cm,Ia,-, Brcaufe the Lord wasjthe LoRDthj with all thy heart and 

able to brio a into the laudjwithall thy foul, 

which he rhctn, and becaufe] 1.3 To keep the commandments of the 

lie hated them, he hath brought them LORD, andhiaflatutes, which [command 
ttittoflay i •■'• •iW thee this j >r thy j^ood ? 

£9 Vet they mre \ and thine 

i thou bn iteit out 

by tlit ;. powerund h\ I idl- 

ed e< 

1 CoWs mercy in re/lo>ing the tivo tables. 
1£ An exk to otodwue. 

the Lor i 

Hew lh l »n r o 


■ >od. 
I %nd I will wri the i ibk-s tin. 

iblea whi h 
lit put them in 
*> An 1 I I f fliittim W( 

hewed I f ; <ui<- like unto 

nto the mount, 
n mine hand 
4 And he v 

is (i.iy tar 
H Behold, the heaven, and the hea^ 
w ■ , / j the Lord's tli 
eartb u.'jo, w ith ^11 that th< n I 

i > Only the Lo rd liad a d light in 
thy fathers to love them, aid h 

dec) after them, t*vtn you above all 
, i it is this day . 
10 Circum forefkii 

yotu' I !>•• no moi ed. 

i I For the Lord yotu ( iod it 
godfl and I ord of lords, God, •'« 

mighty, u i rible, which i egan 

hi re fai a : 
t • the j" f of 

uhertefs and m h the 

Granger, in giving him food and i 

19 i i for 

yc w in the I md 61 Rgi t« • 

to i hou ihait feai the Lob d tl ( 

d to him I 

ing to t . the ten com-h name 

idmeni Lord fj It He is tl i ■-, ind he is thy< 

3 ( u in the mount, ■ . • • undone 

' the) i which t !.:.■■ 

: . went 
>wn | with th 

.mi', an< pui the • i !. ith made tl 

, i a* the '■• 

LP \ l 
i | tl < i at n 

'c is hi ''. 

• era tlv 1 ! RE l 

'dn j ...... his atotey, 

his I !e 


1^8 4n exhortation 

% And know ye this day ; for / /peak 

inot with your children which have not 

4cnOwn, and which have nut feen the 

■chaftikruent of ;he Loud your God, his 

grcarntds, his mighty hand, and his 

ijretcned out arm. 

r* And his miracles, and his acts, which 
"he did m the mldft of Egyptj unto 1'iia- 
si-aoh t;ie king of Egypt and unto all Iiis 

land : 

4 And v\hat lie did unto the army of 
Egypt- unto their horles, and to their 
chariots . how he made the water or the 
\Red lea to oversow them as thty pur- 
sued after you, and bono the Lord ii*fh 
deftroyed them unto this day ; _ 

5 And wiiat he did unto you in the wil- 
dernehs, until ye Cami into this place . 

6 And wharhedid unto Dathan and 
Abiram, the Tons of EHab, the fon of 
\Reuben : how the earth opened her 
mouth, and (wallowed them up, and 
the.r liouiehoida, and their tents, and all 
the iubJtance tha'. -zuas in their pufieilion, 
in the imdlt of ail Ifrael : 

7 But your eyes have j'een all the great 
acts of the Lord which he did. 

8 Therefore {hull ye keep all the com- 
inandments - hichlcomrhand youthisday : 
that ye may be ifrong, and go in and pof- 
ijelsihe UinJ, whither ye gotopoiiHsu ; 

9 Ami thai ye may prolong yoUr uay^ 
in the land which 'he Lokd (ware unto 
your; fathers to give unto them and to 
their feed, aland that fioweth with milk 
and hooey 

iO For the land, whither ihou goei; 
in to poifela it, ii not a.s the laud of E 
gypt, from w hence ye came out, where 
thou few edit thy leed, and wateredft // 
v. ;th thy foot as a garden of herbs : 

11 ljut the land whither )e go to pof 
Tcfs it, 1 s a land of hills and valleys, and 
drinketh water of the rain or heaven : 

\l A land winch the Lord thy God 
eareth for : the eyes of the Lord thy 
GotJ are always upon it, trom the be- 
at" the year even unto the end 
Mjf the ) ear. 

IS And it mail come to pnfs, if ye 
lhall hearken diligently unto my com- 
mandments which I command you tliio 
day, to lbve the j'.oku jour God, and 
10 fcivc hun with all your heart and 
until ^11 your foul ■ 

11 1 hat I will give you the rain of 
your lami in his due feafon, the &rft rain 
and the latter rain, Uut thou ma) eft 

ithcr in thy corn, and thy wine, and 
ihine oil. 

15 And I will fend grafs in thy field-, 
r thv cattle, that ihou maycii cat and 

I c roll. 

16 T.ikc heed to yourfclves, that your 
heart ho not deceived, and ye turn afidc, 
aijg icivt oilier gods them ; 

DEUTERONOMY. to ohdJAnct. 

17 And then the Lord's wrath be\ 
kindled again ft you, and he fluit up the 
heaven, that there be no rain, and that 
the land yield not her fruit ; and l.cjl ye 
perilh quickly from off the good land 
which the Lord giveth you. 

18 Therefore mail ye lay up thefe my 
words in your heart, and in your foul,- 
and bind them for a fign upon you-T 
hand, thai they may be as- frontlets be- 
tween your eyes. 

19 And ye lhall teach them your chil- 
dren, fpeaJking of them T»hen thou'ht- 
*e(t in thine houfe, and when thou walk- 
ed by the way, when thou licft down 
and when thou rifeft up. 

"2.0 And thou (halt write them upon 
rhe door pofts of thine houle, and upon 
thy gates : 

£l That ycur days may be multiplied, 
and the days of your children, in the 
land which the Lord fware unto your 
fathers to give them, a* the days of heav- 
en upon the earth, 

2$ For if ye (hall diligently keep all 
thefe commandments which 1 command 
you, to do them, to love the Lord your 
God, to walk in all his ways, and to 
cleave unto him ; 

*23 Then will the Lord drive out all 
thefe nations from before yon, and ye 
lhall po il>fs greater nations and mightier 
than yourfclves 

£4 Every place whereon the foles of 
your feet lhall tread, fhall be yours . from. 
■he wddernefs and Lebanon, from the 
river, the river Euphrates, even unto the 
uttermefi lea fhall your coaft be. 

2. r > There (hall no man be able to fhtnet 
before you : Jo r the Lord your God (hall 
by the fear of you, and the dread of you, 
upon all the land that ye lhall tread upon, 
as he hath laid unto you. 

26 «ff Behold, I fet before you this day 
a bleffing and a curfe ; 

27 A blelling. if ye obey the command- 
ments of the Lord your God, which I 
command you this day : 

■28 And a curie, if ye will not obey the 
commandments of the Lord your God, 
but turn afide out of the way which I 
command you this day, to go after other 
gods, which ye have not known. 

19 And it (hall come to pafs, when 
the Lo r d thy ©od hath brought thee in 
unto the land whither thou goeft to pof- 
fefs it, that thou (halt put the bleffing 
upon mount Gerizim, and the curfe upon 
mount Ebal. 

50 Are they not on the other fide Jor- 
dan, by the way wheru the fun goeth 
down, in the land of the Canaanik 
which dwell in the champaign oyer againft. 
Gil gal, befide the plains ot Moreh ? 

31 For ye fhall pais over Jordan to go 
in to poffels the land which trie Loki> 


GetPs place cfworfiip to be kept. Chap. xii. 

your God givet.i you, and ye fliall poffefs ; 
it, and dwell there. n 

51 Anijc fhall obferve to do all the 
ftatutesand judgments, which 1 fet before 
you this da v. 

i Monumrnts of idoi Hiy areto bedeftroyt d 

5 1 f o/ i,od' •iei'vui is lobekepi. 

16, 88 QUod forbidden 

Tilh,6^ are the ftatutes and judg-- 
rnen'j which ye rail obferve to do in the 
land, which uic Lord God of thy father* 
giveth thee to polfefs :t, ah the days that 
upon the earth. 
. e to ill utterly deftroy ail the places 
wherein the nations which ye thai! ,m>1- 
ie:5, !e: - '. . d heir gods, upon the 
mountains, and upon the hills, and under 
every green tree : 

3 And ye lhaii overthrow their al- 

Eloi'd forbidden. 469 

is within your pates : foraimuch as lv* 
hath no par' rtoi inheritance with you. 

13 lake heed to thy felt that thou 
tier not thy burnt offerings in every 
place that thou leelt : 

1 i Bui in the place to hichthe LoRDfhall 
chooiem one of thy iribes, there thou fhalt 
oiler thy burnt overingiyand there thou 
lhalt do .ill thai 1 command rnee 

15 Notwithstanding, thou may eft kill 
and eat fiV(h in all thy gates, whatloivcr 
thy fouji luiieth alter, according to the 
blefling of the Lord thy Got 1 winch he 
hath given thee : the unclean and the 
clean maj eat thereof, as of the roebuck, 
and a^ of the h;<rt 

lb ^| Only ye (hall not eat the blood ; 
ye Ibail pour it upon the earth as water. 

17 Thou mayeft not eat within ihy 
>.e tithe of thy corn, or ofthy wine, 

tars and break their pillars, and burnloroi il,or the nrftlingsof thy herds. 

th es with tire ; and ye iba.ll hi 

down the graven images of their gods, 
■ana deftroy the names of them out of 
thai . iace. 

4 Veihall not do fo unto ti>e Lord 
youi Uod. 

5 «] But unto the place which theLoan 
your Gad lhaii chooie out of all your 
tribes to put h;s name there, eu<.n unto Irs 
habitation iha.ll ye leek, and thither tiiou 
malt come ; 

6 And thither ye (hall bring your burnt 
offerings, and your ficrifices, and your 
tithes, and heave offerings ol your ha 
anil your vow -, .>;ui >our free will ofl 
in^, aodthe fintlings of your herds and 

your Hocks : 

7 >nd there ye fliall cat before the 
Lokd your Goo, ai lha.ll rejoice 

>.i \ c put \ our hand unto, y e 
your houteholds, wherein she ..or d tn^ 
Gud ha 

or ofthy Bock, nor any ofthy vows which 
thou Vowefl not ( hy freewill offerings, 
or heave ofierlig ot thine hand: 

18 Bui thou mult eat hem before the 
Lord th) God, in the pi; ce which the 
Lord thy God fliall oiiooit, then, and 
thy fon, and thy daughter, and thy man* 
lervant, and thy mauiiervant, and the 
Leviie thai 'J within th » thou 

'.hih b< fore rhe Lo. D th) Gtod in 

.•J tliai hou p nine hands • mto 

li) Lai lell ih ii thou for- 

lake ; t the Li v,te as ' thou I vcii 

upoi r .h. 

-20 the Lojld thj God (hall rn- 

laigc tny hordel as lie I- th promifed 

hou lhalt fay, i ■ ill ea iL'lh, 

thi foul longeth t< ea* fl. ib ; 

i ho ii thy 

lufteth after. 

tl It e which the I or.d t!i 

ha i h . he .ii ■ | m his name there, b~ 

8 Veihall not do after all thetbing lartiomth . hou (halt kill 
We do hen this day, man whatfo-jtl hei I ind of thy i which 

it in hi» own ey h given thee* as I 

9 For ye are not as j I, man.. ;, and thVu (hall thv 

and ' • the inheritance) which the :.oku 

your I JOd givetll J ou. 

10 go over Jordan, and 

dv\c,l in 1 1 it- land won ,i th 
( i It iv< ii y mi to inherit, ai hen he 

^ ; .vc-;/i you i -it tio,,i 

round about* fo that ye dwell in fafety , 
n 1 h< n there iiull be 
> r !> . our 
his name to dwell there ; thither lhalt 
brin>; all thai 1 eomman i \ < u; ; 

tithe-:, and tl • yotu 

hand, and ail your choice vows which 
. unto t , 
12 And y e Dkall rejoice b< (Lord 

nir God, ye, and \ oi 
oaughterst and your van and 

your maidfervants, and the Levite I 


uever thy 'o.d lulieth utun 

and tlw h irl is 
eaten, (o fhalt Mi n eai tfn m . l|i um 

! . e 
■• • > j be fure rha* tl i mo: the 

.i in th< bloo • • ■ i thou 

i hou (halt 
pour it i 'i th as W at 

■ ,t : thai it 
go to 

;/ u 

hich thoulialt, 
and ihy "n - 

to the] Lord 

And thou i''.- but nt of- 

t-nr I upon tlv 

altar of the Lord i I : an I 


U® Enticers to idolatry 

bioodof the facrifices (hall be poured oiu 
upon the altar of the Lord thy God, an * 
thou (halt eat the fleth 

£8 Obferve and hear all thefe word< 

which I command thee, that it may go 

with thee, and with thy children 

after thee forever, when thou doeft tbat 

\ch is good and right in the fight of 

the l ok d thy God. 

29 Vviien the Lord thf God (hall cut 


are to be flatted to deattn 

7 Namely, of the Gods of the people 
which are round about you. nigh unto 
thee, or far off from thee, from the one 
end of the earth even unto the other end 
of the earth ; 

8 i hou (halt not confent unto him, nor 
hearken unto him ; neither (hall thine, 
eye pity him. neither (halt thou fpare, 
neither (halt thou conceal him . 

9 ^ But thou (hah furely kill him ; 

off .he nations iron 1 , before thee, whither 'thine hand fllaVl be rirft upon him to put 
thoi I ro poffefj I hem, and thou hie- jhtm to death, and afverv\ards the hand of 

cee left them, and dwelled in their land, all the people. 

60 Take'heed'to tliyfelf that tmvu be 10 And thou (halt (lone him with ftones, 

not fna ing them, after that that he die ; becaufe he hath fought to 

they be deftroyed from before thee ; and {thruft thee away from the Lord thy God, 

inquire not alter their gods, j Which brought thee out of the land of 

faying, lid iheie nations ferve their 1 Egypt, from the houle of bondage. 

• will I do likewife. 

j 11 And a") liiael ihall hear, and fear; 

SI Thou (bait not do fo unto the Lord :anO (hall do no more any fuch wickednefs 
thy God : foi evi vj abomination to ihe as thir, is among you. 
Lord • luch lie hatethj have they done 1- f If tl ou (halt hear fay in one of 
unto their godj ; tor even their ferns and: thy cities, which the Lord thy God hath 
then hters they have burnt in the i given thee to dwell there, faying, 

to their gods. . IS Certain men, the children of Belial; 

g foever I command you, I are gone out- from among you, and have 
>fen -it : thou fbalt not add there- 1 withdrawn die inhabitants of their city, 

faying, Let us go and ferve other gods, 
which }e have not known ; 

14 1 hen (huh thou inquire, and make 
fearch, and aik diligently ; and behold, 
if it be truth, and the thing certain, 'bat 


to, nor diininift from it. 

1 Entice's to idolatry t 6 bo'v near foe*ver t 

9 are to b: ft o me d to death. VI Isola- 
tions cities a*? not to be /tared. 

IF there arife among you a prophet, or . fuch abomination is wrought among you; 

a dreamer of dreams, and givetk thee a; it> '3 hou (halt furely finite the inhabit- 

•:r, ants of that city with the edge of the 

m or the wonder come toJ fword, deftroymg it utterly, and all that 

?al he (pake unto thee, faying} is therein, and the cattle thereof w iththe 

.eto> . . ifter other gods, which thou i edge of the fword. 

known, and Irt us ferve tliem; i i And thou (halt gather all the fpoil 

*i Thou (halt not hearken unto the of it into the mid ft of the fcreet thereof, 

• • prophet, or that dreamer and fl ait burn with fire the city, and all 

of .- for the Lord your Gou the fpoil theieof, every whit, for the 

h on, ;.) know whether ye love Lor,d thy God: and it (hall be an heap 

the I i id With all your heart forever; it (hall not be built again. 

Ul. | IT And there Ihall cleave nought of 

* Ye (hall walk after ihe Lord your 1 the curfed thing to thine hand: thatthe 

1 ( fear him, and keep h ; s com- ; Lord may turn from the ficrcenefs of hid • 

voice, and ye j anger, and fhew thee mercy, and have 

him, and ave unto him companion upon thee, and -nfu I tip ly thee, 

er ' mer a h (worn unto thy fathers ; 

lecaufe 18 When thou fhalt hearken to the 

I • from voice of*hc Lord thy God, *o keep all 

t you his commandments which I command 

is day, to aotbat tvbieb'is right in 

>«"' .• • the res of th Lord thy God. 

D thy ; "■ A P. XIV. 

- 1 Cod's children are rot to disfigure 

tbemfel*ves in mourning. '.) What may 

J tndivbatnot. l ll Of tithes. 

the fonofthy] «r/ the children of the Lord your: 

daught< iii.iil nor cut yourfelves, nor 

my baldnefs between your eyes 
- 1 . 

; art an holy people unto 
the Lord thy God, and 'he Lord hal 
;i thee to-be a peculiar people unto 


afis clean and unclean. Chap. xv. 

.11 the nations mat a e 
Tir earth 

o» fi Ihou Malt not eatan) abominable 

4 1 Refe ate the beaus w hich \ e (lull 
eat the g ';i r , 

■ h.n t, and the i bu< k, and the 
a deer, a ! the wild ^ tat, a. id the 

6 And e\ call lhal paneth the 
i, and cleft mtv. 

clav. :.,../.- j chewe>h the cud a.nong the 

bcalis Ih.i I ,1 

7 Novel th ii- fe ye fh i! 1 n 
them that chew the cud, or I ih in that 
divide the cloven ! 

: foj the) chew 
Che cud, but divide noi th , tbeie- 

J\jr<- —an UntO J 

8 And the i\ me, becaule it divideth 

thC Jldwt, \ | Hi!, It Li 

line ean ui [hall m 

i r Hem, ner touch then 

y i ol all h . ar# in 

hai i-avc fins and fcales 
fha it : 

10 And i er hath not fins and 

fcaleSj >e ma) not eat ; it is unclean un- 
to you. 

li Oy .-ill clean birda yc ;' all eat 

ii [ thefe i" t hye I 

Hal , . 

tiie < 

IS . and th< 

vulture affei kin , 

i > id, 

i j . tod ii 

I li » 

1, and 'i, | 
and i\ i 


is unclean unto j ou ; the) ih il 


ot cat f any tl 
eth • thou ii tihi 

thai u in niaj 

< .it u ; or 'I 
alien i foi t 1 ou Q*t an hi 
the th) Gi d. i i. 

the .i kid .ii !• milk. 

\ i hou lhali in. the in- 

•f th) feed, that tl. 
toi th > rar by > eai 

>k b 
thy God, in the hie ii he 

choofe to pla< e his n line there, tin 
of thy COJ n, of thy w iuc, . 
•oil, and the milling • of thy I 
tli) flocks; that thou mayefl learn to 
tbftr the Lord tlry God a 

the year of relerJe. ill 

21 And if the v. ay be too long tor u 

fo th art not able to carrj ii . o* ii 

the \ , Far from thee n h cm he 

D h) God (hall choofe to fet ms 

name there, when the Lor-> thy i^wd 

■ thee : 

- I li n ii: dt thou turn is into money, 
and bind up the ni< ney in th tie ham , 
ihaltgounto the place which thi 
ih . eiuu (hall choofe \ 

%(> \iu th ihait beftow that money 
tot w natlocvei ;hy loul iuUeth aft 
oxen, oi for (heejp oi foi , or tor 

Rrong drink, or for whatli e er rhj loul 
■tii. and thou halt eat there before 
the Loao th> God, ana thou bait re- 
joice, thou, and rhio ehoid 

And the Levite that is within thy 

; thou lhalt not fbrfake him i ti 

i^th no |A'it nor nnei with thtie. 

r\x the end oi thiv- yean thou 

. h >.:i the tithe of thine in- 

.i , and (bail a) it up 

- Am In c\ ue (becaufe he hath no 
part nor in i w th thee) and the 
Ebrangei , in i a herlels, and th< ■ id> 

, which *■ < ».ihii , ii v lhall 

com< u -i that 

iOid tit) v ""i may bid in ail 

the • hinel I * hich thou doeft. 

' , d i ' oj reit aft for 

■ It mujt tn no Ui \ u nsz 

tid oi every feven years thou 
ik< .. . ( 

- . i the manner of the re- 
ieaie i rtha fendetli e 

.. . releaii 

. or oi 
it m called the 

i .i lolcij, 

but tltit v. iiich if thy 

D . i i . 

hich th. 

ce i < i 

i! tllOl il i |tO 

I -jb o the Lui ■ • I 

1 no thou Ih 

row , i mail) 


i c I 

i h the Loao 


8 B 


thine hand 

172 7b e year ofreleafe. 

8 But thou (halt open 
wide unto him, and ihair furely lend 
him fufHcient tor his need, in that which 
he wante'h. 

9 beware that there be not a thought 
in til) wicked heart, fa> ing The feventh 
♦ear, the year of releaie i at hand ; and 
thine eye he evil a gain ft thy poor broth- 
er a. sd theugivefthim u ht ; and he 
cry unto the Lord againfl thee, and it be 
iin tm.o the*-. 

10 1 hoi- (halt finely give him, and 
thine heart ih.dl not be grieved when 
thou : becaufe that For 
this thing the Lord thy God fhaU bleL> 

The feafi of the faffvutr. 

ill blemifh, thou (hair not facriiiceit un- 
to the Lord thy God. 

22 1 hou ilia 1 1 eat it within thy gates s 
the unclean ami the clean perjoujball eat 
u alike, as the roebuck, and as «W hart. 

•2.3 Only thou ihalt not eat the blood 
thereof, thou (halt pour ;t upon the 
ground as water. 

1 Tbeftaji of t^e pc/Jfo • er y Sofiveeks, 1$ 

cf tabernacles. 18 Of judges andjujlice. 

21 Groves and linages ate forbidden. 

OBSERVE tiie month ot Ab;b; and 
keep the paflhver unto the Lord thy 


for in the month of Abib the 

thee in all thy works and inaii that thou ■ Lord thy God brought thee forth out 

purtef! thine hand unto. 
1! For the poor (hall 

j of Bgypt by night, 
never ceafe out | 2 Thou (hah therefore facrifice the paff- 

of the land therefore I command thee, ' over unto the LoRDthyGod of the Hock 

faying, 'I hou (bait open thine hand wide 
unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy. 
needy, in thy land. 

12 And if thy brother, an Hebrew 
man or an Hebrew woman, be (oU unto 
thee, and (erve thee dx years ; then in 
the re vent h year thou flialt let him go 
free from thee. 

I * \u(\ when thou fcndeft him out 

and the herd, in the place which the Lord 
ihcill chooie to place his name there. 

J Thou (halt eat no leavened bread 
• with it ; (even days {halt thou eat un- 
leavened bread therewith, ^<z^»the bread 
oi affliction ; for thou earned forth out; 
of the land of Egypt in hade . that 'hou 

imayeft remember the day when thou 
feameft forth out ct the land of Egypt all 
free from 'hee, thou <halt not let him go the days of thy life. 
av ay t mpty : i 4 "And there lhail be no leavened bread 

14 I hou fhalt furnifti him liberally out 'feen with thee in all thy coafis feven 

nays ; neither (hall there any thing of 

of thy flock, and out of thy floor, and 
out oi thy v Ine prefs : of thai w herewith 
the Lord thy God hath bielfed thee, thou 
(halt give unto him 

15 And ihoti fhalt remember that thou 

the ri'Ta which thou, faenricedtt the lirffc 
day at even remain all nighji until the 
5 Thou may eft not facrifice the pafT, 

Iman in the land of Egypt,. over within any of thy gates, which the 

| Lor d thy God giveth thee : 

b ;iut at the pi cc which the Lord 

| thy God fliall choole to place his name 

in, there thou (hait facrifice the palfovcr 

at even, at the going down of the fun, at 

the i ori th) God redeemed thee 
; fore 1 command thee this thing to- 

16 And : t fh dl be, if lie fay unto thee, 
I :ioi .;( ,i.'-.i\ from thee ; becaufe 

h h thee and thine houle, becaufe, the feafon, that thou cameft forth out of 

H ; hen tht >i thalt take an awl. 

T And thou (halt roafl and eat it in 
I I // through his ear unto rhe door, the place uhich the Lo-D thy God fhail for ever. 
th) thou (halt 

1* ! em hard unto thee, 


' For 1 h ith i een v . rth a double 

I nt to b,e, mi (erving thee fix 

tnd the I • d thy v>oii (hall bid's 


s tint come of 

I i th) Hock tiiou (halt 

to tl el . : thou 

Igof thy 

bullock no hefirftlingofthyfli 

*(*- 1 1 the Lord 

the flu 1 1 i i th.) 


if there I mifh there - 

0i if it be lame, or bind, 9fkave any 

cnoofe and thou ihalt turn in the morn- 
ipe, and go unto thy tents 

8 Six days thou ihalt eat unleavened 
bread and* on the feventh day jhail be 
a folemn alfembly to the Lord thy God : 
tiioo (halt do no work therein 

9 ^1 Seven weeks (halt thou number 

ihee : begin to number the (even 
Its fromfucb tunc as thou beginneft/o 
put the fickle to the corn. 

10 And thou (halt keep the feaft of 
weeks unto the Lord thy God with a 
tribute of a free will offering of thine 

which thou (halt give unto the 
LORD thy t:od y according as the Lord 
thy God hath bielfed thee. 

11 And thou ihalt rejoice before the 
Lord thy God, thou, and thy fon, and 
thy daughter, and thy manfervant, and 
thy niaidiervant, and the Levite that is 


Tfrtfta/ §/ taker J;* 

rs M»JHrJ :75» 

. -v 

M uir.A B, 

the p 

waft a bondman in 

* Thou fcalt oblen 
La:r ja:-. -. : r'r. j". :.i *-..: v. . 
14 And thou Am.: 

• hy fcn. and 1 1 
the Lc\ 

and the wide • "ai n 


be m 

t* * 

L * 
ch tkLo D i:._ 
rocrcjid, and i. r>c 


m:. . far be L o * , 

a he mat! L 

rd brea 
o- weeks, and ia the : 
and they taall not appear t 

ording fo the bled . 
God whit 
IS € Judgrs^ ami . 
f D th 

bes : and T 

thou (bait not I perfoi s 

i the ej 
c : * crrert the w he 


I he han«;s of I 

o h*r- 



I I 

A\tj* , thv 

Lo*£> 4, wl) 

make thee. 


1 7 it f* - xd. i /- 

-jji br/.aim. 8 Of tard c+n 


* bullock, or fb< 
.1, »»ar . 

f, and 
the God. 

:r>d a- ; OU-lov 

htch the LoKOlabv 



~ T4 Tie duty of a king. 

choofe : one from among thy brethren 
dhalt thou fet king over thee : thou may 
e-lt not let a ftranger over thee, which is 
not thy brother. 

16 ^1 But he fhall not multiply horfes 
to himfelf,nor caufe the people to return 
to Egypt.tothe end that ne fhould multi- 
ply horfes : !"(.; h as the Lord hath 
laid unto you, ^ e (hall henceforth return 
no more that u ay. 

IT Neither (hail he multiply wives to 


A nevj prophet to arije . 

the Levites do, which (land there before 
the Lord. 

8 They ihall have like portions to eat, 
bende that which Cometh of the fale of 
his patrimony, 

9 When thou art come into the land 
hich the Lop. d thy God giveth thee, 

thou (halt not learn to do after the abom- 
inations of thole nations. 

• There fhall not be found among 
you any one that maketh his ton or his 

him (elf, that his heart turn not away : daughter to pafs. through the fire, or that 

neither (hall he greatly multiply to hiin- 
felf lilver and > 

Hi And it (hail be, when he fitted) up- 
on the throne of his kingdom, that he 
4iali write him a copy ot this law in a 
Book, out ot tbai tubicb u before the 
jariefis the Levites : 

'.ne h divination, c anobferver of times, 
or an enchanter, or a witch. 

11 Or a charmer, or a confulter rrith 
familiar fpirits, or a wizard, or a necro- 

\'l For all that do thefe things are an 
i abomination unto the Lord : and be- 

19 And it IbaU be with him, and he;cauie of thefe abominations the Lorb 
/haii read therein ail the days of his life, thy God doth drive them out from be- 
that he may learn to fear the Lord his! fore thee. 

God, c* keep all the words of this law IS 1 hou (halt be perfe& with the Lor© 
and thefe itatutes, to do them : Ithy God. 

-0 That Ins heart be not lilted up a-t li For thefe nations, which thou (half 
feove his brethren, and that he turn not fpofleis hearkened unto obiervers *>f 
from the commandment, /• the Primes, and unto diviners ; but as 1m* thee, 

I hand, or to the left : to the end that 
he ma) prolong bis day 6 in iiis kingdom. 
. his children, in the midft of 11- 

1 The priejii and J enjites JJjall ha<ve no 
inberitantc. 6 Ifteir portion 15 A 
Prophet to arije like unto Mofes. l .o 
uous prophet n to die 

the Lord thy God hath not fullered thee 
(o to do 

15 «t The Lord thy God willraife uo 
unto thee a Prophet from the midft o£ 
thee, of thy brethren, like unto me ; un- 
to him \e (hall hearken ; 

1.6 According to all that thou defiredft 
of the Lord thy God in Horeb, in the 
| day of the affefflblv, laying, Let me not 

THE ,i (ts the Levites, and all thelhear again the voice of the Lord my 
tribe ot Levi, (hall have no part nor in- \ God, neither let me iee this great fire any 

' more, that I die not 

heritai ce w :;s Ifrael : they (hall cat the 

the i.okd made by fire, and 
hisi; ce. 

tall they have no inherit- 
: brethren : the Lord 
ance, as he hath faid unto 

< • • ill be the | ' due 

. rom them that offer a 

liether li he ox or ih epj and 

(hall give unto the prieft the 

Iho . . au the tv-o cheeks, and the 

A ; 

, (halt ihou 

S . HD thy God hath chofen 


Lot | i and 



in the n 

IT And the Lord faid unto me, They 
have well J poke n that which they have 

IS I will raife them up a Prophet from 
among their brethren, like unto thee, and 
v. ill put my words in his mouth , and he 
fhall ipeak unto themail that I ihall com- 
mand him. 

19 And it (hall come to pafs, tbatw I 
foeyer will not hearken unto my w. 
which he ihall fpeak in my name, 1 will 
i e . ] I if him. 

-" tf But the prophet which fhall pre- 
hime to (peak a word in my name, wl 
i have not commanded him to fpeak, or 
that (hall (peak in the name of other gods, 
even that ; rophct (hall die 

-l And if tl in thine heart, 

(kail we know twe word which the 

U ? 

• fpeikc'.h in the 
. if the thing fol- 
low not i. or come to pafs, that is the 
, the Lor d hath not fpoken 
the prophet hath fpoken it prefui 
uoudy ; thou bale uot be atraid of 


A P. 

1$# titles »f refuge, 


Ghap. n. Pm*iJbmcBt»fmfalfe i wUn*fr t YfS 

U One \ itnefi (hall not rife up againft 

e cities of refuge, i tbeir pr I r any iniquity, or for any (in. irt 

16 The ^unifbment of a j . .. f fin t! 

WHEN the Lord thy God hath cutftwo . nrees 

oft the nations, *hofe had ihc Lor , des. lhaH (he matter be < . ried. 

h thee, and thou luce ' e witm 

them, aaci < J , and imany man to t citify againfl 

;Ucir houiei ; if* wrong 

2 Thou (halt feparate three cities f *~ f hen both theme '.om 

thee in tiie midi! cr thy land, wh * the controversy is, ihall (land before 

Lord thy G thee tov - Lo id, before the pnefts, and the 

' which (hall be in fL 

nake d'hgent 
inq-.~ , - -, if t!i '. 

■ taiUe *itnei> and hath teftined falle- 
4 nit Ilia brother : 
IS 1 hen . to him, as he. 

done unto his broti 
er: lo (haft thou pat the evjl a\ 
g ■ 

ofe wh i ft all hear, 

I he 

3 Thou fh alt re thee and 

diviie the c y la:u: , the 

Lord thy God giveth lent, in- 

to three ^ans, that evei . llaver may flee 

•4 f And this is the cafe of the flayer, 
h ihall flee thither, that he :v. 
•lb killeth .his >ur ignorantly, 

wh time pad ; 

e wood j 


ke with the ax to cut 

head i. ( 

pon his neigh- 
at he die : he (hall flee unto 
of thoie 

6 Left the avenger of the blood purfue 
the flayer whilfl r, ar.i 

take him, becaufe the way is !on^. and 
flay Kim ; whereas he ivas not won 
he hated him n 


., hanu 

2 the prieJPs ex -the 

■ ;rle. 10 Iiom i ties 

peuie m • - 


7 Wherefore I command the*, «*« -i people i thou, be 

Thou fl 

8 And ii the Lofcp 
thy . as he i 

thee a I ich he 

tbers ; 

9 i ilt keep all • 

to lov< 
rhy God, :. 



hch the Lord tl 
etn » - mhcritani 

br upon thee. 

i hate !i ''hour, 



God is with t 
thy fa- 1 ' land « 

I «' And e are C 

:i unto the 

h .:nd fj 



and lie in v 

it hejicatcd it 
>._ i 

die, a 

h him • him 

r of blood, 


, that • 
w.ih tl. 

I hou ' • 


"* is be v 





ie mh- 

nd thai 
. thee to p^ 

ITo Hittitejio be defiroyed. DEUTERONOMY. Inheritance of the firfiborti. 

man is thc>e tbafii fearful and faintheart- 
ed i Let him ge. a d return unto his 
I fe, left lus brethren's heart faint a* 
v.- ..11 .^ Ir.j heart 

9 And it (hall be," hen the officers have 
fnade an end off] e iking unto the people 
that tiics .nail make ( fthe ar- 
mies to lea I the p op 

10 fl When [hou < , unto a 
cits , to ti^ht ■ ■ i. jj.oclaim 
pe^i e unto !• 

11 And n (hah be, if it make thee an 
fwer of peace, and pen u x, then 
H all be tb i all the , >] le /&<?/ i* 
I .1 the iries unto 

l ] tha:l !•:« ■" ■ h 

IS . i will take :}. j.eace v.ith 

t e, but will n.ikt war agaioft thee, 

t . 

t > ind wrh. e Lord ftiy God hath 

deli . , ihoti [halt 

fnni . th . - • ••■ ih the edge 

of rd : 

1 1 But the \ ihe l-.ttle ories, 

jnd i-il lhat is in the city, 

' (| oil • .ii 'it thou take 

unc< u ihait eat tiie lpoil 

ht Lord th) 

1> fhusfhaltth ntoall the Cities 

nub ■ thee, v. Inch 

tut n< i of the cine ) natici is. 

i6 iff Hut of the cities of thefe people, 
which the uokdu. th'givethee 

for an inheritance* thou [halt lave alive 
nothing h ;h . 

n But ih. - deftroy them: 

o .he Perizz r < s, the 
Hivd t J< bul it Lord 

';eu 1.11 . : 

1* ii afteTi 

heir .tbu ,. .., « hie h he) have 

to the:' , (in a- 

i.OlU) , I G 


* iking v»ai to take it. 

thou ill ilt i. f by 

i thou may 
(for the d /* 

1 Tlien thy elders and thy judges (hall 
come forth, and they ihall meafure unto 
i the cities w hich are round about him that 
is (lain. 

3 And it mall be, that the city tuhicb is 
next unto the (lain man, even the elders 
otthat city fhall take an heifer, which 
hath not been wrought with, and 
hath not drawn in the yoke; 

4 And the elders of thatcity fhall bring 
dovsn the heifer unto a rough valley. 

h is neither eared nor fown,and (hall 
(hike oM the heifer's neck there in the 
vailey : 

5 And the pricfts the fons of Levi fnali 
come near ; for them the Lord thy God 
hath chofen to mimlier unto him, and to 
biefs in the name of the Lord ; and by 
their void (hall every controverly and 
every ftroke berried : 

6 And ail the elders of that city, that 
are next unto the (lain man (hail wafh 
their hands ovei the heifer that is be- 
headed in the valley . 

7 And they (hall anf-ver and fay, Our 
hands have not fhed tms blood, aeilhcr 
have our eyes feen </ 

8 Be merciful, O Lord unto thy peo- 
ple Ifrael,whom thou haft redeemed, and 
lay not innocent blood unto thy people of 
UraeTs charge. And the blood (hall be 
forgiven them;. 

9 So (halt thou put away the guilt of in- 
nocent blood from among you, when thou 
(halt do that ivhicbis right in the light of 
the Lord. 

t0 When thou goefi. forth to war againft 
thine enemies, and the Lord thy God 
hath delivered them into thine hands, 
and thou haft taken them cuptive, 

It Andleefl among the captives a beau- 
tiful woman, and h-ilt a defire unto her, 
that thou wouldeft have her to thy wife : 

\.l Then thou (halt bring her home to 
thine houfe ; and (he (hall (have her head, 
and pare her nails : 

13 And (he (hall put the raiment of her 
Captivity from off her, and (hid) remain 
in thine houfe and bewail her father and 
her mother a full month : and after that 
thou (bait go in unto her, and be her huf- 

band, and ihe fhall be thy wife. 

v\ hicn bou km 
. be n. 

iwn J and thou 
he city that 
II vrith rli< c, tx fubdued 


tin murder. 

i mi to be. a ■■ ;tfd 

■■ •' ■: i horn 

: fj to be done it in 


t i l known 

■ i 

7 _ _ j 

1 I And it ihall be, if thou have no de- 
light in her, then thou lhalt let her go 
whither fbe will ; but thou lhalt not fell 
her at all for money, thou (bait not make 
men handize of her, becauie thou halt 
humbled her. 

IS c! If a man have two wives, one be- 
loved, and another hated, and the) have 
. him children, both tl vedand 

' if the firll born fan be 
•I : 
to fhen it (hall be, when he inaketh 
hit I that which lie hath, that 

be ma] fon of the beloved 

ft: ft 

/tftubbotH font 1 ) befuiic'3 !j.1:a:b. Chap. X5tii. Tun'fh*n:r.t of adult try. l?i 

fljrft born before the fon of the hated. 
ttobicB is indeed the rirft horn : 

IT But he lhall acknowledge the Ton of 
the hated for the fir It born, by giving him 
a double portion of all that he hath : tor 
he /'/ the beginning of hisftrengtn; t iie 
i i^ht of the lirft born is his. 

18 f} If a man have a ftubborn aud re- 
bellious fori, which will nor obey the 

• of hia fither, or the voice of his 
fcnOthef, and that, when they have chaft- 
enc'd him, will not hearken unto them : 

19 Then frull his fat her and his mother 

lay hold on him, and bring him out untojot thy vineyard, be defiled. 

the elder-, of his city, and unto the gate 
of his place ; 

£0 And they fhn.ll lay unto the elders 
• f his city, 1 his our Ion is ftubborn and 
rebellious, he will not obey our voice ; 
he is a glutton, and a drunkard. 

21 And all the men of his city (nail 

or upon the eggs, thou (halt not take the 
dam with the young : 

7 But thou, (halt in any wife let the 
dam go, and take the young to thee ; 
that it may be well with thee, and tbar 
thou mayeft prolong tby days. 

8 When thoubuildeft a new houfe, then 
thou (halt make a battlement for thy roof, 
that thou bring not blood Upon thine 
hotlfe, if a v man fall from thence. 

9 '1 hou (halt not { ow thy vineyard 
with divers feeds : left the fruit ot thy 
feed which thou haft fovvn, and the fruit 

• Inm with ftones-, that he die : fo with thou covereft thy/elf. 

(halt thou put evil away from among you 
and .ill Ifrael (hall hear, and Fear. 

M And if a r.-m have committed a 
fin worthy of death, and he be to be put 
to death, and thou hang him on a tree : 

?S Mis body lhall not remain all night 

10 Thou ihalt not plough with an ox. 
and an afs together. 

11 Thou (halt not wear a garment of 
diven forts, as of woollen and linen to- 

If Thou (halt make thee fringes uporrt 
the tour quartets of thy vefture, where- 

in If any man take a wife, and go in: 
unto her, and hate her, 

14 Arid 'iw occafionsof fpeech again fi- 
ner, and bring up an evil name up"" 
and fay, I took this woman, and when T 
.came to her, I found her not a maid : 

Then lhall the lather of thedimfel,. 

upon the tree, but thou (halt in any wife J * 5 1 

bury him that day ; (foviie that is hang- ' and her mother, take and bring forth. 

cd //accurfed i ') that thy land be 

not defiled, which the Lord thy God 
:th thee for an inheritance. 
If)/" ' human ird brethren. 5 D 

. . 1$ Of rape. 
2* ( liearit Of trice 

I i thy brother 1 

or his fheep go Ci hide tl 

from them : thou (halt in any cafe bring 


r be not nigh unto 

: know him not, tl 

i <ng it unto th i houlc, and 

it ili . v ith thee until thy brother 

feek thou Ifi lit reftofe ft to 

3 In I 
his ' 

mci.t : 

brother's, which he hath k>fti and 

ind, fhal i <lo like thuu 

mayefl not hide th-. felf. 


(halt thott do with 
• (hah tl with h 

i id loft things of thy 

the tokens of the darnfel's virginity unto- 
elders of the city in the pate : 

16 And the darnfel's father (hail fay 
unio the eldci , 1 gave my daughter un- 
to this man to wife, and he hateth her; 

17 And, lo, he hath given orca lions ot* 
fpetfch again/1 her, faying, I found not 
thy daughter a maid ; and yet thefetfr* 
the tokens of my daughter's virginity . 
And th- y (hall fpread the cloth b 

; f the i iry. 

18 And the elders of that city fhall ; 
man and chaflife him i 

19 And the} (hall amerce him in an 
hundred y&< k./< ot fi Iver. and give them 

lather of the aamfel, bei 

i i,t Up an evil n •:.)' l]| . 

virgin oi Ifi id fhe (ball be his wife; 

. n(«i put her aw iy all hi i da . 

20 Butt f this thing ,«»../ ihrtokens 
tf vi' f iund for the dun 

"21 1 hen thej fh d! bung out the dam- 
tlie d or oi hei t uhei ' hoi 

a (halt not lee thy brorl ert oi I (hall 

his ox : vn by tl thai (he hath 

thy felf from i hem : thou thalt furel) I I] ■.-. 1 1 tight folly in \'.<. iel, to play the whore 
htm td Hft tbtm up again. [in her fathers houfc : 

. f > «; The won tn (hall not wear that evil away from am »u. 

rtaineth unto a nan, neither' tj It a mm be I und lying with a 

fhall a man put on a woman's garment : woman n CO an h 

for all that do fo are abomination unto 1 both of them die, fart the man that 

ihc Lord thy God 

'i If a bird's iieft chance to be thou put ■ Ifrael. 

thee in the way in any tice, or on the] •-') Ifadartlfcl that U 
ground, whether tbrv be young ones, orjtrothed unto an hud 
eggs, and the dam fitting upon the young b-: - andJ r; 


£2$ Pumjhment of a tape: DEUTERONOMY, Undeannefs to he avoided. 
24 Then ye (hall bring them both out 

unto the gate of that city, and ye (hall 
(tone tlrem with that they die ; the 
damfel, beeaufe fhe cried not, being in the 
city : and the man. beeaufe he hath hum- 
bled his neighbour's wife : fo thou (hall 
put away evil from among you 

25 5 But if a man rind a betrothed 
damfel in the field, and the man force 
Tier , and lie with her : then the man only 
that lay with her (hall die : 

26 But unto the damfel thou (halt do 
nothing ; there is in the damfel no (in 
ivorihy of death : for as when a man 
rifeth againft his neighbour, and (layeih 
&m, even (o is this matter : 

2T For he found her in the field, and 
the betrothed damfel cried, and thereivas 
none to fave her. 

28 *J If a man find a damfel that is a 
virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay 
Bold on her, and lie with her, and they 
be found j 

29 Then the man that lay with her 
(hall give unto the damfel's father fifty 
fjcktls of filver, and (he (hall be his wife; 

becau(e he hath humbled her, he may 
not put her away all his days 

30 fl A man (half not take his father's 
wife, nordifcover his fathers fkirt. 


1 Who may y or <wbo may not enter into the 

congregation 9 Uncleann&js to be a- 

<voided. gl O/njoius. 24 Of trefpajjef. 

HE that is wounded in the (tones, or 

fiathhis privy member cutoff (hall not 

enter into the congregation of the Lord. 

2 A bafiard fnall not entet into the 
congregation of the Lord ; even to his 
tenth generation (hall he not enter into 
the congregation of the Lord. 

3 An Ammonite or Moabite (hall not 
enter into the congregation of the Lord ; 
QVeJB to their tenth generation 'hall they 

not enter into the congregation of the t upon ufury 

9 ^j When the hod goeth forth agairirr 
thine enemies, then keep thee from eve- 
ry wicked thing. 

10 If there be among you any ma-nt 
that is not clean by reafon of unclean- 
uels that- chanceth him by night, then 
Tiall he go abroad out of the camp, he 
(hall not come within the camp : 

11 But it (hail be, when evening com- 
eth on, he (hall wafh bimfe/fmtlforsLter : 
and when the fun is down he (hall come 
into the camp agtin. 

12 Thou (halt have a place alfo with- 
out the camp whither thou (halt go forth 
abroad : 

13 And thou (halt have a paddle upon 
thy weapon, and it lhall be, when thou 
will erAe thyfelf abroad, thou (halt dig 
therewith, and (halt turn back and cover 
that which cometh from thee : 

11 For the Lord thy God walketh in 
the midfl offhyean-n " r -eliver -hee, 
and to give up thine enemies befor*: thee ; 
therefore (ha)i thy camp be holy : that 
he (ee no unclean thing in thee, and turn 
away from thee : 

15 I hou (hall not deliver unto hism?f- 
ter the fervant which is efcaped from his 
rnafter unto thee : 

16 He (hall dwell with thee, even a- 
mong you, in that place which he (hall 
chooie in one of thy gates where it liketh 
him bed : thoi (halt not opprefs him. 

IT There (hall be no whore of the 
daughters of ifrael, nor a fodomite of the 
fons of I-fraeL 

18 Thou (halt not bring the hire of a 
whore, or the price of a dog, into the 
houfeof the Lord thy God for any vow: 
for even both thefe ate abomination unto 
the Lord th> God. 

19 'I hou (halt not lend upon ufury to 
thy brother ; ufury of money, uf u*y of 
victuals, ufury of any thing that is lent 

Lord forever : 

4 Beeaufe they met you not with 
bread and with water in the way, when 

e forth out of Egypt ; and be- 
liey hired againft thee Balaam the 
fon of Beor, of Pethor of Mesopotamia, 
irfe th 

5 Neverthelcfs, the Lord thy God 

lot hearken unto Balaam ; but 
God turned the curie into 
a ble lung unto thee, became the Lord 
thy <.'>o'i love . 

t> Thoii f. i feek their peace nor 

ii th> day s fo! ev r. 
7 r i hou I: lomite ; 

le thou wail a 

... . that are begotten of 

them, rhall enter into the congregation 
A the Lor» in their Lhiia general!! 

20 Unto a ft ranger thou mayeft lend 
upon ufury ; but unto thy brother thou 
(bait not lend upon ufury : that the Lord 
thy God may blefsthee in all that thou 
fetteft thine hand to, in the land whither 
thou got. ft to pottefs it. 

21 % \\ hen thou (halt vow a vow un- 
to the Lord thy God, thou (hair not 
(lack to pay it i for the Lord thy God 
will Purely require it of thee j and it would 
be in) in tlK< . 

-- But if thou (halt forbear to vow, it 
(hall be no (in in thee. 

-■'> 1 hat which is gone out of thy lips 
thou (halt keep and j.e form ; even a. free- 
will orferiug, according as thou ha?l vow- 
ed unto the Lord thy God, which thou 
hail :d with thy mouth. 

24 «fl When thou comeft into thy neigh- 
bours vineyard, then thou mayeft eat 
grapes thy fiU at thine own plea hire j 


Divers iavjs and ordinances. Chip. xxiv. xxv. Stritesntt to exceed forty . 


not put any in thy veflel. 
en thou conicfl into tfi 
ingcoin ot t jhbour, then «hou 

;he ears w ith thine h; 
but unto thy 

ne: rn. 

lOfdi- . "O'.man 

r. ZOj ' . .j /o 

married her, and 

fli<_ r our in his eyes, becauie 

he 1 

then lei orce 

men - e // in I and lend 


d out of his 
houfe, the :. 

1) ind hate her, 

rh t in j .d, anc 

u:.'le , . clatter he (band die 

tr /• be h:s wii . 
4 ;>d, v h-ch fenr her 

ke her 

abo: thou 

(hah -l tu fin, v. tlicli the 

1 gir eth 

:n a man hath t.ken a new wife, 
it tu \n • 


c or 


7 < 

1 children oil 

' ihali «.c i and 
thou Ui - : - 

tf <|Take heed in 

14 I Thou (halt not opprefs an hired 
icrvant thai rand needy, whether 
b- b- brethren, or of thy ftrangert 

are m thy land within tl > : 

15 At his day theu fhal him 
re, neiti. i (hall the fun _ ■ upon 

it, tor he w poor, and fetteth his heart 
upon it ' thee unto tl*e 

Lord, nn> unto thee 

lo ! ithersihall not he put to death 

for the children, neither (ball the chil- 
dren be put to death foi the fathers- every 
man thai! be put to death for his awn Ira. 

17 j h It not pervert the pu 

n*e Is ; 

nor rake the .vidow's raiment to pledge : 

13 But thou thalt remember that thou 
wait a bondman in Kg) pt, and the Lord 
thy God redeemed thee thence : there- 
imand thee to do this thing,. 

19 fj When thou catteft down thine 
harveir in thy field, and haft forgot a 
fbea/in the field, thou (halt nol 

fetch it . it (hall be ; .or, 

ti>i the fatherlefs, ai i he w - o 

t; at the Lo» o thv G< d mat bleft 
all ri kc of thine h ini 


thou (hall not pu o - . .(in \ 

ii (hall be for the (1 ranger, for the tathcr- 
lefc, and for the w 

_i When thou gathered the ^r.i; < - of 
thy vineyard, t! u limit not ^ \ A- 

, l^r 
idon . 
- : Ind rJ rtber that tiiou 

wall a bondman in the land ot i 

fore 1 c< I thee to do tins 

1C ' I 

; h P x\v. 

1 Stripes t exited J*rtf, The ex if 

not it /•/ ■ ' 

:o a brother, 11 UJ the /.• 
ii'.nuit: . I 17 1 be 

k u it bf blot:, d out. 
i rfy between i 

■..«, <- i then tl 

i the 

did i <hat 

'. ' ' • 

^u into hu 
l i d, and 


nto tin 

, thou i 

pled th dow n, 

. thee : and it (hah be i 
before the L'. 

- \nd it (hall be, 

n, and ti 

• wit, by 

hi tripes, then 

v it i.i.t 
I * 1 . 

«>u i ibi 
j c It brethren dwell log 
on ' the 

unto a Hi rothi r 

in. .luher, and U 


ioO OJ weights and mcofures. DEUTERONOMY. Offering the firfi fruih 

to wife, and perform the duty of an huf- 
band's brother unto her. 

6 -\nd it fliall be, that the firlt born 
which me bearcth (hall fucceed in the 
name of his brother -which is dead, that 
his name be not put out of Ifrael. 

7 And if the man like nut tp take his 
brother's wife, then Let his brother's w lie 
go up to the gate unto the elders, and 
fay. My hufband's brother refufeth to 
raife up unto his brother a name in If- 
rael lie m l! Dot perform the duty of my 
hufband's brother. 

J 1 hen the eiders of his city (hall call 
him, and fjeak unto him : and// he (land 
to it, and lay, 1 like not to take Iter ; 

9 Then (hall his brother's wife come 
unto him in the prefence of the elders, 

2 That thou fW.t take of the firft cr 
all the fruit of the earth, which thou, 
(halt bring of thy land that the Lord 
ihy God giveth thee, and ihall put it in 
a baiket, and fh-dt go unto the place 
which the Lord thy Godlbali choofc to 
place his name there. 

3 And thou (halt go unto the pried 
that (hall be in thofe days, and fay unto 
him. I profefs this day unto the Loud 
thy God, that I am come unto the conn- 
try which the Lord (ware unto our fa- 
ther? for to give us. 

4 And the pried ftiall take the bafket 
out of thine hand, and fet it down be- 
fore the ahar of the Lord thy God. 

5 And thou thalt fpeak and fay before 
the Lord thy God, A Syrian ready ro 

and loofe his lhoe from orf his foot, and , perifh was my father, and he went down 
fpit in his face, and (hall anfwer and fay, jinto Egypt, and fcjourned there with a 
So (hall it lie done unto that man that few, and became there a nation, great, 
will not build up his brother's houfe. j mighty, and populous : 

lOAnd his name (hall be called inlfrael, ' 6 And the Egyptians evil entreated us, 
The houfe ofhim that hath his Ihoeloofed and afflicted us, and laid upon us hard 

l t €\ When men drive together one bondage : 
with another, and the wife of the one 7 And when we cried unto the Lord 
draweth near for to deliver her hufband ,God of our fathers, the Lord heard our- 
out of thehand of him that fmiteth him, voice, and looked on our affliction, and 

and putteih forth her hand, and taketh 
h;m by the fecreti ; 

If Then thou (halt cut off her hand, 
thine eye (hall not pity ber. 

19 c Thou (halt not have in thy bag 

Jits, a great and a fmall. 
14 Thou thalt not have in thine houfe 
divrrs ineafures, a great and a fmall. 

fi-.'t thou ihalt have a pci-teet and 

juft weight, a per: i juft meafnre 

Ihalt Hi ni hav * thut thy days may be 

in the land which the Lo<d 

h thee. 

10 I that do luch things and all 
thar do Uily, are An abemina- 
i .i unto the Lord thy God. 

11 '.''/■. nember what Amalek. did un- 

, \, hen ye were come 
. t ; 

; Lot thee, even all i 

: behind * hen thou 


- Lord 

fromall thine 

. I 

the Loa veth ihccjbran in- 

. that tl. u (ball blot 

i : I ; L,et //. 

\ I 

reth the 
> I 

. - H the People. 

our labour, and our eppreffion : 
i 8 And the Lord brought us forth 
out of Egypt with a mighty hand, and 
with an outilretched arm, and with 
great terriblenefs, and with ligns.and with, 
wonders : 

9 And he hath brought us into this 
place, and hath given us this land, even a 
land that floweth with milk and honey. 

10 And now, behold, I have brought 
the firft fruits of the land, which thou, O 
Lord, bait given nie. And thou (halt fet 
i; before the Lord thy God, and worfhip 
before the Lord thy God : 

1 1 And thou Ihalt rejoice in every good 
thing which the Lord thy God hath giv- 
en unto thee, and unto thine houfe, thou, 
and the Levite, and the Granger that h 
among you. 

1- when then haft made an end of 

tithiiigall the tithes of thine increase the 

third year, which h the yearof tithing, 

aad hafl given it unto the Le" ite, the 

ftranger, the fatlierlefs, aiid the widow, 

t they may cat within thy gates, and 

filled ; 

13 Then thou Ihalt fay before the 

Loao thy God, 1 have brought away the 

hallowed things out of mine houfe, and 

liven them unto tie Levite, and 

j unto the (f ranger, to the fatherlefs, and 

the widow, according to all thy com- 

maadment* which thou haft command- 

me ; I have not tranfg relied thy com- 

injmandments, neither have 1 forgotten 
ch the Lord thy tht >n : 

an inheritance, and M I have not eaten there.. f in my 
it, ;r . .licit therein ; » mourning, neither have 1 taken a 


r .n. 

law to be ••written on /.ones. Chap, XXV tt,. Curfetftl ■'.. i CI 

Aug' t \ , norl 8 And timy (halt write upon th 

n augbt thereof toi the de.ui : but 1 jail the words of this law very p". 

,itui). ltheLo«D] 9 And Mofes, and the the Le- 

iny < ~.d have done accordii 11 vites, ij o all Ifrael, fdyiri 

that thou, I heed, and hearken, O Ifrael ; this day: 

lj Look do.. . i in lioly i thou e people of the L 

ven, and blels th 
Jfrael- and the land which thou 1 

■ en us. a> thoi/fweareft unto our la- 
thers, a laid that ftoweth with milk and 

l«j «] i his day the Lord thy God hath 
commanded th - and 

u:J f thou (ball »re kee 

do them With all thine heart, a 
all thy foul. 

17 Thou haft avouched the Lord 
to be thy G< 1 to w ...v in riis 

1 to keep his fl itutes, and his 
pommandments, ami h nts, and 

to heal >:* r; ifl 

Ifl \,,a the Lord hath avouched thee 

•.liar p<. as he 

the* , and ihai tbju lhould- 
stll his rommandmen 
iy And ro i! Ii above all 

nations which he hath made, in pi 
in name, and in honour , and that 
r be an hi 1 y pe pie unl 
Loku Hi) Cjou. .,-» he hath Ij oken, 

C li A l\ XXVII. 
1 The people are to urne the la*W af>0:- 
Jlontiy $ and to build an aita* o/*w 

I J> urn r '.bdl. 

with ihe eldei t of Ifrai I, 
inded th , Keej 

all the comm nts which I - 

1 And it fhall be on the dai \\\\cw ye 
(hall pafs ovei J unto the land which 

I 1 1) thy (J thou 

ftialt fet i hi and plafler 

ihem with plaftei 

3 And thou ii^ili write upon them all 

this law , v. nen thou a; I 
it thou . in unto 

the land which the Lo 

thl e, a land ih 

horn the Lo i d <.jom pi 

I th e. 

4 i h ih. ill be v hen j e b 

i, n-ut \ c (hall iii, 
tic h I c ommand you i .V 
. in ii' >unl 1 I il, 
• r th< i.i w ith ; 

5 «j And 

!tom .. ncl 

upon ihem. 

6 I hou ih ill build tl 

Ihou icon 

unto the Lord thy ( *< d : 



^<jkd tin God. 

thj ( ■ 

10 f hou (halt then-fore obey the voice 

D thy G,>d, and do his torn- 
id his ftatutes, which I 
iniand thee th.-- da) . 
n And Mofes charged the oeopU 

fame d ng, 

12 rhefe (hail Hand uvon mount Ge- 
lie people, when yc are 
come over Jordan ; Simeon, and Levi, 
and Judahj and lu'achar, and Jafeph, and 
jamin : 
And thefe Hiall Pand upon mount 
Ebal to curie ; Reuben. Gad, and Aflier, 
• Zebulun, Dan, and Naphtali. 

1 1 f] And the Levites (hall Ipeak, and 
lay unto all the men of Ifrael with a 

15 Curled be the man that maketh any 
graven or molten image, an abomination 
unto the Lord*. the work of the hands*ot 
the craftfman, and putteth it in a fci 
place. And all the people (ballaniwer 
and faV| Amen. 

16 Curled b. he that fetteth light by 
bis father or his mother. And all the 

(hall fay, Amen. 

I be he that removerh his 

ir's landmark. Aid all the 
| le lhail lay, Amen. 

l Cui fed be he that maketh the Mind 

t of tl And all the 

i hall fa} . n. 

iy Curfed %e he that perverteth the 

judgment oi the ■ fatherless, and 

•v. And all the i 
!0 Cut fed ''f he I h w ith hi fa* 

'swife j l- uncoveretl 

far he i 'a fk.ii t. And .ill t: 

' th • any 
mannrr el bealt. A: 
, l< d /•/ (if. 

ter, the 

r of I 

E ;i. 
L be he that i I 

moth r in I I 

be he I 

16/ he tl 

nt pei fon, ... 

fhall I ij , en. 

.' i 

all the 
...d all the 

182 Rhtftngsfor obedience. DEUTERONOMY. Quffesfor difobediense^ 


wilt not hearken unto the voice of t»he. 

.1 The blejfings jor obedience. 15 The Lord thy God, to obierve to do all his 
curjes for dif obedience . 
AND it fh ill come to pais, if thou fhalt 

commandments and his ftatutes which I 
command thee this day | that all thefe 
hearken diligently unto the voice of the] curies (hall conic upon thee, and overtake 
Lokd thy God, to obierve and to dojthee : 

all his commandments which I command 1 lb CurWd fhalt thou be in the city, and 
theethisday, that the Lord thy God jcurfed/&j//thon/»* in the field- 
will fet thee on high above all nations of WCurfed/&«//A^thybaIketandthyftore. 
the earth : IS Carfeckfball 6e the fruit of thy body, 

2 And all thefe bleflings (hall comejand the fruit of thy land, the increase of. 
on thee, and overtake thee, if thou (hall thy kme, and the flocks of thy (beep. 
hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy j 19 Curfed jhalt thou be when them 
God. comefl in, and curfed Jhult thou he when 

S Hle(TcdyZ'i7/; thou be in the city, and! thou goeft out. 
h\e fled /''.{.'• thou be in the field. . 20 Fhe Lord fhall fend upon thee 

4 Bite fled Jbal lie the fruit of thy body, curfing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that 
andtiv fruitc fthy ground, ami the fruit thou fetteft thine hand unto for to do, until 
of thy cattle, \he inereafe of thy kine, thou be deftroyed, and until thou perifti 
and the flocks of thy fheep. quickly ; becaufe of the wickednefs of 

5B1 '■.•;// £rrhybaiketandrhy ffore. tj^ doings, whereby thou halt for faken 

t> Blefl \ jhalt thou be when thou com-; me. 
ell in, and hWfcdflali thou oe when thou I 21 The Lord fnall make thepeftilence 
goelt out. cleave unto thee, until he have con fumed 

7 ! e Lord fhall caufe thine enemies 3 thee from orfthe land, whither thou go. 
that r.ic Up again ft thee to befmiitrn bereft to poffefs it. 
fore thy fact: they fhall come out againft 
thee one way, and flee before thee feven 
-. s. 

o Tlie Lord fhall command the bleflT- 

M The Lord fliall fm : te thee with a 
confumption, and with a fever, and with 

an inflammation, and with an extreme 

burning, and with the fword, and with 

in<; upon thee in thy ftorchoufes, and in, blading, and with mildew; and they {hall 

all that thou fetteft thine hand unto; 
and he (hall bids thee in the la*id which 
the Lord thy God giveth thee. 

ptirfue thee until thou pcrifh. 

23 And thy heaven that is over thy 
head fl<ail be brafs, and the earth that it 

'I he Lord fhall efiabiifn thee an holy under thee fhall be iron, 
people unto himfelf, as he hath fworn 2i ihe Lord fnall make the rain of 
unto thee, if thou (halt keep the com- .thy land powder and dm! ; from heaven 

of the Lord thy God, and 
folk in his ways. 

10 And all people of the earth fhall lee 

i art calk d by the name of the 
Lord ; and they fhaUbe afraid of thee. 

11 And the LORD fliall make thee 
I >, in the Fruit of thy 

id ill the fruit of thy cattle, and 
in the fru'u round, in the land 

fhall it come down upon thee, until thou 
be deflroyed. 

25 The Lord fhall caufe thee to be 
fmittcn before thine enemies : thou ihait 
go out one way againfl them, and flee iev- 
en waysbefore them : and fhalt be remov- 
ed into ail the kingdoms of the earth. 

26 And thy curca's fhail be meat unto 
all fowls of the air, and unto the beads 

li I I ware unto thy fathers of the earth, and no nun fhall Ira) them 

to give t!' law 

open unto thee his] 27 ihe Lorp will finite thee with the 
re, the heaven to . > the Ibctch of Egypt, and with the emerods, 
land in 1 . i to J and with the fcab, and with the itch, 

i fhalt lend unto many nations, and 
thou I w . 

' ynd thou flialt 

(halt no! bi 
n ken unto the 
whi • this day, to ob- 

(erv. tbcm : 

I * And t a fide from 

9 Inch I command thee 
I, v 10 the . 
I . . 
* Bui fs, it thou 

whereof thoucanft not be healed, 

£8 Thi Lord fhall lmite thee with 
madnefs, and biindnefs, and alloniihment 

29 And thou fhalt grope at noonday, 

as the blind gropeth in darknefs, and 

thou (halt not proiper in thy ways . and 

ih u flialt be only opprclfed and fpoiled 

i more, and no man fhall lave tree. 

50 I hull (halt betroth a wife, a: d anoth- 
er man (hall lie with her : thou (halt 

'. an houfe, and thou fhalt not dwell 
: thou flialt plant a vineyard, and 
h not gather ihe grapes thereof. 

51 Thine o\>JLail be ilaia before tlri.e 



Piaguts threatened jp.xxv fir d-. tnce. \ - 

fenen the Lord -.hall 

J thee 
i re th) face, and (hall ik. 

r red to 1 hctpjbatlbir g utar. on tipc 

i ne ere. oyed th . 

. cue/£*wi 49 The Loud (hail bring a na* 

and th} 

efthe carl e Rieth 

eyes (hall L italic . • i who 

iberc jbatt be 

- lit in U fierce cc -ce, 

33 i land, and al! 

■ ■ 
.halt b-: 31 " ill cat thy 

land 1 

H Sot! a be deflroycd : die 

fi ht of thiie ej-. ft fee. leave thee eiibfr corn wine, or oil, *r the 

35 The Loid (h ot ihv of thy 

kj * -.ILL 


t be h<. - all thy 

until ih> 

36 1 he Lord (hall br.r.r and thv down, wher 

over thee, ui ill the I . '. he ft. 

cither I 

lhilt th Lord 

i gods, 

. ie an a.toniih | i thou * alt eat the fruit 

«v rb,and (h of th> 

n.itiurs^i :;cLok * the LORl xl 

the field, a ill 

for the ' lee. 

39 t batxhc man tbjt is tender a- 

dtf ("& tbem, but (lull rink •/'the m< telicatc M 

$ia t ei ; for the be 
vwern: f 

mt of dien which he fhali 

ou» all t< * (halt i e. 

55 Jve to an 


41 r ns and dau 

the i 
.t of thy land all th.- 

4*> ;t is v ithin tl • to 

<hallg-tu t > a thee very high; ad 

iboi: e d«wn very low. yc 

U I!e (hall lend to thee, and tl 

1 to : he (hall be ; rd her 

i betwerr 

43 V 

: be df e- 

(hall eat 
e Lord tl 

c enemy (hall >: : 

.1 be upon thee f 
» leed 




• (halt tliou fcrve tl 

in i 

obferve to do all 
the v 

in y • ■ » 

fearful name XD 

59 1 hen the Lord w 

I ■ 

184 Plagues ford f obedience. DEUTERONOMY. Exhortation H oteiidei. 

Continuance, and lore PckneiTes, and of the wilderneft : your clothes are not 
long continuance. watfen old upon you, and thy (hoe 15 net 

GO Moreover he wift bring upon thee all! waxen old upon thy foot. 
the difeaies of Egypt, which thou waft a- ! 6 Ye have not eaten broad, neither* 
fraud of j and they Ihall cleave unto thee. , have *yz drunk wine or (Irons; drink: 

61 All") every ficknefs, and every that ye might know thkt f am the Lord 
plague which u not written in the book your God 

of this law, them will (he Lord bring 
upon thee, until thou be deftroyed. 

7 And when yecame unto this ptace, 
Sihdn the king of Hefhbon, and ug die 

62 And ye ihall be left few in number, Iking of Baftian, came c lit againft us unto 
whereas ye wete as the Ptars of heaven} battle, and \%e (mote theni 

for multitude; becaufe thou wou Weft not j 

<:bey the voice of the Lord thy God. 

8 And we rook their land, and gave it 

| for an inheritance unto the Reubcnites, 
63 And it fhalj come to pafs, that asiand to the Gaditcs, and to the half tribe 
the Lord rejoiced over you to do ypuiof ManaueK. 
^ood, and to multiply you : i'o the Lord 9 Keep therefore the 
will rejoice over you to deftfoy you, and covenant, and do them, 
to bring you to nought; and ye (hall bejpro'per in all that ye do 

words of this 
that j e may 

plucked From oft" the land whither thou 
gocd t;> poflefs it. 

CI And the I <>rd mail fcatter thee a- 
meng all people, from the one end of 
the earth even unto the orher ; and there 
thou (halt ferve other gods, which neither 
thou nor thy fatliers have known, eve* 
wood and flone. 

65 And among tnofe nations dial r thou 
find no cafe, neither (hall the foleof thy 
foot have refl : but the Lord (hall give 
thee there- a trembling heart, and failing 
cf eyes, and for row of mind . 

Co Ami thylin ihall hang in doubt before 
thee; and thou (halt fear day and night, 
and fbnh have none afiTu ranee of thy Fife : 

('7 In the morning thou (halt fa>j 
Would God i( wefe eVCn 1 and at even 
. (haft fay. V\ puld God it Wert morn- 
i i r.the fear of thine heart where 

With boil thalt tear, and for the fight of 
lh \-. hich thou (halt fee. 

-I the Lob p (ball bi i;ig fhec in- 
lo 1 n with (hips by the waj 

whereof I unto tnee, Thou fftalt 
igain : and thei e ye (hall be 
I bondmen am 

bondwomen, and no man ihaU burjdu 
{ H \ : 4 XXIX. 

%An e.xlci tat'i ■ I net? \07Lcpro 

\t bejore the Lord . 

ds o 1 1 h< mt, 

ii ilie I orjd commanded Moles to 

: ■! in the 

land i t dc the covenant which 

m iii I lor; b. 

ft i < d unto all Ifrael, 

• unto thei , ^^ n all that 
llie I did before your eyes in the 

t, unto Pharaoh, and unto 
a'.i i ■ all his land ; 

3 'I |x w hich thine 

• e feen, the I:gr.s,and thole great 
m i 

4 Vet the Lord hath not given you 

e, and ej a to ice, and 

ca' I i unto this day, 

6 ."i,: I ! aye led \ou forty years in 

all of yoij l>c- 
) our captains 

10 «(] Ye Hand 'his day 
fore the Lord y:mr God : 
of j our tribes, your elders, and your offi- 
cer-, tvt/b all the men < f Ifrael, 

11 Your little ones, your wives, and 
thy (hanger that is in thy camp, from 
the hewer of thy wood unto the drawer 
of th\ w ater 

1*2 Thar thou (houldeft enter into CO v[- 
enant with the Lord thy God, and in- 
to his oath which the Lord thy God 
maketn With this day : 

IS That he may effathih thee today for 
a people nntohim<elf,ami that he may be 
unto thee a God, as he hath Paid unto 
thee, and as he ha'h fworn unto thy fath- 
ers, to Abraham, to Ifaac. and to Jacob. 

14 Neither with you only do 1 make 
mis covenant and this bath ; . 

15 But with bim that itande'h here 
■■■■ ;, h US this day before the Lord our 
God, and alfo with him that is not lie re 

us th'S day : 

1<) (For ye know how we have dwelt in 
the- land of Kgypt ; anil how we came 
through the nations which ye paired by ; 

IT And ye have (eeh their abominations 
:md their idols,wood andftone, diver and 
gold', which tvtre among them) 

18 Led there (hould be among you 
man or woman, or family, or tribe, whofe 
heart tffrneth away this day from the 
Lor r> our God, to go and ferve the gods 
ofthefe nations; left there (hould be a- 
inong you a root that beartth gall and 
wormwood ; 

19 And it come to pafs, when he 
th the words of this curfe, that he 

blefs hirofelf in his heart, faying* 1 ftiall 
peace, though I walk in the imagirr- 
i (none heart, to add riruHkennefs 

to third : 

20 '1 he Lord will not fpare him, but 
' m^er of the Lord and hisj^al- 

oufy fhall (moke againft that man, and 
all thecuWes that are written in this book, 
(hall lie upon him, and the Lord thall 
blot out Ivs name from under heaven- 

£1 And 

Ghap. xxz. Ms mint. 185 

fc Lord thv God will b 


*1 And the Load &ili frpajrate him un- 1 
tbe^il oat of all the U iel, ac-Jthee into the i3nd which thy fathers pol- 

.lthe aides of the covenant j ft iTed, and thoti {halt poffeYs it ; ar 
that are written in this book of the law j will ob thee pood, and multiply thee a- 
he generation to come of bove ti. s. 

your children that thall rife up after you, 
rj . r that ftiall come from a 

far . 

ay when the/ fee the 

uesof that land, and the '.cknetfes 

;ie Lord I d upon 

And that the whole land thereof is 

orimftone, and fait, and bur . ->j/ ir 

is not 1 iwa, n^r btar&lh, nor a 

fcro^eth therein, hke the overthrow of 

m, aau rrah. Admah.and Ze- 

boiin, which the Lord overthrew in his 

t4 Even all nations fliall fay, " 
ft>rc hath the Lord done thus unto this 

6 And the Lord thy God will - 

ci;e ihioe heart, and the heart of thy 
feed, to love the Lord thy Go I v. ttli all 
thine heart, and with all thy foul, that 
thou maye I litre. 

7 And the Lord thy God will put 
thefe curfes upon thine enemies, and on 
them that hate thee, which pcriecuted 

8 And thou fhalt return and c 
the voice of the Lord, and go all hi* 
commandments, which I command th^e 
this day. 

I And the Lord thy God will make: 

int lb the heat ..thee plenteous in every work of thine: 

great an^er ? 

neo ifart fall lay, Becaufe they 
- n the l v/enant of the Lord 

with them when he brought them forth 
out of the land c I i 

For they w< 

cods whom 
•ot, and t- [e had 

. i unto the 
Tl And the Lord 

-.died a. upon it 

all thecui • are written inthis book : 

28 Ami the Lord rooted r 

! in anger, and in '.-rath, and in 
gr id cart them into an- 

■ , as /'/ /' ' 

! fecret ibingt bf/;n% onto the 
Lordoi; It thole lub'ich 

are revealed belomg our 

. all the 
words oi v. 

1 Great met i the fr 

I life jet bt; 
AND it -:nc to pafs, * he 

hing* ;. I n thee, the 

ling and irfe, whu h I . 

(halt call them to 
mind m is, whither the 

Lord e, 

X r\ loto the Lord thy 

..ami (halt obey I t ce accoi 
to all that ! ihuu 

anil thy children, with 
8 I hat then the Lord thy God 
ipeivity, and hi 
a trfc, . • will return .-uher 

from all : the 

I r> thy < Icattered thee. 

4 If any of thine be driven out 

en, from thencr 
the Ltrd thy G 

e : 


hand, in the fruit of thy body, and irt 

the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of 

thy land, for good : for the Lord will 

tin rejoice over thee for good, as 

fenced over thv fathers \ 

10 If thou (halt hearken unto 
voice of the Lord thy God, to keep 
commandments and his tratutes which 
are written in this book of the h , 
and if thou turn unto the Lord thy 

thine heart, and with 
thy foul. 

11 ^ For this commandment wi J 
command thee thh day. it is not hidden 
from thee, neither /'; it far off 

It //not in heaven, that thou fbculd-. 
eft fay, Who mail go up for us to heaven. 
andbi. ..tons. e may hear 

it, a 

iS is it bevond the fea, that 

thou Btooldefl -no fhall go over the 

fea Jot : bring it unto tr>, thai we 

•, and do it ? 
14 But ~*o thee* 

int! rh, and in tliy heart, that th i 

ma t. 

e fet before thee this 
day life i death and ev 

16 In t ■ d thee this <\z 

love the Lord t! alk m 1 

wa . in keep his commandments, 

•utes, . .^ments, that 

A the land 

it i turn awar, 

thai |] .r, but fhalt tv 

drawn away, and w-uiuvp other got. 
ferve thetll ; 

18 I denounce unto 
je ihall 

prolong^owr .. the land 

t hoi over Joidan to tfoto pc~ 

19 J t ven an 
•'»is day aj . • 
fore yel ftfeand d< 

l&S Jujhu* eHeouragetf. DEUTERONOMY. God's charge to Jojiu*. 

ing : therefore choofe life that both thou hear, and that they may learn, and fear 

the Lord your God, and obferve to do 
all the words of this law : 

13 And tha- their children which have 
j not known ~«y/A/>7£, may hear, and learn 
j to fear the Lo r d your God, as long as ye 

and thy feed m3y live 

.0 That thou mayeft love the Lord thy 
God. and that thou mayeft obey his 
voice, and that thou mayeft cleave unto 
him: f- >r he is thy life, and the length 

of thy days : that thou mayeft 'dwell in live in the land whither ye go over Jordan 
the land which the Lord (Ware unto thy ; to poflefs it. 

fathers, to Abraham- to Ifaac, and to 
Jacob, to give them. 


U €| And the Lord faid unto Mofes, 
Behold, thr days approach that thou muft 
die : call jofhua, and prefent yourfelves 

l.Mofes mcouragetb the people and Jojbua. Jin the tabernacle of the congregation, that 
9 H' del'w re*b tbe I xt> unto ite pnejls, ; I may >Jve him a charge /And Mofes 
to read u in the fenjtntbyear to the pro- and Jofhua w ent.and prefented themfelvts 
pie HGod ginjetb a change to Jojhua y in the tabernacle of the congregation. 
19 ttndafongto tefiify aguinfi the teople. ! 15 And the Lord appeared in the tab- 
AND Moles went and fpake thefe ernacle in a pillar of a cloud : and the 

wV>rdsunto all Ifrael. 
. 2 And he faid unto them, T am an hun- 
dred and twenty years old this day ; I 
can no more go- out and come in : alfo 
the Loud hath faid unto me, Thou fhalt 
not go over this Jordan. 

pihar of the cloud flood over the door of 
the tabernacle. 

16 And rhe Lord faid ,unto Mofes, 
Behold thou fhalt fleep with thy fa T 
thers . and this people will rife up, and go 
a whoring after the gods ot the ftran- 

5 The LoiDthyGod, lie will go over gers of the land, whither they go to be 
before thee and he wi'l deftroy thefe na- 
tions from before thee, and thoiufhalt pof- 
fefs them and Jofhua he (hall go over 
before thee l as the Lord hath faictr 

4 And the Lord mall do unto them as 
he did to Sihon and to Og, kings of the 'fake them, and I will hide my face from 

among them and will forfake me, and 
break my covenant which I have made 
with them. 

17 Then my anger fhall be kindled a- 
gainft them in that day, and I will for- 

Amorites, and unto the land of them, 
whom he deftroy ed 

5 And the Lord (hall give them up 
before your face, that ye may do unto 
them according unto all the command- 
ment which I have commanded you 

6 Be flron* and of a good couiage, fear 
not, nor be afraid of them • for the Lord 
thy God, he hit that doth go with thee; 
be will not fail thee, nor forfake thee. 

7 And Mcfes called unto Jofhua, and 
faid unto him in the fight of all Ifrael, 
Beftrengami ot a ^ood courage : for thou 
iriuft go with this people unto the land 
which the Lord hath fworn unto rheir 

'•rs to give them ; and thou fhalt 
mife then to inherit it. 

8 And the Low D, he // is that doth go 
re thrc ; he will be r. i'h thee, h 

nor Bail th«-e neither forfake thee ; fear 
not, neither be difmayed 

fj And Modes wro»e tlvs law. and 
«lel it unto the pi lefts the fonsof Le- , , 

v,,vii ; .(h bare the ark of the covenant of -hat 'his long fh.dl tefiify againft them as 

them, and they fhall be devoured, and 
many eviisand troubles fhall befal them ; 
fo that they will fay in that day, Are not 
thefe evils come upon us, becaufe our 
God is not among us ? 

VS And I will furely hide my face in 
that day for all the evils which they fhall 
have wrought, in that they are turned 
unto other gods 

19 f\ Now therefore write ye this fong 
for you, and teach it the children of If- 
rael ; put it in their mouths, that this fong 
may be a witnefs for me againft the chil- 
dren ot Ifrael 

'10 lor v\ hen I fhall have brought them 
into the land wlvch I f " are unto their fa- 
thers, that rloweth with milk and honey ; 
hey Shall have eaten and filled there- 
lelves, and waxen fat: then will they turn 
unto other gods, and ferve them, and pro- 
ve. kc me ano break my covenant 

J Z\ And it fhall come to pals, when ma- 
ny evilb and troubles are bef.dlen them, 

the LoRD,and unto all the elders of Tfrael 

10 And M'ift j mi. i then), lay- 
ing, At tlu , r<v(ry leven yeai •, in 
the lolcmnity of the year of rcieafe in 
the feafl oi t ibernaclesi 

1 1 When all Id ' to appear 

a witnefs ; t. r it (hail not be forgotten out 

ol the mouths of their feed : for 1 know 
the. r imagination which they go about, 
even now, before I have brought them 
into the hmd which I l^are. 

--' Mofes therefore wrote this fong 

before the Lo«D thy God, in theplaiej the fame day, and taught it the children 
u rdch hr ihall ( I of llrael. 

this law before all Ifrael in their hearing j 43 .Mid he gave Jofhua the fon of Nun 

1. Gather tl ther, men, j a charge, and faid,>Be flrong and of a 

:md hildren, and tnj ftran- rage; for tiYou it alt bring the 

pr that /J within thy gaUs, that Uiey may! children oi Ifrael into the land which I 

w fware 

MefeSsfong of Chap, xxxii. God' s merry and judgment. \%1 

fware unto them i i the v. aire hot wildernefl j he led 

And it cametupafs,w hen Mofes had 

made an end ot" wr ting the v\ordb of this 

2P he Lc- 

hith bare the ark of the covenant 
ot the Lord, 

Lake th < f the law and put 

it in the iide of the a;k of 'he covenant 
of the Lord your God, that it ma) be 
e tor a v. itnefs aga nit 

th) iebelliun, and thy 
flitfneck: behold, while I am yet alive 
, ye h n rebel 

more -;i • r my death J 

- father unto me all the elders of 
yourtribes, and your officers, thai 1 mat 
Jpeak thele words in then eai . and u.l 
i I einh r 

hat atter ui) death ye 

afid'- coin- 

.1 > ou U) 
I becaufe ye *ill,doevil in 
I the Lo ko, to provoke him 
: : ; (Air !:. 

n ihe i an ..i all 
•urdi ot 
1 1 . i . 


jr.rtb Cod 

. tanct 16 tti fxbtri 

i form .oji i r : u i • t i< a . ; // // 
(j i . , and i w;i! 

' h, the u uidi oj 


p as the rain, 

d< •.% , aa the 

ender herb, and aa 

.5 untooui ' i 
4 He j 

I . , juft a,,. 4 . 

(i not h 




;; v\ ii -i the i ih. 

n ition . tii ir iohci it i <. •, ••• h 
rated the I 

<i tli to the numb I 

the c hildi Ifrael 

9 For r!i • I. peo.« 
pic ; Jacob ii the lot .<t his inheritance 

10 He tound him in a defert Und, and 

lum about, he i nft incited him, lie kept 
him ab the jpple of his eye. 

tl AS au eagle uineth iip her ncft, 
B utte ret h aver her young, fpreadeth a- 
bi ad her r wings, tdketh them, beaxeth 
then: on her u m^s : 

12 S« the LokD alone did Lad him, 
and there nvss no Grange god with him. 

i o ne made him ridt on rhe high ,1 i- 
cesof the .,e 

increafe of the fields and he . .:n 

to fuck honey cm of the reck, and oil c 
or the Hinfy i*xk , 

u Butter ot kme and mittc of foeep, 
with f.u or lambs, and rams ot the breed 
ot tJatnaiij and t oa;.-> ( with the fat of 
kidneys ot wheat ; ana thou uncut drink 
the pure blood of the gi ai e. 

la Bat Jethuiun waxed fat, and kick- 
ed . thou art waxen fat, thou art grown 
thick,thou ai t coveted ivithja nej's j tlu n 
he torfo k G< i u ' •• b made inm, and 
rlj ehVemed t' ^ ot hisCalvation. 

»6 Phej provoked mm to jealoufy 
witn Grange £ods 9 with al honspro- 

voked n gcr. 

n The] facrificed unto devils, not to 
God; to 'gods whom they knev\ not, to 
new pod$ that ca ■>• newly up, rrhotfi 
) our rathe i*s feared not. 

It (>; the Rot begat thee thou 

an unmindful, and hail forgotten uod 
that forii ed i^ 

iy And whe i the Lord law /'/, he ab- 
le 1 ihcm, becaufe of the provoking 
of his funs, and >i his daughter* 

-<♦ \;,d he laid, 1 wfti nide my facte 
from them, 1 will fee what their end (bait 
ot : roi th< ; aie a v( 17 froward gen< ra- 
Iren in w horn it no faith. 

'1 l i. oufy 

withtbat ' t ' ; the) I 

in( -a v. 1 1 •!: .1 \ anities •■ 
ind I p ill in ivc tii- 'ii 1 . •■ 1-hi' . v .:.i 

iu 1 ! nation* 
For a 1 ... 

.all burn unto the kmefi I 
(bail conlutne tlu- earth >^ ith 1 

let on tire th the 

I . • : n them ; t 

A ill 

tii be b 

tnd 1 

with ; I will a 

It the 

1 \x ithettl , id t 
ind t lucklii . • 

t6 I ..':'.', I 

1 , I won. 

ot them to ccciie from aim 

4T Wert 

188 Tbefong of Mofes. DEUTERONOMY. 

The inajffiy of G*d. 

27 Were it not that I feared the wrath 
of the enemy, left their adverfaries fhould 
behave themfelves ftrangely, and left they 
fhould fay, Our hand is high, and the 
Lord hath not done all this. 

28 For they are a nation void of coun- 
felj neither is there any underftanding in 

them. whither ye go over Jordan to po fiefs it. 

29 O that they were wife, that ihey un- 48 And the Lord fpake unto Mole 
derftood this, that they would confider 
their latter end ! 

SO How fhould one chafe a thoufand, 

tmd two put ten thoufand to flight, ex- 
cept their Rock had fold them, and the 
Lord had (hut them up ? 

SI For their rock is not as our Rock 
eve i ourenemiesthem&foes6f/*£Judges. 

SI For their vine is of the vine of Sod- 
om, and of the fields of Gomorrah : 
rheir grapes are grapes of gall, their ciuf- 
iers are bitter j 

S3 heir wine is the poifon of dragons, 
and the cruel venom of afps. 

34 Is not this laid up in ftore with me, 
and fealed up among my treafures ? 

55 To me oelongett, and rec- 
ompenfe ; their Toot mall Aide in due 
time : for the day of their calamity is at 
hand, and the things that Hull come up- 

rhem make hafte. 

56 For the Lord (hall judge his peo- 
ple, and repent himfclf for his fervants, 
when he feeth that their power is gone, 
and there is none (hut up, or left 

Wl And he fhalUiy, Where are their 
gods, their rock in whom they trufted, 

S3 Which did cat the fat of their facri- 
ficeSj cud drank the wine of their drink 
offerings ? Let them rife up and help you, 
a:: J be your protection. 

S9 See now that I, even \, am he, and 
there is no God with me : I kill, and f 
.j alive- I wound, and I heal, neither 
is tbi-reanyxhat can deliver out of my hand 

40 For I lift up my hand to heaven, and 
fay, I live fur ever. 

41 If I whet my glittering fword, and 
mine hand take hold on judgment ; 1 will 

hearts unto all the words which J teftify 
among you this day, which ye (hall com- 
mand ycur children to cbluve to do, all 
the words of this law. 

47 For it is not a vain thing for you ; be- 
caufe it is your life * and through this thing 
ye fhall prolong your days in the land, 


that felf fame day, faying, 

49 Get thee up into (his mountain A- 
barim,«/.«7/0 mount Kebo, which is in the 
land of Moab that is over again ftjericho ; 
and behold the laud of Canaan, which 
I give unto the children of Ifrael for a 
poflefliori : 

50 And die in the mount whither thovi 
gceft up, and be g3theied unto th? peo- 
ple ; as Aaron thy brother died inmour.t- 
Hor, and was gathered unto his people : 

51 Becaufe ye rrefpafled againlt me a- 
mong the children of Ifrael at the waters 
of Meribah Kadefb in the wildernefs of' 
Zin : becaufe ye fanclifled me noTin the 
mid ft of the children of Ifrael. 

52 Yet thou (halt fee the land before 
thfe ; but thou (halt not go thither unto the 
land which F give the children of Ifrael.* 

1 Ike majefly of God. G J be bleffuig of- 

the tive I've tribes 26 The ex eeTiemy 

of Ifrael. 

A.\ f D this is the bleffing, wherewith 
Mbfes the man of God blcffed the chil- 
dren pf Ifrae! before his death. 
J2. And he faid» The Lord came from 
Sinai,and rofe up from Seirunto them \ lie 
Ihined forth from mount Paran, and he 
came with ten thoufand s of faints : from 
In's right hand ivent a fiery law for them : 

•-> 1 ea, he loved the people ; all his 
Lints are in thy hand : and they fat 
down at thy feet'; every one (half receive 
of thy words. 

4 Mofes commanded us a \zw ,e<ven the 
inheritance of (he congregation of Jacob. 

5 Ana he was king in Jefhumn, when 

seance to mine enemies, and 
• ard them that hate me. 
I will make mincairowsdrunk u itj] 
blood, and my f^ord fhall devour flefh ; 
and that with 'he blood t -dot 

the captives from ;ginni g of re- 

veoges upon the enem; 

Rejoice, O ye nations iv/th bis 

fple : for he wili avenge the blood of 
, and will render v< ngeanceto 
his adv< , and will be merciful unto 

land, at d to his people. 
A 5 and fpake all 

wor • '<■ i in »of the peo- 

ple i ioflica the ton of Nun 

' t fpeak- 
toa)l li'i ael : 
And he fau. Ct your 

the head* of 'lie people and the tribes of 
Ifrael r.ere gathered together. 

6 <[[ Let Reuben live, and not die ; 
and let not Jus men be few . 

7 And this 7j the tlrjingci Judah: and 
he f.ud, Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah, 
and bring him u.nto his people : let h;s 
hands be furricicnt for hiin ; and be thou 
an help u bim from his enemies. 

8 And of Levi he (aid, Let thyThum- 
rajmand ihy Urimte witjj thy holy One, 

a thou didfl prove at Matfah, and 
whom thou didft drive at the waters 
Of M< : .bail ; 

9 Who (aid unto his father and to hra 
mother, 1 have notfeen him ; neither did 
he acknoWledge his brethren, nor knew 
his own children: for the) have ob.'ervcd 
thy v-cr^t 4fldkept thy covenant. 

10 They 

37?/ rwtlvg tf'ibti bUjfed. Chap. 

10 They (hail teach Jacob thjrjudg- 
ruems. ana lira; I th) la. : t. ill put 

incente before thee, and whole burnt 
(acrifice upon thine altar. 

H rJiefs, Lord, hi» l\., and ac- 
cept the work of his hands : (mite through 
the loins ot then) t ha rife againft hiin, 
and of them tiiat hale him, that they rile 
not again. 

» - And of Benjamin he laid, T lie be- 
loved of the Lord ili x 1 d*eil in : : and in LORD (hall cover him 
3li the day long, and he (ball dwell be- 

15 And ol Jolcph he faid,Blefled of the 
Lord be hi* iuiiU, for the precious things 
oi heaycrii for die dew, and :or the deep 

u coucheih beneath. 

14 And for the precious fri 'gbt 

:b by the fun, and (or the precious 
things put lurch by the moon, 

Ij And toi ; 5 of the an- 

1 a tains, and for the precii 
tilings vt 

16 And tor the j . - things of the 
eaiih and fulnefs thereof and /or the 

f;ood iftill 1 that dwelt in the buin : 

me uj on the head of 
iolepli, and upon the top of the head 01 
i (torn his dj 

IT ( ry is Lke the firftling of his 

ind hi-> horns a the bo 

po • arth : 

an. < the icn ihoufai.d.1 ol 1 - 

ire tlie thoufa 

he laid, ' 

, in thj g< . 

into ti 
luntain ; . th -\ & i facrifi< 

ot righteoufneJ . : For ( ill Puck 

the ii- 


i Gad hi he 

ilut enlargeth C: d ; a l.- 

etli the a: in With tlie 1 | 

■ ■■ 

n offl ■ 


1 on\ 
he (hall 


the 1 the 1 OR . thou 

tlu 1. 


to hii I 

0y M afuueedcth Msfes . 139 

15 T,\ and brafl ; 

/§<?// thy (treagtb be. 

5 " U't M no>;e like unto tot Cio4 

of jefhurun, ivbo riueth upon .'.ven 

in tny help, and in his excellency on. 

the ' 

-~ 1 he eternal God is thy refuge, and 
underneath ata tiie ererafting a:. 
and he lhall thrult out the eneni; front 
before thee; and (hail fay, Deftroj \ 

•b Ifra i fcaN dwell in fafct] 

lone : tlu- fountain oi Jacob /ball he upon 
a : a m i of eon» ar-.l wine ; alio Itia heaven 

art thou, O Ifrael : who U 

like unto thee, O people laved b> tlie 

Lord, the thicldofthj help, dad v\ho/j 

the iwonk of tli? excellency I andthineen- 

s (hall ! nd liars unto thee ; and, 

thou ibak tread ucan their high piace*. 


I m*KftiAlebovif*nttb the land. 

thrre. biffs burial. 7 Hisage. 

U Thirty dtvs mourning jor him. 9 

fucceedcib bim. 10 The pi ■ 


AN'D Mofes went tip from ths pi : 
fMoab unto the mountain of Mtbo, to 
tiie top of Pifgah, that is over agaiaift 
Jericho. Ana the Lord fne>scd hun all 
the land of ( > id, Ullto Dan, 

N iphtal , and the land of 
: h, and all the land 
ol Judah, unl :nic?tl Q 

ft And the h llth, and ti 

valley of Jericho, the city ui palm titt 
unto 25oar« 

I And 'Rn faid unto him, 1 

is tl ch I I'vare unl 

I 1 v. ill 

give u unfo Ihy feed i 1 h ; v - the e 

lu fee // with thine eyes : but Uioii (halt not 

5 * 60 M " RD 

< iod he buried hiin in in 

the land of r : 

but BO nifla k 
(o tiii? day. 
•7 fj And 


fes in '1 • 
ins i"! M( 


to • 

It la 

190 Joflmafucceedeih Mofes. JOSHUA. R&habcmce«leth ihe fples. 

which the Lord font him to do in the J IS And in all that mighty hand, arid 
land of Kgypt to Pharaoh, and to all in all the great terror which Mofes (hew« 
his fervants, and to all his land, |ed in the light of all Ifrael. 


CHAP. I. 1 13 Remember the word which Moles 

1 The Lord appointetb Jojbua to fucceedhhe fervant of the Lord commanded y^u, 
Mojes. 3 the borders of the promt/id faying, The Lord your God hath given 
land. i>, 9 God promifeth to *ffijl\ you reft, and hath given you this land. 
Joftraa. 8 He givctb him inJtrucJion. j 14 Your wives, your little ones, and 
MOW after the death of Moles, fhe;yourcat>.le,fhdll remain in the land which 
fervant of the Lord, it came to pals, that , Moles gave you on this fide Jordan ; but 
the Lord fpake unto Jofhuathe fon of ye fhatl pals before your brethren arm- 
Nun, Mofes's minilter, laying, jed. all the mighty men of valour, and 

l l Mofes my fervant is dead ; now there- help them, 
fore arife, go over this Jordan, thou, and I 15 Until the Lokd have given your 
all this people, unto the land which I > brethren reft, as be bath given you, and 

they alio have p offered the land wlvch 
the Lord your God giveth them : then 
ye lhall return unto the land of j our 
pod'eflion, and enjoy it, which Moles :he 
Lord's fervant gave jou on this fide 
Jordan towards the funri/ing. 

16 And they anfvrercd Jothua, faying, 
All that thou commanded us we will 
do, and whitherfoever thou lendeil us, 
we will go. 

17, According as we hearkened unto 
Mofes in all things, fo will we hearken 
unto thee : only the Lord thy God be 
with thee, as he was with Mofes. 

18 Whomever /^ be that doth rebel a- 
gainfl thy commandment, and will not 
hearken unto thy words in all that thou 
commander! him, he (hall be put to death : 
only be Itrong and of a. good courage. 

1 Rahab receive th and conceaietb the tnuo 
Spies J'ent from Sbittlm. 85 T be covenant 
between ber and them. 15!Let> ntum. 
AND jolluia the Ion of Nun lent out 
of ohittim two men, to Ipy fecietly, lay- 
ing, Go view the land, even Jericho. 

do give to them, even to the children of 

S €\ Every place that the fole of your 
foot lhall tread upon, that have I given 
unto you, as 1 laid unto Moles. 

•4 From the wildernefs and this Leba- 
non, even unto the great river, the river 
Eupluates, all the land of the Hittites, 
and unto the great lea, toward the going 
down of the iun, (hall be your coalt. 

5 «] There (hall not any man be able to 
tfa:id before thee all the days of thy life : 
as I was with Mofes.yb I will be with thee ; 
i w ill not fail thee, nor for fake thee. 

6 Be ftrong and of a good courage : 
for unto this people fhalt thou divide for 
an inheritance the land, which I iware 
unto their fathers to give them. 

7 (.nly be thou flrong and very coura- 
tis,tha1 thou mayeft obfervc io doac- 

i\£ to :ill the law, v. hich Mofes my 

fervam commanded thee : turn not from it 

to t! ■ hand or to the left, that thou 

>f| er whitherfoever thou goelt. 

8 <q I his book of the law lhall not de- 

it of thy mouth : but thou (halt 
meditate therein day and nighty that thou I And they went, and cameinto anharlot'-s 

rvc todo according to all that jhoufe, named Rahab, and lodged there. 
is written therein: tor then thou (halt 2 And it was told the king of Jericho, 
niak<- thy way prosperous, and then thou laying, Behold, there came men in hither 
'•' I fuccefs. to night of thechildren ol Ifrael, to learch 

'J ^| Ha e nut l commanded thee? Be out the country, 
flrong and of * g >od courage ; be not a- 5 And the king of Jericho fent unto 
i be thou dilinay ed : for the Rahab, faying, Bring forth the men that 
; is with thee whitherfocv- arc come to thee, which aie entered into 

er tl , thine houle : for tliey be come to fearch 

commanded the om-:cnit d the Country. 

4 And the woman took the two men 
11 Pais through the hoft, and com - land hid them, and faid thus, There came 
mand the | , faying, Prepare y< tijmen unto me, but I will not whence 

within tin fs ye lhall they were ; 

- ' intopotfe/a i Ana it came to pafs about the time 

land which the LoiiPyour Godgiv- of (hutting of the gate, when it was dark, 

that the men went out ; whither the men 
I to the went I wotnot: purfue after them quick- 
ali tribe ol Manaf- 1 ly ; for ye (hall overtake them. 
D&ua, faying, 6 But the had brought them up to 

1 the 

Rahab's covenant luitb the Jpiet. Chap. iii. Jojhua cometb to "Jordan. 191 

the roof of the houfe, and hid them with 
(talks of Max. which (he had laid in or- 
der upon the root 

7 \ud the men purfued af r er them the 
to Jordan, unto the fords i and a? 

fooa as they which purfued after them 
were gone out. they (hut the gate. 

8 fi And before they were 'uiid down, 
fhe came up unto them upon the roof ; 

9 And she faid unto the men, 1 know 
that the Lord hath given you the land. 
and that your terror is fallen upon us. 
and that all the inhabitants of the land 
faint becaufe of you. 

10 For we have heard how the Lord 
dried up the water of the Red fea for you, 
when yecamcoui of Egypt : and what ye 
did unto die two km^b of the Amorites, 
that were on the other fide Jordan, Sihon 
and Og, whom >e utteily destroyed. 

11 nnd as foon as we had heard tbele 
thing\ y our hearts did melt, neither did 
there remain any more courage in any 

. becaufe of you: for the Lord 
: God, he i* God in ueaven above, 
and in earth beneath. 

12 Now therefore, I pray you, fwear 
unto me by the Lord, lince I have 
fhewed you kindnefs, that ye will alio 
fhew kindnefs unto my father's houfe, 
and give me a true token : 

i - And tt>at ye will fave alive m> fa- 
ther, and my mother, and my brethren, 
and my fiffers and all that they ha\e, 

1 deliver our lives from death. 

14 And the nun anfwered her. Our 
life for yours, if ye utter not this our 
bufir.els. And it (hall be. when the Lord 
h ith given m the land, that we will deal 

kindly and truly w ith thee. 

I > 1 hen fl»e h-t them down by :i c re! 
through the window : ivas 

upon the tow n wall, and ihe dvselt upon 
the wall. 

16 And fr" faid unto them, Get ye to 
thejnountain, ':■ purfuers meet you ; 
and! urfelves there three days, un- 
til the purfueis be returned : and alter- 
ward may ye go your way. 

17 And I unto her, We 
nviUSe h!amelefs< e oath which 
thou had made us f^< 

18 Behold, wt4 n u e con the 

land, thou (halt hind th: 

thread in the window which thou dtdfl 

let us down by : and thou (halt l>. ing thj 
fuhcr, and thy mother, and thj breth- 

and all tb) father's hou 
unto thee. 

19 And it fh ill '.-ever Hi. ill 
>mt of the d th) houfe into 

the (rrcct, hi n hi 

d,and we tuiU i-, who- 

mever (hall be v- e in th< 

his blood >9<z/4 be on aur I 
upon hi iu; 

-0 And if thou utter this our bufinefs, 
then we will be quit of thine oath, which 
thou hair made us ro f.rear. 

£1 And fhe fa cording vinto your 

words, fo be it. And fhe lent them aw ay, 
and they departed : and the bound tin: 
icariet line in the window. 

And they went, and came unto the 
mountain, and abode there thtee da 
until the purfuers were returned : and 
the purfuers fought tbcm throughout all 
the way, but found /£*/ai not. 

23 *f So the two men returned, and dc- 
fcended from the mountain, and 
over, and came to Jofhua the fon of Nun, 
and told him all things that betel them : 

ti And they faid unto Jofluia, Truly 
ihe Lord hath delivered into our hand's 
all the land : forevci all the inhabitants 
of the country do faint becaufe of us. 

C 11 A P. III. 
1 Jojhua c^meth to Jordan 7 The Lord en- 

C'juru^itb Jcjbua. ^Jojhua encouragetb 

ttr p : of>/' t 1 i He -J altrs di-X'iilcd. 

AM) Jofhua ro<e early in th** morn- 
ing ; and they removed from Shittim, 
and came to |o£dan, he and all the chil- 
dren of 1 1 raid, and lodged there before 
thej over. 

c i .\nd it came to pafs after three days, 
that the oflu ers went through the hoft ; 

3 And they commanded th< people,fay- 
ing, \\ hen ft fee the ark of the < . tenant 
of the Lord your God, and the priefts 
the Levites beating it, then ye (hall re- 
move from your place, andgoaftei it. 

•i Yet there lhall be a [pace between 
you and it, about twothouiand cubitsby 
ue: come not near unto it. that ye 
ma) know the way b) which ye mull 
tor \ e have not palled ith wa) hereto! 

5 An i J. tid unto the people, 
tif) \ oui Pelves i for tot ••• the 

LO I D M ill do I iu. 

6 And Jofhua unto the priefts, 
faying, 1 ake i\\ k of the I ovenant, 
and j. .Us ovei bef< 

• ok up the -irk of the coven 
and went before t! le 

T C[ And the LOi D faid Jofhua, 

This day v. ill I begin to magltif) thee 

in the r * ^ 1 1 1 ol all I . that the) may 

With Moles, Jo I 

B \n.l thou (li d( i immand the pi 

that hear the ark ol th( irn;, 

i ol Jordan, )e thall (land (till in Joi - 

y « h ••••: i I ud unto the chil- 

I .i ael, v r the 

OKD] d. 

10 And J ye mail 

mong ;. 


)ou the Cun.. I the 


f£ Jordan divided, JOSHUA. 

Hittites, and the Hivites, and the Periz 
tzltcs, and the (Jirgaihites, and the Amo 
rites, and the Jebulites. 

11 Behold, the ark of the covnant of 
the Lord of all the earth, patfeth over 
before you into Jordan. 

1-2 Now therefore, take ye twelve men ark of the covenant of the Lord ; when 

.out of t.he tribes of lfrael, out of every 
tribe a man, 

Cod magn'ifre'ih Jr-fiud* 

6 That this may be afign among; yon, 
that When your children afk their fctberi 
in time to come, faying, What mean ye 
by fftefe ('ones ? 

7 Then ye (hall anfwer them. That the 
voters of Jordan were cut off before the 

it paffed over Jordan, the waters of Jor- 
dan we^ecutoft: and {halt 

13 And it (hall come to pais, ?s foonjbe for a memorial unto th.e children of 

lfrael for ever.- 

& And the chddrcn of Hrael did fo as 
Joftua commanded, and took up twelve 
(tones out of the mid It of Jordan, as the 
Lord fpake unto Jcfhua. according to the 
number of the tribes of the children of IL 

as the foles of the feet of rhe priefts that 
■bear the ark of the Lord, the LSrd of all 
the earth, lhall reff in the waters of Jor- 
d.i i thai the waters of Jordan frail be cut 
mft'fi om t he waters t hat come jJdw n from 
above ; and they fhall (tend mvnan heao 

ii «\ And it came to pais- when thejraei, and earned 'hem over «*ith therrt 
people- removed from their tents, to pafsiffrfta the place where they lodged, and 
over Jordan, and the prielis bearing the I lai i them down, there. 
ark of rhe covenant be fore rhe people ; I 9 fl And Joflnia let up twelve ftones 

15 And as the> tint bfirre the ark were jin the midll of Jordani in th.e place where 
«oiue uii'o Jordan, and the feet of thejthe feet of the prie.'U which bare the ark 
pr:e:ti; mat bare the ark were dipped mlhejof the covenant flood i and they aielhere 
brim of the water (for Jordan overflow- junto this day. 
eth all his banks an ihe time of harveft) 10 fl For the priefts which bare the 

16 i bat the waters which came down 
from abofe ftood and role np upon an 
heap yerj far from the city Adam, that! 
is be/He Zaretan : and thofe that came 
down toward the lea of -he plain, even 
the fall fea, failed and were cut off: and 
the people paffed over ri&ht againfl Jer- 

17 And the priefls that bare the ark 
of the covenant of the Loud flood firm 
on dry ground in the mctft of Jordan, 
and ali the firaelites palled over on dry 
ground, until all the people v\ere paffed 
clean over Jordan?. 

^ C H A P IV 

1 f*wwi ve Jtone< taken as a memorial out 

*f Jordan 9 iivrlvt: c'.-cr (lonps are 

Jet uf> iti .be m:dji thereof 10, 19 The 

)ple faft v*ver. 14 God magflijieth 

I it ( affle to p ifs when all the peo- 
ple wen I over Jordan, that 
' 'into Jothua, faying, 

\\ men out of die peo- 

3 •■ md . ou them, faying, 

lid : of [or- 

i of the \ ■ the prieaV 

rm, twelv|^nes, and ye ftiall 

car." ver v>*^^yoi, and leave 

here ye fhall 
hi j nighr. 

4 Fhenjofhua call ■ I ' ■••-• men, 

ire I it the children of 
I, "ot ;i naan 

■> Amd J Ibua l rid unto them, P.\f. o- 
beforethearkof the Lord youi 
jmo the mi Ifl ol I >rd . i, and i il 

. accord ng r of the 

ark ftood in the lnidfl of Jordan, until 
every thing w»s finifned that the Lord 
corrimanded Jofhua to fpeak unto the peo- 
ple, according to ali thai Mofes com- 
minded : and the people hailed 
and paifed over. 

tl And it came to paffs, when all the 
people were clean paued over, that the 
ark of the Lcrd palled over, and the 
priefts, in the prefence of the peop'e. 

tt And the cfrldren of Reuben, and. 
the children of Gad, and half the tribe of 
.V'anaffeh, paffed over armed before the 
children of lfrael, as Mofes fpake unto' 
i hem 

IS About forty thoufand prepared for 
war, paffed ever before the Lord unto 
battle, to th.e plains of Jericho. 

14 <f On Chat day the Lord magnified 
Joiluia in the fight of all Ifr.icl : and they 
feared him as they feared Mofes, all the 
da j .-: of his life 

15 And the Lord fpake unto Jofhua, 
fay in. r, 

1G Command the priefts that bear the 
ark of the teftimony, that they come up 
< nit of Jordan. 

IT foihua therefore commanded the* 
s, fa) ing, Come ye tip out of Jordan. 

u> And it came to pafs, when the priefts 
that bare the ark of the covenant of the? 
Lord were come up out of the midfl ot 
fbrdan, and the foles of the priefts' feet 
were lifted up unto the dry land, that 
the waters of Jordan returned unto their 
place, and flowed over all his banks, as 
they did before. 

19 «| And the people came up out 
of Jordan on the tenth day of the firft 
month, nnd encamped in Gilgal, in the 
eaff. border of Jericho. 

20 And 


. Ancr.gc! appearnbto I 193 

SO And 


a of 

le to cc: 

•r this Jor- 

3 rour Iried up 

the water an- 

as the F.ord your 
ch he dried up 

the people c : trth 

•v the r the I 

Loxl 1 r. 

1 7£f Canaan.'-cs urf afra'd. t Circum 
ed 10 T be f*f 

IS An un~(l a;p'uretb 

e to pafs when all the 

re on 

:an wefl . and all the 

' ^> 
e Lor 

up the waters of Joilan from b< 

children of Ifrael, until we ner 

ihl r heart melted, neither 

in therr; any more, be 

en of . 

C At tltdt time the Lord faid unto 


,!.. hi 

rn (harp 
iren ot ! 


| eople inie out 

were people ibat 

lit I -hy Jofhua 

-pie thai 

, even all the 

8 And it came to pafs, when they had 
done circumcifing all tl. !e, that 

abode in their places in 
till they were whole. 

And the Lord ,to Jof. 

This day have I rolled away the re- 
proach of Bgypt from oft' you W| 
fore tl the place is called Gilgai 

unto this day 

10 qj And the children cf Ifrael en- 
camped in Gilga e paffbver 
on the fourteenth day of the month at e- 
ven in the \ i /eric' 

11 And they d !:e old corn of 
the land on the morrow after the paflbv , 
unleavened cakes, and parched corn irt 
the I 

12 And the mannaccafed on tl 

■ ait-i they had eaten of trV rn 

ie children of 
Ifrael manna any more- 
eat of the truit of the land of L'anaaa 
that ye 

13 r V' it c pafs when Joffiua 

Jerich j es 

tnd behcl ' I a 

man over him with hi> 

dra I : and n- 

to him. him, An thou : 

idtcrfariea I 
1 i And h- , but as 

of the holt Lord am I 

And J. n his face to the ea'tli 

d unto him, 
lord unt 5 hit : ? 

15 And tl. 

a, Ix>ofe thy fhoe fr 
thy -- the plac i thou 

ftar. .1 fo. 

\ I 
1 Jeriei 
d- A 26 fbe 

rbo is enrj- I 

came out of ; 

p be 
by the caufe el 

went in. 

4 And the Lord (aid unto JonSua, 


he mii, 

I] ifs the city, a' 

KD f I biuf 

:>t fliev. 

. that v 


into 1 



c t 

I r A :led 

* the 

134 Jericha is befiegcd. 

the priefts, aiid faid unto them, Take up 
the ark of the covenant, and let ftven 
prieltsbear feven trumpets of rams' horns 
befoie the ark of the Lord. 

1 And lie faid unto the people. Pais on, 
and compafsthe city, and let him that is 
armed pafson before the ark of the Lord. 

8 And itcame to pafs when Jofhua had 
fpokfn unto the people, that the feven 
prieflsbearing r he lev en trumpets of rains' 
horns palled on before theLoR D,'indble\v 
with the trumpets ; and the aikof the 
covenant of the Lord followed them. 

9 And the armed men went -before the 
pr lefts that blew wifh the trumpet*, and 

JOSHUA. The walls fall dlnvtU 

• priefs blew with the trumpets : and it? 
came to pafs, when the people heard the' 
found of the trumpets, and the people* 
(homed with a great fhout, that <he wall" 
fell c^own flat, fo that the people went 
up into the city, every man (traight be- 
fore liim, and they took the city 

21 And they utterly destroyed all that 
IX- as in the city, both, man and woman,, 
young and old, and or, and fheep. and 
afs, with the edge of the fword. 

22 f But Jofhua had laid unto the two 
men that, had lpied out the country, Go" 
into the harlot's houfe, and bring out 
thence the woman, and all that the hath, 

the rerewajd came after the ark, the j as y e fware unto her. 

fricjls going oir, and blowing with the 


10 And Jofhua had commanded the 
people, faying, Ye fhall not lhout. nor 

23 And the young men that were fpies 
went in, and brought out Rahab, ano her 
father, andher mother, and her brethren, 
and all that flie had ; and they brought 

makean) ncife with your voice, neither : out all her kindred, and left them with- 
fhnMuny word proceed out of your mouth, out the campof Ifrael 

until the day I bid you fnout 
ye fhout 

then fhall 

24 And they burned the city with fire, 
and all that ivas therein : only thelilver. 

tl SothearkoftheLoRDcompaffedtheland the gold, and the veflels of brafs a-id 

city, going about it once ;,arid they came 
into the camp, and lodged in the camp. 

12 And Joftma. rofe early in the morn- 
ing, and the.priefis took up the ark of the 

13 And feven priefts bearing feven 
trumpets of ranis' horns before the ark 
of the Lord, wenton continually, and 
blew with the trumpets : and the armed 
men went before them : but the rcre- 
ward came after the ark of the Lord, 
the priejls going on r and blowing with the 

14 And the fecond day they compalTed 
the city once, and returned into the 
camp : fo they did fix days. 

13 And it came to pafs on the feventh 
day, that they rofe early about the dawn- 
ing ot the day, and compafTed the city- 
after the fame manner izvtw times : only 
on that day they compaflcd the city feven 

lb And it came to pafs at the feventh. 
; v hen the prielts blew with the trum- 
. Jofhua faid unto the people, Shout 
fur the Lord hith given vou the oity 

IT And the tity fhall be accurfed,?*'** 

it, and all that art therein to the Lord : 
onl) Rahab the harlot fhall live, fhe and 
aJi that <>>r with her in the houfe, becaufe 
Ihc hid ' that we fent. 

13 Andy 0, , wife keep )ourfclves 

fr«m the accurfed thine, left ye make 

(elves accurfed. when ye take of the 

accurfed thing, and make the camp of 

Ifrael a ciirfe, and trouble it. 

19 But all the filvcr, and gold, and vef- 
fels of brafs and iron, are COnfecrateo! 
unto Hic-Lord : they thill come into the 
ttteafury of 'he l.o i d. 

10 ^ So the | d v. hen the* arc bi 

of iron, they put into the treafury of the. 
houfe of the Lord. 

25 And Jofhua faved Rahab the har- 
lot alive, and her father's houfehold, and 
all that fhe had ; and (he dwelleth in If- 
rael even unto this day ; becaufe fhe hid" 
the mefleogers, which Jcfhua fent to fpy 
out Jericho. 

26 $ And Jofhua adjured them at that 
time, faying, Curfed be the man before 
the Lord, that riferh up and burldeth this 
city Jericho : he (lull lay the founda- 
tion thereofin his hrft born, and in hi3 
youngeft/o« mall hefetup the gates of it. 

27 So the Lord was with Jo'hua : and 
his fame was nofed throughout all the* 

1 The IJraelites Jmuten at ki 6 Jojhua'r 
complaint. 10 God inprutleih h/mivhaf 
to do. 16 Achan is taken by lot 19- 
hii conjfjfion. 22 He and all i'e huthr 
are defer oyed in the <v alley nf Ac hot 
BUT the children of Ifrael committed* 
atrefpafs in the accurfed thing : for A- 
ctianj the fon of Carmi, the fon of Zab- 
di, the fon of Zerah, of the tribe of J><- 
dah. took of the accurfed thing: and the 
anger of the Lord was kindled a gain IF 
the children of Ifraer. , 

2 And Jofhua fent men from Jericho 
to Ai. v.hiciw.f befide Bethaven, on the 
eaft fide of Bethel, and fpake unto them, 
faying, Go up and view the country i 
And the int:n went up and viewed Ai. 

S And returned to Jofhua, and 

faid unto him, Let not all the people go 
up ; but let about two or three thoufand 
men go up and finite Ai ; and wake not 
all the people to labour thither: for they 

4. Sa 

r xbe IfraeVitesf mitten at Au Chap. 

4 So there went up thither of the people 
about three thoufand men : and they tied 
^before the men or" Ai. 

5 And the men of Ai fmote of them 
about thirty and fix men : forthej chafed 
them/Vo- ite evenwnxo SI 
barim, and em m the going 
down : wherefore the hearts of the peo- 
ple melted and became as wait r. 

6 «[ And Joihua rent his clothes, and 
fell to the eunh upon his face before th 
ark of the Lord until the eventide, he 
and 'he eHers ot Ifrael, and put dull up- 
on then he 

7 Andjoiinufaid, A';isOI.ordGod, 
Wherefore h ».:: thoti at all brought this 
people over Jordan, to deliver us into the 
fund of the Amorite^. to delrroy us ? 
Would to God we had been content, and 
dwelt on the oi h :r (i le Jordan I 

8 O Lord, What -rail I fay, t 
Ifrael turmth their back* before then- 

9 For the Canaariites and ail the in] 

itants of the land fliall hear iff r, Ami 
•fliall environ us round, and cut off our 
nine from the earth : and, What will 
thou do unto thy great name ? 

10 «] And 'he Lord (aid unto Jofhua. 
Get thee up ; Wlicreforc licit thou thus 
upon thy tare > 

It Ifrael hath finned, and Miry have 
alfo tranfgrefled my covcnanl which I 
commanded them : for th 

•he aCCUrfed th i have alio 

len, and di fl*embled alfo, and tliey h 

put // even among th uli 

i .Thcrcf of Ifrael i on id 

nor (land before their enemies but turned 
their | lufe 

they v her will 1 

wit ■ more, except ye delrroy th< 

accurled from amon j 

13 Up, Gm< ' jple, and 

u romom 
>r tints faith the Lo ael, 

here is an .atui fed thing in the 

thee, f) Ilra'-l : th»ll )i fi in.: 

thine eqemie . nntiJ >c takeaway the 
cuiff d thing t: ora ai u. 

14 In I (hall be 
brought according t" your tribe* and il 
fh i ■ the tribe ••• hich i * r> 

t i (hill CO 

there*/- and the familj which the I 

fhall t 

the h mfehold *hu h the 1 ..< 

fhi in b. man 

•\nd it (ball be, that hei k^n 

with the accurfed thing (ball be burnt 
with fire, he and all tint he hath s be- 
Muile he hath tra tant of 

rh • Lord, and becaufe he hath wrought 
folly in Ifrael. 

16 «' So Jcfhua role up early in 
sperning, and brought 1 if ael by t 

vivi. Achates C9nfe]f:?n. 

tribes ; and the tribe of J ml ah was taken: 
IT \nd he brought the family ot Judah, 
and he f >>ok the family of the Zarhites : 
and he brought the family of the Zar- 
hitesmanb) man; and Zabdi was taken. 

18 Ann he brought his honfeholdman 
by man ; and Achan 'he fori of Carmi, 
the fOn Of Zabdi, the fon of Zerah,of the 
tribe erf Judah was taken. 

19 ^ And Joihua faid unto Achan, My 
fon. give, I pray thee, glory to the Lord 
God of 'Ifrael, and make confcllion unto 
him ; and tell me now what thou had 
done ; hide <•/ not from me. 

•20 And Achan anfwered Jofhua, and 
Paid, Indeed 1 have finned againfl the 
Lord (*od of Ifrael, and thus and thus 
nave I done : 

51 Wiien I faW among the fpo Is a 
goodly Babylonifh garment, and two 
hundred Ihekels of filver, and a wedge of 
gold ot fifty ihekels weight, then I cov- 
eted ihem, and took fhem : and, behold, 
rliey a>e hid in the earth in the mid ft of 
\i it. and the filver under it. 

1-2 *] So Jofhua lent meffengert, and 
they ran unto the tent ; amd,b( hold,// tvov 
hnl in his trnt, and the filver under it. 

And they took them out of the mi dft 
of the ten', ju<\ brought them Unto Jofh- 
ua, and itntO all the children of Hi u 1, 

in 1 I; d th '■•• otit b( fore the Lor d. 

*4 And Joihua, and all Hi ael with him, 
t K>k Achan the i m ofXerati, and the fil- 
ver, and the garment, and the wedge of 
gold, and hi md his daughters, and 

Iim oxen, and hisatles, and hisfhetp, and 
• rot, and all that he had t and tluy 
broughi them unto the valley . t Achor. 
15 u <\ Jofhu \ faid, Why haft thou 
tr »ub led us I I he Los d fliall trouble thee 
lay. And all Ifrael ftoried him with 
)<• burned them «* ith fire, after 
they nad ftonedthem with ftonet! 

!•> \ ,'\ they i aife 
of flones unto Pi . So the L< 

mi n-' 1 fi (mi the ii . of his ynger-i 

W bereft .>t" that pi 

< ailed, 1 he valley ofAchor. unto this day. 
P i : 

etbjq/bum. &1%f ilr,jt iqrr* 

tui : ■ • " ,'/./- 

r h in ah.: , ,-r^ thr I ■ 'us, 

and 1 1> ■ 
D unto 

.1 : take 
all th U with I 

bo up i thy 

h md the 

. ami hi 


t.hd 1 ye 
i . laj 

behind it. 

195 Jojbua's jtratagcm aga'mjl Ac JOSHUA 

3 ^} So Jofhua arofe, and all the people 
of uur, to go up again!! x-\i : and Jofhua 
chofe out ihirtj thoufand mighty men of 
valour, and fent them away by night. 

4 And he commanded them, laying, 
Behold, ye fliall lie in wait againit the 
city, even behind the city : go not very 
far from the city , but be ye all ready : 

5 And I and" all the people that we 
"with me, will approach unto the city : 
and it fliall come to pals, when they come 
out againil us, as at the firit, that v^e will 
flee before them. 

6 (Forthey will come out after us) till 
we have drawn them from the city ; for 
they will fay, They flee before us as at the 
fir if : therefore we will tiee before them. 

7 Then ye ihall rife up from the ambufb, 
and feize upon the city : for the Lord 
your God will deliver it into your hand. 

tf And it llial I be, when y r e have taken 
the city, that ye (hall let the city on Tire : 
according to the commandment of the 
Lord thalJ ye do See, I have com- 
manded you. 

9 Jeftu.a therefore fent them forth : 
and they went to lie in ambuth, and a- 
bode between Bethel and Ai, on the welt 
fide of Ai : but J lodged that night 
among the people. 

10 And 

Ai tatty and burned. 

IS And the Lord laid unto Jofhua* 
Stretch out the (pear that Is in thy hand 
toward Ai ; for I will give it into thine 
hand. And Jofhua ffretched out the fpear 
that be had in his hand toward the city. 

19 And the ambufh arofe quickly out 
of their place, and they ran as ioon as he 
had flretched out his hand : and they en- 
tered into the City, and took it, and hafted 
and fet the city on fire 

20 And when the men of Ai looked 
behind them, they faw, and, behold, the* 
fmoke o.f the city afcended up to heaven, 
and they had no poire r to fiee this way 
or that way: and the people that fled! 
tot the wildeincfs turned back upon the 

■21 And when Joihua and all IfraeJ. 
faw that the ambufh had taken the city, 
and that the fmoke of the c'.N afcended r 
then they turned again, and i\sv the men: 
of Aj 

2£ And the other ifliied oirf of the city- 
againft them ; fo they were in the mid 
of Ifrael, fome on this fide, and fume onr 
that fide : and they (mote them, fo thai* 
they let none of them remain or efcape. 

23 An<1 the king of Ai they took alive, 
and brought him to Jofhua. 
people. -i And it came to pafs, when Ifrael 

jofhua rofe up early in the had made an end oi flaying all the mhabi-v 

morning, and numbered the people, and 

w ent up, he and the elders of Ifrael, be- 
fore the people to Ai- 

1 1 And aii the people, e<ven ike people 
of war that 'were with him, went up, and 
diew nigh, and came before the City, and 
pitched on the north tide of Ai : now 
.c a valley between them and Ai. 
li And lie took about five thoufand 
men, and fet the. n to liq in ambuih be- 
tween Betfrel and Ai, on the weft iide of 
- :. 
1 I And when they had fet the people, 
i .ill the ho ft that '"to js on the north 

tants of Ai in the field, in the wiidernefsr 
wherein they chafed them, and whenthey 
were all fallen en the edge of the fword, 
unti! they were coniumed, that all the 
IfVaelites returned unto Ai, ae.d iinote it 
with the edge of the fwjard. 

£5 And/a it was that all that fell that 
day, both of men and women, ivete 
twelve thouland, e-z-en all the men of Ai. 

t6 For Jofhua drew not his hand back, 
Wherewith lie flretched out the fpear, un- 
til fie had utterly deftroyed all the inhab- 
itants of Ai. 

t~i Only the cattle and the fpoil of that 

city, and their liersin v. ait on the , city Israel took for a prey untothemfeive.-, 
city, Jofhua went that night according unto the word of the Lord 
into the midtf of the vail I w hich he commanded Jofhua, 

M ind it when the king] : lo And Jofhua burnt Ai, and made it 

of it that they ha/ted and rofe up! an heap for ever, even a defoiation unto the men of the city went ou 

. he and ail hi*] And the king of Ai he hanged on 

, at a ; inted, before the I a tree until eventide : and as ioon as 

will not tl . li-ltiie fun was down, [ commanded 

era io ambufh him behind the city, {that they fliould take his carcafs down 

15 And Jolhu.i a id all Ifrael made as ifj from the ire<\ and it at the entering 

i, and Aedlof the gate of the city and raife thereon 
ot the wildei ' J a treat heap of ilones, that remainetb un- 

it) a the people ; I .u were in A i , to this day, 

fterthem; 3Q % fben Joihua built an altar unto 
i, and wee the Lord God of Ifrael in mount Kbal, 

, from tin 

As Moles the fervant of r Jic Lord 

\nd there was not i man left in A i commanded the children of Ifrael. as it 

or Bethel that went not ter Ifrael : lis written in tiie book of the law of 

u the ..riued . M. fes, an altar of whole hones, over 

'.. hn Inch no man hath lifted up any iron : and 


Jojbka ivrhetl Ci 

they ori< >n burnt 

:.oru, and lac: 
Ci f ind be wrote there upon the 
i a copy of the la 
he wrote in the pre fence children 

[] Ifrael, ao 
and iheir ji: d on 

. cl un tli at fide h 
the prie bare the 

ark of :.. e Lord, a 

■ that wa: born ainonjj 

them u , a. mi 

ru Kbai , <io H i vant U thr 

Lok ?d before, liiai 

Ihou! the peo 

tu all is written in tJ 
SO i word of all that 

', which 

»n ot Ifrael, 
the women, and the little oiu-^, ami 
mgers that were con it among 


C H A P. I 
i Tbt kings combine <iga:nft Ifrael. S Tbe 

ut by ct 

16 ^ Unwed to Perpetual fomioge 

AND it < to pafs, when all the nveri 1c Jordan, in 

, and in the valleys, and in ail 

5 of the greai >ver again*! 

ite, the Hivlte, 

J , 
themielves to> 

id v. nil II- 

I, with 


* J , and v. 

. I 
and b upon and 

•.ml lip , 


a!i tl 

•' mould) . 
6 And Miry ; i untfl 

'.-; iii« ii ui 
a fa: 





9 A:.'l ii i unto h 


ix. dbecr.ltfs league nxntb * 

lufe of the name of the Lord thy 
tor ve have heard the fameoi 
a.ui a!l that he did in Kgj 

10 And all that he did to the 
of tiie AniQrites,thatto"*c« 
tp Sihon king of Hcthbon, and to Og 
Lung of liaih in, which vtas at A- ta- 
ll Wherefore our ciders a 
inhabitant* oi our country fpake t 
faying, Ta] ;als with you for thr 

iourne, nd go to meet them, aiM lay 
unto ilr .a, We #'Vyou \nu there- 

tore now make ye a k us 

1 - bread we took hot./*/* our 

pru\ ifion out oi oiirhoutes on the da^ n e 
came forth to go unto you ; but now, 
behold it i> dry uldy : 

15 And theft bottles of wine, wl 
we filled litre new. ; behold 

nt : and u 

old bj rea:vj,i ui I ii - 
irerj loi . roc] . 
i » And tl. fc oftheir v»#u 

and alked not counjet at the UlOUth oi 


15 Andjofbuana tee with them, 

I made- jue v. -/it to lec 

theni live : and the princes of the coogrc- 
iti *j And to uafs at the r:. 

three day* alter the] had mad [ue 

with them, that the] heard that they r u- 

, and that they" dwelt 
among them 
17 And the children of Ifrael journ 
ub uni i their c it ie 
.\.>,\ their v ■ 'r ( i . 

eohirah, and Beeroth, and K, 

ii) And the children of Ifra-l fr. 
them not, \ ct m\'>- the pi n- 

h id i .'. oi n unto them by I 

Lo u\> G< 

gation mui mu 
19 Bui 

coo W« i,. t - 

ill do to them ; i 

. led u , U n 

irh whit h «o iwai 

Ulto them, 

d and - 

; I . the pi • 


' he 


M?&8 Gibeon attacked* 

laid, Becaufe it was certainly told thy fer- 
-Vants, how that the Lord thy God "com 
jnanded his fervantMofesto give you all 
the land, and to deflroy all the inhabitants 
of the land from before you. therefore we 
were fore afraid of our lives becaufe of 
you, and have done this thing. 

25 And now, behold, we are in thine 
ftand : as it feemeth good and right unto 
thee to do unto us, do. 

£6 And fo did he unto them, and de- 
livered them out of the hand of the chil 
dren of Ifrael, that they flew them not 

"27 And Jofhua made them that day 
hewers ot wood and drawers of water for 
the congreganon, and for the altar of the 
Lord, even unto this day, in the place 
which lie fhould choofe. 


J Five kings tear agsinft Gibeon. 6 Joflj- 

ua refcutth it. 12 The Jun and moon 

fiand jtill at the word of Jcfoua„ 

NOW it came to pafs> when Adonize- 

<lec king of Jerufalem, had heard how 

joihua had taken Ai, and had utterly 

deftroyed it ; as he had done to Jericho 

and her king ; fo he had done to Ai and 

her king ; and how the inhabitants of 

Gibeon had made peace with Ifrael, and 

JOSHUA . The fun and moon ft and ' fift 

10 And the Lord difcomfited them 
before Ifrael, and flew them with a great 
(laughter at Gibeon, and chafed them 
along the way that goeih up to Bethho 
ron, and fmoterhem to Azekah, and un% 
to Makkedah. 

11 And it came to pafs. as they fled 
from before Ifrael, ana were in the going 
down to Bethhoron, that the LoRocaft 
down great (tones from heaven upon 
them unto Azekah, and they died • they 
ivere more which died with haiUtories 
than they whom the children of Ifrael 
(lew with the fword 

12, ^ Then fpake Jofhua to the Lord, 
in the day when the Lord delivered up 
the Amorites before the children of If- 
rael, and he faid in the light of Ifrael, Sun, 
ftandthou flill upon Grbeon ; and thou, 
Moon, in the valley of Aialon. 

13 And the fun ftooti frill, and the moon 
frayed, until the people had avenged 

were among them : 

2 That they feared greatly, becaufeGib- 
eon ivas a great city, as one of the royal 
cities, and becaufe it ivas greater than Ai, 
ind all the men thereof iuere mighty. 

S Wherefore Adonizcdec king of Je- 
mlalemfentunto Hohamking of Hebron, 
and unto Piram king of Jarmuth, and un- 
to Japhia king of Lachifh,and unto Debir 
king of Eglcn, faying, 

4 Come up unto me,and help me, that 
wc may fmitc Gibeon; for it hath made 
peace with Jofluia and with the children 
ot Ifrael. 

.0 "I herefore the five kings of the Am- 
orites, the king of Jerufalem, the king of 
Hebron, the king of Jarmuth, the king ot 
Lathifh. the king ot Eglon, gathered 
themlel/cs together, and went up, they 
tnd all their hods, and encamped belore 
Gibeon, and made waragainlt it. 

6 ^ And the men of Gibeon fent unto 
Jo'.l'U t 10 the camp to Gilgali laying, 
Slack not thine hand from thy (ervants : 
tome up to lis quickly, and (ave us, and 

Ipus: for all the kings of the Amorites 
thai dwrll in the mountains arc gathered 
to: ;gainft us. 

7 So Joihua afcended from Gflgat, he, 
and all the people of war with him, and 
ail the mignty men of valour. 

8 And the Loud faid unto Jofluia, 
r them not: for 1 have delivered them 

into thme hand : there Stall nut a man ot 
m (land before th e. 

huather 'info them fud- 

i s.cnH wert tip hem ^ilg il til [lighl 

themfelves .upon their enemies, h not 
this written in the book of Ta&ei ? So the 
fun flood ftill in the midft of heaven, and 
haded not to go down about a whole day. 
li And there was no da* like that be- 
fore it or after it, that the Lori heark- 
ened unto the voiceofa man. fortheLoR» 
fought foi Ifrael. 

15 And Jofhua returned, and all Ifrael 
with him, unto the camp td Gilgal. 

16 But thefe five kings tied, and hid 
themfelves in a cave at Makkedah. 

IT And it was told Jofhua- faying, The 
five kings are found hid in a cave at Mak- 

18 And Jofhua faid. Roll great ftones 
upon the mouth of the cave, and fet men 
by it for to keep them : 

19 And flay ye not, Awrpurfue after 
your enemies, and fmite the hindmoft of 
them ; fuffer them not to enter into their 
cities: for the Lord your God hath de- 
livered them into your hand. 

20 And it came to pafs, when Jofhua 
and the children of Ifrael had made an 
end of Haying them with a very great 
(laughter, till they were confumed. that 
the reft ivhich remained of them entered 
into fenced citie-s. 

21 And all the people returned to the 
camp to Jofhua at Makkedah in peace : 
none moved his tongue againft any of 
the children of Ifrael 

'22 '1 hen (aid Jofhua, Open the mouth 
of the cave, and bring out thofe five kings 
unto me out of the cave. 

23 And they did fo, and brought forth 
thofe five kings unto him out oftjie cave, 
the king of Jerufalain, the king of He- 
bron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of 
Lachifh, and the king of Eglon. 

24 And it rame ro pafs, when they 
brought out thofe kings unto Jofh- 
ua, that Joihua called for all the men 


£x five kings bangrd. Chap. xi. 

fltf Ifrael. and laid unto the 

%\"jcfs kings c$ttfuerei~. 139 

captains of 
the men of war which uent « ith him, 
e nexr, put your feet upon the necks 
•i theie kings. And they came near, and 
put rneir tret upon the necki of them. 
£j And Jothua faid unto them, Fear not, 
nor be dinuai-ed, be !;.ong and of good 
courage tut ■ th us (hall the LoRDdo to 
aii tour enemies againft whom ye ri^ht. 
. v:ui af erward Jofhua lmote them, 
and (lev.' them, and hanged them on fire 
trees : and »he> *ere hanging upon the 
tree> until the evening. 

And 11 '.o pafs at the time of 

the going dou n of the fun, that Jothua 
oo. u . and they took, them do»*n 

•If the ire?-, and calf them into the cave 
J been hid, and laid great 
fionesin the cave's mouthy iv»:co remain 
bol •! ihu rei ; lay . 

■Z6 I na that day Jothua took Makkc- 
dah, ana (mote it with the edge of the 
fword, and the king thereof, he utterly 
dellroyed, ttiem and all the fouls that 
r wtie therein ; he let norie remain : and 
lie did t.> the king of Makkedah as he 
did unto the king of Jericho. 

rhen loOiua paded from Makke- 
dah, ami all Iiraei with him, unlo Lib 
na:., and fo ight againfi Lib uh : 

30 .And the Lord delivered it alio, 
i tlie king thereof into the hand of 
Ilrael ; and tie (mote ir With the edge of 
the ^ ;rd, and all the fouls that ivere 
therein ; he let none remain in it ; but 
did unto the kingthereot a* he did Utll 
km^ of Jencnoi 
And Jofhn 1 from Iibnah, and 

all Hi * into Lach ih and en- 

camp* • aga unfl it : 

Me Lord delivered l~iciuP.i 
i.ito the n^nd of Ifrael, which took it 
: ddy ,*it it v\ ith the 

ehge ot lie f and ail the (bulsthal 

:ig to ali tlut he 

j nen lioram king.(jf Gezer came 
up to help Lachifli : and Jolhua fm 

Utd hit people, until tic liad lett 
ne Km 
3i I acliifb Jolbu.i pafled unto 

il Ifrael ••• iih him , ami i!i<*} 

#ii unit U. in<> unit it : 

3a And : >k it * *r i 

smote it with the edge ol ihcfwora, an 


destroyed tlut day, to all that 

be had ne to Lac hifb. 

\nd joili :.i wenl up trom I 
and all 1 ii, unto iiebion , 

it : 
A~ \uu ■ ••> t ■>. d (mot'.' it with 

the < ■ ihe i I the k 

rf ■ all the cities' thereof and all 

the fouls that titer* therein ; he left none 

done to Eglon ; but deftroyed it utterly, 
a d all the louls that ivrrf therein. 

38 Aad Jothua returned, and all Ifrael 
with him, to Debir ; and fought agajnft it t 

39 Ana he took it, and the king there* 
of, a-xl all the cities thereof ; and they 
fmote them with the edge of the fword, 
and utterly deftroyed ail the lbuls that 
■were therein ; he left none remaining : 
as he had done to Hebron, fo he did to- 
Debir and to the king thereof : as he had. 
done alio to Libnah, and to her king. 

40 So Jofhua fmote all the country or 
rhe hills, and of the fouth, and of the 
vale, and of the fprings and all their' 
ki.igs : he left none remaining, but ut- 
terly dtllioyed all that breathed, 35 1116? 
Lord God ot Ifrael commanded. 

it And Jofhua fmote them from Ka- 
drfhbarnea even unto Gaza, and all the- 
country of Golden, even unto Gibeon. 

it \nd all thefe k-ngs, and their lar.A 
did Jofhua take at onetime, becaule the 
Lord God of Ifrael fought for Ifrael. 

43 And J.'fhua returned, and all Iiraei. 
with him, unto the camp to Gilgal. 

C M A P. X I 
I Divrrs kin jj oxrrcomr at th, ivaters 
Sl'iom. 10 Har.or is ukrn OTiJ burnrd. 
il The Amkims iut off. 
AND it came to ials. when labia 
kin;»of Hazor had heard tbo/e tlings, 
that he lent to Jbbab king ofMadon, 
and to the king of Shimron, and to t: 
king of Achfhaph, 

lie kings that inert on tlkS 
:h of the mountain?, and of the pla ; : 
fouth of Chinneroth and in the valley, 
and in thebord Dor, on the w 

S And to tl. mite on thecal! and 

m the weft; and r tmorite, ami tl 

tl te, ami tl ,id ttie Jebu- 

ute in the mount ind to tl tej 

non io th * 1 ind ri Vficpeh. 
4 vnd they went out, th'*y and all 
witn t! iple, evett 

the land that n upon the lea O.orc iii 
multitude, v\ uh hoi (es ^:k\ chai ioti very- 
Mid when all thefe kings were me: 
• t , the;. md pit< bed togel 

at the wateasof M« rosoi to 

ind the Lord Tiid unto Jomu. ; , 
not afraid becaufeof them : for tonv 

: thii time will I drlivc i | 
Up all llain befol »el : t: 

hough their hoi feSj and bum ti 
.* ith hi'?. 
So Jofhtll came, and all the 
of war « ith them by t 

f Meioin luddenly ; and they fcl* 
8 And the Lord delivered them int» 
the hind of iliael, who ftuotc tlicm, and 

£jnaiajn& according t» all Hiat he had chafed tiiom unto great / rid unt> 

M iaim v 

tOO Ffazor taken and burned. 

D've rs kings finiutn . 


MifiTphothmaim and unto the valley of left in the land of the children of If 
M'zpch ealtw :u\\ , and tliey fmote them, only in Gaza, in Oath and in Afltdod, 

until they left vhen\ pone remaining 

9 And loihuu did win ) thera as the 
,Lo 4 bade him: he houghed * : . fesj' 
and burned 'heir chariots with 1 

10 <fl And jofhua at time turned 
back, and took tfazor, and fniote the 
king thereof with the fword : forHazor 
before time was tbfi head of all thofe kih 

there i i i lined 
23 [oihua took the whole land, ac- 
M th it the 1 .or i unto 

And Jofhna Rave it £br an inher- 
ing to l 
is by their ti K- land 

re/led frpm war! 

C H ^i' XU. 

doms. I '"'*<' /, "" , ' /- A' f "'' tr *ts Moffs 

l\ And they fmote all the fouls that took .;• 7 The ont and . 

re therein with the edge of the fword,! \ kin%s n the other Jide Jordan 

utterly ueftroying item .' there was not lob Qtuajm 

any left to breathe : and be burned Ha- J \'OA thefc «>•* the kmgs of the tan 
act witl which the ch Urael fm te, and 

1 '. And all the citi< s of thofe kings, pofTeired their land ( n t;he n^her (ide jor- 
a/ul all the kingsof them did Jolhua take, dan towards the rifing of the fun, from 

I fmoic them with the edge of the the nver Arnon'unto mount Hermon,and 
tu-iU leftroyed them, all the . I... n o\\ the eatt ; 
as Mofes tjie Servant of the Lord con'-' 2 Sihon king of the l\ metrites who 
Illunded. dwell in Heihb vi, and ruled from Arocr, 

i ■• .".ut as for the cities that flood filljtvnich . ; f upon the bank of the river Ar- 
in tl • Ifrael burned none f n, and trom the middle of the river. 

them, fave I iazoi only 

I i (1 the fpdilo >.< fe i tl 

the c tttle", the . 
u . . . ihenifel es bui 

that did Jaihii i half Gilead,evcn unto the river 

Jabbok, •"•.' is the border of the chil- 
ot" Amnion ; 


\ id in'M the plainio the fcaofChin- 
'. unto the fei of the 

th the ed d, plain, even the fait iea on the eaft, the way 

denVc ed tin uhei . n '■- I In* iv noth ; ind from the fundi, 

I undcK Ai\ h . 

ul of Og king of Bafhan, 
ant fu di< ' niand Jo{h-|o« - rj , the remnant pf the giants. 

Hi !. - :i nothing 
I that the Lok b i 

16 Nua took all that land, the hills, 

I' nth country , and all 

d the valley, and the 
intatn of Ifrael, and the 

t7 i the mount 1 Ialak, that 

unto R lalgad in , 
int Hei 

hC tOOk, Awd 

l te th •!• n 

I* • ar a i n, time with 

that dwelt, at Athtarotb end at • 

5 And reigned in mqunl Hewnon, 

in Salcah, and in all Baihan, unto the 
;• ofthe ■ iefliurites.and the Maach- 
athites, ami h ad, the border v j 

S hon ' ing of H 

6 Them did Mofes .the fervant of the- 
Lohp and ihe i Lren of liVael fmite : 
and ' ervani of (he I okd aave 
it (or .\ ion unto the Rettbenttes, 
and thr Gadites, and the haJf iribe oi' 
Man t'.Ivh. 

cour iry, whi( i bildren 

ei 1 fr n this fi he 

- mion even unto the mount Halak, that 

be< n : all other 

: the I .o r i' to hai le i 
ej (hould < onp 
-hat lie 
i hai th< 
, but th u he m h oy 

them, as the 
1 1 C And 

ClU I 

from I *"' 'o Vnab. 

a all th 
! ml loflitu 

■i i utterb 

(toeth ni> : i which Joflsua pave un- 

to th :el tor a pofleflion 

» to their divUions ; 
H In themottntains, and in t lie valleys, 
and in the plain in the firings, and 

in the w ildenv fs, and in the iouth eovui- 
trj ; the Hittii Vmorit 1 the 

>, the Hit 
frbulitST* -. 
9 i he k : n 5 of [ericho, one ; the kin£ 

I, on • ; 
!v> 1 he king oi Jerufalem, me ; the 

1 i ;bron G 
I I i«th, one j the kin;: 

ol t 

!• The 

, Ike founds of the fa rib C 

The king of Eglcn, one ; the king 

15 i he king of Debir, one ; the king 
of Geder, on 

14 of Hormah, one ; the 

\rad one : 

• kmg of Libnah, one : the kin^ 
of Vhitlam, on? ; 

: km- of Makkedah, one ; the 
f Bethel, one ; 
17 The k'm^ of Trv -puah, one ; the 
ITing of Hepher, one ; 

he king of Aphek, one ; the king 
of La 'aron, one : 

r he king of Madon, one ; the king 
of Hazor, one ; 

<0 The king of Shimronmeron, one ; 
the king of \chfhaph, one ; 

$1 of I aanach, one; the 

king of Meg - ne ; 

Lhe k one ; the king 

of im of Carmel, one j 

ti The k in thccoa r t of Dor, 

; the king of the nations of Gilgal, 
one ; 

The king of Tirzah, enc : all the 
id on?*. 
( H \ P XIII. 
£ The ft'T/niiof the land not yet conquered. 
14. $& The lord and bis acr'tfices are the 
I.rtntef inheritance, 22 Balaam Jl lin. 
)\V J »fh- 1 i was old and flrkken in 
i ; and tl ' D faid unto him, 

The Id and (rricken in years, and 

there rcmaineth yet very much land to 

t a I that yet ren. 

rth : all thcborJrrsoi the Philiftine 
all ( 

3 1 , whicl ryptj 

non north* 
eh iscounted r '>t!. 
lords of the Philiftines ; the ( 
thithes, and the A'hd , the Bfltka- 

lonitci the Gittil 
- the A 

4 i the fouth all the find -»' 

res an I that . 

the t unto Apr the bor- 

ders of the Amorites : 
\nd the land of the 

inon. t he funrifing, from 

ler m .nnt Hci in I > the 

1 I I l . 

6 All th • inhabitant mtry 
from 1 phothmaim, 

an,t ,\\\ the Sidonians, in 1 I drive 

from rvf.>re the children of Id lei i 
only divi lc th ni it by lot lintO W 

raelifr; t" . . , .;•.• \ • tnce,ai I have > 

7 N>.v therefore divide this 1 

aui inheritance un- ine tribes, m\<\ 

of ManalTeh, 
With whom the Reubenite's and the 
have received their inherita 

tui r.3! jttcbnquereJ. 20i 

which Mofes gave them, beyond Jordan 
eastward, even as aI >fes fhfc ferVaAt of 

the Lord gave them ; 

I Pronl Aiocr, that /'/ upon the bank 
of the river \rnon,and the city that;/ in 
themidlr of the river, and all the plain of 
Mcdcba unto Dibon ; 

10 And all the cities of Sihon kin? of 
the Anvorites, which reigned in Hefh- 
bon, tinto the border of the children of 
Amnion ; 

II And Gilead, and the border of the 
Gehurites and Maichathites, and all 
mount Hermon, and all Bufhan unto 
Salcah ; 

H All the kingdom of Og in Baflun. 
! which reigned In Afhtaroth and in Kdrci, 
who remained of the remnant of the gi- 
ants : for thefe did Mofes fmitc, and c 
them out 

IS Neverthclefs the children of Ifrae! 

lexpellcd not the Gefhurites, nor the 

(Maachath'tes : but the GelHUrltes and 

the M.i ' hi tes dwell among the IfracU 

ifes until this day 

14 •jOnly unto thetril he gave? 
none inhei itance , the facrifices ox the 
Lord God of Ifra'd nude by tire arc 
their inheritance as he faid unro them. 

15 And Mofes gave tlhtO the tribe of 
i the Children of Reuben inheritance ac- 
cording to their families. 

And their coaft was from Arocr, 
I is ontli'- bank of the river Arn 

t 1 at is in the midrt of th:* 
river, and all the plain by '■ i ; 

1 17 hetbbon, and all Her Cities that are 
in the plain : Dibon, and B&fllOthbaa!* 
iand Dcfhbaalmeon, 

18 And fahaza and Kedemoth. and 

i ' v • \\\ ithaim.andSibni ih,and 

rctlifhahir in tlie mount of the vail 
I 2<» And Bethpeor, ind Alhdothpiigah, 

B th, 

• i \i.d all the ' ' ' ' ■ ,-lain, and 

all tint ihon km^ .if the 

i reigned in llrfhb 
, v. ! 'h the princes' of 

lian, I Hi and Zur, and 

iHur v and I which toe re dukes' of 

ho.n. dwelling in the country. 

I i. ii aid. the fon of U 

\ f.r . r did th • children <d Hrael fj 

I with the fwofdi among them tint vi 
(lain by thetTi. 

1 i.s And the border of of 

uben was fordaii,and the h ( . 

dren o aftef their families, the 

rul the vfffl 
Vnd ^l" ; ' <■ (> " inheritance i 

tribe of G id, e-vrn unrn il • 

r familtet. 

And tl, I *U 

ties of 

WL Inheritance of Manaffeb. JOSHUA. 

Caleb obtaineth liefovn. 

fhz children ot Amnion, unto Aroer that j faid unto Mofes the man of God concern* 

is before Kabbah ; 
'16 And from Hefiibon unto Ramath- 

ing mcand thee in Kadefhbarnea. 

7 Forty years old tiias J when Mofes 
mizpeh, and Betonim ; and from Maha-'the fervanl of the Lord lent me from 
naim unto the border of Debir , Kauefhbarnea to efpy out the land . and 

27 And in the valley, Metharam, and I brought him word again as it 'was in 
Bethnimrah, and Succoth and Zaplion, mirt&heart. 

thc reft oftl>e kingdom of bihon king of 8 Nevenhelefs, my brethren that went 
Hefhbonjordai and his border, even un- up with me made the heart of the people 
to the edge of the fea of Clnnneieth on melt : but I wholly followed the Lord 
the other iiue Jordan eaftward. my God. 

28 "I his /j the in fieri; a nee of the chil- 9 And Mofes fv are on that day, fay- 
drcn of Gad after their families, the cities ing, Surely the land whereon thy feet have 
ana theii villages. .trodden fhall be thine inheritance, and 

29 And Mules gave inheritance unto thy children's for ever, b^catife thou hah 
the half tribcof Manafleh : and this was! wholly followed the Lord my God 

the pojfijfion of the halt tribe of the chil- 10 And now, behold the Lord hath 
did) ol Manafleh b> their laimlies. kept me alive, as he faid, thefe forty and 

30 And their cqaft was tromMahahaiiit, j "five years, even lince the Lord fpake 
all Cafnan, all thekingdom of Ogkin.g of this v\ord unto Mofes, while the children- 
Balf:an, and all the towns of Jair, which e/" Ifrael wandered in tbe wildernefs : and 
are in Balkan, threefcore cities : j now, lo, 1 am this day fourfcore and five 

St And half Giieud, and ;, .fhraro"th, and ; years old. 
Ed es of the kingdom of Og m Ba-J H As yet T ain as flrong this day as I 

than, v/ere f£rt'arning unto the children, 'was in the day that Mofes fent me : as 
of Machir, the ion ot Manafleh, tt-cn toimy ftrength ivas then, even lo is my 

the one half of the children of Machir 
by their families. 

.'3- Thefe are tbe countries which Mofes 
did dillribute foi inheritance in the plains 
of fyloab, oh the other fide Jordan, by 
Jericho eaftward. 

Si % But unto the tribcof Levi Mofes 
gave not any inheritance : the Lord God 
of Ifrael 'was their inheritance, a«> he faid 
unto them. 

1- The nine tribes and an half are to have 
their inheritance by l r t. 6 Caleb by 
j'i ifilege obiainctb Hebr:r . 
AND thefe a^e the countries which the 
Irenof Ifrael inherited in the lavdef 
Caman, which Kleazarthe prielt andJolL- 
v. \ the fon of Nun, and the heads of the 
f the tribes of the children ot If- 
rael, diftributexifor io ice to them. 
By tot -i^cis \hcir inheritance', as the 
I i d comi . by the hahdof Mfofes, 
nine tribes, an d/qi the halftribe. 
S For ven the inheritance' 
of two i half tribe on the 
r fidejdrd it urit« the LeviteS 
he gave not among them. 

* I I r lh< feph 'Acre fv r 

naflTchand Ephraim . therefore 

' unto t;..- I evites in 

ell in, V» itli 

tnd for their 

• ' '. Mofes, fo 

djd, and they di- 


I * '• ; ■ 1. i ' ih < ame 

; > the fon 

flrengtb now, for war, both to go out and 
to come in. 

it Now therefore, give me this moun- 
tain*, whereof the Lord fpakein that day ; 
for thou hearedft in that day how the 
Anakins <vjc>e there, and tbat the cities 
•wt ft great and lenced ; if (o he, the Lord 
ttcilt be with me, then I fhall be able to 
drive them out, as the Lord faid. 

13 And Jofhua blefied him, and gave 
unto Caleb the fen of Jephunneh Hebron 
for an inheritance. 

14 Hebron tirerefore became the in- 
heritance of (.Caleb the fon uf Jephunnclr 
the Kcnezite unto tlusaay, becaufe that 
he wholly followed the Lord God of 

13 And the name of Hebron before 
'Was Kirjalhaiua, ivhicb Jrba tvas a 
great man among the Anakims. And 
the land had reft from war. 
C Hr> P. XV 
1 The borders of the I" of judah. IS Ca~ 

/eb's portion and cenqucjf Iti OthnieVs 

valour and reivara. °Z\ Ihe cities rf 

Judcb 65 The Jebujites net conquered. 

This then was the iot of the tribe of' 
the < hildren of Judah by their : 
to the border - of Kdom, the wilder- 
't Zm fouthward r was the ultermofl 
pai t of the iouth toad. 

. ind their fouth border was from the 
(Lore of the fait fea, from the bay that 
,.^!h fouthward : 

d And it went out to the fouth fide to 
Maaieb.iciabbim, and palfed along to 
ah and aicended up on the fouth lide 
onto Kadefhbarnea, a<'d palled along to 

nto htiaii hczro'.>, and m ent up to Adar, and fetch- 
•u knoweft feh« □ to led a compals to Karkaa : 

& . Fro9* • 

The ko'dcrs p. XV. Caleb' s pzriltn and anquejt. '51 

4 / b. took it : and he fc 

i Achfah his daughter to \%*fe 
»8 >na it came fee came 

m to . 
ither a field . and 
ber Jeb laid unto her, What 

wouldefi thou ; J& 

1? • me a b!-fl 

me aifo fj 




alt fea 

Jordan. \ndtbrir 

.rter iias from 

the ba> of the lea at tl art ot 


6 \nd th up to Bethhog- 

, the north < nd the n 

Bet. r \*.ent up toj; 

euben - the inheritance or the tribe 

i the I it up " rcn of Jud g to 

northward toward M * And the utl i cities o! 

is before the . lummira,! tribe children oijud^h toward the 

c river .-.dom fouthwa 

iud Ki fij and Dimcn 
8 And t' rrwentupbj -<* And Kedefh.andHaror and Ithnan, 

of id Beal 

; the fame is 

an J the bv 

l lie i 
Hinnura w-efr*ard which :/ at the end of 
the s sort. 

9 And th r was drawn from the! 

top ;ito th< 

and :he border 

15 An d Kenoth* 

op of th> which /j Ha2or, 

.d >hema,and Moladnh, 
And t iddah, and :on, 


irfeual, and Beerfheba, 


I;n. and Arei . 


31 And Ziklag, and 


to be : • 33 t and 

ah 'man, 

1 1 unto the ap- 

I Adullam. ind 


o . and .ind 

i a h ?. 

'■ '■ 

IDilctn, and 

the bonier ■ the 

and t! 


t J 




ionp the i 

c I.or 
ba the • 




d I .a! 
k\ And l 


re- h 

16 ♦ | Calcl 

■ • 

.nofKcnaz, •. 47 


£04 the chits of Judak. 


"1U lot of Manajj*h* 

lages, Gaza with her towns and her vil- 
lages unto the river ot Egypt, and the 
great lea, and the border / ereoj. : 

4S And in the mountains, bhamir, and 
Jattir, and Socoh, 

49 And Dannah, and Kirjathfannah, 
which /j Debir, 

50 And Anab,andEfhtemoh andAnim, 

51 And Golf en, and Holon, and Gi- 
loh ; eleven cities with theii villages: 

22 Arab, at. d Dumah, andEihean, 
53 And Janum, and Bethtappuah, 

51 And Humtah, and Kirjatharba, 

which is Hebron, and Zior j nine cities 

with their villages 

Ataroth ; and to Naarath, and came to 
Jericho, and went out at Jordan. 

t> 1 he border went out from Tappuah 

weft ward unto the river Kanah ; and the 

goings out thereof were at the iea '1 his 

he inheritance of the mbe of thechil- 

! dren of Ephraim by their families. 

9 And the ieparate cities for the chil- 
dren of Bphraun ivere among (he in- 
heritance ot the children of Manafleh* 
all ,he cities \\i:h their villages. 

10 <| AuCi the\ drave not out the Ca~ 
; naanices that can cit in Gezer : but the Ca- 
Inaahites dwell among the Ephraim. tes 
' unto thio day, and ferve under tribute. 

C H A P. 

X\ [J 

armel,andZiph,andJuttah, 1 ibe lot of Mar.jjjsb XHiscoaft. \~Tbe 
l>6 And Jezreel, and Jokdeam, and Canaan-tes not driven out. 14 Ibe 

55 Maon, 

cbildti ■. of Jcjepb obiain another lot. 

ten f H \±R)i, was alio a lot for the tr be o£ 
| ManaflTeh ; for he <-jjas the riiit bon; of 
jjcieph ; to <wit t for Machir the 6r$ 

and 'bornot lanalleh, the father of G.lead; 


57 Cain, Gibeah, and Timnah 
cities with their villages: 

53 Haliuil, Bethzur, and Gedor, 

59 And Maarath, and Be'hanoth 
Ehekon ; iix cities with their villages 

60 Kiruthbaal, which is Kirjathjeu- { he had Giiead and Baftan. 

rim, and Kabbah ; two cities with their ~ ; here was alfo a lot for the reft oS 
villages : , the children of ManaflTeh by their tanii- 

61 In the wildernefs, Betharabah,Mid-;i> e; > > for the children of Abicser, .ma for 

becaule he was a man oi war. therefore. 

din, and becacah, 

62 And Nibflian, and the city of Salt, 
ur.d Engedi ; fix cities with their villages 

63 5| As for the jebu files the inhabit- 
ants ot Jerufalem, the children of Judah 
could not drive them out : but the Jebu- 
fites dwell with the children of Judah at 
Jerufalem unto this day. 

X The general borders of tKe fens of Jo- 
fff*. 5 .' be border uj the inheritance 
(j Ephraim. 10 The Canaanites not 
conqut red. 

AND the lot of the children of Jofeph 
fell from Jordan by Jericho, unto the 
water of Jericho on the call:, to the wil- 
dcinels that goeth up trom Jericho 
• aighout mount Bethel. 
I And goeth. out from Bethel to Luz 
and palfeth along unto the borders of 
Acchi to Ataroth. 

6 An \ goeth down weftward to the 

coalt of Japhleti, umo the coat': of Bcth- 

n the nethei . and to Gezer : and the 

as out thereof arc at the i a 

the children of heiek, and for the chil- 
dren of Afnel. and lor the children ols 
ohechem.and tor ;lie children of Kepher* 
and lor the children of bhemida : thefo 
were the mate children of ManaflTeh the 
Ion of Jofeph b> their families. 

3 But Zeiophchad the fon of Hepher, 
the fon of Giiead, the Ion ot Machir, the 
fan ot Manaffeh, had no ions, but daugh- 
ters : and thefe aw the names of his. 
daughters, Mahlah, and Noah, iloglah, 
Milcah, and iirzah. 

4 And they came near before Elcazar 
theprielt, and before Jolhua the ion of. 
Nun, and before the princes, laying, The 
-ord commanded Moles to give us an 
inheritance among oui brethren. There - 
fore according to the commandment of 
the Lord he gave them an inheritance 
among the brethren of their father. 

5 And there fell ten portions toManaf- 
feh.befide the land of Giiead and Baflian, 
wliic.'i *were on tiie other fide Jordan ; 

6 Becaule the daughters of ManalUh 
had an inheritance among his ions : and 

4 So the children of Jofeph. Manalleh I the reft of ManaiTeh's fons had the land 
ami Kpiir.iim, took their inhcrit.un .of Giiead. 

j f, And the border of the children of! 7 U And the coaft of ManafPh was, 
I raim according to their families wj»' from Alher to Michmethan, that lietb 
tbus -he bonier of their inheritance jberbre Shechem ; and the border went 

on thecal} fidewai Atarothaddaci unto ! along on the right hand unto the inhab- 
Bcthhoron the upj jitantsol Entappuah. 

o And the border went out toward the ;; fV«a« Manaflch had the land of Tap- 

featc Michn ethah on the noi t!i (ide ; and vmah : but Tappuah on the border of 

border went about eaftward unto . Manalfeh belonged to the children of E- 

aathihileh, and paflbd by it on the'phraim; 

eaft to Janohahl 9 And the coaft defcended unto the 

T Asm it went down from JanohaJ: to t;\ er Kanaii, fculh^ard of the river ; 



Cauaan'itfs not Jrl-jtr. cut. Chap, x- Z'.e land 

thee i. 3 And Joihua '^\\ unto '. ot 

, are \e I: to 

G * 
auc the Tea : you I 

10 4 Give out from wei 

• fen ' them a 
.ix \ and . and _ 

">be it . ro the ihi.erir 

. . ; and ti .1 come J^aiM 


e it into (' 
their cc 
. Jofeph 

jn the noi 
ill therefore defcrite the 

an?H>ring tbedef >)p: 
call lots for ; 
Fore rhe Lokdouj God. 
. mams « But the Lev'ttes hive .io part among 

t i ; for the 

eir inheritance : and ( , 

nthechil- the tribe of M 

nee beyoi 
tve tht : 
i i 1 \ went 

;> u went ro 
r/ooc I i au 'ion to 

i r » teeing I am a 
a* the LokD 

15 -\: m, irtliou • lots t \W Lord in v 

be a great people, the- ^et thee up • be men 

• i thj : by dtiei i. 

// t and • again to 

: toonaj 

Ihuj ca *hem in 

ithech *feph fa DRD : and there Joffc- 

■ of 
c lan«l « 
Val bey w II l je Ol't: 

f cf Bethfl up ace to 

whu are of the f the CM c 


1 . 
tLou fl Mid the 

up to the 
18 But the moun- ill be thine; for and went up »hn 

/ a wood, and down : ward P %>cre 

i!l be thine n. 

., anJ rhe . 


} The is/it up at SLilob. 2'h:ll that tie • . nth r A<- 

\nder oj 

i by lots. 1 1 it ■ Li And tl 

.id dl 

tie whole coner* of the 

' ■ 
I that Uetb be- 

-i / K . 

ren of Ju 

15 he fonth quarter 

<!uloh, s»od fet up r the 

here. And the I . 
re the; 
; remained the 

leven tribt 
r-.ceived dic.r :p.' :e. t! lim, ar.J I 


■SSBS The titles oj Benjamin. 


The lot of Zebulun, Ut . 

der went out on the weft, and went out to 
the well of waters of Nephtoah : 

M And the border came down to the 
end of the mountain tharf lietb before the 
galley of the ion of Hinnom, and which 
- is in the valley ofthe giants on the north, 
and defcended to the valley of Hinnom, 
to the fide of Jebitfi on the lhuth, and de- 
fcended to Enrogel. 

IT And was; drawn from the north, and 
went forth to Enfhcmefh, and went forth 
toward GeiiJoth, which is over again!}: the 
going up of Adumrnim, and defcended to 
the (tone of Bohan the fon of Reuben, 

18 And paflTed along toward the fide 
over againft Arabah northward ; andwent 
down unto Arabah : 

19 And the border patted along to the 
fide of Bethhoglah northward: and the 
outgoings of the border were at the north 
bay of the fait fca,at the fouth end of Jor- 
dan : this <zuas the fouth coaft. 

£0 And Jordan was the border of it on 
the f^alt fide. This tvas the inheritance 
of the children of Benjamin, by the coaft 
thereof round about, according to their 

£t f Now the cities of the tribe of the 
children of Benjamin according to their 
families were Jericho, and Bethhoglah, 
and the valley of Keziz, 

24 And Betharabah, and Zemaraim, 
and Bethel, 

23 And A vim, and Parah, and Oph- 

24 And Chepharhaammonai, and Oph- 
ni, and Gaba ; twelve cities with their 
villages : 

c Z r > Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beerotlr 

26 AndMizpeh, and Chephirah, and 


27 And Rekem, and Irpecl, and Tar- 

m 28 And Zclah,Eleph, and Jelxifi, which 
U Jeruialem,Gib ath,*«</Kirjath ; forir- 
vith their villages. This is 
the inheritance oi' the children of Benja- 
min in » to their families. 

C I! A P. XIX. 
1 Thrlnt oj ix, 10 ofZcbulun, 17 of 

ir t IKoJ AJber t 32 of Nap bra fi, 40 
an i 9j D in. 49 I be children oj Ifraei 
give t a. 

lot came forth to Sim 
eon, en/en for tht tribeof the children of 
Sim. their fan : and 

their inheritani within the inh 

the ch '. Iren of Judah. 
- ^nd tl I in tiieir inheritance 

i Hazarfhual, and Balah, and 


Itolad, and Bethul, and Hor- 
muh y 
■> And Z narcab< 

6 And Bethlebaoth, and Sharuhen^ 
thirteen cities and their viliages : 

T Ain Remmon, and Ether, and A- 
fban ; four cities and their villages : 

8 And all the villages that nicer e round 
about thefe cities to Baalathbeer, Ramath 
of the fouth This is the inheritance of 
the tribe of the children of Simeon ac- 
cording to their families. 

9 Gut of the portion of the children 
of Judah ivas the inheritance of the chil- 
dren of Simeon : for the part of the chil- 
dren of Judah was too much for them : 
therefore the children of Simeon had 
their inheritance within the inheritance 
of them; 

10 4[T And the third lot came np for the 
children of Zcbulun according to their 
families : and the border of their inher- 
itance was unto Sarid. 

li And their border went up toward 
the fea, and Maralah, and reached to 
Dabbalheth, and reached to the river that 
is before Jokneam ; 

12 And turned from Sarid eafl ward to- 
ward the fun riling unto the border of 
Chiflothtabor, and then goeth out to Da- 
berath, and goe*h up to Japhia, 

13 And from thence paiTeth on along 
on the eafl to Gittahhepher, to ittahka- 
zin, and goeth out to Remmontnethoar 
to Neah ; 

14 And the border compafTeth it on 
the north fide to Hannathon : and the 
outgoings thereof are in the valley of 
Jiphthahel : 

15 And Kattath, and Nahallal, and 
Shimron, and Idalah, and Bethlehem : 
twelve cities wiih their villages. 

16 This f j the inheritance of the chil- 
dren of Zebu lun according to their fami- 
lies, thefe cities with their villages. 

IT *J And the fourth lot came out to 
Iflachar, for the children of llfachar ac- 
cording to their families. 

18 And their border was toward Jez- 
reel, and Cheful loth, andSlmnem, 

18 And Haphraim, and Shihon, and 

£.0 And Rabbithj and Kiihion, and A- 

21 And Remeth, and Engannint, and 
Enhaddah, and Bethpazzez ; 

22 And the coaft reacheth to Tabor, 
and Shahazimah, and Bethfhemefh ; and 
the outgoings of their border were at 
Jordan : fixieen cities withtheir villages. 

-' rhis is the inheritance of the tribe 
of the children of I (Tachar according to 
their families, the cities, and their villa- 

24 fj And the fifth lot came out for the 
tribe of the children ofAfher according 
to flreir families. 

25 And their border was Helkath, and 
Hali, and Beten, and Achihaph, 

£$ And 

Ttse tot q/ Kaphtali and Ban. (Siap. 

26 And Alammelech, and Amad, and 
Ivlitheal ; and reacheth to Carmel weft-, 
ward, and to Shihorlibnath ; 

2T And turneth toward the funrifing 

to Bethda^on, and reacheth to Zebu- 

llln, and to the valley of Jiphthahel to- 

i the north (ide of Bethemek, and 

1, and goeth out to Cabul on the kit 


28 And Hebron, and Rehob,and Ham- 
mon, and Kanah even unto great Zidon ; 
*i9 And then the Coafl turneth to Ra- 
., and to the ftron^ city T\ re ; and 
the coafl turneth to Holah and the out- 
goings thereof are at the lea from the 
fl to Achzib . 

U Ummati aifo, and Aphelt, and Re- 
hob : twenty and two c ith their 

31 This ;/ the inheritance of the tribe 
of the children of Aiher according tothi 
families, thefe cities with their villages, i 

32 ^ ihe faith lot tan.;- out to the 
children of NaphtaJi, cvtn for the chil- 
dren ot ah according to their fam- 

I And their coaft was from Hel 
i Alton to Zaananoim, and A<" 
Nekeb, and Jabnoel, unto Lakum ; and 
outgoings thereof were at Jordan : 
34 And then the coaft turneth weftward 
otbtabon, and goer!) out from 
thence to Hukkok, and reacheth toZeb- 
ulun on the (outh fide, and reacheth to 
A^hcr on the wefl lide, and to Judah up- 
on Jordan toward the funrifing. 

And the W :.<. I i i il 
Zt r, and Hainmath, Ka.kkath, and Chin- 
And i Ramah| and 

And KoeUjbj drei, and I 

hron, a ;dale), I 

s id Betbanath, and Beth 
ties w ith their vi 
•*>9 This is ttu 
«f t he children of Naphtali accord ii 
their families, the i • d their villa 

40 ^1 And 

\\\r ( luldrtn Ol J) in I 
• fam i 
It And inheritance 

i Kfbtaol, and !i llwn 
H A i . ami A:. dun, and 


43 And fclon, ; nd Thunnathah, and 

41 And Eltekah, ion, and 

id, and henebcrak, 

46 ii | on, and mi, w ith 
the I I ipho. 

47 And the f the I 

!?.•« went out 130 little \jr them ; |] 

X". Tbe fix el ties of refuge. S 

fore the children of Dan went up tof,, 
againft Lefhem, and took it, and 
it with the edge of the Avoid, and pof- 
fcfted it, and dwelt therein, and called 
Lelhern. Dan, alter the n.-ire of Dan 
their father* 

I his rs the inheritance of the tribe 
of thechildren of Dan according to th< 
efe cities with their viilaj 
ii they had made an end of 
dividing the land lor inheritance by their 
:h, the children of an in- 

hei tojofhuail Qun among 

tlieni : 

50 According to the wo, 'Lord 
they gave bin: a city which he aifced, 
even 1 imnathferah in mount Ephraim: 
and he built the city, and dwelt therein. 

51 Thefc are the in] ces, which 
Eleazar the prieft, and Tofhua the fon ot 

in, and the heads of the lathers of the 
tribes of the children of Ifracl divided 
for an inheritance by lot in Shiloh before 
the Lord, at the door of the tabernai 
ot • don. So they made \ 

end of dividing the country 
1 God command fib, 7 and /Be T/raetlti 
\ cities of refuge. 
THE Lord alio fpalce unto Joiinia, 

i ",-:ak to the children of Ifivtel, fay- 
ing, Appoint out for you cities of refuge, 
whereof 1 (pake iirito von by the han 
ol Mofes : 

3 1 hat the flayer that killeth any p 
fon unawares and unwittingly may 11. 
: and they lha'.l be your refu 
from the avenger ot ; 

lie that doth ffce unto one 
oft i t f the entei in, i 

the gate of the i . i 

lie in tl, r city, 

hiraioi rj unto! 

■■<■ him a , dweu 

theavei 'blond purfue 

i i him, then t! c \ ilin! 
his unwitl 

(hall dwell in thai :itil 

Fore the 
, and until ^h 

it that • in t! 

turn, and i oroe uni 

OH I unto 1 hi ule, unto 

ii n net 

lilt * tern in 

mount ' 'ii, and I ich 

r, And on the 


OJ K ttt d Ran. /»d.unt i 

£03 Forty eight cities given 


by lot to the Le*vi(ef. 

the tribe of G:id. and Golan in Bafhan 1 villages thereof, gave they to Caleb th* 
OUT of the tribe of NtfanarTeh 

9 Yhefe were the cities appointed for 
all the children of ffrael, and for the 
firanger *har fojournefh among then, 
tl\at u hofoever kilich anv perfon at un- 
awares might flee thither, and not die 
bj' the" ham' >f blood- un- 

til he flood the congregation 

fori of !< phunneh for his poffeffion 
t > has thev gave to the chi'dren of 

Aaron the prien, Hebron with her fub- 

lirbs. to be a city of refuge for the flayer j 

and I ibnah with her fuburbs, 
1 i \v..i Jaitir with her fubirrps 

Efttemoa with her fuburbs. 

15 Vwj Hfolan with her fuburbs 

(J H A P 

V \ 

; De'-ir \\ ith her fuburbs, 


1 F.'i^h: an.i ton c tie given by lit r,ut if, t;» Vnd Airi v\ith her fuburbs, 
the other tribesunto be Lritites hSGod\ Juttah ifcith heir fuburbs, and Bet] 
gave the land and 1 1 d to:br tfraelltes. \ met 
XHENcame near the heads of f he fa-; oft 

thers of the Lev.tcs unto Kie^zar the' 

nine citieo our 

lh with her fuburbs 
hofe two nib* 
IT And out of the tribe of Benjamin, 
prieft, ani unto jofhua the fon of Nun, Gihecn with her fuburbs Geba with he? 
and unto the heads of the fathers of the j fuburbs 

13 Anathoth with her fuburbs, and Ak 
moo with her fuburbs : four cities. 

19 Ah the cities of the children of Aa- 
ron the prieft, ivere thirteen cities with 
their fuburbs 

20 And the families of the children of 
Kohath, the Levi fes which remained of 
the children of Kohath, even they had 
the cities of their lot out of the tribe of 

-t For they gave them Shechcm with 
her fuburbs in mount hphraim, to be a 
city of refuge for the flayer ; and Gezer 
with her fuburbs, 

£2 And Kibzaim with her fuburbs,and 
Betiihoron with her fuburbs four cities. 

2t> And out of the tribe of Dan, Klte- 
keh v ith her fuburbs, Gibbethon with 
her fuburbs, 

-24 Aijalon with her fubu~bs,Gathrim-. 
mon with her fuburbs : four cities 

25 And out of the half tribe ofManaf- 
feh, Taanach with her fuburbs, and Gath- 

tribej of the children of J/rael 

2 And they fpake unto fnerri at Shiioli 
in the land of Can aan faying, i he La] 
comma, ded b> the hand . M .fe» to give 
u? cities to dwell in, with the fuburbs 
thereof for our cattle 

3 <■* nd the children of ffrael gave unto 
the Levites out of their inheritance, at 
the commandment of the Lord, theie 
Cities and their luburbs. 

4 And the lot came out for the families 
cf the Kohathites : and the children of 
A;iron the prieft tubieb"ioere of the Le- 
vies, had by lot out of the tribe of Judah 
and cut of >he tribe of Simeon, and out 
of the tribe of Benjamin, thirteen cit- 

. 5 And the reft of the children of Ivo- 
Eath > ad by lot out of the families of the 
tribe of Ephraim, and out of the tribe 
of Dan, and out of the half tribe of Ma- 
nath h, ten cities. 

'"> \nd the children cf Gerfhon bad by 
tpl out of the families of the tribe of If- jrimmon with her fuburbs ; two cities - . 
iachar, and out of the tribe of After, and 26 All the cities <tl>ere ten with their 
Out of the tr be of Naphtali, and out of. fuburbs, for the families of the children- 
the half tribe of Mana'Jeh ii. Bafhan, 
thirteen cities 

7 i he children of Merari by their fa- 
(hilie had out of the t ibe of Reuben, 

of Kohath that remained. 

27 And unto the children of Gerfhon, 

of the families of the Levites, out of the 

other half tribe of Manaffeh they gave 

and out of the tribe of Gad, and out of Golan in Bafhan with her fuburbs, to be a 

the tribe i f Zebolu i, twelve drier.. 

8 And the children of ifrael gave by 
lot unto the hevitcs theie cities with 
their fuburl he Lord commanded 

bv the lund of Mofes. 

city of refuge for the flayer ; =md Bcefh 
tcrah with her fuburbs ; two cities. 

23 And out of the tribe of Iffachar» 
Kiflion with her fuburbs, Dabareh with 
her fuburbs, 

9 And thej gave out of the tribe of! 29 larmuth with her fuburbs, Engan- 
i 01 lud.di, and out of the nim with her fuburbs ; fourcities. 

• '.he children of Simeon, thefeci- 
h ire he<e mentioned by name 
1.) . 'hich ihc children of Aaron, be- 
i'.-r; of the ♦"miii'es of the Kohathites, 
i re of the children of Levi, had: 
their'3 was the lirft lot 
It And they gave them the city of 
t the father of And;, w \iy is 

iron, in the h 11 country of Judah, with 
the fubu-bs thereof round about it 

50 And out of the tribe of After, 
Mifhal with her fuburbs, Abdom with 
her fuburbs. 

51 rlelkath with her fuburbs, and Re- 
hob with her fuburbs ; four cities. 

And out of the tribe of Naphtali, 

Kedifh in Galilee with her fuburbs, to be 

a ci'y of refuge for the flayer ; and Ham-. 

mothdop with her fuburbs. and Kartac^ 

« ith her fuburbs ; three cities. 

ii But die fields of the cty, and thej Si All the cities of the Gerfhonites 


The Ifrailitet rejf frito Ivor. Chap 

j^cordmg to th nilics were thirteen 

th their fuburbs. 

54 A.0 i unto th-? 

dren of Merari. the reft of the Levites, 

oat oi the tribe of Zebulim Jokneam 

i herfuburbs, and Kartah with her 

. Thet*L; r jtribe!an.lhilffentbzn* 103 

5 But take diligent heed to do the; 
commandment and the law, which M 
the fervantofthe Lord charged you, to 
the Lo- d y.uir God, an<: k i:i 

all his ways, and to keep hir, command* 
ments, and to cleave unto him, and to 

ferve him with all your hear: and with, 
h with her fuburbv Nahalai ail your foul 
btirbs ; four cities. 
56 And o'.c or" the ofReubrn, 


u ■ h 


ner fuburbs, a: izah 

Kedc.noth ui'h ar.d 

6 >.'../oilnubleffedthcm, and frr.t then 
away : and they v*ent unto their tents. 

1 Now to the one half of the tribe of 
Maaafleh, Mofes had ^iven pojrjjton in 
Baihan : but unto the fffer half thereof* 

herfoburbs; 'irt. |gavc Jt fhua among their brethren o- 

id, R.i- ■ Jordan weftwart!. And u hen Jofhua 
dead with her fuburbs, to be ajfent them away alio unto their tents, : 
♦he (layer ; and Maha- |he blclTed them. 

8 And he fpake unto them, faying, Re- 

. with h r ( .nb% 

S9 Heihb n with her fuburbs, Jaxer [turn with rmrch riches unto your rents, 

v much cattle, with filver. 

with her f i . s i'» all 

40 r 

Merari by which were re- 

. mi hies of the Lc 
were by rb •.•■■ city. 

H All 
the | on of the children cf I 

*iurr ,ch thtir 


their fat 
4vere all thefe 

45 «f And :rd gave unto Ifrarl 

all the land which he f* give unto' 

: and \\' '.d u, and] 


the children o: I, and with brafs, and w 

rre every one 
,bout ctuem : 


"h very miieh raiment : di- 
uf ener our 


-'..IdrenoF R anrftftfe 

en of Gad i . half tril 

:>reh, returned and departed from 

the children of Ifrael out ofShiloh, which 

// in the land of Canaan- to go unto tljp 

try of Gilead, to th 
pofTefficn, whereof ti. *polIefTed, 

the LoiL 

to «J And when they i into the? 

rdeisof Jordan, that are in the land of 
4 i And the Lor z> reft round Canaan, the children t : 

-ireunto'children of Gad, and the h ,e of 

iheieftood not a man -(Teh, built there an altar by Jor 

ofal enemie re them; the a great altar to fee 

Loud H C A id the children of Tfrael heard 

their hand. v, Behold, the children or R ind 

There failed net aught of any good the children 1, and the! >e of 

Lord had fpoken unto Man ailcb, hive built an altar over ag i 

the houfe of ifrael : all came to oafs. 

1 The fwatr;bes and half fmt borne. 10.1 

Tte\ butld art altar of teflifnony ii their l- And 

I the land of Canaan, in the t 
Jordan, at the paffage of t! 

when the children of Ifrael 

- . 11 Contentfn tbereutin. ird of it. the whole rongregation of the 

"IH boa called th** keubenites children of Uriel gather 

.., and the half of together at Shiloh, to go up to w~ 

1 .« *hem, Yehavekcptall 

thcfer.vmtof the Lord com 



^ i..r.. 

nt them. 

m \rd the children of Ifrael f 
the children of Ke.;brn. 

and have obeyed my voice d 

it I cornmande ' 

h >our brethren thefe 
many dft] s unto this day, but h 

of the commandment oi 
Lord . >d. 

4 And now the Lord your God ha»h'» 
-> yom brcthu >roin-l 

lied them : tl. i »- 

'ent*. **>a 
i, n hich Mofe I 
^ave you on 


naif h, int 
the : 

:th him 

of Ifrael ; j :s an 

head of the I -org 

the thoufands of Ifrael. 

to the r 

nf K' n of v 

and to t v 

l Gilead, and t .kc with 

• ■ 'Si . _, 

2/3- IJrculites contend together, 

15 Tkus-faith the whole congregation 
of the LoRD : What trefpafs is this that 
ye have committed againft the God of If- 
rael, to turn away tlius day from follow- 
ing the Lord, in tliat ye have builded 
you an altar, that ye might rebel 'this 
day againft the Lord ? 

* IT Is the iniquity of Peor too little for 
us, from whjeh we are notcleanfed until 
this day, although there was a plague in 
ihe congregation of the Lord, 

10 But that ye muit turn away this day 
from following the Lord? Audit wiil 
be* fee mg ye rebel today again ft the 
Lord, that tomorrow he will be wroth 
with the whole congregation of Ifrael. 

19 Notwithstanding, if the land of your 
poflelTion be unclaaa, then pafs >e over 
unto the land of the pol'effion of the 

ID, wherein the Lead's tabernacle 
dwelleth, and take pofleffion among us : 
but rebel not againft tire Lord, nor. re- 
bel againft us, in building you an altar 
befidc the altar of the Lord our God 

20 Did not Achan the ion of Zerah 
commit a trefpafs in the accurfed thing, 
and wrath fell on all the congregation of 
Ifra^I > And that man pcriihed not alone 
in his iniquity. 

21 Then the- children of Reuben and 
the children of Gad, and the half tribe of 
ManafTeh, anfwered. and faid unto the 

heads of the thoufands of Ifraeh 

- 'I he Lord God of gods, the Lord 
G.d of gods, he knoweth, and Ifrael lie 
(ball know ; if it be in rebellion, or if in 
tranfgreflion againft the Lord (fave us 
not this day. ) 

13 'I hat we have built us an altar to 
turn from following the Lokd, or if to 
offer thereon burnt oHenngor-meat otter- 
ing, orii to offer peace offerings thereon, 
let the Lord him lei i require ;'/ ; 

And if we have not rather done it 

(jf this thing, faying. In time to 

cnrneyourchildren might {peak unto our 

lien, fa; -.' V r hat have ye todo with 

Lord God of Ifrael ? 

■ For the Lord hath marie Jordan a 

Border between uaand you* ye children 

of Reuben and children ol Gad; ye have 

art in the 1 OAP: fofbail your ih.l- 

our children ceafc from fear- 


fore u* (aid, Let us now pre- 

' ' •", not for burnt 
;. nor : 
iJut that it may be a witr.e Tibet wren 
ui and rou, and our u> ns after 

the l< i v ac of the 
iir burnt o ik 

v. it hour 
pn thai your children i 

% J hen b, that it ih :11 be, 

JOSHUA. Rec oncilia tlon e nfiitth'. 

when they fhould/o fay to us, or to oi& . 
generations in time to come, that we 
may fay again, Behold the pattern of the 
altar of the Lord, which our fathers 
.nade, not for burnt offerings, nor for 
facr fices ; but it is a witnefs between us 
and you. 

29. God forbid that we {hould rebel 
againft the Lord and turn this day 
from following the Lord, to build an 
altar for burnt offerings, for meat offer- 
ings, or for faenfices, befide the altar 
of the Lord our God that is before his 

30 And when Phinehas the prieft, and 
the princes of the congregation, and 
heads of the thoufands of Ifrael, which 
ivere with him, heard the words that the 
children of Reuben, and the children of 
Gad, and the children of Manaffeh, fpake, • 
it j; leafed them. 

31 And Phinehas the fon of EleazaY 
the prieft faid unto the children of Reu- 
ben, and to the children of Gad, and to 
the children of Manaffeh, This day we 
perceive that the Lord is among us, be* 
caufe ye have not committed this trefpafs 
againft the Lord : now ye have deliver- 
ed the children of Ifrael out of the hand 
of the Lord. 

S2 And Phinehas the fon of Eleazar- 
the pnefr,and the princes, returned from 
the children of Reuben, and from the. 
Children of Gad, out of the land of Gil- 
ead, unto the land of Canaan, to the 
children of Ifrael, and brought them word 

S3 And the thing pleated the children 
of Ifrael ; and the children of Ifrael b 1 e li- 
ed God, and did not intend to go up 
againft them in battle, to deffroy the, 
land wherein the children of Reuben and 
Gad dwelt. 

Si And the children of Reuben ani 
the children of Gad called the altar Ed : 
for it Jhall be a witnefs- Between us that 
the Loud is God. 

1 Jcj::ua's exhortation bejore his death, 3 

by former benefits, i by fromifes y li 

and by threaten nqs. 

AND it came to pafs a long time after 
that the 7 .oud had given rc!t unto liracl 
from all their enemies round about, that 
Jofhua waxed old and ftricken in ajie. 

'2 And Jofhua called tor all Ifrael, and 
for their eiders, and for their heads, and 
t( r their judges and for their officers,- 
and faid unto them, I am old and fhick- 
e : 
" ndye have feen all that the Lord 
God hath done unto all tliefe nations • 
l<_i uur <. r \ c u ; lor the Lord your God 
is he rhUt hath tought for you. 

4 Behold, I ha vtr.div hied unto you by 
lot thcfe nations that retrain, to he an 

inherit a; 

'Jojbua's exl ortation. 

inheritance for your tribes, from Jordan, 
with all the nations that I have cut orr, 
■€;ven unto the great lea weliward. 

5 €\ And the Lord your God be fh ill 
expel them from before you, and drive 
them from out or" >our light ; and >e 
fhall polfels their land a^ the Loru) uur 
God hath proinifed unto you. 

6 Be ye <heretore very courageo 
■keep and do all that is written in the 
b-.ok ot th^ law of Mofes that e turn 
not alide theretioui to the right hand or/o 
the left ; 

7 1 hit ye come not among thefe nations, 
thefe that remain among you ; neith 
make mention or the name uid they leived other god 

Chap. :;xiv. Jofi-ua r?!:tttth GtJ's h:n:fi:s. zU 

'rnbling * Vx, \ rrfateik 

(jod's htncf.n. lv Herrnt en- 

tbrffiwid .-.A tyffisdtatb. 
\\1> J ifhua gathered all the tribes of 
Ifrtcl to bhechen and called for the el- 
ders of I frael, and for their heads and 
for their judges an i for thoir odice.i ; 
and they presented themfelves bciore 

-l 5 -'^ n ^ i oihua faid unto all the 

the Lord Gad ot" Iliuel.Y 
fathers dwelt on the other fide ot d.e 
fiood in old tuTie,rt;f« Terah, the father 

ot Abraham, and the father of >.. 

nor caul: to fwear by tbem, neitl 
them, nor bo 

5 And I took your father Abraham from 
Gde of the flood, 3nd led 1. 

V. ..., ..^. WV».. J ~*. ..--.- , ...~ ~ W- X V. ..-.^>.^ .~ . 

tf Butcleave unto the LoaD your God, throughout all 'he laud of Canaan, and 

as ye h ne unto i!. 

9 For the Lord ha- rom 

; ou great n ; but 

as jor you, no man hath 1 >le to 

hand before you unto thi 

10 One m ou (hall chafe a thou* 

Lord ) 1, lie it n 

m, as he hath pro mi fed 

1 1 <fTakcgoodh< ;:ir.t > your- 

ye love the Loru youi * 
If Kile u ye do in an> 
and cleave unto the remnant oi thek 
thefe that remain <>.: n< 

multiplied his leed, an him Ifaac. 

A And I gasre unto fiaac Jacob and 

. and I gave unto Efau rrtotmt ^cir, 

to poflefsjjit ; butjacob his Children 

\\ ent down into EgV] t. 

5 I lent l\ I o and Aaron, an 

plagtied I that which 

i among then j and atierward 1 
ght you out. 

knd 1 brought your fathers out of 
I i nto I [the 

IIS I'll it . ' 

chai .'.en unto the Red 

f And when th d unto the Lot , 

: he jmt d.irkH' h Between 

. nd broucht n 

ou and 

i v h it I I n i 

dwelt in the w 

1 . I you mtO I 

and ihall uiuke n. 
in unto them, 


! >'<>U> 


[ordan ; and tl ivith 

14 ' ■• land ; i 

all the eai ou. 

in all j , i . the fonoi not hath failed, oi 

• • 



it fli d! come to; 
as all things art 

v\hi( h • 


Lo«n i he 



h he 

* unto Ba« 

1 vi : • 

li And • [ordan. and 

• nnto y r t ho 




i Iff 

ye did n 
uilt » 




1 1 

212 Jo/kua's copnfel to Ifrael. 

the vineyards and oliveyards which ye 
planted not do ye eat. 

14 fl Now therefore fear the Lord, and 
ferve him in fincerity and in truth : and 
put away the gods which your fathers 
lerved on the other fide ot the flood, and 
in Egypt ; and ferve ye the Lord. 

15 And if it (ecm evil unto you to ferve 
the Lord, choofe ye this day whom ye 
xv ill ferve ; whether the gods which your 
lathers ferved that -were on the other fide 
of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites 
in whole land ye dwell : but as for me 
and my houfe, we will ferve the Lo» d. 

16 And the people anfwered and faid, 
God forbid that we fhould forfake the 
Lord to ferve other gods ; 

17 For the Lord our God, he it is that 
brought us up and our fathers out of the 
lanct cf Egypt, from the houfe of bondage, 
and which did thofe great figns in our 
fight, and preferved us in all the way 
wherein we went, and among all the 
people through whom we paded : 

lii Ai;d the Lord drave out from 
hefor? us all the people, even the Amo- 
rites which dwelt in the land : there- 
fore will we alio ferve the Lord ; for he 
is our God. 

19 And Jofhua faid unto the people, Ye 
cannot ferve the Lord : for he is an holy 
God : he is a jealous God ; he will not 
forgive your tranfgreflions nor your (ini. 

'20 If ye forlake the Lord and fertfe 
firangc gods, then he will turn and do 
you hurt, and ieonfume you, after that 
he hath done you good. 

41 And the people faid unto Jofhua, 
Nay ; but we will ferve the Lord. 

- And Jofhua laid untQ the people, 
Ye are witneues a-.ainft yourfelves that 
ye have chofen you the Lord, to ferve 
him. And they laid, We are witnefles. 
Now therefore put away, faid he, 
the ftrange gods which are among you, 

JUDGES. Bisdsat*. 

and incline your heart unto the Lor$ 
God ol Ifrael. 

24 And the people faid unto- Jofliuq, 
I he Lord our God will we ferve, and 

his voice will we obey. 

25 So Jofhua made a covenant with 
the people that day, and let them a flat- 
ute and an ordinance-in Shechem. 

26 And Jofhua wrote thefe words iq 
the book of the law of God, and took a 
great (tone, and fe.r it up there under an 
oak, that %uas by the fanituary of the 

27 And Jofhua faid unto all the peo- 
ple, Behold this (lone (hall be a witnefs 
unto us ; for it hath heard all the word? 
of the Lord which he fpake unto us ; it 
fhall be therefore a witnefs unto >ou, left 
ye deny your God. 

28 bo Jofhua let the people depart, 
every man unto his inheritance. 

29'^j And it came to pafs after thefe 
things, that Jofhua the (on of Nun, the 

fervanl of the Lor d . died, being an hun- 
dred and ten years old. 

50 And they buried him in the border 
of his inheritance in Lim.nathferah, which 
is in mount Ephraim, on the north iide 
©f the hill of Gaafh. 

Si And Ifrael ferved the Lord all the 
days of Jofhua, and all the days of the 
elders that overlived Jothua, and which 
had known all the works of the Lord, 
that he had done for Ifrael. 

51 And the bones of fofepta which the 
■child renof Ifrael brought upoutoi Egypt, 
buried they in Shechem, in a parcel of 
ground which Jacob bought of the fons 
of Mamor. the father of Shechem, for an 
hundred pieces of (ilver : and it became 
the inheritance of the children of Jofeph. 

SS And Kleazar the fon of Aaron died ; 
and they buried him in a hill that fer~ 
lamed to Phinehas his fon, which was 
given him in mount Lphraim. 



fjudab and Simeon. 4 Adon. 
ibtzek juftlj \equiud. ft 'Jerufalem, 
10 and llrbron taken. 

)\\ after the d :ath of Jofhua it came 

to pafa, that the children ( t" flraej alked 

Lord, faying, who (hall go up for 

. . mites firft, io fight 

\nd the Lord fajd. Judah, (liall go 

\ip : behold, I have delivered the laud 

his ha 

S And judah faid unto Simeon his 

,Come up wijh me into my lot, 

that we .cd'.n I the Canaanites . 

an 1 I likewifc will go with thee into thy 

3 ; So Simeoi .. . .. 

4 f And Judah went up ; and the 
Lord delivered the Canaanites and the- 
Perizzites into their hand : and they llew 
oi them in Bezck ten thouf and men. 

5 And they found Adonibezek in Be- 
zek ; and they fought againlt him, and 
tliry flew theCanaanitesandtliePenzzites. 

6 But Adonibezek fled; and they pur- 
fued after him, and caught him, and cut 
otf his thumbs and his great toes. 

7 And Adonibezek faid, I h reef core and 
ten kings- having their thumbs and their 
great toes cut oil, gathered their meat un- 
der my table : as I have done, fo God 
hath requited me. And they brought 
him to Jerufalem, and there he died. 

8 «J ivow tjie children of Judah had 


*ti Helm Lz Csnx- Urunut. 1X3 

trance into 

9 Aadafrerv. . zx\j 

t mot;: 1 - . 

•* into th< land o| 
a . 

f^a_:. tc. that : ••• c. . : in Hcbroa Dtrthe the name AXmm ukuc.. •■> l _t r.e 

: -on be ' 


i -/ BMtUbta 

i her lov*: 
IX inhab. i and her to* 

J laid, to and 

: but i xizutes would <r. 

* le. 
And O me to pafs. « 

- s yix. .ier, took 

■ . 
/• no dr>e oat 

-iifttlt in l 


e inhabit* . 

e outth- 

: BcUHki 



!VC 1 


1 but 




• r , 

rd the ch 


ircn of the K. . northeinh 

aim ne<5 mth jh, njr ot Aphik. nor or kehcfb: 

. Butttie A&eiites d*». . *}ng the 
ang the pe 

and they Ucmt the 

ame at the c 

idah took v. rthfltenM 

.ththc coiit t ♦ 

i the I rh Judah . 

and be tirade out /*r i«a- 

I at could i: 

no** oi iron, mount 

ry gave f ; :ntoC 

m>Mo|M be cn.....a ihcacc t^ph prcva.lcd, lo ilut ti>cy Dtcu'uc u.b- 

ihe three ions ik 

: Ben; 3» ecoaftofthe 

•c jut trV ru the s 

the rock, and u,«j- 
the . 

I A m a-.- **r**le ml i 

. • 
up a^i r.'i Bethel: the Lo.- M -> 

: LofcD Cjrne 
2* And the ho;: - 

e name o: up on- 

c ) 

ian come f 

cover. - 

; ' . .. : 

£14 'The TfradUsf'VuUk&dncfs&c. JUDGES. Their objiinate idolat®. 

2 And ye fhall make no league with the j out of the way which their fathers walked 
inhabitants of this land ; ye mall throw [in, ' 
do* n their altars: but ye have not obey 

obeying the commandments of the 
Lord : but they did not fo. 

ltf And when the Lord raifed them 
up judges, then the Lord was with the 
judge, and delivered them out of the 
hand of their enemies all the da^s of the 
judge : for it repented the Lo rd becaule 

ed my voice : Why have ye done this i* 

3 Wherefore I alfo laid, I will notdrive 
them out from before you ; but they fhall 
be as thorns in your fides, and their gods 
{hall be a ihare unto you. j^y-z,^ • •>«» *«- 'v.^,m.u m^ ^\j m» uctdmc 

4 And it came to pafs, when the angel ' ort their groanings by reafon of them that 
of the Lojid fpake thefe words unto all opprefied them and vexled them. 

the children of Ifrael, that the people: l& And it came to pafs, whenthe judge 
lifted up their voice, and wept. was dead, that they returned, and cor- 

5 Aad they called the name of that ■ runted tiem/elnjes more than their fathers- 
.place Bochim : and they facrificed there in following other gous to iervethem. ana- 
unto the Lor d. to bow down unto t hem ; they ceafed not 

6 fl And when Jofhua had let the people from their own doings, rror from their 
go, the children of Ifrael went every man flubborn way. 

unto his inheritance to pofTefs the land. 20 11 And the anger of the Lord was 

7 And the people ferved the Lord all 'hot againft Ifrael ; and he faid, Becaufc 
the days of Jolhua, and all the days of that this people hath tranigrefTed my cov- 
the elders that outlived Jofhua, who had enant which I commanded their fathers, 

and have not hearkened unto my voice ; 

21 I alfo will not henceforth drive out 

;any from before them of the nations 

fecfl all the great works of the Lord, 
which he did for Ifrael. 

I And Jofhua the fun of Nun, the fer 

vant of the Lord, ditd^tirig an hundred which Jofhua left when he died : 

and ten years old 

22 That through them I may prove I'f- 

9 And they buried him in the border rael, whether they will keep the way of" 
of his inheritance in Timnathheres, in; the Lord to walk therein, as theirfathers 
the mount of hphraim, on the north fide* did keep i/, or not. 

of the hill Gaafh. 23 Therefore the Lord left thofe na- 

10 And alfo all that generation were't'ons, without driving them outhaflily : 
gathered unto their fathers : and there neither delivered he them into the hand 

of Jothua. 

1 The nations left to prove Ifrael. 5 By 
communionioitbtbem they commit idola- 
try. BOfO/bniel, i s zEhud,SlShamgar. 
NOW thefe are the nations which ti. : 
lu^ y^Kj^u vjvil Lord left, to prove Ifrael by them,*-x^« 
of their lathers which brought them out as many of Ifrael as had not known all 

arofe another generation after them, 
which knew not the Lord, nor yet the 
works which he had done for Ifrael. 

11 And the children ot Ifrael did evil 
in the fight of the Lord, and ferved 
Baalim : 

12 And thev forfook the Lord God 

the wars of Canaan , 

2 Only that the generations of the chil- 
dren of Ifrael might know, to leach tnem 
war, at the lead fuch as before knew 
nothing thereof j 

i> Namely, five lords of the, 
and all the Canaanites, and the sidonian>, 
and the Hivites that dwelt in mount Leb- 
anon, from mount Baalhermon unto 
the entering in of Hamath. 

4 And they were to prove Ifrael by 

Si the lat.d of Egypt, and followed other 
--, of the gods of the people that nvere 
round about them, and bowed them- 
f< Ives unto thcm,and provoked the Lord 
to anger. 

13 And they fjrfook the Lord, and 
fer ! .md Aihtaroth. 

11 ^| And tl, of the Lord was, 

ind he delivered them 
the hands of fooilera that (polled 
:vd he fold them into the hands 

about, fo that J them, to know whether they would heark- 
iuldnotany longer (land before en unto i he commandments of the Lord, 

[which he commanded their fathers by the 
•ever they went out, the hand of Mob. 

nft them for! 'o «] And the children of Ifrael dwelt 

the Li and as the' among the Canaanites, Mittites, and Am- 

unto them; and ihey 'orites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and 

Ljebufites : 
ihe Lord raifed up I G And they took their daughters to be 
t" the their wives, and gave their daughters to 
thofe that fpoiled them. , and ferved their gods. 

•~ And . ken J 7 And the children of Ifrael did evil 

lawbor- ii, and forgat the 

-.JLori md ferved Baalnn and 

' 3 cr Therefore 


: > 

* ^ Ther eanger of i\< LordJv; and when they law t: 

. and lie fold them J hold, theck ~e lock- 

>po: arc : a : and the children 
Aarifcathaim eight] 

Lo r r 
em, evem Othniel the ton of 
:■ -anger brother. 

the Load cane 
-d^ed liraei, ar.d went 
•o war: and )tD deliv 

fkathaim k . r g o t N lcibpotamia 

hand ; arvi I 
afl Chufcarj-jfu*. _ 
11 And the land h»" 

e Lord : and the 
on the kr . 

they had 
-fce Lord. 
*d he ^AtLered unto him the 

-eW he coremh his : 

-3 And ikey tarried rill they v 
j attained : and, behold be opened not the 
up a I doers of the parlour ; then fore ther rook 

: and, behold, their 
on thr 
S» And Ehud eka red while the 
led, and paZed b« . nd the qaames, and 

came to pals when he was 
ooote. that he blew a trumpet in the 

. and the c 
-ael *rnt down with hirr 
mount, and he before them. 

t* And l»e faid unto them, Follow - 
me : for the Lotto hath delirered your 
enemies trx Moabites into your hand. 
And rat do«n after h ra, and took 

: Jordan toward Moab, 
red not a: - pafsover. 

*ew of 
about ten thousand men, all lofty, and a)l 

14 bo the 

Ion the • 

But *Ler. tar v.. 
; he Lord, the Lore heai 

up a 


i r- 

be ii 


»i a 
in tefthandrd : and 

chile ren c: ltVa.-i :- a i ,.!.;...• 

ncn ar.d . 
wcju and froo:e Iiraci, *ad p#ifcicd the4mencf vaicur ; and there ekaped not a 

. And tit* land had 

to was Shamear the 





ib : ax.. .i1l+* a 

V»^J u hen he had made an en I 
the y : e feat a « people 


19 But he 
•ire *ai inert \ 

i all 
Aoodbf hr.i;»c:.t o ». 

SO And thud cam 

, of 

. put 


mo him 

* iod ikjTo tf.:r. 



46a o: Anath, which flew of the . 

'mod red men «i;h an ox goad-: 

-.•- .. _...-•.;.. l i :. 
V P . 

1 De****kawJB*r*kc: 
mud S 

the Lord, when thud 

c Lor • ti into 

anaan, that it 
the captain of wh 

3 And the children of Iff ae * 
theLoa. behadame 

n : and t- 

d I 
.'ad Deb. 


-iter the 
loi :d upoa the btade, 
Id not draw tiK dagger out 
and \b 

rth th: 
Albedo me t s.iOi: 



ih be- rah and Beth. 

and the child?' 
ue i dgmeru. 


not tbr 

iw • aDOTf 

of tbccmldrea 

draw unto the 

ftfl Jael killeth $ % :f era. 

JUDGES. The fing of behorah and BaraJt. 

titude ; and I Will deliver him inio thine fmofe the nail into his temples, and faff* 
liand. enedlt into the ground- for he was fafli 

8 And Barak faid unto her. If thou wilt ' aflcep and weary , So he died. 

go with me, then I will go ; but \i thou J -2 And, behold, as Barak purfued Sif- 
Vilt not go with me, tbt-n 1 will not go. jera, Jael came out to meet htm, and faid 

9 And (he faid, I will furefy go with (unto him, Come, and 1 will (hew thee the 
thee : notwithstanding, the journey that 'man whom thou fee k eft. And when he 
tfiou takeft fnali not be for thine honour ; ! came into her r^fl^behold.Sifera lay dead, 

lor the Lord fhail fell Sifera into the 
hind of a woman. And Deborah arofe, 
*ud went With Barak to Kedefh. 

10 And Barak called Zebulun and 
Naphtali to Kede-.h ; and he went up with 
ten thoufand men at his feet ; and Debo- 
fah went up w ith hlr.l. 

11 Now Hebcr the K finite, nvbich ivas 
of the children of hobab the father in law 
of Mofes, had icverea" himfeif from the 
Kenites. and pitched his tent unto the 
ylain of Zaanaim, which rf by Kedefiv 

14 And they (hewed Sifera that Barak 
the (on of Abinoarn was gone up to mount 

13 And Sifera gathered together all his 
Chariots, e<uen nine hundred chariots of 
ircn, and all the people that ivere with 
him from Harolheth of the Genliies un- 
to the river of Kifhon. 

li And Deborah faid unto Barak. Up; 
for this is the day in which the Lord 
hath delivered Sifera into thine hand : Is 
rot the Lord gone out before thee ? So 
Barak went down from mount Tabor, 
and ten thoufand men after him. 

15 And the Lord difcomfited Sifera, 
and all bis chariots, and all his hoft, with 
the edge of the fword before Barak fo 
that Sifera lighted down oft' bis chariot, 
and fled away on his feet. 

1G But Barak purfued after the chari- 
ots, and after the hoft, unto Harofheth of 
the Gentiles : and all the hoft of Sifera 
fell upon the edge of the fword ; and 
tfier was not a man left. 

17 Howbeit, Sifera fled away on his 
feet to the tent of Jael the wife of Heber 
the Kenite for there tuas peace between 
Jabin the king of Hazor and the houieof 
Hebqi the Kenite. 

18 «" I 1 Jael went out to meet Sifera, 
and faid urm> him 1 urn in, my lord, 
turn in to me ; feaf not. And when he 
hid turned in ulno her into the tent, (he 
CDtert 1 hilti with a mantle. 

19 And he faid umo her, Give me, I pray 
, a little water to drink; for i am 

thinly. /\nd (he opened a bottle of milk, 

vc him drink, and Covered him. 

to Aa rin he faid unto her. Stand in ihe 

door of the tc;it, and it ('-all be when any 

i doth come and inquire of thee, and 

fiy, Is there any man here i that thou 

fay, No. 

ill Then Jae! He 1 •?.-'; wife took a Rail 

of the tent, and took an hammer in her 

hand, ar.i ffent lofur *nt* him ; a:.d 

and the nail ivas in his temples. 

23 So God fubd tied on that day Jabiri 
the king of Canaan before the Children 
of Ifrael. 

2i And the hand of the children of Jfc 

r«el profpered and prevailed again ft Ja- 

bin the king of Canaan, Urtftl they had 

deftroyed Jabin king of Canaan. 


Thefcng Of Drborab and Barak. 

THEN fang Deborah and Barak the 
foil of Abincamon that day, faying, 

2 Praife ye the Lord for the avenging 
of Ifrael, when the people willingly of- 
fered themfelves. 

8 Hear, O ye kings ; give ear, O ye 
princes ; 1, e<ven I, will fing unto the 
Lord ; I will fing praife to the Lord 
Gcd of Ifrael. 

4 Lord, when thou wenteftoutof 3eir # 
when thou marched:! out of thefwld of 
Edom, the earth trembled, and the heav- 
ens, dropped, the clouds alio dropped 

5 The mountains melted from before 
the Lord, e<ven that Sinai from before 
the Lord God of Ifrael. 

6 In the days of Sham gar the fan of 
Anath, in the days of Jael, the highv 
were unoccupied, and the travellers 
walked through byways. 

1 The inhabitants of the villages ceafed, 
they ceafed in Ifrael, until that I Debo- 
rah arofe, that 1 arofe a mother in Ifrael. 

8 I hey chofe new gods ; then nvas war 
in the gates : Was there a fhield or fpear 
feen among forty thoufand* in Ifrael ? 

9 My heart is tow ard the governor: - , of 
Ifrael that offered themfelves willingly? 
among the people. Blefs ye the Lord. 

10 Speak ve thai ride on white affes,y« 
that fit in judgment and walk by the way. 

tl They that are delivered from the 
noife of archers in the places of drawing 
water, there fnall they rehearie the right- 
ads of the Lord, even the right- 
eous ads toward the inhabitants of his 
villages in Ifrael : then (hall the people 
of the Lord go down to the gates. 

12 Awake, awake, Deborah : awake, 
awake, utter a long : arife, Barak, and 
lead thy captivity captive, thou fon of 

1.^ '1 hen .he made him that remaineth 
have dominion over the nobles among 
the people: the Lop. d made me have 
dominion over the mighty. 

14 Out of Kjdnaiin <was there 3. root of 


-- '' fj*g *f Dt&srab and Barak, t^hap. tK. Ifrael o up re fid by Midian. 5 < 

faem ?. vmalek. ; af'cr thee, Ben ; a-| the fun when lie goeth forth in his might. 

And the land had red forty years. 

1 The Ifrac.itesfor their Jin ar? tpprrjfed 
b\ Midian 7 A propbe: rcbukethtbem* 
1 1 Gideon defi&eretb them 
AND the children ot Ifrae! did evil irl 

the fi^lit of the Lord: and the Lord 

delivered them into the hand of Midian 

fevtn years. 

2 And the hand of Midian prevailed 
agaurfl Ifrael ; a/n/becaufe of the Midi- 
res the children of Ifrael made them 

the dens which are in the mountain?, and 
caves, and llrong holds. 

•"3 And/'? ■ n Ifrael had fbwn^ 

that the Midianifes came up, and the 
Amilekitcs and the children of the ealr, 
even they came u ft them ; 

4 And they encamped again ft tlcm. 

ic increafe of the earth, 

till thou coiue unto Gaza ( and left no 

fuftenance for Ifrael, neither thcep, nor 

.ox, nor afs. 

3 For they came up '.vith their cattte 
and their tents, and the) arafs- 
hoppen for multitude -.for both they an! 
theii ( .ere without number : an<l 
they art to the bnd to deftroy it. 

6 .\ t'ly impoVr liOied 

becaufe of the it»d the chil- 

dren of If' I unto the Lord. 

T (! A , uhen tut? 

chi! auto the Lord 

becaufe of the Midianit< 

8 rhat the Lord fent a prophet uhtd 

■ ' '•■!, wh.di laid unto 

them, 'I bus faith tlu.- Lord of If- 

rh out ot the houfe of 

min, Le ; out of" Machir 

and uuf of Zebu- 
epenofthe writer, 
cesof Ifiachar i 
^•ith D -en fffachar, and alfo 

Barak : lie wa c . fent on foot into the val- 
ley. For the divisions of Reuben tbcte 
of heart 
16 Whyabodeft thou among the fheep- 
he blearing* ofthe flocks i 
the divi • ben there - 

uf hearr. 

ond Jordan : and 
Why did Daa n in ft: 

i jre, and abode in 
his breach 

13 Zebulnr. ind Nanhtili were* peo- 
ple that amo the 
death, in t of the field. 
19 71 and fought, then 
jht the kin. i In in ! i. 

o ; they took no 

»ht from heaven ; the ftars 

!n tl night againft Sifera. 

2t :pl therri a- 

. that ancient river, the river Knhon. 

.y fcul, thou halt trodden down 


e the horfehoofs broken 
by th is of the \ rancngs, thepranc- 

mgs of their mighty on- 

lie angel of 
ants • they cam 

the iieJp of the 

i Ml | tel the 



and with t 

rrickei i''e*. 

■ owed, 


V^h) :ing * 

Why ' irry • 

tier wi 
\iflcd ,i ■,!■... ,-r , 

divided the .'cry m 

it two 



, meet for the necks of them that take 
I } 
t **1 So let all thine err , rr'nh, O 

that I . be*s> 


r.i^ i. 

hand oC 

, and out of the hand of all 

thai them out 

from h , ;l d give yo\i their Ian 

a, 1 am (lie 

• <D yoi I tlte g 

the Ar: , in whole land ye dwell ; 

it « re came an ai 

Low r>, and fat in 


wry , to hide ft Fn 

i : \ '. i ■ 

i unto him, '1 he Lord 

I r. 
i. 1 1 r with us.Whj tl 

lletl U9 ! and, Whirr 

tn told u*of» 

ng. Did not the Lord brin* UJ Up 
Hut now the I ord hatti 
i us into the 
fs ot the Midiaflitt*. 

U Am* 

2J8- Gideon deli<v*r*tb lie Iffaelites. JVD'GES. 

Gideon's fletce 

li And the Lord looked upon him, cut down that <was by it, and the fecori& 

and faid, Go in this thy might, and thou 
ibalt lave Ifrael from the hand of the 
IVLidianitcs : Have not I lent thee ? 

15 And lie (kid unto him, O my Lord, 
Wherewith mail I fave Ifrael: behold 
my family is poor in Manaffeh, and I am 
the leaft in my feither's houfe. 

16 And the Lord faid unto him, Surely 
1 will be with thee, and thou (halt frnite 
the Midianites as one man. 

17 And he faid unto him, If now I 
have found grace in thv fight, then thew 
me a fign that thou talkeit with me. 

13 Depart not hence, I pray thee, until 

bullock was offered upon the altar that 
tuas built. 

29 And they faid one to another, Who 
hath done this thing ? And when they 
inquired and afked, they faid, Gideon 
the fon of joafh hath done this thing. 

SO Then the men of the city faid unto 
J6afh, Bring out thy fon, that he may 
die : becaufe he hath cart: down the altar, 
of Baal- and becaufe he hath cut down. 
the grove that it as by it. 

3 1 And Joafii faid unto all that flood a- 
gainft him, Will ye plead for Baal ? Will 
ye favelum ? He that will plead for him, let 

I come unto thee, and bring forth my j him be put to death whilft // is yet morn 

prefent, and fet it before thee. And he 
i'aid, I will tarry until thou come again 

19 And Gideon went in, and made 
ready a kid, and unleavened cakes of an 
ephah of flour : the flefh lie put in a baf- 
ket, and he put the hrotirin a pot, and 
brought it out unto him under the oak, 
and prefented it 

20 And the angel' of God faid unto 
him, Take the flefh and the unleavened 
cakes, arA lay them upon this rock, and 
pour out the broth. And he did fo. 

21 Then the angel of the Lord put 
forth the end of the ftaff that ivas'm his 
hand, and touched the flefh and the un- 
leavened cakes ; and there rofe up fire 
r»ut of the rock, and conmmed the flefh 
and the unleavened cakes. fften the an- 
gel of the Lord departed out of his fight. 

. And when Gideon perceived that he 
ivalaa angel of the Lord, Gideon faid, 
Alas, O Lord God ! for becaufe I have 
fcen an ana,el of the Lord face to face. 

23 And the Lord faid unto him, Peace 
be unto th'-e ; tear not : thou (halt not die. 
2J 1 hen Gideon b:ult an altar there 
unto the Lord, and called it Jchovah- 
fhalom : unto this day it is yfit in Oph- 
r«h of the Abiezrites. 

25 And if came to pafs the fame hi 
that the Lo.RD (aid unto him, Take thy 
tath lock, even the fecond 

bullock of fevtn years old, and throw 

lal that thy father 

td cut down the grove that h by it : 

: an al: , the J 

the too of this rock, in 

the < th • I :cond 

ing : if he be a god, let him plead for him-. 
feif, becaufe one hath caft down his altar. 

32 Therefore on that day he called 
him Jerubbaal, faying, Let Baal plead. 
aga.nft him, becaufe he hath thrown 
down his altai\ 

S3 Then all the Midianites and the 
Amalekites, and the children of the eaft 
were gathered together, and went over, 
and pitched in the valley of Jezreel. 

Si But the fpirit of the Lord camfe 
upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet j 
and Abiezer was gathered after him. 

35 Andhefent meffengers throughout 
all Manaifeh ; who alfo wai gathered af- 
ter him : and he fent mefTengers unto Aft- 
er, and unto Zebulun, and unto -Naphta- 
li ; and they came up to meet them. 

36 And Gideon faid unto God, If thou 
wilt fave Ifrael by mine hand, as thou 
haft faid, 

57 Behold, I will put a fleece of wool 
in the floor ; and if the dew be on the 
fleece only, and it be dry upon all the 
earth lnjide r then fhall I know that thou 
wilt lave Ifrael by mine hand, as thou 
haft faid. 

38 And it was fo : for he rofe up early 
on the morrow, and thruft the fleece 
together, and wringed the dew out of the 
fleece, a bowl of water. 

39 And Gideon faid unto God, let not 
thine anger be hot again ft me, and I will 
(peak but this once : let me prove, I pray 
thee, but this once with the fleece ; Let 
it no\* be dry only upon the fleece, and 
upon all the ground let there be dew. 

40 And God did fo that night : for it 

hull u-k. and < .. ce with was dry upon the fleece onK\ and there 

the :• .- which theil fhall was dew on all the ground. 

1 hen Gi li ■ n took ten men of his 

he Lord had fa>d 

nife he t-.'ar- 

, and the m 

the <■ it) ' not do it by day, 



I Gideon** army. 9 He it encouraged by 

the d'tam, and interpretation of the 

barley cake 21 Ureb und Zeeb. 

T H EN Jerubbaal, who is Gideon, and 

all the people that ivere with him, rofe 

'up early and pitched befide the well of 

• lecityarofe Hurod : fo' that the hofi of the Midian- 
the altar of ites were on the north fide of them, bf 
" '• A> and the grove was the hill of Moreh, in tlic valley. 

♦ 2 And. 

Icon's jiratagfm. Chap 

2 And the Lord faid unto Gideon, 

people that are with thee ar^ too 

many tor me | lianites into 

their ifrael vaunt themfelves 

ing, Mine own hand luth 


■re fore. r-> to ; m in the 

•he people, faying, V. . cr ;j 

fill and afraid, Jet i. urn and 

early tor mount Gilead. And 

there returned of the people twenty and 

liand; and there remained ten 


t the Lord faid unto Gideon, 

. unto the waier, and 1 
try them for 1 II be, 

that of whom I fay ui (hall 

thee ; unto 

, the 

5 Su he bi • down the people unto 
the . 

e that lappeth cr the 
him |j \ 

hat boweth c .i his 

knees to drmk. 

6 e nuiiibir of th^ m that lap- 

:ir liand to their 

but .dl :!. 
down li- 
lt nee 

I And the l.o I on, 


the other 
i unto his plac 
8 So the peo] 

unto hi? 


th him in the 
■ J 

thee down unto th r I h i . 

livered it into thine ban 

with I'hurah • n to the 


li t they I 

: ball thine I 

to the 

ii his 

re in the i 
It A. 

the ea . 
multitude ; and tl 

out number, as the hind by :. 

. vii. The lifll!^.' ram, Cl$ 

unto his . and faid, Behold, 1 

dreamed a dream, and, io. a cake ot hi 
ley bread tumbled into the holt of Mfdi* 
an, and came unto a tent, and fnvte it 
that it fell, and overturned it, that the 
tent lay aloi 

14 And his fellow anfwered and fa 
is is nothing elie fave the fword of 
'.eon the Ion ot "J oath, a man of Iirael : 
jor into his hand 1. jd delivered 

Mid l all tho hott. 

And it wasy*,when Gideon heard 
the telling of the dream, and the inter- 
pretation thereof, that he worshipped, 
ed unto the holt of Iirael, and 
t r the Lord hath delivered 
into your hand the holt o\ an. 

16 And he divided the three hundred 
men into three companies, and he put a 
tru: hand, with emp- 
ty | ithin the \ tchers. 

17 .;nto tUnn, Look on 
me, and do lik and, behold w 1 
I come to fthe camp, it (hall 

as I do, lo lha 1 ye do. 

am witha trumpet, land 

all that are with me, then blow yc the 

trumpets alio on every fide of all the 

camp, and ! . Tbefiutrd l I Lord, 


19 . v o Gideon and the hun men 

t the 
watch : ami thej ut nev. 

fctthe watch: and they blew tl< tru 

theii I 

'urc companies b 
tru . 

hrki the lami 
ti umpei in th 


tt And tl 

: and . 

tt And the tin. 


:h; bordi r of 

I hath. 




and ] 

» of the 

*aS Tht Eprajmitespeafietf. JUDGES. Succoih and P'tnuei de£roye#. 

(lew Oreb upon the rock Oreb, and Zeeb 

they flew -at the wine prefs of Zeeb, and, Succptji, and the elders thereof, evert 

purfued Midian, and brought the heads 
of Oreb and Ze?b to Gideon on the 
Other fide Jordan 

i 'Ike Fphraimhes pacified. 4 Zebah and 

Zalmunna. #S Tbe Ijraelites' idolatry 

and ingratitude. 

AND the men of Ephraim faid unto 

and he defer ibed unto him the princes of 

threefcore and feventecn men. 

13 And he came unto the men of Suc- 
coih, and faid,' Behold Zebah and Zal- 
munna, with whom ye did upbraid me, 
laying. Are the hands of Zebah and Zal- 
munna now in thine hand, that wefhould 
give bread unto thy men that are weary I 

lb Andhetook the eiders of the city, 
him, Why halt thou ferved us thus, that (and thorns of the wildernefs and briers., 
thou cailetilt us not when thou wen tell to | and with them he taught the men of Suc- 
nght with the Jtfidianitefc \ And they did coth. 
viiide with him iharply. 17 And he beat down the tower of Pe~ 

2 And he laid unto them, What have I nuel, and flew the men of the city, 
done now in conparifon of you i U not, IB Then faid he unto Zebah and Zal- 
the gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim^ munna, What manner of men nvere they 
better than the vintage of Abieser ? whom ye flew at labor ? And they an- 

S God hath delivered into your hands! fwered, As thou art, (oivetx they ; each 
the princes of Midian, Oreb and Zeeh florae refembled the children of a king, 
and, What was I able to do in companion j 1!), And he faid, They vjere my breth- 
cf you ? Then their anger was abated. ;o-:ren, even thefonsof my mother ; as the 
ward him, vvhen he had faid that. { Lord liveth, if ye had iaved them alive, 

4 f And Gideon came to Jordan, and\\ would not flay you. 
palled over, he, and the three hundred: 20. And he laid unto jether his firfi 

men that nvcrg with him, faint, yet pur- I born, Up, and flay them. But the youth 
fowgtbem, ] drew not bisfword : for he feared, .be- 

G And he faid unto the men ofSuccoth, Jcanfe he nxas yet a vouth. 
Give. I piay you, loaves of bread untoj 21 Then Zebah and Zalmanna faid 3 
the people that follow me ; for they ^'Rife thou, and fall upon us : for as tha. 
faint, and I am pursuing after Zebah andi man is, Jo is his ftrengtfu And Gideon 
Zalmtinna, kings of Midian, varole, and fl<ew Zebah and Zalmurma, 

6 And the princes of Succoth faid,^>v}and took away the ornaments ihdXiuer? 
tfie hands of Zebah and Zalmunna now'on their camels' necks. 

in thine hand, that we Ihould give bread* 22 Then the men of Ifrael faid unto 
unto tliihe army ? {Gideon, Rule thou over us, both thou, 

7 And Gideon faid, Therefore when land thy Ion, and thy fon's fon alio : for, 
the Lord hath delivered Zebah and Zal-lthou haft delivered us from the hand ot 
munna into mine hand, then I will tear} Midian. 

23 And Gideon faid unto them, I will 

not rule over y ou, neither lhall my fon rule 

jour flefh with the tliDrns of the wilder- 
nefs and with briers. 

8 And he went up thence to Penuel.jover you : the Lord ihall rule over you. 
d fpake unto them likewife : and the}' 24 And Gideon faid unto them, I 

Vnuei an fwered him as the men; would dehre a requeft of you, that ye 
%t Succo^li had anfwered bint. would giveme every man the earrings o5 

9 And he fpakc alio unto the men ot.his prey, (For they had golden earrings^ 
PeuueJ, When I come again m.becaule they vjere flhmaelites. ) 

I will Uieak down this tower. | 25 And they anfwered, We will will- 
'0 Now Zebah and Zalmunna 'were in 'ingly give them* And they fpreadagar- 
irkor, and their hods v. it h them about? me n't, and did call therein every man the- 
fift< tfan'd m. n, all that were left o£ ; earrings of his prey, 

all the holts ot the children of the eaft: for! 26 And the weight of the golden ear- 
there fell an hundred and twenty thoufand. rings that he requelted was a thouiandand. 

men that drew (word 

11 And Gideon went up by the way of 
them that dwelt in tents on the call of 
Nob.ih and Jogbeh;ih,and fmote the hoft : 
for the hotl v^a» lecure. 

11 And when Zebah and Zalmunna 
fled, be purfued after them, and took 
the two kings of Midian, Zebah and Zal- 
munna. and difcomhted all the hoft. 

IS And Gideon the Ion of Joalh re- 
turned from battle before the fun il^s ut>> 

14 And caught a young man of the 
men of buccoth, anc^iJjquired c 

feven hundred Jhekels of gold : befid'. 
ornaments, and collars, and purple rai- 
ment that ioas on the kings of Midian, 
and bedde -the chains that were about 
their camels' necks. 

2T And Gideon made an ephod thereof, 
and put it in his city, even mOphrah : 
and all Ilrael went thither a whoring afar 
it : which thing became a fnare untooic- 
con, and to his horde. 

■£8 Thus was Midian fubdued before 
the children of Ilraei, fo that they lifted 
theji: be^ds pc more* A:.c the cou.„- 


yjideon's death. Chap. jjc. jo: ham's far ah ft. 2'£l 

try wao in quietnefs fbjty years in the. cried, and (aid unto them, Hearken unto 

fine, ve men of Shechem, that Gcd may 
hearken unto von. 

days oi Gideon. 

29 Andjeiubbaal the fonof Jcaih,wenx 
and dwelt ip his own boufe. 

And Gideon had threefcore and ten 
fons or hi* body begotten ; for he had ma- 
;)y • 

dl And his concubine that inas in 
Shechem, ll - :>a;e him a ion, whole 

name he t-jiled A 

id Gideon t!.£ ion of Joafh 
in a good old a .a in th_- 

iepuichre pt Joaih his father, in 0;jhrah 
33 ^| And it came to p~ij, as i'oon as 

Gideon wa, d-*ad, that the children ot 
gain, and wont a uhor 
•r Baalim, and . th, 

r god. 
34 /\nd thf children of Ifrael rei. 
bered n'Jt the I^ok 

at of tl 

:ther il»ewed tltey to the 

.ubbaal, nam. n, ac- 

to all the good ..a he had 

»ved unto lirael. 

1 Jbimeluhis made king Uy the Sbechem. 
lies . 7 Joiham by a parable rtbukeib 
the:-.. ttGsaJ'i conipiracy. id 'ja- 
m's curje it fulfil ltd. 

imeiech the ion of Jerub 
vent to Shechem unto nis 

tuned will) them, and with 
ail the ; :te of his moth- 

y you, in the ears of all 
ihemenoi rm, Whether is better 1 

ior you, either tl. jiis ot Jerub- 

baai, noticb are thrcch ore and ten per- 
Jo; :\ over you, or I , icign 

r you ? i alio tlut I an 

nts mother's b;erhrcn fj - 
;:i in tlv the men ot ^ta.* hero 

■til thefc words : aad theii heai . ned 

to : they laid, He 

cur b r 

ive him threefcore and ten , 
pieces oi i it of the i.ouie oi Baal- 

pciith, »her hired i 

1 h^l.t perfons, which followed him. 
his tai 
atUi.'. brethi 

.. being I 

rubbjj^ .. 
.\nd all I 
: 1 all 

in of ' 

7 * 


t and II 


tf I lie trees went forth on a time to 
anoint a king over them ; and they faTd 
unto the olive tree, Reign thou over us. 

9 Bui the olive tree laid unto them, 
Should I leave my fatnels, wherewith by 
me they honour God and man, and go 
to be proniot-d over the trees ? 

10 And the trees faid to the fig tree, 
Come thou, and reign over us. 

11 But the fig tree, faid unto them, 
Should I for fake my fwcetnels, and my 
good fruit, and go to be promoted over 
the trees \ 

12 I hen faid the trees unto the vine, 
Come thou, and reign over us. 

Id And the vine faid unto them, 
Should I leave my \sine, which cheereth 
God and man, and go to be promoted o- 
ver the tree 

14 1 lien faid all the trees unto the 
bramble, Come thoit, and reign over u:. 

lo And tie brambic faid unto the lt< 
If in truth you anoint me km;., over Jf ou > 
then come and ;^at your truit in my i!i d- 
DW : aud ii not, let hie come ouui I 
bramble, aid devour the cedars ot Leb- 

1 6 Now therefore, if ye have done tru- 
ly and Qncerelyi in that ye have made 
Abimelech king, and if )<~ <.,<.^h 

I with Jerubbaal and hio h.ufe, a 

unto him accoi ding to tbfe dc- 
ng oi his hands ; 
IT (lor i.;) fathei u,and 

adventured his lit- t i. u .. delivered you 
out ot the hand of Mmian : 

la And ye art: nien up a^ain.l my fa- 
ther's houie this day, and have flam hi J 
,threeicore and ten perfons, upon one 
ftone, and have nude Abimelech, theii 

t, king over the men ot 
Shechem, becauie he h your broth 
19 If ye then .ut trul) and 

cerely witli Jerul nd with his houfe 

t hi > u e ) t in Abimelech, 

ami let J J : 

. let fur come out from 
Abimelech i a. our the raei 

I I. m, ... 1 tlie hou/< Oi MUto a:xi let 

come out from the men 

and from the houf( ot Mdlo, an a: 


-i A« I J . , and Bed, 

. went to; Beer, aial »l\\(!t tn-ie lor 

had reigned 

II ; and 

wit 1 n : 

I hat the cruelty • 

S£2 GaaVsconfpiracjb JUDGES. JLbimelecb overeomftl bint. 

come, and their blood be laid upon Abim- him ? Is not this the people that thou haft 
lech their brother, which flew them : defpifed ? Go out, I pray now, and fight 

.and upon the men of Shechem, which 
aided him in the killing ot" his brethren. 

&5 And the men of Shechem fet liers 
in wait for him in the top of the moun- 
tains, and they robbed all that came a- 
kmg that way by them : and it was told 

26 And Gaal the fan of Ebed came 
with his brethren, and went over to 
Shechem : and the men o'i Shechem put 
their confidence in him. 

£7 And they went out into the fields, 
an/1 gathered their vineyards, and trode 
the grapes, and made merry, and went 
into the houfe of their god, and did eat 
and drink, and cur fed Abimelech. 

20 And Gaal the fonof Ebed laid, Who 

with them. 

39 And Gaal went out before the men 
of Shechem, and fought with Abimelech. 

£0 And Abimelech chafed him and he 
fled before him, and many were over- 
thrown and wounded, even unto the en-, 
tering of the gate 

41 And Abimelech dwelt at Ariimah t 
and Zebul thruft out Gaal and his breth- 
ren, that they fhould not dwell in Shechem. 

42 And it came to pafs on the morrow, 
that the people went out into the field ; 
and they told Abimelech. 

43 And lie took the people, and divided 
them into three companies, and laid wait 
in the field, and looked, and. behold, the- 
people n.cer e come forth out of the city ; 

is Abimelech \ and, Who is Shechem, that {and he rofe up a gain (I them, and fmote 

we fltonld ierve him ? Is not he the (on of 

Jerubhaal ? AndZcbul his officer ? Serve 
the men of Humor the father of Shechem; 
for, Why ihould we lerve him ? 

29 And would to God this people were 
under my hand ! then would I remove 
Abimelech. And he laid to Abimelech, 

reafe thine army, and come out. 

30 And when Zebul the ruler of the 
city heard the words of Gaal the fan of 
Ebed, his anger was kindled. 

31 And he lent meflengers unto Abim- 
elech privily, faying, Behold, Gaal the 
Ion of Ebed and his brethren, be come 
to Shechem ; and, behold, they fortify 

, again ft thee. 
3J, Now therefore, up by night, thou 
and the people that m with thee, and lie 
in wait in the field : 


•44 And Abimelech, and the company 
that ivas with him, ruftied forward and 
flood in the entering of the gate of the 
city : and the two other companies ran 
upon all the people that our rr in the fields, 
and flew them 

43 And Abimelech fought againft the 
city all that day ; and he took the city, 
and flew the people that i»as therein, 
and beat down the city,' and fowed it. 
with fait. 

46 And when all the men of the tower 
of Shechem heard //>a/, they entered into 
an hold of the houfe of the god Berith. 

47 And it was told Abimelech, that all 
the men of the tower of Shechem were 
gathered together. 

48 And Abimelech gat him up to mount 

33 And it (hall be^bat in the morning, Zalmon, he and all the people that were 

as Toon as the iun is up, thou (bait rile he and the people that // with him 

with him : and Abimelech took an ax 

r nly, and k-t upon the city ; and, behold, . in his hand, and cut down a bough 

from the trees, and took it, and laid it 

come out againft thee, then mayeU thou on his (boulder, and laid unto the people 
dp to thtm as thou (bait find occafion. j that tve re with him, What ye have fcen 
kbimelech rofe up, and all thejmecio, make hafte.tftf^doas I ha<ve done. 

le that nvert with him, by night, and} 49 And all the people likewife cut 

laid wait againft Shechem, in four i down every man his bough, and followed 

compan Abimelech, and put tbem to the hold, and 

And Gaal the fonof Ebed Went QUtJfet the hold on fire upon them; fo that 

flood in th ing of the gate of all the men of the tower of Shechem died 

Vbimelech role up, ami the 
people that ivere v»ith him, from lying 

hen Gaal faw the people, he 

I Zebul, lieht>!fl there come people 

doM 'Wains. And 

Zebul feid Unto hi I :fceft the (hadow 

U iftt ■-■ men. 

And i ;.i,il (p.'.kc ag tin and I 

►me pe * n by the middle 

tnd, ai ip my come 

• he plain «<t Meonenim. 

I Zebul unto him, Where 
>w thy mouth, wherewith thou faidft, 

alfo, about; a thoufand men and women. 

50 i 'hen went Abimelech to Thebez, 
and encamped againft '1 hebez,and took it. 

at lint there was a ftronc tower within 

the city, and thither fled all the men and 

women, and all they of the city, and (lint 

it to them, and gat them up to the top of 


54 And Abimelech came unto the 
tower, and fought againft it, and went 
hard unto the door of the tower to burn 
it with fire. 

53 And a certain woman caft a piece 
Of a miilftone upon Abimelech's head, 

VYhu lech, that we lhonkl fei re ! and all to break his (kull 

5i Then 

il Then he called huffily ai 1 the Amal- 

aiourb and laid 

id, and flay inc. 


y° u ! nd Id. 

yor ha ad. 



1 * G the go ; . h y^ 

rhera '. :be 


• '. n the men or If. 

« - -icked-ltirne 

nefsofAbi 15«J Andth 

to the Loi 

diem did G 

?iecur. 'i the. 

-* j^c 

X. :he 

I T art, i ~ 

'■ If* .nthe*. were 

ra- - nfe ^r, ane 

JD after 

- . 
dwelt in Sham 

three /tars, aiui( 
fl jf Andaftc rofe Ja !ad- 

1 «] 
hoi a^a 



re arot- -^ther, and encar. 

n ol Puah, tl . 

1 he* ■ :e> of ( 

r Ae 
, and wai buried in 

. . P. X 

t Jrpbth. 

ties. SO Ha i /•rmetb 

js a. 

• - 

t of the Lou i - 

s grew U P» ***<* ' 

\ou art the 

■ • 
r were gathert : □ to Jc 

, and went 
And procefs of 


VU' \J\ / - 

ib, and the g.> 


fbrfovk the L 

8 And tru* 

fold tit* 

* the) 



ren ' ws 

n : 


.\minon rruU« 

ich Je 

iof ( 


f !fra':l cr me oct of 

th beoaufe we hav 


.".'.' •.. 

ate i 

ime un* 

e now w he . 

>re we 

! IO 



££l "jephthah mad* captdtsu 

9 And fephthah faid unto the ciders of 
Gilead, If ye bring me home again to figlit 
againft the' children of Ammon, and the 
Lord deliver them before me, Shall I 
be vouf head ? 

10 And the elders of Gilead faid unto 
Jephthah, The Lo« d be witnefs between 

if we do not foaccordingto thy words. 

11 Tiien fephthah went forth with the 
elder'sof Gi'lead, and the people made him 
2icad and captain over thern : and Jeph- 
thah uttered all his words before the 
"Lord in Mizpeh. 

12 And jephthah fent mefiengerr. unto 
fwti kine ct the children of Ammon, fay- 
ing, What had thou to- do with me, 
that thou art come againft me to fight in 
X&y land ? 

13 And the king cfthc children of Am- 
mon am we red unto the melTengers of 
Jephthah, Becaufe Ifrael took away my 
Htnd, when they came up out of Egypt, 
from Anon even unto Jabbok, and unto 
Jordan : now therefore reflore thofe lands 
£.g;iin A pcaccably. 

14 And Jephthah fent melTengers again 
■ ,:o the king of the children of Ammon: 

. 15 And nid unto him, Thus faith 
Tephthah, Ifrar.l took not away the land 
ot Moab, nor the land of the children 
of Arumon : 

16 Hut when Ifrael came up from E- 
gypt, and walked through the wildernefs 
unto the Red fea, and came to Kadefti ; 

17 'I hen Ifrael fent mefiengers unto the 
>ting of Edom, faying, Let me, I pray 
tnee, pals through thy land : but the king 
of Kdom would not hearken thereto. And 

JVT) G £ S'. tTis rajh vS48i 

2'5 So now the Lord God of Ifrael 
hath, difpoffeilecjl the Amorites from be- 
fore hispeople Ifrael, and, Shouldeft thou 
pofTeis it ? 

24 VvTit not thou poiTefs that which 
Chemoih thy god giveth thee to polTefs ? 
So whorrrfbev'er the Lord our God /hal? 
drive out from before us, them will we 

25 ^nd now, Art thou any tiling better 
than Balak the fon of Zippor king of Mo- 
at) ? Did he ever ffrive againft Ifrael, or 
did he ever fi<*ht againft them. 

26 While li'Vaei" dwelt in Hefhbo'n and 
her towns, and in Aroer and her towns, 
and in all the cities that be along by the 
coafis of ArnOn. three hundred years \ 
Why therefore did ye not recover tber: 
within that time ? . 

2T Wherefore I have not finned againft 
thee, but thou dec ft me wrong to war a- 
gainft me : the Lof d the Judge be judge 
thisday between the children of Ifraeland 
the children of Ammon. 

28 Kowbeit the king of the children of 
Ammon hearkened not unto the words 
of Jephthah which he fent him. 

29 Then the Spirit of the Lord came 
upon Jephthah, and he palTed over Gil- 
ead, and ManafTeh, and paffed over 
Mizpeh of Gilead, and from Mizpeh of 
Gilead he palTed over unto the children 
of Ammon. 

SO «[ And Jephthah vowed a vow unto 
the Lord, and faid, If thou (halt without 
fail deliver the children of Ammon into 
mine hands, 

31 Then if mall be, that whatfoeve/ 

in like manner they fent unto the king of- Cometh forth ot the doors of my houfeto 

meet me, when T return in peace from 
the children of Ammon, fhall furely be 
the Lord's, and I will offer it up for a 
burnt offering. 

32 So Jephthah palled over unto the 
children of Ammon to fight againft them ; 

Moab : but he would not confent ; and 
Ifrael abode in Kadefh 

18 'I hen thev went along through the 
wildernefs, arc! compared 'he kind of E- 
d:m, and the Ian d of Moab, and came by 
the call li.le of the land of Moab, and 

bed on the other fide of Arnon, but-jandthe Lord delivered them into his 
ramc not within the- border of Moab : forj hands* 

Arnon vjus the border of Moab. ) S3 And he fmote them front Aroer, 

19 And Ifrael fent melfengers unto-ieven til! thou come to Minnith, cvrtt 

Sihon kingof the Amorites, the king" off twenty cities, and unto the plain of r 

Heflibon ; and Ifrael faid iiiro him, l.ct'vineyards, with a very great daughter. 

pafs, v ■: ] ray thec, through thy lantrj Thus the children of Amnion were fub- 

roy place. [dited before the children of Ifrael. 

-JO But trifled not rfrael to pa . 34 «j And Jephthah came to Mizpeh- 

thn > coaft : but Sihon gathered all J unto his houfe, and, behold, his daugh- 

gether, and . tched in Ja-itercame out to meet him with timbrels* 

hal, and fought againft Ffrael. 

"11 And the Loan C»od of Iffaei deliv- 
ered Sihon and all his , I ■ into the 
hand of ifrael, at»d they fmote them : fo 
Ifraci pi all the land of the* Amo- 

, the inhabitants ot that country. 
And t t-iled all the, coaffs of 

\morites, from Arnon even unto 
Jabbok, and f;om tlje wUviefr.efseven un 
•v Jordan «- 

and with dances: and Hie teas his only 
child ; he!'de her he had neither fon nor 

te 'O pafs, when he faW 
her, that he rent his clothes, and faid, A- 
las, my daughter! t'nou haft brought me 
very low, and thru art one of them that 
trouble me : fori have opened my mouth 
unto the Lord, and 1 cannot go back. 
> v*S And (hs faid unto him, My father, 


The Ephr a] mites ft. tin. Chap xii. xiu. An ikgel appeared to BlatMb. tu 

i/thou haft opened thy mouth unto tl e 2 And after him Ibzan of Bethlehem 

Lor. d, do to me according to that which 

hath proceeded out of I nth; For- 

h as the Lord hatn taken ven- 

jje« i theeof thine enemies, even of 

Idren of Ammcn 
>\nd the laid unto her father, Let 
be done for me ler me alone 
tu hs, that I may Roup ar.d down 

upon the mountains, and bewail ray vir- 
ginity, I andrny fellows. 

38' And he laid. Go. And he lent her 
away for two months: and me *ent 

ju ged Ifraeh 

9 And lie had thirty fons and thirty 
daughter.-, -zvhom he lent ab road ,and took 
in thirt) dau r from abroad for his 
Ions. /\nd he judged [frael fev< n years; 

10 Then died Ibzan, and was buried 
at Bethlehem. 

11 Andafter him Eldn, ni'te* 
j ud gcd 1 1 r ae I ; a n d \ ) e j u 1 1 g e d In. 
year- . 

Vt And Hop the Zebulonite died, and 

was buried in Aijalon in the country ot 

with her companions, and bewailed her Zebulun. 
virginity upon the mountains. And a!:er him Abc.on the for 

39 And it came topafsat tlic end otlHiUe] 4 Pirathonite, j >.el. 

> months, that fhe returned unto her li And he had forty ijns and thirty 
todid with her according to his J nephews, that rode on tl re ami 

inch he hadiotved : and liie knew ; ten alscolts : and he judged Ifrael eig 
no I And it was a cuftom in Urael,' years. 

Ilrael went] 15 And Abd< 

the daughter of Jeph- 
thah tl < Hit I •.' : four days in a year. 

CUM'. All. 
1 TbeEphraimites,difcerned by Sbibbdetb, 
art Jljin. 7 Jcf'htbah dieth. 

men of Kphrajia gathered 

theuifelver together, and went northward, 
an unto Jephthah, Wherefore 

palled (t thou over to fight agamft the 
children or Amraon, and didit not call 
us to go with thee \ We will burn thine 
houle upon thee with fire. 

;!i laid unto them,! and my 
>ple were al rent ftrifc with the chil- 

d ) on, 

y*- r of their hands. 

$ And \ that ye delivered aw 

fe in my hands, and pa(T- 

le clnldi en of Amrnon, 

and the Lord delivered them, into my 

') ate yi up 

:t iur > 
A 1 

rtote '*-- 

) ■ lites 

ion the 

Hillcl thr 

Pirathonite died, and wa? buried in Pi- 

aon in the land <>1 fiphraim, ill t. v - 

mount ct' the Amalck; 


1 (frael is rnt be ha?: J c; fbt I'hiliftines. C 
An angel appcarctb ;o Mar.oib's ibife* 
H The angei appcareth to Man-ab. ' 15 
Ma n cab's fu <• rtfit ■ c a ngH 

is difioic red ., £4 Sam/ on j born* 

Idren of Iirael did eviJ a - 
gain in the fight ot the I.'ikp ; and t 
Lord delivered then) i&to ihe hand 
the Philiftines lorty years. 

I « And there. was* certain mm of 
'/oiah, ol Family of the Danitaft, 

whote name was Manoah ; and his wit : 
nvus baj i en, and bare not. 

* no theangel of th** r.oKi> appeared 
Untothe woman. and laid unto ho . behold* 
now, thou art barr-n, and beared not ^ 
but ihou Ihilt co , and bear a Ion. 

i Now therefore, bow arc, 1 pray tl 
and drink not wine noi llrong drink, ai 
not any un< le mi thing ; 
r.n , !o, thou fh.dt con 
;i ; and no razor H>all conit on ! 

of Kphraira among the E^ head ; t l fnall be a N. 

-l.u. ifli in.: i from tl \ rid he lb dl 

And th paflagei i Ifrrtlcnitdf the hftndat' 

/^, that when tl I hen thr woman came and told 

wh er; huiband, faying, A man ot > 

unm me. and his countenmce *u«*j hk»- 
nice oi an angel ol ( rod, very 

terrible : but 1 alked ! 

.tine : 
B\lt he laid unto m I, thqp 

;..u ' him, Art 

- > If he (aid, Na ; 

boleth; boleui 

.oiild not fi // righ 

■ - and dew him at fh alt conceivr, and beai a 
i.i lot dan : and there fell at j drink no wine ncriti- 

iraimitea lurty and 'cat any unclean i the child (hall 

id. j be a n a •/•.•( rite to O i the womb t«% 

7 *J And Jeplithah judged Ifrael fix the day oi his death. 

i died Jepnthahthi 8C i'hen Manoah iotreaied the Lord. 

C) my I.oro, let • 
Mtesfci dJO t jend come ^^ain unro 

2 | 

22tf ManGaVsfamjic*. JUDGE?. 

us, and teach us -what we ft all do unto 
the child that (hall be Worn. 

9 And God hearkened to the voice of 
Manoah \ and the angvl of God came 
again unto the woman as (he fat in the 
held ; but Manoah her hufband nvas not 
with, her. 

10 And the woman made hafte, and 
ran, and ihewed her hufband and faid 
unto him, Behold, the man hath appear 
ed unto me, that came unto me the other 

11 And Manoah arofe and went after 
his wife, and came to the man, and faid 
unto him, Art thou the man thatfpakeft 
Unto the Woman ? And he laid, I am. 

fS And Manuah faid, Now let thy 
words come to pais. How fhail we order 
the child ? and, Hoiv (hall we do unto him ? 

IS And the anyel of the Lord faid 
unto Ma«oah, Of all that 1 laid unto the 
woman, let her beware. 

ih She may not eat of any tbhg that 
cometh cf the vine, neither let her drink 
wine -or lirong drink, nor eat any un- 
clean thing ; aH that 1 commanded her 
let her obierve. 

15 f[ And Manoah faid unto the angel 
of the Lord. I pray thee, let us detain 
thee, until we fhall ha«e made ready a 
kid for thee. 

16 And the- angel of the Lord hid 
unto Manoah, Though thou detain me. 
I will not eat of thy bread : and if thou 
wilt etfer. a burnt offering, thou muf: of- 
fer it unto the Lord- For Manoah knew 
not that he nvas an angel of the Lord. 

17 And Manoah faid unto the angel of 
the Lord, What is thy name, that when 
thy fayings come to pafs we may do thee 
honour ? 

18 And the aogel of the Lord faid 
unto him, Why aflceft thou thus after my 
name, feeing it is fee ret ? 

If So Manoah took a kid with a meat 
^fterin^, ajid ohVi>d it upon a rock unto 
the Lord : and the angel did wondrouf- 
ly ; am] Manoah and h;s wife looked on. 
■20 For it came to pafs, when the flame 
went up toward heaven from orl the al- 
tar, that the angel of t lie Lord afc ended 
;n the fhme of the alt ir. And Manoah 
and his wife looked on //, and fell on 
their faces to the ground. 

M Buttlu- angel of the Lord did no 
mnr* appear to Manoah and to his wife'. 
1 hen Manouh knew that lie nvas an an- 
gel of the Lord. 

And Manoah faid un'o his wife. 
we fhall furdy dio, becaufe we have 
f»en God. 

I But his wife i, rf the 

Lord wtre pleafcd to kill u . rould 

not have r : and 

a nCKit ottering at our nan uhei 

* M helmvt 

Samfon Is bom. 
time have told us 

nor would as at this 
Jiub things as thefe. 

24 fj And the woman bare a Ton, and 
called his name Samfon : and the child 
grew, and the Lord blefled him; 

25 And the fpirit of the Lord began 
to move him at times in the camp of Dan, 
between Zorahand Efbtaol. 

2 Samfon defretta nuife of the Pbilifiines, 

10 His marriage Jeafi y %± and riddle* 

19 He Jpoileth tbuty Phtlijlines. 

AND Samfon went down to Timnath* 
and faw a woman in Timnath of the 
daughters of the Phililtines. 

% $ And he came up, and told his fath- 
er and his mother, and faid, I have feen a 
woman in 1 imnath of the daughters of 
the Philiftines : now therefore get her for 
me to wife. 

3- Then his father and his mother feid 
unto him, Is- there never a woman among 
the daughters of thy brethren, or among 
all my people, that thou goeft to tak<: a 
jwife oi the uncircumcifed Philiftines i 
And Samfon laid unto his father, Get 
her for me ; for fhe pleafeth me well. 

4 But his father and his mother knew 
not that it nvas of the Lo*d, that he 
fought an occafionagainft the Phililtines : 
for at that time the Phihitines had do- 
minion over lirael. 

5 Then went Samfon do T vn, and his 
father and his mother, to Timnath, and 
came to the vineyards of Timnath : andj 
behold a young lion roared againit him. 

6 And the fpirit of the Lokd came 
mightily upon him, and he rent him as 
he would have rent a kid, attd be had 
nothing in his hand : But he told not his 
lather or his mother what he had done. 

I And he went down, and talked with 
the woman ; and fhe p leafed Samfon well. 

3 And after a time he returned to take 
her, and he turned afide to fee the carcafs 
of the lion : and, behold, there nvas a 
fwarm of bees and honey in the carcafs- 
of the lion. 

9 And he took thereof in his hands, 
and went on eating, and came to his fa- 
ther and mother, and he gave them, and 
they did tat : but lie told not them that 
he tiad taken the honey out of the car- 
cafs of the lion. 

10 ^] So his father went down unto the 
woman : and Samfon made there a feaft : 
ioi fo ufed the young men to do. 

II And it came to pafs, when they faw 
him, that they brought thirty compan- 
ions to be with him. 

t «j And Samfon faid unto them, I 
« ill now put forth a riddle unto you ; if 
ye can certainly declare it me within the 
(even days of the fcalt, and find it out, 
rhen I will give you thirty fheets, ar.Q. 
thirtv change of garments : 

13 Birt 

Samfon' l s riddle. Gimp, xv. lie burnetb the FbUtJiines* com. iiT 

15 But it ye cannot declare h me, then I 4 And Samfon went and caught three 
fhaU ye Kive me thirty fheets and thirty hundred foxes, and took firebrands, and 

ripe of garments. And they laid unto turned tail to tail, and put a fiicbrand in 

him, Put torth thy riddle, that we may the midll between two tails 

hear it. . f -^ud when he had let the brands oa 

14 And he faid unto them, Out of the fire, he let them go into the ftanding corn 

eatc - came forrh meat, and out ot the of the Philiitines, and burnt up botn the 

strong came forth fweetnefs. And they mocks, arid alio the ftanding corn, with 

could not in three days expound the ! til* vineyards and oin 

nddie. j 6 1 ht-n the Phdittmes faid, Who hath 

1 a And it came to pafs on the feventh < done this ? And they anfwered, Samfon, 

, that the) laid unto Sainton's the km in law of the 'i imnite, becauie he 

i;cc thy hulband, that ly de- bad taken his wife, and jjven her to his 

clare unto us the riddle, left we burn companion. And the came up 

■ihec and thy father's honfe witli fire : , and bun.ed her and her father with fire* 

Hive ye called us to take that we liav \ 1 And -.ainfon faid unto them, T hoiig|\ 

// /'/ \\o\foP have done this, yet will I be awengejj, 

16 And bamfon's wife wept bet I, 'ot you, and alter that 1 wi-11 ceafe. 

and faid, 1 hoi; duit but mv, a.i'l lov. ' wid he fmote them hip and thigh 

elt me not : thou halt put forth a riddle wif .a daughter : and he went down 

unto the cii.ldrcn of my paoi le, and half and dwell in the top of the rock Ltain. 

not told // me. Mai he faid unto h 9 fl Then the Philittines went up, and 

..old, 1 have not told it raj hither nor pitched in Judah, and fprcad thei.ifclves 

my mother, and, Shall I tell it thee ? W l.'-hi. 

IT And Ihe wept before him the feven ' M And the men of Judah faid, Why- 
da) s, while their teati lafl . 1 it came ate ye come i f: tu . ; and they an* 
to pafs on the feventh day, t hat be t< Id h r, fwcred To bind Samfon are v. e come up, 

lore upon him: and Ih told to do to him a- he hath done to us. 

the riddle to the children of he people. H Then three thoufand men of Judah 

18 And th of the cit> (aid unto went to tiic top of the rock Ktam, and 
hiiuon nday before the fun went laid to Sajnion, Kli :iiou not that 

vn, What is fweeter than hoi ad, the Philidines art rulers oVei us i \\ hat 

What it Stronger than a lion I rtncflu faid '' this '£4Mbou halt done, unto us ? And 

tothem.U jrehadnotplou lie laid unto them, As they did unto tin, 

ter, ye had ool found <• lint 9 iviii. 

19 f\ And thelpint of th': LoiLJ 1- And they (aid unto feim, We art 
upon him, and he wrut down [•> Aihke- n to bind thee, that we may 
Jon, and Jlew ih I n oi them, and t deli vei thee into the hand of the PhttiL 
took their lpoil, and • And Sainton faid untatbeoiiSw* 

i which expound ae that ye will not fall up 

\odhisan i Kindled, and yoi s. 

r's I* i 13 And th ke unto him, f.i\ 

20 n to hi but we 

m be had ulcd ai his Uverth hucfurel] we 

will not \ And »h*-\ bound hita 

1 Sam/on i 
etk the 


a f jiut 

i , 


tied bis t . . 3 He burn- 
jes' torn 9 Hr 

with two iv and brought him 

up from tlv r< ck 

li % And w hen I, into LehL the 

dab, at J ."> Philiftires (houtcd him: and the 

H He ktlUt I .ipnit.^t the Lord >• . Ijrupon 

ihun. and the Cordsthat Vfttt upon hit 

arms! i as flax that wai burnt with 

(ire, and hi nil 


he found a new jjv.bhnr cf 
tad put forth his hand, and took it 
nen therewith 
, With tbejawbone 
n I on 1. 
I - th .ufand men 

17 And it i had 

made an that he c* 

the hand, and 

l* it cmi'- to | 

in that 

id , and 
lid, I will £o in to to the But her father would not 

thou had ft utterlj I 

ipanion x I 
her -, han (he > 1 

her, I pra y the id of 1 

3 * | com erning them, 

Now iball 1 be , the 




;li J do theai a d.f- 

called fl 

IB And he w 


*on the. Lord, and faid, Ihou liali $w< 

t: is 

8?8 Samp/on enticed by D^lilab. J-UDGES. 

this great deliverance into the hand of 
thy lervant : and, Now ihall I die for 
thirft, and fall into the hand of the u'n- 
circumciled \ 

iy But God clave an hollow place that 
ivas in the jaw, and there came water 
thereout : and when he had drunk, his 
jpirit came again, and he revived ; where- 
iore he called the name thereof Knhak- 
kore, which is in Lehi unto this day. 

20 And he judged Ifrael in the days of 
the Philiitines twenty years. 
1 Sam/on carrieth atuay the gates cf Ga 

za. I Delilah, corrupted by the fhi- 
Jtjlines, enticetb bim ; 15 and overcom- 
eio hi?;:, ti Tie fhiltjtmes put out his 

eyes. -3 The manner oj bis death. 


fHSN went Samfon to Ga 
law there an harlot, and went 

% And it nuas told the Gazites, faying. 
Sarafan is come hither. And they coin- 
palled him in : and laid wait for him all 
night in the gate of the city, and were 
(juiet all the night, laying, in the morn- 
ing, when it is day, v, e (hall kill him. 

5 And Samfon lay till midnight, and 
arofe at midnight, and took the doors of 
the gate of the city, and the two polls, 
and ,, cutaway with them, bar and ail, 
and put them upon his (boulders, and car- 
Tied them up to the top of an hill that u 
before Hebron. 

4 ^j Audit came to oafs, afterword, that 
he loved a woman in the valley of Sorck, 
whole name ivas Delilah. 

a And the lords of the Philiftines 
came up unto her, and laid unto her, 
Entice him, and lee wherein his great 
Itrength lietb, and by what means we 

She letrayeth h'ipt, 

lies : now tell me, I pray thee, where- 
with thou mighteit be bound. 

11 And he faid unto her, If they bind 
me faft with new ropes that never were 
occupied, then (hall I be weak, and be 
as another man 

It Dehlah therefore, took new ropes, 
and bound him therewith, and laid unto. 
him, The Philiitines be upon thee, Sam- 
fon. And there ivere liers in wait abid- 
ing in the chamber. And lie brake them 
from off his arms like a thread. 

13 And Dehlah laid unto Samfon, Hith- 
erto thou halt mocked me, and told me 
lies ; tell me wherewith thou mighte^ 
be bound. And he laid unto her, It 
thou weave It the feven locks of my head 
rvith the web. 

14 And (he fattened it with the pin, 
and faid unto him, The Philiftines be 
upon thee, Samfon. And he awakedout 
of his l'leep, and went away with the pin 
of the beam, and with the web. 

15 q And (he laid unto him, How canft 
thou lay, I love thee, when thine heart 
is not with me ? Thou halt mocked me 
thefe three times, and haft not told mo 
wherein thy great itrength iietb. 

16 And n came to pals, when (he 
p relied dim daily with her words, and 
uiged him, Jo that his foul was vexed 
unto death ; 

IT That he told her all his heart, and 
laid unto her, there hath not come a 
razor upon mine head ; for 1 ha've been a 
Nazarite unto God. from my mother's 
womb : if I be (haven, then my (trength 
will go from me, and I (hall become weak, 
and be i;ke any otb< r man. 

\'6 And when Delilah law that he had 
told her all his heart, lhe lent and called 
for the lords of the Philiitines, faying, 
Come up this once, for he hatli lhev-ed 
me ail his Heart. Then the lords of the 
Philiftines came up unto her,and brought 
money in their hand. 

ID And lhe made him fteep upon her 
knees ; and lhe called for a man, and 
(becaufed him to (have oft' the feven locks 
of lis head; and (lie began toafilidl him, 
and his itrength went from hini. ' 

20 And ihe faid, The Philiftines b: 
upon thee, Samfon. And he awoke out 
oi his deep, and laid, I will go out as at 
other times before, and ihafce mylelf. 

may prevail again!! him, that we may 
bind him to attiict him : and we will give 
thee every one of us eleven hundred />/<?< <?; 
oi Giver. 

6 And Delilah faid to Samfon, Tell me, 
I pray thee, wherein thy great Itrength 
iu-ib, and wherewith thou mighteit be 
bound to atihet th 

7 And Samfon faid unto her, If they 
bind mc with (even green withes that were 
never dried, then (hall 1 be weak, and 
be as another man. 

8 Then the lords of the Philiftines 
brought up to her (even green withes 
which had not been dried, and lhe bound I And he wift not that the Lord was de- 

him with them 

9 Now there lucre men lyir,g in wait, 
abiding with hejr in the chamber. And 

:^id unto him, T/he Philiitines >>c 

i thee, Samfon. And he brake the 

wuhes as a thread of \o\s \> broken when 

it touchcth the (;re. bo ho Itrength was 

not known. 

10 And Delilah faid unto Samfon, Be- 
hold, thou . . toid uic 

departed from hm. 

IV A But the Philiftines took him, 
and put out his eyes, and brought him 
down to Gaza, and bound him with fet- 
ters of biafs ; and he did grind in the 
pnlon iioule. 

8ft Howbeit the hair of his head began 
to grow again after he was (haven. 

t:> fl Then the lords of the Philiftines 
gathered t^m loathe*, tvr to oiler a, 


.rtjun":dec. Chap. xviL xvUi. 

it fjcrhicc uu jji their god, and 

ce : for they laid, Our god ijath 
delivered -amlon our enemy . 

And when the people lav: | 

irgod : forth Our 

MUab's idoUtry. s 

gay hand for my fon, to make a graven 
image and a molten image s now th. 
fere, 1 will reflore it unto thee. 

4 Vet he reftored the money unto his 
mothci ; and hi« mother took t\*o ; 
drcay3f^/jot lilvcr, and gave thej I to 

red into our han :^ oiu trie tounder, who made thereof a gr 
i the deli royer of our country, ! image and a molten image ; and they 

v many ot us. 

in the houfe ot Micah. 

an Micah had an houfe of 

d it came to pals, when I 3 And the m 

cs were merry, that they ia.d. ds, and made anephod,and teraphim, 

for bamlon, that he may mal - i one ofhis ions, who be- 

And they called for Sam fon out of thejeame iuspriett 

prilon houle ; and lie made them I] 
betv\een the p 
And bamlon laid unto that 

held him by the hand, bm: it i 

: >:l!ars i t i\c houfe 

ftandeth, that I may Lean upon them. 

Now the i 
women ; and all the 1 I the Phi- 

httines Were there j c- 

jf about three thoufand men and 
men, that beiield while Samfoo made 

amfon called unto the Lord, 
and laid, Lord God* remembec n 
I pray thee, and ftrengthen me, I piay 

e, only this once, O God, that 1 D 
be at once avenged of the l'hihlrinc tor 

unfon took, hold of the two 
i which the h 
i on which it was borne Up, 
:u hand, and o; 

., Le: n.e die with 
..• bowed hin. 
.h alt bit fell 

it luere there 

death were 
ew in his : 

brethren and ail the houfe 

. in, 
and b. i up, and \ . be- 

tween Zoi htaol in the bury'n 

judged Ilrael twenty 

. II. 
trine t be Jioien money to 
mntberjbe makctb i>r. iy/s. tit biretb 
a Lex itc to be b;s pr. 

a man ot 
I, who; ilus '.. 

•Z And he .noilur, 

eleven hundi 

ta k 1 1 - 

edit, and h\. : I , 

behold, the lilvci is with I i\ • - »t. 
And i 
the LofcDJ my 1 

H And wnen be hdd i 
red Jbi 
plot] id, I had • 

in tliofe days there r u:ss no king in 
icl, bu/evcry man did tbat wbicbwtM 

l in Ilia o'»% n ej es. 

7 fl And there was a young man out 
Bethlehemiudahof the family of Ju- 

Jah, who 'cm j a Levite, and l^e iojournc<3 
tit? i<-. 

8 And the man departed out Of the 
city tiom Uethlehemjudah to fojourn 
where he could hnd a ptace . .ma he ca: 

to mount itpnia-mtothehouie ofMlcah, 
as he jour ne) «.d. 

9 A.ul Mieah laid unto him, Wh« 
Cornell thou ? And ne laid unto hirri, I 
am a Levite of Beth lehemjudah, and I 

to fojourn w here I may fmd j place, 

10 And Micah faid unto him, J>. 
with m< , a te a lather and a 

tenjbemeh of 
Silver by the yea 
and t!. So the Ltvue wei 

it as content! 

with the man j and the young man 
unto him .. : his foi 

1 - .\:. . . . .v j tf> ^ 
and the ) OUI 

:.e ot Micah. 
13 1 hen , , ah, now know I I 

'.ok d u ill d I have* 

a Levite to mj pi . 

Daniu tfend (jet m 

tnt [hty win I .j 

IN th , J{_ 

: and in ti. 
Danites fought mem an . • . 

dwell in : lor unto that da. in- 

bei nance had not tallen unto t/. 
ol Ilrael. 

.i Q of Dan f ( nt of 

»1 ' 
it ; an la.d u:i: i them, viu, 

: who when t) >unt 

fc piu uin, ( i rite h »ufc 

■ . 

< ali, th \ knew ti; 

. ■ 

< i , and laid unto him, v.' 
i nt ne i an I, vVI 

| 1 ' .. . . i, \VUdi h 

4 A 

fn peace 

£53 TbefpiesoJ >UDjGES. 

4 And he faid unto them, Thus and 
thus dealeth Micah with ine, and hath 
fiirod me, and I am his pricft. 

•5 And they faid unto him, Afk cofln- 
fel, we pray tlvec, of God, that we may 
know whether our way which we go lliall 
be profperous. 

6 And the prieft faid unto them, Go 
before the Lord it your way 

wlierein ye go. 

7 Then trre rive men departed, and came 
to Lak'h, and faw the people that nvere 
therein, how they dwelt carelefs, after the 
*nanner of the Zidoruans, quiet and fe-, 
cure ; and there mas no magiftrate in the 
land, that might put them to ftiame in any 
thing j and they ivere far from the Zido- 
nians, and had no buiinefs with any man. 

8 And tltey came urtfo their brethren 
t'o Zorah and to Kihtaol : and their breth- 
ren faid unto them, Whatyiary ye ? 

9 And they (aid, Arife, that we may 
go up again It them r for we have feen 
the land, and, behold, it it very good : 
and, Are ye ftill ? Be not flothful to go, 
and to enter to p oriel's the land. 

10 When ye go, ye lhall come unto a 
people feeUre, and to a large land : for 
God hath given it into your hands ; a 
.place wher* there is no want of any thing 
that is in tiie earth. 

11 And there went from thence of the 
family of the Danites, out of Zorah and 
out of Hfhtapl, fix hundred men appoint- 
ed with weapons of war. 

1- And they went up, and pitched in 
Kirjathjearim, in Judah : wherefore 
they called that place Mahanehdan un- 
to this day : behold, it is behind Kir- 

IS And they patted thence unto mount 
Ephraim, and came unto the houfe of 

1* Then anfwered the five men that 
went ro fpy out the country of Laifh, 
id unto their brethren, Do ye know 
that there is in thfefe houfes an ephod, 
«ud I m, and a graven image, and 

X Now therefore cohfider 
what ye 1 to do. 

IS And they turned thitherward, and 

I ' ' the young man the 

• ,tc, e.n)e:i unto the houfe of Micah, 

and falutl d him. 

li*» And the fix hundred men appoint- 
ed with ms of war, u hich 
en of Dan, flood by the 
ring of the gate. 
And tl :nen that went to fpy 
c\ut the land W CM up, and c me in thiijt- 

\ took the graven image, and 
the ephod, and the teraphim, and the 
ten image ; and the priefl flood in 
the entering gate with the fix hun- 

dred men, that uuere appointed with 
uxms oi 

Micah rubbed „. 

18 And thefc went into Micah's hem/e, 
and fetched the carved image, the ephod, 
and the teraphim. and the molten image. 
Then faid the prieft unto them, What 
do ye ? 

10 And they faid unto him, Hold thy 
peace, lay thine hand upon thy mouth, 
and go with us, and be to us a father 
and a prieft Is it better for thee to be a 
prieft unto the houfe of one man, or that 
thou be a prieft unto a tribe and a family 
in Ifrael ? 

2i0 And the prieft's heart was glad, anH 
he took the ephod, and the teraphim, 
and the graven image, and went ifl the 
mid ft of the people. 

21 So they turned and departed, anft 
put the little ones and the cattle and the 
carriage before them. 

22 And when they were a good way 
from the houfe ot Micah. the men that 
e were in the houfes near to Micah's hoofe 
were gathered together, and overtook, the 
children of Dan. 

23 And they cried unto the children of 
Dan. And they turtfed their faces, and 
faid unto Micah, What at let h thee, thai 
thou comeft with fuch a Company ? 

21 And he faid, Ye have taken away 
my gods which I made, and the prieft, 
and ye are gone away : and, What have 
I more ? and, What is this that ye fay 
unto me, What aileth thee ? 

25 And the children of Dan faid unto 
him, Let not thy voice be heard among 
us, left angry fellows run upon thee, 
and thou lofe thy life, with the lives of 
thy houfehold. 

26 And the children of Dan went their 
way } and when Micah faw that they 
■rvere too ftrong for him, he turned and 
went back unto his houfe. 

27 ^] And they took the things which 
Micah had made, and the prieft which 
he had, and came unto Laith, unto a 
people that ivere at quiet and fecure ; 
and they fmote them wth the edge of the 
[word, and burned the city with fire. 

28 And there -"was no deliverer, becaule 
it Tvasiar from Zidon, and they had no 
bufinefc whhany man ; and it was in the 
valley that tietb by Uethrebob. And 
they built a city, and dwelt therein. 

29 And they called the name of the 
city Dan, after the name of Dan their 
father, who was born unto Ifrael ; how- 
beir, the name of the city ivas Laifh at 
i he firft. 

SO And the children of Dan fet up the 
graven image : And Jonathan, the lonof 
Gcrfhom, the fon of Maiiaffeh, He and 
his fons were pricfta to the tribe of Dan 
until the day Off the captivity of the land. 
Si And they fet them up Micah's gra- 
ven image, which he made, all the time 
, that the houfe of God was in Shiloh. 
* ' CHAP. 

The Ltvit'e and hit cahtuJ&nc. 

1A Lt'vite going to Bethlehem to fetch h)s 

*wi/e, 16 an old man ente r tameth htm 

at Gibear. Ice ^jibeathites abuje 

bis i emu bine to death. 

AND it came to pais in thofe days, 
*hen there nuas no kiag in Ifracl, that 
there was a certain Levitt k>ic*irning on 
the fide of mount Lphraim, who took to 
him a concubine ont of Bethlelvmjudah. ' 

9 \nd his concubine played the whore 
againft him, and went away from him un- ( 
to her father's houie to Bethlehemjudah, 
aad was there tour whole months*. 

•3 And her hufbjnd arole, and went 
after her, to fpeak friendly unto htr^and 
to bring her again, Laving his fervant 
with bun, and a couple of aiTes : and (lie 
brought him into her father's houfc : and 
when the father ol the damlcl few him, 
he rejoiced to meet him 

•4 And his father in law, the damfel's 
father, retained him : and lie abode with 
ibiin three days : fo they did eat and 
dr;rjt, and lodged there. 

■ > And it eaane to pals on the fourth 
d iff when tiley arole early in the morn 

QlcTp. xix. The Glbeatbit'es abufc her, Z51 

i a ftranger that is not of the children cF 
ifracl ; we will pals over to Gibeah. 

1-5 And he faid unto his Icrvan*. Come. 
and let us draw near to one of theifc 
places to lodge all night, in G:bcah,or in 

14 And they piiTld on and went fbeir 
way ; and the fun went down upon them 
ujhen they nvere by Gibeah, which be t 
fib to Benjamin. 

la And they turned afide thither, to go 
in and to lodge in Gibeah ; and when he 

went in, he (at him down in a ftreet oif 

in^, that he rofe up to depart : and the 
darnel's fatli*r faid unto his Ion in law. 
Comfort thine heart with a morftl of 
bread, and afterward go your way. 

\nd they fai down, and did eat and 

drink both ot tnem together : fur the 

lei a father had laid unto the man, 

ttt content, I pray thee, a:;d tarry all 

i let thine heart he mcrrj . 

hen the man rofe up to depart! 

h ' ither in law urged him : tin retore 

re aga 

8 And he morning on 
the fifth day id i\\c damJel'a 

art, I pray 
And f hey tan ied until afternoon, 
and they dA eat botii ( t them. 

9 And when the /nan role up tO< 

1 his < and his I- i van!, 

father m |aw. the damfel's fathi r, faid 

unto him, Behold, now the day draweth 

you tai ryall night: 

•behold,' groweth to an end, lodge 

, that thin-' heart may be merry : 

and toi i |y on \ ,,ui "ay, 

that thou mayefl turn 

10 B II I I Id not farry that J 

the city : for there was no man tnat toctc 
them into his houle to lodging. 

1C {] And, behold, there came an olj 
man from his work out of the field aJt 
even, which 'was alio of mount Ephraim ; 
and he fojourned in Gibeah : but liyi 
men of the place, ivere Bcniamit 

17 And when he had lilted up his e; 

he faw a: wa\ faring man in the lireet ok' 
the city ; and the old man faid, Whit 

tnou i and, Whence comefl thou ? 

18 And he laid nnto him, Wco>* ; 
ing from Bcthlehemjadah towardthe 
oi mount Ephraim ; from thence am 1 : 
and 1 went to Bethtehemitidah, but lam 
nolo going tot he horde ot 'the Loao; and manth ivethme ro hoi 

I'J Yet there is both thaw and pro- 

der for our ail d there is bread and 

wine .'!fo for me, and h* thy handmaid* 

and lot the young man 'tahu b is w ith thj 

: there n no want of any thing. 

_i) Ar.dtheoUl man faid, Peace 6< with 

howfoever, /f/all thy wants lie up * 

; only lodge nut in the lt:v< t. 

21 So lie brought him inta his houie. and 
provender unto the.. i id they 

theirfeet, and did eaJ and dunk. 
tl %. M iftey *vei e making tl 

fa merry, behold, the men ol rl 

01 nam Ion. id Belial, hi letthe hotlferOUJui 

•bout, am /beat at the door, and fpak 
the m liter "t the honfci the old man, 

Bring forth the man that CauiC inflO 
thine , thai mtaiaj know him. 

t& And tire man, the mallei ot the houfe, 
Went OUI UlltO them, and laid unto them. 

Nay, my brethren,**?, 1 pi 

/• wickedly ; feeing that tn .come 

into uucm noti y. 

4 Behold, herr is r.; , 

it, but he rofe up and de| , and ( en, and his concubine ; tl 

'. over againfl Jebus, whtoh is Jeru- lout now, and humble ye th< 
f.tletn ; and there tuetg wun him two with them what feemethg 

idled, his Concubine alio 1t*w|but unto tin. nun do not fi • 
^ th him. j ' the 104 Id not h- I 

li jfndf'when they w/rvby ^ebus, mi fo the man took h 

day - fpent ; and the fervant faid brouj rthuntotl 

unto hi^ ina r, « r, ( eme, I pray thee, and k i , and abated her all tl: 

let us turn in ii : the Jebu-} until th .ini wh 

and lodge 
1 - And his faid untc I 

*a»U rot turn alidc liitlier lung of th 

2&2 TbeBehjamltes s Wjchedncfs. JUDGES. The (,'raelitcs war with BcxjaxfiA. 

the door of the man 9 houfe where her el, and an hundred of a thoufand, and £ 

'thoufand out of ten thoufand, to fetch 
victual for the people, that they may do. 

lord was, till it waslight. 

2.7 And her lord role up in the morn 
ing, and opened the doors of the houfe, 'when they come to Gibeah of Benjamin- 
sad went out to go his way : and, behold, according to all the folly that they have 
the woman hisconCubinewas fallen down wrought in Ifrael. 

at the door of the houfe, and her hands 1 1 So all the men of Ifraei were gath- 
<zv?re upon the threshold, crtd againft the city, knit together asor..* 

tS And he faid unto her, Up, and let man. 
lis be going. But none anfwered. x hen 12 And the tribes of Ifrael fent incr. 
the man took her^ upon anafs. and the through all the tribe of Benjamin, fan - 
man role up, and gat him unto his place. lipg, VV hat wickednefs is this that is done 

29 And when he was come into his -among you ? 
houfe, he took a knife, and laid hold an 13 Now therefore deliver a.tthemen. 
his concubine, and divided her, together Vat children of Belial, which are in G'lb- 
with her bones, into twelve pieces, ahdjeah, that we may put them to dea: 
lent her into all the eoa£s of Ifrael. and put away evil* from Ifrael. But the 

oO And it was i'o t that all that faw it, , children of Benjamin wouW not hearken 
faid, there was no fuch deed done nor to the voice of their brethren the children 
5~een from the day that the children Ifrael : 

ifrael came up out of the land cf Lgypt | 1-i fcut the children of Benjamin gr.ih. 

ered themfelves together cut of titu 
unto Gibeah, to go out to battle againft 
the children of Ifrael. 

15 And thechildren cf BcnjamiriAvere 
numbered at that time out of the cities, 
twenty and fix thoufand men that drew 
fword, befide the inhabitants of Gibeah, 
which were numbered itvtix hundred 
cholen men. 

16 Among all this people there were 
icven hundred chofen men lefthanded ; 
every one could fling Itcnes at an bail 
breaJrby and not mifs. 

17 And the men ot Ifrael, befide Ben- 
famin, were numbered four hundred 
thoufand men that drew fword ; all thefe 
we re men of war. 

13 And the children of Ifrael arofe, 
and went up to the houfe of God. and. 
afkedcounfelof God, and faid, Which of 
us (hall go up firft to the battle againft the 
children, of Benjamin > And the Lord 
faid, ]wdax\Jb<sll g', u p firft. 

19 And tire children of Ifrael rofe up 
in the morning, and encamped again:: 

20 And the men of Ifrael went out to 
mc : and my concubine have they forced, I battle againft Benjamin - and the nif I 
that fr.e is dead. jlirael put themfelves in array to fight: 

6 And I took my concubine, and cut • again ft them at Gibeah. 
her in pieces, and lent her throughout all 
the country of the inheritance of Ifrael : 
for they have committed lewdncls and 
folly in 1 fr id. 

7 Beholdj ye are all children of IfracJ , 
here your advice and annuel. 

« *j And all the people arofe as one man. 
faying, Ue will not any o/'#; go to 
tent, neither will we any of us turn into 
his houfe. 

9 But now Xhh/hall be the thing w Inch 
we will do to Gibeah \ r we will go up by 

10 .vnd we will take ten men c4 
hundred throus allthe tribe soil fra- 

•into this day : conlider of it, take ad- 
vice, and Ipezkycur minds. 
1 The Le<vite in a general affemlly dc- 

c'.areih his wtong. 3 Their decree. 20 

The Benjamiies are aefiroyea. 

THEN all the children ot Ifrael went 
out, and the congregation was gathered 
together as one man, from Dan even to 
Beei (heba, with the land of Giiead, urrto 
th: x.ord in Mizpeh. 

t And the chief of all the people, ftri 
of ail the tribes of Ifrael, preiented them- 
felves in the alfembly of the people of 
God, four hundred thoufand footmen 
I ' t drew fwor i. 

5 (Now the children of Benjamin heard 

tha* the ch.ldren of jfrael were gone up 

tli?peh ) Then faid the children of 

I£ra< 1, Tell us, How was this wickednefs ? 

4 And the Levite the hulband of the 
woman that was ftain, anfwered and faid, 
Icamc into Gibeah that behtmet t to Ben- 
jamin, I ar.Q my concubine, to lodge. 

5 And the men of Gibeah role againft 
mr, and befet the houfe round about up 

on me by ni^ht, an d thought to have ftain 

21 And thechildren of Benjamin came 
forth out of Gibeah, and deflroyeddown 
to the ground of the Israelites that day 
twenty and two thoufand men. 

•-2 And the people the men of Ifiael en- 
couraged themfelves, and fet their battle 
again in array in the place w here they pur 
thei i in array the rirft day. 

e children of Ifrael went up 

the Lord until even, and 

icouiu'eioi tiie Lord, ia>ing, Hi all 

I go up again to battle againft the cliil- 

i" Benjan brother J And the 

Lord faid, Go up againft him.) 

24 An Ire: i . .'rael came near 


Ti? Benjam'lts f. in. Clnp. Txi. Gibeah bxrr.ed. ISS 

againit the children of Benjamin the lec- . between the men of Tfrael and the li. 1 
ond day icy fhould make a great flame 

la .And Benjamin went forth againft j with f moke rife ud out of (he city 
I i out of G bean the fecond da\ , and I 19 Ami when the men of If. ael re- 

to tnc ground ot the tin the battle, Benjamin began to finite and 
en thou .11 oi the men tboutth 

men the fw is : for they f aid, fc'urely the 

i all the children of I rael,and|ten down before us as in the nrft battle. 
all the peop'e, went up, and came u til 40 Bur when the flame began toarife 
thehuu: t, and fat there |U| a pillar ef Imoke, 

beture the LoRp.and i\< red r, ia r iind ti: 

til even, and offered bttr-n otfe; ,i behold, the flame of the cit] aicehdedup 

peace oh et re »D. 

[lildren oi nquired 

of the I. he ark . f the covenant 

rod ivas there in th i<* d ■ 

:!•.'-. ' ;, 

the fon of Aan n.ltoo i brforeit 

agam a 
battle a the ch: irain 

. . 
Lok -morrow 1 will 

deliver li id. 

i let liers in wait round a- 

30 And t!»e children oi Ifrael went up 
agai'ift tl dren of i on the 

tfur d put themfelyes in array 

agamit oribeah, asatothcrtii 

out againlt the people, a- 

from «hc they began to 

finite of the people, and k II, a^ at utheri 

to heaven. 

•41 And when ?he men of Ifrae! turned 
again,the men of Benjamin were am. -zed : 
tor they law tiut evil was come upon 

Therefore they turned their backs 

re th.e men of Ifrael unto the way of 

the wildernefs ; but tfie battle overtook 

them; and them which came out of the 

cities they deftroyed in the mid 11 of them. 

it Tbus they enclofed the Benjamites 
roundabout, and chafed tl 
them down h h eafie owr againlt Gibeah 
ird the funnfing 

44 Vwl there fell of Benjamin eigh- 
teen thou land men ; all t: 

I ! X \\ 

i'j And they turned and f 
the wildernefs unto the f Rimo? 

and tliej gleaned of them in the h 

thoufaud men ; and j d hud. 

HIIUV. VI 11 IV I'V'')"' ) — ••— ----- ...„ ...v.i , SHU J'.M illl U ll« VI 

t m tin: ;u, and flew tWO 

etli UDd, an I the other 

to Gibeah in U 

trrnof Benjam 
■• n be t 
it the children 

them from the city 

i of Ifrael rofc up 

ot 1; 


;>4 \ii i ten 

:, a ; 
I n not 

■ I 


an.l Ired men : 

all thefe di 


ifethe) God, ept 

wait w I e j 


ifs in ! 
nithedup dd be toil ng 

:e all the 

thoul | f" them 

\6 So that all which fell that day of 
Benjamin - ere twerr ive thoufand 

nv n i oi d ; all ibcfe Wi 

H Bui iix h I men turned and 

fie l to the w i;, unto tl 

num. and abode m the rock Rimmon four 
mon 1 

4H An J the men of 1 ' turn 
mi the i hildren ol ic 

:n with the ell 

men <>t « vert 
all thai hej fet on fire 

all the ( 

I \I 

tUn of 
Be tbrm to lutprijt 

tbt . i that lot. 

. tc\ had Iwoi 

in appointed hgn 


and h 

£&4' The Bsnjamltes beivaileJ. 

there an altar, and offered burnt offer- 
ings and peace offerings 

5 And r ht children of Ifrael faid,Who 
is it ere among all the tribes of Ifrael that 
came not up with the congregation unto 
the Lord ? For they had made a threat 
oath concerning him that came not up to 
the Lord to Mizpeh, faying He fhall 
iurely be put to death 

6 And the children of Ifrael repented 
them for Benjamin tiieir brother, am d faid, 
There is one tribe cut off from Ifrael thit 

7 Mow il all we do for wives for them 
that remain, feeing we have fworn by the 
Lord that we will not give them of our 
daughters to wives ? 

3 And they faid, What one is there of 
the tribes of Ifrael that came not up to 
Mizpeh to the Lord 2 and behold, there 
came none to the camp from Jabefhgile- 
ad io the affembly. 

i> Fcr the people werenumbered, and, 
\y>}\o\<\, there avere none of the inhabitants 
of labefhgilead there 

10 And the congregation fent thither 
twelve fhoufand men of the valianteft, 
and commanded them faying Go and 
finite the inhabitants of Jabefhgilead with 
the edge of the fword, with the women 
andfthe children. 

11 And rhis wr the thing that ye fhall 
do, Ye fhall utterly dettxoy every male, 
and every woman That hath lain by man 

12 And they found among the inhabit- 
ants of Jabefhgilead four hundred voting 
virgins that had known no man by- lying 
with any male : and they brought them 
unto the camp to Shiloh, which is in the 
land of Canaan 

RUTH. the virgins of S hilob furprifeS. 

Benjamin, becaufe that the Lord had 
made a breach in the tribes of Ifrael. 

16 ^f I hen the elders of the congrega- 
tion faid, How fhall we do for wives for 
them that remain, feeing the women are 
deftroyed out- pf Benjamin } 

17 And they faid, There mujl be an in- 
heritance for them that be efcaped of 
Benjamin, that a tribe be not destroyed 
out of Ifrael. 

18 Howbeit, we may not give th^m 
wivesof our daughters ; tor the children 
of Ifrael have fworn, faying, Curfed^he 
that giveth a wife to Benjamin « 

19 Then they faid, Behold, there is a 
feaft of the Lord in Shiloh yearly in a 
flare which isox\ the north fide of Bethel, 
on the eaft fide of the highway that goeth 
up from Bethel to Shechem, and on the 
fouth of Lebonah. 

-0 Therefore they commanded the chil- 
dren of Benjamin, faying, Go and lie in. 
wait in the vineyards ; 

21 And fee, and behold, if the daugh- 
ters of Shiloh come out to dance in 
dances, then come ye out of the vine- 
yards, and catch you every man his wife 
of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the 
land of Benjamin. 

22 And it lhall be, when their fathers or 
their brethren come unto us to complain, 
that we will fey unto them Be favourable 
unto them for our fakes; becaufe v\e re- 
ferved not to each man his wife in the 
war : for ye did not give unto them at 
this time, that ye fhould be guilty. 

23 And the children of Benjamin did fo, 
and took the :n wives, according to their 
nnmber,of them that danced, whom they 
caught, and they went and returned un- 
it And the whole congregation font to their inheritance, and repaired the cit- 

fome to fpeak to thechildren of Benjamin 
that icere in the rock Rimnton, and to 
ca'l peaceably unto them 

14 And Benjamin came again at that 

time; andtheygavethera wives which they 

had laved alive of the women of Jabeftt- 

■ i . and yet forhey Sufficed them not 

ies, and dwelt in them 

24 And the children of Ifrael departed 
thence at that time, every man to his 
tribe and to his family and they went out 
from thence every roan to his inheritance. 

~.> In thole days there was no king in 
Ifrael : every man did that 'which c was 

15 And the people, repented them for right in his Ovvn eyes. 


i ElimeUtbiiri* en by famine into ?.Ioab y 
tin il> ibere 6 haomi returning home ', 
li Ruth ticco'r.ptiHietb her 
NO >V i* came to pais in the days when 

the judges ruled | inattherewas a fam- 
ine in the land. And a certain man of 
1 Ichemjudah went to fojonrn in the 
tounlry of Moab, he and lus wife, 

his two fons. 

2 And the name of the man ivas Elim- 
elech, and the name of his wife Naomi, 
and the name of his twe fons Mahlon 

!and Cliilion, Fplirathites of Bethlehem- 
jtidah. And they came into the country 

.of Moab, and continued there. 

| S And Flimeieeh Naomi's hufband di- 
ed ; and fhe was left, and her two fons. 

4 And they took them wives of the 
women of Moab; the name of t he one 
•zuas Orpah, and the name of the other 
Ruth : and they dwelled there about ten 


5 And Mahlon and Chilion died alio 
both of them ; and the woman was left' 
of her two lens and her hufband; 

6 q Then 

5- Qancy /§ Na«mi ; 

6 ^ Then she arofe with 


b : tor the had heard in 

the country < ut the Lord 

:d his people iu giv*ng th. 

'£e we i out o: 

place where lhe w a>, and her tr o dau 
ter tii lie r .- and they wen: 

the way to ret::rr. untn tl 

8 . 
te- return c 

er'> nouJe : t';r Lofto J k aJ kin I j « 

y c 


_ 9 The Lcpd prant yc. 

find r a in rh: :»cr 

hii . | and 

the .Mid wc 

10 Ai i re.y we 
will ret 

11 And N . . t my 

i } 

I . 

It I fl 

• e a h:. u Id 

-al to b : 

wc ■ :.*ni 

ror it l 

_ >nc 
OU' - 

14 \ A •: • . 

i • rin 

in I 


II •, will I die, 
• II 

j, // mugbt bul 

1 '. . 

i ' - they 1 1 

eh em. And 
w- ; ere con 



i, ■ 

ra : For lhe V- 

ry bin 

t L'CB 

ii. - glear.ttb in Boa% % i fielJ. r . 

call ye m<- I the Lo?.r> na- 

and the Aim 

ni returned, and Ruth th- 
ibitefs, her daughter in law, wit I 
which returned out of th-? count! 

tame to Bethlehem in 

tlie I :v harv 

P ' II. 

•:b in i \z . 4 

• . 
-be rctunirtb 

ic I c r m 
AND - 

: • . . 

>abitefj n»o 

, Lei me now ^<, to the field, and 

i m lio^»' light 

ei . 
.t, an i came, and glean- 
in the ti< 

I the held be- 
I the k 

I * 

I unto ' 
•1: row. 


- \V hu 
is i\, 

. tlie fervant tl. 

d, It/ 


: 1 he II 


9 i. 





#36 Boaz's kindnefs to Rutb. RUTH. Naomi's inJlruSlion to her. 

12 The Load recompenfe thy work, i hold he winnovveth barley tonight in the 
and a full rev\ard be given thee of the J thrclhmg floor 

Lord Godot llrael, under whole wings i 5 Waft thyleif therefore and anoint 
thou an come to trult. j thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and 

13 Then the laid, Let me find favour 'get thee donn to the floor : but make not 
in thy light, my lord : for that thou halt thyfelf known unto the men, until he lhall 
comtorted me, and for that thou halt 
fpoken friendly unto thine handmaid, 
though 1 be not like unto one of thine 

14 And Boaz faid unto her, At meal 
time come thou hither, and eat ot the 
bread, and dip thy morfel in the vinegar. 
.And lhe fat betide the reapers ; and he 
reached her parched corn, and flie aid eat, 
and waslufhced, ana left. 

15 And when lhe was rifen up to glean, 
Boaz commanded his young men, faying, 
Let her glean even among the fheave' ,and 
reproach ner not : 

16 And let tall Atofomeof the handfnls 
of purpoie tor her, and leave tbem 'hat 
fhe may glean tbe m> and rebuke her not, 

17 So (he gleaned in the field until even, 
and beat out that lhe haa gleaned : and 
it was about an ephah of barley. 

18 And lhe took // up, and went into 
thr city : and her mother in law law what 
lhe had gleaned : and the brought torth. 
and gave to her that lhe nad reierved af- 
ter lhe was fufficed. 

13 And her mother in law faid unto 
Iicr, Where halt thou gleaned today ? 
and, Where wroughteft thou ? Blelfed 
be he that did take knowledge of thee. 
Ami flie lhewed her mother in law with 

whom lhe had wrought, and laid. The 
man's name with whom I wrought today 
is Boaz. 

20 And Naomi faid unto her daughter 
in law Btefled be he of the Lord," who nian nearer than I 

have done eating and dmiK-ing. 

4 And it rtall be when he iieth down, 
that thou (halt mark the place w here he 
ihail lie, and thou lhalt go in, and uncov- 
er his feet, and lay thee down ; and he 
vvilt tell thee what thou lhair do. 

5 And lhe faid unto her, All that thou 
fayeft unto me I will do. 

6 And fhe went down unto the floor, 
and did according to ail that her mother 
in law bade her 

7 And '.then Soaz ha<i eaten and drunk, 
and hit hrart waj> merry, he went to lie 
down at rhe end of the heap of corn : and 
fhe came ioftlj, and uncovered his feet, 
and laid her down 

8 fl And it came to pafs at midnight, 
that the man was afraid, and turned him- 
leif : and, behold, a woman lay at his feet. 

9 And tie (aid, W ho art thou ? And fhe 
anfwered, 1 am Kuth thine handmaid : 
fpread therefore thy lkirt over thine hand- 
maid ; for thou art a near kinfman. 

10 And he faid, Bletfed be thou of the 
LoRD,mv daughter -for thou haft fhew- 
ed more kindnefs in the latter end than 
at the beginning, inafmuch as thou follow- 
edft not young tnen : whefher poor or rich. 

11 And now, my daughter, fear not : I 
will do to thte all that thou required : 
for all the city of my people doth know 
that thou an a virtuous woman. 

12 And now it is true that I am thy 
near kinfman : howbeit, there »s a kinf- 

jfiath not left off his kindnefs to the living 
and to the dead. And Naomi faid unto 

IS Tarry this night, and it lhall be in 
the morning, tbmt if he will perform unto 

her, The man is near of kin unto us, one * thee the part ot a kinfman, well ; let him 
of our next k,nfmen. do the kiniman'spart :but if he will not do 

21 And Ruth the Moabitefs faid, He! tbe part ofa kinfman to thee, then will Ido 

faid unto me alio, Thou lhalt keep fad 
by my young men, until they have end- 
ed all ni) harveft. 

\n d mi faid unto Ruth her 

the part ofa kinfman to thee, as the Lord 
liveth ; lie down until the morning- 

14 And lhe lay at his teet until the 
morning : and lhe rofe up before one could 

daughter in la. ,/ is good, my daughter, } know another Andhela.d, Let it not be 
that thou g ) out v\;th hil maidens, that, known that a woman came into the floor. 
they mee thee not in any other field. l r ' Alio he laid, Bring the veil that thou 

kept fall b> the maidens ou f 'a/i upon thee, and hold it. And when 
Boaz to gl in end of barley har-i the held it, he meafured fix meujures ot 

to g'e^ 


and fhe went 

\ t and of w heat hat \ 
with her mother in ! 

1 I)\ Nunmi's injhuJ,',n, Ruth lieth ml I in law, flie faid,Who are thou,my dough- 

; and dwelt • barley, and laid it on her 
j into the city. 

16 Ana when flic came to her mother 

Boaz's jeat. u Hon- ackr.oxuled£Ctb\\cr ? And fhe told her all that the man 

lhe r>g'" r,f a kju/iutn 

Mi r mother in law faid 

unto her. My daughter, lhall I not feel 
thee,that it i ■'! w ith thee 5 

l of our kin- 

j, h ith whole maidens thou waft ? Be- 

had done tc her. 

»7 And lhe laid, Thefe fix meajures of 
barley gave he me ; for he laid to me, 
Go not empty unto thy mother in law. 

18 Then faid lhe, Sit fhll,my daughter, 
until thou know how the matter will Jail ,♦ 



Eoax marrieth Rutb. 

for the man will not be in reft, Until he 
have finiihed the thing this c\a>-. 

1 Boaz catlgtb into judgment the next 
kin/man. 6 He reju/m^ the reJcn^tion, 

tiiaz marrittb Ru.b. 
THEN -em Boaz up ro the ga«e, and 
fat him down there : and, behi Id, the 
in of -\ hom lio.iz [pake, came by : 
unto whom he (aid, Ho, Mich a o ic I turn 
afide, lit down here. And he turned all 
and fat do a n. 

Vnd he took, ten men of the ciders 
of the city, and laid, bit \e down ha 
And they fa; <low n. 

he (aid unto the kinfm in, Nao- 
mi, tfa . n out of the conn n 
of Moab, lelltth j parcel of land, w hicn 
luas our brother Blimelech's : 

i Audi thought to advertife thee t fay- 
in^c, B. . its, and 

be tore the elders of my people. li 
wilt redeem it, redeem it : but if 
wilt noi redeem it. then tell me, that 1 
m.) ,r ther is none to redeem 

it bende thee ; and 1 am after thee 
And he faid, 1 will i //. 

i hen faid Boaz What day thou buy- 
he field of the ban 1 of Naomi, thou 
ly // alfo of Ruth tli3 Moabitels. 
the wife of the dead, to raile up the a tme 
u; ; i,m his inheriram c 

t> f| And tiw kinfm in I lid, I t annoi 
:em >t tor my felf, left, I m u m 

lit to 

thyfclf j for I : it. 

Now this ~as ike manner in former 

l firm 

all things ; a nun , 

and - iour : an I thi 

ivas a my in Ifr icl 

liny it for th -c Sol 
\n.i Boaz fai I in 

Elimelech's, and all that 

Chip. i. Elkinab and bis tivo nuives. £37 

on'sand Mahlon's,ofthe hand of Naomi, 
lo «j Moreover, Ruth the Moab it efs, 
the wile of Mahlon. have I purchafed to 
be my irife; to raile up the name of the 
upon his inheritance that the name 
of tlic dead be net cm off from among his 
brethren, am' from the ^ateot Ins place : 
>e art witneflea this day 

It And all the people xh&fwere in the 
rate, and theelders,faid,#Vtfivwitnenes. 
I "he Lord in ike the woman that is come 
into thine houfe like Kachei and like 
Leah, which two did build the houfe of 
Kraal ■ ana do thou worthily in Kphre> 
tah, and be famous m Bethlehem 

12 it .'i lei thj hpufi be like the houfe 
of Pharez, whom famar ban untoju- 
dah, of i, e feed which t.he Lord foall 
give thee of tfiis young woman. 

•tS ?o Boaz took Ruth, and (he wa his 
w itc : and w hen he went in unto 'ier, the 
Lord gave her conception, and (he bare 
li And the woman faid unto Naomi, 
Bleuedftrthe Lord, which hath not left 
thee this d>i\ without a kmfman, tint his 
name may be famous in 1 frael, 

15 And he fhaU be unto Hue a reltorer 
of/6? life, and anounmerof thine old 
age : turtle, daughter in law which lov- 
eth tbee,w hich is better to thee than iev- 
en fon i, h tth home htm 

ifi • omi t04 k the child. and laid 

u in herbofom, ami became nui feunto it. 
i~ Ind the women her neighbi ursgaveit 

• nai te, , J here ish fon boi n n> Nao- 

mi , ui 'lr . t died hia name Obed he U 
i <in i of i« fle, the father ol Da* id. 
tt> ' tl>c- generations of 
Pharez Ph ti i begai i lezi n, 
19 Ai d Hezn n begat Ram, and R 

it Aimmna lab, 

! tmmina lab b<-}; it Nal 'ion, 
Nahfhon beg u Salmon, 
-i \ 1 1' i >almon beg it Boaz, and B 

> ' '' ( y l R il, 

all t ire 

thai i have bought all thatf Qbed begat Jefle, ami Jefle be 

ivd) ( hii I ai David 




Elkirah aid bis tlAJQ luives. //;// 
r. 19 Samutl is bo> rt, ti 

titiJp- i . 

nah h id children, but Hannah had no 

c lni'li en 
.i An I tins m in went upoui of h - 

• !) to woi (hip and to laml to 

NOW there wt, i certai i of {the Lord of holts in Shiloh. And 

Ramathaimzophini I Bphraim, two fonsol EH, Hophni ind Phin 

u-.\A his n- mah, the fon j the priefts ol the I."" d, ■f'"' th 

of Teroham the , the fon of i And v. hen th ••• is that I 

Twhn, the fon ' ., h, an l'j hrathite : jnah offered, e to Peni inahl 

t And he had two wives; the name and to all her (bnsand I 

i he one Teas Hannah, and tlie none ' portions : 

the oi i-| 9 Um unto Hannah lie , 


■fiS3 Hannah's prayer. 
portion ; for he loved Hannah 

but the 

Lord had (hut up her womb. 

6 Andheradverfary alfopiovokcd her 
fore, for to make her fret, becauie the 
Lord had (hut up her womb. 

7 And as he did lo year by year, when 
(lie went up to the houfe of the Lord, to 
<he provoked her ; therefore (he wept, and 
<iid not ear, 

Then faid Elkanah her huiband to 
her, Hannah, Why wee pert thou ? and, 
Why eared thou not ? and, Why is thy 
heart grieved ? Am not I better to thee 
than ten ions ? 

9 ^j So Hannah rofe up after they had 
«atcnin Shiloh, and after they had drunk 
Now Eli the pried fat upon a feat by a 
pod o( the temple of the Lord. 

10 And iheivas'm bitternefsof foul, and 
prayed unto the Lord, and wept fore. 

11 And the vowed a vow, and faid, O 
Lord of holts, if thou wilt indeed look 
on the affliction ol thine handmaid, and 
remember me, and not forget thine hand-" 
maid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid 
a man child, then I will give him unto 
the Lord all the days of his life, and 
there fiiall no razor come upon his head. 

12 And it came to pafs, as (he contin- 
ued praying before the Lord, that Eli 
marked her mouth. 

ISNowHaimah, (he fpakein her heart ; 
only her lips moved, but her voice was 
not heard ; therefore Eli thought (he had 
been drunken. 

14 And Eli (aid unto her, How long 
wilt thou be drunken? Putaway thy wine 
from thee. 

15 And Hannah anfwered and faid, No, 
my lord, I am a woman of a forrowful 
foirit : II have drunk neither wine nor 
ftroug drink, but have poured out my 
foul before the Lord. 

16 Count not thine handmaid for a 
daughter of Belial : tor put of the abund- 
ance of my complaint and grief have I 

• <.'n hitherto. 
H i i n Eli anfwered and faid. Go in 
peace : and the God of Ifrael grant thee 
thy petition that thou haft aiked of him. 

And Ok faid, Let thine handmaid 
' grace in thy fight. So the woman 
■ net w;iy, and did '.it, and hcrcoun- 
ten.iiu • was no more fad, 

19 S] And they rule up in the morn- 
ing early, anl worlhipped before the 
sturned and came to their 
houfe to Kamah ; And Elkanah knew 
nah his wife ; and the Lord remem- 
b. red her. 

1 w berefore it came to pafs, when 

time was come about after Hannah 

had conceived, that the bare a fon, and 

d his name Samuel, Becauie 

I I I the Lo &d. 

and all his 

Hannah* s fong". 

houfe, went up to offer unto the Lor» 
the yearly faenfice and his vow. 

It But Hannah went not up ; for (he 
(aid unto her huiband, / 'wilt not go up 
until the chiloVbe weaned, and then I will 
bring him, that he may appear before the 
Lord, and there abide for ever. 

25 And Elkanah her huiband faid unto 
her, Do what fee tneth thee good ; tarry un- 
til thou have weaned him, only the Lord 
eltabhih his word. So the woman abode, 
and gaveher fdn fwcKuntil !he weaned him. 

%k <[f And when (he had weaned him, 
Hie took him up with her, with three. 
bullocks, and oneephah of flour, and a 
bottle of wine, and brought him unto the 
houfe of the Lord in Shiloh: and the 
chi'd ivas young. 

25 And they flew a bullock, and 
brought the child to Eli. 

26 And (he faid, O my lord, as thy foul 
liveth,my lord,! am the woman that (food 
by thee here, praying unto the Lord. 

27 For this child 1 prayed ; and the 
LofcD hath given me my petition which 
1 aiked of h:m ; 

To Therefore alfo I have lent him to 
the Lord ; as long as he hveth he (hall 
be lent to the Lord. And he worlhipped 
the Loud there. 

1 Hannah's Jong. 12 The Jin of Eli's fons, 

18 Samuel's mim/ny 27 A prophecy 

again ft Eh y s boxje. 

AMD Hannah prayed, and (aid, My 
heart rejoiceth in the Lord : mine hora 
is exalted in the Lord; my mruth h 
enlarged over mine enemies; becauie I 
rejoice in thy falvation. 

2 'There is none holy as the Lord : for 
there is nonebefide thee : neither is there 
any rock like our God. 

3 Talk no more fo exceeding proudly ; 
let «o/arrogancy come outof youi months 
for the Lord /.< a God of knowledge, and 
by him actions are weighed. 

4 The bows of the mighty men are 
broken, and they that Humbled are gird- 
ed with fhength. 

5 They that were full have hired out 
themfeives for bread ; and they that inert 
hungry ceafed : fo that the barren hath 
borne (even ; and (he that hath many chil- 
dren is waxed tecble. 

6 The Lord killcth, and maketh a- 
live : lie bringeth down to the grave, and 
bringeth up. 

7 The Lord maketh poor, and maketh 
rich : he bringeth low, and lifteth up. 

II Heraiicth up the poor out of the dud, 
and lifteth up the beggar from the dung- 
hill, to let them among princes, and to 
make them inherit the throne of glory : 
for the pillarsof the earth arethe Lord's, 
and he hath fct the world upon them. 

He wiU keep the feet of hie faints, and 


fiejm «f En sj*as : 


ed fl.all be iilcr.t in darknefs ; for 
by ffren^fh ihall no man prevail, 

10 n» aiver(ar:e> of the Lord Hull 
be broken to | nit of 1 Ihall 

upon them : the Lord 
fodae rhe e 1 . and 

ilren-m unto ii t king, un.i «..-..^t the 
ed . 

11 t to Ramah to hfe 

Lord before Lh the pticiL 

1 2 C . ere fons of 
Belial ; they kne.v not the Lord. 

M And tiie i with the 

>»e«ple rvas,tb ny man oil 

facrmce, the pi e, while 

the fleih *as in I lleih 
. of three I 

ti And ■:. or 

t ; .ill I 

flefh hook broi took for 

S i 
the her 

15 • the 

L to the man 
• i ! r the 

pried he will ii; iden fteii 

; hee, bul 

15 • any man fai 1 unto him. Let 

them not fail to burn the fat prefently, 
and then take as mu^ t as thy 1 >ul deli ret h ; 

er him, Hay \ but 
it me ; 
wit r ike " by foi 

1" rhe you 

wa • k n : f 




)i " 

year i 

ot • 

to unto their 

Loid vifned ., fo 




i 1 ii icl . 

I is no good re- 
port t hit I hear . . Loan's 

jydg judge hira : bur . 

iu. They are reprtved. Jin 

him? Notwithftanding, rhey hearkened 
not unto the vi.-icc <>f their father, because 
the Lord would flay them. 
i6 And the child Samuel grew on, and 
B in favour both with the Lord, and 
alfo -\ ii.h men. 
S3 w And tl ere came a man of God 
to Eli, and (aid unto him, Thus faith 
the Lord, Did I plainly appear unto tl 
ufeol thy father, when they were in 
hi Pn iraoh's houfe ? 
d, Did i chooiehim out of all 
i i f in a- 1/5 £rmy, to offer up- 

.: , to bnrnincenie, to weaj 
1 before me ? and, Did I give unto the 
houfe of thy father all the offering 
by fire of the children of Ifrael ? 

M Wherefore kick ye at my facrifice 
and at m t'ing, which 1 have corn- 

led in r,:\ habitation ; and honOU 
. u nuke youil . 
with the en i i all the offeri 

ore the LORD God of Ifrael 
■oitfe, . 
the houfe f thy father, fhould ralkbel 
: but now t] ■ i) ,'a'u!., 

i r tar ; :e ; lot th- .our me 

I wll ho our. • me 

lhall b • 

cut off* thine arm, andihearm ol 

til QOt be an old 
man in thine h 

I nd thoi 1 ih ill fee an c;. n my 

in, in all the wealth w 1 

II not b 

1 t lie :.. 


i onfume ih . i 

hean . • !. 

i . be- a : 

thy tM , oa. 


I in m 
will ! .hail 

one thai 
and | 


II i . ; #»- 

Ufl I' 

• Lor ; 

£40 Samuel called. I. SAMUEL. 

2 And it came to pafs at that time, 
•when Eli ivas laid down in his place, and 
,fris eves began to wax dim, that he could 
;ik>t fee ; 

S And ere the lamp of God went out 

The Ifraclitesave 6<uef£6fHe, 

18 And Samuel told him every whit> 
and hid nothing from him. And he faid, 
It is the Lord • let him do what feemeth 
him good 

19 And Samuel grew, and the Lord 

in the temple of rhe Lord, where the ark i was with him, and did let none of his 

of God ivas, and Samuel was laid down 
toJle t p ; 

4 'I hat the Lord called Symuel : and 
he anfwered, Here am T. 

5 And he ran unto Eli. and faid, Here 
am I : for thou calledft me Ana he faid, 
I called not ; lie down again. And he 
went and lay down. 

6 And the Lord called yet again, Sam- 
uel And Samuel arofe and went to Eli, 
and faid, Here am I ; for thou didft call 
me. And lie anfwered, I called not, my 
fon lie down again. 

7 Now Samuel did not yet know the 
Lord : neither was the word of the Lord 
yet revealed unro him. 

G And the Lord called Samuel again 
the third time. And he arofe and went 
to fcli,and faid, Here am I ; for thou didft 
call me. And Eli perceived that the Lord 
had called the child. 

9 Therefore Eli faid unto Samuel Go, 
lie down : and ir fhall be* if he call thee, 
that thou (h It (ay, ^peak, Lord ; for thy 
fervant heareth So Samuel went and lay 
down in his place 

10 And the Lord came and flood, and 
called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. 
Then Samuel anfwered, Speak ; for thy 
fervant heareth. 

11 V And the Lord faid to Samuel. Be- 
hold, I will do a thing in Ifiael, at which 
both the ears of every one that heareth it 
(hall tingle. 

1- In that day I will perform againft 
Eli all things which I have fpoken con- 
cerning Jus houfe : when I begin I will 
alfo make an end. 

13 For I have told him that I will 
judge his houfe k for ever for the ini- 
quity which he knoweth ; becaufe his fons 
made themfelves vile, and he retrained 
lii in not. 

1» And therefore I have fworn unto 

worls fall to the ground. 

20 And all Ifrael from Dan even tor 
Beetfheba knew that Samuel tvas eftab- 
lifhed to be a prophet of the Lord. 

21 And theLo.iD appeared again in Shi- 
loli, for the Lord revealed himfelt to 
Samuel inShiloh by the woHoftheLoRD. 

1 The IJraelitts are ovromc by the Pbi*. 

liji'nes. 10 7 he a>k i\ takrtu and Eli's 

Jons Jlain. 12 Eli hearing the ne r uos > 

breaketh his nnk. 

AND the word of Samuel came to all 
Ifrael. Nov Ifrael went out againft 'he 
PhTftines to battle, and pitched belide 
Ebenezer : and the Philiftines pitched in 

2 And the Philiftines put themfelves int 
arra> againft Ifrael : and when they join- 
ed battle, Ifrael was fmitten before the 
Philiftines . and they fleWof the army in 
the field about four thoufand men 

S And when the people were come 
into the camp, the elders of Ifrael faid, 
Wherefore hath the Lord fmitten us to- 
day before the Philiftines I Let us fetch 
thearkof the covenant of the Lord out 
of Shiloh unt© us, that, when it cometh 
among us, it may fave us out of the hand 
of our enemies. 

4 So the people fent to Shiloh, that 
they might bring from thence the ark 
of the covenant of the Lord of holts, 
which dwelleth betnveen the cherubims : 

and the two fons of Eli, Hophni and Phin- 
ehas, 'were there with the ark of the cov- 
enant of God. 

•"> And when the ark of the covenant 
of the Lord came into the camp, all If- 
rael (homed with a great fhout, fo that 
the earth rang again. 

6 And when the Philiftines heard the 
noife of the fhout, they faid, Wh.dmean- 
etb the noife of this great fhout in the 
tli • houfe of EH, that the iniquity of E us Tamp of the Hebrews ? And they under- 
houfe fhall not be purged with faenfice Hood that the ark of the Lord was come 

nor offering for ever. 

1 5 And Samuel lay until the morning, 

opened the doors of the hunfe ot the 

Low' 1 And Samuel feared to fliew Eli 

16 I Fieri Eli called Samuel, and faid, 
iu< 1, m> ion. And he anfwered, Here 

a :i I . 

17 And he feid, What is the thing 
f the LORD faid unto thee ? I 
pray thee hide // not from me : God do 
fo to thee, and more alfo if thou hide any 
thing from mc of all the things that Jic 

j thee. 

into the camp. 

7 And the Philiftines were afraid, for 
they faid. God is come into the camp. 
Ana they faid, Woe unto us ! for there 
hath not been Inch a thing heretofore. 

oe unto us! Who (hall deliver usont 
of the hand of theie mighty Gods ? Thefe 
are the G*ds that fmote the Egyptians 
with all the plagues in the wiWernc 

9 Be ftrong and quit yourfelves like 
men, O ye Philiftines, that ye be not 
fervants unto the Hebrews, as they 'have: 
been to 5 ou : quit yourfelves like men, 
and fight. 

fl And 

/ ari$f GcJis tei. 

■ " J £ ■"■ falleth lefzri the ark. £41 

the P: t When t es took < of 

v ced every! Go to the houfc 

?at : and there was a and fet it by Da^ 

- there ft 11 ci \u ael. Vf .-. .d when they of i aroffe 

footmen, lea sorrow, behold, Dagon ~ 

li 'And the ark of God was tax- ten upon his faee to the earth before 

and the two fons • Hophni and lark of the Lord. A n i rhey took Dagon, 

* ere fl_ Jand fe: i his place ag^ 

r And there ran a man o* -"un* 4 A-iwhm trr 

cut of the army and car. e : m mor Da^.. 

ne day with his clothes rent, and w .- r o the g 

a upon hs hea : ark of i the head of 

13 And » hen he c n and both the palms of his hands 

a feat by the way fide watch rg : -^Fupon the threshold ; only tbr 

heart trembled tor the ark of God. And '/**• •/ Dagon was left to him. 
when the man came into the audi 3 'Therefore r he prices cf Ui- 

io»d it, all .- cried o«t. that come into Dagon's 

: tread on dhold of Dagon 

..bdod unt- 

d of the Lord was heavy 
upon the Aibdod, and he deftr 

them, and fmote them with emerods, 
even d and the coa: .of. 

\nd when the men of Afedod law 

14 .beard the not fe of tb 

m, he • mimmib the noift 

thrs tumult » and the man came in 
Now t 'lioety a 

old: ** a ere dm. that he could 

n-~-* fee 

i the man faid unto EK. I <*«* that /'.• £, The ark of 

he that came otit of the array, and If d of Ifrael thai I not abide with a 

today out of the army. And he fa hand is fore upon us, and upon Dagon 

e done, my for r cod. 

And the meoen*er anfwered and i 8 They fent therefore 2nd g, 
faid, Ifrael is eed before the PhiHmnes, all the lords of the Pruii^ines timo them, 

1 we do with the art 
of the God of Ifrael ? And they an- 
fW e red, Let the ark o: raei 

be earned about unto Gath. And they 
IS And it came to pafs, d the ark of the God of Ltrac I 

.non of the ark ot G>i, th^t he tell bcut tbitt. 
from off the feat bacJcw I €T And it was/>, that, after they ! 

the fate.and hnneck brake, and he Qic i it about, the h i -Lord 

an old man and hea- 

there hath been alio a great flaugh 
among the people, and thy two fo*s a 
Hophn. and Phinehas, are dead, and the 
ark of Go en. 

he had nidged Ifrael forty >ea»-, 
19 \mi iaw, Phine' 

be dr 
i &e heard the at J 

ra- d that 

%irh a very gr- 
: and he fnvot. *n of the 

and the 
n their fecret j 


band were de^i, f f Gck 1 

fbe bowed herfelt an<* 

about the ark of the God c 

ne of her 
ood by nto 

rh Umi - >rr.<r j '. r.\. 
not, neither did the 



and her 


ti And fee named the e! 
^g,ThegW>ry is departed fr 
becau'e th :d was 1 

bevau'e of her driver in lai 

»ry is ^ 



rk Of 

to fl? 

II So they 

ords of the P. 
away the ark of the God v' I 


* our p< 
I jdly deftr 

the * 
heary there. 

\ we»e 
the eracnxU: .->r»d the 

10 [C T 

:e Bet\ pg\~ 

■ • + -■-'.■ r f '' • L02DM' ' ' ' 

V& Vie Philtfiives return the ark. I.SAMUEL. The Bethjhe mites fmitte'rr, 

clave the wood of the cart, ajid offered thff 
kine a burnt offering unto the Lord. 

15 And the Levites took down the ark 
of the Lord, and the coffer that was 

2 And the Philiftines called for the 
priefts and the diviners, faying, what (hall 
v/e do to the ark of the Lord > Tell us 
wherewith we fhall fend it to his place. 

S And they faid, If ye fend away the 

with it, wherein thejewels of gold were t 

ark of the God of Ifrael, (end it not i and put them on the great (lone : and the 
empty ; but in any wife return him a! men of Beth(heme(h offered burnt offer- 

trefpafs offering : thenyethall be healed, 
and it (hall be known to you why his 
hand is not removed from you 

ings and (acrificed facrifices the fame day 
unto the Lord. 

16 And when the five lords of the Phi- 

4- Then faid they, What /hall be the Mines had feen /'/, they returned to Lk- 
tre/pafs offering which we ihall return to jron the fame day. 

him ? They anfwered, Five golden erne- | IT And the r e are the golden e me rente 
rods, and five golden mice, according to j which the Philiflines returned for a tref- 
thc number of the lords of the Philiflines : ipafs offering unto the Lord > for Aftidod 
for one plague was on you all, and onjone, for Gaza one, for Alkelon one, for 

your lords 

5 Wherefore ye (hall make images of 
your emerods, and images of your mice 

Gath one, for Ekron one- 

18 And the golden mice, according to 
the number of all the cities of the Phi- 

that mar the land ; and ye (hall give glo- ' liftines belonging to the five lords, both of 
ry unto t lie God of Ifrael : peradventure ; fenced cities, and of country villages, even 
he will lighten his hand from off you, unto the gre a tJIone oj Abel, whereon they 
and from off your gods, and from off fet down the ark of the Lord : which 
your land. \Jtone remaineth unto this day in the field 

ir of lot 

6 Wherefore then do ye harden youi 
hearts, as the Egyptians and Pharaoh 
hardened their hearts > When he 

)ihua, the Bethfhemite. 
19 fl And he fmote the men of Beth- 
had | (hemeth , becaufe they had looked into the 
wrought wonderfully among them, Did ark of the Lord, even he fmote ot the 
they not let the people go, and they de- people fifty thoufand and rhreefcorc ana 

parted ? 

T Now therefore, make anew cart, and 

ten men : and the people lamented, be- 
caule the Lord had fmitten many oi the 

take two milch kine, on which there hath I people with a great (laughter. 

come no yoke, and tie the kine to the 
cart, and bring their calves home from 
them : 

8 And take the ark of the Lord, and 
lay it u,jon the cart ; and put the jewels 
of gold, which ye return him /or atrefpafs 
offering, in a coffer by the lide thereof ; 
and fend it away, that it may go. 

9 And fee, if it goeth up by the way of 
his own coalt to Bethfhemeih, then he 
hath done ns this great evil : but if not, 
then we ("hull know that/"/ is not his hand 
that fmote us } it was a chance thaihzp- 
pened to us. 

10 «j And the men did fo : and took 
two milch kine. and tied them to the 
Cart, and Unit up their calves at home : 

1 1 An 1 they laid the ark of the Lord up- 
r>M the can, and the coffer with the mice 
of k r <''M and the images of their emerods. 

l- \nd the kine took the (fraight way 
to the \\\iy of BethfbemeQk, <nd went 
aid uv.iv, low ;n- as they "went, 

noi afidc so tL.e right hana 
or/o the i he lords of the Phi- 

r them unto the border 
tl ffiem< 
i • And ibry of BethfherneCh were reap- 
ing their wheat harveft in tlitr valley : and 
'they lifted U' r > their eyes and (aw the ark- 
and rej • /'/. 

14 And the cart came Into the 6eld of 
J. ft ; l, a BethlV mite, »od there, 

v. ..... thire 'Was a a \ eat (L6ik ; and they 

"20 And the men of Bethfliemefli faid, 
Who is able to (land before this holy 
Lord God ? and, To whom fhall he go 
up from us ? 

21 And they fent meffengers to the in- 
habitants of Kirjathjearim, faying, The 
Philiftines have brought again the ark of 
the Lord j come ye down, and fetch it 
up to you. 

3 The Ifraclitesy by Samuel's means. JoU 

emnty refeut at Mixpeh. 9 Samuel 

preying, the PhiUjhno are difcomjited. 

AND the men of Kirjathjearim came, 
and fetched up the ark of the Lord, and 
brought it into the houfe of Abinadab in 
the hill, and fanclified Kleazar his fon to 
keep the ark of the Lor d. 

2 And it came to pals, while the ark 
abode in Kirjathjearim: that the time 
was long ; for it was twenty years : and 
all the houfe of Ifrael lamented after tlve 

3 9J And Samuel fpake unto all the 
houfe of Ifrael, faying, If yc do return 
unto the Lord with all your hearts,//^// 
put away the ft range gods and Afhtarorh 
from among you, and prepare yourhearts 
unto the Lord, and ferve him only s ai\<l 
he « ill deliver ) ou out of the hand of the 

4 Then the children of Ifrael did put 
away Baalim and Afntaiolh, and ferved 
the LORD only. 

5 And 


i. fie f^ofh iffire a I "AS 

- nuel laid, Gathe 
<h, ar. ou nnto 

i tbri ga t her ed * j" u "" * Vfrz- hot turned a ?e after i re, and took 
i dr/ 

- -he Loi», am 


-!Cl !l 

the ch idren of 
the children of 


therrd : - 

? Phi- 

thej were [when rl 


• And the- children of Ifrje' fi : d to 

ic Loed 
a out 
: the F 
9 € A- : k a fiK 

offering - 
unto the l.oao : and 
the Lox: 

B : ■ 
the i 

. - 

10 And as Sa*nmH 
ban at onVring.l <e Pli 
battle 2 

deredwrtharjea r 
on the Philirt 
awl chev were 

iifcomftred them 

!rae'. *er.c out 10 f A 

6 But the t! 

ail rh 


* be re- 

ir.e • 


: how 

r of 


Mtzpeh, and purfued the Phi! flinei 
fmo«etbem.unt'U«"T <--•-■' ^derBetr.. 

:' between 

|Ht nanae 

mael took 



-• - 
w * r ** fi i tvi n fn 

f he Lo<o unto the people t! i of 

1 1 


nf tlur l.oti 
II the 








eace between hrael and the Anv 

And 5 ;ed Ifrael ail the 

dars c 

And he went from \ear to 

j<h. andjiKl^ril l.'iC j ' : . 

n* re xt*tf / h*s noule , and there rv 

ind there he bun: _ 
the Lo < 

I • I If. 

1 Bf it* *cca«im •) tb* til grt'frn^%e 
' *sj*n* % tct . its s/k a * 

ibr manmer 

■ ■ 
o\ J. he made has loos judges 

•- - 

-irks, and «« - 

and ye i 
18 A 


term to 






'« ruled to 

£44 A defer ipiion of SauL 


obey the voice of Samuel ; and they faid, 
Nay ; but we will have a king over us ; 

%0 That we alfomaybe like all the na- 
tions ; and that our king may judge us,and 
go out before us, and tight our battles. 

21 And bamuel heard all the words of j 
the people, a^d he rehearfed them in the: 
ears of the Lord. 

"XI And the Lord faid to Samuel ' 

He tometklo Samuel, 

10 Then faid Saul to his fervant, Wcii 
faid ; come, let us. -go.., §©' they went unto 
the city where th^man of God ivas. 

U €| And as they wj|nt up the hill to, 
the city, they found young maidens going 
out to draw water, and laid unto them, 
Is the leer here ? 

12' And they anfwered tbem, and faid, 
He is ; behold, he is before you : make 

Hearken unto their voice, and make them'hafte now, forl>e came today to the city : 
a king. And Samuel faid unto the menjfor there j$ a facrifice of the people to- 
ot Ifrael, Go ye every man unto his city, day in the high place : 

CHAP. IX. 13 Asfoon as ye be come into the citv, 

1 Saul def pairing to find bis father's ajes, 
6 by tbf counjei oj his fervant y 11 a;zd,go up to X\\ 
diretiion oj young maidens , 15 accord- '.people w^ll 
m% to God's revelation, 18 comeih /«' 
Samuel. 19 Samuel entertaineth Saul. 
NOW there was $ man of Benjamin, 
whofe name ivas Kajh, the fon of Abiel, 
the fon of Zeror, the fon of Bechorath, 
the fon of Aphiah, a Benj ami te, 3. mighty 
man of power. 

2 And he had a fon, whofe name ivas 
Saul, a choice young man, and a goodly : 
ahd there 'was not among the children of 
10 ael a goodlier perfon than he; from 
his (boulders and upward be ivas higher 
than any of the people. 

3 And the alles of Kifti, Saul's' father, 
were loll. And Kilh faid to Saul his fon. 
Take now one of the fervants with thee, 
and arife, go leek the atfes. 

4 And he paired through mount E- 
phraim, and palled .through the land of 
Shalilha, but they found them, not : then 
they palled through the land of Shalim, 
and there they ivere not : and he palled 
through the land of the Benjamites, but 
they found them not. 

b And when they were come to the 
land of Zuph, Saul faid to his fervant 
that ivas with him, Come, and let us re- 
turn ; left my father leave caring for the 
alPes, and take thought for us. 

6 «| And he laid unto, him,. Behold 
now, there is in this city a man of God, 
and he is an honourable man ; all that he 
faith Cometh finely to pafs : now let us 
go thither ; pe: adventure he can llicwus 
our way that we fhould go. 

7 Tnen /aid Saul to his fervant, But, 
behold, // we go. What (hail we bring 
the 1 Mil ? for the bread is fpcnt in our 
vcifcls.and there is net a prefent to bring 
to the in m of God : What have we ? 

8 And the fervant anfwered Saul again, 
qnd faid, Behold, 1 have here at hand the 
BQlirth part of a fhekcl of lilver : that 
will I give to the man ot God, to tell us 
our way. 

9 (Beforetimc in Ifrael, when a man 
went to inquire of God, thus he fwake, 
Come, and let US go to the leer : for be 
that is now called \ Prophet was before- 
time called a Seer.) ... 

ye (hall Itraightway find him, before he 
to tl*e high place to eat : for the 
not eat until he come, be- 
caute he doth blels the facrifice j and. 
afterwards they eat that be bidden. Now 
therefore get you up ; for about this time 
ye fhall find him. 

14 And they went up into the city : 
and when they were come into the city, 
behold, Samuel came out againii: them, 
for to go up to the higb place. 

15 q Now the Lord had told Samuel 
in his ear a day before Saul came, faying, 

16 Tomorrow about this time 1 will 
fend thee a man out of the land of Ben- 
jamin, and thou (halt anoint him to be 
captain over my people Ifrael, that he may 
fave my people out of the hand of thePfn- 
liflines' fyr I have locked upon 'my peo- 
ple, becaule their cry is come unto me 

17 And when Samuel law Saul, the 
Lord faict unto him, Behold the man 
whom I -(pake to thee of ! This fame (hall 
reign over my people. 

18 % f hen Saul drew near to Samuel 
in the gate,anU laid, Tell me, I pray thee» 
where the leer's houfe is. 

19 4] And Samuel anfwered Saul, and 
faid, 1 am the leer: go up before me un- 
to the high places lor ye (hall eat with 
me to-day, and tomorrow I will let thee 
go, and will tell thee all that is in thine 

<£Q And as for thine alTes that were loft 
three days ago, let not thy mind on them ; 
for they are found. And on whom is all 
the deli re of Ifrael ? Is it not on thee,and 
on all thy father's houfe ? 

21' And Saul anfwered and faid, Arr{ 
not I a Benjamite, of the fmallefl; of the 
tribes of Ifrael, and my family the leaf! of 
all the families of the tribe ot Benjamin ? 
Wherefore then fpeakeft thou lo to me ? 

"It And Samuel took Saul and his fer- 
vant, and brought them into the parlour, 
and made them fit in the chiefeft place 
among them that were bidden, which 
ivsre about thirty perlons. 

23 And Samuel laid unto the cook, 
Bring the portion which I gave thee, of 
which I faid unto thee, Set it by thee. 

£4 And the cook took up the lhoulder, 
and that which ivas upon it, and fet it, 


SatmU/i anointttt Cfup 

before Saul. And Samuel fait], Behold 
that which)* feft I klh before tiiee, and 
eai - thi=> hath it be^n kept 

for th< ' f faid, I have invited the 

: a.i eat with wan. 

_J \r.u when they were cmie down 
from the h ^b place mto the city f Samuel 
communed Aith Sail t lie lop oi ihe 

arofe early ; and it came 
to pais about the ipi the da», I 

Samuel Called Saul to the top ot t lie 
ho . ing, Up, that i mai lend thee 

ill aioie, and I nt 

out both of them, he arm Samuel, abroad. 
And a re going down to 

it) , Samuel laid tfl Saul, 
s on beLore us, ( 
he pulled or:) but Hand thou BiU I 
ihat I inaj ihcw liif.e thewoiuot Uod. 

HAP, X. 
1 Samuel anoin.eio Suul. I lie conf.rmetb 
bimbj pteiiuiion oj tbtcejtgm l -' -i 
heat i n changed, and be f> - tb. 

'1 tit.N Samuel took, a vial of oil, and 

.3. Saul propbtfeeib. liS 

lo Gilgal ; an»i, behold, I will come down 
unto thetr, to offer burnt oncrings, and 
to i.icnhce tacrticei oi peace pfteriags } 
ieven days thali thou tariy, nil I cometo 
thee, and tfievv thee what ihou lhall do. 

9 «j Arvdit was/o, that w hen he had 
turned his back, to go from samuel, God 

C him another heart : and all tl.ofe 
3 tame to pals that day. 

10 And v. her the> came thither to the 
hill, behold, a company of prophets rjiet 
him ; and the fpirit ot Goo came upoa 
him, ana he prophelied amoog them. 

It And it came to pais, when all that 

knew him b d b reii me law that, beliold, 

he prophehea among the prophets, then 

people laid one to another What is 

this that is come Onto the Ion oi Kiih ? // 

fo among the propheft i 

l- Aai\ one of the fame place anfwer- 
ed uiul laid. But, Who /J 'iier lather* 
Therefore it became a proverb, Is s-ul 
alio au.oij^ the propln 

1 5 And when he had made an end of 
propheis ng, he came to the ..i :i place. 

14 A; l's uncle laid un' • )■ m 

poured // upon hii head, and killed huu, and to h.s format, r went je > 

md laid, Is it not became the Lord J And lie laid, 1 o leek tru md w r 

we law that /4rj> ivere no w June, we ca 4 .:o 
to Samuel. 

15 Ami SauTs unc!e (aid, Tell me, I 
pray thee, what Samuel fa.d unto 5 ou. 

lt> And Saul laid unto his uncle, Me 
teal us plainly that the alles were found* 
But of tne martei of the kingdom, where* 
ol Samuel fpake, he told him n 

ii And Samuel called the people to- 
gether unto the Lo w o to MlSpeh ; 

18 And laid unto the children of Ifrael, 
Thus laith the Lord God of Ifrael, I 
brought up Ifrael out 

tians, and out of t f > - ol all I 

them that op >ou : 

1'J -d your 

himlell faved \ OU out 

II : 

• him, rY#f, I 
< efore prefenl 

jroill i-:lu • I n r i) by \ our 

ti it* I by > 0U1 t 

! all 
I I I , • 

tnl><- taken 

en he tufcd the tribe of 

bj tlv 

the I 

' not be found. 

Lord turt 

thei . And il 

Belioid he hath hid himlell an. 

led thee :o be captaiu over his 

- « v ben thou art departed from me 
today, then thou lhalt find two men b) 
Rachel's lepulchre in th-r boroer of Beu- 

at Zelzah ; and they wall lay un- 
thee, The aile<> which thou wenteli 
to leek are found : and, lo, thy fatbei 
■ the <-.ii e ol the atfet, 

\eth lor you, laying, \\ hat (hall 1 do 
|or m% Ion t 

u go on forward : 
lh- no , • nc to the plain 

ot Tabor ( and tl ere lhall mef.n thee ti. 
mi .^ up . lo lie th« 1, one 

tarrying t and another ui i . 

ihi that carry* 

4 .a ^ivc 
thee two leaves ot bread ; which thou 

;t receive ol tl. 

5 Alter that thou lhalt i 
1 oi r »od,wheic is ti of the 

1 : and it \\ DM 10 1 'I , 

-me th'th'r t<» ti 
.t ihou flialt meet . my <Jt 

- coming down from t 

and a harp, Letu .i j and they lhall 

l\ : 

o And thefpiritof theLoai 

upon • • uh 

tb 1 Quit be turned into .< 


; it be, when thef 
Come unto tl 


&J And they ran and fe( 

S A - ; an<'. 


256 Saul cbofcn king. 

people, he was higher than any of the 
people from his (houlders and upward. 

24 And Samuel /aid to all the people, 
See ye him whom the Lord hath chofen, 
that there is none like him among all the 
people ? And all the people fhoufed, and 
laid, God lave the king 

25 Then Samuel told the people the 
manner of the kingdom, and wrote it in a 
book, and laid /"/ up before the Lord. 
And Samuel fent all the people away, ev- 
ery man to his houfe. 

26 And Saul alfo weot home to Gibe- 
ah ; and there went with him a band of 
men, whofe hearts God had touched. 

27 But the children of Belial faid, How 
{ball this man fave us ? And they defpiled 
him, and brought him no prefents. But 
he held hit peace. 

i Nahafh offireth them of Jabefbgilead a 
reproaebjul condition. 4 They fend to 
Saul y and are delivered. 12 Saul con- 
firmed king. 

THEN Nahafh the Ammonite came 
up, and encamped againft Jabefhgilead : 
and all the men of Jabefh faid unto Na- 
haih, Make a covenant with us, and we 
v/ill ferve thee. 

2 And Nahalh the Ammonite anfwered 
them, On this condition will I make a 
covenant with you, that I may thrultout 
all your right eyes, and lay it for a re- 
proach upon all Ifrael. 

3 And the ciders of Jabefh faid unto 
him, Give us feven days refpite that we 
may fend melfengers unto all the coafts 
of Ifrael : and then, \i' there be no man to 
lave us, we will come out to thee. 

4 fl Then canre the melfengers toGib- 
eah of Saul, and told the tidings in the 
cars of the people : and all the people 
lilted up their voices, and wept. 

5 And, behold, Saul came after the 
herd out ol the field ; and Saul faid, 
What adctb the people that they weep I 
And they told him the tidingsof the men 
of Jab«ih. 

6 And the fpirit of God came upon 
Saul when he heard thole tidings,and hio 
anger was kindled greatly. 

1 And he took a yoke of oxen, and 
hewed them in pieces, and fent tbt in 
throughout aM the coalts of Ifrael by the 
handi ot melfengers, laying, Whoioever 
Cometh not forth after Saul and after 
Samuel, fa lh ill it be done unto his oxen. 
And the fear of the Lord fell on tlv 
pie, and they came out with one con fent 

8 And when he numbered them iu 
Bezek the children of Ifrjcl were three 
hundred thouiand, and the men of Judah 
thirty thoufand. 

9 And they faid unto the mcfTcngers 
that came, 1 hus (hall ye fay unto the men 
ofjabc. j omofTOW by that time 

Samuel's integrity. 

the fun be hot, ye (hall have help. Ah3 
the meflengers came and fliewed //to the 
men of Jabefh ; and they were glad. 

10 Therefore the men of Jabefh laid, 
Tomorrow we will come out unto you, 
and ye (hall do with us all that feemeth 
good unto you. 

It And it w,is/oon the morrow, that 
Saul put the people in three companies : 
and they came into the midft of the hoft 
in tj-ie morning watch, and (lew the Am- 
monites until the heat of the day : and it 
cametopafs, that they which remained 
were fcattered, fo that two of them were 
not left together. 

12 ^1 And the people fa'd unto Samuel, 
Who is he that (aid, Shall Saul reign over 
U3 ? Bring the men, that we may put 
them to death. 

13 And Saulfaid,There fhallnotaman 
be put to death this day : for to-day the 
Lord hath wrought falvation in Ifrael. 

14 Thennrfaid S-amuel to the people, 
Come, and let us go to Giigal, and re- 
new the kingdom there. 

15 /ind all the people went to Giigal ; 
and there they made Saul king before 
the Lord in Giigal ; and there they fac- 
rificed Sacrifices ot peace offerings before 
the Lord ; and there Saul and all the 
men of Ifrael rejoiced greatly. 

1 Samuel teftifieth his integrity. 6 He rev 

prove tb the people of ingratitude 16 

He terrijieib thtrn iviib thunder in bar. 

veft time ; 'HO and comfortetb them in 

God's me>cy. 

AND Samuel faid unto all Ifrael Be- 
hold, I have hearkened unto your voice 
in all that ye faid unto me, and have 
made a king over you. 

2 And now, behold, the king walkefh 
before you : and I am old and gray- 
headed ; and, behold, my fons are with 
ycu : and I have walked before you from 
my childhood unto this day- 

3 Behold, here I am; witnefs againft 
me before the Lord, and before his an- 
ointed : Whole ox have I taken ? or, 
Whofe afshave I taken > or,W'hom have 
I defrauded ? Whom have I opprefTed ? 
or, Of whofe hand have I received any 
bribe to blind mine eyes therewith r and 
I will reltore it you. 

4 And they laid, Thou hail not de- 
frauded us, nor opprefTed us, neither haft 
thou taken auj_,ht of any man's hand. 

5 And he faid unto them, "The Lord 
is witnefs againft you, and his anointed 
is witnefs this day, that ye have not 
found aught in my hand. And they an- 
fwered, H' is witnefs. 

G ^ And Samuel faid unto the people, 
// is the Lord that advanced Mofes and 
Aaron, and that brought your fathers up 
out of the land of Lgyut. 

7 New 

Sammtl reprwtil \ib£ftvf. jp. xiiL SduPs fehcleJ t. 143 

•ow therefore ftar : that I : ie Lord, but ferve the Lord aH 

tealoji witn yuu - the Lord ' ; 

the - the LoRDjwfrchhe And turn ye r>ot ailde : for/, 

did \ithcrb. %o aftc 

-ome into ; mrm \ 

aa*: ers cried unto the Lor - r t hc Lord will n^t Fori 

.e Lord lent and Aaron pei r his greaf name's I 

uhtch br^ . . c -ie it hath plealed the Lord to m. 

and made the . .in this pL a his peop. 

ver, as for me, God forbid 

their God, he tv.d them :.ito th M I (fa ri againft the Lori, 

tc; rid cea ;n^' t for you : but I will U. 

: ■ 

ne r* 

and into 
b»ib, ana 


the hand 

» ato the Lord, and 

i, becauic •• c have 
• the L 

VaTOth : but HOW d: 

us w. iof our enemies, and 

»c trill ferve thee. 

11 Aad Jerubbaal, and 

Eedan, ;el, and 

1 i ihe 1 



lain the 

-aul i 
eign over u 
Lord *^ 

the good and tl>e right w 
- • Only fear the Lord, and ier 
in truth with a heart: for con (ic 

^reat / ! . hath dor. 

hall ftilldo w 
(ha: ied, both ve and \ 

1 5a I. 5 * be Phil: 

great bofi 6 The Ira flues' dtjlrefs. 
8 Saul, , T for Sam 

ett li Sammtl reframeth 
J one \ ear j and n 
ears over 

iroth d uere * 

i znouni 
were with Jonat 


and the reit ol tht 

whom ye have 

an J whom 

., tike Lor ^ 
ict a k.j 
it h 

behold the k pie lie man to his tc: 

3 \nd jo 
the i 

rd •/ it. 
blew thetr ampct throughout all the Ian J, 
c Hebrc 
:d all Ifrael heard »ul 

.llfa was had in .. 


n : r. , a '.** . 1 o *x° I nil \ 
then (hall b 


not ol .cot 

Lord, b 

. the 


e L 

lo ^ I 

Jure %our 


he r 
. le uerc c_ 



and iix 

ot wheat lur 



oh the lea ft. 


■ . 




ed the Lo? 

Fear not : 

.1 faw that they 
were in a (trait (lor the people i 


1 in 

\nd /•*»<' 6/ trie H 
e land 

gal, an 
, iC followed hi '|f. 

* 4 And h 

i the U I «mucl bad afi- 



faid, Bru 


.~ . 

om I 
r a b 


143 Samuel reprovetb.Saut. I. SAMUEL, 
lie had made an end of offering the burnt j 

<tbe Vhilift'm'es jfhi He ri § 

offering, behold, Samuel came ; and SftuI 1 Jonathan miraculovjly Jmiteth the Phi- 

' e might fa- itftlnes 3 gar ifon 15 A disj'me te^f-or 

tvent oat to meet him, that he 
Jute him. 

11 ^J And Samuel S?'id,Wbathaft thou 
done ? and Saul faid, Becaufe I few that 
the people were (battered from me, and 
that thou camcft not within the days ap- 
pointed, and that the Philiftines gathered 
themfclves together at Michmafh ; 

1* Therefore ( .id T, The Phlliftmes will jrifon, that is on the other fide 
come down now upori mc to Gilgal, and j told not his father 

make ;b them beat tbethjcl<ves. IK Saul's 

iinadvijed adjuration bindereth the 


NOW it came to pafs upon a day, that 
Jonathan the fon of ShuI faid unto the 
young man that bare his armotif, Coinej 
and let us go over to the Phih.ft.ines' gar- 

But he 

3 have not made fupplication unto the 
Lord : I forced myfelf therefore, and 
•ftereti a burnt < fLning. 

1 i And Samuel faid tb Saul, Thou 
liaft done foohftl jr • ihoii hall not kept 
the commandment of the Lord thy God, 
vhich he commanded thee : for now 
would the Lord have eftablifiied thy 
kingdom upon Ifrael fcr ever. 

t4 But now thy kingdom fhall not 
Continue : the Lord bath fought bun 
a maw after his own heart, and the 
Lord hath commanded him to be cap- 
tain over his people, becaufe thou haft 
not kept that winch the Lcrd command- 
ed thee. 

15 And Samuel arcfe, and gat him up 
from Gilgal unto Gibeah of Benjamin. 
And Saul numbered the people that 
ivere prefent with hint, about fix hun 
cxed men* ,. 

16 And Saul, and Jonathan his fon, 
and the people that there prefent with 
them, abode in Gibeah of Benjamin : but 
the Philiftines encamped in MLchmalh. 

17 And the (pollers came out of the 
camp of the Ph ill (lines in three compa- 
nies : one company turned unto the way 
that leaActb to Onhrah, unto the land of 
ShuaJ : 

18 And another company turned the 
way to Bethhoron : and another com- 
pany turned to the wiy of the border 
that looketh to the valley of Zeboim to- 
ward the wiidernefs. 

19 Now there was no fmith found 
throughout all the land ot Ifrael ■ for the 
Philiftines faid, Left the Hebrews make 
them (words or (pears : 

B it alWhe Ifraelites went down to 
the Ph'liftines, to fharpen every man his 
fharc, and his coulter, and his ax and his 
m tttock. 

-1 V( t they hid a file f>r the mattocks, 
and for the coulters, and for the forks, 
and.forthear.ts.and to fharpen the poads. 

So it came to pafs m the day of 
battle, that there was neither fword r.rr 

2 And Saul tarried in the uttermofl 
part of Gib#ah, under a pomegranate 
tree which is in Micron : and the people 
thativere with him -torf* about fix hun- 
dred men : 

5 And Ahiah, the fon of Ahitub, Icha< 
bed's brother, the ion of Phinehas, the 
fon of Eli, the Lord's prieft in Shiioh, 
wearing an ephod. And the people knew* 
not that Jonathan was gone. 

4 And between the pallages, by which 
Jonathan fought to go over unto the 
Philiftines' ganifon, there was a fharp 
rock on the one iide, and a fhatp rock on 
the other lide : and the name of the one 
tvas Bozez* and the name of the other 

5 The forefront of th.e one nvas fituate 
norths ard over againft Michmafh, and 
the other fouthward ever againft Gibeah. 

6 And Jonathan faid to the young mart 
that bare his armour, Come, and let its 
go over unto the garrifon of thefe uncir- 
cumcifed : if may be that the Lord wil! 
work for us : for there ts no reftraint to 
the Lord to fave by many of by few. 

7 And his armourbearer (aid unto 
him, Do all that is in thine heart : turn 
thee : behold, I am with thee according 
to thy heart. 

» Then faid Jonathan, Beholct, we will 
pafs over unto thefe men, and we will dif. 
cover curfelves unto them. 

9 If they fay thus unto us, Tarry until 
we come to you ; then we will ftand frill in 
our place, and will not go up unto them. 

10 But if they fay thus, Come up unto 
us ; then we will go up : for the Lord 
hath delivered them into our hand : and 
\\v.$J?jall be a fign unto us. 

J i And both ofthemdifcovered them- 

felves unto the garrifonof the Philiftines : 

jand the Philiftines faid, Behold, the He- 

{ brews come forth out of the holes where 

they had hid themfelvea 

M And the men of the garrifen an- 
fwred Jonathan and his armourbearer^ 
and faid, Come up to uS, and we will 

found in the hand of any of the, (hew you a thing. And Jonathan faid 


fcople that no$revt\\h Saul and |*maihan : junto his armour-bearer, Come op after 
ill with Sanll and With Jo I his fort! me: tor the Lord hath delivered them 

there found. j into the hand of Ifrael. 

5 And the garrifon of the Phil 1 IS And Jonathan climbed up upon 

' out ••: the pallage of Michmafh. 1 1 ; s tmnds and upon his feet, and his ai 

ir.ourb carer 


SauI s^fed adjvrat;cn Chap 

ftiourbearer after him : and they fell be- 
fore Jonathan j and his arnvpurbearer 
after hri 

14 A. id that firft (laughter, which Jon- 
athan and his armourbearer rnacie, was 
about twenty men, within as it were an 
half acre of land, which a yoke of oxer. 
might plough. 

'rembling in the 
holl, i:i the field, and among all the 

and theipoilers, they 
alfo trembled, and the earth quaked : io 
it was a v <t tremblir 

16 And t! hmen < 

eah of Benjamin looked ; and, behold, 
the multitude melted aw ay, and they v. em 
ig down cxe another. 
IT Then 1 d unto the people their 

r with jber now, ami tee 

Vrho is pone from us. And wee-'. the> 
r.urr 1 old. Jonathan and hh> ar- 

mourbe rv. 

15 And Saul faid unto Ahiah, Bi 

j r the ark: oi God. For the ark ( i 
it time wrth the children of 


And i- to pafs, while Saul 

talked unto the prieft, that tl 
ra.-3/in the I to went on 

and Lncrt-afed : and Saul faid unto the 
v thine hand. 
20 And Said and all the people that 
'Were « nbled themfe 

and they came roMie b 

low. and there ivas a very great d'f- 

e Hebri 

• • 
wh-ch went up with them info the camp 
from the eo- itnd about, even they 

alfo turned to be wi'h the Ilraelites that 
•» I ■ lie men ot lira:! v. h'x h 

had hid themfelves ::i m 

. ■ 
'•ven they alfo i atter I 

23 So the Tor i) fav lay: 

and • 

ul had adjure 
people, 1 be \\\r i 

nl evening, that I may 
ba avenged on mine enemies. nc of 

the people d. 

And :• vj the land ramr to I 

oirt*y upon the 

■1 the people wet 
into the wood, Behold, tj.c honey d 
ped ; but n put his hand u> his 

mouth : for the y C ".ith 

But Jonathan heard ' I h > 

father charged the people with t> 

he put forth ♦!)€ end oi rh . 

xiv. ) ;< ii*eth tie I'tSicry. tk9 

that tt'tf j in his hand, and dipped it in an 
honeycomb, and put his hand to hia 
mouth ; and his eyes were enlightened. 

-8 Then anfwered one ot the people, 
anu (aid. 1 hy father ftraitly charged the 
people with an oath, faying, Curled be 
the man that eateth any food this day. 
And rhc people were faint. 

CO 1 1 hen laid Jonathan, My father hath 
troubled the land : fee, I pray you, how 
mine eye? have been enlightened, becaufe 
lea a little of this honey. 
SO I low much more, if haply the people 
had eaten freely todaj of the Ipoilof their 
eneme- which they found > for, Had there 
not bee i much greater ilaughter a- 

mong the PfriliRines ? 

M And they ftnbte the Phuiitines that 
day from Micnm don : and the 

le flew upon the fpoi!, 
and took ASeep, and oxen, and calves, and 
v themo;\ the gtfdutid*; and the people 
did eat them with the blood. 

•13 Then they told Said, ftving, Be- 
hold, 'he people fin again If the Lord, in 
that they ^iocd. And lie 

faid, Ye have tranfgre'Jcd : roll a great 
un'o me this day. 
Si And Saul faid, Difjterle ynurfclves 
among the people, and fay unto them. 
Bring me hit! wr every man his ox, and 
r y unn his (beep, and flay tbem here, 
ind lin notagamfl! the Lord in 
eating with the blood And all the people 
brought every man hi- ox with him that 
night, and flew them there. 

$5 And Saul built an altar unto the 
Lo&D : the fame wis the firft altar that 
built unt tl - J. ok d. 
.16 godownaj 

ines by right, and fboil rnem 
until the morning l d let us • 

leave a roan o! And they faid. Do 

'h good unto thee. '! heii 
faid . ' hither 

unm < / 
8t " i r 

llgodownal ilt 

thou deliver them into the Irod of nraell 

not nV d 
3H And Saul fai I, t>\ i <h-f 

all ' :id 

hatn I y- 

.19 In a !j 

■ ■ 

, he (bail fumy die. But tt n 

among all thai jn- 

40 Then I 
oh one fide, and I i.ul fonathan my I 

will be on 'he or! 

j,!e laid unto ^.u^l 1 Dowlut feemeth good 
l thee. 
i\ ! Saul f< - Lop.p 

«ki, Otve ? \ ariett lit. .\ 

250 Saulfm'iuthtbtAmnUkites. I. SAMUEL. He fpareth Agags 

Saul and Jonathan were taken : but the [infant and fuckling, ox and fheep, camel 
people efcaped. land afs. 

H And Saul faid, Cad lots between; 4 And Saul gathered the people togeth- 
me and Jonathan my fori. And Jonathan !er. and numbered them in Telaim, two 

tvas taken 

43 Then Saul faid to Jonathan, Tell 
me what thou haft done. And Jonathan 

hundred thoufand footmen, and ten thou- 
fand men of Judah 

5 And Saul came to a city of Amalek a 

fold him, and faid, I did but tafte a little and laid wait in the valley. 

honey with the end of the rod that ivas _ & And Saul faid unto the Kenites, G», 

in mine hand, and, lo, I muft die idepart, get ye down from among the A- 

44 And Saul anfwered. God do fo imalekites, left I deftroy you with them : 
and more alfo : for thou flialt furely die, 'for ye ftewed kindnefsto ail the children 
Jonathan. < of Ifrael, when they came up out of Egypt. 

45 And the people faid unto Saul, 'So the Kenites departed from among the 
Shall Jonathan die. who hath wrought ! Amalekites. 

this great falvation in Ifrael ? God for- 7 And Saul fmote the Amalekitesfrom 
bid : as the LoRoliveth, there fliall not 'Havilah until thou comeft to Shur, that 
one hair of his head fall to the ground \ii over againft Egypt. 
for he haih wrought with God this day. j 8 f\ And he took Agagthe king of the 
So the people refcued Jonathan, that he> Amalekites alive, and utterly deftroyed all 
died not. j the people with the edge of the fword. 

46 Then Saul went up from following j 9 But Saul and the people fpared A- 
the Philiftines : and the Philiftines went j gag, and thebeft of the (heep, and of the 
to their own place. _ loxen, and of the fatlings, and the lambs^ 

47 So Saul took the kingdom over If- 
rael, and fought againft all his enemies on 

and all that teas good, and would not 
utterly deftroy them : but $very thing 

every fide, againft Moab, and againft \X\t>that luas vile and refufe, that they def 

children of Amnion, and againft Edom,|troyed utterly. 

and againft the kingsofZobah, and againft i 10 1 hen came the word of the Lord 

the Philiftines : and whitherfoever he junto Samuel, faying, 

fanned him felf, he vexed them I 11 It repenteth me that I have fet up 

48 Andhe gathered an hoft, and fmote Saul to be king : for he is turned back 
the Amalekites, and delivered Ifrael out, from following me, and hath not per- 
of the hands of them that fpoiled them, [formed my commandments. And it 

49 Now the fons of Saul were Jona- i grieved Samuel; and he cried unto the 

than, and Ifbui, and Melchifhua : and the 
names of his tv\o daughters <were tbefe • 
the name of thefirft born Merab, and the 
name-of the younger Michai : 

50 And the name of Saul's wife tvas 
Abinoam, the daughter of Ahimaaz : and 
the name of the captain of his hoft 'tvas 
Abner, the fon of Ner, Saul's uncle. 

al And Kifh teas the tather of Saul ; 
and Ner the father of Abner tvas the fon 
of Ablel. 

.V2 And there was fore war againft the 
Philiftines all the daysof Saul : and when 
Saul faw any ^rong man, or any valiant 
man, he took him unto him 
ttiJ A P XV. 
X Samuel jendnh Saul to deftroy Amalek. 

8 He fpareth Agng, and ;he brft of the 

fpoil . 9& Samuel killcth si go v. 

SAMUEL alfo faid unto' haul, the 
Lord fent me to anoint thee to be king 
over his people, over Ifrael ; now there- 
fore hearken thou uwio the voice of the 
Words of the J.ORD 

1 Thiio faith the Lord of hofts. I re- 
member that which Amalek did to I fiael, 
how he laid wat for him in the v\ay, 
when he came up from Egypt. 

S Now go and fmite Amalek. and ut- 
terly deftroy all that the> havp,and fpare 
ihein not ; but llaybcihman and woman, 

Lord all night. 

12, Ami when Samuel rofa early to meet 
Saul in the morning, it was told Samuel* 
faying, Saul came to Carmel,and, behold, 
he fet him up a place, and is gone about, 
and palled on, and gone doven to Gilgal. 

13 And Samuel came to Saul : and baul 
faid unto him, Blelled be thou of the 
Lord : I have pei formed the command- 
ment of the Lord. 

14 And Samuel faid, What meaneth 
then this bleating of the fluep in mine 
ears, and the lowing of the oxen which I 
hear ? 

13 And Saul faid, They have brought 
them from the Amalekites : for the peo- 
ple fpared the heft of the fheep and of 
the oxen, to facrifice unto the Lord thy 
God ; and the reft we have utterly de- 

16 Then Samuel faid unto Saul, Stay, 
and I udl teil thee what the Lord hath 
faidto mc this night. Aird he laid unto 
him, Say on. 

IT And Samuel faid, When thou tvaft 
little in thine own fight, ivajt thou not 
made the head of the tribes of Ifrael, 
and the Lo rd anointed thee king over 
Ifrael 1 

lo And the Lord fent on a jour- 
ney, and faid, Qo, and utterly deftroy the 

Samuel kHUtb J gag. 

linners the Amalekite*. and fight againlr. 
them until they be conlumed. 

19 Wl* then did:t thou not obey 
the voice ot' the Lord, but didft tfy upon 
the (potl, aui didft evil in the lighter the 
Lord ? 

An 1 Saul faid unto Samuel, Yea, I 
have obeyed the voice ot the Lord, and 
have £o:i? ihe way which the Lord lent 

Anulek, and have utterl) uc:tro)L-d the 

ti But the people to )k of the fpoil, ihee^ 
and oxen, the chief of the things which 
i have been utterly dc, , <o lac- 

ririce unto the Lord thy uoti in vj!_ 

tl And Samuel : htheLo 1 - 

great delight in 4$ and iac- 

, as in obeying the voice ot 
Lord } behold, to o'jes rx better than fac- 
hfice, and to hearken (nan the tat o: r;uin 

- > a die lin ot* witch- 

craft, and (lubbornnels is d< in and 

idolatry. beciufethou had rejected 
word of the Lord, he hath alio rejc:ted 
thee fiom hem^ kinf 

tl And »au. :o Samuel, I I 

finned : tor I have tranfgretled tlie com- 
maudment ot" the Lord, and thy w >rds : 
beca lie 1 r.ared trie people, and obc 
their voice. 

15 Now therefore, I pray thee, p.irdon 
xny lin, and turn again with me, tliat I 

p die Lor d. 

with thee . i~r thou had le 
•rufl) of 1 he 
1 rejected thee tr j:n being king 

may u 


• return 

ted the 
Lord hatl 
over li: 

■ • 
. , he la.d Imld upon 

i8 A. i unto I. nri, 

Lord hath rent the ki from 

bour ot thine, that u th in tl 

£9 Ami alto the Strength oi 
net 1 : tor nc is not a man 

thai he mould repent. 

I hen he ia.d, I have !i . . i : 
honour me no a , 1 pray thee, befoi 
elders ot my people, and \> 
aid turn again with nc, thai 1 
>rd thy I . 
31 auel turned again afl 

and - jr;hipp • \ the Lo ■ 

to me Agag the king of the Amah 
And Agag came unto him 

id, Surely the bitteroeU 
ith is paii 
s> And Sunii 
made women childlen, 10 Stall thy moth 
er b** ch ! nen. A 

uel i pieces before 

?. d in Oilgai, 

Chap. xvi. He anoint etb David. 151 

Si Then Samuel went to Ramah ; and 
Saul went up to his houle to uibeali of 

S5 And Samuel came no more to fee 
Saul until the day ol hi> death : ne 
theiels Samuel mourned lor Saul : and 
the Lo<d repented th„t he had 1. 
baul king over IfiaeL 

I Samuel fent by Go J under pretence t 

rjice, cameib to H thlehem. 6 H s 
human judgment ii repro'Jcd. 11 He 
ano n - it D -" id. 

.-\.\t) the Lord faid unto Samuel, 
Mow long wilt thou mourn for Saul, iee- 

g 1 have rejected him from 1 
^erl . thmc horn with oil, a:id 

go, 1 wiil fend thee to JeflTe the be t hie- 
r I have provided me a king 
among hh I >n*« 

.aiei faid, How can 1 go ? If 

Saul bear//, he will kill me. And the 

Lord laid, I d. th thee, and 

me to facrifice to the Lord. 

I Jeffe to the facrince, and I 

will (he *' tl it thou Ih ilt do: jnd 

'liouihi nt unto me bim whom I 

at unto thee. 

i A .uiel did that which the Lord 

fpake ame to Bel \ the 

eiders of the town trembled ai hie coming, 
and laid, I 

5 .-\nd be faid, Peaceabl .income 
to 1 icrificc unto the Lord . fai our- 
felvei me to the 1 
And he dJef«Mld ns, and 

i tl them to the facrifn 

6 4} And 10 1 afs, w hen they 
thai he b I <b, and 

: Lotto 1 is be- 


:t the Lord U:d unto Sunn 
1 his c 

nan looketh on l 

• he 

en tl 

n t 

9 1 h 


. I lie J 

1 1 

he k' 

i we 

1 - .1 he fe in. 

tiful cou k 'o. 


2£2 Goliath's challenge. 

And the Lord laid, A rife, anoint him : 

fortius h\\t. 

IS Then Samuel took the horn of oil, 
and anointed him in the midil of Ins breth- 
ren : and rhe fpirit of the Lord came 
upon David from that day forward, to 
Samuel rofe up and went to Ramah. 

14 But the fpirit cf the Lord departed 
from Saul, and an evil fpirit irom the 
Lord troubled him. 

15 And Saul's fervar.t fa.d unto mm. 
Behold now, an evil fpirit horn God 
troubleth thee. 

16 Let our lord cow command thy 
fervants, which are before thee, to feek 
out a man, ivbo is a cunning player on 
an harp : and it (hall come to pafs.when 
the evil fpirit from pod is upon thee, 
that he ihail play witji his hand ; andthoa 

17 And Saul faid unto his fervants. 
Provide me now a man that can play u ell. 
and brirg him to me. 

18 Then anfwered one of the fervants, 
and faid, Behold, I have feen a fon ot 
leire the Bethlehcmite,/ta/ is cunning ,in 
playing, anda mighty valiant man, and a 
man of war, and prudent in matters, and 
a comely perfon, and the Lord is with 

19 Wherefore Saul fent mefiengers un- 
to JefTe, and faid, fend me David thy 
ion, which is with the theep. . 

10 And Jeile took an ais laden with 
bread and a bottle of wine, and a kid, 
and knitbem by David his fon unto Saul 
"21 And David came to Saul, and ftood 
before him : and he joyed him greatly : 
and he became his armour bearer. 

. And Saul fent to Jeile, faying, Let 
David, 1 pray thee, flar.d betore me : tor 
he hath found favour in my fight. 

And it came to pafs, when the e*uH 
fpirit from God was upon Saul, i hat David 
took an harp, and played with his hand : 
Jo Saul was refreshed, and W3> well, and 
the evil fpirit departed from him. 

\ V.e a>miei oj the I i rarities and Phd'tf- 
ttnes f>rm^ ready io battle, 4 Goltatb 
<omr:b frcuJ/y Jorth to ctuiing? a 
cnihjt. \~ D i'-'id acct-ptetb ike chal- 
lenge ; 33 and di-.cth tie giant. 
NOW the Phililunes gathered togeth- 
er their armie* to battle, and weie gath- 
ered together at Shochoh, which e*i**g- 
eth to Judah, and pitched between Mk>- 
tholi and Az^iah, in Lphefdammiro. 

\n I Saul and the men ot Ifrael a ere 
gathered together, and pitched by the 
valley of Elah, and let the battle in array 
againft die Philiftines. 

5 \nd the Phildtinos flood on a moun- 
tain on the one fide. Ana Ifrael flood on 
a mountain on the other fide : and there 
ivas a valley between thein. 

David uccepieih ii, 

■i *T And there went out a champion 
out of the camp of the Phihi ines, named 
Goliath, of Gath, whofe height iv.** fix 
cubits and a fpan. 

5 And be bad an helmet of brafs upon 
his head, and he ivas armed with a coat 
of mail ; and the weight of the coat ivas 
five thoufand (hekels of brafs. 

6 And be badgreave* of brafsupor his 
legs, and a target of brafs between his 

T And the flafr of his fpear ivas like a 
weaver's beam ; and h.s fpear's head. 
weighed fix hundred lhekeis of iron : and 
one bearing a Paield went before him. 

8 And he ftood and cried unto the ar- 
mies of I .'rati, and faid unto them, V\ hy 
are ye come out to fet your battle in ar- 
ray ? Am not I a Phikftine. and \e fer- 
vants to Saul ? Choofe you a man for 
you, and let him come down to me. 

9 If he be able to right with me, and 
to kill me. then will * e be your fervants : 
but if I pievail againft him, and k;.l him, 
then (ball ye be our fervants, and ferve us. 

10 And the Philifhr.e faid, I defy the 
anuiesof Ifrael tlnsday ; give me a man, 
that we mav tight together. 

1 1 When Saul and all Ifrael heard thofe 
words of the Phililtir.e,they weredifmay- 
ed, and greatly afraid. 

I- Cf Now David was the fon of that 
Ephrathite ot Bethlehemjudah, whole 
name -teas jeffe : aid he had eight fons : 
and the man went among mentor an old 
man in the days of Saul. 

I j And the three eldcft fons of JefTe 
went and followed Saul to the batile : 
and tiie names of his three fons that 
went to tlu battle were Eliab the nrft 
iorn, and next unto him Abinadab, and 
the third Shammah- 

H And David ivas the youogeft : and 
tlic three eldelt followed Saui. 

la But David went and returned from 
Saul to feed his father's theep at Belhle- 
he m . 

16 And (he Pfriliftine drew near m. 
ing and evening, and prefented himfelf 
forty days. 

17 g faid into David his fon, 
Take now "tor toy brethren an ephah of 
this parched corn, and thefc ten loaves, 
and run to the camp to thy brethren ; 

18 And carry thefetenc' ntothe 
captain of ibeir thoufand, and look how- 
thy brethren fare, and take their pledge. 

l 9 Now Saul, and they, and ail the men 
ot Ifrael,«u>or* in t: y of EIah,nght- 

ing with the Philiftmes. 

£0 And David rofe up early in the 
morning, and left the (beep with a keeper, 
and took, and went, as Jeflfe had com- 
manded him : and he cai_- to the trench, 
as the hod was going forth to the fight, 
and mauled tor the battle. 

fji Toe 

bad put 


it the keeper 

ae and 


the echamj, :ne 

- k 

... AcA I: 

. d 


4* V yf*/ tth Coli+tb . «5 

37 i he Losld 

'!ie p • 

t. And Saul (aid unf© D.. 
Go ir.d thz Lc f.d I 

armour, and he put an : 

a coat of n 

59 And David g 'is fwer 

V lie 

It tiu w ith 

roved /-..••:. \nd David r - :: inem 
: up l bure 
det/ !; uid^md 

. tiie k 
great riche 

j nulce . he hau, ev 

liand : and rar 

JoAndD he r*h I 

by i! -U And the Phiiiitine 

C4vnt en 


man that killc' 

< th.rl - 
i* And hout 

(he I \j. % Djv lined hi'u : fa 

this nuiuu 

!i h m 
Z& : broth 

ie cu; 

4i vid. 

With w hum i. uieit t I will . . flc* 

in i 


caulc ? 



. -^-i.i al 

,111. i 




a:r, and to 

i > me v 

•ha (hield : Wot \ 






\l. ■■ ,» a 

33 And £ 

I ' • . 

* ltcr\ , 
, c a hop 
cut «L : 


bj hi 

bear : a:i 1 iiv. - 


nWy fl aU '►: 


£54 Jonathan lo<veth David : 

the Philiftine, and flew him; but there 
ivas no ("word in the hand of David. 

51 Therefore David ran, and itood up- 
on the Philiftine, and took his fword. and 
drew it out of the (heath thereof, and Hew 
him, and cut off his head therewith. 
And when the Philiftines faw their cham- 
pion was dead, they fled. 

52 And the men of Ifrael and of Ju- 
dah arofe, and fhonted, and purfued the 
Philiftines. until thou come to the valley 
and to the gates of Ekron. And the 
wounded of the Philiftine s fell down by 
the way to Shaaraiuueven unto Gath,and 
unto iikron. 

55 And the children of Ifrael returned 
from chaling after the Philiftines,and they 
fpoiled their tents. 

5i And David took the head of the 
Philiftine, and brought it to Jerufalem ; 
but he put his armour in his tent. 

j5 And when Saul faw David go forth 
againft the Philiftine, he faid unto Abner, 
the captain of the holt, Abner, Whofe fon 
is this youth > and Abner faid, As thy 
ioul liveth, O king, I cannot tell. 

56 And the king faid, Inquire thou 
whofe fon the tripling is. 

57 And as David ieturned from the 
daughter of the Philiftine, Abner took 
him, and brought him before Saul, with 
the head of the Philiftine in his hand. 

58 And Saul faid to him, Whofe fon 
art thou, thou young man ? And David 
anfwered, / am the fon of thy fervant 
Jefle the Bethlehemite. 

1 Jonathan lovetb David. 5 Saulenvietb 

bis praije, 10 feekctb to kill him in his 

fury, Xtfeareth himfor his gooafuccc-Js. 

17 Offer eth him bis duughte rfor a fnare . 

AND it came to pais, when he had 
made an end of fpeaking unto Saul, that 
the foul of Jonathan was knit with the 
foul of David, and Jonathan loved him 
as his own foul. 

2 And Saul took him that day, and 
would let him go no more home to his 
father's houfc. 

6 Then Jonathan and David made a 
covenant, becauie he foved him as his 
own loul. 

4 And Jonathan ftripped himfelfofthe 
robe that was upon him, and gave it to 
David, and his garments, even to his 
f.vord, and to his bow, and to his girdle. 

5 fl And David went out whitherfo- 
ever Saul fent him, a/id behaved lumfelf 
v. ifcly : and Saul fet him over the men of 
war, and he was accepted in the light of 
all the people, and alio in the light of 
Saul's fervants. 


Saul fee keth to kill bim. 

ing, to meet king Saul, with tabrets,witk 
joy, and with inltruments ot muiic. 

7 And the women anfwered one anoth- 
er as they played, and faid, Saul hath 
llam his thoufands, and David his ten 

8 And Saul was very wroth, and the 
faying diipleaiet'. him ; and he faid, They 
have alcnbed unto David ten thoufands, 
and to me they have afcribed but thou- 
fandb : and, i* hat can he have more but 
tiie kingdom ? 

9 And baul eyed David from that day 
and forward. 

10 «[[ And it came to pafs on the mor- 
row, that the evil jpirit from God came 
upon Saul, and he propheiied in themidfl 
of the houfe : and David played with his 
hand, as at other times : and there uua* 
a javelin m Saul's hand. 

11 And Saul cait the javelin, for he 
faid, I will fm'fte David even to the wall 
ivitb it. And Davi4 avoided cm of his 
prefence twice. 

12 ff And Saul was afraid of David, 
becaufe the Lord was with him, and was 
departed from Saul. 

13 i here fore Saul removed him from 
him, and made him his captain over a 
thoufand ; and he went out and came ia 
before the people. 

14 And David behaved himfelf wifely 
in all his ways ; and the Lord ivas with 

15 Wherefore when Saul faw that he 
behaved himfelf very wifely, he was afraid 
of him. 

16 But all Ifrael and Judah loved Da- 
vid, becaufe he went out and came in be- 
fore them. 

17 fl And Saul faid to David, Behold 
my elder daughter Merab,her will 1 give 
thee to wife . only be thou valiant for me, 
and right the Lord's battles. For baul 
faid, Let not mine hand be upon him, but 
let the hand of the Philiftines be upon 

18 And David faid unto Saul, Who a m 
I ? and, What ii my life, or my father's 
family in Ifrael, that I inould be fon in 
law to the king i 

19 But it came to pafs at the time when 
Merab Saul's daughter Ihould have been 
given to David, that (he was given unto 
Adriel the Meholathite to wite. 

20 And Michal Saul's daughter loved 
David : and they told Saul, and the thing 
pie ded him. 

21 And Saul faid, I will give him her, 
that fhc may be a fnare to him, and that 
the hand of the Philiftines may be againlt 
him. VV heretort: Saul laid to David, '1 hou 

6 And it came to pafs as they came,* hen J (halt this day be my fon in law in the one 
David was returned horn the (laughter of j of the twain. 

the Ph'.li Miie, the women came out 22 And Saul commanded his fervants, 
II cities ot Ifrael, linging and dam- 'fajiug, Commune with David fccretly, 


Da*vid marr'ietb Michal : Chap. x\x. Uer firaiagtm to fave htm. £?,$ 

p\d fay, Behold, the king hath delight 
in thee, rvants love thee : 

now therefore be tlie king's (on in lav;. 

And Saul's fervants fpake thofe 
words in the ears of David. And David 
Lid, Seemeth it to you a light thing to he 
a kind's fon in law, feeing that I am a 
poor man, and lightly efteemed ? 

£4 And the fervants of Saul told him, 
fcyin»g, On this manner fpake David 

And bawl (aid, 1 hue ll all ye fay to 
David, the kin£ defireth not any do 
but an hundred f >refk ; n -of the Phililiines, 
to be avenged of the king's enemies. But 
Saul thought to make David fail by the 
hand of t he Ph lillirtes. 

And when his fervants told David 
4hefe words, it pleafed David well to be 
the king's fon in law : and the days were 
aot expired. 

Wherofore David arofrand went. he 

and his men, and (lew of the Ffoli/tinet 

two hundred men ; and David brought 

their furefk ns, and they gave them in 

full tale tothe king, that he might be the 

iw. And Saul gave him 

>al his daughter to wife. 

58 And Saul fa* and knew that thr 

Lord ova/ with D tnd /Aa/ Michal 

Saul's daughter loved iiim. 

£9 An 1 Saul was \ ct the more afraid 
of David \ and Saul became David's ene- 
my r^nrinually . 

SO I hen the princes of the Fhiliflines 
wen' and it came to p i 

wen- , that David behaved himfelf 

fn-»re w m all 'he (erva "aul ; 

to that his name wai much let by. 

ijonathan i lb bi> fmtl t r' < /:. 

to k ll David 4 tie ' 

tber to reconciliation. «.'• Saul's ma- 
ouf ffgt bre. krtb out again. 1- 
V $ firaiagem to Ian e l> < i id. 
AN D Saul I. 
and to all his (erv.m's. that they (hoitld 
kill Dav 

* I f > n r 1 

vid : ar told 1) 

fay if :<m (• eketh t< 

■ i 

the m 
le in a fecre» place and bide ihyfell : 

r in t* and 

I commune with un fa the i i 
and what I fee, that I will tc 

it* D t 

v'A ii 

• u'c he h ith noi 
finned againff \ 

ba + f ht 

o\ he 

ie, and (J 

igtit a great J., : r ad lit 

thou fawtft /*/, anddid(tre> ice i Where- 
fore then wilt thou fin againff innocent 
blood, to flay David without a caufe ? 

6 And ^aul hearkened unto the voice 
of Jonathan : and Saul ('ware. As the 
Lord live-h, he fhall not be (lain. 

1 And Jonathan called David, and Jon- 
athan (hewed him all thofe things- an 4 
Jonathan broutrtV David to Saul, and he 
was in his prefence, as in times paft 

8 ^T And there was war again : and Da* 
yid went out, and fought with the Phi- 
llihnes. and flew them with a great 
(laughter ; and they fled from him. 

9 And the evil fpirit from t lie T ord 
was upon Saul, as lie fat in his houfewith 
hi javelin in his hand ; and David played 
with Us hand. 

10 And Sanl fought to fmit? David even 
to the wall with the javelin ; but he flip- 
ped away out of Saul's prelence, and lie 
fmote the javelin into the wall : and Da- 
vid fled, and tl aped that night. 

tt Sanl al(o Cent melfengers unto Da- 
vid's houfe, to watch him. and to flay 
him in the morning : and Michal Dav 
wife told him, faying, If thru five not 
thy life tonight, tomorrow thou (halt be 
flam . 

l.r oMicl .: it David down thro 
low : and he went, and fied. 

An ! Michal took an image, and laid 
it in tin- a } illow of j: 

»a: r for hi> bolder, and covered it with 
' * *\r nil fent mcfTengcrs to 

take David, fli'- l iid, lie is licit. 
I ul fent the meflengers a 

I, (ay; i'. m up to me 

in the bed, that I i iy him, 

16 And wh iccomc 

in, behold, tbtrg it a n the 

a a pillow of goat's bait r r 

i* v nd ' : I faidunt il,Whjrhaft 


anfwercd Saul, He fa <i unto me, Let me 
■tlti I kill thee 

tola him 
all i! me to him, 

and th. 

i° r\n< Behold, 

(rut i 
d : and when the] 
prophet, prophef) ing, 

m the I 

and th- , rophclied. 

other mef 


the third time, 

256 David and Jonathan confab. I. SAMUBL. Jonathan 'skindnefs to bwitt. 

%± 't'hen went he aifo to Ramah, and mall tell me? or, What if thy father an-* 
came to a great welt that is in Sechu • and fw er thee roughly ? 
he afited and laid, Where are Samuel aird 1t f| And Jonathan faid unto David, 
X>avid t And off faid, Behold, they be Come, and let us go our into the field. 
at Naioth in Ramah. And they went out both of them into titt 

"16 And he wont thitlter to Naioth in ■ field. 
Ramah: and the ("pint of God was Upon f2 And Jonathan faid unto David, O- 
him aifo and he vent en a. id propheiied, Lord God of Ifraei, when I havefound- 
r.ntil he came to Naio*h in Ramah ed my father about tomorrow any time, 

2* And hr If ripped ofi'his clothes aifo, or rhe third day, and, behold, if there be 
an-t prophefied before bamucl in like good tr.warc! David*, and I then fend not 

;ner. and lay dkttvn Raised all that day unto thee, and fhew it th:e ; 

aid all thai nigfof. Wherefore they fay, i IS The Lord do fo and much more to 

Is Saui a!fo among th» prophets ? (Jonathan : but if it. p'eafe my father to 

CHAP. XX. j do thee evil, then 1 will th?e, and 

i Dinj'd confuitttb njsitb Jinatha?; far his ' i'tad thee away, that thou mayeit go in 

jtjity, 11 TW:r covenant renewed ^yjpeace : and the Lord be with thee, as 

oath. £4 &? ul m fling D£w<t t feeAetbhhs hath been with my father. 

to kill J ' jr.a;kan 14 And thou lbalt not only while yet I 

AND David fled froih Naioth in Ra- j live mew me the kindnefh of the Lord, 

, and came and firtd before Jonathan 
^V|»at have I done ? What u mine ini- 
quity ? and, What is my fin before thy 
wer, that he feeketh my life ? 
- A:vi he faid unto him, God forbid ; 
thou fr.alt nor die : behold, my father 
>viH do nothing either great or fmall, 

that 1 die not 

15 But alfj thou malt not cut off thy 
•'.indnefs from my houfe Ibf ever : no, 
not when the Lord Hath ccit off the ene- 
mies of David every one from the face 
of the earih. 

16 So Jonathan made aefruetientt with 

but that he v ill ffeew it me : and, Why the houfe of D'^vid, fay trig ,l^ttftc Lord 
fhould my father hide this thing from even require //at the hand of David's 


17 And Jonathan caufed David tofwear 

ane ? It is no' io 

3 And David fware moreover, nnd faid, 

Thy lather certainly knowcth that I have again, becaufe he loved kirn : forhelov 
found grace in thine eyes: and lie faith, 
feel not Jonathan know this, left he be 
grieved • but truly, as the Lord liveth, 
as thy iou! liveth, there is but a (iep 
between me and death. 

} Then faid Jonathan unto David, 

Whatfoever thy foul deiireth.I will even 
do // lor thee. 

5 And David faid unto Jonathan, Be- 
hold tomorrow is the new moon, and 

>uld not fail to fit with the king at 

r : but let me go. that I may hide 
m>fclf iu the field unto the third dry 
■a: even. 

6 K thy father at all m ; fs me, then 
fay, David earneftly aiked leave of me ! then come thou 

1 lie might run' to Bethleherti his 
city : for there is a. yearly facrifice there 
for all the family 

7 thus, It it well : thy fer- 
• (hall have peace : but if he be very 
•n. then be lure that evil is deter- 
mined fcy him. 

8 Therefore thou fhalt deal kindly with 
tfiy ; for thou haft brought thy 

into a covenant of the Loa d witn 
ling, if iher e be in me 
ii1iquity,f1 ly iriethy (elf; for. Why fbould- 
eil rl ng me to thy father ? 

9 And Jonathan fad, Par be it from 

thee: f >r if I knew certainly that 
■ detrrmio id by my I 

then, Would not i r eil it tl 
.ail David to Jonathan* ¥ 

ed him as he loved his own foul. 

13 Then Jonathan laid to David, To- 
morrow it the new moon : an^ thou fhalt* 
be miffed becaufe thy feat will be empty. 

19 And fubin thou had frayed three 
days, /£<?// thou (halt go down quickly, and 
come to the place wnere thou didfl hide 
thy felt when the bu.'mei's was in be 
and (halt remain by the none Ezel. 

20 And I will (hoot three arrows on the 
fide thereat, as though I fl.ot at a rr 

£1 And, behold, I will fend a \a&, fay- 
ing; Go, find out the arrow?. If I ex- 
prefsly fay unto the lac. Behold, the ar- 
rows are on tins fide of thee, take them ; 
for there is peace to 
thee, and no hurt; as the Lord liveth. 

£2 But if 1 fay thus unto the young 
man, Behold, the arrows ate beyond 
tke ; go thy way ; for the Lord hath 
fent thee away. 

IS And as ten the matter which 

thou and 1 have fpoken of, behold, the 
Lo rd^ between thee and me for ever. 

u -i c , So David Kid himfelfin the field : 
and when ti e new moon was come, the 
king fat him down to eat meat. 

And ile king (at upon his feat, as 
at other times, eAjen upon a (cat by the 

• Jonathan arofe, and Abner 
fat by Saftl's fide, and David's place was 
Netterthefefsj Saul fyafce not any 

I that day ; far he thought, i-ome- 



Saul feeketb to kill Jonathan. Chap. 

thine Inth befallen him, he is not clean j 
MJrely fie is not clean 

•7 And it came to pjfs on the morrow, 
nvbich -"a- the fecond duy oi the month 
th-- Vt place was empty : and ^aul 

I unto Jonathan his (on, Wherefore 
cometh not the fon of Jerte to meat, nei- 
ther ye'ierday nor today- ? 

'. Jonathan an leered Saul Da- 
vid earnefl'y afked ieufe of me to go to 

29 And he faia, Let me $o,T pray thee ; 
for our family hath a faenhee in the city ■ 
and ray brother, he hath com voided 
robe there ; and now.if I have round favour 
in tHine eyes, let :.. ly, 1 pra) 
thee. and fee my brethren. Jure he 
Cometh not unto the rable. 

30 Then ^aul's anger was kindled ?.- 
eainft Jonathan, and l.e !a:d unto him. 
I hou bo of tjieperverfe rebellious worn, 
an. Do not I know that thou ha t chofen 
the fon of Je n con fu (ion, 

• confuiion of th> moth 

the fon of Jel'c liveth 
upon the thou fhalrnot be eftab- 

liihed. thy kingdom. Wherefore 

nd and fetch hi. a unto nic, for 
ihall furrly die. 

Ana Jonathan anUei-: : hw 

her, a: unto him, - 

I he be flain ? What huh he done i 

calf a javelin af him to 
finite him : v sw iliat 

was deten. 1 ot J to (lay 


34 mi the fable in 

fiei at the 1 

. mtli : t r In- v- 

caufe hit t ubei had done 


came topafsin the morning, 
:t Jonathan went out ini 

i a 
le lad i 

56 At 
out IV •• I ell J 

the lad ran, he (hoi an ai row bej ond hira. 
37 hen the lad was come up to the 

j;lace trrou which Jonathan had 

. id, and 
ia .v be) ond ihec 

An I [on itn. m ( i ie I •«(. lad, 

Make • .\n l Jofta - 

th . < th? ai and 

. the ktX w not any thing : on- 
ly Jonathan and \)*\ id kne.. the matter. 

4o And I- llerj na- 

I' his lad, .ind faid unto him, Cjc 
tbt m to the city. 

i 1 lo->n as the lad 

David itfOfe our o\' a fiact toward the 

BOUth v and Fell on h s ticc to the ground, 

and b- ell tl)ree til ney 

I 1 

xxi. David goeih to Ahimelecb. £5T 

killed one another, and wept one v, ith 
another, until David exceeded. 

-4 2 .^nd Jonathan laid to David, Go in 
peace, forafmuchas we have fworn both 
of us in the i une of the Lord, faying, 
The Lord dc between me and thee, and 
between m> feed and thy feed for ever. 
And he aiole and departed : and Jona- 
than went into the city. 

C H A F. XXT. 
f David at Nob o^t.i'meth of Ahimelecb 

badoived bread. 8 He taketb Coli- 

atb's fzuord : 10 and at Gatb feign- 

eth b'nnj'elf ma l. 

THbN came David to Nob, to Ahimc- 
lechthc pried • and A himelech was afraid 
at the meeting of David, and faid unto him, 
VVhyar/ thou alone, and no man withtnee? 

I And David laid unto A himelech tlvc 
pried '1 he king ha.h commanded me a 
buiinefs, and hath faid unto me, Let no 
man know any thing of the buiinefs 
whereabout I lend thee, and what I have 
commanded thee • and 1 have appointed 
my lervanu ro filch and fuch a place. 

d Now, thetehre, Vv'lut if under thine 
hand \ Give wrfive U i*vt t »/ bread in mine 
:.j:id, or what th< re is prefent 

4 And the pnelt anlwered David, and 
I, then is no Common bread under 
mine hand, but there ia hallowed bread ; 
>f the young men have kept thciuklv 
at lead tioiu uoin 

9 And David aafwered the prieft, and 

I I'd un.o him, Ol a iru h women hu-ue 
been kept from u-. about thefe luce days, 
find i Ut, and the ve.iels of the 

JfOllng men are h A) .and he bread i> ma 

manner common, redj though it were 
day in the veil 
C So the pi efl ^ivc him hallowed! 
bread; for there was do bread there but 
the mew bread, that wat taken from be- 
fore the Loko, to put hot bread in the 
day M hen it was tiken an ay. 

J N i ia n man of the fei vann 

1 iv js there da> , nc 

'the I.okij , and his name was Doegi an 
kdi ,: chiefeft of the herdmen that 

'belonged to Saul. 

8 S, And David raid unto Al h. 

!, la ti ; here i hand 

fpeai »rd tor I have neitl ht 

my fword nor ui) weapons with me, i>o* 

ife the king's bufinef 

t And tl fhe 

horn thou 
elf in the vjl,.; , it is hetc 

■ Until l d : 

if thou M iit take that, take ri < is 

r :a»c that here 1 fa:d» 

kc tf»«t : give il ; 
| Ind D • and Hed that 

. v.cni to Achilh 
the ith. 

11 And the j\ Achifii laid unto 


2l£0 Dw'idfeignetb kimfelfmad. 

him, Is noi this David the king of the 
land ? Did they not ling one to another of 
him in dances, faying, Saul hath flain his 
thoufands, and David his ten thoufands ? 

12. And David laid up thefe words in 
his heart, and was lore afraid of Achifh 
the king of Gath. 

13 And he changed his behaviour be- 
fore them, and feigned himfelf mad in 
their hands, andfcrabbled on the doors 

I. SAMUEL. Doeg accufetb Ahmdecb. 

9 ^y Then anfwered Doeg the Edomit^, 
which was fet over the fervants of Saul ? 
and laid, 1 favv the fon of Jeffe coming to 
Nob, to Ahunelech the Ion of Ahitub. 

10 And he inquired of the Lord tor 
him, and gave him victuals, and gave him 
the fword of Goliath the Philiftine. 

11 f then the king fent to call Ahim* 
elech the prieft, the fon of Ahitub, and 
all his father's houfe, the priefts that 

of the gate, and let his fpittle fall down ; ivere in Nob : and they came all of them. 

upon his beard. 

14 Then faid Achifh unto his fervants, 
Lo, ye lee the man is mad : Wherefore 
then have ye brought him to me ? 

15 Have I need of mad men, that ye 
have brought this felloiv to play the mad 
man in my prefence ? Shall this felloiv 
£ome into my houfe ? 


to the king. 

12 And Saulfaid, Hear now, thou fon 
of Ahitub, and he anfwered, Here I am, 
my lord. 

13 And Saul faid unto him, Why have 
ye confpired againftme, thou and the Ion 
of Jeffe, in that thou haft given him bread 
and a fword, and hatt inquired of God 
for him, that he fliouid rile againft me, 

Men refort to David at Adullam. 9 to lie in wait, as at this day ? 
Doeg accufetb Ahimelecb. 11 Saul\ 14 Then Ahunelech anfwered theking, 
commandetb to kill the priefts. %0Abi~ and faid, And who is Jo faithful among all 
atbar efcapeth to David. thy fervants as David, which is the king's 

DAVID therefore departed thence, fon in law, and goeth at thy bidding, and 

and efcaped to the cave Adullam : and 
when his brethren and all his lather's 

is honourable in thine houfe ? 

15 Did I then begin to inquire of God 

houfe heard ;'/, they vrent down thither to for him ? Be it far from me : let not the 

king impute any thing unto his fervant, 
nor to all the houfe of my father : tor ihy 
fervant knew nothing of* all this, lefs or 

16 And the king faid, Thou {halt furely 
die, Ahimelech, thou, and all thy fath- 
er's houfe. 

17 And the king faid unto the footmen 
that flood about him, Turn, and flay the 
priefts of the Lord ; becaule their hand 
alfo is with David, and becaufe they knew 
when he fled, and did not (hew it to me. 
But the fervants of the king would not 
put torth their hand to fall upon the 
priefts of the Lord. 

18 And the king faid toDoeg,Turn thou, 
and fall upon the priefts And Doeg the 
Edomite turned, and he fell upon the 
prieiis. and Hew on that day fourfcore and. 
five perfons that did wear a linen ephod. 

19 And Nob, the city of the priefts, 
fmore he with the edge of the fword, both 
men and women children and {ticklings, 


2 And every one that <was in diftrefs, 
and every one that was in debt, and every 
one //>«/'U>tf.fdifcontented, gathered them- 
felves unto him ; and he became a cap- 
tain over thern : and there were with 
him about four hundred men. 

8 And David went thence to Mizpeh 
of Moab : and he faid unto the king of 
Moab, Let my father and my mother, I 
pray thee, come forth, and be with you, 
till I know what God will do forme 

4 And he brought them before the king 
of Moab : and they dwelt with him all 
the while that David was in the hold. 

5 And the prophet Gad faid unto Da- 
vid, Abide not in the hold ; depart, and 

fet thee into the land of Judalv. Then 
)avid departed, and came into the foreft 
of Hareth. 

6 When Saul heard that David was dif- 
eovered,and the men that ivere with him, 
(now Saul abode in Gibeah under a tree in 

Kamah, having his fpear in his hand, and and oxen, and affes, and fheep, with the 
all his fervants iwr« (landing about him ;) ( edge of the fword. 

7 Then Saulfaid unto his fervants that i 10 f\ And one of the fons of Ahime- 
'Irood about him, Hear now, ye Benja- lech" the fon of Ahitub, named Abiathar, 
■ynites ; W ill the fon of Jeffe give every efcaped, and fled after David 
'fcneof vol/ fields and vineyards, and make tl An* Abiathar fhewed David that 
■'1 captains of thoufands, and cap- Sail] had flain the Lord's priefts 

22 And David faid unto Abiathar, I 
knew /'/ thai day, when Doeg the Kdom- 
Uenvas there, that he would furely tell 
S:;ul I have oc< afioned the diaib of all 
tin perfons of ihy father's houfe. 

ou at 

ftfns of hundreds ; 

8 That all of you 
rue, and there is m>ne that Ihewetn me 
thai my fon hath made a league v irh the 
{<m of jeffe, arid tbe*e is no ie of you that 
js forry for me, or fiieweth unto me that 
my fan hath ftirred up my fervant againft 
hie, to lie in wait, as at tins day ? 

13 Abide thou u ith me, fear not ; for 
he that ieeketh my life feekcth thy life i 
l but with me thou fbult be in fafeguard. 
1 CHA P 

DJiid rfcapttb from Keilab t Chap, xxiii. to Ziph and Maon. 259 

CHAP. XXIII. ; mountain in the wildcrnefs of Ziph. And 

Divid, inquiring of ibe Lord, refcuetb . Saul fought him every day, but Godde- 
Kfilab. 1 God Jbt -veins ^' m •San/'* ; liveied him not into his hand. 
coming, and tbe treachery of ibe Ket- j 15 And David faw that Saul was come 
be efafieib Jrom Katab, 1 4 /• out to leek his life : and David W4SS in 

the wildernefs of Ziph in a wood. 

ittes , 

Zip&, ■-'• to Mjon. 

THEN rhcy told David, faying, Be- 
hold the Philiftines fijit againit keilah, 
and they rob the rhrefhin^ floors 

t Therefore, Dav: i inquired of the 
Lord, faying, Shall 1 go and finite thele 
Philiftines? And the Lorh fa d into Da- 
vid, Go a.-Ki finite the Philiftines, and 
fave Keil th. 

\nd David's men Paid unto him, Be- 
hold, we De a .ere in Judah : How 
much more then if we come to Keilah 
;s of the Philiftines 

•4 1 hen David ii I of the Lord 

yet he 1 'J end him, 

and la 1 Aide, go down to Keilah: tur 
I will deliver the t nes i.»to thine 


5 - 1 and hi-> men went to Kei- 

lah, and fought *ith th« Philiftines, and 
brought her cattle, and finote 

I an w.t . at (laughter. So Da 

I the inhal K lah. 

•S And • paf , when Abiathar 

the fon of Ahimelech Hel to David to 
ilah ibat he came down uuitb an eph« 
od in his hand. 

7 « And it was told Saul that D 
wis come to Keilah. And Saul (aid, 
G • I hath delivered him imo mine ha; 

but in, by entering into a town 

th It ha* 

8 And Saul Called all the :'"th- 
er to war, to ^o down to K bc- 

thai S ml fecretlj 

}m : and he 
Abiath Bring hilhei 


i' : . o Lord < i 

Id it hath certainly he 

deltr.r, the ( ity I e. 

1 i will the met lah deliver me 
up int 

Loi d 

.d of Ifrael, 1 ,tell th] 

d >^ 

t: . Will t'.« 

K the 


r tbrr r 
14 vid an-' 


• ted out or K , and went 

could ."• A 'old 

D efcaped from K 

rbare to 40 forth. 
H f t \.\d D i wilder - 

|f in U; - j in a 

16 And Jonathan Saul's Ion arofe, 
and went to David into the wood, and 
ltiengthened his hand in God. 

IT And he faid unto him, Fear not: 
for the hand of Saul my father lhall not 
find thee ; and thou ihalt be kin^ 
Ffrael, and I fhall be next imto thee ; 
and that alfo Saul my father knoweth. 

18 And they two made a covenant 
before the Lord : and David abode! 
in the wood, and Jonathan went to hrj 
ho ufe. 

1? Then came up the Ziphites to Saul 
to ('bean, faying, Doth not David hide 
himfelf with us in flrong holds in tire 
wood, in the hill of Hacnilah, which is 
on the fouth of Jefhimon > 

■-• therefore, Oktng, come down 
according to all the defire of thy foul to 
come dow n ; and our partytrv// be to de- 
liver him into the king's hand. 

£1 An I v aul laid, Blefled be ye of the 
Lord ; for ye hive compaflion on me. 
Go, I pray you. ire j eti 

i fee his place where hta haunt 

ii, and who hath fern Wun there : for 
ll ib told me that he dealeth very fub- 

■\ and take knowledge 
of all tlie lurkii 5 where he hi 

Die yc again to me v. ith 

I will go with ybu : 

and it tl. ■ to pafs, if he be in th*; 

land, that I will fearcn him nut through* 

nit .id the thou U. 

• I they went to 2 

in ti n the i 

on the fouth ol .on 


I in the 

56 .Mid Nuil the 

il n 


I • 

ill { for 

d and 
Bill t: 

Saul, I 


linft the 
ed thac 

and dwu: Ids at 1 


$SP David cutteth Sauls /kin. I.SAMUEL. Saul acknevuledgetb bltfduh, 

CHAP. XXIV. j come out ? After whom doll thou purfue* 

at Engedi fparcth J After a cieaa dog, alter a ilea ? 

% David in a cave 

Sam's life. 8 He pleadeib bis 
cy. 16 Saul uckuo^.vUdgetb bis fault 
AND it came to pafs, wncn Saul was 
returned from following the Phdiitines, 
that it was told, him, faying, Behold, Da- 
vid is in the wildernefs of Engedi 

8 Then Saul took, three thoufand cho- 
fen men out of all Ifrael, and went to leek 
David and his men upon the rocks of the 
wild goats. 

6 And he came fo the fheepcotes by the 
way, where iuas a cave ; and Saul went 
jn to cover his feet : and David and his 
men remained in the fides of the cave. 

4 And the men of David laid unto him, 
Behold the day of which the Lord laid 
unto thee, Behold, I will deliver thine 
enemy into thine hand, that thou may ell 
do to him as it (ball leem good unto thee. 
Then David arole, and cut ort the fkirt of 
Saul's robe privily. 

5 And it came to pafs afterward, that 
David's heart fmote him, becaule he had 
cut ort Saul's lkirt. 

6 And he laid unto his men, The Lord 
forbid that I iftoiild do th'u thing unto 
toy inalter,the Lord's anointed, to Itretch 
forth mine hand againft him, feeing he i> 
the anointed of the Lord. 

7 bo David flayed his fervants with 
thefe words, and fuliered them not to 
fife againft Saul. But Saul role up out 
of the cave, and went on bis way. 

8 fl David alfo arole afterward, and 
went out of»the cave, and cried after Saul, 
laying, My lord the king. And when 
Saul looked behind hi:w, David Hooded 
with his face to the earth, and bowed 

9 And David faid to Saul, Wherefore 
hearefj thou men's. words, laying, Behold, 
pavid feeketh thy hurt ? 

10 Behold.this day thineeyes have feen 
how that the Lord had delivered thee to 
day into mine hand in the cave : and 
Jome bade me kill thee : but mine eye fpar- 

c i thee ; and I laid, I will not put forth 
mine hind againft my lord ; tor he mhe 
Lord';, anointed. 

11 Moreover! my father, lee, yea, fee 
the lkirt of thy robe in my hand : for in 
that 1 cut otf ihe fkirt < l thy robe, and 
killed thee not, know thou and lee that 
there is neither evd nor tranlgreilion in 
mine hand, and 1 have not finned again it 
thee ; yet thou huntell my foul to take it. 

I- 1 lie Lord judge between me and 
thee, and the Lord avenge me ol thee : 
but mine hand (hall not be upon tin 

13 As faith the proverb of the un- 
ciems, Wiekednels proceedeth from tie 
w ickei : but mine hand (hall not be upon 

15 i he Lord therefore be judge, and 
judge between rne and thee, and fee, and 
plead my caufe, and deliver me out of 
thine hand. 

16 qj And it came to pafs, when David, 
had made an end oi Ipeakmg thefe words 
unto Saul, that ^aul iaid,/j this thy voice, 
my fori David ? And Saul lifted up, his 
voice, and wept. 

17 And he laid toDavid,Thou art more 
righteous than 1 : for thou halt rew arced 
rne good, whereas 1 have rewarded thee 

18 And thou haft {hewed this day how, 
that thou halt dealt well with me; foraf- 
much as when tiie Lord had delivered 
me into thine hand, thou killedlt me not. 

19 For if a man find his enemy, Will 
he let him go well away ? Wheretore the 
Lord reward thee good for that thou ha$ 
done unto me this day. 

20 And now, beheld, I know well that 
thou (halt furely be king, and that the 
kingdom of Ifrael lliall be eliablilhed in, 
thine hand. 

£1 Swear now therefore unto me by 
the Lord, that thou wilt not cut oft my 
feed after me, and that thou wilt not de- 
itroy my name out of my father's houJe 

£2 And David fware unto Saul And 
Saul went home ; b.:t David and his men 
gat them up unto the hold. 

1 Samuel dislb. TO Da<v id provoked to 

dejiroy Nabal. 14 Ab:ga:l by her -ivif. 

i{om pr. vet :eth him ^6 Nabal dutb. 

39 Dai.ia takctb Ab-gail and Aoinoa/n 

10 be bis wives. 

AND Samuel died ; and all the Israel- 
ites were gathered together and lamented 
him, and buried h\m in his houfe at Ra- 
rnah. ' And David arole, and went down 
to the wildernefs of Paran. 

"l And there was a. man in Maon, v.hofe 
polfeilious ive-re in Carmel ; and the man very great, and he had three thou- 
fand fheep, and a thoufand goats : and 
he was (hearing Ins fheep in Carmel. 

3 Now the name of the man vuas Na- 
bal j and the name of his wife Abigail . 
and Jbe-Wss a woman o! good understand- 
ing, and of a beautiful countenance : but 
the marwtt-'flj churl ifh and evilm his do- 
ings ; and he itftfj of the houfe of Caleb. 

4 And David heard in the wildernefs 
that Nabal did nWr his fheep. 

5 And David lent out ten young men, 
and Davd faid unto the young men, Get 
ye up to Carmel, and go to Nabal, an4 
greet him in my name : 

6 And thus fnall ye fay to him that 
liveth in p>ofpe <i/y, Peace be both to thee,, 
and peace be to thine houfe, and peace be 

XK Afur whom is the king of Ifrael unto all that thou halt. 

T Aj>d 

Q/aviJ prwokfd t$ kill .'• 

7 And now I h ive heard that tho\i 
flu now t! herd* which were 

i us, ^e hurt them not, neither was 
re aught muling nnio them, alL tLc 

were in Carmel. 
H A lk. tht -t they 

flie^v thee. Wherefore .et the ) men 

avour in dune c ; c » e com 

. pi ay t:iee,w hatfoev- 
<r^;. unto thy iervanUj 

and to tny ;. .1. 

¥ ung men came, 

jake 10 Nu i to all thole 

\\o .1 David, .md cea> 

10 | And Nabai 

:u>, an David 1 aiu,V. 

i. die ion or |e0e I iheie be er- 

v^ ah awaj every 

Q Hutu hi> 

il nv* bread and my 

<ter, ma ni ; tklh that 1 hav . for 

.-aicii, • e it unto men, whom 

u > young men turned their 

il came and told 

rind Davia laid unto his men, Gird 

ye on ever) roan Ju» lword. And the) 

on evci . void ; an 1 

JJaou aim girded on his 1 -ord : and 

there went up after David about tour 

bund :i» ; a.. hundred abode 


fl 3ut one of the young men I 

l'* Wite, U;l 

. j ; l i •• 

lalutc our mailer i and he n 

1 uut the men inert very ^oo<l unto 
us, and we we. iurt f n 

my thia e wett con- 

vcrlant w,th them, wh-:n M C w«.re in the 

ey were a wall unto 09 both by 
night an 




II hia 
Jioul he njui : . 



wine, and rive 

.liters ot ui:iib, agri sw- htin- 

IS 1 unto her I 

on before n 
put ii. , -i hi r hufband . • 

I And it was/*, rode on the ?.!'.., 

n by the i "Vi i | ol the 
hill, i,D.iv came 

. n againfl h -r : and (he mel th m. 
David had (aid, Surely m • 

to hath ia the 

\\\'.\ Abig.z\l pr&venteth bis death. Wt 

wildernels, To that noting was muTed of 
( all that periuinea unto him : anu lie iiath 
requ'.teu nie evil for gui 

-- bo . ...d more alio m> God unto the 
eaemiesof David, ii 1 leave ol an that 
' pet tarn to him by tiie nioi ning light any 
, mat a^a.ud liie wall. 

A/iJ »\ Inn Abigail law David, ihc 
r ed, and lighted oii the afs, and tell 
[before Davia on her lace,and bovsedher- 
j.'eit to the groundi 

tk Ana led at his feet, and laid, Upon 

rd, up.n me lei tbis uhtjuit) be : 

I let thine handmaid, lprny thee,ipeak 

in. thine audience, a.m near the words of 

, thine handmaid. 

Let not my lord, I pray thee, re- 
gardth;-, man ot Belial, n/i n N .bal ; tor 
as his name is y lo is he ; Nabal is Ins 

ne, and foil) is w .til hint '. but 1 thuie 

I handmaid law not the young men ot my 
iord, uhoiuthou dtdit lend 

Now, there tore, my lord, as the 
Lord liveth, andtfl thy loul uveth, lee- 
n\& t..e L> .i ..den. tine lro:n 

/bi J bnn)d,an i Iiu:n ftVeng tig 
thyitU \siih thine oun lund, no-, let 
thine t | it. at leek evil to- 

nd, be ai .s.ib.d. 

And now tin* bieJlir.g which thmc 
handmaid hat ii brought "" l <> "iy loul, 
let it even be given un o the > ouu- men 
that fol lord 

1 pra> rfiee, lor^; '. tfsot" 
tlune handmai 

tainly duUu my lord a 1 e- 

caufie in) lord lighteih the •! the 

Lord, and evu path DOt beCP iound 
thee all thy da) a. 

\ et a ma n to purine t] 

and to leek th) loul ! but the loul oi 
lonl lhail be bound in the bundle ot I 

with tha l.uRD tii) God ■> 

wt i n lh ii K| 

</ ot the i.i 
90 paK, when 

Lord lh ill h 
: to all the got d 

ind lhail have api>oiotcd 

1 ; 
Si ul be 

oi tl ii ith 

but when the Lord ilia! 

with my tbiao 

handn. ud. 

be the ' 

thee th: i meet n 

3* And melted*' tli ; 
be thou which h T 

irom i . yh"d bio.- fru«ai 

•ic own 

Si For in ver) deed, as the Loi 

ii< i harh kepi me 

£62 David taketh Abigail to nvife. 

back from hurting thee, except thou 
riadlt hailed and come to meet me, fure- 
ly there had not betn left unto Nabal 
by the morning light any that pifTeth a- 
gainftthe wall. 

35 So David received of her hand that 
■which fhe had brought him, and faid un- 
to her, Go up in peace to thine houfe ; 
fee, I have hearkened to thy voice, and 
bave accepted thy perfon. 

36 ^J And Abigail came to Nabal ; and 
behold, he held a feaft in his houfe like the 
reaftofa king ; and Nabal's heart ivas 
merry within him, for he was very drunk- 
en ; wherefore (be told him nothing, lefs 
or more, until the morning light. 

37 But it came to pafs in the morning, 
when the wine was gone out of Nabaf, 
and his wife had told him thefe things-, 
that his heart died within him, and he 
became ai a (tone. 

38 And it came to pafs about ten days 
after, that the Lord fmote Nabal, that 
,ae died. 

39 ^| And when David hsard that Na- 
bal was dead, he faid, Blefled be the 
Lord, that hath pleaded the caufe of 
my reproach from the hand of Nabal, 
and hath kept his fervant from evil : for 
the Lord hath returned the wickednefs 
of Nabal upon his own head. And Da- 
vid fent and communed with Abigail, to 
take her to him to wife* 

40 And when the fervants of David 
were come to Abigail to Carmel, they 
fpake unto her, faying, David fent us 
unto thee, to take thee to him to wife. 

41 And fhe arofe, and bowed herfelf 
On Efface to the earth, and faid, Behold, 
let thine handmaid be a fervant to walh 
the feet of the fervants of my lord. 

42 And Abigail haft ed, and arofe, and 
rode upon an afs, with five damfels of 
hers that went after her ; and (he went 
after the meirengeis of David, and be- 
came his wife. 

43 David alfo took Ahinoamof Jezreel ; 
and they were alfo both of them his wives. 

44 But Saul had given Michal his 
daughter, David'swife, to Pha'.ti thefon 
of Laifh, which iuas of Gallim. 

1 Saul comet bio Hacbiiab againflH>a r vid. 

6 David in the trench jiayeih Ahijhai 

ft om killing Saul, but taketh his Jpeur 

and cruife. 

AND the Ziphites came unto Saul to 
Gibeah, faying, Doth not David hide 
hunk'lf in t lie hill of Hachilah, ivhitb is 
before Jefhimon ? 

2 1 hen Saul arofe, and went down to 
the wildcrnefsof Ziph, having three thou- 
fai-d cholen men of Ilracl with him, to 
leek David in the wildernefs of Ziph. 

3" And Saul pitched in the hill of Ha. 
cfcilah, which is before Jefhimon, by the 


Hefpafeth Saui. 

way But David abode in the wildernefs, 
and he faw that Saul came after him into 
the wildernefs. 

4 David therefore fent out fpies and tin - 
derftood that Saul was come in very deed. 

5 %\ And David arofe. and came to the 
place where Saul had pitched : and David 
beheld the place where Saul lay, and 
Abner the fon of Ner, the captain of his 
hoft : and Saul lay in the trench, and 
the people pitched round about him. 

6 Then anfwered David, and faid to 
Ahimelech the Hittite,and to Abifhaithe 
fon of Zeruiah. brother to Joab, faying, 
Who will go down with me to Saul to 
the camp ? and Abirtxai faid, I will go 
down with thee- 

7 So David and Abifhai rame to the 
people by night > and, behold, Saul lay 
fleeping within, the trench, and his fpear 
Muck in the ground at his bolfter : but 
Abner and the people lay round abouthim. 

8 Then faid Abilhai to David, God 
hath delivered thine enemy into thine 
hand this day : now, therefore, let me 
fniite him, 1 pray thee, with the fpear 
even to the earth at once, and I will not 
fmite him the fecond time. 

9 And David faid to Abilhai, Deftroy 
him not : for, "Who can flretch forth his 
hand againfl the Lord's anointed, and 
be guiltlefs > 

10 David faid furthermore, As the 
Lord liveth the Lord (hall fmite him ; 
or his day (hall come to die ; or he (hall 
defcend into battle, and perifh. 

11 The Lord forbid that I fhould 
flretch forth mine hand againfl the 
Lord's anointed : but, I pray thee, take 
thou now the fpear that is at his bolder^ 
and the cruife of water, and let us go. 

12 So David took the fpear and the 
cruife of water from Saul's bolfter ; and 
they gat *hem away, and no man faw it, 
nor knew it, neither awaked : for they 
rvere all afleep ; becaufe a deep fleep 
from the Lord was fallen upon them. 

13 Then David went over to the other 
fide, and flood on the top of an hill afar 
oft ; a great fuace being between them. 

14 And David cried to the people, and 
to Abner the fon of Ner, faying, An- 
fwered thou not, Abner ? Then Abner 
anfwered and faid, Who art tliou that 
crieft to the king > 

15 And David faid to Abner, Art not' 
thou a 'valiant man \ and, Who is like to 
thee in Hrael ? Wherefore then haft thou 

(not kept thy lord the king ? for there 
came one of the people in to deftroy the 
iking thy lord. 

16 1 his thing is not good that thou 
had done, ,/tf.s the Lord liveth, ye are 
worthy to die, becaufe ye have not kept, 
your m after the Lord's anointed And 

! now fee where the kind's fpear is, and 


What have I done ? or, What evil is in 
mine hand ? 

19 Now, therefore, 1 pray thee, let my 
lord th'.- king hear the words of his ler- 
vant. If the Lord have ftirred thee up 
againft me, let him accept an offerin 
but if they be the children of men, curled 
be they before the Lord ; for they have 
driven me out this day from abiding in 
the inheritance of the Lord, faying, Go, 
ferve other gods. 

.0 Now, therefore, let not my blood 
fall to the earth the face of the 

Lord; for the king of Ifrael is come out 
to feek a flea, a* when one doth hunt a 
partridge in the mountains. 

41 (ajd Saul, I have finned ; re- 

turn, mj ion D.ivid : for 1 will no more 
do thee harm, becaufe my foul was pre- 
cious in thine eyes this day : behold, I 
have played the tool, and have erred ex- 
ceedingly . 

And David anfwered and faid, Be- 
hold the kind's fpear ! and let one of the 
nen come over and fetch it. 
The Lokd render to every man 
his righteoufnefsand his faithfulnefa i for 
the Lord into my hand to- 
day, but I would riM i: retch lorth mine 
han d ft the Lord's anointed. 

24 tad, behold, at thy lil nuchfet 

by • ly in mine ej « :s, fo let my life be 

much fet by in tru Loi i>, and 

let him del ver i • I ill tribulation 
i hen :->ai 1 la.d to David, Blefledfo 
thou, my (on David : thou (ball hi.tL 

, and alfo (kali hMl prevail. 
David ^f.wx on his way, and baui n - 
u-d to his pla< 

rl A P. XXVII. 
1 Saul beaming Oansi fit be m Gath./eek- 
etb no morr for bim. 6 Da*vid be 
lag of A. ! 

• D David laid in his heart, I kail 
ao the hand of Saul : 

tbt >,■ is nothing b« i<cr for m<- than th it I 

I fpeedil) efcape into the land ol the 
Philiflii ■ ill (Hi 1 1 di fj i i 

tpicekmean) more in an) i Ifrael: 

M that) I <• out of his ha id. 

- And David arofe, •:: 1 he p.i'b 

r with tin.- ii x hundred men thai ivetg 
with him, uni in, the ion ch, 

king of Oath. 

1 David d« clt i \t l.ilh at 

Gat. i. he and his men, ev< i with 

Ins hutifi i rid m ith h'< two 

v-'V >. \ i tin- Je/ 

•M ■ • •", Natal* s wtl 

•Saul ackntncledge'tb bis fault. Chap, xxrii. xxviii. David dvielletb in Z':klag: 1S3 

fhecruife of water that ivas at hisbolfter. '. 4 And it was told Saul that David was 
17 And .-aul knew David's voice, and J fled to Gath : a^d he fou fe ht no more a- 
faid, // this thy voice, my ion David r ; gain for him. 

And David laid, // ii my voice, my lord, 5 I] And David faid uni I .V.hhli, It' I 

O king. : have now found grace in thine ejes, let 

l - And he faid, V* herefore doth my them give me a place in fo ne town in 

lord thus purfue after his fervant ? for, the country, that I may dwell there : for, 

Why fhoula thy fervant dwell in the r 
al city w ith thee ? 

6 Then Acluih gave him Ziklag that 
day: wherefore Ziklag pertaineth unto 
the kings of Judah unto this day. 

7 And the time that David dwelt in the 
country of the Phililiiues was a full year 
and lour months. 

8 And David and his men went up, 
and invaded the Geihurites, and theGez- 
rites, and the Amalekites: for tiiofe na- 
tions ivere of old the inhabitants of the 
land, as thou goeft to Shur, even unto 
the land < t Egypt 

9 And David fmote the land, and left 
neither man nor woman alive, and took 
away the Itieep, and the oxen, and the 
alios, and the camels, and the apparel, 
and returned, and cane to Achilh 

10 And Achilh faid, Whither have ye 
made a read to-day ? And David laid, 
Againlr the Ibuth of Judah, a:ul again ft 
the fouth of the Jer dime-elites, and agaimt 
the fouth of the Keoiti 

11 And David laved neither man nor 
woman alive, to bring tidings to Gath, 
laying, I eft they (hould tell on us, I ly- 
ing, So did David, and fo tvtH be his 
manner all the while he dwelleth in the 
country of the Phililtm 

12 And \chi(h believed Da v id, fay i 
He hath made his people Ifrael uttci 

ibhor him : therefore he (hall be my 
lei vant tor ever. 

(HA i\ XXV III. 
$ Saul banting deft ray ed t'e ivitebrr, 7 
afterward leekeib to one ; ivho b. 
I by bim, r.njetb up San: 
\'> v tut s ruin fo\ 

• I) itc ime to pais m tho(e day .that 
the Ph. Hit: Lthered their arroi 

her lor wai fare, I el. 

And Achilh faid unti . \ 

a (Tu redly, thai th >u (halt go out wiih me 

to battle, th »U and thy n. 

; laid to Achilh, Sm 
thou fh.tlt know what tin ferva I 

do. And , laid to Davi 

fore will I make tine keeper of mine 

5 m Now Samuel was dead, and all If- 
I h id lamented him, and bui led bun in 
K i.iali, even in rat ow n city. \nd Saul 
thai btr 

and tl : of th 

4 And th-- Phihranes gathered th 
\ came and piti ' 
Shonem i an I 

r, ana ilv :d m ( 

J64' A Witch rarfeth Samuel. I.SAMUEL. 

ihe glvelh $a(ul<vi£liials* 

5 And when San I fa^v the hoft of the 
T*rtiliiines, he was afraid, and his heart 
greatly trembled. 

6 And when Saul inquired of the Lord, 
the Lord anfwered him not neither by 
dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets. 

7 *j Then (aid Saul unto his fervants, 

the Lord done this tiling unto thee thitf 


19 Moreover, the Lord will alfo de- 
! I'ver Ifrael with thee into the hand of the 
' Philiftines : and tomorrow Jbalt thou and 
tiny fans & with me: the Lord alfo (half 

deliver the hod of Ifrael iuto the hand of 

Seek me a woman that hath a familiar the Philiftines. 
fpirit, thai I may go to her, and inquire 20 Then Saul fell ftraightway all along 
of her. And his fervants faid to him, [on the eai Wi, and u . as*Vre afiaid, became 
Behold ; there is n woman that hath a fa- 
miliar fjpvrh at Endor: 

of the v\crds of Samuel : and 'here was? 
noftrensrth in him ; for lie had eaten no' 
! And Saul dtfguifed himfelf, and put j bread all the day, nor all the night. 

21 And the woman came unto Saul,; 
'and favv that he was fore troubled, ad 
an by night : and he (aid- I pray thee, j faid unto him, Behold, thine handmaid! 
divine unto me by the familiar fpirit, and j hath obeyed thy voice, and 1 have put 
bring me him up, whom I ftiall m-:me un-jiny life in my hand, and have hearken 

on other raiment, and he went, and twoj 
men with him, and they came to the worn- la 

to thee. 

9 fl And the woman faid unto him, 
Behold, thou knoweft what Saul hath; 

jed unto thy words which thou ipakef? 
unto rue. 
VL Now, therefore, T pray thee, hearken 

done, how he hath cut offthofe that have i thou alfo unto the voice of thine hand- 
familiar fpirits and the wizards out of] maid, and let me fet a morfel of bread 
the land: Wherefore then layeft thou aibeforethee ; and eat, that thou mayefl; 

J have ftrength, when thou goeft on thy 

23 But he re f u fed,- and faid, I will not 
eat. But his fervants, together with the 
woman, compelled him ; and he heark- 
ened unto their voire. So he arofe front' 
the earth, and fat upon the bed. 

.'24 And the woman had a fit calf in 
the houfe ; and fhe hafted, and killed it, 
and took flour, and kneaded it, and did 
bake unleavened bread thereof: 

115 And (he brought it before Saul, and: 
before h'rs fervants : and they did eat. 
Then they rofe tip, and went away that 


fnare for my life, to caufe me to die ? 

10 And Saul fware to her by the" 
Lord, faying, As the Lord liveth, there 
fhall no punishment happen to thee for 
this thing. 

It 'I hen faid the woman, Whom flidl 
J bring up unto thee ? Andhe faid, Bring 
trie up Samuel. 

1& And when the woman faw Samuel, 
flie cried with a loud voice : and the wom- 
an (pake to Saul, faying, Why haft thou 
deceived me ? for thou a r/ Saul. 

13 And the king faid unto her, Be not 
afiaid : for, What fffweft thou ? And the 
woman laid unto Saul, I faw gods af- 
cending out of fhc earth. 

14 And he faid unto her, What form 
is he of r And the faid, An old man com- 
cth up j and he is Cfcveied with a mantle. 
And Saul perceived that it n.cas Samuel, 
and he (looped with bis face to the ground, 
and bowed himfelf. 

1.1 fl \ ml Samuel faid to Saul, Why 
Lift thou difquieied me to bring me up ? 
And Saul aniwered, I am fore diftrefTed ; 

lor the Philiftines make war again!! me, but David and his men palled on in the 
and God is departed from me, and an- rerev.-ard with Achifh, 
fwerethms no more, neither by prophets, 
nor by dreams : therefore I have called 
thee, that thou mayefl make known unto 
me what I (hall do. 

16 Then! unci, Wherefore then 

doft thou alk of me, feting the Lord is 
departed from thee, and is become thine 
enemy ? 

IT And the Lord hath done to him, as 
he fpake by me ■ for the Lord hath rent 
the kingdom out of thine hand, and given 
it to thy neighbour, even to David . 

18 Became thou obeyedfl not the voice , 
of the Lokd, nor executcdit his fierce and let him not go down with nsto bat- 
wrath upon Amaiek, therefore hath tie, left in the battle he be an adverfary 

1 David marching with the, 3 

is dij allowed by the ir princes. 6 Acbtjh 

dtfmijfetb him. 

NOW the Philiftines gathered togeth- 
er all their arm es to Aphek : and the 
Ifraelites pitched by a fountain which ti 
in Jezreel. 

°2 And the lords of the Philiftines pa ff- 
ed on by hundreds, and by thou lands 

3 q] Then (aid the princes of the Philif- 
tines, What do thefe Hebrews here t And 
Arhifi Paid unto the princes of the Phi- 
liftines, Is not this David, the feivant of 
Syiil the king of Ifrael, which hath been 
with me thefe days, or thefe years, and 
I have found no fault in him fince he felt 
unto me unto this day ? 

4 And the princes of the Philiftines 
were wroth, with him ; and the princes of 
the Philiftines faid unto him, Make this 
fellow retui n, that he m&y go again to his 
place which thou h;*ft appointed him, 

Vie YiLssfpaU Ziklag. Chap. 

?o us for. vTherewithftiould he reconcile 
feiimfelf iioto his mailer 1 Sbtufd it not 
he with the head* of theie men ? 

5 Is not this David, of whom they I 
one to another in dances, fa Saul 
flew his thoufands, and David his ten 
thoufands > 

6 { Then Achifh called David, and 

re\y,<iJ the Lord lieeth, 
thou haft been upright, and thy going 
out and thy coming in with me in the hair 

at : tor I have not found 
evil in thee unce the day of thy coming 
unto me unto thil day : ueverthelefs, the 
lor u r thee not. 

T Wherefoir return, and go in 

peace, that thou d.lpleafe not the lords of 
the r cs. 

8 And David faid unto Achifh, But 
what have 1 dun- I and, What hafl thou 
found in thy forvant (o long a? I luve 
been with thee unto this day, that I may 

> fight . the enemies of 

Tord lg ? 

9 And Achnh anfwered and faid to Da 
vid, I - houar/ go' din my fight, 
as an ?ngel o( God i thfiandi 
the princes of the Philiftines ha? 

He ihail not go up with us to the battle 
i0 Wherefore now rile up earl) in the 
ig, with my matter's lerVanta that 

ii \ ebe 
n the morning, I .,ht, 


1 1 So I men rofe upr 

in the g, to return > 

the lai And | 

li.lints wenf I 

• P. \ \ K. 
1 Jbe A male kites ffll < vid, 

AND I and 

Ins ni' »g on the t! 

da ■: the . id inva 

il. I fmitten Zik 

la. v , if, hi- 

% And had ?.,ken the women Ctpl 
that r were therein: they lie my. 

inali, bui carried them a- 
I went o 

red h^ hum. came to the 
• burned with 
fire ; 
their d 
4 1 ben D id the people that 

t!i h m lifted up their voice rod w 
until the) had no more powei 

ra u< re taken 

fs, and 

til the witc lite. 

traded ; 
the pa pie fpake g him, bc- 

aie the fuili ot ail the peopl- 
ed \ man for his luns and for b • 
daughters • but Davi i cm uraged hun- 
rhe Lord lii-* Ciod. 


xxx. D.ti'id purfuetb them. £t»3 

c And David laid to Abiathar the 
prieft, Ahimelech'a lbs, I pray thee, brr 
me hither the ephod. And Abiathar 
brought thither the ephod to David. 

8 And David inquired at the Lord, 
faying, Shall I p-arfue after this troop ? 
Miall I overtake them ? And he anfwered 
him, Pur fue \ tor thou fhalt furely over- 
take fern, and without fail recover jtl. 

9 So David went, he and the fix hun- 
dred i:en that were with him, and came 
to the brook Befor, where thofe that were 
left behind flayed. 

10 But David purfued, he and four 
hundred men : for two hundred abode 
behind, which were fo faint that they 
could not g 1 over the brook Sefor 

11 And they found an Egyptian in 
the aid brought him to David, and 

:;d he did eat ; and they 

le him drink w iter ; 

I . ind they gave him a piece of a cakeof 

.ami two clutters of rat fins : and when 

he had ^ fpirit came again to him : 

t^r he had eaten no bread, nor drank any 

water, th ee d three n 

13 And David faid unto hi. v., 1 o w horn 
beiongeji\\ww \ And, Whence mrt thou I 
And he i.t d. I am ■ young man of Kgypt» 
fervant to m\ Aoialekite : and ray mailer 

tne % becaufethi hell lick. 

14 W« made an invaiion upon the fouth 

herethitc*?and upon / 
met ■ to Judah. and upon the lOUth 
v. i eo ; an i we burned Ztidaf with fire. 

15 And David faid to h m Canfi I 

bring i \ to this company \ Andhfe 

laid, S tr unio m< thai thou 

I neither kill ra liver me into 

of ni) • , and 1 will bring 

thee down tothta company. 

lb \nd when hehadbiought him down, 
tPcrilpi all 

the earth, eating and dnukingi and danc- 
ing i all the great Ipoil thai 1 1 

I out oi the land ol the I'll. ill- 
d QUI "1 thC land oi jud ill. 

II Vnd David imote them from the 
t n tug] unto th 4 the ni 

1 nol a man ol ih< in, 
faVe four bundled young men, wh 
lode upon i 

vered all that 


retcui two wiv 

19 And there | lackin. 

Imall nor 
lon^ n 

t*trrg th • Da- 

vid reci ill. 

I David took all 
tin herds, "xwi at • •*- > drave b 

other 1,1 i ; oil. 

-i lcamet< .ohun. I 

men. nt that th<- I 



£&6 David divideth the fpoil. X\ . SAMUEL. Saul and his fons arejlaik. 

alfo to abide at the brook Befor : and they 
went forth to meet David, and to meet the 
people thatoo^/vwith him- and vvhenDavid 
came near to the people, he faluted them. 

2- Then anfwered all the wicked men, 
and men of Belial, ofthofe that went with 
Da^*d, and faid, Becaufe they went not 
with us, we will not give them aught of the 
fpoil that we have recovered, favc to eve- 
ry man his wife and his children, that 
they may lead them away, and depart. 

23 Then faid David, Ye (Hall not do fo, 
my brethren, with that which the Lord 
hath given us, who hath preferved us, 
and delivered the company that came a- 
gainft us into our hand. 

2-4 For, Who will hearken unto you in 
this matter ? But as his part is that goeth 
down to the battle, iojbzll his part be that 
tarrieth by the (tuff; they thallpart alike. 

25 And itwas/b from that day forward, 
that he made it a ftatute and an Ordinance 
for Ifrael unto this day, 

26 And when David came to Ziklag, 
he fent of the fpoil unto the elders of Ju- 
dah, even to his friends, faying, Behold a 
prefent for you of the fpoil of the enemies 
of the Lord ; 

27 To them which vuere in Bethel, and 
to tbem which were in fouth Ramoth, and 
to them which were in Jattir, 

28 And to them which were in Aroer, 
and to them which were in Siphmoth, 
and to them which were in Efatemoa, 

29 And to them which 'were in Rachal, 
and to them which 'were in the cities of the 
jjerahmeelites, and to them which we>e 
in the cities of the Kenites, 

SO And to them which vjere inHormah, 
and to them which were in Chorafhan, 
and to them which were in Athach, 

31 And to tbem which were in He- 
bron, and to all the places where David 
himfelf and his men were wont to haunt. 


1 Saul having lojl his army and bisfons, 

killeth himfelf. 

NOW the Philiftines fought againft If- 
rael ; and the men of Ifrael fled from 
before the Phililtincs,and fell down flain 
jfn mount Gilboa. 

2 And the Philiftines followed hard up- 
on Saul and upon his fons ; and the Phi- 
liftines Hew Jonathan, and Abinadab, and 
Melchiihua, Saul's fons. 

3 And the battle went fore againft 
Saul, and the archers hit him ; and he 
was fore wounded of the archers. 

4 Then faid Saul unto his armourbear- 
er,Drawthy fword,and thrurt me through 
therewith ; left thefcunorcumcifed come 
and thruft me through, and abufe me. 
But his armourbearer v.tmld not ; for he 
was fore afraid. Therefore Saul took a 
fvvord, and fell upon it. 

^ 5 And when his armourbearer faw that 
Saul was dead, he fell like wife upon his 

-fword, and died with him. 

) 6 So Saul died, and his three fons, and 

= his armourbearer, and all his men, that 

j/ame day together. 

7- And when the men of Ifrael thatti^^ 
on the other fide of the valley, and they 
that were on the other fide Jordan, faw 
that the men of Ifrael fled, and that Saul 
and his fons were dead, they forfook the 
cities, and fled ; and the Philiftines came 
and dwelt in them. 

8 And it came to pafs on the monow, 
when the Philiftines came to ftrip the 
flain, that they found Saul and his three* 
fons fallen in mount Gilboa. 

9 And they cut of his head, and ftrip- 
ped off his armour, and fent into the land 
of the Philiftines roundabout, to publifh 
it in the houfe of their idols, and among 
the people. 

10 And they put his armour in the 
houfe of Afhtaroth : and they f aliened 
his body to the wall of Bethfhan. 

11 fl And when the inhabitants of Ja~ 
beftigilead heard of that which the Phi- 
liftines had done to Saul ; 

12 Ail the valiant men arofe, and went 
all night, and took the body of Saul and. 
the bodies of his fons from the wall of 
Bethfhan, and came-to Jabefh, and burn: 
them there. 

13 And they took their bones, and bu- 
ried them under a tree at Jabefh, and faft- 
cd feven days. 


1 An Amalekite bringing tidings of the 

overthrr>-u\ and aectkfiuR bimjetf of 

SauTs drath, is /lain. 
I NOW it came to pafs after the death of 
Saul, when David was returned from the 
(laughter of the the Anralftkites, and Da- 
vid had abode two days in Ziklag ; 

2 It came even to pafs on the third day, 
U)at, behold : a man came aril of i he c imp 

from Saul, with his clothes rent, andearth 
upon his head : and Jo it was, when he 
came to David, that he fell to the earth,- 
and did obeifancc^ 

3 And David faid unto him, From 
whence commit thou > And he faid unto 
him,Outof the camp ot Ifrael am I efcapecL 

4 And David laid unto him, How went 
the matter ? I pray thee. tell me. And he: 
anfwered, That J lie peo^c arc- fled from 


tyaviii lamentetbfor Saul. Chap 

the battle, and many o\~ the people alfo 
r,re fallen and dead , an J Sitil and Jona- 
than his fon are dead alio. 

5 And D avid laid unto the young man 
that told him, How knoweft rhou that 

nd Jonathan his Ion be dead } 

6 And the young man ihn' rol I him' 
faid, As I happened by cfeance up 
mount Giiboa, behold, Saul leaned up m 
hh rpear ; and, lo, the chariotsand horfe- 

d alter hurt. 

7 And when he looked behind him he,' 
fiv; me, and called unto me. And I an-j 
fwered, Here am I. 

8 And he faid unto me, Who art tjii - 
and . e-.ed him, I am an Amalekite, j 

9 He faid unto me again, Stand, I pray , 
thee, upon me, and fray mc : forarrgliifh 
is come upon me, becaule my lite is yet 
whole in me. 

10 So I flood upon him, and flew him, 
: a ufe I was Jure he could not • 

after that he was fallen : and 1 took the 
crown that tbas upon his head, and ihe 
bracelet that ivas on his arm, and have 
brought them hither unto my lord. 

1 1 Then David took hold on lus clothes, 
d rent them ; and hkewiie all the men 

that were with h ; m : 

12 And they mourned and wept, and 
fafted until even, for Haul and for Jona- 

, and for the people of the 
Lord, and for the houfe of llrael : be- 
wrrc fallen by tin fword. 

the ?0Ung man 
• t told him, Whence art fj And 

I am the : 

I unto him. How 

K i>'s anointed ? 
15 .e of the young 

n, an r, and fall u 

hi: • ' Kim " (!• 

\w l David faid unto him 
he upon thy head; tor thy moutli huh! 
tcflified againfl thee, faying, I have Main 

17 « And Davi I l ime I d with rhil 

. :l and ovei (• 

hi > fin : 

18 ( Alfo he bade them teach the chil- 
dren of Judah the ufe of the bo told, 
if r • written in the bool i . ) 

uity of lira--; ia Rain upon tl y 
high places : How are the might) fallen! 

I ell it not in Gath, pubtiui // n 
the Hi 

of the Philiftines rejoice, lr't i 
ters of the uncirtun ph. 

-1 Vc mountains ot . I, l't r 
be no dew, neither tet there be tain u] I 
you. nor fields of off< For the 

shield of the mighty is vilely call 
the Ihield of Saul, as tbOMgk be bad not i 
been anointed with o I 

%, He is maie king of 'judah. .*' 

-2-2 From the blood of Ihe (lain, from 
the fat af the mighty, the bow of Jona- 
than turned not back, and the fv\oid of 
Saul returned not empty. 

Saul and Jonathan ivere love'y and 
pleafant in their lives, and in their death 
they were not divided ; they wcfrfw'fter 
than eagles,they wreflpronger thanli 4 . 

_i Ye daughters of lirael, weep over 
Saul, who clothed you ia fcarlct, with 
zither delights, v. ho put on ornament Q t 
gold upon your apparel 

13 Ikiw are the mighty fallen in the 
midltof the battle ? O Jonathan,; bcu yoaji 
flain in thine high places. 

■26 I ahj diftrclfea forrhee, my brother 
Jonathan : very pleafant haft thou befb 
unto me : th) love to me was wonderful, 
palling the love of women. 

£7 How m the mighty fallen, and the 
war peri/hed ! 
HAP. If. 
1 David iy (,od' s dire/tio:; gltng ub to 

Htbton, is made Ln^ oj Judah 8 

.tbnt-r m.fkfb ljlbojheib king of tjrael. 

Ifl Afa bet flain. 

AND'tcime to pais alter tl, 
David inquired of r tie Lord, I 
Shall I go up into any of the cities i i [u- 
dah i And tne I o p (aid unto him, 
up. And David faidj VS hithei (hall I 
u,< I \r: t he laid, Uilo ! lei roii. 

u; thittv i , and lu' 
two • ives alio, \hinoam th< 
and Abigail Nabal's wife tl 

a And -j-ute with 

Dayidl . ing up, every man with 
hoi I : ami thej dwelt in the citicsoi I 

A And the men of Judah cr 
th< re tj ointed David king ovei h 

ludah. Ami \. i. 

faying, that the wen ot Jabefl 
tried Saul. 

5 \ fent m< rs unti 

n «»! |al • and laut unto tla-m, 

unto Saul, aj ' bui ie I hin . 

6 And n<r i .or u »;.(.•. . 

m\\ truth unto you : and I alfo will 

yuite you thi> kmdnels, becaul 

tlo: |g. 

7 1 h< refora, no% 

m t • ' | is de id, and il(<» the h 
Ju ■ lointed mr k.:n. 

B « Btii Abaci i ■ ■ i" !i 

• •. hi-ti idieth ' 
' • > Miliar i 

\nd m 
and :ii'l ov« 

: over t. 
r all !/ra<-l. 
10 Ilhl ' • fon, ixas fcrtv 

years old when k he Lc^an to rcipn over 


£68 Abnerjtayeih AJaheJ. U. SAMUEL. 

Jfrael, and reigned two years. But the 
houfe of Judah followed David. 

U And the time that David was king 
in Hebron over the houie of Judah, was 
feven years and fix months. 

12 And Abner the fon of Ner, and the 
fervants of Ifhbofheth the Ion cf Saul, 
went out from Mahanaim to Gibeon. 

13 And Joab the fon of Zeruiah, and 
the fervants of David, went out, and 
met together by the pool of Gibeon : and 
they fat down, the one on the one fide of 
the pool, and the other an the other iide 
of the pool. 

\K And Abner faid to Joab, Let the 
young men now arife,and play beforeus. 
And joab laid, Let them arile. 

15 Then here arofe,and went over by 
number twelve of Benjamin, which per- 
tained to Ifhbofheth the fon of Saul, and 
twelve of the fervants cf David. 

16 And they caught every one his fel- 
low by the head, and tbrujl his fword in 
his fellow's Iide ; fp they fell down togeth- 
er : wherefore that place was called 
Helkatnhazzurim, which is in Gibeon. 

IT And there was a very fore battle 
that day ; and Abner was beaten, and 
the men of Ifrael, before the fervants of 

IB *T And theVe were three fons of Zer- 
niah there, Joab, and Abifhai. and Afa- 
hel : and Afahel ivas as light of foot as a 
wild roe. 

19 And Afahel purfued after Abner ; 
and ii) going he turned not to the right 
hand nor to the left from following Abner. 

20 Then Abner looked behind him- 
and laid, Art thou Afahel ? And he an- 
swered, I am. 

21 And Ad per taid to him, Turn thee 
afide to thy right hand or to thy left, 
and lay thee hold on one of the young 
men, and take thee his armour But 
Afahel wpijld not turnafule from follow- 
ing of him. 

"2.1 And Abner faid again to Afahel, 
Turn thep rtfide from following me : 
Wheref>re fhould I fnmc thee to the 
ground ? Mow then fpould I hold up piy 
tdcc to Joab thy brother ' 

E>avld ivaxetb jlrostger-. 

and became one troop, and flood on the 
top of an hill. 

26 Then Abner called to Joab, and faid, 
Shall the fword devour forever \ Know eft 
thou not that it will be bitternefs in the 
latter end ? How long fhali it be then, ere 
thou bid the people return from follow- 
ing their brethren ? 

27 And Joab faid, As God liyeth, un T 
lefs thou hadft fpoken 4 furely then in the 
morning the people had gone up every 
one from following his brother. 

23 So Joab blew a trumpet, and all the, 
people flood ft;ll,and purfued after Ifrael 
no more, neither fought they any more. 

29 And Abner and his men walked all 
that night through the plain, and pafTe& 
over Jordan, and went through all Bith- 
ron, and they came to Mahanaim. 

50 And Joab returned from following 
i\bner . and when he had gathered all 
the people together, there lacked of Da- 
vid's fervants nineteen men and Afahel. 


23 ['()•!) refufeu tp turn afide : 

wherefore Abner with the hinder end of 
flv fpe&T frpote him under the fifth rib, 
tha< the (pear cane out behind him ; and 
he fell down there, and died in the fame 
place : and it came to pafs, that a* man 


a, came to the pi. ice where Afahel fell 
ti ii and died, flood frill 

21 Joab alfo and Abiihai purfued after 
Abner : a:ut the fun went down when 
they were come to the hill of . •mmah, 
that tietb before G:ah by the way of the 
wilderneft of Gibeon. 

25 And the children of Benjamin gath- 
ered them/clves together after Abner, 

fervants of David had fmittep 
of Benjamin, and of Abner's men,/* that 
three hundred and threetcore men died. 
St And they took up Afahel, and bu- 
ried him in the feculchre of his father, 
which xvas in Bethlehem. And Joab and 
his men went all niglir, and they came to 
tfebron at break of day. 

1 During (be war David ft ill ivaxeth 
Jhonger. 6 Abner dijpieajediuito IJk.- 
bofbr'th, Vi ,e<volteth is D>i<vid, 22 
'Joab k'ileih Abner -.8 Da-Jid curfew 
jfioabj SI and mournetb for Abner. 
NOW there was a long war between 
the houfe of Saul and the houfe of Da- 
vid : but David waxed dronger and 
(tronger, and the houie of Saul waxed 
weaker and weaker. 

2 And unto David were fans born in 
Hebron: and his firft born was Amnon, 
of ' Ahinoani the Jezrcclitefs \ 

<> And his fecond, Chileab, of Abigail 
the wife of iNabal the Qarriielite ; and the 
third Abfalom the fon of Maacah, ths 
daughter of Talmai king ef Gertiur ; 

4 And the foprth, Adpnijan the fon of 
Haggith ; and the filth, ShephaUah the 
fon o\ A'oital ; 

5 And the fi.\th : Ithreairi, by Eglah 
David's wife. Thcie were born to Da- 
vid in Hebron. 

6 <f[ And it came tc pafs, while therp 
was war between 'he houfe of Saul and 
the houfe of David, that Abner made 
himfelf ftrong for the houfe of Saul. 

T And Saul had a concubine, w hofe 
name ivas Rizpah, the daughter of 
A'ah : and IJhboJfjeth faid 'to Abner, 
Wherefore halt thou, gone in unto my 
father's concubine ? 

8 Then was Abner very wroth for the 
words of Iihbolheth, and faid, am I a 


4pner rwhlteih to Daiud. 

dog's head, which againft Judah do flicw 
kindnefs this day unto the houie of ^aul 
thy tjther, to his brethren, and to his 
friends, and have not delivered thee into 
the hand of David, that thou charged me 
today with a fault concerning tins wom- 
an > 

9 So do God to Abner, and more alfo, 
except, as the Lord hath (worn to Da- 
vid, even fo I da to him ; 

10 lotianllatc the kingdom from the 
houfeof Saul, and to letup the throne of 

ir ifrael and over Judah, from 
Dan even to lie-erihcba. 

11 And he could not anfwer Abrter a 
word again, bee uife lie feared him. 

i - At :ni mefl to Da- 

vid on hib btl> if, faving, Whole is the 
.iljo. Make thy league with 
>ld, n\) hand jbatl be with 
thee, to bring ab > . ill Ifrael unto thee 

13 And he faid, Well ; I will make a 
league v\ith thee i but one thing I rc- 

, that is, J hou (halt not fee 

face, except thou rirft bring Michal, 
daughter, when thou corned to lee 
. e. 

14 And Da v 'id fent mefTengers to IOi- 
b<> aul's fon, faying, Deliver Mem) 
wife Michal, which I efpoufed to me for 
an Inindi <kin>ot the Phdutiues 

15 And luiboflieth fent, and took hex 

hufband, even from LMudiiel the 
fj I • (h . 

And her hu(band went with her a- 
] >ng weeping behind her to Bahurioi. 
r unto him, (jo return 

17 1 communication w ith 

the el< 'a> ing t Ye (ought tor 

David in tn. ■ to be V 

:t / 

Lord hath 

the hand ot 
Xtl t i \*. : pie 

hand ol the Philjflinet, 

I out ol of all th rii eoein 

bner alio fpafce in t lie eai 
nin : anl \bi ' alfo to fpi ak 

ii . ol David in H til tint 

med g' iel. and that I 

I to tl iatnin. 

\hix r ( ame to David to I 
and twenty men with him. And David 
:dc Abner and the nun that tor r* with 
hu l 

\bnrr faid unto d, I will 

fe and go, and thcr ill Ifrael un« 

ro my Iota the king, that thej ma) nw 

a league with th U thou niu 

r all that thii I defirrth. 

And David fci . ; and he 
went in I C ICC 

^T And, behold, the fervanta of Da. 

» id arivi Joab 9g a troop, 
and great Ipoij witn them 

Chap ly. Joab jUyeth Aunt r. 269 

bron ; for he had fent him away.andhe 
wai gone in peace. 

ii When Joab and all the hotl thatttW 
with him were come, they told Joab, lav- 
ing, Abner the fon of Ner came to the 
king, and he hath fent him away, and lie 
is gone in peace. 

"Ik Then joab came to the king, ami faid, 
What halt thou done ? behold, Ainu r 
came uuto thee ; Why n it that thou haft 
fent hin away, and he is quite gone > 

£51 hou knowett Abner the fon of Ner, 
that he came to deceive thee and to know 
thy going out and thy coming in, and to 
know all that thou dotlL 

And when Joab was come out from 
David, lie fent mefjfengers after Abner, 
which brought him again horn the well 
of Si rah : but David kncv\ ;/ not 

And when Abner was returned to 
Hebron, Joab took him afide in the g..te 
to lpeak with him quietly, and (mote him 
there under the *itth rib, that he died for 
tiie blood of Afahcl his brother. 

•23 ^] And alter Aard v. hen David heard 
//,he laid, I and my kingdom an guiltlt fs 
before the Lord forever Horn tticblwod 
of Abner the fon of Ner : 

£9 Let it relt on the head of Joab, and 
on all his lather's hou'c ; ami let there 
not fail from the houle 01 Joab One that 
hath an ill'ue. or that is a leper, or that 
Waaeth on ■ Itatf, or that falieth on the 
(Word, or that lacketh bread. 

"-o Joab and Abifli lihis brother fle*r 

Abner, becaufehe had (lain their brother 
Afahel at Gibeon in the battle. 

31 f And David faid to Joab, and 
all the people that -mere with him, K 
your clothes,and gird you with fackcloth, 

i\iui mourn before Abner. And king Da- 
vid bimjrlf followed r. 

And they buried Abnei in Hebron | 
and the king lilted up hi> 
WCpt at the grave of Abner ; and all the 
pie wej t . 
S3 And the kins lameni 

and laid, Died Abner as a Fool d 

•S4 Thy hands were not bound, noi thy 
feel put into fetten i as i mar h be- 

toi e wn Iced u en, /" felled thou. And all 
the people wept again ever him. 

id H hen all th \ \ tOple i Ml 

i ante David t>j e »' meal whi 

, David |v are. faj ing, So do I : 

, tnd moie liio. ii 1 t |(| | i I 

aught <-lle, till tin- fun be d<>w n. 


and it pleafe l them l '* c 

did pi 

r all the pc I "' m I ,,n - 

iod that rl 

kin^ to H I) Ah- : tl 

33 And theki I unto h 

v ye n t that • >d a 

but Abnef tw»J not with Pavid in He- great man fal'cn tli > ' 


$70 IJhbofheib murdered. 


David taketb lion. 

39 And I am this day weak, thoughJ now require his blood of your hand, and 

anointed king : and thefe men the fons of 
Zeruiah be too hard for mc : the Lord 
fhall reward the doer of evil according to 
his wicked nefs. 


i The Ifraelites being troubled at the 

death of Abner ^ 2 Baanab and Recbab 

Jfay ijhbojheth. 9 David caufetb tbem 

fobejpain, and IJhbofbetb's head to be 


AND when Saul's fon heard that Abner 
whs dead in Hebron, his hands were fee- 
ble, and all the Ifraelites were troubled. 

2 fl And Saul's fon had two men that 
were captains of bands ; the name of the 
one Tvas Baanah, and the name of the 
other Rechab, the fonsof Rimmon a Beer- 
othite, of the children of Benjamin : (for 
Beeroth alfo was reckoned to Benjamin : 

3 And the Beerothites fled to Gittaim, 
and werefojourners there until this day.) 

4 And Jonathan, Saul's fon, had a fon 
that in as iame of his feet. He was five 
year's old when the tidings came of Saul 
and Jonathan out of Jezreel, and his 
jiurfe took him up, and fled : and it came 
to oafs, as fhe made hade to flee, that he 
fell, and became lame. And his name 
ivas Mephibofheth. 

5 And the fons of Rimmon the Becr- 
othite, Rechab and Baanah, went, and 
came about the heat of the day to the 
houfe of lfhboiheth, who lay on a bed at 

6 And they came thither into the mid ft 
of the houfe, as though they would have 
fetched wheat : and they fmote him un- 
der the fifth rib : and Rechab and Ba.a- ( 
nah his brother efcaped. 

7 For when they came into the houfe, 
belay on his bed in his bedchamber, and 
they fmote him, and flew him, and be- 
headed him, and took his head, and gat 
them away through the plain all night. 

G And they brought the head of Ifli- 
bofheth unto David to Hebron, and faid 
to the king, Behold the head of Ifhbo- 
theih the fon of Saul thine enemy, which 
fought thy life : and the Lord hath 
•nged my lord the king this day of 
£ ..til, and ot his feed. 

9 ^| And David anfwercd Rechab and 
Baanah his brother, the fons of Rimmon 
the Beerothite, and faid unto them, As 
the Lord livcth. w ho luth redeemed my 
foul out of all advcrlity, 

10 When one told me, faying, Behold, 
- 1 is dead, thinking to have brought 

good tidings, I took hold of him, find 
(lew him in Ziklag, who thought that I 
would have given him a reward *or his 
tidings : 

11 How much more wicked i 
have flain a righteous pcih n in his own 
- >ufe upon ms bed ? Shall I not v 

take you away from the earth ? 

it And David commanded his young 
men, and they flew them, and cut off their 
hands and their feet, and hanged them 
up over the pool in Hebron. But they 
took the head of Ifhbofheth, and buried 
it in the fepnlchre of Abner in Hebron. 

1 The tribes come to Hebron to anoint Da- 
vid over Ifrael. 6 He taketh lion 
from the Jebujttes. 

a HEN came all the tribes of Ifrael to 
David unto Hebron, afid fpake, faying, 
Behold, we are thy bone and thy flefh. 

2 Alfo in time pa(t, when Saul was 
king over us, thou waft he that leddeft 
out and broughteft: in Ifrael : and the 
Loud faid to thee, Thou iTialt feed my 
people Ifrael, and thou (halt be a captain 
over Ifrael. 

3 So all the elders of Ifrael came to 
the king to Hebron ; and king David 
made a league with them in Hebron be- 
fore the Lord : and they anointed David 
king over Ifrael. 

4 David mas thirty years old when he 
began to reign, and he reigned fo*ty 

^ Ih Hebron he reigned over Judah 
ieven years and fix months : and in Je- 
rufaiem he reigned thirty and three years 
overall Itrael and Judah. 

6 <[J And the king and his men went 
to Jerusalem unto the Jebufites, the in- 
habitants of the land : which fpake unto 
David, faying. Kxccpt thou take away the 
blind and the iame, thou fhalt not come 
in hither : thinking, David cannot come 
in hither. 

7 Neverthelefs, David took the ftrong 
hold of Zion : the fame is the city of 

^ 8 And David faid on that day, Who- 
foever getteth up to the gutter, and fmi- 
teth the Jebufites, and the lame, and the 
blind, that are hated of David's foul, be 
flail be chief and captain. Wherefore 
they faid, '1 he blind and the lame fhali 
not come into the houfe. 

o David dwelt in tl>e fort, and called 
it the city of David. And David built 
round about from Millo and inward. 

10 And David went on, and grew 
great, and the Lord God of hofls vca,s 
with him. 

11 And Hiram king of Tyre fent mef- 
fengcrs to David, and cedar trees, and 
carpenters, andinafons: and they built 
David an houfe. 

12 And David perceived that the Lord 
had efrablifhed him king over Ifrael, and 
that lie had exalted his kingdom for his 

pie Israel's fake. 

13 And David took bttn more concubines 
and vyiresoHt of Jeruljdeattj ajier he w<$ 


Zbm'id fttilah Ox arjt ..;p, <i. fHm Kirjttbjtorim. STii 

vme from Hebron : and there were )et Uzzah a»d Ahio, the fons of Abinadofc., 
ftns and daughter born to David. drave the new cart. 

I i Aud thefe be the names of thofe 
that were bom unto him in Jerufalem ; 
SJiimmiuh, and Shobab, and Nathan, 
and bolcmon, 

15 Ibharallo, and Elifhua, andNcpheg, 
and Japhia, 

16 And Elifham3, and Eliada, and E- 

II But when the Fhiliftines heird that 
they had anointed Dav.d kin^ over Ilrael, 
ill the Philiilinescame up to feck David; 
and David heard cf it y and treat dovs w to* 

■ hold. 

18 The PhiLi "tines alfo came and fpread 
themfelves in the valley of Rcphaini. 

19 And David inquired of the Lord, 
faying. Shall I go up to the PhililFmes ? 

:lt thou deliver them into mine hand 1 
And the Lord laid unto David, Gj up : 
for I will doubtleis deliver the Phutftuies 
into thine hand. 

And Dav'.d came to Baa'perazim, 
and David (tuo'e tbem there, and faid, 
e Lord hath broken forth upon mine 
enemies before me, as the breach of 
ters .Therefore he called the name of 
that place Baalper 

41 And there rhey left rhelr images, 
and David and his men burned them. 

tl And the Phil. » le up jet a- 

gain. anl fpread themfelves in the vJlcy 
of Kephaim. 

IS And when David ino. aired of the 

(halt not go up : 
hut fetch a cotnpafs b and 

- ;ie upon them over againll the mul- 
berry trees. 

ti /\nd let it be, when thou he 
fhe found of a going in the tops ot the 

Loro go 
on' *e, to fmite the hoi: ot I 


'd did f->. as the Lor» 
|fi»' :n ; a 

Pi " a until the 


cn\p. \ 

1 Dai' id ft ft I ■ atkfrom Kirjotkjfa- 

rim en a netu tart . 6 I 7.tub njmu 
ten H bejore ti/e ark. 

•0 M ' cbai s barrtnn 

N, Davi. 4 . David leaf 

the chofen men ot lliael, t! LORD; an 

K And they brought it out of the houfr 
of Abinadab which Gibeah, i 

eempanying the ark of God : aod Ahio 
went before the ark. 

5 And l5avid and all the houfe of I< 
played before the Lord on \ rxr of 

injtruments made of fir wood, even on 
harps, and on pfaltenes, and on timbrels, 
an \ wn cornets, and on cy 

t> fl And when the) came to Nachon ? - 
tlirefhing floor, L'zzah put forth bh tana 
to the ark of God, and took hold of it i 
tor the oxen (hook it. 

\nd the anger of the Lord wat 
kindled again ft Uzzuh ; and God fmotc 
him th- bis error ; and there lie died 

by the ark of God. 

3 And David «js difpleafed, tec 
the Lord had made a breach upon U- 
lah :a: illed the name of the 

i to this dj 
1 1 D of the Lord, 

that day, and faid, How fhall the ark of 
Lord come to me ? 

10 5 the crk. 

of the Lord unto him into the c.ty • ?* 

David : twit 

11 fix A thear >RD conti; 

in the houfe of Obededom the < 

c months: and the Lord blctlcd 

It fl \nd -t v 
ing, 1 he Lord hath bleiTed the hotife 
Oboried d alt I 'tainetb \u\\o 

him, becaufe * rk oi God. ^j Di- 

li and bru p the ark oi 

Jioule oi Obededom mto i 
i > ».t when they I 

bare the ark of th« Lord had tix 


h all kit might ~9a$ gird" 

t up tl )f the Lord with 

a:ul with. ' and of the 

daaglrer looked * 

ng be- 

lum in 


% And David jrofe, till it \;.i theybrougj arkot 

•he people t 1m t -cere with him t. tale I Lokd, and let it in his ylj€c,io th^ 

of! • trom thence the oft icle tha »ed 

ark of Cyod, whofe wine 
name of the Lord of holls that dwt 
ret tiie c 
S And tlrey let the ark of God uoon a 
•, and brought it out of tl 
vbururiab that ivas in (i;be«Ji . and 

• : and David t tiered burnt offering^ 
peace ottering* before the Lord. 
I? I had : 

>f offering bur " and { 

offerings, he 1 the reopi? "» »be 

naa. - - Lord of he 

19 And 

$72 MichaVs barrennefu 

ii. Samuel. 

Gfrd's promife to -David. 

19 And he dealt among all the people, thee a great name, like unto the name of 
^o^w among the whole multitude of I frael, the great men that are in the earth. 

10 Moreover, 1 will appoint a place for 
my people 1 frael, and will plant them, 
that they may dwell in a place of their 
own, and move no more ; neither fhall 

ss well to the women as men, to every 
one a cake of bread, and a good piece of 
JIeJJj,ar\CL a flagon ojivine* So all the peo- 
ple departed every one to his houfe. 

20 flThen David returned to blefs his the children of wickednefs afflict them 
houfehold. And Michal tile daughter of any more, as beforetime, 
Saul came out to meet David, and faid,' 11 And as fince the time that I com- 
How glorious was the king of Ifrael to- ' manded judges to ire over my people If- 
day, who uncovered himfelf today in the rael, and have caufed thee to reft from ali 
eyes of the haudinaids of his fervants, as! thine enemies. Alfo the Lord telleth 

•ne of the vain fellows ihamelefsly un- 
covereth himlelf 

thee that he will make thee an houfe. 
12 And when thv days be fulfilled, and 

21 And David faid unto Michal, Itnjuas^ thou fhalt fleep with thy fathers, I wilt 
before the Lord* which chofe me before jfet up thy feed after thee, which (hall 
thy father, and befoie all. his houfe, to (proceed out of thy bowels, and ] will ef- 
appoint me ruler over the people of the tablifh his kingdom. 
Lord, over Ifrael ; therefore will I play 
before the Lord 

22 And I will yet be more vile than 
ShuSj and will be bale in mine own fight • 
and of the maidfervants which thou haft 
fpoken of,of them fhall I be rw<d in honour. 

25 Therefore Michal the daughter of 
Saul had no child until the day of her 

1 God forbiddeth David to build him an 
houfe . 18 His prayer and tkankjgi<ving< 

AND it came to pafs, when the king 
fat in his houfe, and the Lord had giv- 
en him reft round about from all his en- 
emies ; 

2 That the king faid unto Nathan the 
prophet, See now, 1 dwell in an houfe of 
cedar, but the ark oi God dwelleth with- 
in curtains. 

3 And Nathan faid to the king,Go, do 
all that is in thine heart ; for the Lord 
is with thee. 

4 And it came to pafs that night, that 
the word of the Lo r d came unto Nathan, 

5 Go and tell my fervant David, Thus 
faith the Lord, bhalt thou build me an 
houfe tor me to dwell in r 

6 Whereas I have not dwelt in anv 
houfe (ince the time that I brought up 
the children of Ifrael cut of Egypt, even 
to this day, but have walked in a tent 
and in a tabernacle. 

7 In all the places wherein I have walk- 
ed with all the children of Ifrael. fpake I 
a word with any of the tribes of Ifrael, 
whom I commanded to iced my people 
Ifrael, faying